September Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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September Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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Welcome to the September writing competition :guitar: Please read the rules before entering ... opic=11460

Some important info for this month:

1) Entrants have until September 26th 4pm EST to submit an entry for the competition

2) Voting will then open for entrants before closing on September 28th 4pm EST

3) Voting for non-entrants will then open before closing on September 29th 4pm EST

Best of luck to all entrants


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It's always fun to see another new writing competition open! I`m in. I have my next issue about half done.

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congrats on the previous win FF!

i'll be working on my story as well!

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I'll probably use one of my existing chapters.

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Heavy Metal - Issue # 8 - Haunted

(I own nothing that isn`t mine.)


For the majority of humanity, "playing around" with an item means that you're tinkering. My dad and I are famous tinkerers. We "play around" with servos, cooling systems, integrated computer analytical systems, math theorems, Matchbox cars, real cars, and repulsor technology. Then there are the mutants, who, it seems, "play around" with things in a slightly different way.

When I flew over the Pacific coast twenty minutes after getting the return text from Rhianna, my HUD locked onto an enormous object right where Utopia had once been. I also picked up two life forms. One on the shore. The other at the same height as the once mighty mutant sanctuary. Swooping down for a closer look, I was stunned stupid to see the island hovering about fifty feet above the ocean. Just sitting there in space, all by its lonesome, as hundreds of gallons of sea water gushed from what remained of the housing units.

I did a fast once-around of the levitating monstrosity, took note of a slew of fish sliding off the chunk of isle back to the sea, then flew up to hover beside Adam Summers. The son-of-a-gun had gotten bigger over the past few years. Taller. Wider. He was covered in a short-sleeved black uniform with a sleek silver belt, the sun flashing off the large X on the buckle. The wind whipped his white hair over tired blue eyes. He flicked a look in my direction then delivered his thoughts directly into my head.

"It's been a long time, Alex. You look the same."

"Ah-ha. Yeah, funny man. So, would you like a hand with that?"

"Thanks, but I have things under control. I'd like to talk but I`m kind of busy. Rhianna would be happy to chat with you until I`m done."

"Always the social butterfly." I joked. Adam gave me long look. I twitched a bit as he prodded around inside my head. "Yo, my man. My thoughts are mine, okay?"

"Sorry. It was impossible not to touch upon. You're harboring something mentally that, while you're struggling to keep it quiet, it continues to scream at the top of its lungs to be heard. Embrace who you are, Alex. The rest of the world can either like it or they can kiss your ass. Take that advice from a race that knows."

I dropped down to the shore, totally uncomfortable with the inadvertent mindreading that had occurred. I had better learn to keep my secrets locked in a tight anti-mutant metal box like that kid from The Shining did when he grew up. My boots had no sooner hit the sands when a lovely young woman all in flowing white, same silver X-belt as her boyfriend Sir Sour-Ass wore, enveloped me in a hug. It kind of lacked something, what with me in armor, but I pulled Rhianna into my chest just a bit tighter. Her head fit under my chin. The visor on my helmet slid upwards to allow clean ocean air to blow over my cheeks. That also allowed the horrible song from Dexy`s Midnight Runners circa nineteen eighty who-gives-two-damns, Come on Eileen , to blare outward into the world.

"Oh my gosh, that is terrible!" Rhianna laughed sweetly, pulling back just far enough to look into my eyes. Her stunning smile disappeared. A small hand was placed to my cheek. "You're hurt. Hold still. Let me help."

"It's just a bruised rib, or four," I said, hoping to fluff off her concern. Actually, my side hurt like a red-hot bitch but it was part and parcel. I cannot tell you how many lumps, bumps, bruises, broken bones, and concussions my parents have nursed over the years. We won't even get into Guri and her need to bloody herself and those around her in what she calls "playing around". Add Asgardians to the list of people who term things differently. Viking gods. Go figure.

"Stop being so heroic," she whispered as her long dark lashes fell gracefully downward.

"Can't help it. It's in my genes."

"So it is," she said with a tender smile.

I prepared for the rush and was not disappointed. Fingers of heat trickled along my synapses, seeking out any injury. Once the point of impact with a Coast Guard cutter had been found, Rhianna`s powers went to work. Soft, comforting warmth moved over my ribs, soothing the pain instantly. I released the breath I had been holding. Her touch was amazing, wondrous, incredible. All my pain evaporated in mere moments. I stared at her as she did what she did best. There was little, aside from the brown eyes, to link her in any way to Wade Wilson. While he was known as a killer par excellence his daughter was a healer. I guess Fate felt the human race needed a payback for all the lives Wilson has taken over the years. Now if Fate could do something about the bad jokes he tells . . .

Her eyelids twitched as she healed me. The sea winds picked up her dark hair then threw it around her heart-shaped face. She really was beautiful. Another trick of Fate, I guess. Where the sire was hideous the daughter was gorgeous both externally and internally. Adam Summers was a lucky man. Her eyes slowly opened. A soft smile lit up her face.

"There, all better. I can't believe how much taller you are," she said, stepping back then grabbing my gauntleted hand to lead me to a pink blanket she had thrown over the sand. "Sit down. Adam might be a while," she said, folding her long legs into a lotus after she was seated. I stared at the bright pink blanket with kittens all over it."Oh, just sit down. You won't lose any masculinity if you sit on a Cutie Kitten or two." She patted the empty space next to her. I sat, but I didn`t like it.

"So does he do this often?" I asked, nodding my head in the direction of Summers drifting above us.

"Whenever he can. He thinks we can resurrect the island. Then we could split the mutant ranks. Makes it less likely to take us all out at once if we don't all live together," she said, reaching up to grab her long whipping hair. The surf rolled up close to our toes. The gulls swooped and cawed, thrilled at the small fish falling from the floating island. Easy pickings. Rather like a much-hated group all smashed into one upstate New York school. I could see Adam's point.

"He's gotten stronger," I mentioned, locking my arms behind me then leaning back on them to study Adam. "You too for that matter," I said then looked over at her. She was tying a white ribbon around her dark hair.

"Years of training. And what about you? Still playing around in Metal, I see." She patted my thigh after her hair was contained in a thick ponytail.

"Yeah, well, you know. It keeps me out of the bars." As soon as the quip left my mouth I regretted saying it. Making ha-ha over a genetic predisposition to alcoholism is not really a joking matter. "I didn`t mean that the way it sounded."

"I know. We all have familial crosses to bear." She gave my leg another pat then placed her delicate hands in her lap. "So, what brings you to the west coast?"

"I`m attending Caltech," I said, watching, in no small amount of amazement, as Adam Summers flipped the floating fortress over with just the power of his mind.

No wonder some people were so terrified of mutants. That was some incredible mind-power. Over the four years since I had seen these X-Men things had not gotten better for mutants. Hell, they hadn`t gotten better for anyone who wasn`t a white, straight, wealthy, Republican male. Three consecutive right-wing terms in the Oval Office had turned the mutant and GLBT rights movements into mewling bagged kittens sinking in a river of fear and mistrust. It was the largest single bone of contention between my parents. Man, some of those political discussions around the dinner table . . .

"But you're only, what? Sixteen or so? You were three years younger than me, so yes, sixteen. Wow, like father like son. That was a compliment," she quickly said. I nodded absently as I came back to our conversation. "Your parents must be so proud."

"Yeah, I guess. I`m doing my best to live up to whatever it is Stark men have to live up to. It gets harder and harder all the time, though." I blinked. Why was all this crap coming out of me? I needed to get a rein on my mouth before something that was, according to the mutant island-tosser above us, screaming rather loudly escaped. ""I mean, yeah. So, let's not talk about my stuff. Let's talk about mutant stuff. I ran into one last night. You ever hear of a dude called Two Lips?"

Rhianna, who could pull secrets out of me almost as fast as Hunter Parker, looked from me to the sea.

"No, not that I`m aware of. But there are lots of mutants hiding all over the world," she pointed out.

"This guy wasn't hiding last night. He was throwing off enough power to light up LA for a month. Someone back in New York must have picked him up with Cerebra, right?" I asked, fascinated with how Summers could hover in the air as he did. How amazing it would be to simply be able to levitate yourself. No more suits of armor for flight would be needed. Although, there really is nothing like a good palm-based repulsor shot, or mini-missile, to make a Stark's blood pump a little faster.

"That's possible. We're not exactly informed of everything that happens worldwide," she replied, her sight now locked on Summers as he allowed the isle to slip back into the sea. "Although . . ."

"Yeah?" I asked, sitting up straight as she drifted off. Adam landed in front of us, his black boots sinking into the soft sands.

"Do you think that's why Scott sent us out here?" Rhianna asked, scooting over to allow Adam room to kneel beside her on the blanket. His butt rested on his thick calves, the ocean breeze pushing his bangs into his eyes.

"I don`t know why my grandfather does what he does." Adam placed a hand over Rhianna's tiny ones resting on her lap. The tension in his strong jaw lessened. Just touching her hand did that. Man. I was envious. I wanted someone to touch like that. Someone that could make the bad stuff less bad with just a brush of skin to skin. I had to look away the moment between them was that intimate. "I do know that we do not need to contact him."

"I didn`t say we did," Rhianna replied. I looked back at the two X-Men. Adam raised one eyebrow. "Yes, I was thinking it."

"And a few other things. Let`s see if we can locate our team leader. If anyone will be able to track down this unknown mutant you ran into last night, it will be him." Adam got to his feet then gently tugged his lady love to her tiny white slippers. Boots actually. Rhianna was wearing white ankle boots, but slippers had sounded more romantic in my mind.

"Where is your team leader?" I asked getting to my black and silver boots as Rhianna gathered her Cutie Kitten blanket. She draped it over her left arm. "I only saw two heat sigs when I approached."

"He's not here, obviously." Adam said. I like Adam. I do. But there are times I`d like to slap his face. Were all telepathic/telekinetic sorts so damned arrogant? Or was that a Summers family trait? "And before you ask, yes, I can find him. Without any advanced technology either."

Adam slid his arm around Rhianna's slim waist. Up they went. My visor closed with a snap. Damn smug homo-superior types anyway. Always have to rub it in that they can fly and track with just their inborn skills. Pft. I could do a triple loop on my hover board. Let`s see Mr. Angst try that. We flew over the city of San Francisco, my scans humming along with no spikes of power to be detected.

"You SNAP units need to purge the music data banks, again." I sighed. There was no reason that this armor should be filled with such shitty tunes. I had never, ever, ever downloaded some joker singing about piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Who would even listen to such garbage?

Adam sailed downward. I followed. We landed in a narrow alleyway between a dry cleaner and a flower shop. I spun around when the door to the flower shop exploded outward. A wild-haired man in yellow and black flew into the alley. He was more muscle than height. And claws. Don`t forget those claws that glinted in the warm California sun.

"You change your color scheme, Shellhead?" Wolverine asked as he picked himself up from the ground.

I didn`t have time to explain who was in the armor. A veritable small army of highly armed people with white armbands boiled out of the flower shop like ants from a mound. I thought to ask who they were, but when a dude with a flamethrower ignited the air I tossed aside polite protocol and asked my armor to engage all weapons programs. Metal was more than happy to oblige.

To be continued . . .

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I'm in, as per usual! :friends: [happy]


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Great entry Feral!

But where is Snow? Pls don’t tell me you’ve killed him :cry:

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My new story is finished, but I have no strength left to translate it. It is somehow emotionally difficult to me to go through its content again. At least today.

I hope other entrants will send more cheerful stories than mine.

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ewkada @ Sep 7 2014, 01:06 PM wrote: Great entry Feral!

But where is Snow? Pls don’t tell me you’ve killed him :cry:
Thank you, ewkada.

We'll see more of Snow, no worries. He was probably sleeping off the previous nights chaos. :P

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The Raven's New Clothes

I stared down at the ripped, torn and shot through outfit that had once been a relic from my past. Such a waste. Such a stupide thing to do. A near perfect example of 17th Century Plague Doctor garb and I'd taken it out to fight crime!

"What had I been think?" I demanded to the empty room.

"As usual Numb Nuts you weren't thinkin." Said my skull tipped walking stick. "That's the problem with you vampires. Always have to dress just so. Top of the Undead pyramid. Keepin up appearances. Sparkly."

"Shut it Az." I said with only minor irritation. He was right. Vampires did have a tendency to prefer the finer things in life and undeath. I'd grabbed the costume as a solution to hide my nature and face to stop a Puritan Witch Hunter plot to bring down the British Government. I should have left it at that. But I hadn't. My excuse was that I needed to hunt down the rest of the Witch Hunters. I should have created a new outfit but I rather enjoyed wearing something from when I had been alive. Something with History. Now look at it. Ruined.

And there was the money. Rachel would not be happy to hear that Ventura Corporation would have to write off a half a million pound investment (I did say it was a near perfectly preserved set of clothing from the 17th century didn't I?). What with all the subsidiaries she'd had to close down or sell off due to SHIELD information going public which had brought those companies into scrutiny, it wasn't going to be a particularly good year for our stockholders.

I looked at my closet and considered the look I wanted to project. I took out a simple black frock coat, waist coat and pants. Then I selected a crisp white shirt with butterfly collar and a black satin cravat. Can't go wrong with the classics.

"Oh surprise surprise. What a shock. Why don't you just wear a flaming sign and a town caller declaring here comes James Ravenwood, Vampire!" The skull sneered. He was right this was pretty much my normal outfit. I'd never really had any taste for costumes as such. I looked through the hanging clothes and spied something my daughter had bought. I pulled out the black duster, ankle length, leather, with the shoulder top covers. Angelica loved the stories about a wizard from Chicago who wore something similar although no hat. I looked at it. Yes I could work with this. It was large enough so that I could create a pouch that could hold the sword of Shadows on the inside. I could impregnate the leather with my blood and cast an armour spell over it. It wouldn't be Iron Man quality but I could certainly make it bullet proof and fire retardant. Knives, stakes and arrows would slide right off if I gave the material the right quality of dark energy. It would become apart of me. I collected the clothing and took it and my walking stick back down to my Sanctum. A broad brimmed hat I already had so all I needed was a mask.

The original wasn't too banged up but I'd found it too long and unwieldy. It would stay on display. A new leather mask, shorter but still retaining that distinctive beak would have to be made. It would still cover my entire face. No vampire would cover their mouth or so I'd hoped the authorities would think. I'd also keep the goggles to stop any red glow being noticed. I'd had some ideas about a few detection enchantments I could put on some spectacles. That idea would easily be applied to the goggles.

I sat down and put my ideas on paper, working out the minutiae of the proper spells, components and coverage. With the help of my broach I could cover up the more obvious magical auras and disguise to those very few who knew what to look for that the outfit had been created by vampire blood magic.

I grunted my approval at the final design and showed it with a flourish to Asmodeus.

"Great" The skull sneered. "You'll be the bell at the next S&M ball. Remember to say thank you when you bend over."

"Your just jealous." I chuckled. I then looked at the design and frowned. Damn he had a point. Ah well. It still looked good and certainly not something I'd ever be seen, dead or undead in.

"Right, let's get to work. The Raven's new clothes won't make themselves."
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

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Welcome to the writing competition, good Ser Raven!

What a great entry!

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Sitting in a metal chair, Deadpool, decked in his red costume and red mask with signature black oval pattern over his eyes, points at the video camera held by its tripod and then looks at the individual on his left.

“Are we doing a debrief or a movie shoot? Cause if we are, Ryan Reynolds get a copy of this and I’m shoving a gunpowder chimichanga so far up your rear, you’ll be sneezing bullets for a year!”

Letting out a sigh, a man sits across Deadpool and behind the small camera, places a pad in front of him, “State your name for the record?” he asks.

Leaning across the table, Deadpool taps the camera.

“Please don’t touch the camera and state your name please!”

“That’s so weird, State, eeehhhsss....SSSSSTATE! Sta-sta-sta-sta-state! SUCH a weird word! State my name?” Deadpool says, “You know state is the same word we use for like, you know, identifying States. And they all have names, oh-oh but this is some super-secret SPY TEST RIGHT! OK okay I KNOW THIS, I can use a fake name.”



“Mister Wilson…”

“Who’s that?.” Wade says.

"Mister Wil..."

“My name is Col….wait, Montana! YEAH! Like Hanna Montana before she got all ‘touch-me, touch-me OOoo I’m gonna twerk you!’ Any ever check if Hanna Montana sexually assaulted Mickey Mouse? Cause you can’t go all ‘I’m Queen of Whores’ overnight and NO ONE be able to…”

“Mister Wilson will you please…”

“Like seriously WHAT is with Twerking?! Its not like it DOES anything, I tried it on this old lady at the bus-stop and…”

“Mister Wilson I’m imploring you…”

“I bet that’s what every victim of hers says before she sucks out their soul through her…”

“MISTER WILSON!” yells the man behind the camera, his face reddening as does his ears.

Deadpool looks up at the man as the small camera on the tripod falls over on the table.


“Don’t touch the-cam…Mister, Wil, son…let GO.OF.THE.CAMERRRAAAH!”

Kicking the man off the camera and watching him fall to the floor, Deadpool stands up and holds the small camcorder, “Well rip off my skin n’ fat and call me Renee Zellweger, this thing is so adorable it’s, OH of course…IT’S A SAMSUNG!”

“Mister Wilson will you STOP playing with the camera!”

“You know I use these things all the time for beating down…I mean recording, traffic cops, um, when they, get somehow, mysteriously…beaten up?” Deadpool awkwardly turns to the one-way reflective pane glass, “YOU KNOW YOU SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL SO STOP JUDGING ME WE ALL HAVE A PROBLEM!!”

“MISTER WILSON!” shouts the man on the floor, who stands up and snatches the camera out Deadpool’s hand, “We are trying to conduct a serious debriefing here! Will you PLEASE sit down and cooperate!”

“I bet that’s what Thor said to his hammer, ZING! OH YEAH! MERC’ ONE. ARIAN MUSCLEDE HIPPIE THOR…ZERO! Did I hear Odinson OR ODIN-NONE!” Deadpool jokes as the agent covers his face and rubs his temple, “You see, you see what I did there? Odin-son, Odin-none…”

“Mister Wilson…”

“Okay I want so WHAT if I want to be him!” Deadpool confesses.

“I think it’s his biceps, or his abs…gawwd he’s a specimen, IN THE MOST HETERO WAY OF COURSE…”

“ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?” The agent yells to the one way reflective mirror, “I CAN’T INTERVIEW THIS NUT!”

“Cause the Deadpool loves his ladies.” Deadpool continues, pointing at the agent ardently, “OH yes, The Deadpool IS a ladies man! Love the ladies. Crazy for the ladies. Yep, got the restraining orders to prove it.”

“Mister Wade I’m going to shoot myself.”

“Okay okay I’m serious, I’m serious don’t get all, ‘I’m a depressed orphan and I’m gonna dress like a bat to take care of my acceptance issues’, cause that’s so overrated, it’s pathetic, LIKE HOW IS THAT A PROPER REACTION! If so, Peter Parker is Soooo screwed…OH CRAP!, what is it with me and identities today. Okay. I’m stopping. I’ve stopped…stop.” Deadpool says, sitting down and folding his hands. Watching the man across from him setup the camera once more on its tripod, he sits down but Deadpool stands up.

Raising his eyebrow to Deadpool, the man stands up but Deadpool sits down.

Letting out an annoyed huff, the man sits down but Deadpool stands up again.

“MISTER WILSON!” The man shouts, standing up and hunching over the table, angrily watches Deadpool quickly sit back down.

“See it’s like an invisible see-saw!” Deadpool exclaims, “I BET Invisible Woman, you know Sue Storm has one of these but we’ll never know cause, its invisible. OH CRAP did I just blow Sue’s secret identity? Jeez what is it today with me and identities. Wait, doesn’t Sue have kids or something, OH CRAP she’s a deadbeat mom! She’s a Fantastic Deadbeat Mom!”


“Oh SO NOW you want me to shut up but didn’t you say we’re supposed to be doing a debrief?” Deadpool asks, “Stop fooling around and sit down Agent ‘Professional’ and let me tell you what happened in Madripoor. Go ahead sit!”

Shaking his head and taking a deep breath, the agent exhales loudly through his nostrils, closes his black suit jacket, takes out his silver pen and sits down in his chair across from Deadpool, who suddenly springs out his seat, “SEEESAW!

The Agent slams down his pen and flips over the table, “YOU SON-OVA’”


Mission 101 – Madripoor

File 2 of 3


Inside a white van, a man wearing white jumpsuit, steps out the van into the busy street underneath the hot sun. Taking a deep breath, the man wipes the sweat off his forehead, as he makes his way to the back of the van. Observing the sidewalks full of busy people walking to and fro to their destination, the man adjusts his oversized tool belt and proceeds to walk straight into the entrance of a luxurious building lobby.

Entering through the glass doors, the man whistles loudly at the sight of the immense white ceiling, “Helloooo.” He says, looking around as he pushes back his cap, “I mean this is James Cameron epic! How do you CLEAN THAT! Forget the paint job!”


Turning around, the man in the white jumpsuit looks at five men suddenly appearing behind them. They all were large men, each easily six feet tall, muscled up and armed with weapons that leave a ‘oh-so-subtle’ lump inside their suit jacket with the classic clear earpiece in their left ears.

One of the men places a firm hand on his scrawny shoulder, “This is a private facility, get out.”

The man gulps and smiles as he lifts his plunger, “I was called for a plumbing job.” he says.

The security guy raises his eyebrow, “We have a maintenance crew for that.”

“Yeah well I got a call from the uh, echem…” the man coughs, covering his mouth, “…the uh…thira-mum-mum…”

“What did you say?”

“Thiramumum.” He mumbles.

The security over narrows his eyes as the man sighs, “Oh screw it!” he says, slamming the rubber cup end of the plunger into the man’s face while forcibly pushing him back as he pulls out the security officers gun!


“ABREACH?” the man in white says, running across the lobby the couch for cover, “WHAT ARE YOU? PREGNANT!” he shouts, diving behind the couch as bullets rip into the couch.

Hearing the gunfire the man peels off his face mask to reveal his acne-ridden, pot-hole face and pulls out his red and black mask.

Standing up, Deadpool stands up, aiming his gun, “IT’S PLUMMAH TIME!!!” he shouts, shooting down the security guard closest to him as another lunges for him with a karate kick. Quickly grabbing his leg, Deadpool breaks his knee, elbows him in the throat, grabs him by the crotch and flips him over his head, crashing him down onto the table.

Shaking his hand, Deadpool pulls out a small bottle of purel, “Third World Evil Country Full of Disease ridden rent-a-cops and I had to touch his crotch, so gross!” he says, cleaning off his hand. Looking at the knocked out bloodied man on the shattered glass, Deadpool squeezes a drop of purel on top of a cut on his forehead, “That’ll sting worse than Tony Stark in Alcoholics Anonymous you Hydra Reject!”


Eating a burrito with his mask rolled up to his mouth, Deadpool nods at the Agent who sits across from him with his arm in a sling, a Band-Aid across his nose and a black eye, “So you took out the lobby security on your own?”

“Yes SIR-REE!” Deadpool explains, and points his burrito at him, “See I figured that Songbird, stupid name really but whatever, was gonna screw stuff up since Nick Fury’s wanna-be daughter who never was’ Daisy Johnson was upstairs getting the list. You know, the one that lists all the Telepaths in the world, was gonna be sold on the black market and we had to help extract Daisy who should have had the…”

“I know the file Mister Wilson.”

“Don’t get all testy because I broke your nose. You bought on the hurt so I just reacted.”

“Will you stick to the story please…”

“You hit like your dead grandmother by the way.”

“You’re not goading me into another fight Mister Wilson.”

“Fine…” Deadpool sighs, “…man I’m aching for a good fight. I mean like EPIC GOOD. Like…Obi-wan and Anakin Skywalker before all that ‘I’m on higher ground’ crap. I MEAN REALLY…”


“Right, right, right, Madripoor…” Deadpool says, “…so yeah, took out the security guards and made my way to the back. I wanted to come out the freight elevator upstairs so I could give back up, cause that’s just the kinda guy I am…but…”

Flashback ----Madripoor

Slowly opening a door, Deadpool narrows his eyes as he sees Agent Daisy Johnson being carried by two men to a black van parked in a load dock next to the freight elevator.

See, I saw Daisy was out and that meant either ‘A’ Daisy went to a ZEDD/SKRILLIX Concert and O.D.’d on Molly…or her cover was blown so…

Kicking the door open, Deadpool races out with guns in both hands, surprising the five agents holding Daisy.

“FREE BULLETS FOR EVERYONE!” Deadpool shouts, shooting down the men holding Daisy Johnson while sliding across the slick cement floor to the truck as men to his left whip out machine guns and shoot at him. Grabbing the unconscious Daisy, Deadpool pulls her to the other side of the van as bullets rip along the ground.

“If you're high or something, i won't judge you.” Deadpool says, patting her on the face while propping her up behind the tire.

Out of flashback

In front of the camera, Daisy Johnson, sporting a black eye, folds her arms with a narrow eyed look, “I don’t care what Wade said! I was not on drugs, Songbird KNOCKED ME OUT!”

Flashback - Madripoor

Rousing awake to the sound of screams and brief gunfire, Daisy Johnson rubs her head but starts to quickly get her bearing and gets on her feet. Coming around the truck, Daisy sees Deadpool flipping over a man to the floor and kicking him across the face.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!” Daisy shouts.

Deadpool drops the man’s arm and shrugs, “What are ANY of us doing? Aren’t we all just tiny matter floating in outer-space, waiting to be discovered by some eight hundred foot guy who sounds like Morgan Freeman but acts like Mariah Carey…”


Daisy barks, taking one of the dead security guards guns, “We gotta get upstairs!” she says, holding her head.

“Why are you dressed like a geeky office worker TRYING to be sexy?” Deadpool asks.

“You got a healing factor right?”

“Best in the busin…”

Daisy shoots Wade in the leg.

“NEEAAAAAAAAAH!! JEEEZ WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Wade shouts, clutching his bleeding leg.

“YOUR WHATS WRONG WITH ME!” Daisy shouts to him, “ALL OF YOU! This is MY MISSION!”

“And Dear Uncle Nick Fury told us we have less than 28 hours to get you out of here with the list, you got it right?” asks Deadpool watching the bullet in his leg pop out to the floor as his wound closes up.

Daisy sighs, “No.”

“Then we gotta get it.” Deadpool says, “Or make a list and lie to Nick and then just wait for the crap to hit the fan…then blame someone. OH-OH Lets make up a guy with a code name and just blame him.”


“BOOSTER GOLD! That sounds legit.” Deadpool exclaims.

“SHUT UP WADE!” Daisy shouts but suddenly a ‘beep-beep’ starts to go off with a blue holographic map projecting off of Deadpools wrist with a red dot plummeting down.

“Oh crap its Songbird emergency locater WHERE IS SHE!” Daisy asks.
Deadpool looks at it briefly, “OUTSIDE THE BUILDING!”

“MOVE IT!” she shouts as suddenly building alarms blare throughout the facility.

Out of Flashback

Sitting in front of the camera and the agent, Daisy Johnson sips on a cup of water, “See Agent Gold, Melissa Gold, did get the list after all, at my expense, but she got it. The only thing was that every HYDRA agent was now on to us. So the ‘black-ops’ mission was now a freakin’ show and we had to save Songbird, who was falling out a building.”

FLASHBACK - Madripoor

Smashing through the glass doors, a security officer rolls down the concrete steps as Daisy Johnson and Deadpool race out the building.

“MOVE MOVE!” Daisy shouts, shooting in the air, making people scatter for safety.

Seeing people clear the streets, Daisy and Deadpool under the bright sun and look up the towering skyscraper to see Songbird falling straight down to her death.


Daisy looks inside the building lobby as dozens of HYDRA agents flood the lobby and across towards them with weapons in hand.

“WADE HOLD THEM OFF WHILE I GET MELISSA!” Daisy says, kneeling down the cement while curling her fingers.



“WELL EFF YOU TOO!” Deadpool shouts, running to the van. Concentrating on Songbird, Daisy’s brown eyes glow as Deadpool races back to her side with an ‘ground-to-air rocket’ launcher!

Glancing at the HYDRA agents about to get to the door, Daisy grits her teeth, “NOW!” she shouts.

“EBAY FOREVEEERRRRR!” Deadpool yells, firing rocket launcher as the missile streaks inside the building lobby and explodes everything and everyone inside in fiery blaze.

“RAAAAAAH!” Daisy shouts, thrusting her hands over her head as she stands erect, causing parts of the ground to shatter through the cement around her to streak up into the air, clump together and form a giant slide out of stone!

“SIX FLAGS EAT YOUR HEART OUT!” Deadpool shouts as Melissa Gold aka Songbird inverts her body, plummeting down towards the stone-slide and swiftly slides down as Daisy manipulates the slide made of stone to smooth out and merge in the middle of the street.

Watching Songbird safely slide to ground and roll into the middle of the street, Daisy rushes over to as Melissa brushes aside her white and violet streaked hair, “C’mon let’s go!” Daisy says, extending her hand.

“I DIDN’T NEED YOUR HELP!” Songbird shouts pushing her aside as they both run to the white van as Deadpool stands to its rear, shooting at various HYDRA agents coming out other buildings from up the street.

“ANYONE FEEL LIKE GETTING SHOT BECAUSE I DON’T!” he shouts, shooting various HYDRA agents running to them through the traffic, “AT LEAST NOT TODAY!”


Songbird glares at her and turns her attention to the street, “OH SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!” she screams as massive sound waves and rings emit form her mouth, shatter the street and blow back all the parked cars onto the shooting HYDRA agents, crushing them.

“Dangit girl!” Deadpool exclaims, holding up his gun as he turns to Songbird who cuts him a look and holds up USB drive, “Lets move!”

Taking it out her hands, Songbird glares at Daisy who takes the car keys from Deadpool, “HEY!” they both exclaim.

“YOU TWO!” Daisy angrily says, pointing at the both of them, “IN THE CAR!” she shouts as ground underneath them suddenly lifts and throws them in the back of the van!

On their backs in the van, Songbird and Deadpool groan, “YOUR SUCH A ...” but Daisy slams the doors, runs to the driver side and climbs inside, slamming her foot onto the gas pedal.


Sliding back and forth in the back of the cargo van as Daisy makes sharp turns, Deadpool looks at Daisy in the driver seat, “WELL HAVING THE NAME ANGELICA HARDTHIGH IS A DEAD GIVE AWAY IF YOU ASK ME!”

Shaking her head, Daisy grits her teeth as she weaves through the busy traffic in Downtown Madripoor, flooring the gas pedal, “IT WAS GOING TO WORK MORE THAN THIS TEAM IS WORKING!”


“OH DON’T START WITH ME YOU LIL HOOKER!” Daisy shouts, looking over her shoulder at Songbird grabbing onto the side wall of the cargo van to steady herself, “YOU KNOCKED ME OUT!”





“JEEZ don’t have a stroke!” Deadpool quips, “A ‘DEATH” Stroke!” he quips, “You see there, you see what I did!” he exclaims.

“You’re an EFFIN RE…”

“WATCH THE ROAD!” Deadpool shouts, pointing ahead, making Daisy turn around and suddenly slam on the breaks to a screeching halt as Deadpool and Songbird are thrown forward against the dividing gate.

“WHAT HECK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?” Songbird shouts, groaning in discomfort as she holds her stomach.

“My stomach hasn’t felt this bad since D.C. did that Infinite Crisis garbage.” Deadpool groans.

Looking ahead of them, Daisy narrows her eyes at the sight of a Caucasian woman with green hair, green eyes and clad in a green body suit standing in the middle of the street with no less than 100 HYDRA agents behind her. Madame Viper, leader of HYDRA, had HYDRA agents armed to the teeth with guns, now aimed at them as a man in a white outfit and long white coat makes his way to Madame Viper’s side and aims his rifle at Daisy Johnson in the car while traffic diverts down another street.


“FANTOMEX? OH WONDERFUL …this is epic level bad.” Deadpool states, “I MEAN REALLY EPIC LEVEL!!”

Songbird looks at Daisy as the red laser dot from his rifle is on her head, tightens her grip on the steering wheel as she glares at Madame Viper smiling evilly.

“WE cannot take them on our own.” Songbird says.

“HECK with that!” Deadpool exclaims, “Daisy’s boyfriend has a RIFLE aimed at her and is about to kill her and end us before the second issue even comes along!” Deadpool says and turns to Daisy, “I’ll AMP UP the epicness! Is this the end of the Thunderbolts? WILL they die in the middle on their FIRST mission? WILL SONGBIRD EVER GET A MAN?”



“WADE!” Daisy shouts.

“I know shut up.”

“No…” Daisy says, opening the door, “…both of you stay here.”


Daisy glares at Songbird, “I SAID STAY HERE!” she barks, stepping out to the hot sun.

Slowly walking across thehot pavement, Daisy Johnson, decked in her black SHIELD outfit, narrows her brown eyes at Fantomex with his rifle aimed at her head as the HYDRA agents collectively cock their weapons at once.

Looking at Madame Viper arrogant smirk, she points to her, “Hand over the list.”
“What do you want with a list a of Telepathic’s anyway?” Daisy says, tossing the USB stick to the ground between them.

Madame Viper smiles, “It’s not what, but who.” She smirks, “But no matter…” she says turning away from them and runs her hand down Fantomex backside, “…you’ll be too DEAD to care.” She says, kissing him on the cheek.
Daisy clenches her jaw as Madame Viper cuts her a sinister look while leaning into Fantomex ear, “Wipe them out.”

Daisy nervously clenches her jaw as Fantomex keeps his piercing blue eyes locked onto her as Madame Viper walks away.

Suddenly Daisy watches Fantomex march towards her.

"Phillipe..." Daisy says, "...I won't fight you...I..."

The loud ring of the gun shot takes Daisy by surprise as she falls back to the ground, clutching her bleeding chest.

To be continued….

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SS and Deadpool. What a lethally funny combination! Great entry SS!

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After a harrowing escape from Muan Hutta, the damaged Black Falcon fled to the swamp world of Dagobah where it crashed. There Peter Parker, also known as "Spider-Man" and his companions encountered an ancient creature known as Xyoda, a Genoshan and his secretive school that sheltered many more of the mutated creatures of various races. The choice of coming to the planet was no accident since the ghost of Peter's Uncle Ben had urged him to do so in order to be instructed as a Jedi from Xyoda...

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Dagobah, early the next morning…

Peter and Xyoda stood in the morning’s thick mist outside of a cave formed by the gnarled roots of a large tree that had grown on the edge of a rock. From his point of view, Peter could see that the cave led down under the swamp’s floor for several meters. The night before, Peter and Xyoda had slept in the branches of a tree not far from the cave. If sleeping in a tree had been a test for a prospective Jedi that hailed from a desert planet, Peter had passed it with flying colors since he easily clung to the tree’s bark with his hands and feet.

There was something unsettling about this cave, though. From everything Peter had encountered so far on Dagobah, he could tell that there were potential dangers around every corner whether it was a snake slithering through the grass, large things swimming beneath the surface of the many lakes they had encountered or mud filled pits that obviously would spell certain death to anyone that stumbled into them. This cave, though, unnerved him.

“I feel cold,” Peter said staring into the cave’s darkness.

Xyoda looked up at him. “Strong in the dark side of the Force, this place is. Into it alone you must go.”

Peter blinked. It was obviously the last test that Xyoda had mentioned. For some reason, it seemed like the most dangerous. That was probably due to the fact that he couldn’t tell what was within it and the fact that his “spider sense” wasn’t giving him any warning of what might be in it.

“What’s inside it?” Peter asked.

“Only what you bring with you,” Xyoda replied quietly.

Peter picked up the stormtrooper belt that he had been carrying since the escape from the garrison on Muan Hutta. Attached to it were his lightsaber and a blaster.

“Your weapons,” Xyoda said with a sudden sternness. “Need them, you will not.”

Peter knew he should trust the diminutive Genoshan. If he were to be trained as a Jedi, trust in Xyoda’s judgment was imperative. According to his Uncle Ben’s ghost, Xyoda had trained many more Jedi before.

Still, Peter’s fear had the best of him, even though he knew fear was something that could drag him down the wrong path. Instead he rationalized clasping the belt around his waist as being properly cautious.

With a deep breath, Peter plunged into the cave’s darkness. The early morning light, as dim as it was still managed to illuminate enough of the cave’s entrance that Peter could see that its edges were thick in spiders’ webs. The irony caused him to smile as he continued deeper into the cave. Before too long, it became so dark that he could barely see his hand in front of his face. His spider sense seemed to be failing to reveal the details of the cave’s interior. To gain his bearings, he turned and looked back toward the cave’s entrance.

As he did, a light suddenly shown behind him from the cave’s depths. Quickly turning, Peter could see that someone had activated what looked like a thermal generator, giving off a sickly yellow light. The light illuminated what looked to be a bedroll and a portable food canister, typical of someone who had set up a temporary campsite.


Peter turned and saw the face in the darkness, partially lit by the camplight. The twisted, gnarled nose was unmistakably owned by the man that had killed Uncle Ben.

“No!” Peter said, grabbing his lightsaber from his belt as the man fell backwards onto the cave’s floor.


Raising the lightsaber’s glowing green blade, Peter readied himself to plunge the blade into the man’s chest even as he looked back and forth vainly for a way to escape. Before Peter could act, the man turned to his side and caught sight of something that caused him to smile in relief.

Peter turned and saw that another figure was in the cave, now visible in the green light emitted by Peter’s lightsaber. It was the Green Goblin! In a fraction of a second, Peter guessed that somehow and for some reason, the Mandalorian bounty hunter had left Muan Hutta with the Hutt’s thug in tow and that they had camped out in the cave.

The Green Goblin raised his fist and pointed it at Peter. Instinctively, Peter raised his lightsaber to block an incoming laser shot but was shocked that instead a tongue of flame spurted out from a nozzle on the side of the side of the bounty hunter’s forearm. Peter had to quickly dodge, dropping his lightsaber to the ground as he did. His spider sense and reflexes seemed to have left him. Peter reached for the lightsaber, visible in the light of the now burning webs around them that had been ignited by the bounty hunter’s flamethrower.

“No!” Peter said, remembering as Gowan Skali’i plunged to her death from the rock bridge in Muan Hutta’s Jundland Wastes. It was because of him – the Goblin!

With a sudden burst of anger filled energy, instead of grabbing the lightsaber, Peter leapt up and caught the Green Goblin throwing him against a part of the wall that wasn’t covered in burning flames. Quickly he webbed the bounty hunter’s arms, hands and feet in case of more concealed weapons.

Before he knew what else was happening, Peter found his fists pounding and battering the Goblin’s Mandalorian helmet, throwing the man’s head from side to side as he did. He continued until the helmet finally cracked and a punch shattered it revealing the man’s face underneath.

In a curious hesitation, Peter was surprised that the man’s face was completely black almost as if he had been wearing a black mask underneath his helmet. The Goblin, realizing Peter had stopped his fists’ assault lifted his head and stared at Peter with eyes hidden behind the mask.

Then, Peter noticed that the mask must have had a seam built in around the man’s mouth and, as the man grinned mockingly at him, his white teeth stood out against the otherwise featureless black mask.

Peter lifted his hands again, ready to punch that mocking grin, but the effort seemed to completely drain him and soon he found himself panting due to the exertion.

And then, silently the Green Goblin faded out of existence. Peter blinked then turned and looked at his Uncle Ben’s killer who also faded along with the items from the small campsite.

For a moment, Peter stood in the light cast by the burning webs, wondering what the apparent illusion had all meant. Grieving at his loss of self control he looked up and notice that there was one last part of the illusion remaining – the burning webs that continued to illuminate the darkness around him.

Peter gasped and closed his eyes tightly, calming himself. For a few moments he breathed deeply until he opened his eyes again only to find that the cave was completely dark again. He also realized that during the illusion, despite the flames and the thug’s thermal heater, the cave still felt dank and cold. Reaching down, he found his lightsaber right where it had fallen and walked out of the cave to find Xyoda waiting for him outside.

The expression on the creature’s face made him realize that he had failed this last test.


Meanwhile, back at the Genoshan school several kilometers away…

“Y’know for a bunch of kids without any food processors or protein synthesizers, this food’s not too bad.”

Mara Jane looked across the table at Wohl Varin who was eating from a bowl of something she couldn’t identify. It looked like oatmeal, but its color wasn’t quite right. Hank was eating a plate of what looked to be strips of cooked meat which she guessed had been from a creature the Genoshan students had hunted in the swamp. She gladly had a breakfast that she could identify that comprised of fish and a tasty salad.

“What are you eating?” Hank asked.

“Don’t know,” Wohl answered. “But it’s really chewy.”

Hank leaned over and sniffed it. “Doesn’t smell like oatmeal.”

“It’s not,” Wohl replied. “It’s kinda salty.”

“Hmmm…it might be grubs,” Hank theorized rubbing his chin. Mara put her fork down and winced.

Wohl looked up at him and frowned. “Ya gotta be kidding.”

MA1-B9 had been sitting with them, watching the trio eat silently until then. “There are many notable species of insect larvae that are very high in protein and have other nutritional benefits. Seeing Xyoda’s Genoshan school is ‘cut off from civilization’ as you might say, they have learned to get by with the tools and the means to survive that this world provides.”

Hank looked at the droid then at the others. “I might not normally eat lizards, but the ones I’m eating right now are quite palatable.”

“Lizards, huh?” Wohl replied looking at the strips of meat Hank was eating. “And, I’m eating grubs?”

Mara looked at Wohl and wrinkled her nose. He shrugged and started eating his meal again.

Just then, Guren Bohs and Keurt Vaugg-Nar entered the students’ torch-lit dining hall and approached their table.

“Master Xyoda has contacted us,” Keurt announced to them. “He is concerned that the Imperial probe droid sent to this planet may be drawing dangerously near to us.”

“I’ve been keeping tabs on it,” Guren added. “It’s been moving in a search pattern north of here, sweeping back and forth through the swamp. The landscape’s going to force it to move its search pattern close to here within days.”

“You guys gonna do something about it?” Wohl asked curiously.

“We are,” Guren told them. “Taking the droid out isn’t a problem, at least for me. The problem is whether or not it sees us and sends a signal back to the Imperials. I was thinking that since you guys were part of the reason why the Imperials came to Dagobah that you might want to help us.”

Wohl looked at Hank. “Guy’s gotta point. Things were getting boring around here anyways.”

Hank shrugged again. “If I recall correctly, the Imperial Mk III probe and scout droid is fitted with retractable primary sensor comm antennae on its upper surface. I might be able to hit them with my rifle if I have a clear shot. The secondary antennae is located under a panel in its main body. It would deploy it only in an emergency and probably from a higher altitude. Once the droid’s main antennae is destroyed by a hostile force, it would fight for its survival until it can deploy the backup. If that is the type of droid out in the swamp, it should be noted that it’s most likely armed with a class three blaster mounted above its main repulsor unit and a pair of less powerful blasters on its opposite side. And then there’s its manipulator claws…”

“Well, if we can get the Falcon off of that log in the lake, we’d fly you close to it,” Wohl told them.

“Guren here can fly,” Keurt said with a grin, something unusual for a typical Rodian. “But I can get the rest of us three there by teleporting us.”

“Yeah, I heard you could do that,” Wohl said with a doubtfully upraised eyebrow. “I guess breakfast’s over. Here, Red, you can have what’s left of mine.”

He non-chalantly pushed it over to her as he and Hank stood to leave, not realizing that Mara was slightly shrinking back from his bowl.

“Here, hold onto my arms,” Keurt said holding them out to Wohl and Hank. Looking over he noticed the bowl sitting in front of Mara. “Oh, you’ll love those Bak-wan. They’re hard to come by and very delicious. Don’t let any of them go to waste.”


Mara took a look at the bowl imagining the Bak-wan wriggling and moving. Sheepishly, she looked around at the Genoshan students eating around them torn between the guilty feeling knowing how hard it must have been for them to get the…grubs or whatever they might have been and the thought of eating something she potentially thought as being disgusting.

“May, can I ask you a favor?” Mara asked, looking at the droid sitting next to her.

“Of course,” the droid responded looking at her with her large glowing yellow eyes.

“Could you ask someone what Bak-wan are?”


Nearly a half hour later, four kilometers to the north…

Wohl and Hank simultaneously dropped to their knees in the grassy moss lining a relatively large lake. Around them, the trees were wide spread, unusual for the swampy planet. At the same time, the hazy sky above them was clear of tree branches that in most places kept the most of the planet’s land mass in perpetual twilight.

The trip for the pair had been hair-raising. Keurt Vaugg-Nar had the bizarre ability to teleport himself and anyone in physical contact with him within line of sight. Since the droid they were hunting was a few thousand kilometers away, the Genoshan had to make several dozen teleports to span the distance. With each teleport, the two smugglers found themselves looking at the flash of several different surroundings which lasted not more than a few seconds each. Sometimes the trio would rematerialize in the trees or next to a swamp and on a few occasions nearly in the lap of some ugly swamp creature. After not too many of the “leaps” from one place to another, the two had become disoriented.

“We are here,” Keurt announced after letting the pair go.

“Okay, remind me not to do that again,” Wohl said shaking his head and rubbing his eyes. “So where are we? Kinda bright here.”

“We are in a clearing,” Keurt answered breathing heavily as the trip had taken a lot of effort from him. “The droid is near. Guren will be with us soon.”

“I would like to talk to you about how you can teleport,” Hank said getting up and sitting on a large rock nearby, blinking his eyes in the comparatively bright light. “That is an amazing skill and the science behind it must be even more amazing.”

Suddenly, Guren Bohs landed in front of them showing no signs of the exhaustion they were exhibiting. It was apparent to Wohl and Hank that Guren’s ability to fly was much more effortless than Keurt’s ability to teleport.

“No time for any discussion,” the reptilian Surr told them quietly, hunching over and looking over their shoulders. “The thing’s nearby.”

The three others all turned and looked in the same direction. Hank rolled off of the rock and crouched as low as he could in the grass. Before they had made their multi-segmented trip across the swamp, Keurt had brought the two to their temporary quarters where they had stored a few weapons they had with their other gear recovered from the downed Black Falcon. Hank had chosen a high powered rifle with a self adjusting scope for the “hunting trip”.

“Hank, you should be in a tree at the edge of this clearing,” Wohl told him. “Off to the side would be a good place to take a shot at the thing’s main antenna from a distance. You’re knowledgeable about these buckets and maybe you can damage something else on the thing as well. Keurt, take him there if you would.”

“I would make a good decoy, if that was needed,” the teleporter suggested.

“Good idea,” Wohl said with a smile. “When the thing’s antenna is down, we need to take it down and keep it preoccupied before it can use its backup.”

“It’s going to want to get a higher altitude,” Guren reminded them. “I can block its path since I can fly.”

“Makes sense,” Wohl said.

“What about you?” Keurt asked.

“Don’t worry about me,” Wohl replied with a smile. “Just draw it over the water.”

A few minutes later, the probe droid emerged from the trees, hovering with its metal clawed limbs hanging beneath it and began scanning the clearing for humanoid life signs. In the last few days, it had encountered several creatures, but none of them were humanoid. Several of them had been hostile, but were easily pacified with the use of its blasters. After an analysis of the topological data relayed to it from the star destroyer that had launched it, the droid decided that a southerly patrol would be the most logical area to search next.

Suddenly, it detected movement from the tree line.

* Movement in the trees at 263degrees, range 250 meters, altitude 35 meters.
* Thermal scan at core ranges from 26 to 66 degrees Celsius. Magnetic and visual scan.
*Two targets detected: Subject1 – thermal signature of 27.2 degrees Celsius and 0.3 square meters in size – conclusion, avian. Subject2 – thermal signature of 28.5 degrees Celcius and 2.8 square meters in size – conclusion…

Hank’s shot expertly hit the top of the probe droid striking the top of both of the cylindrical antennae. From his range, it was inconclusive whether or not the shot had done any damage. The droid responded quickly, pivoting in mid air and lining its heavy blaster up with him and firing several blasts that turned the tree limb he was crouched on into splinters and sending him leaping for cover to a nearby tree branch. Before the droid could fire its weapon again, another humanoid came into view running along the ground, leaping over rocks and fallen tree trunks a dozen meters away. The droid switched its designated primary target to the runner and fired its secondary blasters. The shots missed, hitting the ground and causing various amphibians previously hidden in the tall grass to leap and run for their lives.

After a few seconds, the running humanoid disappeared from the droid’s scanners.

*Diagnostic: Main antennae – conclusion: damage to main coils and housing, irreparable for the time being.
*Analysis of targets: hostile; Subject 1 (in trees): weapon: heavy blaster rifle with scope (main threat); Subject 2 (on foot at last sighting, sensor contact lost): no scanned weapon (minor threat, possibly acting as a decoy to divert attention from Subject 1)
*Conclusion: likelihood that Subjects 1 and 2 are primary search targets: 91%
* New Main Objective: deploy secondary antenna and send Conclusionary data to Imperial contacts
* New Secondary Objective: protect self at all costs until New Main Objective is met

As the droid began to rise, it turned in Hank’s direction and began firing into the trees again, sending birds flying and other creatures scampering for safety.


Keurt, who had been hiding in another set of trees after gaining the droid’s attention, teleported just above the droid and fell onto it, covering its main optical sensor with his hands. In response, the droid reached up to grab him with one of its claws just before he jumped off again.


* Diagnostic: All sensors [regarding erratic appearance and disappearance of Subject 2] – inconclusive


As the droid turned to scan for Keurt, he reappeared again on top of the droid and immediately leapt off as the droid, again, reached for him in vain. By then, the droid had risen to an altitude of 25 meters. This time it visually followed Keurt as he fell only to see him disappear in what visually appeared to be a dark cloud of smoke that immediately dissipated.


Suddenly, Guren appeared diving out of the cloud bank from above and slammed into the top of the droid forcing it to lose a dozen meters in altitude before Guren struck it again, forcing it almost down almost onto the grassy ground. The droid quickly moved to the side to avoid another attack and began spraying blaster fire in the levitating reptilian’s direction.


“Here I am!” Keurt called out as he reappeared on the shore of the small lake at the center of the clearing. The droid ignored him and continued to fire at Guren who had to rapidly maneuver in order to avoid getting hit by the blaster fire.


Keurt teleported and, again, landed on top of the droid, this time leaning over and grabbing the main blaster’s barrel.

“Having troubles, my friend?” Keurt asked as he pulled on the blaster, preventing it from aiming properly.

* Analysis: Subject 2’s tactics are increasingly threatening; Subject 3 has exhibited strength capable of doing this unit harm, but does not share Subject 2’s ability to avoid harm; Subject 1 has not fired its weapon in the last 73 seconds
* Assessment: Subject 1 is either dead, incapacitated or no longer a threat; Subject 3 is now primary threat; Subject 2 must be eliminated before its threat level increases
* Tactics: Deploy secondary antenna at earliest convenience; Prevent Subject 3 from doing physical damage to this unit; Maintain wariness of Subject 1’s presence; Attack Subject 2 at every opportunity

As Keurt held onto the blaster, the droid suddenly aimed it toward him.



Guren swept in toward the droid only having to fly skyward again as the droid responded by peppering blaster fire in his direction. It the meantime it increased its altitude again.


“Over here, stupid droid!” Keurt said as he reappeared on the ground just beneath it. In response the droid dropped, extending its claws toward him.


“You are too slow,” Keurt said, reappearing in the air less than a meter away from it. The droid snapped at him with some of its claws, but he disappeared again before he had even fallen a meter.


“Here!” the black skinned Rodian shouted as he reappeared again nearly in the same place, but slightly farther away. Again in lunged for him with its claws.


“Too slow!”


“Try again!”


* Analysis: Subject 2 is exhibiting luring tactics; direction is toward last position of Subject 1
* Assessment: Subject 1 is likely not incapacitated and is likely setting up an ambush on this unit
* Counter tactics: Resume effort to deploy secondary antenna; remove Subject 2 from threat list and ignore its luring tactics

What the droid failed to realize was that in its efforts to catch Keurt it had drifted over the lake and that it hovered so its manipulator arms dangled less than a meter over the water. Suddenly, Wohl Varin emerged from the water and caught hold of one of the claws.


As the droid began grabbing him with its other claws, Wohl began slashing them with the extended adamantium claws on his free hand sending bits and pieces of them falling into the water. It suddenly realized that it had fallen into a trap and Guren Bohs accelerated down on top of it. Wohl, in the meantime continued to slash the claws that attacked him until all that remained was the one that he dangled from. Before it could shake him loose, Wohl climbed up the arm and plunged his claws into the droid’s underside tearing through its armored hide before the droid ejected the arm in a last stitch effort to remove the new threat.

*bamf* *bamf*

Keurt had intercepted him, even before he hit the water and the two of them reappeared on top of the droid. Wohl lifted his free hand.



The droid could do little as the Genoshan smuggler assaulted its upper surface, ripping and tearing at its armored hull. Just before he plunged one of his claws into its main optical sensor, Guren Bohs landed next to Wohl and began ripping apart its damaged armor exposing the droid’s vital components within its interior which soon began to be battered by reptilian fists and adamantium claws.

* Damage assessment: fatal
* Overall Assessment: drive systems’ power are at 68% and dropping; altitude for deployment of secondary antenna no longer attainable
* Conclusion: mission failure
* Remaining tactic: self-destruct

The exploding droid sent the two flying in different directions. The tachyon field that provided Guren Bohs’ ability to fly and his strength also provided him protection from physical harm. Wohl, on the other hand, was partially shredded by the explosion and, if it hadn’t been for his adamantium skeleton, would have been blown to pieces before he landed on the lake’s shore.


“Wohl! Hold on, my friend!” Keurt cried out in horror, rushing to his side. “I’ll get you back to the school in a few moments. I…”

As he reached for him, Wohl pushed his hands aside.

“Agh! No, don’t bother,” Wohl grunted in pain as his body began to heal itself. “Oh, that always hurts.”

Hank came running from the tree line with a damaged rifle in his hands as Guren landed next to the two.

“I might have failed to mention the standard self destruct charges common in these Imperial probe droids,” Hank said as he knelt next to his friend. Wohl grimaced and scowled at him.

“Yeah, thanks, pal.”

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That's Marvel Star Wars: Chapter Twenty-Nine, of course!

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Uh, this is a lot to read for me. And it's great.

An interesting beginning Sir Ravenswald. I am curious of what Raven is planning to do as actually I hardly can imagine vampires to be positive heroes in our world. But maybe there is a different reality or a different dimension meant for Raven to develop into a hero’ personality. Let’s wait. Let’s wait.

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That was quite the enjoyable entry, BT!

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I once befriended a woman who claimed not having pleasure in sex. At that time I had no children, and the woman was somehow disturbing me as she had three daughters and she was really beautiful. Her problem was that her husband was a drunkard, she slept with some other men but they only convinced her that men are… boring (she wasn’t lesbian for sure). She could be named a cold fish actually. But she made impression of a perfect woman and of a perfect mother. And at the same time she was so sad, almost a tragic person to me. This sad woman made me create Eshla in the story.

I put Eshla into the system of complicated regulations, that make her feel blocked, endangered in her rights that she might lose when acting against any of the regulations. And then I understood that it’s the feeling of being not safe, especially in man’s arms, that changes a woman into a cold fish. I pity Eshla very much, I pity my friend as well.

Here is the story (Kasia is not that woman. Kasia is the one suffering from breast cancer. All my stories are meant for her).


Kasia, let’s start with the SYSTEM.

The Sun was setting down in grey over the Tekar walls, but the crowd seemed to grow even bigger. The assembled occupied also the narrow courtyard and the streets deviating in all four directions from the palace. It wasn’t known, whether Loki loses his head or the king sentences him to a lifetime imprisonment, but for sure nobody didn’t even think of a lighter verdict. Such were principles, and the principles as it is well known created this nation: they were like borders beyond which chaos and death ruled – they experienced it and remembered well: one who broke principles was degraded, but when he still was failing to correct himself and continued to act on his own, he ended then deep in his own blood, like Ashgaloth and Terana.

Due to principles they all existed, together, on this side of Asgard, separated by the Great Wall from voracious beasts and since a short time from the Ice Giants also. It actually wasn’t known, which of them was more cruel: beasts always hungry fought and ate each other, but Giants? Well… they weren’t cannibals, but it was told, that if their lives were threatened they would leave their own children to the beasts. And children they had plenty, if it came to marriage at all: their children, born usually without efforts, grew fast to fight for their own place to live in the wild.

The Asgardians however didn’t have as many children: one, rarely two at once and not in each generation. So despite their long life, for our terrestrial measure of course, they still were a small (but sturdy) nation. They worked long hours, but never to be exhausted, and left their children’s education to their system based on numerous principles.

And they had no elections: the descendants’ system had ensured them their position in society and… the king, who in need for a change or by personal lacks appointed them (in most cases whole families) to new positions. The king was almost god in Asgard: he could change or suspend their principles because it was only him who had access to the Holy Artifacts, first of all to the Tesseract. The Tesseract! This cube, being still a mystery to them, was in first line an unlimited source of energy, but sometimes she was erratic: as if she had will of her own, which came to light in most unexpected moments; for example: she had chosen the royal family by herself and only to the king she was willing to pass her visions.

So Asgardians awaited the king’s verdict. Prosecutors incessantly were presenting to the king the principles broken by Loki: there were hundred sixty of them – the number itself shocked: it was enough to prove one defection to be degraded. Loki should await then death or practically eternal imprisonment. And Thor had chosen for his adopted brother the long life in Ashgaloff.

And Loki? He didn’t say anything during his trial; stood straight, proud but his face showed more frequently thoughtfulness and some sadness than irony so typical for him in the past. Oh yes… if he wanted, he could perfectly appeal to someone’s emotions without using words, like none of asgardian kings before. But Thor, even knowing this, was not able to let kill his brother who was standing so defenseless. And additionally deep in his soul a faint hope rooted somehow, hope for Loki, his only brother.

Ashgaloff was a kind of a prison surrounded by a blockade of Tesseract’s energy, that was set up by the king only and actually had never been suspended as it had never happened that the convict improved him- or herself and could be released.

So Loki was brought to Ashgaloff accompanied by no more than two guardians and the king himself. And even then Loki remained silent and Thor was too proud to bid him farewell. It was year 1677 of the New Age count from the day of Terians’ relocation (or Terians’ return if you wish) from the dying planet to Asgard. After Loki’s imprisonment Thor from time to time to suppress his pain was leaving Asgard - using the Tesseract he visited other worlds, where he fought as typical asgardian guardian against their old enemy: the chitaurian worms. But one day: - Gadzooks! – instead of opening the passage Thor was shown his brother…

- I wonder – said Loki to a quite pretty blonde – who appointed you to such glorious task in your clan… You should be married, that’s obvious, as the fact that you won’t say anything to me or look at me… - ironical smile danced on his lips. It was the cheeky Loki, whom Thor didn’t want to remember.

Here the transferred vision had been broken, as if Loki noticed, that he became visible and learned to block it. He was smart with that, Thor had to admit, that he was impressed; but previous king of Asgard, wise and experienced like Loki, and additionally trained by not known whom, could develop even such abilities…

- Yees… it’s worth rethinking. I see, you’ve been perfectly trained, you don’t need to think, like a machine predestined for… certain purposes – Loki already knew, he will have a great time here. Oh no, he won’t be bored, they will always send married women to him for cleaning up, and he intended to seduce them as long as some day one breaks down and violates the principles. This one particularly was beautiful and still young, what made him even more vigorous – You’re pretty, I guess your husband didn’t agree for that without doubts, but maybe you don’t please… – he sneered.

Eshla had enough of him, she looked up and then through the narrow window down to the valley – Why did he have to talk today? And he was so silent, this Loki… You shall not look at the sentenced one, you shall not talk to the sentenced one… How stupid it is… - she thought – and there is no way to deal with such fellow who has no problem with staring in the face or doesn’t heed saying what he wants! – but she, of pure asgardian blood, would cut off his tongue. Well yes, but for that she would be delivered to the other side of the wall – How cruel it is, unfair and t…-

- You think me cruel!? – Loki broke in into her thoughts – Oh no… I would have more compassion than him. I would… well… – he laughed grimly.

Eshla went out, she finished her work accurate in time. But Loki’s laugh accompanied her through his whole level consisting of a bigger salon, a dining room and, let’s say, something similar to our bathrooms.

Eda hadn’t been at home yet, what made her feel uneasy: he would again bring another idea for a child, or another herbs… - I’ll better take a shower – she thought sadly.

Eda in fact came home within minutes and slipped to the bathroom after her, but then at the door they both have fallen and clashed on the floor, Eda held her so that she wouldn’t get hurt, but she anyway got hit into her cheek – Am I cursed? – she thought trying to smile. He caressed her – Thank you – she said holding back her tears.

The swelling lessened significantly until morning, but the hit place went violet, luckily it was small. Loki as if on purpose didn’t go to the dining room when Eshla came on his level, and he noticed the bruise at once – Uuu… -

But Eshla smiled to that – Wow! Surprised! So this not only me, who says something uncontrolled – she thought with grim satisfaction, although actually there was no reason for that at all.

Loki noticed her smile, what made him feel unsure about her. He was convinced she got hit by her husband, but why did she smile? He watched her, how she was moving. She was strong and well shaped, but with her light, delicate skin and hair tangled into two tresses she looked more girly. Loki imagined her with a loose hair, falling down in waves, so he started to unfasten it.

Eshla stood up abruptly from the floor, that she was mopping up. Elastic bands tightening both tresses had been broken! She went out in a hurry hoping, that the guardians wouldn’t notice it; touched by Loki she could be degraded and it would not make it easier for her, if Loki had to do the cleaning up for himself afterwards. She finished her work in the dining room and went to other levels. Luckily Loki could not torment her there.

But he started doing this next day - I thought about you the whole night, you know, and… -

- Yea…you slept like a stone troll ! Oh, shiny cube! – she riposted in her mind unconsciously smiling and denying him with her head.

Loki satisfied bended over her – Well, well… Shall we inform Taker now? -

– Oh no… pretend, it was done accidentally! My ancestors, help me please! – she yelled in her mind concentrating on her steady moves; she couldn’t leave now, it would confirm her violation.

Loki ceased to talk. Time went on, but Eshla still felt uneasy. Finally she gathered all the moisture absorbent dusters. At the entrance however Loki blocked her the passage. In the last moment she stopped before touching him - You’re all the same! – he thundered against her – False guardians of the System; I’ve been sentenced for hundred sixty, but you?? Beasts, liars, pretenders!! Yea… modest, pure and rightfully… cast down your eyes … Cry! Cry… the deaf-mute, you’ve deserved it fully! I would give you to Boki, oh no… better to the Giants… - he hissed into her ear.

She was really scared, but then suddenly she raised her eyes looking Loki full in the face. Yes! She had enough, of him, of this job, of her life, but mostly of these cruel principles. She wanted to show him, despite being endangered by the degradation, that she’s truly pure, but lives where is no way out and no one eager to help her.

But Loki, master of liars and provocation, by far smarter than she simple servant could have ever been, waited only for that: he concentrated on her eyes and then started to penetrate her mind… He had a plan: he wanted to use her to blow up the whole asgardian system, that he had known so perfectly. This way he could make the inexperienced Thor suffer. His cute brother had deserved this, they all had… Loki wanted them to feel pain, a lot of it, to let them drown in their own blood slaughtering each other ferociously. But… he wasn’t ready to meet such pure and sad mind – The Tesseract’s light! – he thought embarrassed – A holy soul… - Loki straightened up then – Go now – he whispered hoarsely wiping his tired forehead – Go! –

With a broken mind she went home then.

Eda had already waited, brought supper for her – You know, to have children we should give up thinking of it and we should look for other challenges in our life. Well… I… don’t believe it – he waived with his hand.

– Who proposed this to you? – she asked him being still shaken.

– Taketow. He got interested in our problem -

Her heart stopped to beat for a while, she had violated principles two times already, maybe if she informed Taker by herself first, she would be given a choice then…

– Don’t be afraid – Eda actually didn’t know, what to say – Only the one guilty has reason for that -

- I know – she answered him in a hurry – but I am worried, that we… still don’t have children -

– Oh, me too – Eda spoke this in a slightly higher tone.

– He lies – Eshla realized this – But if he demanded this, we should follow his instructions – she said aloud.

– No, not demanded, but gave-an-ad-vice – Eda answered with growing anger in his voice. He perfectly understood, that she knows it well, what stake they are playing for this time: they both wanted to be free, to end this marriage, but none was eager to accept own degradation.

– I think, we should try every chance we are offered – she said slowly to that, she didn’t want to make Eda more angry, but on the other hand she just couldn’t give up, not this time; this way she would have at least more peace at home.

Eda had been trapped: if he disagreed, she would have it easy to prove the right to call off their contract and he would… - You’re right, let’s try it and see what it was worth – he finally hissed her.

This night Eshla slept in the living room. At night she dreamed of Loki covered with flames and welcoming her – What a crazy idea! Me and Loki together… - when she awoke, she was aware it wouldn’t be good to go to Ashgaloff this day, but Eshla knew, she had no choice.

They exchanged their moods this time: Loki was silent and discontent sitting in his chair, but she was cleaning up his salon happy and free, as never before, and this irritated him much more, than her previous state of silent depression. If Thor came here now, he could let register her violation, but then he would be left without any servant, at least for some time, while he needed someone moving easily here and there – Well, maybe it’ll be all the better in the end, we shall wait for our brother, soon or later he will reappear here -

The Nameless sat on his Throne; many thousands of years had passed already since he sat there for the first time; and still he was satisfied with his choice: immortal and all-powerful – this he wanted to achieve. From the Throne’s heights he could gain almost everything, but while standing up, he was losing his long and precious life. He had worms instead, he taught them everything, and part of them was given some of his genes. – Loki – he said whispering – he’s still alive… -

His closest chitaurian servant named Ori knew, he should hurry up with a proper answer: - The king of Asgard sentenced him to life in Ashgaloff, in their pri… -

- I know, what Ashgaloff is – the Nameless didn’t allow him to finish the sentence – Loki should suffer…-

- But Master, no one is able to enter Ashgaloff – Ori almost laid himself on the stairs by bowing behind the Throne – Should I start our war with Asgard, Master? – he asked hurriedly.

– Noo… he should be the very first to feel pain… -

- But the Tesseract has restored him to health and protects his body and mind… despite the fact that he has been drowned in the dark energy, we can’t hurt him –

– But he has his heart… -

- Master, he loves no one –

The Nameless stood up, his shadow moved upwards to hung over him – Then make him free to love… -

Ori, embarrassed by such demand, took leave downstairs still bowing deeply.

Loki finally started to move to the dining room before Eshla came to his level, what astonished her greatly. But she didn’t know that he had been intensively searching… for a new plan, since he couldn’t enslave her mind. This way further weeks passed.

But one day he heard a great noise in his salon. Eshla sat on the floor, the dusters were scattered, she trembled. Not saying anything Loki collected all the dusters together. He noticed her hands were covered in bruises – Go home, now… or no, don’t… just lay down… no, you don’t have to be afraid, I don’t want to clean up all this by myself –

Eshla actually was not able to go home anymore. Her beaten back hurt her too much. She laid down hiding her face in the pillow – What for did I come here today at all? I should go right away to… no… we would be both degraded – with this thought she fell asleep.

Loki went nervously here and there; she was radiating with melancholy, silence, without even a hint of anger; he couldn’t concentrate because of that. On the other hand he couldn’t also stay calm in the dining room alone for longer than a couple of minutes. Finally he took decision: he went back to his salon and sat down on the floor opposite to her trying to find out, how to control such light she consisted of. On the level of awaken consciousness it was an unbeatable barrier – The dream closes her eyes, this way it also wouldn’t be possible… But maybe if I gave up myself to it … - suddenly such thought formed in his mind – if I let myself to be taken by this light, I could try then to wield it my way; well… black and white are two sides of the same quality… - he smiled at the sleeping woman, he always had to deal with his problems alone and as far as he knew, he was best in that.

She awoke in the evening and saw Loki sitting on the floor nearby; he was looking at her, straight in the eyes and was caressing, yes… he was caressing her painful soul. The peace, with that he surrounded her, created a delicate light, musing her from all sides – Finally there is someone with me expecting nothing in return… not judging, not making any use of me – she thought smiling slightly at him.

– You should go home now, it’s already late, otherwise we both will get into troubles; my brother won’t believe, that it wasn’t me… and I’ve already had some supper – he said to her heading to the dining room.

Loki was surrounded by a biting fire, as if a longing, suppressed long ago in his childhood, was made free right now and was taking avenge on him for years of slavery. His mind burned, this time truly for the whole night. And in the morning he had arisen from ashes like Phoenix, pure and filled with a bright light – This is good, that I’ve been put in here – he shook his head, he had never supposed, that one day he’ll be happy to be blocked in Ashgaloff, with his thoughts covered from curious Asgardians… He smiled to himself and immediately thought of Eshla’s smile - How’s that possible, that one person replaces the whole universe? Extraordinary, even for me…-

He went right and left in his salon from the daybreak on feeling somehow uneasy. And he waited for her, she usually went down to his level at noon - All this because I have chosen differently this time… - another wave of chill went up his back. At noon he looked through the only narrow window in his salon.

What he saw made the ground around him shake – Thor! – he roared - Thor! – only this name he was able to articulate. He immediately turned blue, his eyes burned throwing out red flames and heating up the metallic window-frame. Eshla hung bound to two beams of a street lamp not far from the slightly shining blockade; she was still alive trying to free herself but in vain – Thor! – and Thor was already there. Soon he brought her unconscious to Loki’s salon – On the table, place her there! – Loki ordered – She should lay flat, in such position you can regenerate her using your Tesseract! –

– Regenerate? – Thor was astonished.

– Yes, you don’t need our healing room; I will show you, how this can be done here… -

- How is she? – Thor asked.

– I don’t know – Loki answered openly – Everything’s stable, probably it is her, who doesn’t want to awake… She is pregnant, but I assume she wasn’t aware of it, otherwise she wouldn’t come here… - Loki actually wasn’t so sure now about this.

– I know, who did this… - Thor started.

– Me too, although I have no access to your Tesseract… And what? Will you help your brother, whom you first incapacitated? –

– Help? – Thor wondered – It’s her who is dying, not you. And the penalty you worked out by yourself!- Thor actually got angry for this murder and for Loki, but looking at him, he hadn’t seen his cruel brother anymore, but an ordinary Asgardian, oh no, not ordinary: Loki was surrounded by some kind of light and… sadness. Suddenly Thor understood the issue – You loved her! – he gasped.

– I do love her – Loki rushed to correct him – She’s still alive. Make me free and together we’ll get them, I know how… -

- No – Thor cut him short – You’ll stay here and watch her until I send someone to take her to the healers –

– If you send her husband, I’ll cut off all what sticks out of his corpse, the last one will be his head – Loki said this in one breath.

– Loki! First you ask me politely, then you threaten me? – Thor again was doubtful – If you violated further principles… -

– Which principles this time?! – Loki answering almost pounded at Thor - Oh… great Thor! – he hissed Thor into the face – Hypocrisy, that’s what you hold to, the same way like others do! Why do you assume, that this is me, who’s bad and him to be good? Because I’ve been put in here?? –

Thor hesitated for a while – Well… wait here then, until I come for her by myself – and he hurried out.

– And who’ll tell me: I’m sorry?!! – Loki demanded after him.

A while later Thor flew to the other side of their Great Wall. He was afraid each time he crossed it alone; with Loki at his side he was somehow less distressed. Even the truce with the Giants after their relocation didn’t help much: the watch on the Wall still wasn’t formality only. But this time he couldn’t let Boki live happily without consequences. Boki, this huge haired monkey, visited often by giant women, as it was told (and in the past also by the ones from Asgard), since centuries ceased appearing close to the Wall. Thor destroyed the entrance to Boki’s cave and part of its ceiling. Boki, who was chewing something, didn’t manage to swallow when Thor squeezed his throat – Who brought her to you?! – he roared into Boki’s ear.

But Boki didn’t know it, because he didn’t wanted to, even if he sensed, that not all come here out of their curiosity. He wanted to hibernate himself soon; he wasn’t as strong as in his youth before. And who knows, whom this world will belong to, when he awakes… So to avoid making enemies, he didn’t ask too many questions and most often pretended, he were just huge but only little thinking monkey; he looked like a monkey anyway, only the white fell he had was different…

- It wasn’t Boki, I mean, not him only – Thor said to Loki who was sitting at the table by the still unconscious Eshla.

– I told you to make me free – Loki answered him seriously.

– I can’t –

– You can’t or you don’t want to? – Loki asked – Well, yes, I do want to be free, and the very first thing I would do were to visit her husband, and then… -

- And then her father and her mother, and then her brothers, their wives and children… That’s why I can’t release you – Thor tried to control his anger - You have to understand them first; when something’s not right it should lead to changes in the System, not to the slaughter. Our key principle is to love! –

– I love her, not the dull worms and sadistic beasts! –

– Whom we should give hope, their violence punish but after a fair trial only! You worked by this System as well – Thor reminded him – Your changes proved useful actually, our kind are too emotional, we had too many wars… And you’ve moved sexual tensions home to that –

Loki stood up – At that time I meant women to give pleasure and birth only –

– And… what, do you think, is wrong about it? – Thor asked looking at Loki watchfully.

– Thor, wrong is the System! It enslaves them, makes them dump as it releases them from thinking. Instead to understand someone’s situation or needs they analyze, what the System allows and for what they can be punished! I know it perfectly, I did the same – Loki moved his head from side to side, his neck was stiff and pain in his back started to grow immensely, he laughed – I think I really prefer your precious Earth, such stupid system wouldn’t hold long there, it would be burst from inside causing revolution –

Thor took a deep breath – Loki, I appreciate that we talk together, but I can’t release you, not yet, you’re still unpredictable –

– Like your humans on Earth… Will you also block with Tesseract’s power their whole planet? Oh, I understand, you’re great, great-thinking, great-willing and great-doing, but you have no right to treat others as if they were mindless kids –

– No, Loki. I just can’t… -

- So I won’t tell you how to get to the Dark Corner! Do you know why? Because you wouldn’t arrive there unseen, the Chitauri sense us by our heart beating, you would have to cut your heart out of the chest…-

- You’ve been there, haven’t you? – Thor asked.

Loki laughed grimly – Yes, I have. And as you see I am still their toy, their tool that they decided to cast away for punishment – Loki was still afraid of telling Thor about the Nameless, he even wasn’t able to articulate this name – No Thor, you’re not aware, with whom you would have to deal. The Chitauri you saw are just simple soldiers… But the higher ranks… Their revenge is always carefully prepared and aims into our souls -

Loki fell into silence.

Thor pondered over his words for a while, then said: - If they are so powerful, they should be already here declaring war to us. But they aren’t, we still live in Asgard in peace, prosperously, and we develop… -

- They aren’t! – Loki sniggered - Thor, please, put aside this cover of sentiments and naivety. First they attack each race secretly, from within; this is their strategy: a poison dripped imperceptibly into hearts decays worlds, slowly, systematically. I would consider in your place, if our scrupulosity of principles weren’t an effect of their misdoings. And I wouldn’t be surprised, if one of the Chitauri were named the System! They attack unhidden only if their opponent is practically defenseless – Loki turned to Eshla – What they did to her? Where were your guardians? Check it! If you find the guilty ones, I will tell you, how did I find them –

Thor didn’t know what to say – Even if you’re right – finally he commented – we still have a lot of pure hearts and it makes us strong -

Loki bowed suddenly, pain in his back returned with radiating intensity; weakened he sat down on the floor.

– What is it, brother? – Thor asked.

– Dark energy that covers her up seeks to torment me; it climbs up through my spine. Once it reaches my mind, there’ll be nothing one can do for me – Loki said this in a hoarse voice – Death awaits me and then I’ll be taken over, swallowed and… digested – Loki’s eyes darkened.

– Brother! – Thor caught Loki by arms and helped him stand up – As long as we live there’s hope for you! –

– Yeaa, you’re right – Loki whispered looking at Eshla – I wasn’t aware of this and until I discovered it, my mind was overwhelmed by their poison; although the pain seemed to lessen: only love can save me; but to be able to love I had to accept myself incomplete. Yees… I am a murderer, a sadist craving for power, but this woman has burned it down entirely. You see, I am still the same, but my old desires… – Loki shrugged his shoulders – just… ceased to matter anything to me, as if they withered; they’re gone replaced by new feeling – Loki looked at Thor – That’s why I know, that I shan’t lose her, I know what awaits me hiding in shadowed emptiness. And that’s why Eshla, yes I know her name, although she’s radiating with evil is my only help now; this is love that protects us –

– How do you know that she loves you? – Thor was still a little skeptic and suspicious, he sensed that Loki wanted to get free.

Loki denied it – I don’t know it, this is my love bringing us protection, not hers, she had been hurt too long to be able to answer. And she went through all what I inflicted to others, intensively, in possibly shortest time, and… suffered for me being so pure and innocent. That’s why I have to help her: to save us both, do you understand me? –

Thor was deeply moved by this words, he rubbed his forehead – You are free, my brother, I release you from Ashgaloff’s blockade – he said finally lying his hand on Loki’s arm – First we take care of her, then deal with the System –

– No, we won’t – Loki answered Thor with the same gesture – She’s mine, and the Asgardians yours, but… don’t be to rush with your changes: enslaved minds released from their bounds would easily get stuck in chaos… -

Loki was searching for two things: how the dark energy was passing through Eshla’s body and how he could bring her back from this coma. And he was frightened. These waves of fear fluctuated more and more often and only with great effort he was able to fight them back with all his thoughts laid on her. He watched her, analyzed her face, but did not touch her, as he was well aware that his touch would bind her, unite with him, much more permanent than his gaze: whereas he still had hope and wanted Eshla to come to him on her own, freely, willingly – And what if she awakes willing to choose death? – he pondered. Her eyes were still closed although a whole day had already passed since her tortures – And what will she do, when she realizes that she is pregnant? - Loki’s face softened, he shook his head – This is a new type of slavery… what matters that I could be, where I wished, if I only wish to be here in my own Ashgaloff… Ashgaloff! Why didn’t I think about it before: her mind’s pure like this inside, and then there’s the curse blocking it, and outside… her body drowned in dark energy; her mind is pretty alive, so her body’s too, but she can’t fight her way out. Pity one, even if I touched her, she wouldn’t know it, imprisoned in her own body, alon.. In darkness or surrounded by a fiery blockade¬? Better if she walked somewhere through the terian green fields… -

He went out to the dining room for a second, just to get a piece of cake, that he ate while going back to his salon. Nothing happened, another hour passed, then next one. Loki had no new ideas, so finally curled up in the only chair, he fell asleep.

He woke up in the evening, and immediately felt cold, he shuddered – I’m lost… like her… - he thought sadly looking at Eshla. Eshla lay with open eyes fixed on him, a tear came down and dropped from her cheek. No, not Eshla, she wasn’t there anymore. Loki’s eyes flashed, his vision blurred and darkened, on salon’s stony walls appeared cracks, some growl went underground, as if the ground writhed in pain: pain that gained power in Loki’s mind; the whole Ashgaloff seemed to shrink, wanting to hide from his anger. And then Loki roared with all his hatred, so intense, that Thor debating in the courtyard heard him. He was even heard by wild beasts in the jungle behind the Great Wall – they answered him in a similar way; and their noise lured the Ice Giants, who at once started to call each other and gather by the Wall.

Loki, sized with rage, was running at full speed sensing nothing but emptiness growing darker and darker around his mind. He changed so much, that Thor being not used yet to angry Giants in Asgard thought to see a stone troll with thundering eyes. In his velocity Loki trampled everything and everyone. Giants had to make room for him, the beasts jumped to the sides.

Thor hardly kept pace with him; he slammed his back with Mjonir, but Loki was like made of stone. It looked like as if he wanted to find his own death in this speed – Help me! – Thor yelled after him – Help me! – he called again strongest he could.

Loki stopped – What?!! – he hunched his back – There is nothing I could help you to settle, no more – he said weakly sitting down on the ground.

– Help me to help you – Thor answered being out of breath.

Loki burst with a wild laughter, Thor did the same. Suddenly Loki became serious.

- You come home now, with me – Thor said hurriedly – And this time you have to obey me, your old-younger brother –

Loki didn’t find enough strength to oppose.

Eshla’s farewell didn’t go smoothly. Thor shut Loki in his bedroom surrounding it with the Tesseract’s blockade. The Asgardians weren’t willing to give up until Thor looking at Eshla’s husband decided, that it should be up to him, which type of trial is to be chosen: an open or a typical one, while he actually wouldn’t consider the open trial to be necessary under such painful circumstances. The judges were truly astonished when Eda assented to the king. But the remorse tormented him until his tragic death, that actually started the new war in Asgard.

Loki spent most of his days in Thor’s bedroom, that he actually took over for himself. This caused lots of rumors among Asgardians, especially, when the brothers shut themselves there together under cube’s blockade. In the meantime Thor and Loki using the Tesseract searched the Universe throughout for chitaurian abode, but Loki’s directives didn’t help them much. This way many days passed. Thor, who as king had a lot of wearisome things to settle with Asgardians and their System, decided some day to leave Loki with the Tesseract alone. Without him the cube was mute, but it helped Loki to think more clearly and step by step it lessened pain in his back.

- Don’t you think, that the Tesseract reveals to us the worlds, that wouldn’t give us even the slightest chance to relocate to the Chitauri, do you? – Thor said this finally to Loki.

His brother smiled slightly, came closer to the cube and unwillingly knocked her with his finger – She hasn’t burned me, although she’s quite active – Loki wondered while Thor seemed not to have noticed it – Don’t overestimate the Tesseract, my king, this cube has her own plans, own intentions, so to say, but as I’ve heard, this is you, who should know it very well, that behaving according to her instructions is the most appropriate –

Thor pulled a wry face instead of answering: he perfectly remembered his enthronization not so long ago, when he decided to invite Krake the Recluse and how it ended with total disaster in his refuge, done by a dizon, who finally managed to free itself…

After Thor’s leaving Loki couldn’t resist touching the Tesseract again, so he did it, and then took her with both hands… - I wished to see her again, I wished her to come back to life in return for all other realizations of my life – he thought slowly as he did it with the stones, when he was king of Asgard, but the Tesseract was shining as always busy with issues known only to herself.

Loki put her down and then suddenly he found himself standing in front of the Throne. He bowed in order to jump, an inside call for avenge blocked all other emotions – it was deliberately, as next to color’s change of his skin it multiplied his strength, but the black veal covered him so tightly, that instead of yelling he was only able to whine.

– Don’t try on me the tricks I have taught the Giants myself – the Nameless said; his voice was so thundering, that Loki was afraid, it will squash his scull from inside. The veal stopped to bite into his skin – You’ve deserved to be punished accordingly, so don’t rebel – the voice continued.

– Thor, can you hear me?!! – Loki screamed in his thoughts.

The Nameless started to laugh grimly; his voice echoed in Loki’s mind interfering and multiplying his painful strength – You were wrong about the humans… maybe… I should give you another chance, or maybe I should squash you like one of my fail creations… But I like your stubbornness, your… - the voice stopped as if the Nameless was considering what to do next.

Loki in the meantime tried to control his scared wits, he felt the black veil going through his body and leaving inside its seeds – I won’t survive this, no chance, this is the end – he thought sadly and suddenly this sadness made him free from the all-surrounding pain, so instead of bowing humbly in front of the Throne he screamed loudly – Thor, brother!!! –

The black veil was immediately torn apart, Loki’s body burned, but he returned to Thor’s bedroom alive and not believing his luck.

Thor this time was broken: he could bring help to all species ever known and tragedies he faced were the best motivation for his great deeds, he was born to, but to see his brother bathed in his own blood… He didn’t know, how to rise him, how to lay him, whether to dematerialize his clothes or not…

- Tesseract – Loki moaned through teeth chattering with pain – I was there –

Thor immediately laid a blockade around his bedroom, that afterwards seemed to be illuminated again.

The wounds from pieces torn out of his skin during Loki’s relocation scarred over slowly and have remained for ever blue. Loki was silent all the time, but luckily also mindful and aware of his state. Thor didn’t hardly leave his bedroom, suspending the blockade only twice a day for meals. Time seemed to go on apart of them.

– Loki, in the end you will have to leave this bedroom – Thor was the first to break the silence – to give yourself a chance; I want to help you… -

- You can’t help me Thor, there’s only endless emptiness left inside me –

– And what about her? –

– Last time I spoke about her I hardly survived – Loki denied him shaking his head – No Thor, despite of my quite strong will I am still their cursed toll only, and all I love die because of me –

– Well, I still do live while I am perfectly aware of what’s between us – Thor answered grinning.

Loki smiled sadly – And this is what I fear most now –

– You have to get out, to rebuild all the positive emotions, to find proper tasks; this emptiness can be refilled –

– No, I won’t give that fun to Asgardians –

But Thor was still not willing to give up - We could visit other worlds: fighting for some good, you would regain your name and your balance, and maybe your woman too –

Loki looked doubtfully at Thor. It seemed to him, that his brother was shining with the same Tesseract’s light like Eshla was. He shuddered – You’re hopeless, but you may be right – he answered finally.

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Feral Female @ Sep 15 2014, 03:54 AM wrote: That was quite the enjoyable entry, BT!
Thank you! It wasn't too long ago that there was a discussion about the use of action in our stories. I chose a chapter with a degree of it. Sorry for its length, though.

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Hoping to get an entry in this month! If not, I'll still read and vote! :)
Outstanding Marvel Team Up - your favourite heroes (and villains) all in one fan fic!

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Great entry, ewkada!

I`ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get an entry in , xMatt. I know how pressing real life can get at times.

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The Balance of Power


Chapter Four




On another World, within another Universe

Republic City

Air Temple Island

He stood silently for all of them to see. The Oldstrong that'd been driven insane by his own power and twisted psyche. He came from a world that no longer exists, a world that was of fire and death, a planet that was as violently scarred as the right side of his own face. He is Hiro-Kala, the son of Hulk and Caiera, the brother of Skaar. And once he was freed from his imprisonment, he came to this world.

It was this world, a world that the Oldstrong Shadow People visited eons ago, that would finally bring him total conquest. Only the Avatar could challenge him, only the Avatar of this world would have the power to defeat him. But she had been banished, cast out from this universe. There was nothing on this world that could stand in his way. Not the Avatar, not his Father, not his Brother... nothing!

This world, this entire universe, was now his for the taking! But for that to be fully realized, Hiro-Kala needed a pair of amulets. He knew their individual location, he could almost sense them with his accursed Old Power. One was at the farthest reaches of this planet, hidden within a tomb that had been nearly forgotten by all. And the other amulet, the one closest for him to obtain, was in the possession of Avatar Aang's youngest offspring... Tenzin.

"What do you want?", Tenzin inquired, glaring at the being responsible for banishing Korra from this world.

"I seek the Heart, old man.", Hiro-Kala answered, narrowing his eyes at the airbending master.

"I... I don't understand.", Tenzin responds, confusion evident in his voice.

"Nor would I expect you to understand, but don't be concerned. All will be revealed in time. I've come for an amulet that you have in your possession. It is essential to my task.", Hiro-Kala clarified.

Tenzin knew what Hiro-Kala was seeking. He remembered when his mother and father, Katara and Aang, had given him the amulet in the form of a necklace as a gift when he was a young boy. He never understood why his father chose to give him the amulet, nor did he truly understand what it symbolized or knew of its origins. All that his father told him was that it was of vast importance, that he was to forever keep it close and make sure it would remain safe. And if the sinister Hiro-Kala wanted it, it couldn't be for a good purpose.

"And if I refuse to hand it over?", Tenzin questioned, his voice remaining stern and strong in the presence of such an sinister being.

"That would be a very... unwise decision.", Hiro-Kala answered, a twisted smirk marking his features.

Releasing a cry of pure rage, unable to hold himself back for a second longer, Tonraq rushes full speed at Hiro-Kala. He pulls out a large, curved dagger from its holder before resuming to lunge and swipe at the insane Oldstrong. He heard enough from this sadistic, evil monster of an alien/human hybrid. His daughter, the only child that he and his beloved wife sired, was gone forever because of Hiro-Kala. He would not let her demise go unavenged, for he would cut out the dark heart of the evil son of Hulk... or die in the attempt!

"You've taken the life of my daughter, Hiro-Kala... and I promise the spirits themselves that no one else will die by your hand!", Tonraq bellowed, lunging at the villain again with his curved Water Tribe dagger.

Much to his credit, Hiro-Kala was fast enough to dodge the sharp blade that threatened to slice his flesh with each lunging swipe from the enraged water tribesman. This was growing tiresome, and Hiro-Kala knew that he had a much more important task to complete if his conquest would be successful. Summoning his Old Power, hardening his flesh until it became denser than diamond, Hiro-Kala watched as the dagger slashed harmlessly across his form before delivering a powerful palm strike to Tonraq's chest. The Old Power empowered blow has enough force to send the large man soaring across the room and smashing against the wall, instantly knocking him out as he crashed to the floor in a heap.

"That's enough out of you!", Chief Lin Beifong proclaimed, lashing out with a metal cable by using her metalbending skills.

"Fools! Do any of you think you're capable of stopping me?!", Hiro-Kala snarled, grabbing the metal cable within his hands before it could rope itself around his body.

Using his Old Power enhanced strength, Hiro-Kala swings the metal cable in a wide arch, taking Lin Beifong off her feet before sending her crashing into General Iroh and Bumi. Releasing the metal cable from his grasp, Hiro-Kala advanced towards Tenzin. He came to a stop directly in front of the bearded airbender, who defiantly stood his ground, refusing to back down. Lunging forward, Hiro-Kala's hand grasps Tenzin by the throat, but the airbender still refused to be intimidated as he glared at the evil son of Hulk.

"Give me the amulet, old man!", Hiro-Kala ordered, tightening his grip on the airbender's throat.

"N-Never!", Tenzin growled out defiantly through clenched teeth.

Enraged by Tenzin's defiance, Hiro-Kala throws him down to the flooring. His eyes travel around the room, from Seena kneeling over and holding the unconscious form of her husband in her arms, to Bolin, Mako and Asami who stood silently in one of the corners within the room, and then onto General Iroh, Kya and Bumi who were kneeling down to make sure that the female leader of Republic City's Police Task Force wasn't injured. Then, Hiro-Kala focused his cold, malevolent glowing azure eyes on those who were most precious to the airbending master: His beloved wife Pema and their four children- Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and baby Rohan. It only took a moment for Tenzin to realize where Hiro-Kala intended to focus his aggression upon, a look of utter horror crossing the airbending master's face.

"Your family? A beautiful, loving wife. And four sweet, innocent children. This could be... interesting.", Hiro-Kala spoke before beginning to stalk towards the family, a hidden malice in his voice.

"No! Leave them alone!", Tenzin yelled, slowly getting to his feet.

Hiro-Kala continued his slow, menacing walk towards the airbending family, ignoring the words spoken by Tenzin completely. The dark Oldstrong drops down to one knee in order to be at eye level with the Pema and the children who were now sitting down on the floor cowering against the nearby wall. He slowly reaches out to roughly grasp Pema's lower jaw, forcing her to stare into his eyes for a second before releasing her. He then reaches out with his left hand to gently caress Jinora's face, causing the young girl to shudder from a combination of fear and the unwanted contact of his cold as death touch.

"I wonder... could you live without them? Would seeing them die right before your very eyes be more painful than that of your own death? Could you even live with yourself if such a fate would befall them? I wonder... what price would you be willing to pay, what would you give in order to make sure that they're safe?", Hiro-Kala remarks, lighting up his hands with the fiery azure-hued Old Power energies.

"No! Stop!", Tenzin pleaded, his eyes becoming wide with terror.

"They say nothing hurts more than losing your children, that no parent should ever have to bury their child. Would you like to find out if that is true?", Hiro-Kala offered as a sick inquiry, slowly inching his crackling Old Power engulfed right hand closer to Ikki's face who began to tremble and cry out in pure fear and helplessness.

"Please! Don't! I'll... I'll...", Tenzin pleaded, desperate to protect his family from this psychotic monster.

"Yes, old man?", Hiro-Kala quietly asks, standing back up to his full height before looking directly at Tenzin.

"I'll give you what you want. I'll give you the amulet, just as long as you don't harm anyone.", Tenzin said with a heavy sigh, finally giving in to Hiro-Kala's demands.

"I accept your terms. Now, if you would, give me the amulet and I'll gladly be on my way.", Hiro-Kala replied evenly, extending his hand out to await for the amulet to be placed within his open palm.

Tenzin lowered his head, knowing that there was no other way to save his family. Walking over to the bookshelf, Tenzin uncovers a small wooden box hidden between some of the larger hardcover novels. He grasped the box within his hands, opening it and retrieving the beautiful amulet from its confines. For a brief second he marveled at the sheer beauty of the crystal, a heavy sigh unknowingly escaping from him as he did. He proceeds to walk over to where Hiro-Kala stood, and once reaching there Tenzin placed the amulet in the palm of the demonic Oldstrong.

Hiro-Kala let a triumphant smirk grace his features, clenching the hand holding the amulet into a fist before turning away. He slowly advanced towards his point of entrance, one that he created through the walls of the structure itself with a blast of Old Power upon his arrival. That was until he heard something that stopped him dead in his tracks.

"You're a monster!", Senna hissed, her eyebrows furrowing as she glared at him.

"Yes, I know. But I am the monster that this world needs.", Hiro-Kala stated in reply as he turned to make eye contact with Senna, unfazed by her hate-filled glare and insult.

"I am the monster that you, your people, and the entire world will come to worship. I will become your emperor, your king, your God! All those who dare to stand against me, all those who will not yield to my power... they will suffer! For not only will I torture them, not only will I kill them... I'll do something far worse. I will rip out their very souls... their spiritual essence... and tear it asunder!", Hiro-Kala vowed, his eyes flashing an eerie azure glow.

Turning away one last time, Hiro-Kala stepped onto the large circular platform of earth, summoning the Old Power in order to achieve a form of levitation/flight from the energies. Blasting off of Air Temple Island, Hiro-Kala soared through the heavens at lightning speed. He was intent to reach the destination, one that was far from Republic City. A place that was forgotten by all those living on this world, a place that was now nothing more than a legend.

The tomb of the Oldstrong who fell in love with one of the first Avatars eons ago. It was here that he could enter the Spirit World, where he could find the mystical/spiritual Heart of this world. It was here that he'd summon a virtually limitless army, an army that would bring this world and many others to their knees. And greater still, he would release a demon... an entity that dwarfed mountains, an entity that could cover this entire world in darkness. An entity that is made up of the combined might of a pantheon of 100,000 dark demons, gods and spirits... Aku-Tonrar!


On another World, within another Universe

Gamma World, New Mexico

Base of the Hulks

Seated on a comfortable cot, with Skaar sitting beside her, Korra looked at the five gamma-empowered behemoths within the room. Her cerulean-hued eyes gazed at Hulk, Red She-Hulk, She-Hulk, A-Bomb and Red Hulk, watching their every move. She couldn't help but feel tense and uneasy, for who wouldn't be if they were in her situation? And besides Skaar, she didn't really make a very good first impression with any of them.

She punched A-Bomb in the nose, blasted Red She-Hulk in the eyes with elemental fire before judo throwing her into the jade-skinned She-Hulk, temporarily blinded Red Hulk with frozen water, and then went on to forcing the Hulk into an altercation that could've been avoided if she didn't let her aggressive nature and tough girl attitude blind her to reason. In all honesty, she couldn't really blame them if they wanted to take her head off, knowing all too well how that feeling felt. She couldn't count how many times she wanted to punch the lights out of that arrogant Tahno or even Mako when they would get into an argument over matters involving their friends or Republic City.

"Put these on.", Hulk said in a stern tone, handing some of Jen's workout clothes to Korra.

Doing as she was told, Korra took the white short-sleeve t-shirt and the pair of sweatpants. Immediately she puts the t-shirt and sweatpants on, covering what remained of her damaged attire. She was thankful that the clothing was comfortable, and the fact that now she didn't feel as exposed as she was moments ago. Despite this, she still felt uneasy as all eyes within the room watched her every move.

"Who are you?", Hulk questioned, making direct eye contact with the elemental teenager.

"My name is Korra. I'm the Avatar.", Korra answered.

This admission did not satisfy any of the Hulks, who seemed more confused or intrigued by her statement than anything else. Well, with the exception of the Red Hulk, who didn't seem to give a damn, and Red She-Hulk, who still looked incredibly ticked off after her earlier encounter with the Avatar. She was just thankful that she made a friend in Skaar, who was, besides his unusual gray-white skin tone, the most human in appearance out of them all... or so she currently believed.

"Uh... what's an Avatar?", A-Bomb asked, his clawed digits lightly scratching the top of his scaly, azure-hued head.

"Explain.", Hulk demands sternly, his tone making it quite clear that he wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Well, on the world where I'm from, there's people who can control elements with their bending. You see, there's four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Each person, each bender, can only control one of the four elements. But I'm the only exception. I can control all of the elements.", Korra explained, taking some pride in her last statement.

"Wicked cool!", A-Bomb said, a hint of excitement making its way into his voice.

"So, on your world, people can basically manipulate planetary elements?", She-Hulk inquired.

"Yeah, pretty much.", Korra answered with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

"Hmph! Sounds like a load of BS from some hippie teenager who's taken too much LSD.", Red Hulk growled in a low voice.

"Leave her alone, old man. She's been through a lot. I mean, it's not like we haven't dealt with stranger things than this. Or have you forgotten that weird Mayan Gods incident that me and you got involved in?", A-Bomb interjected, coming to the defense of the teenage elemental bender.

"Oh, you mean the one that you caused that nearly got us killed?", Red Hulk retorts with a sneer.

"Shut the hell up! Both of you! I want to hear what else this kid's got to say.", Red She-Hulk snarled, her fiery eyes glaring at her two teammates.

"You told us that people on your world can manipulate the elements, that each person can only control one element. But you also said that you are the exception to that contradiction. Why is that?", Hulk questioned, his jade eyes locking on to Korra's own blue irises.

"It's because I'm the Avatar.", Korra stated once again.

"And here we go again.", Red She-Hulk groaned, receiving an elbow from the emerald-skinned She-Hulk.

"Sorry about that. Betty is rather... impatient when it comes to certain subjects. Could you explain how being the Avatar allows you to be able to control all the elements? Describe what it means to be the Avatar. Tell us of your history, of how one becomes the Avatar, of your purpose in your world.", She-Hulk suggested, acting as calm and reasonable as always.

"I... I'm not sure I can. If Tenzin were here, yeah, but me trying to explain everything? I don't know if I can.", Korra replied, lowering her gaze in uncertainty.

She glanced down to her hands that were folded on her lap, unsure of how she could make these people, these monstrous beings, understand everything about herself and her world. Korra let out a heavy sigh, closing her eyes for a moment as she gathered her thoughts, knowing that she shouldn't tell them everything, that she must keep some of the truth hidden from them at least for the time being. It was then that she felt something reach out and rest on her hands, causing her to open her eyes to view whatever it was that now gently touched her skin. What she discovered was a gray-white hand that was just slightly larger than her own, a hand that belonged to Skaar.

"You can do it, Korra. I know you can.", Skaar said, encouraging her with a small smile.

Korra couldn't believe what she was hearing. She'd barely known Skaar for a day, yet here he was giving her moral support and trying to boost her confidence. It was unexpected, even uncanny for him to trust in someone whom he barely even knew. Still, Korra couldn't deny that she was touched by his actions, a slight heat entering her cheeks as she turned her gaze up in order to meet his own. Unknown to them, this did not go unnoticed by some of the Hulks, particularly that of the Hulk and She-Hulk.

"Thanks.", Korra whispered to him, a smile forming on her features as she began to find her confidence.

"The Avatar is the spirit of the world incarnated in human form, the only being in the world who can control and use all the elements simultaneously. Once an Avatar masters the four elements, they must use their power to keep balance among the four nations of the world. Not only must the Avatar maintain balance to the world, but they must also ensure that there is balance and peace in the physical world and the Spirit World. When an Avatar dies, another is born to enforce balance in the world, like when I replaced Avatar Aang, just as he replaced Avatar Roku before him.", Korra carefully explained, taking her time as all eyes in the room focused on her.

"Wow... this is awesome. Different, but still awesome! Definitely not something you'd hear every day, right?", A-Bomb remarked with a friendly chuckle.

"Shut it, Jones.", Red Hulk growled, narrowing his eyes at the azure-armored titan.

"That explains some things, but not what happened in our little fight. What caused your eyes to glow? What caused you to create a sphere of all four elements around you? What was that?", Hulk asked.

"It's called the Avatar State. I usually only enter it when I'm extremely angry, or extremely sad, or when I'm in very, very deep trouble. I remember Tenzin telling me that Roku told Aang that the Avatar State is like a defense mechanism, designed to empower us with the skills and knowledge of all the past Avatars. The glow is the combination of all our past lives, focusing their energy through our body. In the Avatar State, I'm at my most powerful, but I'm also at my most vulnerable. If I'm killed in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle would be broken and there would be no more Avatars. Never again.", Korra answered, recalling the conversation she had with her airbending master long ago before she even came to Republic City.

"Wait a second. How could have Aang spoken to Roku if he was already dead?", She-Hulk inquires, pointing out what she viewed as a logical flaw in this discussion.

"Didn't I mention that the Avatar can contact and speak with all their past incarnations? I thought I mentioned that earlier... Oh, wait, I didn't. Sorry about that. My bad.", Korra said sheepishly.

"She can talk to her dead predecessors? Yeah, that's natural.", Red Hulk grumbled, crossing his muscular crimson biceps over his chest.

"Okay, that's kind of weird. But still pretty cool.", A-Bomb added, his opinion as optimistic and light-hearted as usual.

"Then that means that you really are from another Earth, from another Universe, aren't you?", Hulk stated in inquiry, his face devoid of any emotion.

"Um... Yeah, I guess.", Korra responds, an awkward smile gracing her features.

Silence filled the entire room. None of them spoke, not even a single word was uttered. It ended when the sound of amused, disdainful laughter came from Red She-Hulk, who was now leaning back against the wall. All eyes focused on the scarlet-skinned female powerhouse, wondering what could be the cause of her strange demeanor. Then her light laughter stopped as her fiery eyes focused on Korra, a wicked smile of amusement appearing on the face of the transformed Betty Ross Banner.

"Heh. You really are a freak, aren't you, kid?", Red She-Hulk taunted, her words striking a nerve with the female Avatar.

"What's your problem?! I didn't do anything to you!", Korra exclaimed.

"You wanna know what my problem is? I don't like you, and you blasted me in the face with fire!", Red She-Hulk hissed, her fiery gaze settling on the element manipulating teen.

"Oh, and what was I supposed to do?! You snarled at me like a crazed komodo-rhino on a rampage!", Korra retorted, rising to her feet in that very instant.

"You better sit back down on that cot and shut your mouth, princess, or I'm going to remove your head from your shoulders with the first punch!", Red She-Hulk threatened, clenching her hands tightly into fists as she got into a fighting stance.

"You wanna fight?! Fine! Let's go!", Korra challenged, summoning lightning to her right fist and fire in her left.

"Fine by me, kid! Here comes the pain!", Red She-Hulk snarled, getting ready to lunge at Korra only to be restrained by She-Hulk and A-Bomb.

"Calm down, Betty! You don't really want to fight a teenager, do you?!", She-Hulk proclaimed, trying her best to reason with her fellow teammate and friend.

"The hell I don't! I'm gonna knock her teeth down her throat!", Red She-Hulk snarls, struggling against those who kept her from her target.

"Seriously, Betty. Take a chill-pill!", A-Bomb stated, not at all thrilled with the situation.

"She's nothing but trouble! I knew we should have handed her over to SHIELD! Hell, we could have let that geek Reed Richards take her in for one of his little science projects! Now, I bet she's gonna drag all of us into some kind of a freaking war on another damn world, in another goddamn universe!", Red She-Hulk shouted at the top of her lungs.

It was at that moment that Hulk had enough! He would not tolerate this any further, especially not from his teammates, regardless if they were his family or his friends. This had to be stopped. He wasn't going to allow an all-out brawl to ensue in their base of operations. Not if he could stop it. In other words, this would end now!

"Everyone, calm down!", Hulk roared, his thunderous voice bringing silence and calm within the room.

"We're not here to fight.", Hulk stated in proclamation.

"Then why the hell are we even here?!", Red She-Hulk demanded with a low growl.

"We're here to welcome and learn more about our unique guest, Betty." She-Hulk informed.

"Um... all of you know I'm in the same room, right?", Korra remarked, sitting back down on the cot beside Skaar.

"Sorry. We sometimes get caught up in our arguments. Anger is kind of our forte... some more than others.", She-Hulk apologized, sending a brief glare at Betty who merely glared right back at the Jade Giantess.

"It's okay. But if it's all right with all of you, since I've told all of you a bit about myself, why don't all of you tell me something about yourselves? I scratch your back, you scratch mine. What do you say?", Korra offered in suggestion.

"She does deserve that much, Bruce.", She-Hulk concluded, agreeing with the young woman.

"Yeah, what could it hurt?", A-Bomb added evenly.

"Power-down and change back, everyone.", Hulk ordered, releasing a heavy sigh.

"To hell with that!", Red She-Hulk hissed defiantly.

"I'm not asking, I'm telling you. All of you! Change! Now!", Hulk roars, his jade eyes briefly glowing with an intense, radiant energy.

"Fine.", Red She-Hulk sneered between clenched teeth, extremely reluctant in transforming back into her human form.

It was then that this change, this unbelievable reversion, began to commence before the eyes of Avatar Korra and Skaar. Flesh and bone morph as it shrinks down, decreasing the size and mass of the five gamma-empowered titans within mere moments. The emerald flesh of the Hulk and She-Hulk, the crimson flesh of Red She-Hulk and Red Hulk, and the azure armor of A-Bomb disappears completely, revealing the caucasian skin of their human bodies that some would describe, in spiritual-physical sense, as being hidden within.

In her life, Korra had witnessed many spectacular and truly breath-taking sights, yet none of them could compare to what she had just seen. She had watched the Hulk, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb and Red Hulk transform back into beings that were as human as herself, allowing her to see them for who they truly are beneath all that mass of gamma-empowered flesh and bone. It was something that she never expected to take witness, the shock and utter awe at viewing such an incredible process evidently displayed in the expression on her face and the look in her arctic-blue eyes. And this would be just one of the many wonders she would behold on this planet, on this world that was so much like her own, within this Universe.


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Feral Female @ Sep 17 2014, 04:24 AM wrote: Great entry, ewkada!

I`ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get an entry in , xMatt. I know how pressing real life can get at times.
Thanks Feral. I can imagine how disturbing it can be to read a text with mistakes. Be sure I am doing what I can to improve my English, but with such a long entry it is just impossible to check on each word. My teacher told me that he finds it difficult to understand why in my stories there are some parts without any mistake and some… well, just go in a different direction than English :oops:

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I wonder if it would be alright with everybody if we make a special allowance for ewkada.

- That she would be able to partner with another writer to proof read and suggest changes to her stories, not to improve the plot of her stories, but to correct grammar.

I think this would be a good thing for ewkada in that she would be able to see a before and after picture of her work so she might be able to get a better grasp on English grammar, sentence structure, etc.

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ewkada @ Sep 17 2014, 02:17 PM wrote:
Thanks Feral. I can imagine how disturbing it can be to read a text with mistakes. Be sure I am doing what I can to improve my English, but with such a long entry it is just impossible to check on each word. My teacher told me that he finds it difficult to understand why in my stories there are some parts without any mistake and some… well, just go in a different direction than English :oops:
Trust me, ewkada, I have read worse and from people who speak English as a native tongue. You`re doing quite well, I think. My grammar skills are no great shakes, you can ask my editors about my lack of comma placement and hyphen use. One has threatened to remove the hyphen key from my laptop! =D

Perhaps if you broke the issue into smaller chunks for editing, it wouldn`t seem so overwhelming? Just do 4 paragraphs at a time,or a Word page, or whatever isn`t too stressful? I know from editing my own work that after awhile I start to get sloppy. Then I know it's time to quit for the day.

As to BT`s suggestion I have no issue at all with someone offering to beta read ewkada`s work.