So who would you rather have now

So who would you rather have now

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November 28th, 2011, 11:17 pm #1

Watching Jackson flame out in Philly is pretty enjoyable, but I heard Hawkins make the comment about who you would rather have now...
Jackson or Simpson?

Talent...both bring some solid qualities to the table and both have maturity issues at times.

Off Field...Simpson will have to deal with his side gig at some point in time.
Jackson is a hot mess and a major distraction to an already screwed up roster.


What a complete jack azz.
#1 Crossed the line with Plaxico celebration.
#2 Talks sh!t every day
#3 Lost the game for his team AGAIN b/c of his antics and his failure to understand that the main job of a wide out in the NFL is to CATCH THE BALL..


I have questioned the Supreme being status of one Mr. Revis.
Jerry Rice said that he would never place Wekler in the top tier of the wide outs b/c he never has to face the great corners playing the slot...a few weeks back, Revis played Welker one on one most of the game and Welker had a pretty good game.
Yesterday, Revis was on Johnson...despite losing the game b/c he is a moron, Johnson pretty much had an easy day with Revis.

I question how "GREAT" this guy is.
I think he is one of the better db's in the game, but enough with the "GREAT" tag.
Woodson/Williams/Bailey/Woodson are what I would call "GREAT"..

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Jerome Simpson went almost three (three!) entire seasons before he made any kind of impact. He was a luxury of a developmental project that the Bengals couldn't afford. And if anything ever comes of the marijuana bust in his home(!), his impact may be felt barely more than one season.

Right now, yeah, he looks like a pretty good No. 2 receiver who can still get better. We'll see if his career goes up in smoke.

That doesn't mean I would rather have DeShawn "OchoHouchmanCincoTO" Jackson. No way.
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DeSean is not going 100% on the field because he is butthurt about not getting paid. What could be worse than that? You can compare stats, personal mistakes and all the dumb dances these guys do but nothing is worse than lack of effort. Have some freaking pride.

Maybe Mikey signs him next year so he can redeem himself..

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I know the question was who would you rather have now, but look at Jackson vs. Coles: ... ckDe00.htm ... leLa00.htm

That could have easily made the difference in getting a first round BYE, or beating the Jets.

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I'll take the two time Pro Bowler thanks. This is a crazy question. He is having an off year but I think its more the team than him.

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Is this a joke?

Simpson is involved in a federal drug distribution case

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