A good Reds article by Doc

A good Reds article by Doc

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http://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/ ... /100926612

Looks like these deals over the last few years to acquired so called "young talent" haven't turned out so well, I couldn't agree more. It already looks like the Reds young players aren't very good. John Lamb is gone, Cody Reed is useless, Finnegan has a problem with giving up walks and homers, Peraza can field but he's suspect with the bat, Schebler isn't that impressive, Dilson Herrera is stinking it up at Louisville right now, and Rookie Davis doesn't look like he's going to be very good if this month and his start against the brewers today is any indication. Just more proof that the Deads are slowly becoming the Bungs of baseball with each passing year.
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