October Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

A great opportunity for writers to showcase their talent.

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October Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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Welcome to the October writing competition :guitar: Please read the rules before entering

http://z3.invisionfree.com/Mickeys_Comi ... opic=11460

Some important info for this month:

1) Entrants have until October 27th 4pm EST to submit an entry for the competition

2) Voting will then open for entrants before closing on October 29th 4pm EST

3) Voting for non-entrants will then open before closing on October 30th 4pm EST

Best of luck to all entrants


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The winner tally, so far:

November 2013 Winners
Invincible - Issue#28 - Anger Management by Feral Female (1st win)
Violet Avenger Annual #1 – Push by darktruth (1st win)

Decemberber 2013 Winners
Bumblebee Man (part 1) by Miles_Warren (1st win)
2013 Holiday Special by Mister_Oz (1st win)

January 2014 Winners
Song of Selwyn. Capter 1 - secret love by darktruth (2nd win)

February 2014 Winners
Marvel SW: Arsenal, Chapter 3 by Big Thunder (1st win)
Song of Selwyn-Chapter II-A Ranger Falls by darktruth (3rd win)

March 2014 Winners
Heavy Metal- issue #3- Welcome to the Jungle by Feral Female (2nd win)

April 2014 Winners
Hail HYDRA by darktruth (4th win)

May 2014 Winners
Outstanding Avengers by xMatt (1st win)

June 2014 Winners
Marvel Star Wars: Hulk, Chapter Four by Big Thunder (2nd win)
The Outstanding Avengers #43 by xMatt (2nd win)

July 2014 Winners
The Outstanding Avengers: Part Three by xMatt (3rd win)

August 2014 Winners
Heavy Metal #7 – Haunted – Feral Female (3rd win)

September 2014 Winners
Marvel Star Wars: Chapter Twenty-Nine by Big Thunder (3rd win)

October 2014 Winners
The Balance of Power Chapter Five: Discoveries by GreenScar1990 (1st win)
Heavy Metal - Issue #9 – Haunted by Feral Female (4th win)

November 2014 Winners
Balance of Power - Chapter Six - the Bonds that are Formed by GreenScar1990 (2nd win)
Marvel Star Wars: Arsenal - Chapter Seven by Big Thunder (4th win)

December 2014 Winners
The Balance of Power -Chapter Seven: Emotions and Revelations by GreenScar1990 (3rd win)

January 2015 Winners
Heavy Metal - Issue #11 – Haunted by Feral Female (5th win)
Ant-Man? by Ewkada (1st win)
Ultimate Flash #1 - A New Kind of Enemy - Part One of Two: "Red and Blue" by xMatt (4th win)

February 2015 Winners
Heavy Metal - Issue #12 – Haunted by Feral Female (6th win)

March 2015 Winners
The Clowns Come at Midnight by Miles Warren (2nd win)

April 2015 Winners
Outstanding Spider-Man: Chapter 5 - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man Part 1 - My Long Day - In the Morning by silverspidey4ever (1st win)

May 2015 Winners
Marvel Star Wars: Guardians of the Galaxy, Chapter One by Big Thunder (5th win)

June 2015 Winners
Untitled Thor story - Ewkada (2nd win)

July 2015 Winners
Heavy Metal issue #16 - Caught Somewhere in Time (Iron Maiden) - Feral Female (7th win)

August 2015 Winners
Love is Shell Chapter 27 - Interlude: Donatello's Digital Diary - MsMarvelDuckie (1st win)
DON'T ASK - xMatt (5th win)

September 2015 Winners
Awaken - Big Thunder (6th win)

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Another month. I can't wait to see what's in store from all of the writers. Hopefully, we'll have a whole bag full.

Possibilities I have for my entry:
- A new chapter to MSW: Guardians of the Galaxy
- A brand new "History Behind the Marvel Star Wars Universe" one shot featuring the legends inspiring some of the MSW's villains
- A brand new "History Behind the Marvel Star Wars Universe" featuring the origins of some of the MSW's mysterious characters
- A "sequel" to Awaken
- The introduction to an old sci-fi story I once wrote for myself

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I'm tentatively tossing my bonnet into the ring. October is a crazy month for me, and November kicks off NaNoWriMo, so I might not be able to participate for a couple months but I'll try my hardest.

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Glad to hear it, Feral! You were missed!

Also- I'm in.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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October is going to be a crazy month for me too
I've never had so much work as I have to perform now
it sounds terribly, but, well that's life, isn't it ?

I once had to prepare my mum's birthday for more than 20 people
it was a hard task, I had to make a reasonable plan, in which I wouldn't make myself deadly tired

believe it or not, but in such situations, being here with you and reading your stories is really relaxing
it's changing the attitude, it's making the weight of problems lighter
it's somehow illuminating my evenings

I saw today a quite beautiful woman of my age
she wasn't smiling at all and she looked... well... she looked really annoying
while I was hurring to the railway station to catch my train after my English lesson
and I was actually all smiles, tired yes, but really in a very good mood

I smiled at her but she quickly passed by me,
poor woman, I couldn't help her

so don't give up, and bring on your stories
you'll make me smile with them
and I hope I'll make you smile with mine


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writing my story I realized that all those heroes are going to die someday,
they have to die, that's the way of things, sooner or later
but I wanted so dearly to extend their life span
eventhough I knew it wouldn't make sense then

this is why I decided to add new heroes, mostly the children or brothers or sisters
only to have my heroes alive for a bit longer...

so here you've got my next story:
(I own nothing which isn't mine)




Peter Parker sat down on a wooden bench. It was an old church of a relatively old community and it had that specific atmosphere thanks to numerous baroque statues covered here and there with shiny golden paint. He always found himself surprised by how well and homely he felt here, and only here. And how safe. Was it because Aunt May used to bring him here when he was a little boy? Maybe. Whatever the reason Peter was almost sure, that time slowed down inside that church, and the world outside faded as if it was losing its usual dominant meaning. Maybe there was really someone invisible living here… Peter smiled at the air in front of him – Can ghosts smile at all? How can you check it if they aren’t detectable? – he shook his head confused by the absurdity of such thought. It was enough that he entered this church and his mind started to project visions of ghosts, and of his parents, and of Gwen… Peter immediately felt his hair standing on end. He shuddered trying to get rid of all those sad recollections. And at that moment he understood, that it was not the past which activated his danger sensors. Something indeed was approaching.

In a blink of an eye later, when he was already hanging sticking to a column right intermingled in a group of statues representing some saints of old, the door opened and into the main nave entered Loki. He stopped suddenly in the middle of the church and without looking to the sides sat down right on the same bench, where previously Peter had sat. He closed his eyes.
Peter wondered how much time it would take Loki to meditate this way, when his sensors started buzzing again, very quietly, but the strength of such signal wasn’t radiating in intensity but in sequences, which stretching in time always turned out to be unbearable for Peter. The sensors helped him to be able to react, to fly, to defend himself, but such hanging on the tips of his fingers and toes wasn’t their option, they made Peter furious, he could sniff trouble but he knew he mustn’t move for fear of revealing himself. Well actually it was true: fear was making him smell various scents: all of them were hurting him.

Someone new went inside and Peter almost detached himself from the column.

It was Vision, who stood for a while rooted to the spot at the sight of Loki in front of him. Then, slowly and carefully he went close to Loki – May I join you? – he asked politely, too politely to make an impression of being honest with that Jotun. Since he had been created the presence of Loki on Earth always made him feel really confused. He felt as if Loki so well experienced in using the Scepter could immediately see into his mind and search through all his thoughts, even through the ones hidden deeply in subdomains which made together his subconsciousness. It was a totally irrational feeling, as strange as was his curiosity in this particular church.

- Of course – was Loki’s short answer – So maybe as the only aliens who are so often popping in here shall we pray together now? – the irony of this question was as clear as the sky on a sunny day in summer.

Vision didn’t know how to respond. Of course Loki knew that he liked coming here. And that proposal to say prayers together was really provoking, oh no, it wasn’t provoking, it wasn’t proposal at all, but its opposite. It was obvious, that Vision wouldn’t join any community – And it’s the same with Loki… - Vision understood it suddenly and first then he smiled to Loki – Provoker… - he almost said his thought aloud – Thank you – he said instead – I see you also enjoy coming here, don’t you? -

Loki first now realized, that Vision had almost the same emotional matrix as his own – It is amazing how much you and my little son Kiran have in common – it wasn’t meant to be that vicious, but being sarcastic was melted together with the dark energy directly into Loki’s character and malice seemed to be circling in his veins looking all the time for its way out.

- You’re right – Vision was experienced enough to not let himself to be provoked – But not entirely. Actually the human elements, which your Kiran and me have had added into our character, should make us softer than you are -

- I would say weaker – Loki whispered pulling a serious face suddenly, and he really meant it seriously.

- You’re right again, we’re not that endurable as you are – Vision confirmed – But we’re tougher than humans. And maybe thanks to such churches the endurance isn’t that important here -

- I don’t understand the reasons for your optimism – Loki exclaimed – You know it very well, that human quarrels are the most spicy in the universe, well at least in our part of the universe. Humans live short, very intense, very emotional and usual aggressive lives. Actually the four aspects make a circle, one resulting in another. People here have collected a huge emotional load, so huge that sooner or later it will tear this planet apart. Don’t tell me you don’t sense that. Only the fact that Ultron gained such power here and so quickly proves I am right about it -

- Such end is highly possible – Vision nodded, being now really surprised that they both were talking instead of getting at each other’s throat – But not necessarily should we meddle in their fate. This would enslave them, and they very much love their freedom -

- And in this freedom they would slaughter themselves eternally. I am not sure anymore, if I want to witness their ending -

- But this is our home now – Vision suggested – And we should protect it. People in their nature are beautiful but quite easily mislead, actually their end seems more to be coming as an external threat than to be originated by themselves. I mean, their hyper-emotions look like being evoked by someone else -

- That’s why you’re here now, aren’t you? – Loki asked.

Vision nodded – I want to understand. And I couldn’t find the answer elsewhere. Maybe I wasn’t lucky, or… I’ve been mislead –

Peter sighed insignificantly, but it was enough to reveal himself. Vision immediately fired at him breaking all the statues around Peter. Loki also jumped towards him. Luckily Peter was faster and quickly started to tangle them with his spider’s web. Vision and Loki worked intensively on cutting the web, but at the same time they were damaging the church – Stop! – Peter shouted – I surrender! Do you hear me! I give up! I don’t want your „emotional load” destroy everything here – he was breathing heavily - And you would have to pay the bill for that – Peter added grinning viciously at them.

- And how much will you pay us for eavesdropping? – Loki barked – This was against the law -

- You’re not human! And this is our law ruling here, this is our church – Peter barked back – Well, it WAS our church – he finished.

- I was born here, and I have the same right to be here as you – Vision answered calmly

- Yea, and you rampage through it like a beast through a jungle trying to make me feel guilty for that in the end – Peter looked for the fastest way to escape as he had already heard distant police sirens – “People here have collected a huge emotional load, so huge that sooner or later it will tear apart this planet”. Really?! – he snorted – Just look around! – and with that he left them.


- Where you really born here? – asked Loki keeping his hands up. Cops were carefully surrounding both of them.

Vision smiled – I was told it by Tony Stark. The idea of Jarvis appeared here for the first time, during the funeral of the real Jarvis – Vision smiled again – The most difficult part had been working on reconstructing the man’s voice, Tony had had to make improvements for years then, would you believe it? –


In another part of the universe however, far away from Earth Thor was occupied with totally different problems than those of his brother Loki. Being born so strong in his body and mind he felt helpless with his feelings towards the young Ejsha. He travelled restlessly through other “realms” meeting many people there but when he finally returned to the palace in Asgard he avoided everything related to that girl; he even refused to have dinner when he knew that her Terian father, Kerdas was on duty in the palace. Only a few days passed this way and Thor again was on the move: he decided to visit some Asgardian institutions and because he was so engaging and full of passion everywhere he appeared the Asgardians gathered themselves round him in numbers as if he was announcing a new feast.

Once, while he was returning to the palace earlier than usual, he decided to drop into the lair of their brown hugebirds. The guardians proudly reported to him their successes, but also had some extra news: some hugebirds withdrew from their androgyny and formed groups consisting of two or three females and one male; the young brought forth recently were quite restless because of that. So it was under discussion now, how to separate the new line from the old one to avoid quarrels between them.

Thor suddenly heard sounds of a flute, sad, gentle and wailing.

– This makes the young sleepy and relaxes the adults – one of the supervisors hurried up with an explanation – Our guardian invented it, she hasn’t finished her school yet, but she’s already a very talented Terian –

Thor was rooted to the spot, then he quickly said farewell to the guardians; he didn’t want to hear the play to the end, as he was proposed to, and went out to the courtyard and then across it – Why am I going and not flying? – he wondered, but the melancholic playing slowed down his thoughts – This has some impact on me too… - he murmured to himself. But then the play stopped. Thor automatically turned around and tried to find out where she was, but failed, although he was sure, that she was watching him as he felt being attracted to her; and he found it difficult to control – Go back to the palace, just go… - he ordered himself.

Young hugebirds suddenly started squeaking, so Thor turned his Mjonir and was soon back in the palace.

But he didn’t rest there, he felt blocked by the System, and it made him angry, that even the king, the first guardian of the System was not allowed to get what he so much wanted – Well she’s too young, she’s not able to respond reasonably yet – he tried to explain it to himself – How do you know that, you didn’t ask her – he argued – They won’t agree, none in Asgard would agree to that, even for the king, even if the Te… Tesseract! – Thor quickly went closer to the cube, took it with both hands, concentrated and… nothing happened: the Tesseract was mute. Thor put it away, he started to get very angry, with himself, with Asgard, even with Loki’s success - it was him, who was the elder of them two, not Loki… - he wanted to fetch someone a blow, a healthy blow, so that it would hurt… and this way his thoughts went to the fighting Frost Giants…


Two hours later surrounded by some thunderbolts, which had run out of his control, and with a great rumble he landed on the huge oval courtyard of the Giants’ main abode.

Archi was already an elderly king, actually a king’s steward only. The defeated Giants (or Jotuns, it’s up to you how to call them) had found it hard to forgive Asgard not only for Laufey’s death but also for the loss of their planet so they had never accepted that in the first line it was their own kin to be blamed for it. Archi however had a different point of view in that matter: firstly: their king was wrong to identify Asgard as their enemy and this way he rushed to an endless war against a powerful nation that for sure hadn’t been touched yet by the Shadow, secondly: Loki, the only living son of king Laufey, adopted by Asgardian king, didn’t seek to reclaim Jotunian throne (luckily for Loki, as the Giants wouldn’t accept him easily on their throne guessing rightly who killed their king), thirdly: Jotunheim was, to be honest, totally exploited by themselves before the war and actually it turned to their favor, that Odin, driven by remorse, proposed to them the relocation to Asgard, and fourthly: Archi thought himself to be a proper king, and he didn’t remember a better one, as well as he didn’t remember such a good relationship with Asgard before. For all those reasons Archi, despite his old age, felt strong – What is it that the king of the befriended Asgard has forgotten here? – he asked lightly, but at the same time approached Thor carefully: with Asgardians the same as with Jotuns you could never feel safe.

– Recently you offered some sparring to me – Thor answered him shortly – I am ready for it now… Give me the strongest one! –

Archi laughed heartily to that – Be sure, you’ll get a strong one, but be careful as he is also a clever one. I don’t want to make it easy for you – Archi didn’t want to offend Thor, so he had chosen his words wisely.

The Giants within seconds called themselves together and surrounded the courtyard.

– Kirk! – Archi roared – He should be some years younger than you are, I estimate, as Jotunheim had bereaved many of our warriors of their parents. Kirk was raised in the Misty Highlands… -

Thor took position, with his legs firm on the ground, he knew he had to be highly concentrated at that moment – I am ready – he said hoarsely. Out of the crowd came out an armed Giant of about his size, with small horns bowed to the back and with a covered face. Krake must have had a lot of work preparing the full gear for all the newcomers. Thor smiled, this one reminded him much of his adopted brother…, but he wasn’t given more time for thinking.

Kirk was a good rival, however he hadn’t had to face Thor’s desperate mood before: Thor was stronger even though he had put his Mjonir aside… Finally Thor, quite tired already, aimed with bare fist into Kirk’s head, well actually into the helmet, that flew backwards due to his punch.

Kirk immediately lost his armor, but hadn’t given up: he used the moment, when Thor with an opened mouth was watching his face and punched Thor between the eyes.

Thor lost his sight, he shook his head once and twice, and then fell on the ground with his face down.

Kirk was shocked, he quickly turned Thor’s body and found out with relief that he was alive. To kill the king of Asgard, even in a fair fight, was actually the first step to war – He’s still with us – he said to Archi – I expected rather to miss, my king. I was clearly losing this round –

– I know – Archi answered him – And this worries me more than anything else… You two go to Asgard with a message, tell them how it had happened, but remember: proudly and with dignity! And try to find out, why he appeared here so soon. And you Kirk shall stay by him until he regains his consciousness… For the better of us all –


Thor lay for one week already at the back of Archi’s living room, but even though he was awake, he behaved as if he didn’t remember any details of his recent fight. Kirk was so confused, that he went out of his sight sending others for help. When another week had passed, Archi decided to check Thor’s state and called Kirk to join him.

Thor was sitting on the bed looking through a narrow clearance between heavy curtains made of soft talan leaves; he could observe a little waterfall going down in front of him; the water was commonly used by the Giants for drinking and also for softening the dried food.

Kirk felt he should be first to speak – I would like to apologize for knocking you senseless with my blow, I never ever thought you would give up the fighting after being so overwhelming victorious –

Thor carefully studied his face in the meantime – I remember… you – he answered touching his nose – You’ve broken it! – he exclaimed – This had never happened before… - Thor moved his head sideways – I’ve got a headache, quite terrible, can I ask you to sit down so that I don’t have to look up while talking to you? –

When they both did it, Thor sat silent for a long while looking at them in turns.

– I am too rush – finally he spoke in an unexpectedly strong voice – As we are all here… - he closed his eyes – And you, Giant warrior, you are really strong and smart, but it wouldn’t help you to win… -

- Nevertheless you’ve lost this round – Archi cut him off, this time he couldn’t stand Thor’s proud tone.

– Yes, I’ve… lost it, because… – Thor took a deep breath, as if he tried to encourage himself – I didn’t know, that my adopted brother Loki has got a twin-brother –

Neither of the two Giants dared to speak first after that.

Thor had been feeling better for several days already, but it took him many hours to rethink the issue before talking to Archi and Kirk – I see this is also for you a great surprise… Well, I paid for this information painfully – Thor said it checking his nose again.

– These are heavy words… - Archi started slowly – But I take it for granted, that you are aware of their meaning and of their consequences. Nevertheless we will need more than just your testimony –

– I expected you would say that – Thor answered him – But please consider, that for you, who has no children, it is less disturbing than for me and Loki: due to Loki’s adoption I am bound also to Kirk by family ties – he has equal rights for succession of the Asgardian throne: he will have the right to attend the Hammer’s trial… Be happy – Thor turned to Kirk – Out of a warrior you became a claimant to two thrones: if not you, then your sons may have the same rights! –

When Thor was speaking, Archi thought intensively of his possibilities. He felt that he was too old to have children, but even if he had had any, he didn’t originate from any royal line, so he would have to kill Kirk and Loki, and Thor in the end, who for sure would be defending his brothers – Adoption – came to his mind, actually it was the only workable solution for him now that would allow him to keep Erdal’s spear in his hand… - King Thor - Archi started aloud - You probably misunderstood me, the succession of the Jotunian throne is clear: after my death, if there were no descendants or they were not interested in it, the Jotuns would run a competition. And I would indicate Kirk, as he’s smart, strong and brave. But in this situation there would be no competition and those who have already hoped for it, will now demand firm proofs from us –

– The truth can defend itself – Thor answered little hastily.

– But it should be confirmed, you will have to compare his… -

- Can I say something, when you are discussing me so openly? – Kirk cut off harshly looking at both kings in turns – I am not afraid of competition nor of the trial at any court, and, frankly speaking, I would be eager to live as I once lived in my dormitory in the Misty Highlands, if only Jotunheim were renewed, not necessarily here… but… it’s really great to know, that I’ve got brothers. Our mothers, king Thor, with a greater care used to treat the derives than their own children, and now they do the same to the hugebirds; that is why brotherhood had always been so important for us, and here in Asgard I was alone until now, others I knew about died back on Jotunheim… - Kirk turned to look at Archi – And that is why I am here with our king: here I was taught the community rituals, here I am kept busy and here I have chosen my place to live being not aware of my origins and, to be honest, until king Archi is with us I don’t imagine another king for the Jotuns –

Archi only waited for that – You are truly loyal to me… I see, that not only your royal blood predestinates you to be the king… I don’t have children… would you like to become my son? –
Kirk raised his head surprised, Archi was taller than him, even while sitting – Yes – he answered firmly.

Thor heaved a big sigh of relief, he was really afraid of a new war. He stood up abruptly with a satisfied face, and when others also rose looking still surprised, he laid his hands on their arms – Congratulations – he said; there was no need to say more.


The proof trial had to be run anyway, but after the adoption first, so it was made short. The Giants had much fun after both rituals, they were lively and laughed easily, but not chaotic: years of unbroken fights had taught them to draw the lines between freedom and lawlessness – and Archi additionally created for them the whole system of rituals, which although simple proved to be effective and created close ties within their rapidly growing community.

Finally Thor approached Archi in order to talk to him – King Archi – he said – I am here to take back what is mine –

The Giants immediately fell into silence.

– I mean my brother – Thor went nearer to Kirk – You’re prince not only here, but also in Asgard for my people – he smiled broadly – And in Asgard you have to learn the principles by attending our schools, it might take you some years… of course I hope, that you will be given your father’s permission – Thor added bowing his head to Archi.

Archi was more than satisfied, Thor gained his respect since he kneeled before him after the Dragon War, and Archi started to like this Asgardian king again – In fact we both have our rights to Kirk – he answered - However not equal. And in my opinion some training would be good for him, but some years seems to be too long, so I will agree to it partly only: half of the year he shall spend here and half in Asgard, the training will take longer because of it, but I suppose we don’t need to hurry up with it, do we? –

– And you didn’t mind asking me, as usual, I see… – Kirk folded his arms.

– Exactly that is why you need to finish our schools, afterwards you’ll be our equals – Thor informed him.


Loki felt somehow uneasy, he called Thor many times actually, but with no response. He was just considering whether to risk using his Scepter or not when Thor finally appeared – You couldn’t be away for a longer time, could you?! You know it well that I can sense your state and recently I wasn’t made happy by this fact! I would appreciate it if you told me… -

- I have a surprise for you – Thor cut him off.

– And does she have violent eyes? –

– Violet – Thor corrected him – No, and don’t think you would ever get her… - he denied Loki by shaking his head – Don’t think too much, you’ll never guess what I have prepared for you –

Loki looked at Thor making a cold, steady face until Thor started to laugh.

– But you’ll have to come back with me, just for a while –

To such a proposal Loki tensed even more – If it were up to me, I would have this surprise here on Earth –

– No, it would be better if the surprise stayed in Asgard –

– And how should I explain it to Rosie? –

– Oh, your absence should take no more than fifteen minutes… Come on Loki… trust me this time –

– Aa…greed – Loki still wasn’t smiling - But I will invite the Starks, just in case, you know that here even seconds are important if something goes wrong, … -

Thor frowned – What have you done while I was back in Asgard? – he asked suspiciously.

-Nothing serious, really – Loki answered quickly, too quickly.

-Yea, and I’d like to hear it hadn’t involved Vision! I told you to stay away from him – Thor was watching Loki’s face carefully.

Loki smiled – As for my part… – he said – …be sure I always keep my promises -


They both returned to the palace in Asgard – And… - Loki looked around – Where is…-

At this moment Kirk came out of the king’s bedroom. They both eyed each other for a longer while, then they slowly started to materialize their armors.

– What !?! – Thor yelled – Maybe I would introduce you first! –

– This won’t be necessary – Loki said slowly trying to concentrate and then jumped towards Kirk…

They devastated everything round them, Thor threw once his Mjonir in-between, but this only helped so much that they run out into the courtyard.


Thor angry beyond control left the twins fighting on the square next to the palace, he recharged his hammer with thunderbolts and returned to his bedroom to take the Tesseract with him.
Not much later he landed thundering in the main quarters of the Giants – You knew that they will rage against each other like bilge snipes, you’ve made a fool of me! – he roared angrily.

Archi went blue to these words.

Thor bowed slightly, but this time he didn’t mean to honor the Jotunian king.

– Yes, I knew it, but I did NOT mean to mock you… This is typical for us, the brothers have to agree on their hierarchy, and you, even as Asgardian king, cannot do anything other than wait… me too, this is our bloodthirsty nature; besides – Archi moved his arms helplessly – they are Laufey’s sons… -

- If they kill each other… - Thor said it being still filled with anger but more about his own thoughtlessness.

– Then what? Will you declare war on us? We’ll eagerly answer you in a proper way! -

– No! – Thor said placing his hammer on the ground as a sign of his willingness of cooperation – Maybe there is a way to make their discussion short? They will ruin half of the city…

But Archi denied him – Even I am not able to dim the call that had developed for thousands of years. Try to persuade our Jotunian women to live in your homes and the Asgardian ones to live with us: you will fail… Go back to your palace and have hope, that after some days they will both return to you –

– After…some days… - Thor narrowed his eyes and nodded farewell to Archi.


Wild beasts behind the Great Wall had sensed, that something was amiss, they first gathered themselves close to the wall and whooping checked whether they can force it. The guardians alarmed by them sounded Mobilization 2. It was a good move, just in time, as the first creatures had already dared to climb up the wall. First they were Asgardian hunters who started their play, soon they had a lot to do on the wall fighting somewhat strange looking beasts, and relatively fast they run out of energetic balls, so they had to use also swords while waiting for the next delivery of the balls.

Ejsha also was given an area to control it. Looking downwards she saw a huge round shape sliding up in her direction. In spite of heavy energetic fire Ejsha’s creature continued to climb upwards being unusually lucky in avoiding the balls; the first threadlike arms reached the top of the wall. With a quick movement with her hands Ejsha took out two short swords and started her harvest. Hours went on and on, it was not difficult, but tiresome, as her hands were all the time kept busy. From beneath she saw sometimes Thor, who sent his thunderbolts into the wilderness and flew here and there heaving and slashing with his hammer.

Finally the beasts started to retreat hastily as if they sensed something very dangerous, some Asgardians followed them on the brown hugebirds, which would end fatally if Thor hadn’t warned the followers by sending some of the thunderbolts in advance - because this flight of the beasts was simulated and meant to attract the Asgardians deeper into the wilderness - some discs already were reeling throwing out their hacked cords - luckily the hugebirds instinctively flew back to the wall. Thor again was angry – due to the two stubborn Giants half of the planet was set on fire.


And the two had already lost their armor, but continued to fight with swords – after the Dragon War only such old swords remained unused in the small wayside arsenal. Towards the end Loki started to laugh loudly and with great fantasy; and with slightly less strength he tried to strike Kirk. Kirk became infected by Loki’s wild laughing and started to copy him, but suddenly Loki put all his strength into the next cutting blow; Kirk’s sword broke apart and the tip of Loki’s weapon touched Kirk’s throat – I don’t want to kill you – Loki said with a stony face.

– I see – Kirk answered him quickly – Why do you look older? – Kirk was just curious.

– I was drowned in the black substance and played with its energy for far too long – Loki answered him.

They started to circle round each other.

– How did you survive? I was spotted in the temple by Odin, the Asgardian king… - Loki asked his new brother.

- Essi, my mother-in-law took me out of the river, I must have been thrown into the waters instead of being crushed against the rocky shore. You know that Laufey accepted only the big ones as his offspring, don’t you? My name’s Kirk, which means the Triple-lucky, and now I understand why: someone had mercy with me, then I wasn’t eaten by any fish and… – Kirk stopped first the circling, he didn’t want to fight anymore – …the firstborn son of Essi died shortly before, she had painfully swollen breasts, so even a weakling like me was taken with relief. But Essi was a real Jotunian woman… -

Loki thrust his sword into the ground.

– …that is why I will never get married, ours I dislike, and the ones of Asgard are just boring with their principles… - Kirk continued.

- And I will never come back to your Jotuns, I’ve got my own planet, although it pretends not to need the king –

Kirk grinned at Loki’s remark – So this way we’ll have it settled – he proposed - You stay on Midheim, Thor in Asgard and as for me, I feel good with my Jotuns –

– Yea, you should be right – Loki confirmed him, with a small hint of irony though.


- Well I don’t think, that after our debate the king will prepare his kingly feast for us – Loki said it bowing slightly to Thor, who was visibly angry – Anyway, as you for sure know, I better hurry up back home –

– You weren’t in a hurry just while ago – Thor sneered to him in answer.

– Eh! I would like to invite you to my tower, we’ll have our feast there –

– First you clean up here! –

– Yea… sure –


It was a good time for them, but in the end Thor cuddled little Kiran to say farewell to him and Kirk flew for half a year back to Archi.

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Great entry, ewkada!

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Here's mine for this month, wrote it up earlier tonight actually for my Possibilities Fic. (An AU Arrow story)

Mr. Fix-It

Disclaimer: I own nothing but what you see here. This AU idea ignores the portion of flash backs where Shrieve tries to wipe out Hong Kong. And he's pretty much stayed in Hong Kong aside from a few trips outside to Russia or Coast City. Takes place around the 5th year Oliver's believed to be dead.

Summary: Moira walks into a repair shop.

As Moira Queen stepped into the repair shop she'd been directed too in order to see about repairing the strap to her purse, she couldn't help but admire the design of the place and wondered who did it as she would like to hire them at some point for an event. The Queen Matriarch had been informed that Mr. Fix-It's Repair shop was the best place to go too in Hong Kong as the man who owns and runs it could fix up just about anything at some very cheap rates. And so she ventured here after leaving her only child Thea back at the hotel they were staying at during their girls only vacation. Something that so far had been pretty pleasant for the two and it was something she was thankful for considering how unruly her daughter had been getting since the loss of her father and brother.

Moira also appreciated the nice calming music that was flowing through out the place as well since a lot of the music today's youth just wasn't something she cared much for. Stepping up to the counter and seeing through the window to the other room that the likely owner of the establishment appeared to be working on a car with some assistance from another, she rang the bell and she didn't have long to wait as the assistant was soon in the main room to greet her. And it was one Maseo Yamashiro at that as he'd been talked into it by both his wife and Oliver into doing this business venture with him and he had to admit it was pretty nice to do. Especially since it kept his and Oliver's minds off the horrors Waller had had them go through.

He nearly showed his surprise though at the sight of one Moira Queen in the shop and he knew right away that Waller was not going to like this at all since she rather liked having Oliver in her arsenal. Especially for those missions that required her little squad…

“Hello there, what can I do for you?” He asked with a smile and got one back from her in return.

“I was told that this was the best place to go too in order to get just about anything fixed. And I am in need of the strap for this purse to be repaired.” Moira told the nice polite man as she handed over her purse that had been emptied prior to coming here.

Maseo took it from her and looked where the strap was torn and figured it would be an easy enough fix since the ring for it was broken off. “Hmm, this shouldn't take too long to fix right up for you ma'am.”

The woman was grateful to hear that and was about to say something when the car in the next room suddenly roared to life for a short period of time, followed by a whoop of joy. Looking amused, Maseo made a remark about how his wife hadn't thought it was going to be possible to get that old vehicle going again. He was honestly looking forward to seeing the shock on her face when they got in tonight. The man who fixed it could then be seen jumping around for joy around the vehicle and when Moira, who'd been watching with amusement on her face got a good look at his face despite the amount of hair there after he had stopped what he was doing to open his arms wide in joy with a big smile on his face received quite the shock!

“O-Oliver!?” She stuttered out while hardly believing what she saw.

Maseo had dread fill his stomach then over what had just happened. Oh this is very bad. He thought to himself worriedly as the woman went around the counter and straight into the repair room and he could hardly bring himself to stop her and he certainly planned to not even call Waller about this either.

“… That'll be ten yuan Tatsu owes me!” Moira heard as she stepped into the room and looking him in wide eyed shock as she'd believed for so long that her sweet beautiful boy had died in the North China Sea!

“Oliver!” She called out and watched as her son stilled quickly before slowly turning his head to look at her.

For Oliver 'Mr. Fix-It' Queen, seeing his own mother, a woman he hadn't seen in nearly five long years was not something he thought would happen at all. And he instantly felt fear for her and Thea's safety. And before he knew it, he found himself wrapped in a hug from one of the people he'd missed most since being stranded on Lian Yu. Pulling away a little shortly afterwards, she looked at him with a big wide smile, not even really registering the fact he hadn't hugged her back at the moment. “Oh my beautiful boy! You're alive!” Cried out the woman happily with tears coming to her eyes as she hugged him again and couldn't wait to tell Thea!

Unfortunately however, the hug didn't last long much to her dislike as he pulled her away forcefully and held her at arm's length and looked her right in the eye and if she was honest with herself, she suddenly felt some fear fill her. “You can't… You can't be here!”

That was not something the woman wanted to hear at all as she felt she had EVERY right to be here as he was her son damnit! The fear in his voice did make her wonder what the problem was however. “What do you mean I can't be here!? Why are you even here when you SHOULD be at home with your sister and I!”

“I can't tell you that mom, I wish I could but I can't.” And with that, he made to start walking and not giving his mom much choice in the matter when the voice of someone he hated more than anything called out.

“Oh don't rush off on my account Mr. Queen.” Called out one Amanda Waller, head of ARGUS.

Oliver looked like the proverbial deer caught in the lights and it was something Moira Queen didn't like at all! “You're the one who directed me to here!” Which had been awfully nice of the woman, but really, why was her son so alarmed by this woman!?

Waller smirked and nodded at her. “Guilty as charged I'm afraid.” The shock and fear on Mr. Queen's face was something she was honestly enjoying since she knew full well what was going through his head.

“You uhh.. You directed her here?”

A nod was his answer as his mother watched the two interact.


“Because Mr. Queen, I figured it was time to allow you to return home. That and I felt like being a good samaritan when I saw the trouble your dear sweet mother was going through with her purse.” Oliver honestly couldn't tell if the vile woman was serious or actually joking.

And while she was allowing him to return home finally, that didn't necessarily mean she was going to let him just leave as she still planned for him to do more jobs for her. As it is, his being back in Starling would allow ARGUS to know whether or not for sure that Malcolm Merlyn was truly planning some rather horrible actions against a section of the city. Moira however wanted to know why this woman apparently had something to do with her son not being at home just yet and she wanted to know now! But unfortunately she wouldn't get the chance to do so as a young boy came barreling into the room with the three of them with the assistant following behind with a worried look on his face.

“Oliver! There's trouble!” The young boy called out and instantly getting a question from Oliver about whether or not it was Gen Niu again.

The boy nodded and Oliver groaned as he was getting rather tired of dealing with the punk since he just didn't know when to quit. “What's he doing now?” He was honestly about ready to beat the ever loving crap out of the punk and or torture him for a few hours to finally set him straight. Moira just watched the whole thing with interest despite the fact she'd rather be doing other things like asking questions and then getting her boy back home where he belonged.

“He's bothering some American girl.” And last Akio saw, she was making it known over how she wasn't liking that one bit!

A sigh came from the archer/fixer's mouth before looking at his mother. “Sorry mom, I gotta go deal with this but I'll be back soon.”

He then told the young man to show him where the problem is and the two were soon off before Moira could really get going with a protest about the whole thing. Looking at the woman who had directed her to this place earlier on, she fixed her with a glare while the other occupant just busied himself with whatever he needed to fix her purse and then making a quick exit back into the main room. “I feel Mrs. Queen that its best to wait for your son to return before answering any questions you may have.” And if Queen's mother thought she was going to cow to her with her more intensified glare, she had another thing coming!

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Great entry SciRob!

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Thanks Feral!

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:friends: good story SciRob, an emotional one, and a little sad to that

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Thanks Ewkada! And sad in what way?

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SciRob @ Oct 15 2015, 06:54 AM wrote: Thanks Ewkada! And sad in what way?
this is why:

1. I am myself mother of two children. If someone took one of them from me or killed one of them, I think I would die. But if by any miracle I would survive it, I would raise earth to skies and would bring skies down to earth to find my child (alive or dead) and to ripp appart the one who dared to take him from me
2. If I found my child I would never ever let him go away

so I am

your story (and also some dreams I had recently) made me realize this and it made me think sad of the poor Moira, it is hard to imagine what she could go through during those five years

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Hmmm....19 days into the comp and only two entries. Hopefully that just means people are busy writing :thbsup:

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Might be lucky enough to write something in time. Been busy.
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I'm hard at work on mine- but it's been slow going. A lot of research went into this entry....
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I suspect I might not have the time to get to mine this month, or next. I am buried at the moment and cannot foresee being out from under the mound any time soon. =(

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Miles_Warren @ Oct 18 2015, 08:05 PM wrote: Hmmm....19 days into the comp and only two entries. Hopefully that just means people are busy writing :thbsup:
I've got some ideas, but haven't sat down with them yet. I am going to get something entered before the deadline.

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ewkada @ Oct 15 2015, 02:19 PM wrote:
SciRob @ Oct 15 2015, 06:54 AM wrote: Thanks Ewkada! And sad in what way?
this is why:

1. I am myself mother of two children. If someone took one of them from me or killed one of them, I think I would die. But if by any miracle I would survive it, I would raise earth to skies and would bring skies down to earth to find my child (alive or dead) and to ripp appart the one who dared to take him from me
2. If I found my child I would never ever let him go away

so I am

your story (and also some dreams I had recently) made me realize this and it made me think sad of the poor Moira, it is hard to imagine what she could go through during those five years
Ahhh now I understand. Thanks for that!

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it seems there will be two winners this month...

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Maybe a last second entry will happen?

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Gonna throw in an entry. This is the first part of a new series I'm working on, a little more dramatic than super-powered. This is still a work-in-progress so this issue may end up differing to when I finally post it as part of the story.
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Veil Academy- Max

"Miss Steinfeld!"
The voice snaps me from my thoughts, and my gaze frozen upon the waves that crash upon the rocks below me. There was less than an inch between the toe of my shoes and the edge of the cliff, enough that I'd been able to pretend, if I focused enough on blocking out everything else, that I was flying.
Of course I wasn't, my feet were firnmly upon the ground and I was very much stuck there with no chance of escape. Still, I loved the idea of just being able to leap off that cliff edge and fly across the ocean. I wouldn't even care where I was headed.

"Could you please step back from that cliff and join us," says the voice again, and I let out a sigh as I spin on my heels and tear myself completely from my daydreams.
Miss Hobbe, the owner of the voice, stands a short distance from me with her hands planted firmly upon her hips. Every boy at Veil Academy wants to get with her incredibly fit body, and I'm sure she knows it given the tight outfits she always wears. Even the way she wears her blonde hair in a ponytail seems to radiate sex appeal. I also wear my, very much black, hair in a ponytail, albeit I'm certain mine has nowhere near the same effect hers does. Nor would I want it to.
Behind her my fellow students are engaged in a rather relaxed game of soccer. Now you might think I hate phys-ed class, or at least soccer, given I was off daydreaming, but that couldn't be further than the truth. Really it's the only reason I'm here in the first place.
It's people I don't like too much.

People are mean, people are nasty, people are... well they're people.
It's probably not fair to say I hate 'people', there are definitely people I like. I love my mother, for example, even if she can be an absolutely unbearable taskmaster at times. I like Cat, she's been nice to me ever since I arrived here. And I... like Talan too.
That list might be short, but they're definitely people I can be around for more than five seconds without wanting to fly away into the sun. Of course there's also people I'd be lucky to stand five seconds of without beating myself into unconsciousness.
Kane is definitely one of them, and he's the one whose supposed to be my team captain. Also the reason I'd rather daydream about flying away instead of doing something I love. I always wonder if he has any genuine friends, or if they're all just pretending,
Guess it really doesn't matter. I'm not one of them, never have been.

I slowly start to make my way towards my classmates when Miss Hobbe grabs my arm and turns me to face her. "I'm not sure your mind is in the right place today."
"It is," I try to defend, although the wrods sound weak even to me. "I was just distracted." By the fact Kane is the absolute worst.
Miss Hobbe shakes her head. "Go to the locker-rooms and have a shower. We'll discuss your lack of focus later."
I open my mouth to protest but the words die in my mouth before they can even form. Instead I exhale sharply and do as she says, even as I do my best to ignore the sounds of snickering behind me.

It's a long walk back up the hill towards the locker-rooms when I can feel the eyes that watch me. Though even after I close the door behind me I can swear I'm still being watched.
The locker-room, just like most of the academy, is pretty damn old. A lot older than me. It makes it equally cool and creepy at the same time, though it's a lot more the latter when you're navigating narrow corridors by yourself.
I head into the female locker-room and hesitate a moment before closing the door behind me. My locker, naturally, is towards the back of the room and I already have my top pulled off by the time I reach it. I unlock my locker and start to pull down my shorts as I pull my casual clothes, a pair of light blue jeans and a plain red t-shirt, free and drop them to the bench.

I pull on the jeans and just pull on the shirt when a loud bang on metal causes me to jump about a foot.
I try to calm my breathing even as my heart thunders behind my breast, I feel a bead of sweat roll down my forehead.

My shout is met with complete silence. I'm not sure if that's comforting or more terrifying.
I want to dismiss it as just a quirk of the old building, but the more I try the more my mind conjures up even more horrifying possibilities. In less than a minute I'm half convinced a zombie-cow with knives for teeth is going to jump out from behind the nearby bank of lockers.
I quickly shove my gym clothes inside my locker, slam the door, and jam my padlock on it before I practically run for the door.

I throw open the door and step outside when a hand falls on my shoulder and I barely stifle a scream.
"What's your problem cunt?" Kane asks with a sly grin. That word is perhaps his favourite in the world, I've heard him use it for everyone. Even his own parents.
"Nothing, I..." I start, then my eyes narrow. "What're you doing here?"

"Nothing," he replies with a shrug. "Needed to use the toilet, that a crime?"
"No. Were you spying on me?"
He cocks an eyebrow and laughs. Kane looks like a weasel, the only way to describe him, and when he laughs it's like looking at a living Disney villain. "You wish. Like anyone would wanna perv on a dyke-bitch like you."

My hands instantly ball up into fists, and he notices.
His smile grows even wider, and far more disturbing. "Go on, hit me. Let's see what the rich-bitch has."
"J-just leave me alone," I tell him. "I've never done anything to you."
He scoffs. "Of course you'd think that. Whatever. Go find a Carpet Court or something, I need to shit."

I stay frozen to the spot until he closes the door behind him, then take a deep breath as I relax my hands.
My heads snaps northwards, towards where the beach curves around and becomes the sand dunes.
I should ask. We aren't supposed to leave the academy grounds without permission. But I know what the answer will be, and I need to get out of there.
I hesitate one moment more before I break into a run.

I'm almost at the edge of the academy grounds, though there isn't any well-defined edge just where well kept lawn turns to wild under-growth, when I spot a familiar face sitting under a tree. I barely even realize I"ve come to a stop with my eyes locked upon him when he spots me and his face splits into an awkward smile.
"Max!" Talan says as he clicks his pen and closes his notebook. "What are you doing?"
While my thing is sport, Talan's is writing. He always carries a pen and notepad with him, always jotting down notes.
He's a brown-skinned boy, I think a year younger than me, with brown hair clipped short on the sides and long on the top. He's probably two inches shorter than me, but then I am pretty tall. My mouth always goes dry when I try to talk to him.

"I just... I was going to... I..." Words aren't exactly my strong point, that's definitely Talan's gift, nor is lying for that matter. It's even harder to come up with a believable lie when I'm doing all I can to will some moisture into my mouth.
"Your leaving the grounds," he states with a smug smirk. "You get permission for that?"
"I... Of course," I lie with a nod. "Miss Hobbe said I could."
He laughs. "She hates you." Told you I suck at lying. "Tell you what, let me come with and I won't go tell."

My eyes narrow. "You're black-mailing me?"
"I wouldn't call it that," he shakes his head. "Most people would, but I wouldn't."
I take a breath. "Why do you want to come with me?"
"You look like you're the kind that goes off looking for adventure. You could be the inspiration for my next story."
"I could be in one of your stories?" I ask tentatively. I take a breath. "Okay."
He smiles widely. "Knew you'd say that."

Talan follows a couple of steps behind me as I head towards a path that cuts through the growth a short distance away from where he had sat. Calling it a path might be a bit generous, I'm sure it was a genuine path once but now the undergrowth had largely reclaimed it.
I'd noticed the path on my first day at Veil Academy, what would be a month ago now. From the moment I set eyes upon it I've wanted to explore it, find out where it leads. I've always loved wandering off and exploring hidden nooks and crannies, my mother always said I got my adventurous spirit from my father. Wouldn't know, never met him.
My habit of wandering off did irritate my mother quite a bit. Especially one day when I was ten. We were visiting some major shareholder or something up in Queensland, he lived on a massive property that was essentially rainforest. Took then four hours to find me, hidden inside a hollowed out tree I imagined was a portal to another world.
My mind also likes to wander at times.

I push my way through overhanging branches and hear a series of grunts from Talan as they swing back and whip into him. "Sorry," I mutter with only the most momentary of glances back over my shoulder.
"It's fine," he replies. "You're leading the way, so you'll catch the spider-webs first. Seems a fair trade."
He was right, but spider-webs, and spiders in general, never really bothered me. Nor snakes, or most of the things most people seem to freak out about. It's people that make my skin crawl. You know what an animal's thinking, you can never quite tell what's going on in someone's head.

We follow the path for a good five minutes before the silence between us is starting to get to me. This is why I wanted to go by myself, it's difficult to have an awkward silence with yourself.
And I really do want to talk to him, I just have absolutely no idea what to say. I know he doesn't really understand sport, and I'm not exactly an expert on the dictionary. Or whatever it is writers like to talk about.
It's getting more awkward by the moment, and with each moment it gets harder and harder to start up a conversation. I need to just say something, say anything, Ineed to just-

"So, pretty warm today," I blurt out.
Oh gawd! Tell me I did not just start talking about the weather! Max Steinfeld, most boringest person on the planet in the history of infinity and beyond. Okay, new plan is I make a sudden dash into the bush to the left of me and keep running until I do a Superman and turn back time.
"Good the school's near the ocean," he replies. "Would not want to live inland with this weather. Where do you come from? And, yes, I totally meant that in the incredibly passive-aggressice racist manner of 'I-want-to-confirm-my-suspicions-of-your-un-Australianism-so-I-can-then-heavily-suggest-you-return-to-your-non-Australian-origins'."

A laugh escapes my lips and I glance back to spy the smirk upon his. "I'm from Victoria. But before you judge me on that I did basically grow up an American."
He gives a fake-cringe. "Ooh. Well then, that totally explains why you're so overy obnoxious and arrogant, and that damn loud mouth of yours. Do you ever shut-up?"
I turn and walk backwards as I shrug at him. "Somebody has to compete with your motor-mouth."
He points a finger at me. "Touche."

"So you write?" I ask. Dumbest question to ever pass my lips, and I once asked my mother if they take the motors out of cars in car-yards so people can't steal them.
"You're observant," he replies. "You sure you're an American? 'Cause I've already decided I don't like you..."
"Ha-ha," I resond with heavy sarcasm, though I won't deny if his words didn't cause the slightest pang in my gut, no matter how much I knew it was a joke. "I just wanted to ask what you write."

"Now you're asking big questions," he says. "Sure you wouldn't rather go back to the weather small-talk? Personally I loved your awkward and forced observations of the temperature."
"I am itching to talk about the humidity," I reply.
He laughs. "Fine. What do I write? Words, mostly. I write concepts, characters, settings, places, and times. I know that's not what you're angling for, but I'm not going to say 'I write adventures' or 'I write romances'. I do, but that's not all there is too it. I write whatever I can think of, whatever takes my fancy."

"So why do you write?" I ask, and enjoy the smile he gives me.
"Now that's a real meat-and-potatoes question. The short answer is I have words in my head and I need to get them out. The longer answer, the one I know you want, is society."
"What do you mean?"
"This world we live in, the people we live with, it's all a massive contradiction. We're scared of sexuality but plaster it on every billboard. We want to be loved, but spew hatred at others. We claim we accept different opinions, but so long as they fit into a narrow ravine of what is decided as 'acceptable' in our society. And I don't remember being asked to vote on what's 'acceptable', do you? Schools part of the problem, even this one. Maybe especially this one. They say they want to help us express ourselves, become who we want to be, but at the same time they're trying to push us down the path to what is expected of us. Writing lets me rebel against that, I guess. My writing can say whatever the hell I want, and really nobody stop me. But better than that, I can express myself in what I write but you can also express yourself in the reading of it."

I narrow my eyes upon him. "How does that work."
"Okay, so I write a single sentence," he says as he waves his arms passionately. I smile softly at the fire in his soft-brown eyes. "Let's sat it's 'the pig jumped over the dog'. Now, someone whose very politically left-leaning could read that and think the pig represents the greed of corporation jumping over the everyman dog. Someone conservative could flip it, the pig suddenly becomes people on welfare and the hard-working and loyal dog is being teased by it. Perhaps the pig and dog represent conflicting emotions, maybe they show a moral dilemna or a discussion of popular media. Maybe they're literally just a pig and a dog. One sentence and there is potentially a million interpretations, maybe every single person could read that and get their own personal idea of what it means. And the best part is, none of them are really wrong. Sure I have my own ideas when I write it, but that doesn't make my idea the be-all-end-all. Unless I want to be a massive tool about it. That's true freedom."
"Wow." The word that escapes me, the only word that occurs to me.
"I mean, that's just how I look at it," he shrugs.

"Why don't I ever see you talking to people?" I ask, then worry I might offend him. Probably too late now though. "I mean, you're always sitting by yourself. You clearly have a lot to say."
He laughs. "You have a lot to learn, having something to say doesn't mean people want to hear it. And conversations are meant to be a two-way thing. Besides, I'm a writer. I find it hard to write with people around me." He thinks for a moment. "Plus, not so good with actually talking to people. I always second-guess what to say and so end up saying nothing at all."
"You're talking to me right now," I point out. "I'm not an expert, but I'd say you're doing a decent job."
"Yeah, but this is different," he replies. "Jeez, you should see me try to talk to Nikki. Not a pretty sight. I think last time I just ended up laughing at everything she said, and never, ever do that. Paying attention is key to conversation for a reason, there's a lot of things that are not acceptable to laugh at."

I chew the inside of my mouth as I turn around and leap nimbly over a a small crevice that cuts across the path. "So, you like Nikki?"
There's a silence that lasts just a bit too long and answers the question before he speaks. "I guess I do. Was trying to keep it secret, but seems like everybody has figured it out. Thankfully not Kane though, he'd probably kill me if he did."
"He probably would," I reply quite softly.

The path has led us into a corridor of undergrowth, the beach and water on our right and thick bush to our left. A long way ahead of us I can see the beach curve around and fade away from sight into mist. It feels like we haven't actually gotten any closer to it in all the time we've been walking.
The beach grows wider as you follow it north, until it suddenly explodes out into the sand dunes. Think they made a few movies out there, pretended the dunes were an alien planet and such.
I really, really want to get out there but know we won't make it that far before people notice we're missing. I'm actually thinking of suggesting we head back before we get in trouble when my eye catches a spot where the path splits. One path leads to the beach, the other into the trees,
Most people would probably ignore the second path, or see where it hits the trees and assume it goes no further. But I can see a way through.

Without even a word to Talan I follow it, and start pushing my way through branches. When I finally break through into the clearing on the other side my mouth breaks into a smile. "Sweetness."
It's some kind of abandoned park, fenced in by bush on all sides. To the right of me and up a slight incline is a set of swings that are completely unusable, and wooden climbing equipment. To the left is what appears to a concrete slab intended to play soccer on. I would have said basketball, but the painted lines I can still see don't make sense for it.
Several other items dot the area randomly, such as an outdoor shower, a couple of metal bin holders, and a picnic table.
"Okay, this is pretty damn cool," Talan says as he finally pushes through behind me. "Why would they just abandon a park like this? Hell, what was it doing out here anyway?"

"Don't know," I mutter as I walk over to the concrete slab and look over the holes where lights had been torn out. "But it's ours now."
"Ours?" he asks.
"Yeah, it's like our little private place away from the academy," I reply as I begin to kick an old beer can back and forth between my feet. "We ever get sick of the place we can just come here and get away from it. I used to have a place like this back home, before some developer bought the land."
"So you wouldn't mind if I just came here?" he asks.
"Why would I? Beside, you already know where it is now so I couldn't exactly stop you."
He gives me a quick glance over. "No, I'm definitely certain you could."

"I mean, I don't want you bringing girls out here or anything," I say, then quickly clarify before he gets the wrong, or right, idea. "We don't want anyone else to know about it yet. Last thing we need is everybody at the academy knowing about it."
"Fair enough," he replies and then sits himself upon the picnic table. "So what were you getting away from?"
I stop kicking the can and look to him. "What?"
"You were pretty keen to get away," he replies. "Plus I know you have phys ed now, and there's no way you'd be missing that unless something was up."
He knows I should have phys ed? Why would he know that?

"I just..." I start. No, I really shouldn't lie. Not that I'm good at it anyway. "Kane. I had to get away from Kane."
Talan is suddenly on his feet. "What did he do?" I can see the concern and anger in his eyes, it's quite sweet really.
"Nothing, except be him," I reply. "He always gives me shit and makes me feel like crap, and he's supposed to be my 'team leader' but he's a pig. No, he's a weasel. So I wanted to get away."
"I could beat him up if you'd like," Talan offers. "I mean, he'd probably destroy me in an actual fight, even with his twig arms. But I might be able to throw him off with an intense Arab stare. White people are terrified of a good glare by a brown-person."
I laugh. "Nah, it's okay. Don't want you getting a reputation as a thug." I glance down at the can and give it a swift kick that sends it straight down the concrete slab an into an old bin-holder. "People might actually try to talk to you then."

He gives a mock shudder with a laugh. "That was a pretty good kick."
I glance over at him and smile. "Thanks."
"So, you a soccer girl?"
"Nah, tennis is my main thing. I guess. Don't think there's a sport I hate though. Except maybe cricket, too slow for me."

"So, you're gonna be the next Anna Kournikova huh?"
"That's what mum's hoping anyway," I reply as I move over and sit upon the table beside him. "She figures if I'm going to go for sports over business I better become a famous one. Part of the reason she pushed me towards tennis, easier for a woman to get famous in tennis than any other sport. Except maybe UFC."
"Do you want to be a tennis star?"
I shrug. "I love playing it. Honestly I don't know what I want to be."
"Know that feeling."

I smile at him. Honestly, this is possibly the most me I've felt in a long time. It's hard to be yourself when everybody has expectations of you, even yourself. Talan... Talan doesn't seem to have any expectation of me, except to maybe be myself.
Suddenly hid hand reaches out and falls upon mine. A small gasp escapes my lungs as my body tenses at his touch.
He suddenly pulls his hand back, and I feel myself shrink before his look of disappointment.

"Should head back," he says and hops to his feet. "I'll... I'll talk to you later.
I want to stop him. I want to tell him that I didn't actually mind him touching me, I'm just a bit paranoid. Instead I just say, "okay."
I watch him leave as I mentally beat myslf up. Damn my insecuritiues and fears, I was alone with him and I freaked!

I get to my feet, ready to leave, when I hear the sound of a stick crack.
I scan the tree-line. Was that a shadow that just moved?
"Hello?!" I call out. "Anybody there?!"

I shake it off and start to leave when there's a sharp prick in my neck.
My hand snaps to my neck as I stagger forward, my mind begins to spin.
My stomach heaves as my vision turns to a rapid blur before me.

I fall forwards and slam hard upon the ground that seems to shift and move beneath the palms of my hands.
My heartbeat hits a crescendo as I glance about. It's hard for me to make anything out through my blurred vision, but that's definitely someone moving towards me.
A thousand horrible theories race through my mind when suddenly everything stops.
And I have no idea where I am.
"Don't Act Too Paranoid Or They'll Know You're Onto Them."


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