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I've been trying to write a post to thank Psychostats and Storm for their efforts on the new forums, but I can't seem to do it justice.  Working with the team at Tapatalk, migrating 18 years of data was a full-on application development project. Starting with discovery to development thru implementation, staging, testing and now production, well, as a guy who makes a living paying people to do this kind of work, I'm simply BLOWN AWAY that anyone would do SO MUCH to save our community.  I'd like to say that I helped them, but the truth is MBS would have been in dire straights were it not for their incredible generosity and kindness. 

As Psycho mentioned in another post, the age of the site/forum is absolutely GEOLOGIC by internet standards.   

The number of companies MBS has outlasted is legion.

All I can say is that this truly is YOUR community, YOUR website.  I may have started it, but it belongs to all of you.

Thank you, Psycho.

Thank you, Storm.   

...it's just so cool.



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You are welcome and thank you 

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Thanks, Fraidy. The good folks at Tapatalk made it easy for us. They deserve mucho credit.

Thanks to everyone else who checked out the test migration of this site and provided feedback: BMN, Bungleistic, and whomever I'm forgetting at the moment.

Like I said once before, we've got enough continuity around here to take on Mike Brown himself. (Who knows -- in a sneaky way he might kinda respect us for that. Or not, LOL.)
" Bell-cow quarterbacks are like queen bees. Only one can take you to the land of milk and honey."
~ What Mike Brown never quite said, but should have.

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Thanks pyscho and storm.