Paul Daugherty Recalibrates to Reality

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Back in the late1980's, the recently deceased Tom Wolfe looked ahead to the coming decade and predicted it would be remembered as The Great Relearning. Here we are 30 years later and the Enquirer's sports guru is having a bit of a relearning himself. That would be in regards to our favorite owner, a fellow you may have heard of.

The Bengals biggest problems come from the clunky way they handle things, not from the actual outcomes. Mike Brown enjoys being contrary, from re-re-hiring Marvin Lewis to essentially telling fans they don’t know what they’re talking about. I wonder if he’d have fired Lewis if the general consensus had been, Let’s Keep Marvin.

Brown doesn’t run from legal fights he thinks he can win, but that hasn’t always precluded the team from being town-friendly. The team did chip in for stadium upgrades when it wasn’t lease-bound to do so, for example. And one thing I’ve never understood: Why shouldn’t HamCo and its taxpayers want to spend to maintain a half-billion-dollar facility they own?

Isn’t that in our best interests? Does anyone recall what a dump Riverfront Stadium was, after just 30 years? Do we want that to happen again?
And do we really want the team to bolt in ’26, leaving us with a huge, skyline-dominating building and no tenant?

The Bengals have earned their scorn, for sure. And until now, they haven’t suffered much financial consequence. That’s going to change. They sold out zero games last year. They kept an unpopular head coach. Brown’s postseason interview with the paper’s Jim Owczarski reinforced an off-putting arrogance the team has not earned. This isn’t Foxboro.

The Morning Line - Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati Enquirer, June 12, 2018
This is definitely an improvement from imagining yourself as friends with the man in a different life, or assuming that he might actually part ways with his longtime head coach. Yes, Mike Brown can be a colossal jerk, but note well:

supreme stubbornness + a little self confidence = off-putting arrogance.

Arrogance is also a sign of Pride, and Pride borne of stubbornness is not quite the same as Pride borne of narcissism, but it still qualifies as an exemplar of the worst among the Seven Deadly Sins.

So Doc, as you continue your self-reeducation plan, please keep something else in mind. It's not just the clunky way Mike Brown handles things. His results often suck, too.
" Bell-cow quarterbacks are like queen bees. Only one can take you to the land of milk and honey."
~ What Mike Brown never quite said, but should have.

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Cincy will support a winner .. but he can’t supply one. Neither can the reds. It’s pathetic really the business model these small minded owners keep recycling. But then again they are more business men than passionate sports fans. They care nothing for the city and it’s fans nor about winning. Therefore why I care nothing about giving them my money. If only every fan could wrap their mind around the same philosophy then they would change or better yet sell.

Cincinnati Owners don’t CARE about you!

FC Cincinnati will follow same philosophy... word is out Cincinnati is a sheep town.

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Yeah, T. Agreed. Here is the mindset of Nati Ownership:

"Yep. I'm a rich guy. How do I get more rich? Buy/create a sports franchise in Cincinnati. Watch idiot fans roll on in. Make more money. Don't really care whether if I win or lose. Make more money."

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