Dancin' Away With My Heart

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Okay, school work was done…for the most part anyway. She did have that one exam to study for, but she just didn’t feel motivated to right now, and she hadn’t been able to focus on the material. Even though she should be studying constantly with her O.W.L.s coming up, she couldn’t find it in her to care enough to try. She wanted to study, and she knew how important grades were, but she found herself being drawn to her dance bag and the Music room she knew would be big enough to work in, if no one else was there. So despite what she knew her father would want, no matter what she told herself, or that she had brought her Charms book and with her for the promise of reading while she was warming up, she found herself in the Music Room, with everything pushed out of her way, and her stretching done.

She pulled her leg warmers off from where they had sat on her lower legs, leaving the tights, leotard and sweater wrap. She folded them carefully, setting each one on top of her dance bag with the upmost care. While she allowed chaos in her room at times with books stacked on top of each other and jewelry and make up strewn across the nightstand, she did not allow it with her dance things. For some reason it was just different in Nataliya’s mind. She laced up her soft pink pointe shoes, smiling to herself at the wear and tear that was starting to show on them. She didn’t get to dance as often as she liked, but it was nice to see that this pair had been used long enough that they were past “broken in” and were on their way to “need to be replaced.” The ties wrapped and tied around her ankles, and she breathed in, rising to her feet. Now for a choice of music and…

Her charms text caught her eye from where it lay haphazardly on the floor, easily and willingly forgotten. She bit her lip for a moment, before she picked it up and closed it, laying it to rest on her dance bag as well, placing the warmers on top of it. There, now she couldn’t forget it for later when she was done, and she would be forced to study. That eased her guilt for the moment.

She flicked her wand at her music player, and it started playing classical music. It didn’t matter where it was from, because she liked the challenge of just dancing as her heart told her, rather than the choreographed steps of a dance. This could be her warm-up, she figured.

She set down her wand, and with a bright smile spun out onto the cleared floor, letting her body and instinct for dance take over. She took a deep breath and just let herself dance, moving across the floor. At some point the Nutcracker’s Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy came on, and she fell into easy step with the moves that she imagined from having seen it, spinning around the room with ease.

She never even heard the door open.

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