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Definition of ranks + requirements

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In Mine Nation we put much value to being involved and active. We reward our members for helping out the clan at the citadel and for participating with events. Our rank system shows that. If you want to obtain a higher rank, it's a good idea to take a look at this:
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  • Member has recently joined and just getting the feel of MN. {New members of Mine Nation}
  • No requirements
  • Automatically handed out.
  • Member is new, has shown interest in the clan, and is active.
  • 1 week since joining has passed
  • Automatically handed out.
  • Has become known to the clan and participates in the chat.
  • 1 month since joining has passed
  • Must have gained xp or be otherwise notably active
  • Has shown commitment to the clan and is a trusted member. Active in the clan.
  • 6+ weeks since joining if capping each week or frequently attending events
  • 8+ weeks since joining if just active & talkative
  • Registered on forums with introduction post
  • Relatively active on forums
  • 10+ weeks since joining
  • Registered on forums with introduction post
  • Capping frequently
  • Relatively active on forums
  • 15+ weeks since joining
  • Registered on forums with introduction post
  • Has permission to vote on rank ups
  • Capping frequently
  • Will lose rank if not active enough
  • Dedicated to Avatar Wardens
  • Given as a temporary rank, actual rank will be recorded in a rank admin thread along with information about the temporary rank.
  • Also given to former high ranks who no longer wish to be involved in clan moderation
  • Former high ranks do not have the requirement of capping in the citadel
  • All previous rank descriptions hold, Coordinator+ discuss rank ups of Admin+
  • 10+ weeks since joining, active on forums
  • Specifically given out to people that organise events frequently
  • Must be active and productive to maintain this rank
  • See below for more information
  • All previous rank descriptions hold (excluding Organiser).
  • Highly active, involved in everything to do with the clan.
  • 20+ weeks, Overseer+ will discuss.
  • Able to moderate the forums and chat
  • Helps out with small tasks
  • Must be active and productive to maintain this rank
  • See below for more information
  • Can kick members if necessary and they work closely with the leaders.
  • Works with the owners to accomplish tasks.
  • Must be active and productive to maintain this rank
  • Has specific jobs assigned
Deputy Owner:
  • Leaders of the clan
In addition this will explain some extra things and go further into the Organiser and Coordinator rank
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  • The time requirement (number of weeks since join date) is merely a minimum. Weeks do not count if the person is not actively playing during them.
  • Registering/being active on the forum is a requirement we are more flexible about until further notice
  • All rank ups are still done through voting, except Corporal which will be automatic
  • The Organiser rank can be applied for here
  • The Coordinator rank can be applied for if you are ranked General or higher
The Organiser rank is a special rank which is given out more easily and is kept through meeting specific requirements.
  • Organisers work as a team to organise clan events
  • They must ensure the clan has weekly events that people are interested in
  • They must keep a list of attendance (for ranking purposes)
  • Anyone with this rank that has not been productive towards event creation for 2 weeks will lose it (with exception of special circumstances)
  • They must schedule events and make note about unscheduled events that took place the Clan Events forum
  • They must cap weekly
  • People with this rank are Avatar Wardens, however Temp. Admins have priority
  • Remember to work as a team! There should not be a fight to maintain your own rank
  • You can apply for this rank if you believe you can meet the requirements here
The Coordinator is a moderator rank that can be applied for by Generals and above. They have small tasks related to moderation.
  • Coordinators must be active and productive for the clan to maintain their rank, the 2 week period applies (with exception of special circumstances)
  • They must cap weekly
    They must help complete the following tasks (subject to change):
  • Explaining to new members about our clan and rank system
  • Urging fellow clan members to make a forum account
  • Helping keep up the citadel cap list
  • Moderating the forums if needed (you can edit posts, trash topics, etc.)
  • Helping the event team with their events if necessary
  • Being an example to the rest of the clan (involvement, being talkative, helpful)
  • Always voting for rank ups and making new suggestions
  • Helping ensure every new recruit that has earned their corporal rank gets it
  • Helping ensure the generals and organisers meet their activity requirements
  • Keeping track of inactive clan members
  • Always giving feedback on forums when threads requiring feedback are up
  • At least daily checking forums (if possible)
  • Coming up with ideas to improve our forums and clan
Got any questions? Take a look at the FAQ:
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When a rank above Admin loses the rank for any reason, which rank do they get?
Admin if they were Coordinator or Overseer.

Since Organiser can be applied for, presumably without rank limitations, do they get put in Admin or back to where they were before becoming Organiser? Will any possible rank ups unrelated to being Organiser during the time they were Organiser be taken into consideration if so?
We will save their previous rank and put them back to that if they fail to meet the Organiser requirements. There will not be any possible rank ups taken into account because losing the Organiser rank would essentially mean they have not contributed enough to the clan to deserve rank ups. A slightly different approach will be applied for voluntary retirement from the position.

If Coord loses their rank do they become Admin or Gen?

What exactly does the Overseer rank serve?
It essentially is an upgrade from coordinator. They can be given bigger tasks and have more of a leader role.

General is purely a voting rank? That is they have no other responsibilities?

Are the Admin ranks involved in voting? Since they appear to consist of those who no longer wish to partake in management and those given the rank temporarily to Warden. Will there be permanent Admin ranks besides ex-management?
Yes they are still allowed to vote and it is much appreciated, however not mandatory. The temp ranks do not have this right. There won't be admins apart from ex-management and the temp ones.

How will inactivity in game or forums affect ranks? Will there be a difference in treatment of inactivity with or without notice.
It won't affect ranks other than Organiser, Coordinator, Overseer and General. If people become inactive for a long enough period of time they will get removed from the clan but can retrieve their rank on return. There will be an equal treatment for people leaving with and without notice (I don't blame anyone for getting bored of rs, it's still just a game after all)

How much activity is relatively active (as stated in Captain and General ranks)?
Visiting the forums at least roughly weekly (this is a bit of a loose requirement, based on what we can offer for people to do on the website)

Where it says "All previous rank descriptions hold" do you mean for it to include the Wardening responsibilities of Admin and the Event responsibilities of Organiser for the higher ranks as well? I don't think you mean for those to be a part of the higher ranks (Events at least).
All ranks above Admin have the Warden responsibilities, including Organisers. Coordinators are expected to be helpful around events but are not directly involved in hosting and creating them.

How frequently does capping frequently imply? Most weeks of a month?
More than half of the time.
Still things unclear? Feel free to ask a question in game