"Final" 53: Handful of Interesting Moves

"Final" 53: Handful of Interesting Moves

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Back in the old days we would have long threads on predicting and assessing the initial final 53 roster at the end of the preseason. It always came down to a few iffy moves. Might as well talk about those.


Jeff Driskel is your classic third stringer. Runs well, inaccurate passer. He'll be on callback IR, but not much upside there. When McCarron leaves they better draft another passer. BTW, the Cleveland brown now have thee backup quarterbacks behind starter DeShone Kizer, none of them named Brock Osweiler. Any of those three backups would make a better No. 3 in Cincy, particularly Kevin Hogan. Hey, Hue Jackson runs the same offense.

Running Back...

Seems odd to only go with three, but I guess they see H-Back Ryan Hewitt as a fourth. They're paying him enough money, that's for sure.

Tight End...

Undrafted college free agent Cethan Carter from Nebraska made the team. That gives them five counting Hewitt. Now they better use their #@(*%& tight ends! Considering their O-line, they may be slated to be extra blockers.

Offensive Line...

They kept last year's college free agent practice squad guy, Alex Redmond, at guard over 5th rounder JJ Dielman. Flip a coin between those two, but that choice could come back to haunt them. And nobody is surprised that Eric Winston reached the end of the line. Guard Trey Hopkins not only made the team, he's a starter.

Wide Receiver...

They now have so many ^&$#@* wideouts they can't develop any of younger guys. Seven. But who doesn't like Alex Ericson?


Undrafted college free agent Hardy Nickerson made the team, but for how long? The supremely unreliable Burfict will be back in a few weeks. Marquis Flowers was traded to the Patriots a week or so ago. PJ Dawson is now history best left forgotten.

Defensive Back...

KeiVarae Russell made the roster fair and square. Bene Benwickere was traded to the Cowboys. College free agent Demetrious Cox was cut and picked up by the Panthers. Super-fast project Brandon Wilson is on the practice squad.

Defensive Line...

The most interesting position group along with the O-line. "Baby Geno" DeShawn Williams is back to the practice squad. Marcus Hardison cements his reputation as a draft bust. The workout monster with some twitch, Will Clarke, cements his reputation as a draft bust. Man Mountain Josh Tupou is on the practice squad. Michael Johnson, who can still provide solid run support at DE, made the team. Former Jag (!) Chris Smith not only made the team, he looks like he's going to be a valuable pass rusher.

Special Teams...

We have an entire thread on Bullock over Elliot (who's now on the practice squad).
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"interesting" may be the wrong word here. I think "peculiar" may be more appropriate. Or maybe "Dumb@ssed".

Starting an unknown on an offensive line is never a good thing. Proven talent or 1st rounders is where that's at. Mike Brown should be hung in the middle of PBS for pulling that sh8t.

So should keeping 5 TE's and 7 WR's around and forgetting about his back-7 of his defense. Marvin Lewis should be in his f*cking ear about this. But of course, it's all sunshine in the Nati.


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