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Animals Are Evil

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When Ox had been sitting in the regular used room for detention, he'd only been there two minutes when a third year stopped by with a note. Apparently, his detention had been switched and he was supposed to help out Professor Monroe instead of sit in a classroom for an hour. Anyone else might be glad for something interesting to do, but Ox was currently very apprehensive, bordering on mildly terrified. He hardly knew Professor Monroe, first of all. She was the Care of Magical Creatures professor; she taught the one class Ox would never sign up for, even if his life depended on it. See, Ox Langley had an intense fear of animals. He showed up late to breakfast every day purely to avoid the owl delivery. His best friend was an animagus, which made things difficult at times, but Ox did his best to avoid animals at all cost. That meant not taking a class that taught young wizards and witches how to care for animals. Magical or not, Ox was not a fan, and having a detention with the Creatures professor made Ox very apprehensive as to what today's detention was going to contain.

He'd been perfectly content sitting in the classroom. Ox didn't get all that many detentions, but he'd sort of lost it on a fellow Gryffindor and friend to his best friend. But Emmett had deserved the physical beating he'd got from Ox. He'd hurt Ox's best friend, and Ox wasn't just going to sit around and let it happen. Emmett had to learn he couldn't just do that and expect to get away with it. All right, so maybe pulling out the fists had been a bad idea. Ox wasn't an angry sort of guy, but Icarus was very near and dear to his heart. What sort of a friend would he be if he didn't stand up for those he cared about? It was a trait Emmett Edwards needed to learn, that was for sure.

Ox walked across the grounds of Hogwarts towards the area where Care of Magical Creatures was taught. Even though he didn't take the class, he knew where it was taught. He'd made sure to, so that he could avoid that area at all times. Even when a class wasn't being taught, because just like Herbology, even if there weren't students around to be taught, the subjects (plants, animals) were still there.
Ox shivered as he approached the area. He spotted the professor up ahead, and glanced over his shoulder uncomfortably. The closer he got to her, the worse he felt, anxiety-wise. He did his best to avoid eye contact with whatever creatures were around. He didn't want to give them any reason to attack him. Even so, he kept his wand in a tight grip in his hand just in case he needed to defend himself. Ox didn't want to piss off another animal by hurting one, but if it meant saving himself, well. He was his number one priority right now.

He reached Professor Monroe and looked at her apprehensively. "Hi," he said. "I got the note? Are you sure detention is supposed to be here? Because I'm really find staying in the classroom. We can go back there," he offered nervously. "I'm sure you've got a handle on things out here. Or, you know, we can skip the whole detention thing! I've learned my lesson, really."

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Maveera rarely ever needed help. This was for two reasons mostly. One, she liked her job and didn’t mind spending all day doing it. And two, a lot of students always wanted to help. However, as the weather got warmer kids seemed to want to spend their time doing other things. She understood, but she needed help and so she had asked about kids in detention. There was only a short list and most of them she knew would be of little help so she opted to send a note to a stranger.

To be honest, what she was trying to do was less out of duty and more out of curiosity. During one of her adventures through the grounds she had found a Hippogriff egg, and she wanted to see the baby. Unfortunately, whenever it came close to the full moon the animals shied away from her. The creatures grew so quickly she had never actually been up close to a baby and that was all she wanted, so she enlisted help.

She heard the boy approach long before she turned and saw him. Immediately, she wondered if this was a good idea. He did not look happy. “Hi! Oxford right?” She approached him, hand held out. She didn’t really give him an option she shook his hand abruptly. She laughed as he asked if they were supposed to be here, “You would prefer to be stuck in a classroom than outdoors?” She was asking sarcastically, but realized this to be true. She smiled.

“Like I’ve never heard that before. Or said it.” Yeah, she had claimed to have learned her lesson a thousand times. Although this kid seemed nice, a better head on his shoulders than she had. Although, there was a lot of people that fit that category. “What lesson did you learn?” She wasn’t letting him off the hook. While she didn’t really care if he had a proper detention or not, her curiosity for this hippogriff outweighed her fondness for students.

She had been packing a small bag with things that would attract the baby creature. Small, dead rodents mostly. And a rather strong herb concoction she hoped would mask her own scent. The creatures had gotten used to students, not so much of werewolves. She pulled the drawstring and threw the bag over her shoulder, “Tell me, do you hate detentions, or this one in particular?” She asked more like a friend than a professor. She was genuinely curious. He clearly didn’t want to be there and she wanted to know why.

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Ox felt a little apprehensive about shaking the Care of Magical Creatures professor's hand, although he couldn't come up with a solid reason as to why before she took his hand anyway in order to shake it. Well, she didn't turn into an animal when she did that, and she looked pretty human, so he was able to relax a little more. He didn't know why he assumed she would morph into an animal if he touched her. Maybe just because she was a teacher of animals. If she was some kind of animagus, Ox did not want to know. Or maybe he did. What he didn't know could hurt him, despite what the saying usually said. But as long as she kept her possible animal-ness to herself, there would be no problems for Ox.
"Er, yeah," he said as she shook his hand. "I mean, I like it outside, but... I guess this is better than a stuffy classroom," he said, glancing around. No, he definitely would prefer to be inside than so close to animals, but he wasn't going to tell her that. People always laughed when they found out he was afraid of animals. Because it wasn't just the big ones he was scared of. Squirrels and butterflies and other so-called 'harmless' scared him to bits, too.

He sighed. Well, at least he'd tried to get out of this detention. He could live with himself if she said no as long as he tried. He supposed it was too much to hope for.
"I learned," he started to answer quickly, but after the first two words, faltered. "Uh. I learned... Not to hit someone," he answered lamely. And get caught, he wanted to add. But he didn't want to get into even more trouble. He was a Gryffindor, sure, but Ox wasn't a huge rule-breaker. He handed in his homework when it was required of him, and didn't roam the hallways after curfew. He just snuck out before curfew to sleep over at Icarus'. But he'd yet to be caught doing that and he hoped it would stay that way.

He eyed the bag she'd slung over her shoulder, wondering what was in it. A breeze blew by and Ox wrinkled his nose and blew out through it, trying to get the awful smell out of his nostrils. "Eurgh, what's in there?" he asked, rubbing his nose. Whatever it was, it smelled rotten.
"I mean, I don't really like detentions, you know?" he said. "But mostly I'm confused as to why we're here. What do I have to do? Scoop up an empty pen? Fix a fence so no animal gets out onto the grounds?" He shuddered at that idea, but hopefully whatever he had to do, there were no creatures around him.

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The boy seemed odd to her, but she didn’t really mind. Maveera was always a weird one. Although she could sense his apprehension, but decided to blatantly ignore it. The optimistic part of her thought that he just didn't want to be in detention, but the rest of her really didn’t care what it was. Because she was going to do this anyway and he was coming with her.

“You say that like you don’t believe it.” Maveera smiled. It was a genuine one. She understood that she had a peculiar love for the outdoors. It had always seemed like home to her. The plants, the dirt, the animals, everything. It made sense to her. But it didn’t to everyone. She had learned that on many occasion. The best she could hope for was share her enthusiasm. She was teasing him, but nicely.

Maveera chuckled and looked at him, “Was it for a good reason?” She knew she shouldn't really encourage this kind of behavior. She was a teacher now, and she already dressed like someone that you’d run into at a rock show rather than a school. But hey, there was no one else around. “Because if it was for a good reason, good for you.” She smiled, but then pointed at him sternly, “but if it was for a bad reason shame on you.” She couldn’t keep a serious face for long, “…for getting caught. Don’t get in trouble for stupid reasons.” She hadn’t always been great with people. Veera sort of just did her own thing and if someone had a problem with it they could bring it up with her. But that mentality had gotten her into her fair share of stupid fights in school. So she did know what she was talking about.

She laughed when he asked. The smell was bad, but she had gotten used to it she guessed. “Food.” She grabbed the herb concoction from a side pocket, “Put this under your nose. It’s not great, but it’s better than this.” To be honest it just sort of smelled like the outdoors. Just enough to keep her hidden from wildlife, that was all she wanted.

She grinned when he asked what he was doing. Putting a hand on her hip. “Please, if it was that crap I’d let you out of your detention.” She wasn’t here to waste the boy’s time. And while those were noble pursuits, she did consider that a waste of time for a kid. “Were looking for a baby hippogriff.” She looked absolutely joyous saying that. She was so excited. And for Veera excitement was shown in every part of her. “Come on. Follow me.”

He obviously didn’t want to do this, but she needed him. It didn’t matter as to why he didn’t want to be here. Hell, he was right. How liked detentions? But in her mind she had good reason. She turned around to speak to her, stepping over things flawlessly. This had become a second home to her. Her boots crackled against the damp ground. “I have never seen a newborn hippogriff, and they grow quite quickly yeah? So I need to now, but I can’t go alone.” She couldn’t go alone, because if it were only her, no mild human scent, she’d never get close before it ran away. And she just wanted this so bad.

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Ox kept his lips shut tight when she called him out on his reason for not wanting to be outside. He did not want to go into his fear of animals with the Creatures professor unless absolutely necessary. And right now, it was not necessary. He did like her calm attitude, though, and thought it a shame she didn't teach something else.

He looked at her in surprise when she asked him if he'd hit Emmett for a good reason. Was she really that cool? But then she shamed him for it, which resulted in Ox rolling his eyes. Nope she was still a... very cool professor. Ox grinned.
"It was for a good reason," he promised. "He hurt my best friend, and I wasn't just going to let him get away with it. So this whole detention thing, well, I guess it's worth it for that." He'd do anything for Icarus. Well, except lock himself in a room full of animals, but he knew Icarus would never ask that of him.
"Next time I won't do it in front of everyone," he promised, smiling. Yeah, she was definitely cool. It really was a real shame she taught a subject he would never in a million years take.

"Food," he repeated, making yet another face. "I'm not eating that," he told her. He took the bag she held out to him and sniffed it tentatively. Immediately, his face relaxed as he realised it certainly did smell a lot better than whatever was in that bag of hers. "Is this going to do anything weird to my brain?" he asked her, holding it away from his nose. "Because I don't do drugs." And he never would, not after what he'd witnessed his best friend go through with an addiction to alcohol. Of course, he realised it was unlikely a teacher would ever give a student drugs, but he had to ask. It was like when he asked if there were any animal products in the food he ate. He couldn't do that either.

When she turned down his ideas of simple cleaning jobs as his detention, Ox wasn't sure whether to feel relieved or not. His decision was made for him when the professor told him what they were actually going to do.
Ox stopped dead in his tracks and began shaking his head.
"No. No way. I'm sorry, but are you crazy? A hippogriff? No fucking way! No!" He held out the baggie of nice-smelling herbs and glanced at the backpack. He had an idea of what was in it now, if they were looking for a flipping hippogriff. Something dead.
Ox gagged.

The excitement in her face was obvious. It was really endearing, and if it was anything other than animals she was excited about, he wouldn't mind helping her out at all. But a hippogriff, baby or not, was out of the question. Except that this was his detention, punishment for hitting someone multiple times, and he really had no choice.
Maybe we won't find it, he told himself. Maybe it died. He supposed that was a little too much to hope for.

But then there was the whole forest thing. No way did he want to go in there. There were other animals in there. Like unicorns and centaurs and squirrels. She was right, though. She couldn't go in alone. She could get seriously hurt!
Ox felt torn. His fear was paralyzing him, but the excitement on her face mixed with the idea of her getting hurt... He couldn't just let her go alone. He couldn't live with that on his conscience.
"Ten minutes," he told her. "You have no idea how much I do not want to go in there, but I'll do ten minutes." He pulled out his wand and gripped it tightly, his eyes darting around. "But I'm not going anywhere near it. Those things are killer!"

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Maveera smiled at Ox when he said he had a good reason. Good. If he was some douchey kid she would be conflicted. She’d not want to spend time with him, but she also wouldn’t want to let him out of detention. So it would be a lose lose. While Ox didn’t look super thrilled, at least he wasn’t a dick. “Good. And that’s what I want to hear.” It wasn’t very professorly, but in her defense she hadn’t been hired because she seemed like an amazingly professional professor.

She chuckled at his reaction to the bag. “I don’t expect you to. That would be disgusting.” She spoke with a cheeky smile. He was cautious, something she could hardly relate to, but it was probably a good trait. “It would be really weird if I gave you drugs right?” She asked, like that answered the question. Although she had told him it was okay to hit someone if it was for a good reason and if he didn’t get caught…so…she was already weird. He was definitely a good kid, hell of a lot better than she had been. Honestly, it was a damn shame he was spending time in detention at all.

His reaction to the hippogriff told Veera everything she needed to know to realize why he had been so against the outdoors. She actually felt bad. “Look it’s really not that big of a deal!” She had never felt any fear. She had been a toddler that played with wild animals, she wasn’t afraid. She got why people were, she understood, but she wished there was a way to show people it wasn’t worth it. She had nightmares about getting attacked, but a portion of her understood. She knew that when werewolves changed they were essentially wild animals, and she had been trekking around in that wolf’s territory. It made sense to her.

Veera felt like she could see the thoughts spinning through his head. She almost wanted to tell him not to hurt himself, but keep her mouth shut. Teasing him was probably not the best plan of action right now. Not if she wanted a partner in crime.

When he offered up ten minutes she gave him a look, “Hey! I’m in charge here.” But her serious face broke quickly, “but I’m not cruel. Ten minutes it is.” She grabbed his wrist, the one gripping the wand, and pulled him along at a faster pace. If she was only gonna get ten minutes she needed to hurry. She let go of him and turned back around to face front and frowned slightly. Sure, hippogriffs could easily kill someone, but they didn’t often. And not if people just learned how to deal with them.

“So are humans, but I don’t see you locked in a room by yourself.” She was being kind of a smart ass, but it still sounded nice. That was something she couldn’t get. Animals hurt people because they feel threatened. For survival. Humans often did it for malicious reasons. Greed or anger. If one was more dangerous than the other it was definitely humans. “Besides it’s little.” She moved her hands to approximate the size, pausing slightly at one before deciding to fib a bit and make it smaller. Then she had an idea and stopped abruptly. Turning to face him.

“Do you know what animals are the most aggressive? Mothers. They want to protect their young. It is so important they would risk anything for it.” That was the slight danger to looking for the baby, although it wasn’t really her point so she quickly continued. “Just like you risked winding up in the woods with me for your friend.” She didn’t expect to change his mind, she didn’t want to. It was the difference between people that made things interesting, but she wanted him to be less miserable. Even just a bit. “Besides, you’re with me. And no creature fucks with me.” At least, not anymore. She smiled and turned around again, reaching into the bag she pulled out a rat. The smell was awful, but normal to her. She tossed it through a bank of trees and listened. Nothing. She was trying to lure the baby out.

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She was definitely an interesting personality for a professor, this Maveera Monroe. Ox decided it was very unfortunately she taught what she did. It was also unfortunate that she was a professor, because he didn't think she was all that much older than him, and he wouldn't mind flirting with her to distract himself from this excursion of horrors. However, he'd just earn himself another detention and probably a slap if he did that, and he didn't want to do this again. He didn't even want to do this the first time.

"It would be weird," he agreed. "But you also verbally patted me on the back for beating up someone in my own house," he pointed out with a half grin. Banter. Banter was something he could focus on. Hopefully it would be distracting enough.

Oxford's eyes bulged out when Professor Monroe tried to tell him a hippogriff wasn't a big deal. "They have sharp talons and beaks!" he whispered loudly, his fear making it impossible to remain calm and whisper normally so as not to attract any attention of the animal variety. He'd much rather they find the hippogriff than it find them. Of course, he'd even more rather they not find anything at all.

Fear gripped him when he thought Professor Monroe might knock down his ten minutes idea and make him spend the entire duration of the detention in that forest. But he felt a tiny spark of hope when she agreed to his time limit, and hoped beyond anything that ten minutes would be far too little time to find anything more than empty trees.
He flinched when she grabbed his wrist, and supressed a groan when she quickened the pace. This was so not what he meant by a time limit of ten minutes.

"You can reason with a human, though!" he insisted. "Animals are..." He trailed off with a shudder and pressed his lips together. He didn't want to talk about them. What if they heard and hurt him for it? Or something irrational like that.

"If you're trying to make me feel braver or something by saying coming into this forest is to help my friend, it's not working," he told her. "Because all I heard is mother animals are vicious and we're looking for a baby hippogriff." He was going to die today. He hoped Icarus knew how much he loved him.
Ox jumped back and wrenched his wrist from her grip when she pulled a dead rat out from the pack. So that was what was in there?!
"I'm gonna throw up," he gasped, clapping a hand to his mouth. He turned away, horrified, when she tossed the thing into the trees. Was she trying to piss off the rats?! He pressed himself against a tree, his eyes darting around looking for any signs of movement and his wand gripped in his hand just in case. He didn't want to hex an animal, but if one came charging at him, he would.
"Can we go now?" he whispered, well aware they weren't even yet halfway to ten minutes. "I'm sorry, but I highly doubt a single female is going to stand a chance against a vicious hippogriff." Godric, this entire situation was messed up. All Ox wanted to do was get the hell out of this forest and go find Icarus and hide in their blanket fort for days.

Movement up ahead through the trees caught Ox's attention and he barely suppressed a yelp. He pointed his wand hand in the direction of the movement, his eyes wide. His other hand grabbed onto the tree trunk like a lifeline. "Professor, what was that?!"

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“Yeah, let’s not go spreading that around kay?” The last thing Veera needed was anyone knowing she said it was okay with hit someone for a good reason. She was already a hugely unconventional professor, she shouldn’t see how far she could push it. If she were better suited to being a professor, she really wouldn’t speak her mind as often as she did.

She had to resist not laughing at his fear. It was so foreign to her. “Yeah, but they don’t bother you if you just treat ‘em right. Hippogriffs are easy that way.” She had been young the first time she encountered them. Magical creatures fascinated her in such a profound way. She had grown up with large and exotic animals, but nothing like what she saw here. In this world, she was thankful for it. “Kind of like people.” She shot him a smug look, but there was kindness in it. She didn’t truly tease people for their fears, at least not of creatures that did have sharp talons and beaks.

“You can’t blame a girl for trying.” Maveera shrugged. She would never give up, she wasn’t about that. She laughed. Maybe that wasn’t the smartest way to comfort him. But she wasn’t worried. “The Mother’s know me though.” She left out the fact that, although they cooperated with her, being around their babies might be whole other matter. Especially with a predisposed mistrust of her wolf side.

She actually felt terrible when he said he would throw up. She was really torturing the kid. She knew then she wouldn’t keep him long. She may have no concerns, but Veera wasn’t cruel. She needed him there, that was probably the only reason she had dragged him along this far. When he asked if they could go she felt even worse. He was definitely getting out of this early. If only they could have a little bit of luck on their side. Well, her side at least. “Soon.”

Maveera couldn’t stifle her laugh when he doubted her chances. He may be partially right, but also very very wrong. “Perhaps. A single female werewolf stands a better chance though eh?” She stopped short for a moment, realizing she had told him that. She had no qualms about telling people. It was who she was, but she figured that would be the least comforting thing she could tell this kid. Luckily, he seemed to perk up at a noise.

“Let’s find out.” She didn’t drag him along. Not this time. Despite her passions, she wasn’t about the actually put this kid through hell. She bounded towards the sound, only excitement fueling her. She knew there was a one in one thousand chance this would be what she was looking for. Not this close to the grounds. But apparently this was her lucky day. She brushed back some tall weeds and had to use all of her skill to keep from gasping. Struggling to walk was the baby.

She looked back at Ox, wanting to call him over, but knowing it was both futile and she would scare the creature. She crept closer and once it caught sight of her it looked horrified, trying to escape, but tripping. “Oh.” She cooed. She crept closer, slowly getting down on all fours before eventually laying on the ground. She was guessing. Hippogriffs demanded respect, it was in their nature, maybe it was the babies’ nature as well. As it figured out how to right itself it was above her. Staring down. It inspected her, it’s beak touched her nose.

When she emerged from the trees the smallish creature was in her arms. “Look!” Although it still seemed nervous, it let her hold it. She stayed a few yards from Ox, but the glitter in her eyes could probably be seen from a mile away. She pet it’s feathers, but eventually it began to struggle and she made the mistake of holding on a little too tightly and it soon began to panic. She could hear a much heavier creature some ways away, thankful for her hearing abilities since she thought it was too far for Ox to hear. She let the baby go then. It darted off into the trees.

“Thank you.” She smiled as she approached him. “For coming with me.” He may have had no choice, but she wasn’t going to treat it like that. “If the baby had smelled me it would have gone darting long before I had gotten close.” Humans, plain old humans, smelled terribly strong. Ox’s nervousness probably helped. The baby seemed to have no idea she was there till she was in front of it. “And your job is done.”

She started back to the grounds, she didn’t wait for him, but didn’t walk quickly. She had no intention of leaving him. They got to walking and she looked at him, “Can I ask why the fear?”

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From a student's perspective, letting other students know one of the professors was actually super cool wasn't a big deal. It was preferable to spread it around. But Ox supposed that from a professor's perspective, and a professional, it wouldn't be so great if everyone - including her boss and all - knew she was glad the guy he'd hit had deserved it. "Lips are sealed," he promised, although he'd likely tell Icarus about this whole thing. If he didn't die, anyway. And if they were going to find a Hippogriff, well, Ox's chances of dying were very high.

"Some people bother you even if you do treat them right," Ox pointed out, but under his breath. He wasn't sure he believed her that Hippogriffs were pretty harmless. They looked terrifying, and he had no background in Care of Magical creatures as proof, considering he hadn't signed up for that class in his third year. Never would he ever.

Ox glanced at the professor when she laughed, not sure what was so funny. Then she dropped the werewolf bomb, and Ox swore if his bladder was full, well, it would be empty right now. He took a large step away from her, not caring that it wasn't the full moon and that it might be seen as rude. Werewolves were terrifying. And she was one! One of their teachers was a werewolf, and Ox wasn't sure how to deal with that. The fact that she was human right that moment helped a lot, however. The mention of animals made his skin crawl, but it was the physical presence of them that scared him shitless. "Oh," he said, not trusting himself to say anymore on the subject. "Sorry," he added. "I won't tell anyone." He was pretty sure that was also on the list of things a professor would prefer her students didn't know. He wished he didn't know that he was in a forest with a werewolf looking for a hippogriff. He did his best not to think about it.

However when she dashed through the trees, only to return with a flipping hippogriff in her arms, Ox thought he might pass out. He didn't run, because the one thing he did know about hippogriffs was that you didn't just run from them. It was like with most predator animals - running only provoked them. Although all Ox wanted to do right now was run. Instead he clutched the tree like if he were to let go he would fall to his death, even though his two feet were firmly planted on the ground.
The look on the professor's face, though, whenever she glanced down at the animal in her arms was endearing, he had to admit. Seeing the passion she had for animals in her eyes made him not want to be scared. A small, tiny, miniscule part of him wanted to walk over and pet it, or at least look at it closer maybe, to see what all the fuss was about. But then it began to move in her arms, and Ox gasped, pressing himself further into the tree, willing it to suck him in so no animal would ever notice him ever.

When Professor Monroe put the animal down, it ran off into the trees, but Ox wasn't ready to let go of the tree yet. What if it came back? What if there were more? He shuddered at the thought.
"You're welcome," he said, his voice hoarse as though he'd been screaming, except no sound had come out of his mouth the entire time the hippogriff was in sight. "Although I'm not thanking me," he added me, forcing a terrified smile. "Thanks for not bringing it near me," he added.
It was over. The worst detention of his life was over, and Ox could not be more grateful. He wasn't going to land himself in this position again, that was for sure. He'd rather scrub the Slytherin toilets with his bare hands while they all watched.

Once he trusted his legs to move and they were walking back out of the forest, Ox felt his heart rate calming down and himself relax. When Professor Monroe asked him why he was afraid of animals, Ox shrugged. "I suppose I'm supposed to tell some childhood trauma story right now, but I don't have one. Or maybe I do and it's some repressed memory that I'd really rather not bring back up." That was always possible. "But I mean, they're terrifying!" He didn't know how he could not be scared of them.
"But that... that made your day, huh?" It was nice that she loved what she did. It would be nicer if he could understand it, but hey. To each their own.

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Maveera knew she probably shouldn’t have mentioned the werewolf thing. That wasn’t even a professor thing, like it was unprofessional not to, she just figured that would be the least comforting thing for Oxford to hear. “Don’t worry about it.” She was open about it, she really was. Maveera had never set out to be anyone but herself, and this was part of who she was now. “I don’t really keep it a secret. People always find out about things somehow and I’d rather have them know the truth and be able to ask, than talk and gossip behind my back.” Although she had had some kids say mean things to her, it didn’t change anything. She didn’t give a shit what their opinion was, and for the most part she found more people curious than upset. Or at the very worst reactions like Ox’s. Which she could and would never blame him for.

Animals, being with them, had always been her happy place. She had understood so much about them from the time she was really young. But it wasn’t just how to treat them or what to feed them or how to know when they were angry. She had had an emotional connection to them. As young child she would run around with the baby animals on her parent’s sanctuary. This was her heaven.

She chuckled when he thanked her for not bringing it close. “I wouldn’t do that to you.” Actually, if he hadn’t looked absolutely petrified she would have. “Not after bringing you out here.” She was good with forcing only one traumatic experience on any given person in a day. She watched him. She was glad he had agreed to come out. She wasn’t sure what she would have done if he hadn’t. She wasn’t the type of person to actually enforce punishment on people, not when she thought they weren’t actually learning a lesson. And frankly, she didn’t think he needed to learn a lesson.

She stayed close until he was able to walk, trying her best to conceal a smile. The only time she could remember being that scared was the day she was attacked. And it hadn’t been until seconds before that moment she had thought to be afraid. She trusted nature, and never in a million years actually thought it would hurt her. “You don’t need a traumatic story.” She chuckled, “You should spend some more time with them, their not that terrifying.” She was still laughing a little, “Or not.” To each his own she guessed. And there was a little bit of random pride she felt watching him, he had, in a lot of ways faced a fear and she was there to witness it.

“It did!” She gushed. “My year.” She brushed some hair behind her ear. She had a bounce in her step now. “I love baby animals.” She was going to add ‘Who doesn’t?” but thought her present company would have an answer for that. “When I was a kid, we had a sanctuary. And we had this Irish wolfhound who was just the best Mother ever. Whenever there was a baby we would give it to her and she would raise it.” She liked thinking back to being a kid, “And my Dad said he’d always find me out in our barn with her and all the little creatures. When I was little I thought I was one of them. He said one time he found me sleeping in between this wolf pup that we had and a half grown lion cub we rescued.” She was smiling as she spoke. They constantly had animals in and out of there, they were one of the only places around that was certified to take on animals like that. It was a great place to grow up.

When the edge of the woods appeared she quickened her pace. She could spend all day in there, but she figured Oxford couldn’t. When they got to open grass she turned to him and shook his hand. “Thank you, again.” She didn’t know how to let people go from detentions. She didn’t get very many people coming to her for them. Probably because she always had weird shit she needed to do. “If you punch another housemate and wind up in detention let me know.” She winked, “I promise I won’t make you do anything like this again.” No, if that happened, she’d probably just let him hangout so it looked like he was serving a detention. He earned that.