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The New World is based on Jurassic Park AND Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. The company InGen stole the DNA sequencing process from has built their own dinosaur island specifically for research purposes after the failure of their 1940s-built Brazilian facility.

In this roleplay, writers may have either human, dinosaur, or both characters. An epidemic is being kept under wraps for now by those who know and are trying to stop it, but soon the island will be placed under quarantine and panic as employees and dinosaurs fight for survival and dominance.

DNA modification experiments involving splicing of dinosaur traits onto other species of dino, and ‘custom’ color patterning have lead to a few unusual looking dinos and very weak DNA. To hold the strands together a special reparative virus was created to keep the dinos alive. Unfortunately this virus can be transmitted to humans through fluid transfer, so a bite or a drop of dino drool ingested or getting in the eye or a wound can cause a human to soon begin the painful transformation into a near clone of that dinosaur.

Human storylines; executives trying to keep problems under wraps, scientists working with experimenting on dinosaurs, vets treating dinosaurs, workers observing dinos in the wild or doing maintenance around the island trying to not be killed by/encountering dinos. Some humans may have families living on the island as there is a fully featured residential center with a company-run mall of sorts. Anyone interested may also have a human character that eventually becomes a dino (within reason, no one should suddenly go spino and kill everyone…)

Dinosaur storylines: being in captivity, being experimented on, escape attempts, or being out in the wild living a dinosaur life, fighting for dominance, hunting. Encountering humans. Encountering/leading dinos that had been human and don’t know how to be dinos. etc..

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