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Has no life
Has no life
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11:18 PM - Jun 25, 2014 #1

I'm not proud of myself, but feel the need to share and give you all a heads-up.

Since Christmas, Luke and I have shared and estranged relationship. Truthfully, I havent spoken more than 200 words to him since. While I was sick with pnuemonia (actually passing out at work sick), he gave me the, "I hate you", and "You are the worst dad ever" experience. I never did that to my parents so it was unknown territory for me. I don't tolerate it. I know I'm in the wrong, but I will process it in my own time.

So, you may see some underlying tension. Please just roll with it, its kind of like a powder keg waiting to go off..

Hopefully we can work through some stuff on this trip.


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