Nothing has changed...

Nothing has changed...

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Mikey takes control in '91.

- 4 months pass.. - (Dr. Evil making his plans)

Fires beloved Wyche, lies & states he resigned, pockets the salary. (true character right from the start)

Hires Shula after one interview, Passes on Cowher (Smart business man?)

Bad move, after bad move, after bad move, after bad move... learning on the job, but never learning

91-01 Lost Decade.

2002: Sheep Perfect Storm: 1. the stadium deal criticism. 2. 2-14 disaster under LeBeau 3. ESPN the Mag article stating us as the worst pro team

***Mikey hits his last resort/rock bottom. This could result in one out of character move. ONE. but it will involve a change. ***
**Mike gets lucky**

Mike relents to an outside hire*** #1. lands Marvin Lewis. Several franchises also needing head coaches were mediocre (Lewis had interviews then w/ Buffalo Bills, the Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Cleveland Browns) **#2. landing Carson Palmer (obvious #1 pick, Lewis had some favor on personnel early)

2003-2009: miniscule Improvement (You can eventually teach a monkey to smoke a cigarette) & Marvin Lewis factor
some lucky moves, some bad moves, mostly bad moves... (Hard Knocks gave us all some insight) it was reported despite some Marvin leeway at the beginning of the relationship Mike had taken back full power on decisions.

2010: Sheep Perfect Storm: 1. '05 season set higher expectations than Mike could previously manage 2. 4-12 season after Lewis AGAIN couldn't land a playoff win in '09. 3. Mike's love for CP, and that fiasco 4. Marvin contract/frustration

***Mikey hits last resort/rock bottom***
**Mikey gets lucky**

***Mike relents to allowing Lewis some leeway again w/ new deal. **1. Mike cedes power temporarily (wanted Mallett, Marvin/CP factor), allows drafting Dalton (Gruden's choice). **2. A.J. Green

2011-2013: Improvement & Lots of luck/Assistant Coach factors. Bad Luck. Karma.

**Mike Zimmer (how Dallas let him go...)
**Hue Jackson (Oakland's FO inadequacy in letting Hue leave after 1 season)
Davis Jr. even worse than papa... we know Oakland's pain, scary....

~2013: Mike admits not being able to put down his love for the game, has taken back control of things.


How long before the next perfect storm? Who knows... He's somehow built up some trust among media and fans in the city. Posing for pictures in London w/ 'fans'. His passing maybe? that could be worse, look at Oakland...

either way... Nothing has changed...Nothing will change... enjoy the masquerade
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We just gotta Keep on Keeping on!

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