Writing Comp rules

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Writing Comp rules

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Monthly Competition rules


1. One entry per person/team

2. You may collaborate and write an entry with other posters if you wish. A team may be comprised of two or more entrants. If you submit an entry as part of a team, you MUST state the names of all team members when submitting your entry.

4. There is no word limit on entries.

5. There is no artwork allowed with entries. This is a writing competition.

6. All entries must be posted in one issue. You may combine issues, but your entry must be a single posting.

7. Your entry must be submitted in the writing competition forum. No links please.

8. Your story is due by the 26th November at 4pm EST.

9. The following days on 27th and 28th November, entrants who passed my inspection will vote. Please PM me your votes for a first AND second choice. Do NOT post your vote in the writing competition thread.

10. The next day on 29th November, non-entrants may submit a vote for their favourite entry. Please PM me your votes. One vote per poster.

10. Team-up entrants - each member of a team will get one vote per member.

11. If you submit an entry, then you must also submit a vote for another person’s entry. If you don’t then your story will be eliminated from progressing to the next round. If you are a member of a team, then all members must submit a vote for another entry. This ensures fairness for single entrants so choose reliable partners if you are considering doing a team-up.

12. No telling others who you voted for otherwise your entry will be eliminated. You may discuss who you voted for AFTER the winner has been announced.

13. On the 30th November, I will announce the winner.

14. The winner/winners will be allowed to post a story in the “Writing Comp Winner’s thread” which will give the winner/winners a chance to post some of their work and interface with other posters about their stories and writing style. Questions and comments are encourage.

Good luck everybody

- Jackal