The Submission Guidelines For Every Comic

This area is for mature level stories to include sex, drugs, alcohol, cursing, violence and death.
Hell even all ages stories are welcome.

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The Submission Guidelines For Every Comic

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A few points of order:
1. Be sure to click through the links and review each set of guidelines thoroughly to see if you should be sending samples there and if you’ve put your package together correctly. Some places accept emailed submissions while others are strictly by mail. I’ve attempted to provide a brief description for each company.

2. Due to the economic downturn some of the publishers below may stop accepting submissions and worse, close their doors for good. We’ll try to stay on top of it. ***Note: Marvel has already stopped accepting open submissions.

3. I probably missed a number of publishers and will be happy to add them to the list if contacted.

4. Although a lot of major book publishers have thrown their hat into the graphic novel publishing game you would require an agent to even get reviewed.

5. Writers are going to have a tougher go of it as usual. The majority of companies out there are looking for artists but there are still a significant amount of them that will accept writing proposals.

6. I decided to break this down into several categories. The BIG 4 comic publishers, the independents (further broken down into 3 categories: arthouse, genre and misc.), manga publishers, book companies, adult category and finally magazines.

7. DO YOUR RESEARCH before deciding to submit to a publisher. Seek them out in Google, check out comic forums. Are they a reputable publishing house? Would your book or style fit in with their’s.


DARK HORSE still welcomes your submissions, and all submissions will still be reviewed. Dark Horse has one of the most detailed and elaborate submission processes out there. They mean business. You’ll need to download the Submission Agreement and make sure you send in a signed copy along with your other materials. Be sure to read through all of their submission pages as there’s an amazing amount of useful info on there.
Writers will need to send in a synopsis as well as the full script for a short story or the first 8 pages of a full-length series. Artists should send in 5-6 consecutive story pages. Same goes for inkers. Dark Horse will provide sample pages to ink if you send in a large 11″x17″ self-addressed stamped envelope.
Colorists need to send in 5 pages of sequential art. They want to see how you handle different types of storytelling. Letterers can submit at least 5 pages of story to show diversity of balloons and sound effects, as well as font choice. In addition, please show examples of italicized and bold text.

DC COMICS has an annual TALENT SEARCH? They only look at artists and you need to hit up either the New York Comicon or the San Diego Comicon. The DC TALENT SEARCH program is designed to offer aspiring artists the chance to present artwork samples directly to the DC Editors and Art Directors. The process is simple: during your convention visit, drop off photocopied samples of your work. If DC like what they see, a time is scheduled for you the following day to meet a DC editor personally to discuss your portfolio.

Sorry writers – no dice. At this time, DC Comics does not accept unsolicited writing submissions.

IMAGE COMICS only publishes creator-owned material! Only submit original material, not something utilizing existing Image characters. Image Comics accepts only PROPOSALS for new comic series or graphic novels, etc. For writers DO NOT SEND your script or your plot unaccompanied by art — it will be discarded, unread.
They DO ACCEPT inking, pencilling, lettering, or coloring samples. They’ll keep them on file if they’re interested for future consideration and may hook you up with other creators if and when the occasion presents itself. The books Image publishes are creator owned/creator generated properties and they DON’T PAY PAGE RATES. It will be up to you to strike a deal with whomever you end up working with. Image takes a small, flat fee off the books they publish and the rest goes to that comic book’s creative team. How that profit is split up is entirely up to the creators involved.
A PROPOSAL should contain A typed, ONE PAGE, synopsis of the ENTIRE series or story arc. Send photocopies of fully INKED and LETTERED pages (any size). AT LEAST five pages that are fully inked and lettered. Color is OPTIONAL. Include a cover mock-up.

MARVEL COMICS is still no longer looking at submissions.

Their original guidelines paraphrased as they were listed in early 2009 : Writers send an inquiry letter, detailing your writing experience and why you would like to write for Marvel. Based on your inquiry, they may ask you to submit a sample of your work.

Artists - If you have a website with your work on display, please send us a link to your website using the Marvel Art Submissions email address. Submit no more than 5 pages of sample artwork. If you submit by mail, send clean 8 1/2″x11″ photocopies of your sample pages.
3 or 4 pages of sequential action, 2 or 3 pages of character-driven storytelling and 1 page of cover art or iconic character poses.

For Inkers: Don’t send samples inked over your own pencils. Send copies of the original pencils along with your inks so they can see what you started with. Use samples done over several different pencilers. For Colorists: Don’t send samples colored over your own line art.

**UPDATE - Marvel has now posted the following on their submissions page:
Due to an unprecedented number of unsolicited art and writing submissions, Marvel has altered its open submissions policy effective immediately. Marvel has remained the only major publisher to continue accepting open submissions, however that practice has been halted as we review our strategies for accepting future submissions.


Independents Part 1.) Arthouse & Literary Comic Publishers

ADHOUSE BOOKS is a small press outfit and are pretty selective in what they choose to publish. Your work would have to “feel” like an AdHouse book. Only submit finished or near (75%) complete work.

Blank Slate Books (WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS, SPARKY O’HARE) are always looking for new comics material. They’ll accept submissions by email or standard mail.

DRAWN & QUARTERLY (LOUIS RIEL A COMIC STRIP BIOGRAPHY, OPTIC NERVE), welcomes submissions for various publishing venues. The new talent forum (Drawn & Quarterly Showcase), the regular anthology (Drawn & Quarterly), and a seasonal selection of general graphic novels, comic books, and comic book series. They do not review scripts. They accept email samples and mail in submissions.

Fantagraphics Books (LUBA, LOVE AND ROCKETS, EIGHT BALL, BLACK HOLE, USAGI YOJIMBO) want to see an idea that is fully fleshed-out in your mind, at least, if not on paper. Please submit a minimum of five pages of completed art (high-quality reproductions only, please — no original art!) so that they can get an idea of what you deem a finished. Also include a synopsis of your storyline and, if a serial, a brief note stating approximately how many issues you have in mind.

Gestalt Publishing is an independent publishing house in Australia with an eye for quality in content and production. They are are not actively seeking submissions at this time. HOWEVER if you would still like to send an unsolicited submission for their consideration, be sure to check out the books they’re publishing. If you honestly feel your work is of the same (or better) standard then feel free to submit.

NBM (LITTLE NOTHINGS, NO PASARAN) is recognized as one the highest quality graphic novel publishing houses in America. We launch 1 to 2 new artists a year. They are interested in most everything from fantasy to humor, including erotica, mystery, general fiction. NO superheroes.
They like complete packages and do not match writers with artists. They have no need for illustrations alone including covers. They do need translators from French, Spanish and occasionally Italian and computer letterers
Send a one-page synopsis of your story. For the art, send copies of a few finished pages or pencils for the project or at least of previous work in the same style you plan on using. Don’t send a complete finished .

is a small press publisher based out of Vancouver, Canada. Submissions can be mailed in and they will look at works in progress as long as you send in a minimum of 10 completed pages.

SECRET ACRES is a cool little site that takes submissions and also distributes mini-comics.

TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS takes on complete projects. Just send them a xerox copy of what you’d like them to look at. Don’t send image files to their email addresses. Also don’t they cannot accept scripts or plot synopses, unless they are accompanied by a minimum of 10-20 completed pages (i.e., fully inked and lettered comic book pages).

Independents Part 2.) Genre and Pop Comic Publishers

Unfortunately, AAM MARKOSIA (RITUAL, STARSHIP TROOPERS), is no longer accepting submissions without an invitation. However…if you are a colorist, letterer, penciler or inker…they have a number of talented creator-owner/writers who are always looking for a artist team to work with. If you don’t mind back end deals, try contacting one of the writers through their forums and maybe you can get together on something that way, which is one of the best ways to get published anyway.

ALTERNA COMICS INC. (JESUS HATES ZOMBIES) would like you to send 5 or more sequentially completed pages as well as a series/issue summary to Peter Simeti, Publisher. You retain 100% of your creative rights. They only acquire publishing rights in order to get your book out there. Creators receive back-end royalty pay for their works (no page rates) and the profit split is 60/40 with 60% going to the creative team.
Alterna Comics publishes black and white books with color covers. Alterna Comics carries all kinds of books and is welcome to every genre; big and small. They promote aggressively online and each creator promotes locally through signings, shows, and conventions.They’re looking for books that are original in story and art.

AMAZE INK/SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS (JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC, GLOOMCOOKIE) accepts unsolicited submissions by mail and email. They only review projects. They do not accept scripts without artwork, or art samples without a story. If you are only a writer or only an artist, you need to find someone to work with BEFORE submitting your project.

APE ENTERTAINMENT (SCARLET VERONICA. SISTA SAMURAI, WIND RAIDER) is constantly on the lookout for fresh new talents and projects. Ape Entertainment employs freelance talent from all over the world. They are always on the lookout for pencilers for their in-house comic book projects. They occasionally hire inkers and colorists. Ape’s primary interest is in creator-owned properties. We publish a number of properties that come to us from outside sources. They’re in the market for one-shot comics, mini-series, and graphic novels. All genres are considered, from “all-ages” to “mature readers” and all points in-between.
They’re NOT currently hiring writers who haven’t already assembled a creative team of their own.

APPROBATION COMICS (CHAOS CAMPUS SORORITY GIRLS VS ZOMBIES) are currently accepting submissions from talented Pencillers, Inkers, Colorists, Painters, and Letterers. Send 3 to 8 pages of sequential art. Submit samples showing your ability in one discipline only. If you’re selling yourself as a penciler don’t send inked and colored pages.

ARCANA STUDIO (GAUZE, GREATEST AMERICAN HERO) will accept FIVE-PAGE SUBMISSIONS FOR A COMICBOOK that you want to find a home for. They do not accept ‘pitches’ or scripts but only completed books that are professional looking.

Archaia Studios Press is interested in publishing creator-owned comic books in the fantasy, horror, pulp noir, and science fiction. ASP does not hire freelancers or arrange for freelance work, so submissions should only be for book and series proposals. ASP is primarily interested in full-color projects, but proposals for black & white projects will also be considered.

ASPEN MLT INC (ASPEN SHOWCASE, FATHOM, SOULFIRE) is a small company and have very few openings for artists in the course of a year, but do not be discouraged. Keep submitting. They want to see your work. Send only hard copies (photocopies/print-outs) of your work. Links to websites/virtual portfolios are acceptable as well.
PENCILERS, inkers and colorists: Submit no less than 3 pages of consecutive sequential storytelling.
WRITERS: Aspen Comics does not accept unsolicited writing submissions, synopses, or scripts. Any unsolicited writing submission sent will not be read.

AVATAR PRESS INC (CROSSED, ANNA MERCURY, DOKTOR SLEEPLESS, NO HERO, NIGHT O/T LIVING DEAD) is a leading independent company which publishes a wide variety of comic books. Avatar is always looking for talented freelance artists, and often has a range of work in a wide variety of subjects and genres available. If you have a web page or online gallery of your work available, sending Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen a link to that is a good place to start.
WRITERS can send an 8-12 page story with panel to panel descriptions and in full script format. COLORISTS need to send samples of your work on a Zip disk or CD.
Avatar Press is always looking for quality creator-owned projects. Much of what they publish is creator-owned. The ideal submission will include an overview of the story, a detailed plot synopsis, sample script pages, character designs, and sample art pages (panel to panel continuity).

BloodFire Studios is taking writing and art Submissions. Inkers do not ink over your own pencils. Have someone else pencil some pages for you or buy sample pencils from your local comic shop and ink over those. Make sure you include copies of the pencils with your package. Submission can be sent via email but ONLY AS HYPERLINKS.
Writing submissions should be submitted in a script format like a play or movie (novel and short story formats are usually passed over). BloodFire Studios is looking for new colorists.

BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS (ATLAS GUIDE TO PLANETS, HILLARY CLINTON ONE SHOT, IMAGINARIES) is a small press publisher who are very selective in the new projects we take on, and in the talent they hire to work on those projects. Bluewater Productions is not accepting writing submissions at this time. Pencilers submit artwotk samples by email. Inkers send clean, clear black and white files of at least five inked pages, along with samples of the pencils you have chosen to ink. The pencils should be from different pencilers. These samples should not be lettered or colored.
Colorists, Digital Artists & Painters send clean, clear color scans or printouts from a good color printer of at least five colored pages. These pages should not be lettered.

Catastrophic Comics (The Greatest American Hero) are always open to great artists, inkers and colorists.

Cellar Door Publishing specializes in the publication of high-quality illustrated literature and graphic novels. They’re looking for all genres and age groups. They encourage creators to experiment with format and content, though it is not required. They accept a limited number of submissions for books without illustrations. This is generally reserved for books that are either unique in content or controversial in nature, or literary projects that can be released in a serialized format.

They currently accept unsolicited submissions via online submission form and comic book conventions only and NOT through traditional mail.

WRITERS: send an inquiry letter, detailing your writing experience and why you would like to write for Dynamite Entertainment. ARTISTS: Please submit no more than 5 pages of sample artwork. PENCILERS: Just send pencils. Do not send inked, colored or lettered pages. COLORISTS: Don’t send samples colored over your own line art. PAINTERS: If you are submitting samples of fully-painted (traditionally or digitally painted) cover work, keep in mind that Dynamite Entertainment covers tend toward iconic shots of single characters rather than groups of characters or storytelling elements.

Dare Comics are on the lookout for talented writers, artists, colorers and letterers.

Digital Webbing is a huge community of creators, fans and publishers. This is a link to their collaborations section. And here’s the help wanted section.

DMC Comics Lld has been publishing the anthology NEW GROUND on a bi-monthly basis. They take submissions from New Zealanders only.

GEMSTONE PUBLISHING’S (UNCLE SCROOGE, WALT DISNEYS COMICS & STORIES) requirements are character-specific, so confine submissions to material relating to Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Uncle Scrooge, and their supporting casts.

Moonface Press (click “About Us”) takes artist submissions. NO PAY. Send some photocopied samples of your work to the address on the ‘Contact Us’ page, at least two pages of which should be fully-inked sequential comic art pages.

NETCOMICS (100 PERCENT PERFECT GIRL, ADVENTURES OF YOUNG DET) will take work from aspiring creators. If the editors think that your work is at least worth a try, they will publish your work on their web site as online content. If responses from users and reviewers prove to be good, they can publish your work as printed book and have it published in overseas.

Nifty Comics is taking submissions. Page rate for finished artwork is $15/page. They pay half of the total art fee once half the artwork has been turned in and the remainder upon delivery of final art. All work is work for hire. Writing proposals should be no longer than five pages. Pencilers, Inkers, Letterers, & Colorists can send photocopies of original illustrations.

Orang Utan Comics Studio is currently recruiting writers by invitation only. Orang Utan Comics is currently looking for pencillers, inkers and colourists for their various projects, and their Studio.

Papercutz is looking for artists versed in the manga style as well other comics styles good for kids! If you are ready for prime time and to become a star on one of our properties, send us a couple pages either as 72 dpi jpegs or mail hard copies. To a lesser degree they’re looking for for inkers, colorists, letterers and scriptwriters.

Penny-Farthing Press accepts writing submissions. Pencillers are to provide 3 to 5 consecutive penciled pages showing your story telling skills and versatility. Inkers can submit at least 3 to 5 samples showing interior page work and any other work that shows your ability. Include copies of the pencils with your samples.


Writers - Send ONE short Future Shock plot outline (no more than a page), along with a full script or published story to show you understand comic book format. Do not send in proposals for new series unless you are an established professional. New writers begin by submitting Future Shocks - five-page science-fiction stories with a twist ending.

Artists - send COPIES of your work. Pencillers should submit 4-6 COMIC BOOK PAGES in order, showing the progression of a 2000 AD-style story through a series of pictures. Don’t send pinups and paintings. Inkers should submit photocopies of both your inks and the pencils you have inked, so that we can compare the two. Colourists should submit 4-6 pages of fully coloured comic-art on CD or Zip disk. All 2000 AD colouring is now done on computer using Adobe Photoshop, except for fully painted art.

RED 5 COMICS (Atomic Robo, Neozoic, Zombies of Mass Destruction) is a new publisher of both in-house and creator-owned comics. They’re looking for talented freelance pencillers, inkers, colorists and letterers. Submissions should include at least five (5) pages of your best sequential storytelling art, not just sketches or pin-ups. Initially, they want to see your work online.

ROUGH CUT COMICS (Rose Black and Society) accepts inquiries from artists, but be warned they’ll tell you what they think.

SEPTAGON STUDIOS (Scorn, Masks) are always looking for quality creator-owned projects from all genres; however, they are not interested in the classic or typical superhero genre at the moment. They strongly recommend having a creative team (writer and artist) already assembled.

STUDIO 407 is accepting submissions for original, completed comic or graphic novel projects. They are only considering completed projects. All genres are welcome except. Final artwork must be press quality and able to be printed on standard comic book size/format. You can send your book in .pdf format.

Time Bomb Comics publish a wide variety of comics from a wide variety of genres – science-fiction, thriller, mystery, romance, horror, superhero, adventure - and they want to build up a team of committed writers and artists to help achieve that. Writers send in a fully scripted 5-page story.
Artists send in 5 pages of sequential artwork.

Transfuzion Publishing publishes primarily graphic novels and anthologies. No periodical comics. For the graphic novels, they are looking for collections of previously published material or original graphic novel material. The material must be presented as “ready to print”. For the anthologies, they are seeking only completed stories. All books are owned by the creators.

ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC is currently accepting artwork submissions. Pencilers mail 3-10 COPIED pages of artwork (no originals). Inkers mail 3-10 inked pages (no originals) along with copies of the pencils you have chosen to ink. Colorists mail color copies (no originals) of 3-10 colored pages. These pages should not be lettered. Letterers mail copies (no originals) of 3-5 lettered pages.

Independents Part 3.) Anthologies, Studios and Related Sites
ASYLUM PRESS IS LOOKING ARTISTS for their annual horror anthology THE ASYLUM OF HORRORS. If you draw in the style of Berni Wrightson, Tim Vigil, Kyle Hotz, Kelly Jones, Mike Mignola or have a dark and moody style please send small jpg samples. See page for specifications. If you have a website of sequential art samples send them the link. Jobs are for two to ten page horror stories that must be penciled, inked and lettered (using a digital comic book font). Completed pages will need to be delivered on disc as 300 dpi PSD (Photoshop) files.

Imperium Comics are currently accepting submissions for Trailer Park Of Terror. Writers send in full scripts of 5-8 page self-contained horror stories. Pencillers, Inkers, and Colorists: submit at least 3 pages of sequential art.

KRAZYBOV COMICS is an anthology looking for completed black and white strips of any genre and any length, be it three panels or four hundred pages. The comic has a very international flavour with contributors from Europe, South America and Indonesia. Stories are welcome from every continent but must be in English. Don’t be shy, send it in. A downloadable template is available on the submissions page. Completed strips to be delivered by email. The comic is freely distributed in London with adverts to cover the printing costs. Contributors receive a copy of the book.

Ronin Studios is not a publisher but in fact a non-profit independent publishing label. Their regular titles are creator owned and operated. Please include a brief synopsis of the book and sample script, pages and concept art. They also have an anthologies section.


ANTARCTIC PRESS (GOLD DIGGER, LAND OF OZ, NINJA HIGH SCHOOL) prefer you to be an artist versed in penciling, inking, and writing. As publishers, they prefer creators who can do it all. If you can’t ink your own work, but they like your pencils they’ll team you up with an inker but the royalty will now be spread between you and the inker. The same deal applies if you work with a writer. If you can do it all, then it’s better for you and for them.
Submit ONE COMPLETE ISSUE (22-30 pages) of rendered (penciled, inked) SEQUENTIAL art. They tend to prefer a MANGA / ANIME style but will review your work regardless.
For writers submit 1- to 4-page typed STORY SYNOPSIS and/or TREATMENTS.

DEL REY MANGA (AIR GEAR, ALIVE, FAIRY TAIL, GACHA GACHA NEXT REVOLUTION, PAPILLON, PRINCESS RESURRECTION), are always looking for new creative talent, so they accept and review unsolicited submissions from writers and artists. They will review either proposals for original, manga-style graphic novels or portfolios of artists who are proficient at drawing in the manga style.
If you’re a writer, try to attach an artist to your project. If you’re an artist, send in samples. Del Ray is looking for artists who are capable of executing a book-length, manga-style narrative. Show them some manga pages!
TRANSLATORS: All translation at Del Rey Manga is handled on a freelance, out-of-house basis; They hire both literal translators and adapters, as well as translators who are capable of adapting their own work.

GO COMI! (THREE IN LOVE, ULTIMATE VENUS) accepts resumes for freelance adaptors, translators, and layout artists interested in working on manga.

ITCH PUBLISHING is based in the UK, and is focused on the local manga scene. They’re happy to consider submissions from outside the UK though, especially if they’re good. They can’t pay you a lot of money, but they’ll can get you a great looking book.

KITTY PRESS MAKA MAKA says that people are free to send submissions at anytime. They are not actively taking submissions for inclusion in the Kitty Universe, but may in the near future. They keep all submissions on file in case they start to hire at a later date. Accepting submissions from writers, pencillers, inkers, and colorist, or combinations of these.

P2 Manga LLC is a small Manga company started up in July, 2008. If your’e submitting an artist package, they are looking for 10-20 completed pages both inked and toned.

SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC is currently accepting sequential art related samples drawn by artists in authentic manga style. WRITERS - NO DICE - For legal reasons, Seven Seas Entertainment will not accept any unsolicited series proposals and/or manuscripts.
If you have an existing webcomic/webmanga or other sequential art samples that are currently on the web, then you may follow the guidelines outlined in the artist section above.

TOKYOPOP is looking for creators who can deliver tight, punchy, well-paced Pilots that entertain and introduce a new property. A Manga Pilot may be the first chapter of a planned graphic novel, or a self-contained side introducing the property. Download the Submissions Release Agreement. All submissions should be sent via mail or courier. They have one of the most elaborate submissions policies so be sure to review all of it.

VIZ Media’s Original Publishing Department welcomes professional pitches for original comics submissions. Don’t submit anything based on any of their titles. Only submit high-quality photocopies or discs with digital files Download a Submission Release and mail your work and the signed Submission Release in.


Bodega Distribution is a comics and minicomics distributor. It is run by Randy Chang who used to handle the mailorder for Highwater Books. When Highwater shut down at the end of 2004, Randy decided to take over the remaining stock and create his own comics distro.
Bodega Distribution will accept submissions for minicomics or books for distribution.
They also distribute to retail outlets.

MICROCOSM PUBLISHING (SNAKEPIT) is not so much a publisher but more of a micro-press distributor. Microcosm is a place that may be interested in distributing your mini-comics. But be warned they reject 90-95% of what is submitted to them.

ADULT (18 Years and up) PUBLISHERS

CLASS COMICS INC (RAPTURE) is always looking for quality creator-owned projects. Their goal is to broaden the line of Class Comics titles to include works by other creators. Your project should feature a strong Gay overtone, but does not necessarily have to be adult-rated.
COLORISTS send samples of your work via email and please make certain that the files are at least 1200 Pixels wide by 1800 pixels high at 100 dpi. ARTISTS If you have a web page or online gallery of your work available, sending a link to that is generally a good place to start.
INKERS Class Comics is currently looking for inkers with a smooth style, and with the ability to follow a penciler’s line, while being able to make technical and critical decisions.

Eurotica is recognized as one the highest quality graphic novel publishing houses in America. They launch 1 to 2 new artists a year. They like complete packages and do not match writers with artists. They have no need for illustrations alone including covers. They do need translators from French, Spanish and occasionally Italian and computer letterers
Send a one-page synopsis of your story. For the art, send copies of a few finished pages or pencils for the project or at least of previous work in the same style you plan on using. Don’t send a complete finished .

LAST GASP (BARFOOT GEN, SWEET WISHES), specializes in unusual and extraordinary high-quality books in the fields of pop culture; pop surrealism & lowbrow art; comics & graphic novels; erotica; photography; and poetry & literary fiction.
Last Gasp does not generally accept or publish unsolicited submissions. However, if you would like to send a proposal read their guidelines. Writers send a proposal, including outline, introduction, illustrations list, sample captions, and text/sample chapters Artists send duplicates of sample illustrations or photographs.

RADIO COMIX (FURRLOUGH, GENUS MALE) only accepts proposals from complete creative teams. We do not assign writers to artists, or vice-versa. All stories are fully creator-owned. They don’t publish any color comics. Radio Comix publishes anthropomorphic, independent, and adults-only projects in all genres (except superheroes). They prefer creators to submit stories for our anthologies before publishing stand-alone series.

YAOI PRESS LLC seeks to publish yaoi manga graphic novels and art books of the highest caliber. Yaoi Press books are printed from left to right. Most books published by Yaoi Press are designated ‘Mature Readers’ meaning they must be appropriate for readers aged 16 and older. They seek to publish more ‘Adult Only’ books in the future and are no longer seeking ‘Young Adult’ projects.
They are seeking artists for their Adults Only and Mature Readers art books. Artists - In addition to demonstrating solid manga-style sequential art skills, artists must be able to draw beautiful men.
Writers - Queries are open. Please query info(at) with a short synopsis of your project before submitting a full proposal.


Arthur A. Levine Books won’t accept unsolicited manuscripts for novels but they will look at picture books, the first two chapters of a novel and illustration samples. They look for strong writing, beautiful artwork, authentic emotion, and ideas or perspectives not seen before, and they enjoy working with debut authors and illustrators.

Sterling Publishing is a book publisher. Write a proposal explaingin your idea. Enclose an outline and a sample chapter of the proposed book along with sample illustrations where applicable. For Children’s books, please submit full manuscripts. No e-mail submissions.

TITAN PUBLISHING takes submissions under a number of different categories.
NON-FICTION ART & COMICS REFERENCE: They are looking for strong proposals for these titles, preferably creator or character-led. They prefer writers who have a proven track record in this area, and good contacts in the art & comics world. They also have a number of licensed publications already contracted.
COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS: The majority of their graphic novel titles are licensed from overseas publishers or acquired through agents but do publish a growing number of originated graphic novels. You can send initially a brief synopsis and covering letter only, not a full manuscript.

VEI Press accepts both manuscripts and art samples. If you have a manuscript and/or a set of art that you believe would fit with their portfolio, then contact them. They pledge to back to you quickly with thier decision to either pursue the project or not.

Verso is a book publisher that will look at your submissions. They’re looking for maximum 10 page proposals and not complete manuscripts.


HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE will look at artwork. The majority of their featured stories are reserved years in advance for established European artists. They are mainly looking for short stories between two to eight pages. They’ll look at any Heavy Metal-esque ideas you have, but short stories have the best chance to get in and be placed quicker.

TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING (Write Now!, Back Issue, Alter Ego, Rough Stuff & The Jack Kirby Collector) is a magazine publisher that could be a really could place for a writer with passion and knowledge of the comic industry to cut their teeth.
If you have an idea for a book you’d like TwoMorrows to consider publishing, e-mail publisher John Morrow. They request you send a 1000 word (or less) proposal, including a detailed description and highlights of the project, who you see as the main audience for it, and a breakdown of the chapters of the book.
For details on submitting art and articles for their magazines, contact each of their editors directly for the submission requirements.

and finally Optimum Wound does not accept submission because we’re jerks…and overworked.