Bungle Love

Bungle Love

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August 26th, 2011, 11:41 pm #1

I, I've been watching you. I think I wanna know ya.
Said I, I'm a little dangerous. Mikey, I'd love to show ya.

My bungle love, yeah. I think I wanna know ya.
bungle love. mikey, I'd love to show ya.

You, you've got a nice stadium. I think I wanna fund it.
I ain't playin', said I'll fund your stadium Take you to my crib, let you rip me off.

(repeat chorus)

Come on baby, where's your wool? You wanna make love or what?

I wanna take you to my seat, section 128 row W.
You only get warm tap , baby. Cuz if you're hungry, buy a $6 hot dog
(repeat chorus)

I think I wanna ... I wanna bahahahahahaa.

(repeat chorus)

Bungle love, that's right. Can't nobody bahahhaha like me
I got a bungle rug, I got a fathead of Andy Dalton too.
And I'm all the way a bengle baby. All the things I could hope for

Bungle love. Yes! That's it. Baaahahahahaahahahaahahahahah!

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