October Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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October Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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Welcome to the October writing competition :guitar: Please read the rules before entering

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Some important info for this month:

1) Entrants have until October 27th 4pm EST to submit an entry for the competition

2) Voting will then open for entrants before closing on October 29th 4pm EST

3) Voting for non-entrants will then open before closing on October 30th 4pm EST

Best of luck to all entrants


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4 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days ago a rift opened in this family’s life not entirely by their own design. 1 month, 2 weeks, 3 days and 6 hours ago they made steps to take that back.

The sun came through the window, as its light climbed higher up Alyssa Mitchell’s face creeping ever closer to her eyes she tried to hide from it, she felt safe in bed and safe was something she hadn’t felt in quite sometime. She pulled the covers over her head hoping to hide from the light of day just a little longer, There was no reason to get up that was more important than a few precious moments of sleep.

“Alyssa honey, breakfast is ready.” Her mom yells up the stairs “It’s not getting any hotter.”

Alyssa pulls the pillow over her head momentarily thinking she could just smother herself she chooses instead to scream into the pillow “THERE’S NO REASON FOR HER TO BE WAKING ME UP” before slamming her pillow back down on the floor.....”Of course mother I am coming right down.” She slides out of the bed and puts on her slippers and goes stomping down the stairs.

“Oh no the horror, my mother fixed me bacon and eggs and pancakes and all I have to do is go eat them...the struggles of a neglected teenager.” Her mom laughs as Alyssa gets to the table.

“I just wanted a few more moments of sleep.” she says as she shovels down the pancakes grinning from ear to ear. Of all the things her mother makes for her, the banana pancakes have always been her favorite.

Mrs. Mitchell walks behind her and kisses her on the head. “Sweetheart it’s been 6 weeks he hasn’t found us this is the longest time since the first day, we’re good baby this is home. You need to start getting out there and meeting people, we moved here for a reason and YOU are that reason you having a life, it’s the most important thing to me so start your new life baby and go get the mail.”

“Great pep talk mom and giving me a chore at the same time....almost invalidates the pep talk and makes it more ulterior motivey....but I guess outside isn’t too much of a stretch, of course me doing it before I finish breakfast...that’s a bridge too far but I’ll go in a minute. Also mom, for what it’s worth I really hope you’re right.” she finishes her breakfast after a few minutes and gets up from the table before rinsing her plate in the sink and putting it in the dishwasher. “Oh great that guy from across the street is outside washing his car, he’s going to try to be all neighborly and stuff isn’t he?”

“Go talk to him what’s the worst that can happen?” her mom asks as she looks out the window “Besides he’s easy on the eyes.”

“Okay rule #1 my mom can not look at a guy my age and say he’s easy on the eyes that’s how the “YOUR MOM IS A WHORE” things start spreading around town, now putting that fact aside....You have horrible taste in men, I mean look at him with his backwards hat and his flip flops and cargo shorts and the no shirt to show off his abs and the Oakleys are the cherry on the douche bag Sundae. It’s like he’s auditioning for the next incarnation of Jersey Shore only, we’re in the middle of nowhere so unless there’s some new show called Redneck Riviera he’s auditioning for I’m not sure if he could be douchier. Also, who still says easy on the eyes?”

“So you did notice the abs.” her mom asks with a goofy grin. “He is 18 so it’s legal for me to be a cougar...also, you don’t even leave the house so who cares what they call your mom.”

“The fact that you even know the term cougar made me throw up in my mouth a lot more than a little bit and I am going to go get the mail now because....well just because I would do anything for this conversation to just be over.” She opens the door and walks toward the mailbox on the street she hopes that Alex from across the street continues being more interested in his own reflection in his car than he is in talking to the new girl. She doesn’t get very far before her hopes are dashed.

“Well the princess does leave the castle did someone slay the dragon and break the curse?” Alex asks since this is the first time he has seen her leave the house since she moved in six weeks ago.

“Well that’s cute, mommy still reading you bedtime stories before she tucks you in? Hate to break your little heart but dragons, totally not a real thing.”

“Nah she’s kind of out of the picture and as far as the dragons go the island of Komodo would beg to differ.” he says as he walks closer to the mailbox holding out his hand. “Alex Jameson sorry didn’t mean to be an ass just that I haven’t seen you leave the house since you guys moved in starting to think you were just some mannequin your mom had grown accustomed to having around. An attractive mannequin but a mannequin none the less. I would feel awkward being attracted to a mannequin and I will go ahead and assume since you have been cooped up in the for six weeks you, like I am single.”

“Alyssa Mitchell and sorry, I am somewhat defensive and sarcastic, at least that’s what the therapist tells me.” she says as she shakes his hand he takes her and gently kisses it. “and yeah that’s not at all creepy. That work for ya? being the cocky good looking jock type who does the awkward and not at all endearing hand kissing thing.” she says with a half grin on her face.

“Yeah and you know, it is totally working now. You did just say I was good looking right” he says with a chuckle.

“So you were lying before or now? Because either it does work and you are not single or it doesn’t actually work and you are and I am going to go with it doesn’t.” she says as she shuts the mailbox.

“You’re good. I’m between girlfriends right now.” he replies with a smile.

“Given your general douchiness so far I am going to take that for code as some sort of menage a troi where you were between two women one on the right and one on the left.”

“So you’re admitting thinking about me you and another girl. This meeting is going way better than I envisioned it.” Alex laughs as he looks down at his phone.”Okay sorry I’m defensive and sarcastic at least that’s what my therapist tells me. Let’s start over Alex Jameson at your service and I swear I am not a douche.”

“Well you swear it so it must be true, right?” Alyssa says rolling her eyes.

“HI” says a little voice sitting in the dirt near the edge of the street. Alyssa didn’t notice a girl no older than five or six sitting in the dirt. She was an adorable child covered in dust from her head to her toes as she traced letters in the dirt.

“Hello and who might you be?” Alyssa asked getting no response.

“It’s my sister, Rain.” Alex walks over to her and stoops down next to her “Rain tell Alyssa hi. She probably won’t respond she kinda lives in her own little world and she rarely pays attention to anyone passing through. Her name is actually Amanda but I’ve been calling her Rain pretty much since well, forever she reminds of the guy Tom Hanks played in RAIN MAN and I mean it in the most loving way possible,” Alex’s dad opens the door long enough to yell out to him. “can you keep an eye on her for a minute?”

“Sure” Alyssa responds as Alex runs to the door. “Hi Amanda” Alyssa says she doesn’t even catch the child’s attention for a moment she gets up and dusts from her knee and looks toward Alex. She looks over at Alex’s father thinking to herself how large of a man he is standing at least 6’and well over 300lbs. Looking at him she could tell he was probably an athlete in his day but had obviously let himself go. She can see Alex in him suddenly she hears Amanda’s voice.

“You know you can’t hide from them........they’re going to find you.......you need to stay hidden....away from the light away from the sun.” this catches Alyssa’s attention and she looks back at Amanda who never even looks up from the ground. “They’re up there and they know when you come out.....They’ll always know no matter how hard you try....you need to stay in the darkness........it’s safe there....stay away from the light........they’ll swoop down when you come out and then .......they’ll grab you.” Alyssa turns a few shades paler as she looks at Amanda who suddenly returns the stare....”Hi I’m Amanda. who are you?” she says in a childish smile. Alex comes back just as Amanda looks back at the ground. She could swear she felt the wind pick up it was almost a scene out of a horror movie, had the wind actually picked up or did she just not notice it before and her own mind was trying to convince herself that things were odd?

“Oh no what did she say? Rain what did you tell Alyssa?” He asks with a concerned look as he walks back to the duo. “Look she does this sometimes she just starts rambling things and they seem....I don’t......they seem like they’re meant just for you. Rain who were you talking to.” She doesn’t even look up “Rain, baby what were you telling Alyssa.”

She smiles “Who I was talking to.” she moves around some dirt and pulls up an earthworm. “HIM I was trying to tell him if he came out the birds would get him....Then I decided I am taking him home and I named him Jim.”

Alex laughs and he can see Alyssa kind of grin too. “You go right ahead and do that then you go and name him Jim.”

“I already did, I just said that, sometimes I swear you don’t listen.” she laughs as she runs back to the house with her new found friend.

“Sorry she can be creepy sometimes but we’re pretty much all each other has, my dad umm he blames Rain for my mom leaving. My mom just left one day and never came back no nothing, no phone calls, letters nothing. Dad blames Rain and he doesn’t do anything, he basically just sits around all day and eats and plays on the internet. I think he’s decided that eating himself to death is just the easiest and least offensive way to commit suicide he’s given up. If you cut yourself or take to drugs people talk and get concerned. Eat yourself to death and they just mock you and call you a fatass behind your back less concern and more high school bullying and gossiping so yeah eating yourself to death it’s the easy way out...which is also what pushes me to go to the gym and run and whatever else I can....when he’s gone and it won’t be that long, I’ll be all Rain’s got and now I went all A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE on you, Sorry”

“It’s okay you’re dropping a lot lower on the douche bag scale.” Alyssa tells him.

“Look I may be out of line here but umm how’d you like to have me show you around town I just need to get out of here for a little while. Rain’ll be alright with my dad. Jim should keep her entertained for hours on end. If you don’t want to, I completely understand.” Alex says as he gets up off the ground. “There’s not much to see, this place is about as MAYBERRY as it gets but I just need to be anywhere but here.”

“I guess, I mean I do need to start getting out more...and by more I mean at all. Let me go change real quick and you’d probably be better off with a shirt so five minutes?.” Alyssa asks as she walks back towards her front door.

“It’s a date” Alex says “Well only you know not a date just a tour” Alex heads inside and Alyssa walks towards her house.

“Not a date.” She shoots back with a laugh.Walking back toward the front door she sees her mom trying to look like she wasn’t watching the whole thing play out. “I see you” she whispers hoping her mom can read her lips. Alyssa swings open the front door “Really you had to watch that whole thing? You want to chaperon our trip into town so he can show me around too? STOP .....it was not an offer.” she says as she goes up stairs to change. Her mother smiles just happy to see she is excited to get out of the house. As she continues to clean the kitchen she is so glad that maybe they’ll start to have a normal life again, the one her daughter had been torn from. She looks out the window to see Alex already coming back out to the car.....”If I wasn’t 38.”

“Then it might not be as CREEPY emphasis on the MIGHT.” Alyssa laughs as she hugs her mom from behind. “Love ya mom be back shortly.” She walks out the door and thinks to herself why did she so quickly decide to go hang out with the douche? Him opening up must have done more than she thought because he was not her type but his life, like hers hadn’t been easy and maybe just maybe he’d understand. She walks across the street where Alex opens up the door on his 2014 Camaro which glistened in the sun since it had just been washed and waxed.

“My lady”

“Getting a little ahead of yourself there ain’t ya buddy?”

“Just trying to prove chivalry is not dead.” he says shutting the door.

“Not dead but perhaps.... brain dead.” She smiles as he looks down through the open sunroof.

Alex’s phone rings he looks down and see it is his friend Doug “Yup on way to the mall now...yeah I got the princess with me she’s actually leaving the house. Yeah we’ll meet you at The Slice in the food court. Cuz pizza at 10:30 in the morning is just perfect.... Hey I take it Lucas is with ya huh? Tell him I am so going to kick his ass online later.” He starts the car and pulls out the drive. “Well look it would be downright rude of me to be on the phone with you while I got Alyssa just sitting here so see ya in 10.”

8 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, and 10 hours ago Douglas Williams’ life was altered by an accident not of his own design. A rift opened in his life when his brother was killed by a drunk driver. 16 years 9 months, 2 weeks, 3 days and 4 hours before that he had already taken actions to repair that rift.

Doug was a team mate of Alex on the Central High football team he was always a big kid at 6’2” 275 he was solid as a rock and pretty solid as a human being. He was always the first one to answer the call of a friend in need, which probably explained why he was always the most popular guy in school.

Sixteen years ago he met Lucas in school they became fast friends and had a closeness that was more fraternal than just friends either would do just about anything for the other and they were completely secure with themselves and each other. Which had more than a few times lead people to believe they were more than friends. Theirs was the epitome of a bromance and since Doug lost Reilly they had grown even closer. The two of them are in the mall waiting for Alex and Alyssa so with some time to kill they stop at a game store.

“SUP D?” yells the guy behind the counter when he sees Doug walk in the door.

“Oh man is it too late to walk out?” Lucas asks as he see Brandon behind the counter he was one of the few people that Lucas could not stand he was glad that Doug had caught Brandon’s attention maybe he could just walk out and not be noticed. Just then Brandon nodded to Lucas with a “Wassup?” Lucas just nodded. Brandon had always been one to think way more highly of himself than he should have in school, and because he knew some of the more popular kids he kind of rode their coattails right on through, He was supposed to go to college and been highly sought after then he smoked one time and then.....Burnout U. was his final choice.

So hey D I kinda got something for you.” Brandon goes in the back and comes out with a game. “Reilly kept talking about this game when your mom would bring him in....it’s not actually going to be released for a couple of weeks but I thought you might wanna play it to feel close to him I know he was talking about it all the time.”

“Sunset Overdrive huh yeah man he did talk about it a lot so cool man I’ll check it out. How much?” Doug kind of gets choked up for a second because his brother talked about it all the time. Lucas actually stops to think for a second that maybe Brandon isn’t that bad.

“Maybe I could come hang out and we can play it together man.” Brandon says.

“And the ulterior motive reveal.” Lucas laughs.

A guy walks in wearing a shirt that reads “MY BROTHER IS RADICAL” Brandon laughs to himself for a second before asking “Hey how inappropriate would that shirt be for a Muslim to wear?...Get it Radical Muslim.”

“Yup still a jerk,” Lucas says as he walks toward the door.

“How much I owe you?” Doug asks.

“Nah man it’s good ya mom had prepaid for it for him and I just gave you one of the advance copies so all good.” Doug shakes Brandon’s hand and thanks him he walks to the door and meets back up with Lucas.

“You know he’s probably never going to wash that and he’s probably sniffing it right now that dude always had a strange fascination with you.” Lucas laughs.

“Harmless, totally harmless the guy just wishes he had a bro someone to be cool as Hell with if no familial bonds then just a friend who is close. Some dudes never get that in their whole life.”

“Lucky you, you got it twice. So did Reilly ever actually mention the game?” Lucas asks.

“Yeah man he was looking forward to it from the minute I bought him that XBone. So I’ll play it it’ll make me think about him, not that I don’t do that every second of every day.” Suddenly Alex comes up behind Lucas throwing his arm over his shoulder.

“Sup my nigga” Alex asks.

“How many times do we have to have this discussion? I don’t like that word Alex.” Doug says to him.

“Hey I’m the black guy and I am cool with it.” Lucas says to Doug.

“I said it with the A not the ER that’s the difference.” Alex says to Doug.

“That logic is so illogical..It’s like going up to a Jewish producer and pitching your pilot for a show called HITLA the tale of a rascally rapscallion and his mild dislike for people who aren’t just like him....Also yes this is the level of conversation we have among each other...ready to go back into your safe house yet?” Doug asks Alyssa as he holds out his hand. “Doug by the way.” He shakes her hand and gives her a hug,

“Alyssa. Alex told me all about you guys.”

“I’m sure he didn’t the ride here is less than ten minutes....not enough time. Also he’s toning it down for you the Hitla thing usually comes with a way less politically correct punchline. I’m Lucas the token black friend.” Lucas says as he takes Alyssa’s hand.

“Nice to meet both of you guys I’m Alyssa or as he may have referred to me the crazy chick across the street who never leaves the house.”

“Nope it was crazy witness protection hottie.” Doug laughs. “also Lucas you the token brother not black guy.”

“Whoa I never said hottie.” Alex replies as they walk towards The Slice.

“Yeah he did.” Doug and Lucas say in unison.

“See I told you they share a brain.” Alex quickly adds trying to change the topic.

“So you’re saying I’m not hot?” Alyssa asks.

“So what kind of pizza? I’m buying as long as we change the conversation.” Alex laughs.

“Now you know he’s lying if he’s offering to pay.” Doug tells Alyssa.

“YETI” Lucas yells out at a large man in a police officer’s uniform.

“That’s Sheriff Yeti to you young man.” says a man as he walks over to the four. This man was huge and lived up to his Yeti moniker Alyssa thought. The Yeti name was very fitting since she could see where if someone saw him walking through the woods at night they could believe they had seen Bigfoot. He carried a gun but Alyssa figured just the sight of him coming at you would be enough to make you confess not only to whatever crime you had committed but to the time you took that cookie out of the jar when you were four and still pee your pants in fear all at the same time. “Now ma’am if these here boys dun kidnapped you just blink twice to let me know you need help.” he pauses for a second. “No blinks so have you been drinking? Because only impaired judgment would lead to you being around these three.”

“Hey did the Sheriff just call me a boy? Racist.” Lucas laughs as Yeti hugs him. “Sup Uncle Paul? Also Alyssa, they elected this guy Sheriff so obviously the whole town lacks judgment.” The Sheriff hugs Lucas even tighter..”Dude seriously I need to breathe”

“Imma go order the pizza.” Alex says as he walks to the counter. A man walks by Alyssa and he brushes against her. She feels something odd when he touches her and she watches him as she walks to the counter. She can’t seem to take her eyes off of him and she has no idea why. “Hey Doc how’s it going?” Alex asks the guy as he arrives at the counter. She feels the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and she hasn’t felt this strange since they left to come here. The man Alex referred to as Doc is on his phone and grabs a cup from the cashier and turns and walks away. The next few seconds for Alyssa seem to happen in slow motion.

“Hey wait you didn’t pay for your drink...Doctor Washington.” He pays no attention to her as he walks straight for Yeti. The Doctor quickly looks at Alyssa and she sees someone else there not the Doctor but another person. “Doctor Washington.” The cashier says again.

The Doctor looks straight at Yeti and whispers to him “I’d kill them again in a heartbeat.” The Sheriff pulls out his gun and shoots the man right between the eyes then he just stands there as if he wasn’t there. He looks at the gun in his hand and sees the Doctor on the ground.

5 Years, 5 months,1 week and 5 hours ago, Sheriff Paul “Yeti” Hodgson’s wife and kids were killed by Doctor Washington in cold blood a rift opened in his life one that he may feel has just been closed.

Luke and Doug tackle the Yeti, “He killed my wife and kids he had to die.”

“Uncle Paul what the fuck....You don’t have a wife and kids...You never have.” Luke asks him as the tears stream down his face. “What the fuck.” He punches his uncle in the face because he has to let his anger, fear and confusion out somewhere. Doug grabs his arm before he does it again.

“Lucas stop.” Doug tells him holding his arms back from punching his uncle again who is just laughing at this point.

“Alyssa are you okay?” Alex runs over and grabs her.

“It’s my fault I brought them here they weren’t here before I got here...I’m so sorry.” She falls to her knees tears streaming down her face “It’s what Rain said they’ll swoop down when you come out....and they’ll grab you”

“These people, Yeti and the Doc have lived here since before I was born Alyssa so if you have some crazy ex who has you and your mother hiding that’s fine but I can assure you he didn’t do this......” Alex says as he holds her closer to him trying to block the view of the dead Doctor lying on the ground. She just keeps repeating “I’m so sorry,”

45 seconds ago a rift opened in the life of Paul Hodgson only it is not a life he knows.......4 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days ago a rift opened in Alyssa Mitchell’s life and to this day she has no idea why.


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Aww crap I noticed a spelling error in the story and went back to fix it and right after I submitted it I thought about the rule from the Marvel boards about edits....Does the same rule apply here cuz that'd suck. Not seeing it in the rules so fingers crossed I didn't screw up.

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Excellent entry Str8. I love Alyass's mother. She's so funny lol Also nice Earthworm Jim reference [happy]

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STR8UPEVL @ Oct 2 2014, 06:09 AM wrote: Aww crap I noticed a spelling error in the story and went back to fix it and right after I submitted it I thought about the rule from the Marvel boards about edits....Does the same rule apply here cuz that'd suck. Not seeing it in the rules so fingers crossed I didn't screw up.
Nope. That rule doesn't apply here. As long as they were only minor edits and not radical changes to the story then it is fine :friends:

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And we are off and running! Great entry, Str8.

I hope to have something for this month. I`m having some laptop issues at the moment, but fingers crossed they get resolved quickly.

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Thanks Feral and Miles I wanted to get it in early hope I didn't rush it too much.

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I'll be entering again.

I hope my next chapter will give me my first victory.

It's one of my personal favorite chapters. :thbsup:


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Best of luck GS. You have come close to winning a few times. Can't wait to read your entry.

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I'll be entering again. I might go with an earlier chapters. At this moment, I haven't checked how many chapters total are in my Marvel Star Wars stories (there are 5 now), but I think the count is over 50 chapters total. My latest story is Eye of the Hurricane which I guess you'd call a "short run, major event" story. I'm not sure what chapter and from what story I'll enter yet.

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And my part is not ready yet. I'll do my best to finish the translation on time. Luckily it is not as long as my previous entry. :grin:

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
”More powerful is the dark side of the Force? No. Quicker, more seductive. Once down its path one is lured, impossible it is the come back to the light. Always mindful of this must one be.”
- Xyoda


Tal Cossa Academy’s female dorm in the Ubren system, two years ago...

“Why did you invite…her?”

The question came from We-Ru Vemn, a popular blue skinned Twi’lek student at the Rebel Alliance’s secretive and exclusive Academy hidden on the forest moon of Ubren, intended to nurture the rag-tag band of freedom fighters’ brightest young minds. We-Ru was majoring in code ciphering and was one of the biggest hopefuls to enter into the Alliance’s Intelligence division. With her good looks and her clever witt, she personally hoped she would one day become a deep cover agent, possibly in Hutt controlled systems.

The occasion was a low-key dorm party thrown by Keeler Jas, a dark haired human girl hailing from the wealthy Jas family that was funding several research projects in the Alliance’s Science division as well as its manufacture of weapons. While her family held a significant influence in the Alliance’s higher echelons, Keeler earned her place in the Academy via her engineering talent and not just through her good looks or her family’s bank account. There were nearly two dozen party attendees, from various races half of whom were guys from the male dorm on the other side of the campus nestled in the thick Ubrenian forest. The question posed by We-Ru Vemn was directed toward Keeler, her good friend.

The person referred to in the question was Raleen Incarr, a shorter, awkward girl with bright yellow hair that nearly stood on top of her head like bristles and with large purple eyes that stood out against her pale skin. While all those present at the party were either talking to others or playing one of various card games, Raleen was standing by herself with a half empty glass of punch standing next to a food table gazing at a plate of wrorron danishes, seemingly lost in thought.

“My dad told me to invite her,” Keeler said with a shrug to We-Ru. “I really didn’t have a choice.”

“Oh,” We-Ru replied with a grin. “I thought you were lowering your standards for friends.”

Keeler chuckled, looking over at Raleen who continued to stare at the danishes.

“I wondered what species she was when I first saw her,” We-Ru said, taking a quick glimpse of the girl before taking a bite from a yellow collo-tea leaf, one of the snacks Keeler had placed on the same table Raleen was standing at. “I almost thought someone was lying to me when they told me she was human.”

Keeler grinned. “I had a hard time buying that, too…and I’m human. I mean her hair looks like she could stab someone with it. And those eyes. I mean, purple? Really?”

We-Ru wrinkled her brow, curiously. “Don’t some humans have purple eyes?”

Keeler shook her head. “Black, brown, blue, green and variations in between. As far as her hair, I originally thought she had put something in it to make it stand on end like that. Later, someone told me they asked her about it and Rakee…Ramee…whatever her name is told her that it was normally like that.”

“You invited her to your party and you don’t even know her name?” We-Ru asked with a snort. “Oh, now that is lame.”

“Well, she could be sitting all alone in her dorm room,” Keeler replied.

“So you also invited her out of pity?” We-Ru asked. “How noble of you.”

Keeler eyed her friend. “Well, I guess I do feel sorry for her. I mean, look at her skin. It’s so pasty it looks like she’s never stepped outside into sunlight before.”

We-Ru shrugged. “I know plenty of Twi’leks with skin paler than that. My cousin Shan’s skin is almost as white as snow. She’s got three of the most adorable little girls.”

“Ever see a Twi’lek with spiky hair or purple eyes?” Keeler asked her friend before finishing her drink.

“Ever see a Twi’lek with hair at all?” We-Ru asked, grimacing comically. “I mean, you humans can make your hair look nice, but I prefer my lekku.” The Twi’lek girl stroked one of her head tails affectionately. “The thought of a girl with hairy lekku….bleagh!”

Keeler laughed and Raleen turned to look at the two of them. Keeler noticed and turned away from her.

“I hope Reela doesn’t think we’re laughing at her,” the human girl said, trying to restrain her smile.

We-Ru laughed. “I thought we were.”

“Well, we shouldn’t be rude to her,” Keeler told her with a slight grin. “Maybe she’s a nice person.”

We-Ru looked over her shoulder at the odd looking human girl by the table. “Well we’ll never know if she stands all by her weird self. Hey, I know something that will break the ice.”

“What?” Keeler asked curiously.

We-Ru held up a finger to Keeler with a smile then walked over to Raleen.

“Hi, I don’t think we’ve met,” the Twi’lek said holding out her blue hand to the pale skinned human. “My name is We-Ru.”

Raleen looked at the Twi’lek girl’s hand, almost expecting her to have something messy or sharp in it. When she could see that the hand was empty, Raleen shook it weakly.

“Ra-raleen,” the girl answered nervously.

“Ra-Raleen?” We-Ru asked, curiously.

“J-just one ‘Ra’,” the girl replied. We-Ru realized the girl had a bad stuttering problem.

“Well, ‘Ra-Ra’ is a cute nickname,” the Twi’lek said, looking at her hair. “How do you get your hair to do that?”

Raleen looked up with her eyes, wishing that We-Ru hadn’t brought it up.

“I-it’s always l-like that,” Raleen said with a sad, weak smile.

“Well, if I had hair, I’d love to have hair like that,” We-Ru told her. “Hey, do you like hats?”

Raleen shrugged. “I-I g-guess.”

We-Ru walked over to Keeler. “Do you still have that sunhat your mother gave you?”

“It’s in my closet, I think,” her human friend replied with a shrug, thinking of the gaudy looking thing she never wore.

“Maybe you could give it to Ra-Ra,” We-Ru said giving the odd-looking girl a friendly smile.

Keeler looked at the girl. For a moment, Keeler pictured the girl struggling to try and put the hat on over her spiky hair.

“I think I know of some other hats that might look better on her,” Keeler said walking over to her closet and opening its hinged wooden door. For a moment, she looked at several hat boxes then over her shoulder at Raleen.

“I tell you what, Ra-Ra, you can have any hat you want,” Keeler said stepping away from her closet. “Why don’t you take a look?”

Raleen looked at her skeptically. She’d had too many tricks played on her by cruel people through her life to trust anyone who offered to be nice to her.

“A-any one?”

“Go ahead,” Keeler said with a smile, holding up her hand toward her closet. A few other girls in the room noticed what was going on and began to crowd around and watch.

Reluctantly, Raleen walked into the closet and picked up a hat box.

On a whim, We-Ru suddenly closed the door on her with a big grin. Keeler gave her a scolding look.

“Oh, don’t worry,” the Twi’lek girl whispered with a laugh as she held the door’s handles. “A good laugh will help break the ice.”

The closet was dark and barely big enough for Raleen to turn around in. When she pressed against the doors, We-Ru held them closed. Memories of all the cruel pranks played on her by so-called friends and schoolmates in the past filled Raleen’s mind and she began to panic.

“L-let me out!” Raleen nearly screamed in a panic filled squeal earning laughs from the girls outside.

“So, did you find one you like yet?” We-Ru loudly asked with a chuckle from the other side of the closet doors.

Raleen pushed against the door over and over again but the larger girl continued to resist.

“Out, out!” Raleen continued to squeal as she again tried to push her way out of the closet, gaining only more laughter from most of those outside.

“Come on, We-Ru, let her out,” Keeler said with a slight smile.

“Give it a minute,” We-Ru grinned back.

Inside the closet, Raleen flew into an utter panic, thinking of all the laughter and cruelty she had suffered from during the years. With tears pouring out of her eyes, she began to scratch against the door frantically. As she did, her fingers began sparking. From what one of her childhood doctors had told her and her father, she suffered from a “rare condition” that caused her hair to grow too stiffly and caused her fingers to spark when she panicked. As she grew up, she began to realize that the “rare condition” she suffered from was that of being a Genoshan – a genetic “freak”. The doctor and her parents all knew as a child she wouldn’t have understood completely what that meant. Other children, however, weren’t as kind to her.

“P-pleeeassse,” Raleen squeeled as she scratched even harder, closing her eyes tight enough that she couldn’t see the sparks from her fingers or the little fires started on the door and the hat boxes and clothes behind her.

By the time the others began to smell the smoke from the fires, the doors’ latch had melted sealing them shut. It was soon after that when Raleen opened her eyes for the last time to realize that the closet around her had caught fire and began screaming in terror.


One of the guys shouted it as he noticed the smoke coming from the top of the closet door. As the fire rapidly spread from the closet over the top of the door and onto the room’s ceiling, there was a small stampede of the partygoers, who snatched up Keeler and We-Ru even as the girls screamed about the girl trapped in the closet.

By the time the dorm building’s fire suppressant system activated, it was too late for Raleen Incarr.


A year later at the INCOMM headquarters and main factory outside of the Rishy Maze…

Jesseb Incarr, a lone man, stood silently in a dimly lit empty office. His desk was a mess of unsynchronized datapads and a pair of holo-emitters covered in a few days’ worth of food boxes. Placed about the room, were physical scale models of the X-Wing space superiority fighter, his company’s signature achievement and the older Y-Wing bomber and Z-95 Headhunter snub fighter all of which had accumulated a few month’s worth of dust.

The man didn’t care. A few months earlier, his wife had permanently separated from him. He hadn’t blamed her. His life for the last year had been a nightmare, ever since his daughter had died tragically at the Alliance’s Tal Cossa Academy. The news of her death had devastated him and he blamed himself for sending his daughter Raleen there. His wife had argued against it from the beginning since Raleen had consistently suffered from taunts and bullying from others since she was a small child. He wanted the best for his little girl and she met all of the academic requirements that were needed to enter the prestigious Tal Cossa Academy. To him, his little girl deserved it. He had suffered so much. His hope had been that at the academy, Raleen would finally blossom into the intelligent and talented young woman that he and his wife knew her to be.

Then the news came about “the accident.”

He and his wife were devastated. She blamed him at first and he willingly accepted it and sunk into self pity and depression. Their daughter had inherited her Genoshan heritage from him. He had always tried to push her out into the open, to prove herself and earn the acceptance of her peers. His wife had done everything in her power to shelter and protect her.

After a while, his wife and Raleen’s mother saw that the only person she had left in the universe had sunk into a grief filled depression. She recognized that she had unjustly blamed him and that she had married him knowing of his Genoshan heritage and the possibility that their children would have that same heritage and carry the possibility that they would suffer from some random genetic anomalies.

Recognizing her error, she finally tried to console him and called on the Alliance’s leaders to launch an investigation into the so-called “accident”. When they agreed to do that, his mood brightened considerably. Investigators were sent to the Academy. Students and staff were interviewed and cross examined.

After a few months into the examination, more than one of the Alliance Judicial committee’s members confided in him that they had not uncovered any criminal intent by Raleen’s fellow students even though the investigators had uncovered “ill feelings toward Genoshans” shared by many of them, including We-Ru Vemn and Keeler Jas, the two girls implicated in his daughter’s death.

His wife demanded that he talk to the Jas family and do something to get Keeler Jas to confess to the crime. He knew many members of the Jas family as they had a large hand in funding the production of the X-Wing fighters – the Rebel Alliance’s main line of defense. He even talked to Keeler herself and, reluctantly, she hinted that her friend We-Ru Vemn might have been solely at fault in the accident.

We-Ru Vemn, however, was being groomed to be a new class of spy. Any indication that she was guilty of purposely killing another member of the Rebel Alliance, especially out of something as petty as discrimination based on a girl’s looks would end that career and rob the Alliance of an important tool in their fight for freedom. That was his wife’s conclusion, even as he tried to defend the Jas family for standing behind Keeler.

She had enough. Enough of him and his depression. Enough of the Rebel Alliance’s “hypocrisy”. The last he saw of her was when she boarded a small transport and undocked from their home within an asteroid station close to his family’s main factory.

Now, he finally received the Alliance’s final conclusion to the investigation.

- No criminal intent on the part of Keeler Jas or We-Ru Vemn.

- A simple accident due to a childish prank.

He had hoped that the blame would fall on We-Ru’s shoulders, guilty or not. It would have meant closure. It would have meant that there would have been some hope that his wife, Canara would return to his empty arms. It meant to him that his little girl’s meaningless death would find meaning and a wake-up call to the Rebel Alliance of a sleeping disease infecting their ranks.

Instead, he had received a recorded holo from Jajonna Gaemson, the Alliance’s highest ranking member of its Intelligence department of the investigation’s conclusion. He knew that once We-Ru Vemn graduated from the Academy, he would become her boss. No message from Mon Mothma or even from Admiral Namor Ackbar. Just a two minute recorded holo followed minutes later by a request for four hundred X-Wings for deployment near the Hoth system.

There was a knock at his office’s door. Taking a deep breath, he walked to his desk’s control panel and opened it.

A man entered wearing a gray and white uniform. Jesseb had seen him around the factory over the last few months acting as a data courier for some of his factory’s supervisors. Jesseb noticed that the man gave him a sad look not realizing the expression matched his own.

“Yes? Can I help you?” Jesseb asked, standing up straight and turning to him.

“If you’d pardon me, sir, but maybe I can help you,” the man responded cautiously. “Mr. Incarr, I hope you don’t think of me as being nosey or anything, but I’ve been following the news of your daughter’s tragic death. You have my deepest sympathies. I know…I know the investigation into her death’s circumstances had an unjust conclusion.”

Jesseb looked at the man, not knowing whether he should thank him or throw him out of his office. One thing that puzzled him slightly was how the man had gotten the news so quickly.

“There are many in this galaxy that share your daughter’s gifts,” the man began to add before Jesseb glared at him.

“She…she was a brilliant young woman,” Jesseb Incarr told him, angry at himself due to the shakiness in his voice.

“That and much more,” the courier told him. “She, like so many, have been mistreated due to something beyond their control that…sets them apart.”

“Listen, if you don’t want me to call Security to have you thrown out of…”

The man raised his hand defensively. “Growing up, I’ve been through many of the same things she had to go through. Like her…and you, I’m a Genoshan.”

“How do you know that about us?” Jesseb asked angrily. He was minded to follow through with his threat to call Security, but he wanted answers that he could hear alone before he did that.

“I’m with a group of Genoshans,” the man revealed. “We keep to ourselves, obviously to avoid persecution and so we can help benefit each other. One of our group discovered what had happened to Raleen…and why. We began our own investigation.”

“It was an accident,” Jesseb told him.

“It was a cruel act against a girl who was a Genoshan and looked different,” the man told him. “You know that. She was singled out because of hatred felt by other students at the Rebel Alliance’s Tal Cossa Academy. Wealthy students. Well thought of students. Students with connections and/or relations to those in power in the Rebel Alliance.”

“I think I’ve heard enough,” Jesseb said as he went to his desk’s control console. As he did, the man suddenly transformed before his eyes. The uniform morphed into a white leotard as the man’s body shape shifted into that of a blue skinned woman with shoulder length red hair.

“You’re a Chiss,” Jesseb said nervously, shocked at the transformation. “Or are you a Yuuzhan Skrull?”

“I am a Chiss,” the woman told him with a smile, looking at him with yellow eyes, unusual for Chiss who’s eyes were normally red. “And I am a Genoshan as well. I understand your association of my gifts to that of a Yuuzhan Skrull, but they’ve been extinct for generations. Like many Genoshans throughout history, I have been forced to hide. Fortunately, my gifts have allowed me to hide in plain sight…like yourself.”

The man’s eyes widened angrily.

“I’m sorry, but we know of your Genoshan trait – the colorful bands on your arms,” she said with a comforting smile. “A simple alteration of your pigmentation. Something that you’ve felt compelled to hide from others. And why?”

He stood silently, thinking about what she was saying.

“Because,” she answered for him, “when others see that your skin color isn’t what they consider ‘normal’, you’re afraid they’ll look down at you. Treat you like you are less than human, just in the way I have been treated as being less than a Chiss because others have been sickened, frightened, disgusted, annoyed or whatever because of my Genoshan gift…much in the way your daughter had been mistreated all of her life.”

The blue-skinned woman’s shape and appearance shifted again, this time taking the appearance of his daughter Raleen. Jesseb’s face shifted from anger to sadness.

“We’ve investigated your daughter’s history,” the woman said in Raleen’s voice. “The cruelty played on her because she simply looked different, so much that her self-esteem sunk to such a low that she couldn’t talk without stuttering, even to you or your wife.”

Jesseb tried to look away from the woman, but he missed his daughter so much.

“And that cruelty didn’t end, just because you had joined yourself to the Rebel Alliance,” the woman continued walking around Jesseb’s office, looking at and touching the models of the X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters. “Or that you’ve supplied them the means of fighting against this monstrous Empire that oppresses an entire galaxy. The notion that Genoshans are some sort of grotesque genetic monstrosities still permeate the minds of these freedom fighters. While the Alliance tries to free the galaxy of oppression and fear, it still harbors the same roots of the Empire it seeks to overthrow.”

“That’s not true,” Jesseb Incarr told her.

“But its robbed your little girl of her future,” the woman said, her appearance shifting slightly as she spoke. “A young woman with such potential, kicked around and made fun of and finally locked into a closet to die a lonely and painful death, all because someone embraced by the Rebel Alliance didn’t like the way she looked. Where is the freedom in such discriminatory notions that are tolerated amongst the Alliance’s leaders?”

Jesseb frowned and shook his head. He knew it wasn’t true, defending Jajonna Gaemson, Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar in his mind, but couldn’t help feeling they had all betrayed him and his daughter. He looked up at the woman who still retained Raleen’s face and overall appearance, but had grown more beautiful and sophisticated looking, her hair grown out and trimmed in an attractive fashion.

“Your daughter could have grown into something beautiful and wonderful,” the woman quietly told him. “Hatred of Genoshans robbed her of it.”

He closed his eyes tightly squeezing out the tears that were welling up in them.

“If the Rebel Alliance takes your gifts, these fighters your factories produce, and manages to defeat this Empire, what will happen in the near or distant future?” the woman asked in Raleen’s voice. “A new Republic will prosper for a time, as past Republics have, but only to cave in to its own hypocrisy. Genoshans will continue to be treated like animals. Many thousands if not millions of those like Raleen will die and be stripped of bright futures over something as petty as a shade of skin color or hair.”

“It’s a better prospect than to suffer under the oppression of an Empire that strips everyone of his or her freedom,” Jesseb told her.

“Listen you yourself, Jesseb,” the woman told him. “A ‘better prospect’? Really? It’s the same ugliness wrapped up in different packages.”

“And what’s the alternative?” he asked.

“The alternative is what the group I am with is trying to provide,” the woman explained with a hopeful smile. “A galaxy that looks you in the eye and sees you for your gifts and not because of your appearance. A galaxy that sees the good in every single sentient being and not in its Emperor or the hypocritical fools that supposedly bring freedom only to harbor ill will to those they deem as undesirable.”

“The Alliance isn’t what you describe it as,” Jesseb told her. “I know the people in its leadership and they only seek freedom and what’s good for this galaxy.”

“All the while, justifying the evil actions of its members?” she asked. “Lord Magnus, our leader, seeks better things.”

He looked at her strangely. “ ’Lord’ Magnus?”

She looked at him and smiled understandingly. “Darth Magnus.”

He began to scowl when she gave him a reassuring smile.

“Yes, you’ve heard a lot of ill things about the Sith,” she explained to him. “Many things that aren’t necessarily accurate. There have been many Sith throughout history that have done evil things, but hasn’t history taught us that anyone normally esteemed as being good is also capable of great atrocities?”

He shook his head and didn’t answer.

“There have even been Genoshans that have…misused their gifts to kill one another,” she admitted. “But if you look at them and their actions and motivations, you’ll realize that they have been spurred on by those that hate them. We seek to liberate ourselves and this galaxy of the ills that poison the minds of its citizens with hate. Jesseb Incarr, we see in you the potential to inspire others with hope. That is why I’ve risked my life and security to come to you and ask you to join us or to at least consider it.”

Jesseb looked up at her. She still retained the form of a grown up and sophisticated Raleen.

“Or, call for Security,” she said motioning toward the desk and its control console. “I leave the choice up to you. I respect your decision and won’t stop you any way you decide.”

He looked at her for a moment.

“I can’t abandon the Alliance,” Jesseb said. “I and my family have done so much for the cause of freedom. I can’t abandon them.”

“Of course not,” she replied. “We aren’t asking you to betray the Rebel Alliance. We are asking you to leave them to their own devices. Leave them your factories. Perhaps, one day with your help, our group can help the Rebel Alliance become better and see the potential malignancy within itself and, together with my group, overthrow Darth Doom and make the galaxy a better place.”

Jesseb looked at his daughter’s face adorning the woman.

“I don’t want to betray my daughter’s memory,” he said quietly. “What can I do?”

She smiled. “Your subordinates know your security codes, don’t they?”

“Yes, except for my latest project,” he said stepping over to his desk, picking up a certain datapad.

“My suggestion is to leave everything here behind,” she told him gently placing her hands on his shoulders. “Leave your factories and your fighters to the Rebel Alliance. Move on to something greater and nobler. You can make this galaxy a better place.”

Jesseb pictured in his mind Canara walking out of his life followed by the image of Raleen screaming as she scratched against the inside of a locked closet door as flames began engulfing her.

“I’ll do it,” he said gripping his datapad. “I just can’t leave though.”

“You can with my help,” she said shifting her appearance to that of a female member of his factory’s Security team. “I have a transport waiting at the docking column.”

He looked at her hesitantly.

“Come?” she aked, holding out her arm.

After a few more moments he finally nodded.

“Let’s go.”

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The Balance of Power


Chapter Five




Gamma World, New Mexico

Base of the Hulks

Korra focused on the man who used to be the Hulk, her arctic-blue irises taking in every detail of the being. The color of his gentle eyes, like his short hair, was that of a dark brown. He is, like the others, Caucasian-white and his six-foot tall frame, while neither muscular nor scrawny, was well-toned and fit. He appeared to be in his mid or late thirties, if she were to take a guess at his age. She watched as he retrieved a pair of glasses from one of the large pocket-like pouches on his utility belt around his waist before gently placing and adjusting them on until they rested comfortably on his features.

"I believe introductions are in order. My name is Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. I imagine that you've already met my other self, haven't you? And before you ask, I must state that, yes, we're kind of the same person and yet very different. I am to the Hulk as Yin is to Yang. It's complicated, sometimes more than either of us like it to be.", Bruce said, calmly introducing himself to the multi-elemental young woman.

She couldn't believe it. Never had Korra seen such a diverse change, both in a physical and personality sense, in regards to another living entity. The Hulk was so massive, intimidating, powerful, aggressive. The green goliath's presence alone practically commanded fear and respect from all who would look upon him. Dr. Bruce Banner, on the other hand, was completely different. He appeared calm, reasonable, understanding, intellectual and non-threatening.

However, she had to admit, there was some traits that Hulk and Banner possessed that she noticed. She sensed a deep cunning, an unshakable confidence and an unconquerable will from each of them. Besides these and a few other traits, Banner and Hulk were seemingly two unique entities. Similar, yet different.

"This is my friend, Rick Jones, who goes by the codename: A-Bomb.", Bruce informed, gesturing towards the person who once was covered in azure armor plates.

"S'up, Kor.", Rick greets with a warm smile and a slight wave.

When Korra looked upon the man who used to be A-Bomb, she couldn't help but be reminded of her loveable best friend Bolin. In some ways, Rick Jones reminded her of the earthbender. The exceptions being that Rick had long golden-brown hair that went to his shoulders, was clearly about a decade older than the earthbender, and instead of the emerald-green eyes that Bolin possessed Rick's were of a light brown in color. However, other than those few differences, Bolin and Rick shared many of the same personality traits.

"This is my cousin, Jennifer Walters, who goes by the codename: She-Hulk.", Bruce stated, briefly making eye contact with his cousin who gave him a friendly smile before locking eyes with Korra.

The Avatar's arctic-blue eyes traveled to the woman who was once the green-skinned She-Hulk. Her hair, much like her own, was long and dark brown in color. However, unlike her cousin's brown-hued eyes, hers irises were of a lovely shade of green. Despite herself, Korra couldn't help but compare Jen to an older version of Asami Sato. She appeared friendly and easy-going, much like her feminine friend while also possessing a strong, independent aura that let others know she wasn't one to be intimidated by anyone or anything.

"Nice to meet you... again.", Jen greets awkwardly, letting out a brief chuckle.

"This elderly gentleman is General Thaddeus Ross, codename: Red Hulk.", Bruce continued as he walked past his former enemy, ignoring the glare that the old man gave him.

He was an old soldier, in his late sixties or early seventies at most, but his physique was solid and fit. He supported a thick, bushy white mustache upon his upper lip; his pair of eyes were a cool, sky-blue in color. And the hair atop his head, buzzed off like a solider's, was also white with age. It wasn't surprising that Korra thought of and made comparisons between General Ross and Chief Beifong... and Tenzin when he was really angry at her. They're both so serious, both in appearance and personality. She could only imagine what would happen if Thaddeus Ross and Lin Beifong would ever meet face-to-face.

"Hmph!", General Ross grunts, focusing his glare towards the Avatar for a brief couple of seconds before averting his attention elsewhere.

"And this lovely lady is his daughter, Elizabeth Ross, who's been given the codename: Red She-Hulk.", Bruce said, concluding the introductions of all those individuals within the room.

She had long dark hair, a pair of blue-hued irises akin to her elderly father, and possessed a lithe build similar to that of Jennifer Walters. Despite her beauty, Korra sensed that she definitely wasn't helpless. She appeared so strong and capable, reminding Korra of her mother Senna. Thoughts like these, when she looked upon them, made her realize how deeply she missed her loved ones. She could only hope that she would return to see them again soon.

"So... all of you are human?", Korra inquired after a few seconds of silence, briefly arching an eyebrow as she glanced at the surrounding individuals.

"Besides a few noticeable variables, yes.", Bruce confirmed, a gentle smile gracing his features.

"Okay... I'm a bit confused. All of you can change into... monsters?", Korra said, struggling to find the right words to describe their unique forms.

"Hey, easy on the "M" word, young lady!", Rick said, feigning to be offended by her remark.

"We're not monsters. We're just different.", Jen stated calmly, locking eyes with the multi-elemental young woman for a moment before she averts her gaze downward.

Turning her head, Korra focused her attention towards Skaar, who's slightly taken aback by her expression and the gleam in her arctic-blue orbs. She appeared confused, hurt, or lost at discovering this revelation about them. When she looked at him, staring intently into his eyes, as if seeking or pleading for him to help her, he couldn't help but feel an intense pain enter his chest. Fear and guilt. Guilt for not having the courage to tell her the truth, and fear that she wouldn't accept him once she discovered that he wasn't completely human.

"Skaar?", Korra speaks, her voice barely louder than a whisper, managing to get his attention as he meets her gaze.

"The Hulk... I mean, Dr. Banner is your father, right? You're one of them. Does that mean... that you can change too?", Korra said in inquiry, staring directly at the son of Hulk.

"Yes.", Skaar answered, shifting uncomfortably on the cot as he remained seated beside her, not even daring to look at Korra.

"Why didn't you tell me when we first met?", Korra asks, placing her hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort her friend.

"I... I didn't know how to tell you.", Skaar responds, still refusing to make eye contact with her.

"What do you mean?", Korra inquired, confusion evident in her voice and features.

"Isn't it obvious? He's afraid that you wouldn't like him, that you'd only see him as a monster. I mean, look how you reacted to meeting us. We're just monsters to you. Freaks of nature. Nothing more, nothing less.", Betty interjected, her words not only striking a nerve with Korra but also that of a certain female lawyer.

"Betty!", Jen scolded, narrowing her eyes at her fellow She-Hulk.

"That's not true! I mean, I'll admit at first I might have thought that, but now I see that I was wrong. And I'm sorry. I, of all people, should know by now not to judge by someone's appearance.", Korra exclaimed, rising off the cot and firmly standing her ground.

"There is no need for apologies, Korra. You did nothing wrong. It's a lot to process for anyone, and even more so for someone who isn't from the same Earth, let alone the same universe.", Bruce assured, speaking to her like a parent would to one of their children.

Setting herself back down on the bed, Korra releases a heavy sigh. For a few moments she doesn't speak, instead she merely glances at each of the human beings within the room. They weren't monsters, they're just different. She accepted this. Still, she couldn't help but wonder what caused them to be who they are. It was a subject that she was determined to find out.

"So how did all of you get like this?", Korra finally asks, summoning her courage in order to satisfy her curiosity.

"Very long story. I'm talking really, really, really, really, really long. And it doesn't help that each of our stories are different yet connected in some way or another. Bruce can let you read through the data files when you get the chance. They could probably explain everything better than any of us probably could.", Rick answered, offering Korra an easier option than what he could possibly explain himself.

"No, Rick. She deserves to know now. She deserves to hear it from us.", Bruce proclaimed, knowing that the young woman deserved to know about them.

"Bruce is right. That's why we're here. She's told us about herself, therefore it's only right that we return the favor.", Jen replied in agreement with her cousin.

"Before you tell me, can I ask what exactly causes you to change?", Korra interjects quickly with an inquiry.

"Usually pain or anger.", Rick replies, shrugging his shoulders in a nonchalant manner.

"Ooh, I see.", Korra said, a devious smile of mischief spreading across her face as she turned to look at Skaar.

"Korra, what are you...", Skaar began to speak, only to be silenced before he could even finish forming his question.


"Argh!", Skaar growls after getting punched in the arm by the multi-elemental teenager.

"Hey! You didn't change.", Korra exclaims, disappointed that her tactic didn't work out as well as she expected.

"I think Rick should have mentioned that sometimes we can control our transformations. Only during times of intense anger, pain, or stress can it occur without our control.", Bruce informed, much to the embarrassment of Avatar Korra who began rubbing the back of her neck in a nervous gesture.

"Ooh! Sorry. My bad.", Korra apologized with a quirky smile, unaware of what would happen next.


"Ow! Hey!", Korra nearly shouted, rubbing the arm in which Skaar had punched while she wasn't paying attention.

"Heh.", Skaar chuckled, satisfied with his sneak attack and getting some payback for Korra's earlier jab.

"Oh, so that's how it's gonna be?", Korra said with a playful yet competitive smirk, cracking her knuckles as she got herself ready for a little rough and tumble fun.

"Ahem! I hate to interrupt your bonding with my son, but wouldn't you like for me to continue?", Bruce suggested sternly, eyeing the two teenagers that were sitting on the cot.

"Fine. But, later, you're so going down!", Korra groaned before making her last mock threat to Skaar, disappointed that she couldn't teach the son of Hulk a lesson and have some fun with him.

"We'll see about that.", Skaar shot back, unaware of Jen & Rick's whispers and chuckles of amusement.

Reaching within one of the pockets of his brown utility belt, Banner pulls out a tech-based device that looks similar to an iPhone. Pressing a button on the device, activating it in the process, large holographic images soon appeared. Korra was instantly in awe of the incredible images, reaching out to touch them only for her hands to go right through them. She remembered the moving pictures back on her world, but they couldn't compare to this! It was all so new, so different, so exciting and incredible! It made her wonder what else this world has to offer.

"I'm a scientist, one of the smartest men on the entire planet. A nuclear physicist, to be more precise. I was working on a new weapon, a gamma bomb. When the day came to test it out, there was some... complications. I seen a teenager, Rick Jones, out on the test site where the bomb would be detonated. I managed to get him to safety, but I wasn't as fortunate.", Bruce began, telling his story as the device in his hand began to reveal more images.

"I was engulfed by the gamma rays that were unleashed during the bomb's detonation. It should have killed me... but it didn't. All it did was release a part of me that I didn't even know existed. Now that I think about it, I believe that he's always been within me. Watching through my eyes. Seeing, hearing and feeling everything that I endured in my life. It was on that day... that the Hulk was unleashed upon the world.", Bruce continued, the images revealing the gamma bomb explosion that bombarded Dr. Banner with gamma radiation, thus resulting in his numerous transformations into the Hulk.

"For years I've tried to rid myself of the Hulk, only to fail countless times. I feared and hated the Hulk, because I knew that his power was capable of. He could tear entire worlds asunder with his bare hands. But as time progressed, as I overcame my fear, I've learned to accept and embrace the Hulk. After all, he is much a part of me as I am a part of him. He's fought alongside the world's heroes, saved the planet more times than I can count, and protected the universe and the multiverse from the greatest threats imaginable. He's a hero, a protector... not unlike yourself.", Bruce said, concluding his story, the last image being one of Hulk standing beside dozens of Earth's mightiest heroes.

"So that's your story?", Korra asks skeptically, wondering if there wasn't more he was leaving out.

"The abbreviated version, yes. There's quite a bit that I left out on purpose in order to avoid confusion. However, I believe I've summed it all up quite nicely. If you want more details, then as Rick suggested, you're welcome to read through my data files.", Bruce answered, admitting it and easing the female Avatar's suspicions.

"What about them?", Korra inquired, gesturing towards the other human beings within the room.

"You assumed I've forgotten?", Bruce inquired, a knowing yet teasing smirk forming on his lips.

"Well, I... no, not really.", Korra muttered, fidgeting with her fingers.

"Oh, Bruce! Stop teasing the poor girl.", Jen chided in a teasing manner.

"Very well, Jen. Would you like to tell her your abbreviated origin?", Bruce offered.

"My pleasure, cuz. Just keep those holographic projections going.", Jen replied evenly.

"You see, Korra, I was Bruce's closest friend when we were kids. But where as Bruce became a scientist, I decided to take a much different career path. I went on to studying the law, becoming a lawyer in order to see that justice is served to those who've been wronged, to maintain a sense of balance. I was working on a case when Bruce came to visit. A group of thugs hired by Nicholas Trask tried to kill me. They almost succeeded. If it wasn't for Bruce giving me a blood transfusion... I wouldn't be here right now. He saved my life. He was taking a risk by giving me that transfusion, but he couldn't bare the thought of losing another family member again. That's what gave me my powers, and ever since that day... I could become the Sensational She-Hulk.", Jen explained to the young woman, telling her abbreviated version of the story.

"Okay, that's two down. What about them?", Korra remarked before making her next inquiry, her gaze gesturing towards Rick, Betty and General Ross.

"Ah, well, I think Bruce can fill you in on that.", Jen responds, allowing her cousin to take over once again since it was obvious that neither Betty or her father were about to talk, and she doubt that Rick could explain it without confusing Korra further.

"Yes, and I will. Rick was captured by two of the world's most dangerous villains, old enemies of mine and the Hulk: M.O.D.O.K. and the Leader.", Bruce said, revealing an image of the two villains.

When Korra looked upon the image, she couldn't suppress the shudder of disgust that coursed through her. These two man-monsters, these creatures were beyond creepy. The one known as the Leader, while as green as the Hulk, was scrawny and tall with a large, vein covered, pulsing skull and dark facial hair. The other villain known as M.O.D.O.K., an acronym that means Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, was even more monstrous and disturbing in appearance. The freakish villain appeared to be nothing but a giant head with tiny arms and legs seated within some advanced, tech-based device that floated above the ground through some means of propulsion.

"Whoa..! Eww. Talk about the bad and the ugly.", Korra said, cringing upon viewing the holographic projection of the villains.

"Yeah, they're even more grotesque in person. Trust me on that one, Kor.", Rick remarks, trying to lighten the mood.

"Anyway, Rick was their first experiment, their first attempt at making a being who could take on the Hulk. General Ross involved himself in the project with the villains, wanting revenge against me for all the times that the Hulk defeated him. What he didn't know is that they brought his daughter Betty back as a potential test subject, a back-up plan to use against me and the Hulk. By combining gamma and cosmic energies, they turned them into two crimson-skinned Hulks.", Bruce continued.

"M.O.D.O.K. and the Leader were defeated, their plans for world conquest ended. But not without a price. Leonard Samson lost his life... and now Rick, Betty and her father have become the very thing that I am. Jen is right. We're not monsters... we're Hulks.", Bruce concluded, finishing the origin of how Rick, Betty and General Ross became A-Bomb, Red She-Hulk and Red Hulk.

"Wow... that's incredible. But it still doesn't answer something that I want to know.", Korra responds.

"Oh? And what would that be?", Bruce questions, arching an eyebrow as he stared curiously at the young woman.

"Who is Skaar's mother? And where is she?", Korra inquired, determined to discover the truth.

Bruce Banner's face contorts into one of pure sorrow and tragedy, for remembering Caiera made him experience the pain all over again. Within his psyche, Banner could swear that he heard the Hulk. His cries of rage and despair echoing in his mind like thunder, roars that could make worlds quake. He still loved Caiera, he would always love her, but nothing hurt more than the realization that, despite all of his power, he was unable to save her from her fate.

"Skaar's mother is no more.", Bruce finally confessed, his voice as low as a whisper.

"Her name was Caiera the Oldstrong. She was my wife; the Hulk's Queen on the planet Sakaar.", Bruce informed, pushing a button on the device and activating a holographic projection that revealed a life-sized image of the female Oldstrong.

"She's beautiful.", Korra utters, in awe of the female Shadow Warrior's beauty.

The holographic image was accurate, displaying every single detail of her size and appearance, allowing Korra to take everything into perspective. Caiera stood at least 7'2", silver-hued armor covered her lithe Amazonian body, which appeared feminine yet still extremely formidable. Her flesh was of a gray-white, while her hair was very long and pitch black in color. She had dark markings etched on her head above her eyebrows; her eyes were an alluring green, the sclera around them black, reminding Korra of Skaar's own unique orbs.

"Yes, she was.", Bruce replied with a heavy, sad sigh.

"What happened to her?", Korra asked, looking at the downcast nuclear physicist.

"She died in the fiery explosion that engulfed all of Crown City, an explosion that nearly destroyed planet Sakaar.", Bruce answered, revealing a set of images, including one of the Hulk holding Caiera in his arms as the massive explosion consumed all of Crown City.

"She was pregnant when the explosion occurred. If she would have accessed the Old Power, she would have been able to survive the blast. However, Caiera wanted to save her child more than herself. That's how Skaar survived and lived. I didn't even know he was alive. It was only when Skaar came to Earth was this revealed to me and the Hulk.", Bruce said in conclusion, going more in-depth, the holographic projections aiding him in telling the tragic story of his wife's demise and Skaar's birth.

This startling revelation brought Korra on the verge of tears, her sapphire-blue irises leaking tiny droplets of moisture that managed to escape from her eyes and slowly stream down her cheeks. She looked directly at Dr. Banner before averting her gaze to Skaar. Slowly, almost hesitantly, she reaches out to rest a hand on his shoulder, causing him to turn and face her. She could sense the pain, the sorrow, and the anguish that reminiscing the past had brought upon father and son. It was then that she couldn't take it, that she couldn't keep herself at bay any longer as she lunged forward, encircling her arms around Skaar and pulling him in close.

"I'm sorry.", Korra whispered, holding him in a comforting embrace that he meekly returned.

They remained like for what seemed like hours, neither making the attempt to break the embrace. This did not go unnoticed by any of the individuals within the room, least of all Dr. Banner and Jennifer Walters. It would be a discussion for another time, for there are more important matters to attend at this point. Eventually Korra released Skaar from her embrace, a gentle smile on her face as she watched the son of Hulk run his hand through his long hair while avoiding eye contact with her.

"Ahem! Now that we've told you a bit about ourselves, perhaps you could inform us of how you came to our world? How did you manage to cross over from one universe to another?", Bruce suggested, wanting to quickly advance past these memories that brought him only pain and sorrow.

"It all happened so fast. There was this freak storm. The skies were split asunder, torn apart by some kind of powerful energies. A bolt of energy smashed into the earth within Republic City. I was helping the people get to safety when it all began. At the site of the blast... that's where I first seen him, where I faced him. His skin was a gray-white... it was like yours, Skaar. And half of his face... it was heavily scarred.", Korra began, her mind trying to piece everything together.

"I fought him. But he tricked me. Then, he cast me off of my world. He launched me into a sky and through some kind of portal. After that... it all went black. And then I woke up here, where I met all of you.", Korra finished, telling her tale of how she arrived to this world.

When Korra looked at those gathered in the room, watching their reactions, she couldn't help but sense that something was definitely wrong. It felt like they knew something about the villainous being, something that she didn't. What could it be? And why did it seem to make all of them on edge? Little did she know that the knowledge she possessed to the identity to the villain would cause instant havoc among the individuals within the room.

"Korra, what was his name? Did he tell you who he was?", Skaar questioned, his attention solely focused on her.

"Yes, he did. He called himself... Hiro-Kala.", Korra answers, recalling the name of the villain.

"What?!", Banner shouted, rising out of his seat.

"It can't be!", Jen exclaims.

"Should of killed him when you had the chance, Banner!", General Ross snarls, instantly putting the blame on the nuclear physicist.

"Ah, man! I thought we already dealt with him!", Rick groaned, falling back into his chair and slouching against the back of the seat.

"That freak is loose?!", Betty hissed.

"That's impossible, Korra! He was imprisoned. He couldn't have escaped!", Skaar stated quite clearly.

"What are you talking about?", Korra demanded, narrowing her sapphire-blue eyes.

"Hiro-Kala was defeated. We fought him, saved the world before he could crash planet Ka'i into Earth, and imprisoned him forever.", Skaar answered.

"Well, I hate to break it to you, but he's free now! And he's back on my world! What is he, anyway?! What does he want?!", Korra inquired in exclamation, demanding to get some answers.

"Korra... Hiro-Kala is my brother.", Skaar said in confession, wishing that she didn't have to discover this dark secret.

"What?!", Korra gasped, bolting to her feet instantly and taking a step away from the cot.

"Yes, it's true. But he isn't like me. He's evil. Insane. A real monster.", Skaar replied uneasily, rising to his feet and reaching out to rest his right hand on Korra's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her as she had done when they spoke of his mother's demise.

"But what does he want with my world?", Korra asks, glancing from Skaar to the rest of the occupants within the room.

"I'm not certain. Whatever it is that he's seeking... it's nothing good.", Skaar answers truthfully, locking eyes with his feminine multi-elemental friend.

"No, it can't be! That little monster...", Bruce snarled, clutching his head tightly in his hands, trying to suppress the rage that he felt building within him.

"Take it easy, Bruce. Calm down.", Betty urged in a gentle, soothing tone of voice.

It was too late. The memories of Caiera, the trauma caused by her unfortunate demise, the reemergence of a son that was thought to be imprisoned forever and destined to die, all summoned forth a rage and sorrow deep within Banner that could only be equaled or dwarfed by the Hulk's own. The transformation was instantaneous, the mild-mannered nuclear physicist Dr. Bruce Banner becoming the raging, indestructible, unstoppable green goliath known as the Hulk! Unleashing a thunderous roar of primal fury, the Hulk sets his sights on the individual whom was responsible for these memories and feelings resurfacing. And unfortunately, it would appear that particularly person was none other than Avatar Korra.

"YOU!", Hulk growled between clenched teeth, his voice sending a chill down Korra's spine.

"You come to my world, wanting our help to kill one son... while seducing and hurting another!", Hulk snarled, advancing ever closer towards the multi-elemental empowered young woman.

"What? I-I don't understand! I mean, yeah, I'll do whatever it takes to save my world and stop Hiro-Kala, but I'd never hurt Skaar. He's my friend!", Korra proclaims, finding herself trapped between the cot against the wall and the raging Jade Giant.

"Liar!", Hulk bellows, pulling his fist back as he advanced forward to crush her with the first blow... only to have someone get in his way.

"Father! Stop!", Skaar pleads, stepping in between Korra and his enraged father.

The tactic manages to make the Hulk cease his advance, stopping directly in front of Skaar and Korra. His emerald irises glance from his son to the female Avatar, taking everything into consideration. He sensed that Korra was sincere in her response, yet it was difficult for him to trust anyone or anything. His entire life has been wrought with betrayal and deceit from others, so trusting another individual wasn't something that he or Banner would take lightly. But if his son trusted her, if he was willing to defend her against his wrath, he was willing to give her a chance.

"Skaar, take her to the medical bay. Then show her to her room.", Hulk ordered, releasing a heavy sigh.

"Follow me, Korra.", Skaar utters, gently coaxing the Avatar to walk towards the door.

Korra did as Skaar requested yet even as they walked onward, she couldn't stop herself from sending a sympathetic look at the Hulk as they exited through the door. She could only begin to imagine or understand what he was going through physically and psychologically. If only she could help him, if only she could provide him some form of peace that could ease his troubled mind. If only...

"Are you okay, Bruce?", Jen asks, feeling genuine concern for her cousin.

"Leave me alone.", Hulk rumbled, his voice like thunder that proceeds a lightning strike.

"Bruce...", Betty whispered, walking towards him.

"Don't call me 'Bruce'!", Hulk growls, causing Betty to stop dead in her tracks.

And with that last sentence, the Hulk marched out of the room, not even bothering to glance back at his assembled comrades. Old wounds have been reopened. Only time would tell if new ones would be created, or if those old wounds would be healed.


Gamma World, New Mexico

The Medical Bay

Korra found herself resting on a metallic slab of some kind of machine, her body lying still as a bright light scanned her body from head to toe in various angles. She was beginning to grow restless, feeling as if she had been going through this process for hours when in fact it had only been mere minutes. It was only when the machine became silent and the scanner extinguished its light that she let out a heavy sigh of relief.

When she and Skaar first entered the Medical Bay, they were greeted by a lovely young woman with wavy red hair who was wearing a lab coat over her casual clothes. What Korra soon discovered was that she wasn't human at all. Technically speaking, she was very human-like in appearance, but under it all she was a machine, an advanced LMD android to be more precise. Her name was Annie. She appeared human and was friendly, so that was good enough for Korra.

She couldn't say the same about the second android, who monotone voice made him appear cold despite being quite attractive in appearance. He reminded Korra of an older, more mature, and even more handsome version of Mako. Short black hair adorned the top of his head; his eyes were completely crimson-red in color; and his body was covered in ebony attire with glowing violet markings. His human name was Aaron Stack, but to most he was known as Machine Man.

The last person she was introduced to was a woman who appeared to be in her early thirties. She really stood out, even in the presence of the two androids Annie and Aaron Stack. Her skin tone, like that of Skaar's, was of a pale gray-white in color. Her eyes were a radiant blue, not unlike Korra's very own, with the only difference being that the sclera was pitch black like that of Skaar & Caiera. And her dark raven hair transcended down her neck to settle on her shoulders, just managing to touch the fabric of her white lab coat. She's a close friend and love interest of Dr. Bruce Banner, a former agent of SHIELD known as Kate Waynesboro.

"All right. You can sit up now, Korra. Your x-ray scans should be complete.", Kate informs the young Avatar.

"Finally.", Korra huffed, sitting up on the slab.

"Her blood tests are also complete. And I can confirm by these statistics that she's 100% healthy.", Annie added in an optimistic tone of voice.

"Now, all that is needed is to administer some antibiotics.", Machine Man said in his usual monotone.

"What's that?", Korra inquired, her eyes widening ever so slightly as she noticed Kate approach her with a needle nestled in the fingers of the woman's right hand.

"It's nothing to worry about. Just some antibiotics. You know, medicine.", Kate Waynesboro informed in a nonchalant manner, taking the alcohol swab in her left hand and gently rubbing it on an area of Korra's arm.

"Why do I need that?", Korra asks, looking uneasy as she glanced from the needle to the female scientist.

"It's to make sure you stay healthy. Wouldn't want you to get sick, now, would we?", Kate responds with a friendly smile, hoping that it'd ease the tense teenager.

"I guess not.", Korra admits somewhat reluctantly.

"Good. Now, hold still. This won't hurt much. It'll be over before you know it.", Kate assured, inserting the needle into Korra's arm, though not without some difficulty as the girl's skin was thicker than that of a normal person.

"So... what's your story? Are you an Oldstrong like Skaar's mother?", Korra inquired, gesturing towards the woman's gray-white flesh.

"No, I'm not an Oldstrong, actually. I'm just an ordinary person. Or at least I was at one time.", Kate answered with an amused chuckle, setting the needle on a metal tray before placing a bandage on the spot where the syringe pierced Korra's flesh.

"Then... how did you become an Oldstrong?", Korra asks, her curiosity intrigued.

"A warrior named Hiroim bestowed the Old Power to me as a gift. He died in battle to save us all, to save the world from a madman. That's where I inherited the Old Power, through his noble sacrifice.", Kate answered, recalling the events as if they had transpired yesterday.

"I wish I could've met him. He sounds like a true hero.", Korra remarks, a part of her mind wondering what he would have been like to meet in person.

"Your test results and x-rays show that you're in perfect physical condition, Ms. Korra.", Machine Man said, informing the young woman immediately upon receiving the results.

"In other words, you've got nothing to worry about.", Annie adds, giving the young woman an honest smile.

"Interesting. Your bone density is greater than that of normal Homo sapiens. And I believe your skin is also far more durable and resistant to injury. Fascinating.", Machine Man remarked absentmindedly, seemingly intrigued by her unique physiology.

"Uh... thanks, I think.", Korra replies, not sure what to make of his remark in regards to her physical condition.

"That'll be all for now. You're free to go, Korra.", Kate states, offering the multi-elemental empowered girl a hand.

"Uh, okay. Thanks. It was nice meeting all of you.", Korra responds, grasping Kate's hand and hauling herself off the metallic slab.

"The feeling is mutual, Korra.", Kate assures with a light chuckle, giving Korra's hand a brief shake before releasing it.

"Well, c'mon, Skaar. Let's go get something to eat. I'm starving!", Korra exclaims, calling her friend and partner in crime who was seated in a chair on the opposite side of the room.

Rising out of the chair, Skaar waited until Korra reached him before they both left the Medical Bay, their destination being made quite clear by Korra's previous statement. One could only hope that there would be enough food to satisfy their large appetites. Once Skaar and Korra were out of sight, and out of hearing range, that's when a new topic of discussion was brought up amongst the three extraordinary individuals.

"Is it me, or do they seem close?", Annie suggested, arching an eyebrow as she glanced sideways at the former agent of SHIELD.

"Now, Annie, don't go jumping to conclusions.", Kate responded, knowing full well what the android was implying.

"I have to agree with her, Ms. Waynesboro. Skaar's pheromone levels suggest that he's attracted to Ms. Korra.", Machine Man stated, keeping his usual monotone despite the topic of this conversation.

"Regardless, I think it's best if we stay out of it. If it's meant to be, it will happen on its own accord.", Kate said, resuming to move on to her next activity.

"So... if you were to bet on if they'd get together or not, what would you choose?", Annie inquired with false innocence.

"Nice try, Annie, but I'm not answering that one.", Kate chuckled, not taking the bait.

Still, despite herself, Kate couldn't help but wonder about the relationship between Skaar and Korra, and how far it could potentially develop. It also made her contemplate something else. What did Banner and the Hulk think? How are they reacting to the bond that his son and this young woman are forming? How accepting are they of her and of this relationship, whether it be platonic or amorous?

Only time would tell.


On another World, Within another Universe

An Ancient and Forgotten Isle

Mists shroud the forgotten island within the seemingly endless ocean, an isle created long ago by the Oldstrong and the Avatar who saved this world and restored balance. Few beings knew of its existence, let alone of its exact location. Only the Shadow People and the Avatar knew of it, only they could find it. Hiro-Kala knew of it, of this world and its connection with the Shadow People, through the knowledge given to him by the very being who freed him from his imprisonment.

He didn't know why the ultimate nihilist freed him, or why he willingly told him of this world and its connection to the Shadow People, or what is it that he wanted with this particular world. All that was known to Hiro-Kala was that he demanded that death be brought to this world. If he succeeded in bringing death to this world and its people, he would be given this universe. However, the mad tyrant also warned Hiro-Kala that, if he were to fail in bringing death to this world, he would ensure that Hiro-Kala would suffer and beg for something as sweet as death's cold embrace!

The threat was made clear, the task before him set. But in the end, when his conquest was complete, Hiro-Kala would turn this to his advantage and seek to strike against the being who freed him from his imprisonment. He entered the cavern, the Old Power energies that radiated from his right hand providing the light needed to see and travel within the vast passageways. There was statues, paintings and markings from a bygone age that decorated every square inch of this ancient place. He paid little attention to these, continuing to walk onward, seeking out the chamber that contained the second amulet.

The main passageway opened up, revealing the chamber in which Hiro-Kala had been seeking since arriving on this world. This was the tomb of the Oldstrong and the Avatar. It was they who fought against the darkness; it was them who defeated and contained Aku-Tonrar; it was the Avatar and the Oldstrong who united against this evil and brought peace and balance to this world. It was them who wielded the Heart of this world.

"Hiro-Arin.", Hiro-Kala said in an icy tone of voice, glaring up at the entombed form of the Oldstrong that stood watch over the stone coffin and the chamber itself.

"Avatar Kira.", Hiro-Kala hissed with mere contempt, glancing down at the sarcophagus.

"You loved her greatly, didn't you? So greatly that you couldn't stand the pain... so greatly that you couldn't bare to live once she had passed. Once you left your blessing to this world, to its people, to the past and future incarnations of the Avatar, you created this tomb and then used the Old Power to turn yourself to stone for eternity. All done out of love for her and this world.", Hiro-Kala said in a voice devoid of any emotion, speaking as if the Oldstrong could still hear him.

"Love. A weak and useless emotion. A treacherous feeling that blinds one of their senses.", Hiro-Kala snarled, ripping open the stone lid of Avatar Kira's sarcophagus.

Inside rested the form of Avatar Kira, her body turned to stone by the Old Power upon her death by Hiro-Arin. But Hiro-Kala could care less about her lifeless body. It was the item that encircled her neck that he sought. The amulet adorned the necklace that was still draped around her throat.

"I assure you... love is something that I neither desire nor possess the capability for.", Hiro-Kala, reaching inside the sarcophagus to rip the necklace that held the amulet from Avatar Kira's neck.

"I am a being of Power... of Conquest!", Hiro-Kala proclaimed, ripping the necklace from its resting place and holding it high above his head for a brief instant.

"And this world, this universe... will be mine!", Hiro-Kala said, a sinister smile forming on his scarred visage.

Taking the first amulet out of his pocket, Hiro-Kala brings it closer to the second amulet resulting in a blinding flash of light. Then, just as the brilliant light is extinguished, it is revealed that the two amulets have combined to form one singular piece. If any other being, besides the Avatar or an Oldstrong, had attempted to combine the amulets into its true singular form, they would have been met with failure. This was the knowledge that Hiro-Kala possessed, knowledge that only the Avatar or an Oldstrong could achieve access to the amulet.

With this amulet Hiro-Kala could open a portal to a distinct location, one that was only known by the Shadow People and the Avatar. The spiritual temple where the Heart of this world rested. It was where an endless army of Dark Berserker Spirits lay in wait, contained until they were needed. And lastly, within the temple, imprisoned eons ago by the combined might of Avatar Kira, Hiro-Arin and the Heart of this world, rested an entity of darkness, chaos, destruction and death. An entity formed by a 100,000 dark spirits, gods and demons... Aku-Tonrar!

Raising the amulet in the air, Hiro-Kala begins to summon forth the energies needed for the task. Once the power has been summoned, the blast of energy is released from the amulet, opening/creating a gateway to the intended spiritual location. Without the slightest hint of fear or hesitation, Hiro-Kala walks through the gateway. Everything was going as planned. His time of conquest was now.


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I like this entry very much BT, life is rarely a white and black scenario, to see clearly the difference between good and bad is a rare gift.

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Vol.91, Iss.4 (October, 2012), pp.585-606

THE Mutant Problem and How Humanity Can Learn To Solve It: A Research Essay and Case Study on 21st Century Mutant Solutions

By Dr. Jason William Stryker
Department of Genetic and Evolutionary Sciences,
Hope Springs University, Washington
October 2012.

Abstract. ‘Mutants’, potentially the most important word of the last two centuries. In a governmental review in 1986, Trask and Lang identified a number of key problems in the research of mutants, revolving around methodologies used to gather data and the levels of analysis that was undertaken once such data was available. Following on from this review, this essay documents other government-led initiatives towards ‘homosapiens’ (mutants) throughout 1988 and 2012, along with a case study of mutant student admissions to secondary and college-level schools in America in the year of 2011. Part One of this essay details these solutions, categorizing them through domestic preparedness, national citizenship and national security. Part Two describes the results and findings of the case study and implications for wider mutant academia and education .The research is ultimately aimed at reaching a level of understanding toward certain mutant prejudices and reaching solutions that are satisfactory to both human and mutant communities and that mutant well being is the responsibility of the human majority.


An Extract from Part One, Section 1.

... mutant prejudice, fear and paranoia have reached an all time high. These are problems in the wider community that are warranted only through severe and extreme cases, which are not reflections on the entire mutant species. Following, are the solutions that have been proposed and implemented since 1988-2012 at the domestic level.

1. Domestic Preparedness and the ‘Human Kind Approach’.
It was proposed to the American Government by Bolivar Trask in 1988, a precursor to his now infamous ‘Sentinel Program’ (which is covered in Section 3, ‘National Security and the Sentinel Guardian Approach’). The proposal recommended a wide media push through advertising in magazines, billboards and through color television. This solution also included and encompassed two interrelated concerns, in regard to human/mutant relations. The first is “raising the awareness of police and emergency services, as well as the communities they serve to the potential of a mutant threat without creating alarm, panic or an unduly sense of fear” and second, maximizing the “efficiency of these response groups in the event of a threat to secure safety for everyone” (Trask, 1988, p.34).

This section aims to address these concerns and examine the ways in which they have altered human perceptions of mutants since its implementation.

Domestic Preparedness is imperative if human/mutant relations are to ever advance. However, since the governmental and advertising push, these relations have not improved, instead, they have deteriorated. Humanity is not solely to blame for this, as it cannot teach what it did not understand. In 1988, mutant research had only begun. Now, however, humanity is far more aware of the mutant species and can truly start helping, assisting and even protecting mutants from persecution. Before the implementation of Domestic Preparedness, the knowledge of mutant existence was scarce, now however, recent surveys have shown that children as young as the age of six are not only aware of the mutant species, but are also aware of specific mutant individuals in their community. This is a direct result of advertising geared toward mutant paranoia as well as it being taught in the early stages of elementary schools. While specific lessons and topics covered in class are specific to the school itself, further teacher/student surveys have shown that 14% of lesson plans include scientific evolution, 27% of lesson plans include mutant history, while a massive 59% of lesson plans revolve around attribution of acts of terror to mutants. This suggests a major shift in mutant perception from the early days of Domestic Preparedness education revolving solely around the genetic development of homosapien to homosuperior.


Instead of attributing blame and acts of violence toward mutants, it should be made clear that the actions of the few are not a reflection on the many. Students being taught about the horrific attacks in New York caused by Magneto, now identified as Eric Lensherr, and his extremist Brotherhood of Mutants, do little to educate young children on the hundreds and thousands of other sociable, mentally stable and generally good mutants in the wider community. As the dominant species in this country, with statistics showing an almost sixty-forty split between humans and mutants, it is the responsibility of the human race to rise above the prejudice and fears and educate in a fair and academic manner. Mutants have no access to their own higher education, so it falls to the human race, with access to every kind of education, to provide for them.

The targets of Magneto and his Brotherhood were threatened, physically abused and in some instances, even murdered. The attacks spread further to buildings and locations of domestic population and they were varied and diverse. What they all had in common, were that they were human. While mutants are an international problem, attacks from the mutant population have come only from within the country. However, with such a wide variety of possible mutant sources, attackers, targets and deliverers, the task of policing them is complex and difficult. Consequently, without the right education, resources and planning, the task may seem overwhelming. Mutants have no government or political representation of their own, so once again, it is humanity that has the resources to solve the threat mutants create for themselves: that is, their extreme acts of terror in response to the human fear and prejudice.

As a means of comparison, a survey undertaken in 2010 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police found that “33% of members felt somewhat unprepared and 38% not at all prepared to prevent a terrorist attack” (Thurman & Jamieson, 2010, p.134), while the same survey held showed that “44% felt somewhat unprepared, 60% were not at all prepared and the final 6% were uncertain how to even prepare for a mutant attack” (Thurman & Jamieson, 2010, p.137). Reports have shown that human terrorists are limited to the resources their funding can afford. However, mutant terrorists have an inexplicable advantage over their human counterparts, as well as the Sentinels and human defense agencies that are in place to combat them, which is the cause for so much fear: mutants have no limitations. Mutants are their own resource, their own potential weapon of mass destruction. Their genetic mutations grant them an immediate advantage physically, mentally and biologically over anything humanity has to defend itself against such attacks.


Magneto’s many attacks in New York through the 2004-2012 periods have shown his particular mutation makes all conventional means of combat and warfare inadequate against him. The only means to deal with him was by placing even more money in the Anti-Mutant Defense budget, which had already taken seven billion dollars in order to upgrade the Sentinels – which Magneto could dismember with a wave of his arms.

This chapter seeks to convince police agencies, government officials and the wider community, that something very practical can be done without bankrupting the national budget or involving years upon years of defense training. Instead, this chapter proposes the ‘Human Kind Approach’ as a first step in the way of improving human/mutant relations. Humanity is the superior species through its resources, its thousands of years of history and culture, an established societal structure and education programs. Drawing public attention through the media to imprecise threats does nothing to reduce the fear of mutants – it does the opposite (Sherman, 2006). The ‘Human Kind Approach’ would instead involve overhauling the advertising and media machine to cover appropriate and relevant mutant stories, while still keeping humans aware of current threats, it would also cater the education system to teach young children about mutants in a way that is not hostile, teaching children to treat them with adequate degrees of respect and appreciation as well as providing sanctuary and programs that help elevate mutants from second-class citizens to valued members of any and all communities.



An Extract from Part One, Section 2.

2. National Citizenship and the Issues Associated with Registration
The aim of research, any research, is to reach levels of knowledge based on substantial evidence as a means of understanding and explaining why events have occurred and to accurately predict whether similar events will occur, based on that evidence. Mutant research has failed to reach this level of knowledge. This has resulted in several unproductive government policies and acts of anti-social, anti-mutant behavior by humans. This is an injustice not only to mutant kind, but an embarrassment to the overwhelming potential humanity has at granting mutant’s privileges and allowing them the rights that they deserve. Humanity has the power to uplift the mutant species and as a result, it has a responsibility to do so.

In 1999, after a mutant was caught transforming into and impersonating high-level political officials, the Sydney v State case ruled that mutants are not recognized as humans and therefore, not applicable for any of the basic human right statutes laid down by the United Nations and, specifically, the United States Constitution. As of this essay’s writing in 2012, mutants are still not recognized as humans or American citizens. This leads to many problems for the mutant population, which humanity could easily solve for them. To begin, mutants can be denied hospital and medical privileges, deprived of housing and residence, a lack of water and electricity as well as the right to education. In addition, with no privacy laws to protect them, mutants can be violated through surveillance programs, sexual abuse as well as a wide range of authority-based injustices, like not having the right to vote, the right to representation in a court of law or even illegal detainment.

There are currently two programs being covered in Congress that seek to address this issue. The first is the tried and failed Mutant Registration Act (MRA). It was a well documented event when it was first proposed in in2008-2009, not only for the potentially massive ramifications it would have on the mutant community, but also because Magneto and his Brotherhood attacked the Registration venues. It was only due to the timely intervention of unknown, vigilante mutants who have since been recognized as ‘X-Men’, though their true identities remain hidden (the issue of official, non-Government sanctioned mutant response teams to mutant threats is covered further in Section 3 of this essay). The second proposal is the Mutant Rights Proposal (MRP), which was implemented in 2011 as a means of granting mutants the same rights as humans and granting them American Citizenship through appropriate government channels. There are problems with both of these Acts and neither of them are suitable solutions to the mutant problem.



Problems with the MRA in 2009 remain the same as in 2012. The Act seeks to document and register every mutant in America on a Government database that would provide personal information from their name, age and current place of residence, to their powers and present affiliations. This Government Registration Database would then be public knowledge, available through online registries and whenever a mutant were to apply for a job, buy a house or achieve a higher education, they would have to provide their Mutant Registration information as part of their documentation. A clause in the Act stated that it would be a criminal offense to dodge Registration, with incarceration and even the death sentence as a possibility for offenders. Furthermore, each registered mutant would be uploaded into the Sentinel Program, meaning each of them would become immediate targets. While Sentinels can already recognize mutants through their genetic vision enhancers, it would immediately put every mutant at risk. The human equivalent would be like having a police officer aiming a gun at everyone solely on suspicion.

This is an Act bred out of contempt, fear and ignorance. Such an Act violates every known human right to privacy and the only reason the Act is entertained in Congress is because mutants are not recognized as human citizens and as such have no explicit rights as it is. Implied rights are used in most cases of judicial and economic law; however, many courts have this lack of citizenship as a way to set precedence for mutant crime. As observed on page 592, Figure 6 reveals that the number of mutants arrests without credible evidence since the Sydney v State case has increased by 58%, while mutant suicide while incarcerated has also increased by 78% (Department of Justice, 2008, p.44). These numbers are almost twice as much as human arrests and suicides.



While the MRA has problems relating to wider human rights issues, the Mutant Rights Proposal (MRP) problems relating to social, cultural and community values. In theory, this is indeed a step in the right direction and certainly falls in line with the ‘Human Kind Approach’. However, in practice, the methods could prove worse than a nation-wide implementation of the MRA. The reason for this is due to the fact that mutants would have to first apply for citizenship, instead of it being granted to American-born mutants, which causes a large divide between human and mutant relations in application. The ratified Constitution does not recognize mutants, which reflects the values and principles of the nation. To change the Constitution to grant inalienable rights to mutants would immediately reflect and represent a wider degree of acceptance for the growing mutant population.

The clear solution to the mutant problem begins with the ‘Human Kind Approach’ and leads into the immediate realization and signing of a series of mutant-based Acts that do not involve breaches of privacy and social values. Instead of proposing new Acts for mutants, instead, amend current Acts to include mutants. The mutant problem will not be solved through seclusion, exclusion or segregation, as some may argue (see: Essex’s “The Rising Epidemic: Mutants”, 1992 and Nova’s “Developing a Mutopia”, 2004) but instead, by inclusive matters of diplomacy and acceptance. Amend the Civil Rights Act to not only outlaw discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin but also outlaw discrimination on the basis of species genetically evolved or derived from the human race and extraterrestrial beings. This will then not only cover mutants, but artificial, cybernetic and even alien members of the community, as these, too, have seen a sudden rise in the population ever since the galactic-event in 2012 that involved hundreds of alien races that were previously unknown to Earth.

Further alterations would have to be made to the United States Constitution, particularly Article One (section 8), the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment and any precedents set by courts between the years 1999-2012 based on the ruling that mutants are not considered humans and as a result, are denied human rights, must be removed from any and all Charters. This is merely the start, as many other Codes, Acts and Titles would need to change as well if there is any hope at solving the mutant problem.



An Extract from Part One, Section 3.

3. National Security and The Necessary Evil
One of the primary questions asked throughout the research of this essay was this: ‘Which is worse – the mutant problem or our reaction to it?’ The anxiety over not just the mutant problem, but the mutant threat, the dominant difference being that the problem relates to communal and national issues whereas the threat recognizes mutants as hostile and extreme criminals capable of mass destruction, has come to envelop the nation so profusely that there are entire, non-government organizations dedicated to the eradication and destruction of mutants throughout the country. You will not find these organizations on the news, instead, you will find their mutant targets under constant surveillance and watch, constantly threatening and dangerously infiltrating our human way of life. There are two kinds of responses to the mutant threat that have developed over the last twenty five years or so, since Trask’s Sentinel Program. These responses are pro-active and pre-emptive. Both responses are valid and many programs are even successful. However, it can be said that our reaction against the mutant threat has caused more harm than the initial threat warrants not only to human civil liberties, or the human economy, but to human lives as well.

If the sole purpose of addressing the mutant threat through national security is to protect human lives, does this not suggest that the national security responses are a failure? In 2007, a police document was released online that revealed in the span of six months, twenty three humans had died as collateral damage from Sentinel attacks throughout the New York area alone. Out of the eight mutants being pursued by these Sentinels during that time, only two were captured. In 2009, during a police altercation with a group of three mutants, there were seven civilian fatalities. The three mutants escaped capture. In 2010, a similar police report to the one in 2007 was released that revealed there to be thirty four human casualties as a result of Sentinel attacks throughout the Washington area within the space of ten months. This kind of information shows us what previous statistics throughout the essay have proven: humanity is incapable of dealing with both the mutant problem and the mutant threat at the current moment.

To put things into context, mutants are responsible for at least 4,000 recorded accidental, human deaths a year. Many of these accidents are caused due to a mutant child’s powers manifesting in a public place. Human deaths as a result of murder, meaning with intent, due to a mutant’s powers number at an estimated 7,000 a year. At least 30% of these murders are the result of aggravation or self-defense, which further emphasizes the ‘Human Kind Approach’. The only way to deal with the accidental deaths is through isolating mutants, which, while it is a plausible theory, still conflicts the notion of acceptance co-existence.


Police training is insufficient, resources are ineffective and the Sentinel Program has proven, especially over the last decade, to be the only form of capable security solely because billions of dollars are being put into advancing the program each year. But violence should not be the answer to a problem that can be solved through humanity’s greatest trait: its potential for kindness. The Sentinels have caused widespread damage and death and have been met with a lot of criticism by government and authority officials. More harm than the threat warrants? Certainly. There are, however, many programs currently in place that are doing fantastic work in order to build a bridge in the human/mutant community.

Of these are the ONE Program, which was started in November 2011 by notable pro-mutant activists, Senator Vange Whedon and Senator Valeria Cooper. This is a program that seeks to provide funding, lodging, education and acceptance to mutants as well as the gifted and talented. The ONE’s first move was to remove the Sentinel Program and to build a school that will be similar to a national embassy, where mutants are treated with the same human rights they are being denied elsewhere. While it has only just started, it has the most potential for assisting the mutant species. If this program is to survive, it requires more funding and awareness in the wider community that does not involve harassment or libel.

The other idea that has not been officially proposed, but has been spoken about since 1992 when Dr. Nathanial Essex proposed a series of alternatives to Trask’s Sentinel Program, is the Sanctuary idea. This idea was also championed by the mutant Dr. Cassandra Nova, who has been working closely with the Latverian government in order to implement their very own ‘Mutopia’. Instead of mutants living amongst humans, learning with them and working with them, they would be living on their own, with their own laws and policies. This is a solution of segregation that does not align with the beliefs and values brought forward in this essay, however it is not without its merits, primarily, that the mutant threat is no longer within the country’s boundaries and also, human violence towards mutants could potentially be reduced to zero. But this is a solution geared towards the mutant threat, but as a result it does not promote co-existence.



An Extract from Part Two.

This case study examined human perceptions of mutant speciesm in secondary and college level schools. An open ended questionnaire was administered to 192 teachers in middle-class high schools in the Midwestern districts, while 90 surveys were given to college-level educators in the same area. Teachers were further asked to provide examples of speciesm in their schools, which were analyzed and broken down into three smaller subcategories: attribution of speciesm problems to humans; attribution of speciesm problems to mutants; attribution of speciesm problems to institutional/cultural factors. What this case study found was that of these surveys, many educators operated with an impaired consciousness towards speciesm; that many blamed mutants for any prejudice towards them; and that if any occurrences of speciesm were observed by educators, there was no formal paperwork or documentation made of it.

Due to teachers playing such a pivotal role in the development of children as well as in species relations between humans and mutants, it is critical to analyze their perceptions of speciesm and mutants in their schools. These perceptions may then influence the decisions and choices made by humans towards mutants and will only inflame the prejudices towards mutants, continuing the cycle of the mutant problem. The survey also showed that many high schools and colleges would refuse mutants entry into their institutions solely on the basis of their genetic code. This study also includes interviews from eight mutants under numbered aliases, and will also include a report on as a school that will be referred to throughout as Academy One.



An Extract from the Conclusion

This research essay has looked at three different aspects that build toward one singular goal: mutant and human co-existence. As the dominant species in this country and the world, it is the responsibility of human kind to uplift, protect, educate and sustain the minority that is the mutant species. This can only be achieved by first examining the domestic issues, primarily that of awareness and authority preparation, this essay provided altruistic alternatives that would save money and grant greater privileges to both humans and mutants in local communities. The second issue was that of registration and citizenship and how amendments would have to be made to a series of laws and policies as a means of reflecting and representing the changing views towards mutants in human communities. These amendments would involve including mutants to the Civil Rights Act, for a start, as well as granting inalienable human rights and citizenship to mutants throughout the country, without a need for application or admission. Without a proper political or legal representation, mutants have no means of defending themselves, which once again places the responsibility of mutants on the human population. Finally, national security is of the utmost importance in dealing with the mutant problem and the mutant threat. While altruistic alternatives at the domestic level are a start, there still needs to be major developments with authority training, resource provisions and even to the Sentinel Program, which could and should be removed at the behest of the human public.

Humanity is and has been the most dominant species on the planet for thousands of years. Mutants are a recent, evolutionary trend that has exploded genetically in the last few decades in particular. As such, in order for humanity to not only continue its majority status, it must create an accepting and inviting atmosphere for the mutant species as well as providing it with equal representation in order to achieve co-existence between the two species now sharing the living, walking, human world. If this is to be achieved as soon as possible, we must recognize mutants as our responsibility and within our opportunity to help and, most importantly, save.


EDITOR’S NOTE 1: The 2013 Budget has shown that fifteen million dollars has been placed towards mutant academic study and research.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: In 2014, the ONE Program has ended the distribution and creation of Sentinels throughout America. Also, they have employed a mutant ambassador Ororo Monroe, also known as Storm.

EDITOR’S NOTE 3: In 2014, The Mutant Registration Act was completely abolished.

EDITOR’S NOTE 4: In 2014, Latveria has implemented the Sanctuary idea and has allowed any and all mutant refugees a safe haven just outside their country borders. They are led by Dr. Cassandra Nova. The latest study has shown that over 200,000 mutants from around the world have already begun moving to the Latverian state.

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my turn now

during the WWS2 almost 200tsd people (young, old, children, men, women, just whole families) living in eastern Poland were killed by their… neighbors. We call it “brother-killing”. As their stories (told by the ones who survived) have never left me, I felt somehow obliged to honor them…

(I own nothing that is not mine)


Now I know WHY there’s a tear in my eye…

- I’ll ask once again, this time as a friend: Are you absolutely sure, that you want to leave? So many years of intense working on defending this nation and this world… it won’t be finished the way it should be for a man of honor. And you know it very well that everyone here has or had his doubts… -

But Steve only shook his head – I’m not, Sir – he answered – But I know, that my limit of acceptance for operations acknowledged as necessary was exceeded a long time ago. I can’t act against those I consider my friends -

- Even if they act against others? – it was another question.

Steve didn’t answer at once, but he knew it well, that it depended on this answer whether they leave him in peace or he ends up labeled as a potential threat, the same way as it was with… - To be successful and stay faithful to himself, Sir, one has to believe, that he is acting for the common good, together with trustworthy people, and not against those with whom one fought shoulder to shoulder -

- Yea… one fought… seventy years earlier?! In the meantime each of them could have gone mad several times – Nick Fury now decided to show his negative opinion, as he didn’t want to lose another good soldier – Or have been made mad, and each one in a different way as well. I see now how much within various experiments all of you were tied together… - Fury was sure this was a huge problem he had to deal with, the sooner the better. If the leading scientist ends up as a triple spy and after so many years the effects of his experiments one by one revolt or at least refuse any further cooperation like this one here, it is actually not known how deep their revolting instability will be. The group responsible for creating Super-Soldier-types counted hundred eleven… In such situation there is no one to be trusted without checking beforehand. And what if the one who is checking had earlier contacts to the one being checked? Fury breathed heavily. So many years… here all of them were tied with each other - A virus! – occurred to him – A sleeping community virus! It would be enough to pervert one of them and the rest if not helped, then at least wouldn’t disturb him. Let’s do the same with two of them, they would then attract others like a magnet. So what now? Eliminate all suspected? Maybe foreign services would help… - such was his next thought – But what if it is a worldwide infection? Then the modified ones could seriously threaten the world, they would bring us down. And they were meant to save us… - Let’s be clear about it – he said aloud – I can’t give you away, you’re like a walking time-bomb, that should be defensive, but could be also used against people. Someone is responsible for all this, we don’t know it yet, but it is just a matter of time, that we will lay hands on them. So… I understand you don’t feel very well temporarily, that makes me accept your holiday application. That’s it. Stand easy! -

Of course he took leave for some weeks, but the place for his holiday he had chosen accidentally: he had no special requirements or expectations. Oh, not quite this way: he decided to try sunny beaches in Spain, as he’d never been on a beach just for entertainment, and he’d never walked without any special purpose between various stands with drinks and ice-creams, and he’d never taken part in that stupid competition for building sandcastles. This time actually he was also far from doing all this. He actually did nothing, except joining in a volleyball match. His team won the competition and they were given caps with inscription: There’s only one way to win: TOGETHER. So wearing this cap with its peak covering his neck at the back, which made him look not so attractive for the Spanish beauties, he often sat on one of the rocks at the very end of the beach, looking only into the sea horizon far ahead.

In such a position he was once surprised by a boy of three years. Steve noticed him, because the little one had golden-brown sunburned skin, but his hair was almost totally discolored by the sun so that it made a bright contrast to his dark face. But the boy’s mother was all fair, if it wasn’t for the striped bikini she wore, she wouldn’t differ from the beach sand. Steve unwillingly imagined her naked with a sandcastle view behind. He bowed his head. No, he had never stolen fishes that had been caught by other fishermen. This time was no different.

- Sir, are you alright? – she asked him in the melodic voice of a teenager looking up in his direction. And she was really attractive.

Steve nodded with a slight disapprobation – Yes, I’m OK. – he answered somewhat hoarsely. He sensed her intentions were not that fair as was her appearance. What could have been her purpose?

- But Sir, there is blood leaking out of your right ear! -

Steve with a fast move touched his ear. Gee! She was right!

At this moment her son squealed, as he slipped from the wet stone right into the shallow water underneath. His mother run to him and Steve jumped to his feet and with steady, but quick steps took the direction to the emergency stand.

The doctor wasn’t sure about the origin of this blood spilling, so with a really worried look he directed Steve to the main clinic in the city. It did not help to formulate the diagnosis. In the clinic it was suggested to him that he should go back to his country as soon as possible, with an explanation that possibly the sudden change of the climate caused such threatening symptoms. Steve however stayed some days more, mainly in the hotel.

Soon he got to know, that the fair-haired mother stayed there as well.

She grinned naively noticing him on the beach again. Steve greeted her nodding with his head.

- It’s great to see you’re all right again. I was really worried that something bad had happened to you – she said looking directly into his face.

Steve felt confused by those remarkably honest eyes - And… where’s your little son? – he tried to keep the distance, well… actually he didn’t know what to say.

The young woman laughed – My little son? Oh… Patryk! He’s standing in line to get another ice-cream. He’s my godson. I came here to look after him in place of his grandparents. The boy was ordered to spend as much time as possible on the seashore in order to get rid of his allergy. A change of the climate was meant to help him in that -

- There are those who are helped by that, but to others it has been suggested that it would be better for their health if they stayed at home – Steve still couldn’t find her trustworthy although he wasn’t able to tell why. Maybe because she was so naturally beautiful. Too beautiful to spend her holiday alone – That is why I’m going back to the States - Steve, actually thanks to this girl, took his decision about leaving. And he quickly said farewell to her.

He was at the airport when a kind of a shock wave cut the air through. It was not strong enough to crash the glass walls but for Steve it was enough to differentiate it from the howling wind. He immediately dialed the known number – Level seven! I repeat again: Level seven! – he was informed – Contact your coordinator immediately please! Level seven! I repeat again: Level seven… - it was an automatic message, but Steve knew what it meant. He went to the windows in the departures lounge, his forehead was wrinkled when he was looking into the direction of the hotel and the beach that stretched behind for several meters.

As he was travelling back to the States on the especially approved Air Force plane he could not help but to keep worrying.

Uneasiness and tension felt only those, who had seen Air Force planes flying towards the American continent. Yep, and those who ruled this world reacted accordingly to the scenario agreed for warlike situations, in this case there was a total blackout of information about an alien invasion. I can imagine that it is now hard to believe for you, but I assure you it was possible at that time, after the two previous alien attacks. And it was done. Those responsible for it were sure, that having well trained and really well equipped soldiers, they will be able to make an end to this war on their own. And as for ordinary people… actually it would be best if they didn’t interfere and most important: if they didn’t panic.

Very soon it turned out, that the scenario was wrong.

But it was too late then, at least for those on the beaches in Spain. Eliza instinctively managed to hide Patryk in a huge beach chair and at that moment she saw some things land that were thrown out from numerous winged beings. The winged ones didn’t stop even flying further over the land, but the small things that intended to settle down turned out to be mini-robots and once they touched the ground they started again into a low flight shooting on their way at people on the beach. Eliza stood rooted to the spot, she watched the blood that was splashing all around. People tried to hide or to run away, but in vain; and Eliza was so terrified, that she was not able to move, she was aware that there was nowhere to hide behind and that she shouldn’t leave Partyk to his fate alone. So she stood there feeling weaker and weaker watching the mini-robots coming closer. She closed her eyes awaiting what was inevitable…

But nothing of that sort happened to her. Yes, it can be considered a miracle; even though there was only a little number of ricochets as there were actually no brick or stone-made constructions on the beach, Eliza could be also wounded by all the numerous shots that were aimed at other holidaymakers. The robots flew past, but Eliza still stood motionlessly, she was analyzing why she had just been spared – Patryk, sit quietly inside, this is some war, but if we don’t move, then there’s a chance that we can survive – she whispered not daring to look behind.

Patryk however started to cry quietly, he was not scared by the shooting that had just happened, but by the silence that lasted thereafter. Luckily he stayed in the chair as if it was his nest where he while staying at home liked to play a role a little bird - for his mum it was the best way to make him eat…

In the meantime the beach started to move. It was all those people, who survived lying motionlessly, many of them were wounded. Eliza despaired. She saw nowhere to hide, as the mini-robots flew towards their hotel. There were plenty of dead bodies scattered around and she felt she should help the wounded ones. And what of Patryk? For sure he wouldn’t accept sitting quietly in this beach chair forever. And the robots might return any second… She took a quick decision: she grabbed Patryk with both her hands and carrying him she started to run towards the palm-trees. On the way someone tried to catch her leg. It was a man with a crushed hip (or maybe with a wounded one only). Eliza wavered and then changed her direction towards the emergency stand. Patryk seemed to be enormously heavy. Luckily she felt his weight first when the roof of the stand shadowed her. There all the stress got loose and with shattered nerves she just burst into tears. She had the impression that all this was only a bad dream, from fear she saw some things very clearly, others however stayed blurred or covered by a mist. And then she noticed another group of the winged ones coming closer to the beach. She ordered Patryk to hide quickly in the carton-box and closed it. And that was all that she could do. Instinctively, she laid herself on the box and moving only with her belly she tried to breathe steadily. Seconds seemed to last forever – Don’t cry, just don’t panic – she told herself. They were close, so close… Eliza narrowed her eyes and waited. She was sure they deliberately stopped over her stand or maybe just flew around it making small circles. Her heart seemed to have decided to jump out of her chest. Eliza wanted to scream but found it difficult even to breathe.

The robots actually didn’t stop and soon they went on flying further towards her hotel and shooting at all who dared to move – I won’t survive it for the third time – it occurred to her when with trembling hands like with a tremendous fever she was working on opening the box. She cuddled Patryk the same way she used to do with her teddy bear when she was a little girl. The smell of her nephew calmed her a little, so that she started to look around carefully – Fucking bees – she bitterly called the mini-robots realizing that this time there was no one moving on the beach.

She decided to run towards her hotel. Holding Patryk as if she were doing it with a real koala-bear, she concentrated on the hotel’s building looming in the distance some hundred meters away. Focusing on the palm-trees that grew alongside the walking zone, Eliza run from one tree to another. Being shadowed by the trees made her feel safer, their long leaves were like long fingers covering her and Patryk, like a green, alive source of hope. And she didn’t dare to look at the corpses lying here and there on the way. Patryk however watched everything with his scared eyes, all the time clinging to her breasts with all his strength.

Relieved, enormously relieved – this was what she was feeling when she reached the reception. She was welcomed by an utter silence there. But she didn’t see any damages inside the building, so more calmly then she run towards their room. Being already in the elevator it occurred to her, that she was probably wrong in doing this, as there was only a little food left in the room. She got out at her level and packed warm covers and some clothes and then hurried back to the kitchen.

It happened that she was not alone thinking this way. In the kitchen were gathered all those who had survived the shootings. After some hours of silently hiding inside the kitchen (only children could not be stopped from running and playing around, that actually made them effectively get rid of the stress and of their bad memories) they decided to contact others who might still be alive.

The mini-robots did a terrible harvest in the city. But they didn’t return, it was told, that they must have been destroyed or still engaged in the battle that took place close to the mountains. For Eliza one thing was important: that she could not fly back home. The airport was blocked by military planes. So she was advised to stay in her hotel. There was food guaranteed for her and Patryk, and it was the only place where they could hide if the things turned worse again. She took care of the small children and cleaned the hotel, while other adults were engaged in helping the wounded ones and in restoring order in the streets and in the damaged homes. People were helping each other in their sadness and misery, willingly, without any hesitation.

And then something unexpected happened again: Eliza was working in the hotel’s garden when she heard the screams: as if all the survivors were cheering football players in the Olympic stadium in the eastern district of the city. Being alarmed she took Patryk with her. They run to the reception. Her heart again started to beat rapidly in her chest; she guessed that the battle could have been lost. Through the glass-wall she saw people running as fast as they could. Some then seemed to be running away from something, others fought each other fiercely. She felt a cold chill running down her spine, then some unpleasant warmth spreading inside her body and a while later she was overwhelmed by the already well known despair. She crouched and looked towards Patryk – Patri let’s go quickly to the kitchen! – she ordered the boy and starting to run she turned to look at the entrance of the kitchen and stopped immediately noticing the kitchen door flying open. One of the holidaymakers stood there blocking the passage. His eyes were black and there was a wild grin on his face – Patryk hide under the reception desk! – she called to her godson and then sped up towards the mad looking man. To her own surprise she felt angry beyond measures this time, as if all her fears decided to come out and look for their revenge – Away with you! – she yelled – Maybe if I kick him soundly, he’ll get rid of his insanity – she thought grabbing a chair on her way. But she wouldn’t have had any chance, if the cook hadn’t jumped on the man from behind and cut his throat with a kitchen knife. Eliza stopped and looked horrified at the cook. She didn’t get exactly, what the cook was telling her, while the holidaymaker writhed with pain trying in vain to catch his last breath. She understood the Spanish cook first when he pointed to his woman lying dead close to the entrance. Her fears immediately turned back to herself tormenting her own nerves and Eliza crouched again in shock. The cook gestured her to hide inside the kitchen. She glanced at the street and quickly run to take Patryk with her and focusing on the boy only she rushed towards the entrance of the kitchen. While entering she heard the noise of the glass-walls being broken down in the hall; she immediately headed to the side passage leading out of the hotel.

Just behind the swing-doors of the kitchen there was a coat-stand with hangers, that were used by the cooks to keep their outdoor clothes on, after changing them into the cook’s clothes. Eliza decided to hide behind all those aprons and coats that were hanging there right at the moment, when people from the street rushed into the kitchen. They found the cook first; Eliza didn’t know what they did to him, but before his voice died away he squealed painfully like a slaughtered pig. From fear, Eliza didn’t even feel that Patryk was squeezing her hand tightly; she thought only that the boy is really brave, braver than she was, because he wasn’t trembling as much as she was. All of a sudden the doors flew open and one part of them hit Eliza on her left breast. Eliza lost her breath for a while, she noticed two women among the maddened people. If she had not breathed air at that moment, she would have died instantly. One of the men saw something or someone outside, and soon the whole group rushed out of the hotel after him. Eliza stood quietly hidden behind the clothes, it took her a while till she dared to look downwards at Patryk. The boy was sitting on the stone floor and hugging her legs he seemed to be asleep.

Eliza knew that sooner or later they’ll be caught, she knew that they need to hide somewhere to survive. The kitchen in the hotel was a good place as there was still plenty of food, but to her dismay there were no cup-boards big enough for hiding, as it is sometimes shown in the films. Eliza thought then of the hotel’s pantry. She knew, how risky it was, but guessed that the mad ones wouldn’t decide to return as long as they were occupied by other victims outside the hotel. She quickly lifted up Patryk, who immediately hang on to her neck almost blocking her breath again, and headed across the kitchen straight to the pantry. Once inside it she closed the door and started to move the heavy cartons towards the door making some place behind them on the floor for herself and Patryk.

Actually nothing more happened that day to Eliza except the fact that Patryk finally fell asleep and peed his trousers during his sleep. But Eliza was too tired to care about it, she was sitting on the floor and listening to the noises outside. Whilst her body started shaking again she closed her eyes just as the new day started to dawn.

She was awoken by a piercing light. Someone with huge shiny pulsing eyes was bowing over her. Eliza slowly turned to the sleeping Patryk and then feeling still somewhat dazed she looked again into the light – Another alien surprise – she thought sadly. No, she had no strength left to fight for her life, she just didn’t want it any more.

- Captain, now you can see, that the world needs us. The threat came, equally seriously as your old friends in arms, from a distant world that had been clearly alien to us, we have no doubts in this. Our world counts on you, I count on you – Fury knew, that he should start officially, referring to higher virtues. Steve Rogers turned out to be unbelievably successful in eliminating the winged ones: his body managed to resist all the g-forces that he experienced whilst maneuvering his small one-man flying fighter at high speed during the battle; such forces that would ordinarily render any normal soldier unconscious… Steve was like a machine himself, no hallucinations, no stress indicators. And it was him who as first ordered Sergi and his robots with hypnotically shiny eyes to join into the fight, actually within seconds after an unfortunate meeting with his previous boss. He was all the time highly concentrated, unbeatable, also while fighting the enslaved ones after the battle. To that it was him who settled the rules for differentiation between the clearly aggressive people and the normal ones using two indicators: head slightly bowed with a stiff neck and black irises (people usually had no doubts, who was who in this fight, but Sergi’s robots were unable to tell the difference, even while facing the crowd full of fiercely people who were smashing all those desperately trying to run away from them or those making attempts to defend themselves). In the end this identification process with the success rate of almost hundred percents ensured peace to the world. And then, when the war was over, he was able to treat with compassion all those who just a while ago meant to kill him. A perfect soldier, perfect captain, ideal for hopeless situations…

Steve was not easily looking for revenge, and he definitely was not pompous. Just a decent, even a little shy man. But there was one thing that made his character difficult: he accepted no compromise when he was sure he was right about something: - Sir, if you allow it, I would like to continue my broken holiday – he declared and he didn’t intend to clarify his reasons for that, especially to Fury. All those world leaders did not have to know what song his soul was performing. And for whom it was.

- This time also I can accept it. This is what you’ve deserved. And be sure no one will follow you there, you haven’t been classified as dangerous - Fury turned from Steve to leave – And when you’re back, go directly upstairs for new orders – he added going out.

Steve took a deep breath – Sir, I hadn’t yet withdrawn from my decision – he said a little louder than usual.

- Oh, I know that – Fury stopped – I am sure however that new instructions will encourage you to accept your new position – the Director of the Global Agency used the word “position” not without purpose. Steve could be classified as not too proud or not too conceited, but it was obvious that despite his tactful character he found it difficult to follow orders. But that all made him, along with his settled (seemingly for ever) rules, perfect to lead a team of strongly independent individuals.

Steve instead of answering, just saluted.

- Hello – she heard a man speaking. After a few seconds she recognized him: it was this guy from the beach, he stood at the door, well actually he fitted the doorframe with his huge body. Eliza looked around: she was lying on a hospital bed, so it must be this Spanish clinic again. Close to her, on another bed Patryk was sleeping quietly. Eliza breathed relieved turning her head to one side again and again, she felt her brain swelling and pressing against the scull from inside – This is really marvelous that you both survived – she heard the man continue talking to her. And he was smiling slightly, somewhat ashamed even. Eliza closed her eyes for a while and tried to recall recent events, but the threads broke here and there far too often and she could not concentrate on any of them – Something is wrong here… Perhaps you know, if there was any damage to my brain? – she asked the man feeling a strong pulsing in her head. Suddenly she noticed a movement between the small tables; being alarmed Eliza didn’t pay any attention to what the man was answering to her. Again something, a light-gray shadow seemed to approach closer to her. Eliza opened her mouth wondering, but then this shadow turned out to be a small snake, which quickly jumped on her and started to slide down her throat into her body. It was so fast that Eliza didn’t manage to catch its end with her hands and, feeling immediately sick, she started to throw herself rapidly on the bed, trying to vomit the ugly animal out of her stomach.

Steve was standing in the arrivals lounge at the airport. Here, as almost everywhere, one could see widespread damages.

Then, already sitting in a taxi, he named the hotel.

- Agh, this one – the taxi driver commented darkly – Sir, this hotel has ceased to exist, all died there and now there is the intention to establish a museum there. The whole area is to be rebuilt with a firewall or with a defense wall from the side of our ocean – he scratched his nose, that suddenly seemed to itch – But if it is your wish, we will take you there – he continued realizing that the passenger was not about to change his mind.

Steve immediately felt cold and chilled. Many of the enslaved ones after this war tended to use the form „we” while speaking about themselves.

The hotel in fact was totally empty. Steve went inside, he checked the whole lobby area. He knew it made no sense, but he was actually searching for her, he simply needed to know, where she died, how she died…

He went to the beach afterwards, checked the whole area thoroughly and finding no clues he went back to the hotel.

This time, there was a man sitting on a curb outside the hotel, he was crying loudly. Steve, having no idea what to do, just sat down next to him, but said nothing.

The man looked at him and shortly said: - I remember everything, so clearly as if it was just seconds ago – he started stuttering and pointed towards the hotel’s entrance – Here we have broken the glass-wall. We could have used the entrance for that, but we were so furious, that everything that stood in our way, had to be smashed entirely… - the man breathed whining loudly – I felt that something was constantly pulling all my nerves and if I didn’t throw away my anger, I would have to rip myself apart – with trembling hands he covered his face – Oh God! I don’t deserve to live, even a second longer. How I was murdering them! It was a sheer evil fury, a wild obsession. I was biting them, can you imagine? I was biting, wherever I only could! And their blood empowered my anger even more… - from shaking in all his body the man could not speak properly.

Steve saw some other men gathered in the corner of the hotel’s lobby, they cast strange looks towards them – I think, you should go now – he whispered in Spanish. The man crouched noticing the group as well, they were going out of the hotel. Steve got up rapidly and stretching out his hand towards the crying man he said firmly – We’re going now! -

- Not so fast, please! – one of those coming closer yelled to them – Why be in such a hurry! -

- No – Steve barked back to him – No lynching here. The enslaved ones were not guilty! -

- And what do you know about it, Pretty Face? Where have you been during the war? In which part of our once beautiful city? – the man was clearly the bravest one in the group, or the most determined… and he carefully studied Steve’s face – Once we have dealt with this one, we will deliver you there. You will have to report to the people there, for sure they are as grateful as we are… -

Well, the man and his colleagues clearly underestimated Steve’s abilities. After a fight that went on for not more than a couple of minutes only Steve pulled the crying man on his feet and declared to the rest – Now we’re going to the police station – a comment which only made them grin hideously at him.

Of course, Steve changed his mind after that and they went to the clinic instead, he knew from his previous visit.

- We are more than double full, and even though we have a different specialization we’ve been obliged to take care, well actually to develop a controlling system over the enslaved ones. So for the protection from a second attack they are tested with some specifics, that they will probably have to take until the end of their lives. Some in fact despair like the one you’ve brought here, so they have to be treated with antidepressants additionally, but the majority remember only a little of what they did – the doctor informed him being clearly unsatisfied with the fact, that Steve delivered another culprit – In a far worse state are those, who managed to survive their rage. As well as heavy wounds and broken bones, they develop various psychosomatic malfunctions, especially children. Look at the boy here: he has stopped speaking completely, and since yesterday he cries desperately when he is shown anything that is red colored. Well… although it means he made one little step forwards in his long-to-be healing process, most probably some months will have to pass before he starts playing like a child, but the traumatic memory will have a heavy impact on his behavior for many months more. If not many years -

Steve listening to the doctor’s speech didn’t recognize the little one immediately – And what about his family? – he asked looking carefully at other patients remaining in the clinic room.

- His family? Do you know him? – the doctor realized he should not say anything about any of his patients to an unknown man. The stress and all his doubts and worries have caused the need to throw out what was on his mind and what he had at heart.

- Not quite – Steve answered openly, but with his heart beating slightly faster – We were spending our holidays at the same hotel. But I returned to the States earlier, just before the bloody war started – he hurried up with his explanation noticing that the doctor was becoming more and more stiff – I fought the winged robots there, and now I am back to check if they survived. The little one was here with his godmother, a blond woman, straight hair, very young, not very tall, but with big… - here Steve hesitated unsure whether he should continue to describe the girl.

The doctor nodded at that with understanding – Yea, she is still alive – he answered hiding his smile, but suddenly he made a serious face – She is regularly receiving sleeping pills, her trauma activated the right side of her brain, so she’s plagued by far too many nightmares – he declared sternly – If you asked me for my diagnosis, I would say, she won’t be able to get out of this without additional treatment -

- Can I see her? – Steve asked immediately.

- Hello – he said stopping at the door of an isolation ward, he didn’t want to scare the girl who sat on her bed and seemed to be conscious of what is happening around her.

She started to look around as if searching for someone, for the boy – Where’s Patryk?!! – she asked clearly panicking.

– One floor underneath, he was sleeping a while ago. This is really marvelous that you both survived – Steve took care to speak softly to her, and he smiled trying not to study her body. She was really cute.

But the girl jumped to her feet and hurriedly rushed towards the staircase.

Steve found her sitting at the bed, on which the boy was lying asleep. He placed himself leaning on the shelf close to the window.

The girl looked up at him, then again checked the room, carefully bed after bed, as if she were missing something, or someone. And heaving a sigh, that sounded to be far from being relieved, she closed her eyes – Something is wrong here… Perhaps you know, if there was any damage to my brain? - she asked crouching suddenly.

Steve came closer to her and he stooped down taking her by her hand – The doctor didn’t mention any – he answered looking her in the eyes, and finally wrinkling his forehead.

She was breathing loudly through her nose narrowing her mouth. To Steve’s surprise she was clenching his hand unusually strongly. In the end she stuttered slowly – I ‘m not sure… how many… more… nights… I…’ll be able to stay through… –
Fury was enormously surprised meeting Steve Rogers back after three days.

- Sir – Steve said quickly coming closer to him – If you still want me: I am your man -

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