Revenge Of The Midget Dragons...

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Z sits on his village idiot throne, with his jester hat on, and his pointy stick in his hand he commands his servants of darkness, "Be gone, now, ands get me some duct tape." and with that theservants were gone. (Chosen people can be servants if they wish, so I can stab them with my pointy stick and use duct tape... heheheh)
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeermm.....ok this is weird, ahem... this story whatsit ,is me (finra) going back's kind've set after the war...or during,, anyway the war doesn't really come into it...

I really need a new avatar...
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There are some who would've thought maybe that I should have told someone that I was leaving, but thankfully they had otherwise been engaged. Anyway I had left a note in Siena's cave...she should be able to read it, though I wasn't sure.(my writing leaves something to be desired.)

Oh well...It was very pleasant flying at night, I thought to myself trying to fly gracefully, if only it weren't for those pesky trees that jumped out of nowhere...Right enough of that, where was the next rest stop, I needed a lunch break.

I flopped onto a small hillock leaving a sizable crater where I landed. I surveyed the depression, not so bad! my flight skills were improving!

Now I had to find some food...I ignored the rather chubby cows grazing nearby as they were ignoring me. A small voice suggested that as being a fearsome dragon I should be mortally offended by this and so should run over and devour them, but I had just spotted a promising bunch of green foliage dotted with pink flowers.

They looked tasty.

They looked very tasty.

Sneaking over, I sneakily grabbed the pot they were in and sniffed. The bouquet wasn't bad but the bumble bee up my nose certainly was annoying.


Making sure no one had seen this I upened the flowers and ate them. They could've used some salt ,but other than that they were all right. I was just to indlge in a nice belch when I was interuppted.

"My dahllias!!!" gasped a scandilised voice.
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I turned around, quickly. There before me was a human male, at least I think it was male, who could only be described as a hermit. A rather red hermit, a very red hermit who was holding something sharp, pointy in a threatening manner towards me.

I took a few steps backwards. the pointy thing wasn't thet bad. Very shiny, quite nice in a pointy way.

"Why" he asked in a very quiet voice" did you eat me Dahlia?"

I had now decided that yes, the pointy thing should obviously belong in my collection when the hermit poked me.

"You...uh...dragon...answer me...'
"Why did you eat my dahlias??"
"what dahlias?"
"The ones you just ate!"
"Ermmm...I was influenced by a higher power that...uh...influenced me..." i concluded lamely.

The hermi ttwitched slightly and started muttering what sounded suspiciously like curses and "midget dragons". I started inching towards the long pointy thing. It wasn't a spear, at least, not like one of Elenas spears. More rounded.

Unfortunatly the mad hermit noticed this.

"Oi!!Get back you snivelling, dahlia eating excuse for a dragon!"He yelled and poked me again.

I began to lose my temper. Most of those insults I could live with but snivelling??

"I'm warning you..."He began.

I considered me options; I could eat I'd get indigestion, I could incinerate him...Amusing idea but I might lose the shiny thingy. Drat it, that meant magic!!I hate magic...but...

The hermit was still rabitting on as I concentrated on the possibility that he was faraway, there was a small exploding sound and I sneezed.

"Confound it all!, why do I always get a cold when I use magic!?" I asked the world in general as I started sniffing.

I looked around for the pointy thing when I noticed a fluffy pink bunny rabbit glaring murderously at me.

We don't usualy get pink bunny rabbits here do we.

"Oh...siat!" I borrowed Siena's favourite curse as I realised what had happened.

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Passing the bunny a ran up to Finra.
Finra looked up at me with a strange expression.
"No.. Your seeing things.."
"I was soo sure that bunny was.."
"Shhh Elena.. Come sit down here on this.. boulder and tell me why the heck you were yelling in chinese to me."
"Tell me why your here!"
"Well... let's begin.. I ditched Bellona.. and Isidar. Then I decided to stop being soo emotional and do something to help the people who are sadly imprisoned!"
I smiled at her as she went from strange to shock.
"Help? Anyone? You?"
"I can so."
I crossed my arms and looked proud.
"...Without me?"
"No! Of course not! That's why I'm here. To ask you to wreak havoc with me."
Finra grinned.. a very teethy grin.
"Havoc.. shiny spear?"
I gave up my old spear to her.
"Fine... We'll go.. but after I get home."
I propped up and started towards a general direction.
"uhh.. elena?"
"It's this way."
I turned around and followed my dear friend, for once acting moody when I am in good spirits.
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After several wrong turns and almost stepping off a cliff, Elena and I managed to get back to are cave. Well actually, it was Siena's old cave but we'd made it much nicer.

While Elena was checking her stash of spears to make sure I hadn't nicked any, I went and made sure my hoard was safe. It was in a cave that could only be accessed through a very small tunnel. I had made it myself and was rather proud of the fact that nobody besides me could get in.

"When you've finished gloating..." said a voice from behind me.

I turned around quickly. How the heck no, who the heck managed to get in here?!

The pink bunny rabbit, formerly a mad hermit glared at me.
For once in my life, I didn't know what to say.

The bunny started tapping it's foot, waiting for me to answer.

"Err...hi..." I said.
"Hi,"he repeated. "You turn me into a rodent and all you can say is 'hi'??"
"Err.... hi, um...mister pink bunny rabbit?" I amended.

What the rabbit then said was completely and utterly unrepeatable. He must have dipped into several other languages for the more interesting words, and was still going when Elena's voice cut in.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??!!?" she yelled

"The rabbit did it." I said instinctively.
The rabbit swore at me again.
"You watch your mouth!" said Elena swiping at him. Then froze.
"Finra, please tell me I didn't just tell off a rabbit for swearing." she groaned.
" I am not a rabbit!" cried the rabbit.

Elena stopped in the act of whacking herself in the head and turned to me.

"Finra, what have you done this time?" she asked.
"It was an accident-" I began when the rabbit cut in.
"It was so not!"
"Shut up." said Elena. "Finra, explain, now!"
"Well..." I began " all I did was eat his delilahs-"
"Dahlias!" snapped the rabbit.

I ignored him and continued on with the tale. When I was finished, Elena was staring at me.

"So the rabbit threatened you with a hippopotamus and you turned him into a rabbit?" she asked sceptically, she never believes me.
"Yeah, that's about right..." I agreed.
"Look”, said the rabbit, clearly trying to contain his emotions," I don't care if the midget dragon here blames the whole war on me, but would you please turn me back into a human?

I started edging away slowly.

"I-good point. Finra why don't you turn- is that one of Beltic's crowns?" she asked pointing to the nearest hoard pile.

" How did it get-never mind, Finra, turn the rabbit back now!"

"Uhh, and there would be the problem." I said guiltily.
"What problem?" asked the rabbit.
"I can't remember how..." I said quietly

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SSG was now my favourite way of dealing with Finra's brain. Despite the fact I was curious about Beltic's crown I have to deal with the rabbit first.

"Finra... you better tell me you are joking.." I sighed.

Finra looked at me with a certain sadness one could not understand.

"I'm not... I truly cannot remember how."

The rabbit swore again and I sighed and sat down. How had this come to be? I was just looking for my ex-companion in our last journey and now I'm trying to figure out a way to change back a pink fluffy bunny rabbit back into a swearing old hermit. I picked up the "Terrrifying Pratchett" book that I was sitting on and started pacing with it around the room.
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" But I may know someone who can." I tried to amend, as Elena was looking murederous and holdong a potential weapon.

The bunnyy frowned, looking suspicous.

"Who?" he asked sceptically.
"My moyther. " I replied.
"Finra! Stop kidding around, this is serious!"
"I wasn't!"
"You-eh?" she asked.

I paused, looking at my attentitive audience.I sighed.

"My mum, her gracious thing. Anyway, she's the best I know at reversing spells that I know of."
"Are you sure?" asked the bunny, "I mean I don't really want to end up as a purple flamingo instead."
"Don't worry." I assured him, "There was this one time when I accidently turned the elves favourite castle into a toxic swamp and then-"
"Enough Finra!" Elena cut in, "spare us the list of things yo have and have not disintegrated and tell us where to find find your...uh mother."

I hesitated. As far as I could remember my mum and dad ruled this little island, but I don't think that would satisfy Elena. But I might be able to find a map of it...

"Just a second." I said and dived into the nearest pile of hoard.

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"I don't believe this.... a time like this and she is looking through her hoard?"
I waved the book around.
"What do you want us to wait for? Beltic's crown?"
The bunny turned to me, giving me a hard look.
"At least she's trying."
"This isn't my fault so I don't have to try."
The bunny jumped up and tackled me. For a pink bunny rabbit that was barely as big as a child... that bunny was sure strong.

After managing to rid of the bunny rabbit's grasp, I made my way up.
"So, you found it yet?"
"Just a second..."
I sat down, opening the "Terrifying Pratchett" Book.
"Hmm... Interesting... some person called vimes sounds weird."
Finra looked up.
"You mean Sam Vimes?"
"He is weird." I glared at her.
"Get back to is ya dog."
Finra decidedly, shook a paw at the bunny.
"He's the dog." The bunny looked shocked.
"Excuse me! Don't you have eyes! I AM MOST CERTAINLY NOT A DOG." He paused, looking rather proud.
"I am a bunny rabbit."
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I stopped and stared at the bunny.

"Not that I prefer it to a human of course!" he added hastily.

There was a silence in which only the bunny twitched looking vaguely embarassed.

"What?!" he asked.
"Um...nothing..." I said and resumed searching for the map.

From behind me I could hear Elena chuckling over her book. This was very distracting, I couldn't tell if she was laughing at her book or if she was sneakily laughing at me.

Was she?

Turning back to my hoard pile, I shoved aside a pair of priceless crystal goblets to find a stack of parchments.

" I think I found them!" I yelled to Elena.
"What, the map?" she asked.
"Well...I found some maps..."
"How many maps have you got?"

I stepped out from infront of the partially buried stack of parchments.

"Oh..." said Elena, "That's how many..."

I pulled the nearest pile and tipped them onto Elena's lap.

"You don't expect me to find it do you?" she asked, "there's got to be at least a hundred different maps in this pile alone!"
"But of course," I replied," I can't read."
"Oh I seriously doubt that." she replied picking up the top map.
"And what makes you think that?" I asked strolling over to sit by the bunny-who had been trying to cram several large rubys behind and ear.

"Could it be that this map is labelled 'easiest and safest routes into to Beltic's hoard' Or maybe because this map is labelled 'badly guarded fish mongers'?"

I ignored this last comment and the pile of maps she chucked at me. I simply removed the rubys from the rather indignant rabbit and began to clean them.

"Eaurgggghhh! You're licking them??!!" the rabbit screeched.
"Well how else is the dirt going to come off?"
"But thats...thats really unhygienic!" he yelled, stering at his paws which had been previously stroking the ruby.
"My saliva is slightly acidic, or was it alkaline?, anyway, my species have always cleaned gems this way."

The bunny stared.

"finra, would the map you're looking for be labelled 'Mum's and Dad's place'?" Elena interrupted.
"Has it got 'spikey-lizard island' on it aswell?"

She frowned and bent closer over the map.

"Yeah, and also..."She bent even lower," a little arrow with,'Siena you owe me a rabbit'??"

"Right!" I said, grabbing the map and walking out of the cave,"ONWARDS!"

I waited for the other two to join in.

"Um...accordin to this map, we're supposed to go north, not south." the rabbit said.

I spun around and pointed the other way.