Are the Bengals gonna try to get too cute in the draft?

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Allegedly, the Bengals have a win now mantra from the front office down this year and will sell out to get it as evidenced by trades, etc.  
Yet The Hobspin, keeps talking up not selecting players they need and going BPA early and selecting needs later.

While I agree in part with not reaching year in and year out to maintain talented players throughout the years, I would suggest that strategy is NOT a win now strategy.

My fear is they will get too cute and miss significant upgrades on the line this year, in order to address essentially depth at other spots.

OT, OG, and C remain larger weaknesses than arguably LB or S and definitely over Edge DT, WR or TE.

Here's the logic behind my statement.
Cordy Glenn while talented is recovering from season ending foot injury.
Giving exactly 0 assured healthy OT that have displayed competency at that spot.
They have exactly 0 starting  Centers on the roster.
They have 1 Guard who has displayed competency and a pair of young linemen who look hopeful.

Arguably a competent line and running game would have added 4 games to the win column.
Houston, Tennessee, vs Pittsburgh and @GB
Would adding 1 playmaking defender in given a chance to win in these games below?

In losses that the D gave up more than 17 points, the opposing team held the ball due to inept Bengals rush offense.
Ravens TOP 34:00 Bengals total rush yards 77
@ Steelers TOP 35:15 Bengals total rush yards 71
@ Jacksonville TOP 40:14 Bengals total rush yards 29
Indy TOP 33:13 Bengals total rush yards 58
@ Titans TOP 40:09 Bengals total rush yards 53
Bears TOP 38:09 Bengals total rush yards 70
@ Vikings 35:52 Bengals total rush yards 46

The two exception losses to the stat were:
@ GB in which the Bengals scored 3 points in the entire second half.  Had nonscoring drives of 12 yds, 17 yds, 7 yds, -1 yd, and in OT 5 yds compared to the lone 65yds FG drive
vs Steelers in which the Bengals scored 3 points in the entire second half. Had nonscoring drives of  8 yds, 17yds, 3 yds, 5 yds, compared to the lone scoring drive of 52 yds

Even in the exceptions the losses were still driven by offensive ineptitude allowing a classic "come from ahead loss" that has plagued the Bengals over the years.

A win now mentality would be "BPPA" Best Postion Player Available as they address weaknesses.

Without addressing RT and C in rounds 1 and 2 , the talent would not be sufficient to improve the line (even with a healthy Cordy Glenn).

Anyone else see it different?

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Hmm... I know I posted on this thread yesterday. What the heck happened to it?

Anyway, the Bungs generally play it so straight that they miss opportunities. When they do get cute, they draft a guy like John Ross. Maybe they've learned their lesson. We can only hope.
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To me, if the Bungles were going to get "too cute" in the draft, they would select the following Pokémon:

1. Sam Darnold (who most people are sold on...and I absolutely am not).
2. Josh Rosen (I don't understand the hype on this guy either)
3. Denzel Ward (Mikey loves CB's though...and this guy is from Ohio this may be the guy)
4. Lamar Jackson (This guy has proved that he needs to have some development before being thrown to the wolves).
5. Minkah Fitzgerald (do you really want another CB named Fitzgerald from Alabama that real QB's pick on?)

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