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I freakin' LOVE Memes.

And while waitin' for Chiibi to finish the double meme that I asked her to do with me, oh, over half a year ago- Wait, how long has it actually been? *looks at file*

:merokohey: IT'S BEEN SINCE FEBRUARY OF 2011?!?!?!?!? :merorawr:

*ahem* :mitsukimonkeyblink:

So anyway, I wanna do some memes with some peeps!! These two are my favorites;

Remie's Double Meme We draw ourselves, each other, our partner's fav art piece and an art trade. Hilarity ensues!

The second one is Shotakat's OC Trade Meme. X3 This one looks sooooo much fun. I have a few original worlds and you have original worlds, so let's switch our main characters (or side chars, what have you). I really REALLY wanna do this one. X3 I love finding out about other peep's worlds 'n at!

<3 I hope we can has fun!

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