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The Ultimates

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The Mist – A dirty bar in Manhattan –

Everyone who was anyone in the mob world was sitting or standing around the packed bar barking at each other. Some of them had brought their weapons for protection, and the others just to show off. Someone who had a plan had called them all, and this wasn’t news to them. For the past three weeks someone had been quickly taking out rival bosses and growing an empire.

“ Who the heck is this guy anyway?” One thug asked to another. This was the main question that seemed to be floating around the room. No one could answer that, because no one in the room knew who it was. There had been rumors that the person was obsessed with the Joker. Another was that he was an illegal immigrant. The doors in the back of the bar opened and a buff man walked into the room. Everyone became quiet as the man stood on top of a table.

“ My boss would like to welcome all of you for coming.” The man said in a tough voice. Men looked to one and other asking the same questions.

“ Well where is he?” A man in the front asked. Some men grunted the same question and the big man clapped his hands. They all went quiet like obedient dogs.

“ He had other matters to attend to tonight.” The big man answered. “ I am his second in command you may call me Kingpin.” He said with a small grin. “ A new age is coming for the crooks and mob bosses of the world.” Kingpin added. No one spoke as Kingpin looked around. It was all going as the boss had planned.

“ The time has come for us to make the biggest move of all time.” Kingpin said as you could hear a pen drop in the room. “ We must join together and take out the police and claim Manhattan as our own.” He said. The room now erupted into an exsplosion of yelling as men disagreed and called Kingpin crazy. Kingpin let another smile cross his face as he whistled and men all around the room took out guns and aimed them at the guests. It once again became quiet.

“ My boss would also like to let you know that you have no say in the matter.” He stated with a laugh.

Later that night, New York City –

“ Another robbery took place tonight as three officers were killed.” The newscaster said. “ Police arrived on the scene as the robber left leaving only a single clue. As of now the police will give no information as this string of crimes continues.” The newscaster added. Frank Castle layed on his bed with a bottle in his hand. He had spent all day at work and wanted nothing more than a few hours of sleep. He was just about to drift off when the phone rang. Frank grunted and reached for the phone.

“ Castle here.” He said gruffly. He listened to the person on the other end and then hung the phone up. He cursed for a moment then slowly got to his feet. He grabbed some clothes and his jacket as he walked outside. A car waited outside his building as he got inside.

“ General.” The driver stated. Frank gave him a quick nod and the car shot up into the air.

“ What’s the situation Walters?” Frank asked as sitting next to him Jen Walters turned.

“ President wants to talk.” She replied. Frank rubbed his forehead and looked back to her. “ Says this robber is going to far.” She added.

“ What the hell does he think Shield can do about it?” Frank asked. “ We already have everyone trying to find this creep.” He added as he drank more of his bottle. For a year now Frank Castle had been appointed Director of Shield with Jennifer Walters being his second in command. The car landed and Frank stepped out of the car. Men in dark uniforms with an eagle on their chest saluted them and Frank walked on.

“ He said he had a plan.” Jennifer said as they walked into a massive meeting room. Sitting at the far end of the table was President Nick Fury. The man eyed Frank and Jennifer and motioned them to sit. His dark skin made him look like he would kill anyone on sight.

“ Glad you could join me Director.” Fury said in his cold voice. Frank gave him a fake smile and looked to the screen a few feet away from them. It showed the bank where the recent robbery had taken place.

“ This is getting out of hand Frank.” Fury said getting to the point. That was the only reason Frank had voted for the guy. He didn’t care what was going on he would get to the point.

“ Mr. President I have every available officer going after this guy.” Frank began. Fury held up a hand and Frank shut up.

“ Forty people have already died because of this maniac.” Fury shouted. Jen ran a hand through her hair and took a deep breath. “ And the only blasted piece of evidence we have is this.” Fury said tossing a card at Frank. Frank looked at the back of it for a moment and looked it over. He cursed again this out loud and Jen gave him a startled look.

“ It’s time for Plan B Mr. Castle.” Fury said.
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Just as good the second time!Well doneNV!