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23 Oct 2015, 02:52 #1

Hi, I'm a new poet. These are the first three poems I've created. Please tell me your thoughts.


Those who cause me to fall.
Shall only cause me to stand tall.
Those who think I am not strong.
Shall be proven wrong.
Those who think I can't.
Shall see that I can.
Those who band together against me.
Shall see others,who stand with me.


Though I may tire.
I can still ignite my inner fire.
I keep away the rage.
By hiding it in a cage.
For when I want to unleash such power!
Others shall (hopefully) cower.


I look at the clock.
Every minute I hear its tock.
But as time goes on I still have writer's block.
Its as if my creative ideas are in a lock.
The lightbulb does not shine bright.
But instead shines like the night.
But then lightning strikes!
Caught in the lightbulb, it now makes light!
Now as I write, I can make my work right!
If you're a man then for someone's sake you will be strong! Same with women nothing will start if all you do is watch. You just have to have the courage to say "this is right." If you can do just that you're a hero!