St. Clair co. track find.

St. Clair co. track find.

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03 Apr 2011, 18:40 #1

Check your email, I sent out a couple of forwarded emails we got from someone in St. Clair co., which for those of you not in Mi. is in the S.E. part of the "thumb". I think there is actually a reasonable history of sightings over there. It's an interesting photo.
If anyone did not get it, please yell!

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05 Apr 2011, 13:21 #2

Without seeing the rest of the tracks in the trackway, it's really hard to tell if it's real or hoax.

Off the top of my head though, I see some red flags.

First, how often do you see such clear delineation of toes. It's VERY rare. Especially with the toes being so close together as they show in the photo.

Second, the lack of toe-off, no deep toe-in on step-off makes me suspicious. He mentions that he thinks it was running, so no toe-off. Not how it happens. Of course there is a toe-off when running. In fact, it might be deeper, depending upon the substrate conditions.

Third, the outside of the foot is sunk in deeper than the rest. Suspicious to me. Usually the inside of the foot, AND the toes are a bit deeper dug in. Unless the ground in that spot was softer under the outside edge of the foot than the inside edge ... I say a BIG red flag there.

And the foot really isn't that much bigger than the shoe. We don't know the size of that shoe, only the guy's statement ...

Without more photos of other tracks, who knows ... but I'm not convinced by that track at all.

JMO though.

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