Bengals over compensating thread?

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I wanted to start a thread for attaching articles discussing compensatory picks for any team, excluding articles that list drafted players. It seems we are all well read and read more than enough about the Bengals or other NFL teams. To me it seems that no major football media outlet actually discusses the Bengals attempting to maximize the formula as a way to actually accrue talent.
I am trying to document two different theories:
1.) Only discusses/validates this strategy as a tool that teams use to improve their roster.
2.) Only the Bengals consider the impact on compensatory picks when trying to improve their roster.

Here is one from to start us off.


"With the Bengals about $10 million over their free-agency budget and Reid coming off his option year in San Francisco at $5.6 million as an unrestricted free agent, it doesn’t seem to be a fit right now. The Bengals figure to be subtracting instead of adding and protecting next year's compensatory picks. But it’s believed they are also performing due diligence on some vets such as Reid pending what happens in the draft."
"The Bengals have already signed two UFAas in middle linebacker Preston Brown and backup quarterback Matt Barkley and signing another one puts them in jeopardy of losing a 2019 compensatory draft pick. The Bengals covet them and are looking to cash four of them in two weeks." ... 047ea17eaf

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Go for it, FMB. This should be a long and interesting thread.
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"The Bengals could have scored more compensatory picks had they not signed any free agents in 2017. Because Andre Smith was signed last offseason as an unrestricted free agent following his one-year stint in Minnesota, his addition was projected to negate a sixth-round compensatory pick the Bengals would have received for losing Burkhead to the New England Patriots.

The addition of linebacker Kevin Minter was projected to negate the loss of Peko to the Denver Broncos, which also would have been worth a sixth-round pick." ... tory-picks

"The Cincinnati Bengals were awarded four compensatory picks for the 2018 NFL draft, scheduled to be held in Arlington, Texas on April 26-28.
The Bengals picked up the last pick in the third round, a pick in the fifth round and two picks in the seventh. Dallas, Green Bay and Oakland also received four compensatory picks. Arizona and Houston each received three. 
The Bengals have the 12th pick in the first round after finishing 7-9 last season. The Cleveland Browns have the top pick for the second consecutive year after going 0-16 in 2017. " ... 0IfoUlM3L/

"The Cincinnati Bengals have been racking up a lot of compensatory picks in recent years, and it looks like that will continue in 2018.
Last year, the Bengals scored four compensatory selections in the 2017 NFL Draft. That was due to the team losing Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones, Andre Smith, Emmanuel Lamur and Reggie Nelson during the 2016 offseason.
You could argue the Bengals had a bigger offseason overhaul in 2017, as Andrew Whitworth, Kevin Zeitler, Domata Peko, Rex Burkhead, Margus Hunt and Karlos Dansby all departed. That has Cincinnati projected to score four compensatory picks in the 2018 draft, according to Over The Cap.
That includes a third-round pick for Zeitler, a fifth-round pick for Whitworth, and a pair of seventh-round picks for losing Hunt and Dansby." ... tory-picks

"The Packers, Cowboys, Raiders and Bengals will each receive four compensatory picks in April's draft.
The NFL announced Friday that 32 such selections will be split among 15 teams. Compensatory picks are awarded to teams who lost more or better compensatory free agents than they acquired in the previous year.
For example, Arizona lost defensive lineman Calais Campbell, who became a 2017 All-Pro with Jacksonville. Same thing with Cincinnati losing tackle Andrew Whitworth, who was an All-Pro with the Rams last season.
All compensatory picks will be positioned within the third through seventh rounds based on the value of the compensatory free agents lost. Receiving selections in the third round are the Cardinals, Texans, Broncos and Bengals at Nos. 97-100 overall.
In the fourth round, Green Bay, Arizona, the New York Giants, New England and Dallas will have picks, from Nos. 133-137.
Cincinnati has one spot and Dallas and Green Bay each have two spots at the end of the fifth round. All four of Oakland's choices will be in the sixth round, when Houston and Minnesota have two selections each, and Baltimore, Green Bay, Dallas and Kansas City each have one.
At the end of the final round, the Bengals have two picks, while the Chargers, Buccaneers, Cardinals and Falcons each have one." ... 110765764/

"he Packers, Cowboys, Raiders and Bengals will each receive four compensatory picks in April's draft.

The NFL announced Friday that 32 such selections will be split among 15 teams. Compensatory picks are awarded to teams who lost more or better compensatory free agents than they acquired in the previous year." ... tory_picks

"BX: Cincinnati Bengals top NFL in draft pick accumulation, but does it matter?
The latest round of compensatory picks were issued Friday and yet again the Bengals found themselves near the top of the crop for accumulating value. The league awarded them the maximum four selections as compensation for free agent losses sustained last season.
They received an extra third-round pick for Kevin Zeitler (Cleveland), fifth for Andrew Whitworth (LA Rams) and two sevenths for Karlos Dansby (Arizona) and Margus Hunt (Indianapolis). 
They were one of four teams to receive the maximum four extra selections (Dallas, Green Bay, Oakland). 
They have a total of 11 picks in this year’s draft, after adding a seventh in a trade with New England for linebacker Marquis Flowers and losing one in the trade with Jacksonville for defensive lineman Chris Smith. 
"[b]We’ve paid attention to that formula in recent history," Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin said. "It’s a meaningful thing. There are teams that pay attention to it, but honestly every year there’s more teams that start closely monitoring it." "[/b]

[b] ... 368053002/[/b]

Observations so far when covering the Bengals.
So far only Cincinnati media even writes a story about it.  Main stream media not from cincinnati merely makes a list of what teams got which pick and how many.  No interviews with any team official. 
The usual suspects include quotes from team officials, Hobson, Dehner, and So far IMHO only Hobson comments on the quotes from the team. 


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April 29th, 2018, 1:20 pm #4 ... ases-at-qb

Contrary to my opinion, the Pats considered projected comp picks, too..
In the article there is a piece of paper that was alleged to have been used by Bill Belichick to track the trades they made on draft day, and a summary of impact of FA loss and trades made on next year's picks. 

There are a couple of stark differences, though. 
The media outlet didn't rave about how much smarter they are than the rest of the league because they weigh the outcome before anyone else....a la Hobspin.
No team member even commented on that facet of personnel management. 

However, one has to believe that was actually Belicheat who filled the sheet out to keep track, in order to believe that he cared enough to figure them into this years scenario. 

It is possible that the sheet is something a media member made to summarize what he saw, which could invalidate my conclusion that another team cared enough to keep track of the comp picks while drafting and/or trading. 

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