November Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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November Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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Welcome to the November writing competition :guitar: Please read the rules before entering ... opic=11460

Some important info for this month:

1) Entrants have until November 26th 4pm EST to submit an entry for the competition

2) Voting will then open for entrants before closing on November 28th 4pm EST

3) Voting for non-entrants will then open before closing on November 329th 4pm EST

Best of luck to all entrants


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I know I have been saying this for a while now but I might throw in an entry this month. It has been a while since I entered. I kind of want to celebrate the first anniversary of the Tavern writing comp :)

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I'm in for another comp.

My next chapter will definitely have a strong chance of garnering another victory.

All in all, I'm looking forward to this month's entrants. [happy]


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I`m in! I got November`s entry completed last month in preparation for NaNoWriMo, so I'll slap it up in after one final read-over. =)

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Heavy Metal - Issue # 10 - Haunted

(I own nothing that isn`t mine.)


I was dreaming about being a kid and having my mother reading one of the Harry Potter books to me. She read to me every night. Not just one Potter book but all of them, repeatedly. Anyway, there was a line one of them, I forget which one, about touching an old boot and how touching that boot made it feel like your belly button was pulling you through time. Stepping into that funky energy-filled freezer had felt something like that. It also, as I learned upon awaking later, shorted out Metal, which in turn sent lots of power cascading into my body.

"Are you okay?" I heard a feminine voice asking Was that my mother? It was on the tip of my tongue to ask. Thank God I didn`t because a moment later Logan piped up. What was he doing in my dream?

"He's breathing ain't he?"

"Perhaps if someone would allow me the chance to examine the young man, I could ascertain if his vital functions are within the normal parameters, or if the shock to his system has sent his synapses into a spiral."

"Hank, he's breathing. Slap his face a few times and he'll perk right up."

I forced an eye open to find the face of a large blue cat wearing spectacles an inch from mine. I closed my eye quickly. Maybe I was still in the dream about Mom and Harry Potter. Was there a big blue cat at Hogwarts? I didn`t recall one but maybe Hagrid had slipped on in on the sly. He did collect odd animals, and a blue cat with wire rims was about as odd as you could get.

"If you two would stop being so you, you'd see that he's coming to. Alex, it's Rhianna. Are you okay?" A warm hand came to rest on my bare forearm. I sighed when her powers moved into me. After several moments, I opened my eyes to see Wolverine, Beast, Rhianna, Adam, his grandfather, and Magneto staring at me. I felt oddly exposed. Then I realized that Rhianna had touched my bare arm. I glanced down and was mortified to find myself wearing nothing but a white paper medical gown.

I sat up in a rush. My head spun. Someone shouted to grab a bucket but I waved it off.

"Where's my armor?" I asked. Scott stepped around his much taller grandson. I gazed into ruby glasses.

"It's in a safe place. We'd like to ask you a few questions. If we decide that you're telling the truth then we'll give your armor back to you and you can leave."

"Can I at least have a blanket," I asked Cyclops as I tucked the robe between my legs, my ears hot with embarrassment. Rhianna giggled then left the room. I kind of wished she had stayed. The remaining crew, with the exception of McCoy, looked like they'd rather toss me into the nearest lake wearing cement repulsor-powered boots.

"I insist that you allow me to conduct a quick check on the lad while you question him." Hank spoke up then reached out to pull down the lower lid of my left eye. "Can you tell me your name?"

"Alexander Steven Stark. The blanket?" One hit me in the face. I tried to glower at Wolverine but it was hard with a blue cat holding my eyelid down.

"Why are you here?" That was Scott speaking. My eye began to water. Hank smiled, released my lower lid, and then slid a blood pressure cuff onto my left bicep. His lab coat was white as white could be. Jarvis would love to know what kind of whitener the mutants used in their laundry. I looked from Hank`s wide shoulder to Summers. Scott Summers that is. Adam was leaning against the doorjamb relaying things to Rhianna in the hall, or so I assumed. There was some major whispering from the door in any event. My sight flickered to Magneto. He commanded respect with just a look. I found Scott easier to look at, even if he was dressed like my dean back at Caltech. Young men in metal suits did not wish to provoke the master of magnetism. Well, technically my suit isn`t metal, but the coldness in Lensherr`s eyes was reason enough to avert my gaze.

"I'm sure you know why I'm here," I said then covered my bare legs with the warmed blanket. Once I had anything that might be hanging out hidden, I felt marginally better. Scott folded his arms over his white dress shirt. His neatly knotted blue tie rode just under his adam's apple.

"Humor us." Scott's reply was terse. I exhaled then jerked at the poke Hank gave my ribs.

"Your reflexes are quite good," the man with the long whiskers said with a smile."Would you mind if I hooked you up to a brainwave monitor? It would assure me that everything is firing mentally, as well as give me a look into the brain of a prodigy of a man infused with Extremis. I have to wonder if the neurons in your brain perform normally, or if they're enhanced genetically?"

"Uhm," I brilliantly replied.

"Hank, stop gabbering at the kid about synapses and let him answer Scooter."

Scott grimaced at the nickname Logan had used. I raised my arm so McCoy could remove the cuff. All eyes were still trained on me. I felt uncomfortable and chilly.

"I contacted Rhianna about a mutant I had a run in with on the west coast," I repeated while trying to keep the annoyance I was feeling out of my voice. "She agreed to meet me. We met. Adam played with Utopia. We found Logan. Got into a fight with bigots and flew out here. So, about Two Lips?"
Scott turned to look at Adam, who rolled his blue eyes. "He is not hiding anything that would be considered detrimental to us."

"Ouch!" I yelped at the jab McCoy gave my ribs.

"Do you feel angered over that?" Beast asked as he studied me closely over his glasses.

"No, but if you keep poking me I will," I grumbled as I rubbed the offended spot. "There, you have it from the mind reader. Now can you just tell me about Two Lips? Was that why you had three mutants on the west coast? Did Cerebra pick up that massive power display?"

"You need not tell the offspring of such an opprobrious man as Anthony Stark anything. I suggest you toss him back to the surface like the mangy pup he is." Magneto said then exited the medical bay with his purple cape snapping in his wake. Wow. The hateful comment stunned me a bit. Adam and Rhianna looked horrified. Even Scott and Logan wore chagrined expressions.

"Give him his armor and have him in my office in fifteen minutes," Scott snapped then spun around to leave. Logan trotted out of the medical bay behind Cyclops. Hank pinched my bicep. Hard.

"Ouch! Stop it. What is wrong with you? Are you trying to make me mad or something?" I barked at Beast. He removed his glasses and slid them into the front pocket of his lab coat.

"A scientific mind always has to push the boundaries a bit. You're a fascinating case, young Master Stark." Hank clapped my shoulder then loped off. When the door closed behind McCoy Rhianna stared apologizing profusely.

"It's cool, really. I totally get why they're so suspicious. I don`t like it, but I get it. If someone would go get Metal, I'd like to get dressed before Hank comes back with something less pleasant than a finger to probe me with," I said then slid from the gurney, trying valiantly to keep the blanket around my waist.

"I'll go," Rhianna offered with a smile then hurried off. I noticed how eerily quiet the corridor was before the round silver door glided shut. I recalled how the old place hustled and bustled with students. Hunter had attended the school, and I had as well during that wacky body switch fiasco. So much had changed in such a short time, not just for Hunter and me but for the mutants as well. Adam sat carefully on a rolling stool, his blue eyes steady and sure as they assessed me.

"You're not plucking memories from my mental pensieve, are you?" I asked after gathering my blanket into a long skirt of sorts. Adam shook his head. I needed to stop with all things Potter.

"No, I'm just wondering how long it`s going to take you to say what's on your mind."

"The only thing on my mind is getting my naked ass covered with armor."Adam cocked a white eyebrow. I arched one of my own in reply. "Okay, fine," I said after a full moment passed. "I can sort of understand why the government may have had slight concerns about this school having terroristic ties."

"And do you agree that employing a scorched earth policy to deal with possible terroristic ties was the way to go?" He was the very image of Mr. Cool, aside from the small tic at one corner of his mouth.

"You should know me better than just about anyone since you've been inside my mind." This constant distrust was working on my nerves. The tension leeched from Adam`s face.

"You're right. I`m sorry, Alex, but after all that has happened, and continues to happen to my race, sometimes it's easy to fall into the same dark hole that Magneto lives in. It's hard to follow Xavier`s teachings when forced to live underground like rats."

"It wasn`t me that did this to your people," I said. "I`m sick about it, and wish I could change things, but I can`t. This planet seems to be regressing instead of progressing. Dad always says the future can be as bright or bleak as a man makes it."

Adam nodded then fell into his famed 'Brooding Angry Young Mutant' persona. Thankfully, the door opened and Rhianna appeared, my armor piled in her arms.

"We`ll wait outside for you," she said, smiled, and then pulled Adam by his wrist into the corridor. I stripped off the hospital garb in a hurry. Metal warmed to my cold flesh. It took a few minutes for a reboot to occur. It looked like everything was up and online as far as I could tell. A quick scan of the SNAP`s showed me they were still working on getting full weaponry up. Until that occurred I'd have to be happy with shields and electrical pulses. Neither of which I planned to use here so we were golden. When I stepped into the hall, my sensors picked up nothing aside from the two people embracing each other. I cleared my throat and the lovers stepped apart.

"Suggestion here and only a suggestion, but don`t have your windshield down when we go in to talk to Scott. He'll want to see your eyes," Rhianna said as my boots made one hell of a racket with each step I took. The stainless steel walls and floors bounced the clatter up and down the hallway. My visor rose. Rhianna nodded then stopped in front of one of a hundred doors. Everything looked similar down here. The walls, floors, doors were confusingly alike. Perhaps this bunker had been made to befuddle an enemy. It sure worked. I didn't know which was way was which, and I generally have a good internal sense of direction.

Rhianna, Adam, and I entered Scott`s office. It wasn't much to look at. The bare seamless silver walls were nothing like the walls of my dad's office at Stark Resilient. Pop has priceless artwork hanging in his office, as well as an electronic dartboard and holographic images of his family that played on a steady slideshow. Scott sat behind a massive wooden desk that looked as old as Wolverine. The desk sorely wished it had a healing factor. It was archaic and out of place with all the gleaming silver going on.

We three stood on one side of the desk while Scott sat on the other, arms resting on the scarred top of his old desk.

"Last night we picked up a huge spike in energy along the west coast," Cyclops said. I had to force myself not blurt out an 'I knew it!' after that announcement. Summers leaned back in his chair. Scott that is, Adam was at my left looking like he wanted to be somewhere else. "We are relatively sure that it was not a mutant signature."

"Relatively sure?" It just fell out of my mouth, I swear. I did not mean to question the headmaster. He could zap me into Connecticut for being an upstart pup, or whatever Magneto had called me.

"Yes, relatively sure. We've been doing this for a long time, Mister Stark, but occasional mistakes do occur." Scott's jaw grew tight. I mumbled an apology. "What we did pick up was strong enough to cause concern and curiosity. I dispatched a squad to check out where the reading came from to confirm or rule out if the power source was a mutant."

"And what did your team find out?" I asked, shelving the aggravation about being played by two people I thought were my friends. I had assumed they had come out to meet me but it seems they were already in California.

"They found out that the warehouse they were investigating, which had residual traces of latent energy that matched this Two Lips, had been a cover for Friends of Humanity." Scott`s chair creaked as he leaned forward again, elbows now resting on his desk. "Imagine our surprise when you appeared out of the blue, asking for a meeting with two of our own, when at the same time my team had just ferreted out a nest of radicals with eradication on their minds."

Yeah, it looked fishy. If Scott knew me better, he would know that I was the master of bad timing.

"I didn`t know you had people in the field." It was all I could think of to say. Scott studied me with narrowed lips and knotted eyebrows. Then he exhaled deeply.

"I believe you. Now tell me what you know about Two Lips," he said. So I did. After the information dump, Scott took a minute to process. Rhianna shifted from one white boot to the other. Adam remained bored and uncaring, or so it appeared.

"So this Two Lips is a drug dealer," Scott murmured.

"And a mutant," I was quick to point out. I know, I know. He said they weren`t sure if he was or not, but would Summers have sent a team out to nose around for Two Lips if he weren`t carrying an X gene? I think not. They knew, and they weren`t happy about one of their own being a criminal.

"I want you two to go back to the west coast with Logan. Find this man and bring him back. If he won`t come peacefully then bring him back by any means necessary. You can relay that order to Wolverine. You're dismissed."

I glanced from Summers to Summers. Adam inclined his head to his grandfather then left the room. I looked down at Rhianna. She was working her bottom lip as she turned to leave. I had about four hundred questions buzzing around inside my head. I only got time to fire one at Cyclops.

"Why does he come back here? He should be turned into the police and—"

"Because if he is a mutant he belongs here where we can hold him. Do you honestly think human police can handle someone with that level of power?" Scott asked. I shook my head then made my exit. My teammates lingered in the hall. Logan had changed into a uniform much like Adam`s, all black and leathery and considerably less singed then his previous one. He looked me over just once, snorted in derision, and then loped off to the east.

"Yippee. More fun times with Sir Sunshine," I grumbled under my breath then fell in behind the stumpy man with the massive shoulder chip.

"I heard that, Junior."

It was going to be one hellacious long day.

To be continued . . .

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Feral, that was brilliant ! What a pity that we have to wait for next part (next month?)

It reminds me of stories published weekly in our local magazines, there are real stories, sort of private memories about own past or historical events. They are quite interesting because they contain a lot of emotional load, that is specific for their author. And the fact that those stories are published in parts and we have to wait for them to continue, makes them even more interesting and makes the readers remember them quite well. It is a good way to teach history, not only just facts what happened and when, but also personalized experiences of people living at the time of the events.

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The Balance of Power


Chapter Six


The Bonds that are Formed






Korra remembered the last time she was in such similar surroundings. It was when she first noticed the two individuals, those whom she knew nothing about. If she had to take a guess, the woman was one of the Avatars from the past and the man was of the Shadow People. But what did they have to do with her? What connection did these two share? And most importantly... who are they? And what did they want?

Suddenly, out of thin air, the elegant woman and the towering man appeared directly in front of her. Korra took a few steps back, her sapphire-blue irises focused solely on the two individuals. She didn't expect their arrival to be so sudden, yet it did grant her the opportunity that she'd been waiting for. It was her chance to finally seek the answers to the questions that have lingered in her mind.

"Who are you?", Korra asks, briefly arching an eyebrow in curiosity and apprehension.

"I am Avatar Kira.", The Female Avatar answered, bowing her head slightly in greeting and acknowledgement of her descendant's presence.

"And I am Hiro-Arin.", The Oldstrong Shadow Warrior said, following forth with an introduction of himself.

"Are you the ones who saved my life? You know, when Hiro-Kala banished me and I lost consciousness?", Korra said in inquiry, referring to the moment she was cast out of her universe by Hiro-Kala and left stranded in the airless void of space.

"No, it was not us who insured your journey to this world would be a safe one.", Hiro-Arin answered.

"Oh. Then, was it Raava?", Korra probed, briefly taking on a contemplative pose before inquiring again.

"No, it wasn't. Your savior is not connected with Raava or any of your past lives.", Avatar Kira informed in reply to Korra's inquiry.

"Then, who was it? Why did they do it? Why did they save me?", Korra demanded, determined to discover the truth of how she survived and the identity of the being who selflessly saved her from dying.

"Patience, Avatar Korra.", Hiro-Arin replied calmly.

"All will be revealed in time. There are more important matters to discuss.", Avatar Kira said in a gentle, assuring tone of voice.

"Like what?", Korra asked, wondering what Avatar Kira meant.

"The threat that your world faces.", Avatar Kira responds, her gentle voice taking on a stern, serious tone.

"Hiro-Kala is set to unleash dark forces upon your world.", Hiro-Arin states, his voice as serious as it was grim.

"He will capture the Heart of your world. It is the very energy, the very life force, of your world. With it in his possession, Hiro-Kala will be able to wield the elements to his whim.", Avatar Kira explains further.

This revelation shocked Korra to her core, her sapphire-hued eyes widening in disbelief. This wasn't possible. Only one who was gifted with any of the four elements could wield them to their will. Only the Avatar could wield all four elements at once. And this would be virtually impossible if not for the spirit known as Raava, who became one with Avatar Wan many, many millennia ago.

"That's impossible! Only the Avatar can do that!", Korra exclaimed, almost unwilling to believe what she had been told.

"With the Heart, Hiro-Kala can achieve this. But it is not all that he can do.", Hiro-Arin replied.

"There will be no end to the horror and destruction Hiro-Kala will create. He will be able to summon an endless army of Dark Berserker Spirits, travel to the physical and spiritual worlds whenever he desires. And then, when the time is right, he will be able to awaken the Celestial Darkness: Aku-Tonrar.", Avatar Kira informs, her voice remaining calm and serene despite the foreboding circumstances.

"How do you know all of this?", Korra asks.

"Long ago, it was Hiro-Arin and I who used the Heart to contain the Dark Berserker Spirits. And with the Heart and our combined might, we imprisoned Aku-Tonrar forever. Or so we believed. Now that Hiro-Kala is destined to unleash these dark forces, it is up to you and your allies to stop him and restore the balance of power.", Avatar Kira stated, telling the young multi-elemental young woman of the story.

The visions of this conflict appeared before Korra's very eyes, showcasing the battle against the army of Dark Berserker Spirits. They were monstrous, hulking brutes made of darkness that towered anywhere from seven to eight feet tall with four to six glowing eyes and had two to four arms and a pair of legs, reminding Korra of the stories of demons and kaiju from legends that the elder watertribe people told on cold nights. The image faded, only to reveal another, one of Avatar Kira in the Avatar State and Hiro-Arin fighting alongside her.

The vision changed again, this time revealing Avatar Kira and Hiro-Arin holding a glowing, oval-shaped object that was unleashing blinding energies against a gigantic, demonic entity that towered above and amongst the mountains of the landscape. Form as dark as shadow, eyes as fiery as hell, power cable of destroying and consuming worlds in darkness and death. The Celestial Darkness... Aku-Tonrar!

"But be wary of one of your allies, Korra. He is a threat to your world, perhaps greater than the dark forces that Hiro-Kala will unleash. He is known by many names, but it is his terrible might and wrath that gave him the name... World-Breaker.", Hiro-Arin added in a serious monotone voice.

Upon hearing those last two words, Korra remembered something from Bruce Banner's data files. It revealed something about the Hulk, something frightening about the Green Goliath, something that was powerful beyond comprehension. A Cosmic Force of Nature. Rage Incarnate. World-Breaker.

"The Hulk. He's... the World-Breaker, isn't he?", Korra inquires, her voice as faint as a gentle fall breeze.

"That is something that you must discover for yourself. Our time with you is short. It will be soon time for us to depart, and for you to awaken.", Avatar Kira said in response.

"But how do I get back to my world?", Korra inquired, sensing that the two spiritual forms of Hiro-Arin and Avatar Kira were about to vanish.

"Do not worry, Korra. You're allies will provide you with the gateway that will return you to your world.", Avatar Kira answers, a knowing smile gracing her lovely features.

"But, for now, young Avatar, you must remain on this world and rest.", Hiro-Arin adds, reassuring the young woman.

"Farewell, Avatar Korra. I can only hope to see you again.", Avatar Kira bids farewell, bowing before her descendant.

"No! Wait! Don't leave! There's still some things I want answered! Please, don't go!", Korra proclaimed, pleading with the two spirits to remain.

But it was of no use. When she finished her protest, Avatar Kira and Hiro-Arin were gone. Vanishing in an instant, neither leaving so much as a trace. It was then, seconds later, that Korra awakened from her deep slumber.


Gamma World, New Mexico

Base of the Hulks

Korra's Room

"No! Wait!", Korra shouts as she bolted up from her bed, unaware of the door to her room opening ever so slightly.

"Korra?", Skaar utters, his voice just loud enough for her to hear him.

"Skaar?", Korra replies, her arctic-blue irises gazing towards the door of her room.

Sure enough, there he was, standing just outside her room before he proceeded to fully open the door and enter the room, not even bothering to close the door as he did. Skaar approached the bed in which Korra rested, his eyes, which seemed to stand out in the darkness, revealing the concern that he felt. A few seconds passed before he settled on the cot, taking a seat directly beside Korra, his attention remaining solely on her.

"I sensed that something was unsettling you. You okay?", Skaar said, inquiring her about her dream and following outburst.

"It was just a vision, the first in a long time. One of my past lives. They told me what Hiro-Kala is planning. He's going to raise a dark army and a being of Celestial Darkness.", Korra responded, releasing a heavy sigh in order to calm herself.

"Are you sure?", Skaar asks, his voice becoming more edgy and serious.

"My visions never lie. They tell only truths.", Korra deadpanned, almost glaring back at the son of Hulk, as if daring him to challenge her.

But he didn't. All he did was listen to her. He didn't judge her, he didn't condescend her. He just listened.

"Don't worry, Korra. We'll help you get back home, we'll take back your world, and we'll defeat Hiro-Kala.", Skaar assured, gently placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"You seem pretty sure of yourself.", Korra chuckled, a smile forming on her face as she felt the weight on her shoulders begin to lessen.

"Myself? Not really. You? Yes.", Skaar replied in monotone, a ghost of smile gracing his features.

"Yeah, well, how do you know I'll ever get back to my world?", Korra inquired, arching an eyebrow momentarily.

"My father is one of the smartest there is. He'll find a way.", Skaar answered.

"Heh, you've got a point there. I just hope it's in time.", Korra muttered, running a hand through her long hair.

"You doubt yourself?", Skaar asks, sensing this emotion and several others within the multi-elemental empowered young woman.

"What?! Pfft! Nah! What makes you say that?", Korra denied, feigning confidence and bravado in an attempt to full the teenage Oldstrong Warrior seated beside her.

This response was met with an intense glare from the son of Hulk. The way Skaar looked at her, the way his two green orbs seemed to pierce through her façade of false bravado, made Korra feel that he truly understood her. She couldn't hide anything from him, not even if she wanted. She's only been here for two days, a very short span of time, yet already the bond that's been formed with him was strong. It was incredible.

He trusted her. But did she trust him? She barely knows anything about him, with the exception of what's been revealed to her. Still, here he was, by her side, listening and comforting her as if they'd been friends for years. It was uncanny, yet it felt natural.

"You shouldn't doubt yourself or your abilities, Korra. You're more powerful than you believe yourself to be. That's why I'm certain we'll take back your world and save its people.", Skaar said, his words holding no trace of deceit, only sincerity.

"Is that a promise?", Korra asked, her voice as low as a whisper.

"Yes, it is.", Skaar stated in proclamation.

She felt a smile make its way across her face, her sapphire-blue eyes gazing at the teenage Oldstrong who befriended her, who trusted her without any cause or reason to do so. Without hesitation, Korra pulled him into a tight hug, her strong arms encircling him. She kept her hold on him for a few moments, unaware of the surprised look in his eyes and the light crimson hue that briefly colored the gray-white flesh of his cheeks. She only let him go once she realized that they were like this for a bit too long, much to her embarrassment.

"Thanks, Skaar. I needed to hear that.", Korra said, a sheepish laugh escaping her as she tried to ignore the heat rising to her face.

"Don't mention it.", Skaar replies, trying to look anywhere but at the young woman, his mind uncertain of what to think of these strange emotions and feelings that coursed through him whenever he came into contact with her.

"So... what do we do now? I mean, it's the middle of night and I'm not feeling sleepy. Any suggestions?", Korra stated in inquiry, arching an eyebrow as she stared at Skaar, hoping that he could come up with something.

"We could go watch TV and get something to eat.", Skaar offered with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Sounds good to me! Let's go!", Korra accepted exuberantly, grabbing Skaar by the hand and leaping off the bed cot in an instant.

Korra raced out of the room and towards their intended destination, almost pulling Skaar along with her as she did. This was something he was going to have to get accustomed to if he would be spending more time with Korra. Then again, would that be such a bad thing? Would it hurt him to become closer to her? Would it cause him harm if he were to befriend her?


After gathering and clearing out half the food from the kitchen, Korra and Skaar carried it to the entertainment room. Within the room was a massive couch, several recliner chairs and stands, a towering bookshelf filled with books, a pair of lamps and a gargantuan digital television complete with speakers and access to thousands of channels. Taking a seat on the couch, Korra and Skaar began munching down the food as they watched on, their attention solely focused on consumption and the John Wayne western 'True Grit' for the time being.

It was only when their hunger was satisfied, and that most of the snacks had been depleted, did Skaar undertake the situation by starting the conversation. There was questions on his mind, questions that needed answers. But he would not force her to answer these questions. He would give her that choice. It was only right, for she was bound only by the bonds she wished to build.

"Korra.", Skaar spoke in order to gain her attention.

"Hmm?", Korra muttered, glancing at her friend as she remained relaxing against the comfort of the sofa.

"There's something I want to know.", Skaar stated quite bluntly.

"Oh, yeah? What?", Korra questioned, sitting up slightly from her relaxed position on the opposite side of the sofa.

"Why didn't you tell us everything about being the Avatar? What is it that you wish to keep hidden from us?", Skaar asked, getting directly to the point without hesitation.

"How... How did you know I wasn't telling you the whole story?", Korra replies, knowing it would be futile to lie to him after her earlier social interaction.

"I can smell when people lie. And even if I couldn't, your hesitation would have gave it away. It was then that I could tell that you were hiding something. I sensed that there was more to the story of being the Avatar than what you told us.", Skaar informed evenly enough.

"Okay. Then... why didn't you tell them?", Korra questions, her tone almost demanding that he answer her and explain himself.

"Because I wanted you to tell me. I want to know the whole story, but only if you choose to tell it.", Skaar answers, offering her a choice in the matter.

"So... you're giving me a choice?", Korra inquired.

"Yeah, I am.", Skaar answered nonchalantly.

"Let's say that I do tell you, what do I get in return?", Korra counters, wondering what he could possibly have to offer her in exchange for the information she possessed.

"I'll use the Old Power to show you my memories, and those of Planet Sakaar. It will reveal everything to you, from the moment of my birth to the destruction of my world.", Skaar offers, a sly smile forming on his features, knowing that Korra wouldn't be able to resist his offer.

Korra seemed to consider his offer, resting her chin within the palm of her right hand as she began to contemplate on the issue further. His offer did interest her, the mere thought of getting the chance to witness all of his memories of the planet Sakaar enticing her curiosity greatly. But there was something else that she wanted from him, something that the others have shown her that he has yet to reveal.

"Hmm... sounds interesting. I'll take you up on your offer... if you will also transform into your 'other self'. I've seen everyone Hulk-out. Except you. And I think it's only right that I see you. All of you.", Korra responds, adding another stipulation to their agreement.

"Deal.", Skaar quickly accepts, much to the disbelief of the female Avatar.

"Really? You're not gonna back out of it?", Korra inquired, taken aback by his immediate acceptance of their deal.

"No. I intend on keeping my promise.", Skaar assured her in answer.

"Well, okay then, where do you want me to start?", Korra asks him, stretching out on the couch.

"At the very beginning.", Skaar answers.

It was then she began to tell Skaar the story of the first Avatar, Wan, who would bring peace to the world by bonding with the light spirit Raava and imprisoning the evil spirit Vaatu. She then went on to tell the tale of her predecessor, Avatar Aang, who ended the One-Hundred Year War and united all the nations. And lastly, Korra told of her battle against Amon and the Equalists, then of her greatest challenge to date, one that was still fresh in her memory. It was when the fate of the world was endangered by her power-mad uncle Unalaq who manipulated her and freed Vaatu to cover the world in eternal darkness, merging with the evil spirit to rule the world for 10,000 years.

Everything that Korra spoke of and told in her stories, everything about her world and its people, intrigued him. Her world was one filled with wonders and dangers. He wanted to explore this world of hers, to test himself against the challenges this world presented. Her world... it reminded him of Planet Sakaar. Despite adopting Earth as his home, there was still a part of Skaar that dearly missed his home-world, for it was as much a part of him as his deceased mother.

"I don't understand. If Wan could overcome and imprison Vaatu, if Aang could save your world and end a war that lasted a hundred years, and if you were able to surpass your own obstacles, why do you continue to doubt yourself?", Skaar asked, finding it hard to believe that someone as headstrong and fearless as Korra would become wrought with uncertainty.

"An old habit, I guess. And to be fair, all the threats I faced were of my world. Hiro-Kala isn't of my world.", Korra retorts.

"Korra, I've fought demons, gods and monsters. Some were from different worlds, different dimensions, and different universes. But it didn't matter where they came from, 'cause it didn't stop me from fighting against them. And it shouldn't matter to you, either.", Skaar shoots right back, blunt and right to the point as usual.

"Yeah, well, now that I upheld my end of the bargain, I think it's about time you did the same.", Korra stated, rubbing her hands together in anticipation.

"Not yet.", Skaar said in a low voice.

"Come again?", Korra almost growled, scrunching up her nose and narrowing her arctic-blue eyes.

"I'm not going to transform, nor am I going to show you my memories. Not yet.", Skaar states once again, sensing the burst of outrage that would soon follow from the multi-elemental empowered young woman.

"What?! But I told you everything I know about being the Avatar! I've told you the story of Wan; I've told you nearly everything about Aang, not to mention everything I've done; and now you're going back on your promise?!", Korra shouted, her outburst thankfully contained within the sound proof walls of the room.

"I'm not going back on my promise. I intend on keeping it. But it will be of a time of my choosing.", Skaar replied, keeping his cool despite having to deal with an angry young woman yelling at him.

"But that isn't fair!", Korra exclaimed, stomping her feet on the floor and slamming her fists on the couch cushions as she did.

"Korra, do you trust me as I trust you?", Skaar asks, staring directly into her eyes.

"I... that is... I mean... Yes.", Korra finally answered after a few moments of deep contemplation and hesitation.

"Then, when I'm ready, I'll reveal everything to you when the time comes. Until then, Korra, you'll have to be patient.", Skaar responds evenly enough, much to the chagrin of the Avatar.

"Hmph! Whatever. It still isn't fair. You tricked me into telling you almost everything I know, including the story of Avatar Wan, and I don't get anything out of it.,", Korra scoffs in complaint, crossing her arms over her chest before resting back against the comfort of the couch.

"You'll get what you want. Until that time, you'll have to deal with it.", Skaar reassured, not even bothering to glance at the female Avatar.

"Oh, yeah? Deal with this!", Korra remarks as she strikes Skaar in the face with one of the cushions, the unexpected impact of her sneak attack sending him toppling to the floor with a mighty thud.

"Not so tough now, are you, Son of Hulk?", Korra said in smug tone of voice, rising from the couch to stand over her fallen friend, her hands resting on her hips.

"You tell me, Puny Avatar.", Skaar said with a devious smirk, lashing out and sweeping Korra's legs out from under her, thus sending her crashing to the floor.

"Oh, you're so going down for that!", Korra exclaimed, lunging at Skaar who was ready for the Avatar's next move.

What ensues is a bout of rough and tumble wrestling between Skaar and Korra, neither really harming each other which is more than can be said for one of the lamps, stands and the rest of the furniture. Eventually, over half an hour later, the rough and tumble battle ends in a stalemate, despite Korra claiming to be the victor of the contest. The two settled on a truce before resting back on the couch and returning their attention to the television screen.

The hours passed on in to the dark of morning before the dawn. Still awake, if only by a small margin, Korra looked away from the television to that of Skaar. She discovered her friend fast asleep, his body resting closely against her form. She watched as he gently inhaled and exhaled oxygen in quiet breaths, a smile gracing her lovely features as she gently brushed a few strands of his dark hair away from his face with her fingers. Resting back against the couch, Korra slips her arm around his shoulders, giving him an affectionate squeeze before closing her eyes and resting her head close to his own, allowing herself to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Unknown to Korra, a lone figure stood silently at the entrance of the room, watching the scene with deep concern. The concern of a father. That individual was none other than Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, and he was quite certain that nothing but pain, sorrow and loss would come of the bond that is being formed.


When Korra awakened from her restful sleep on the couch, she discovered that Skaar was gone. He most likely didn't want to get caught in the act of being so close to her, knowing full well that she would tease him without mercy. And she did harass him a bit once she went to have some breakfast in the kitchen, which is exactly where she found him. She loved watching Skaar's reactions to her teasing, taking amusement in seeing him so flustered and attempting to change the subject only for her to eventually go right back to it. Seeing him act like that around her, so timid and utterly flustered, was priceless and kinda cute.

It was when Skaar and Korra started talking about the others did she get a brilliant idea, one that she thought was honestly perfect. She wanted to make amends to all the other Hulks for how she initially perceived them, to befriend them and gain their trust just as she had done with Skaar. It certainly wouldn't hurt to try, especially considering that she was going to be here for quite a spell until Dr. Banner finished working on the device that'd get her back to her world. And Korra knew exactly who would be the first that she'd make amends to, if only because he'd most likely be the easiest to appease and accept her offer of friendship without a second thought.

That individual was Rick Jones, otherwise known as the azure-armored A-Bomb. It was in the afternoon when she found him in one of the gigantic gymnasiums, shooting hoops and listening to music. He was in his human form, much to Korra's surprise. Then again, she figured that a lot of the Hulks probably spent a bit of time in their human forms, transforming back and forth as they pleased or whenever it benefits the situation. It was when she approached him closer did he take notice of her, a warm smile etching itself across his face.

"Oh! Hey, Kor! What's up?", Rick greeted with a wave before throwing the basketball up in the air, looking on as it went through the basket hoop.

"Oh, nothing much.", Korra replied, shrugging her shoulders a bit.

"Are you sure? 'Cause if you wanna talk, I can listen.", Rick offers with a charismatic grin, one that reminded her why she loved Bolin so dearly.

"Well, I... I wanted to apologize for screaming at you, and punching you in the face when you were just being nice to me.", Korra confesses, her face becoming akin to that of a scolded puppy.

"That's it?", Rick chuckles.

"Yeah, that's it.", Korra admits, rubbing her upper arm in a nervous gesture.

"Ah, don't worry about it! I've taken a lot worse beatings than that. Trust me.", Rick said in an instant, forgiving her without so much as a second thought.

"So... apology accepted?", Korra asks with a hopeful smile.

"You bet, Korra! No worries.", Rick assures her, giving her a playful wink that caused her to chuckle.

"Great! So, what are you doing?", Korra replies as she inquires about her friend's activities.

"Well, I was going to play some music on my jukebox, maybe dance a bit. Just for some fun. Wanna join me?", Rick answered, walking over to his personal MP3 boombox player and popping in a CD.

"Sure!", Korra accepted enthusiastically.

"Great! I'll teach you some of my moves. Now, when the music starts playing, follow my lead, okay?", Rick responds, getting ready to bust some moves.

"Got it.", Korra said, getting into a stance beside him.

"All right then, let's rock this joint, Kor!", Rick exclaimed as the music began to play.

And so the dancing began, rock music echoing throughout the gymnasium as Korra followed Rick's initiative, mimicking his moves while throwing in her own. She was no stranger to dances, having been to plenty of festivals and celebrations in her life, so in some ways this felt perfectly normal to her. It was only when Rick Jones transformed as he was performing one of his dance moves did she realize that this experience, while familiar, was totally unique.

"Oh yeah! Ladies and gentlemen, the A-Bomb is in the house! Wooo!", Rick cheered, raising his clawed fists high above his head.

"This is really fun! You're really good at this!", Korra laughed, continuing to dance alongside the Hulked-out Rick Jones.

"This is nothing. You should see me and my Marlo in action. We always steal the dance floor.", A-Bomb remarked, recalling all the clubs that he and the beauty would visit on a daily basis.

"Marlo, eh? She's your girlfriend?", Korra probed almost teasingly.

"Uh, actually we're married. She's cool. You'd like her.", A-Bomb replied only to get an unexpected surprise.

"Ricky!", Marlo's voice calls out to him from across the gymnasium.

"There's my babe right now.", A-Bomb said with pride and the utmost affection, his gaze shifting in the direction that her voice originated from.

Korra averts her eyes in the direction that A-Bomb's gaze was currently focused on, her sapphire-blue irises discovering a stunningly beautiful woman advancing towards them. She was very tall, easily 6'1" in total height, possessing a lithe build with luscious curves and an ample bust. Her hair was long and a natural red in color, while her eyes sparkled like lovely gems. She was currently wearing a black tank-top t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, while a pair of sneakers adorned her feet. Her name is Marlo Chandler Jones, the wife of Rick Jones and a close friend of the Hulks.

"Hey, Ricky, what's going on?", Marlo greeted with a warm smile.

"Oh, just having fun. Teaching a friend some of my moves.", A-Bomb responds, ceasing his dancing for the time being.

"Uh-huh. If you can call those moves.", Marlo teased, temporarily resting her hands on her hips.

"Oh! By the way, Korra, this is Marlo. Marlo, this is Korra. She's the kid I told you about on the phone.", A-Bomb remembered, introducing the lovely redhead to the teenage Avatar.

"Oh, so you're the girl that Bruce found, huh?", Marlo inquires with a friendly smile.

"Yeah, that's me.", Korra admitted, extending her hand out to the beautiful woman.

"Nice to meet you, Korra. Now, move over a bit, girlfriend, so that I can show you how to really move.", Marlo said, giving Korra's hand a brief shake before pulling her out to the dance floor and twirling her around, spinning Korra like a top, causing the female Avatar to cheer and laugh with pure joy.

"You have moves? I would have never guessed.", A-Bomb remarked, dancing towards the two ladies, his mouth twitching into a playful smirk.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny, Mr. Jones.", Marlo replies, feigning offense at her husband's bad joke.

It was exactly a few moments later that Skaar entered the gymnasium, arching a perplexed eyebrow as he watched the three individuals dance to the beat of the music playing from the portable MP3 boombox. His presence was instantly noticed by Korra, who quickly raced over to him and grasped his wrists within her hands. It was quite obvious that she wanted him to join her, but this kind of activity wasn't something he would normally partake in. Fighting monsters and barbarians was one thing, but dancing with a beautiful young woman was something else entirely. It was so foreign to him, not just dancing, but being accepted by someone other than those whom he considered family.

"Hey, Skaar! Wanna dance?", Korra smiled, practically grinning from ear to ear as she locked eyes with the teenage Oldstrong.

"I... Uh... don't know how to...", Skaar stammered only for Korra to interrupt him before he could finish his sentence.

"Time to learn!", Korra stated, giving him a strong tug as she proceeded to make him race back the dance floor alongside Rick and Marlo.

"I'm not...", Skaar mutters, trying to disengage himself from this particular situation and failing miserably.

"C'mon! Dance with me! There's nothing to it!", Korra almost pleaded, giving him her signature pout, attempting to persuade her closest friend in joining in on the fun.

"Okay... I'll give it a shot.", Skaar caved with a groan, joining Korra as he began dancing awkwardly alongside her, unaware of the redhead looking at them from a short distance away.

"So... Bruce's son likes Korra?", Marlo inquires, looking up into the face of her Hulked-out beau.

"Oh yeah. Not that he'd ever admit it.", A-Bomb answers with a chuckle.

"But does she like him?", Marlo asks, glancing from Skaar and Korra back to Rick.

"You tell me. But if I had to guess, I'd have to say that the feeling is probably mutual.", A-Bomb retorts, gesturing towards Skaar and Korra.

"They do seem to get along. And they do look good together.", Marlo admits, staring at the two teens for a couple of moments.

"I guess time will tell. I mean, look at us.", A-Bomb reasoned, encircling his massive arms around his love, his hands gently grasping her waist.

"You always know what to say, don't you, Ricky?", Marlo questions, reaching up to wrap her arms around his thick neck, a girlish giggle escaping her throat.

"What can I say? I'm one of a kind.", A-Bomb said in a confident manner.

"You certainly are.", Marlo agrees in a low, seductive tone of voice as she leans up to kiss her beloved Ricky.

"Hey! Get a room, you two!", Korra shouted before bursting out in a fit of laughter, her remark managing to make even Skaar chuckle in amusement until he was dragged back into dancing with the energetic Avatar.

"See? They'll be fine.", A-Bomb chuckled lowly, holding Marlo close as they continued to dance slowly.


Several days, almost a week in fact, has passed since Korra's arrival to the base. And it was on this day she decided to undertake befriending one of the other Hulks after having success with making amends with A-Bomb and She-Hulk. However, unlike Rick and Jen, this person wasn't going to be as accepting of her offer, especially given her fiery temper and the fact that Korra unleashed a torrent of flames point-blank in her face upon their first meeting. That person was the headstrong and fiery Elizabeth Ross, aka Red She-Hulk. In her mind, Korra knew that this wasn't going to be easy.

When she set about her task, Korra found Betty and Jen in the training room across the gymnasium. They were both in their Hulk forms, sparring with one another inside a reinforced boxing ring. Despite it being just practice, their blows were nevertheless thunderous, the impact of their individual strikes making the surroundings tremble with aftershocks. It was only when the two female titans of crimson and clover ceased their sparring did Korra enter the ring, unaware of the intense glare that Red She-Hulk gave her before she averted her gaze elsewhere.

"Hi, Jen! Betty!", Korra greeted, stepping into the boxing ring.

"Hey, Korra. What's up?", Jen greets, welcoming the young woman with open arms.

"Nothing. Mind if I work out with you? Do a little sparring?", Korra asks in reply, throwing a few jabs at the empty air.

"Shouldn't you be hanging out with Skaar or Rick?", Betty inquired, her tone harsh and blunt as her fists.

"C'mon, Betty, cut the girl some slack. Give her a chance.", Jen said, attempting to persuade and urge her crimson-skinned female counterpart.

"Fine. Just don't get in my way.", Betty almost snarled between clenched teeth.

A solemn, almost sad expression made its way across Korra's face as she watched Red She-Hulk advance towards the opposite corner of the ring. She wanted so badly to make amends with Betty, but what could she do? The last thing she wanted to do was to start a fight with Betty. If only there could be some peaceful solution to all of this. That's it! And with that thought in mind, Korra walked across the ring to confront Red She-Hulk directly.

She came to a stop right in front of Red She-hulk, lifting her head to gaze up into Betty's fiery golden eyes, standing her ground despite knowing the risk she was taking. She could almost sense the anger that Red She-hulk was emitting, her Amazonian body maintaining a solid stance in the corner of the ring. But Korra wanted to make amends, to make peace with this woman in hopes of forming a bond. After all, she's the Avatar, so peace and balance should be something that she'd be able to accomplish, right?

"What the hell do you want?", Red She-Hulk hissed, narrowing her eyes to glare down at the multi-elemental empowered teenage girl.

"Look, I know we haven't gotten off to a good start, and it was mostly my fault. I was... bewildered. I'm not great at apologies, but for what it's worth, I just want to say that I'm sorry.", Korra said with the utmost sincerity.

"And if that isn't good enough, I'm going to give you a free shot at me. I won't dodge or run. I'm going to get what I deserve. So, go ahead, Betty. Hit me with your best shot. I can take it.", Korra offers willingly, standing firmly in place as she awaited the coming blow.

This gesture seemed to take Red She-Hulk aback for a second, a perplexed expression making its way across her features. Slowly, she raised her right hand and tightly clenched it into a fist. But when she pulled her fist back and prepared to strike, she seemed uncertain. She bites her lower lip before trying again, this time launching her fist directly at Korra only for it to come to a stop several inches away from her face. She pulls her fist back slowly, bringing it close, gazing at it for a few seconds before focusing on Korra. Then, much to everyone's surprise, Red She-Hulk's fist unclenches and falls to her side.

"Damn it, kid. How am I supposed to hit you when you come in here and apologize, let alone offer me a chance to knock your lights out?", Betty muttered, transforming back to her human form right in front of the young woman.

"Listen, I know I might be asking a lot, but I was wondering... can we set aside our differences? Because, honestly, I would like to get to know you, Betty. I would like to be your friend. But only if you want to be.", Korra said, reaching out to rest her hand on Betty's shoulder.

Releasing a heavy sigh, Betty stares at Korra for what seems like an eternity, as if taking everything about the teenager into perspective. The girl seemed sincere and determined to make amends, determined to make peace with her. That was something Betty could understand and respect. It was then she made her decision.

"Yeah, sure. Let's give it a shot.", Betty accepts, taking her hand and running it through her hair.

"Yes! Thank you! Er, I mean, thanks, Betty.", Korra cheered, pumping her fist and launching herself forward to hug Betty tightly, only to then realize that she may be acting a bit too overzealous.

"You're welcome. Now, go and get changed into a pair of work-out clothes and meet us in the ring. Jen and I are gonna teach you a few things about self-defense.", Betty responds, grabbing a tank-top t-shirt and a pair of shorts and throwing them to Korra.

"Yes, ma'am!", Korra obeyed, jumping out of the ring and racing to the changing room to get into her clothing.

"See? Now, was that so difficult?", Jen remarks, crossing her arms over her chest as she locked eyes with the human form of the feminine scarlet smasher.

"Shut it, Jen.", Betty replies evenly, walking past the lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner.

"Oh, drop the act, Betty. Admit it. She's starting to grow on you, isn't she?", Jen probed, a knowing look etched on her visage.

"Maybe.", Betty replied, a slight smirk forming on her lips.


A little over a week, perhaps closer to two weeks, has passed. Korra has made amends and formed bonds with nearly all the Hulks with the exception of two. The first was Skaar's father, Dr. Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, but that was mostly attributed to him working on a device that would be able to get Korra back to her world. The second was Betty's father, General Thaddeus Ross, aka Red Hulk, but this wasn't attributed to him being busy or absent. He was always in a bitter mood, regardless of his form, and so distant from everyone else.

Every time that Korra would attempt to communicate with him, Ross would either ignore her or give her a glare that was colder than the blizzards her people endured in the Southern Water Tribe. She didn't understand why he acted this way, nor why he treated her with such apparent disdain. He was an old soldier, who fought long and difficult battles through the years. But that wasn't the reason, because she knew many others who fought their entire lives and yet they were quite fun to be around. There was something else, something personal, something about Korra that made General Ross feel on edge.

Korra didn't know. And she didn't care. Because she was determined to speak with General Ross, determined to make amends to the elderly gentleman by any means. That's why, on this day, she marched through the base until she came upon his room. Raising her fist, she knocked on the metal door, knowing that he was within his room. She heard the sound of footsteps approaching from inside the room. The door opened, revealing the solemn and hard-nosed individual known by the infamous moniker of 'Thunderbolt' Ross.

"What do you want?", Thaddeus Ross demands, his voice as cold as it was stern.

"I just wanted to talk. You know, so I could apologize.", Korra answered, her voice sounding frail and small in comparison to that of the General's.

"Don't want your apology. Or need it.", Ross replies in a rough tone of voice.

"Doesn't matter. Like it or not, I'm not leaving until you let me talk.", Korra shot back, determined to have some choice words with the elderly soldier.

"We had our talk. Now move along, young lady.", Ross retorts, not at all interested in continuing this discussion.

"I'm trying to be reasonable here!", Korra proclaimed, almost shouting in the General's face.

"So am I. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to finish something.", Ross responds evenly enough.

"Oh? What exactly?", Korra asks, crossing her arms over her chest.

"None of your business.", Ross states, glaring at her coldly.

"Okay. I'll just keep coming back here until I find out.", Korra replied defiantly.

"What are you trying to prove?", Ross demanded, his patience with the young woman faltering with each passing second.

"Nothing! Why do you have to be so stubborn and grumpy all the time?", Korra answers in retort, getting right in the General's face.

"I'm not interested in making friends. Do you understand?", Ross growls out.

"No, I don't! All I want is to apologize to you, and hope that you'd give me a chance! But instead you're pushing me away!", Korra exclaimed, not backing down an inch, the volume of her voice increasing with each passing word.

"Listen, young lady, I'm old enough to be your grandfather!", General Ross thundered, pointing a stern finger directly in Korra's face.

"Yeah, and if you were my grandfather, you'd probably push me away just like you're doing now!", Korra exclaimed, her arctic-blue irises narrowed and glaring at the man standing in front of her.

This response appeared to strike a chord with General Thaddeus Ross, not that he actually expressed it as he slowly averted his gaze away from that of multi-elemental empowered young woman. Silence prevailed for several long intense minutes. However, it was Korra who broke the silence, releasing a heavy sigh as she did.

"You know what? Forget it. I don't even know why I bothered. You're just a bitter, old, angry man who doesn't care about anyone.", Korra muttered, turning and slowly walking away, her footstep echoing along the metal halls of the base.

"Wait.", Ross called out in a low, gruff tone of voice, causing Korra to stop dead in her tracks.

"I'm sorry.", General Ross apologized, shocking Korra who turned to stare at the old man.

"Come inside. Just don't touch anything.", Ross ordered, his voice remaining stern despite what had transpired.

Inwardly, Korra smiled as she entered General Ross' private quarters, pleased by her unexpected success in gaining entrance to this place. Her eyes traversed the entire room, taking in everything from the framed medals to the pictures that adorned the walls. She then focused on General Ross, whom she found sitting in a chair at a table, his hands occupied with constructing something.

"What you working on?", Korra asks, her curiosity intrigued.

"It's a model of a plane, a P-40 Warhawk, to be exact.", Ross informed, attaching another piece to the nearly complete model.

"Cool. Did you ever fly one?", Korra asked, temporarily taking a seat in one of chairs in order to better examine the details of the model plane that Ross held in his hands.

"As a matter of fact, yes, I have. But I was a lot younger then. Now, I'm just a weary old soldier who continues to fight on because he doesn't know any other way... or when to stop.", Ross replied, setting the now finished model on a nearby shelf with other aviator models of its kind.

"And build little planes for a hobby.", Korra added with a smile.

"Yeah, that's about right.", Ross chuckled gruffly.

"Listen, I know that it isn't any of my business and all, but I was wondering... would you mind telling me some of your stories? You know, what were you like when you were younger, why you became a soldier, what kind of things you did in the army, and stuff like that? I mean, I get it if you don't want to talk about it, but it's just that, you know, I'm really curious.", Korra requests, shuffling her feet as she nervously fidgets with her hands, awaiting Thaddeus' response to her request.

"All right.", Ross agreed after a couple moments of tense silence, a small smile forming on his mustached face.

Korra listened intently to his stories, mesmerized by everything that the General experienced in his long life of serving in the military. Even as Ross told his stories, he couldn't help but smile as he looked at the young girl. It made him regret not spending more time with his daughter Betty when she was growing up. He always wanted what was best for her, yet he couldn't stop blaming himself for not being there for her more often, especially after he lost Betty's mother, his beloved wife, to cancer.

Could that be the reason why he treated Korra so harshly? Could that be why he pushed her away? Because she reminded Thaddeus so much of his daughter, Betty?

In some ways it made perfect sense. But after today, that would change a little bit. It was hard to believe, but General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross was becoming sort of fond of this young girl who reminded him so much of his little Betty. It was surprising what the determination of one young woman could accomplish in such a short amount of time.


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Damn. This is the 3rd stiff in a week to show up in these god forsaken alleys.

What it is about this place that just draws death. I wouldn't want to be one of these bums when this kind of shit goes down. Bullet riddled corpses round every corner, and me, with a rookie partner staring at them like a science class.

Limbs thrown around like bad jokes, blood painted on the buildings like some freaks own personal death mural. Something was going on here, and it ain't good. And I have a question. The same damn question that’s bothered me since the first wise guy decided to have his ticket punched in front of this here restaurant.

Why in Jesus h Christ’s name is it on my beat. Same alley, each and every time I look at this place, I remember the bodies. 57 of them since I was a rook. My belly grumbles, not from looking at the blood that caked on the concrete near the poor shlubs missing head.
Dumb luck I guess.

Same damn luck that made that bastard Santa Claus stiff me outta that tricycle when I was five.
My partner, a rookie, decided to ask the bums some questions. I figured I’d let him and see if I could get a kick out of it, at least laugh at something.

‘’Has there been anyone suspicious in the alleys recently’’ he asked, with a pen in his right hand and a small notepad in his left. Scratching something I bet is about as unimportant as what the smelly bastard in front of him was going to say. The pencil in his hand made a polygraph noise by the second.

The homeless guy had on a pair of mismatched loafers, a grungy pin striped shirt, with ratty matted down hair tucked under a soiled knit cap. This guy couldn't have fit the cliche anymore if he tried.

‘’You got any dough?’’ he asked my partner. A typical question that I got my first few months, and I used to fall for it, then I learned the bastards never knew a damn thing, and it was a waste of money.

‘’No sir, this is a police investigation, we don’t do that sort of thing’’ that was surprising, but what wasn't, was the reaction.
It’s the first time he’d been baptized in a homeless persons piss.
Welcome to the force rook.

‘’Thank you for your time, I appreciate your help, and stay out of trouble’’
The bum said something along the lines of ‘fuck off’ before returning to his fridge box for some sleep. No more than twenty feet from where some scum’s body was dumped.
I let my cigarette make a flick of light when it hit the ground. The butt’s taste was still on my lips as I lit another. A pack a day I always say.

The taste soothes me in ways that this job needed. The rookie waved the smoke from his face as I breathed it out. He had a few age lines for someone barely in his twenties, small lips, very womanly but stern. I let the smoke blow in his face. I hated pretty boys. I figured the stubble under his nose made him look like Hitler. He hated it was I said that. But I bust his balls like an ex-wife just to keep him on his toes.

Soft, I need to break him.
‘’So any luck with the stiff?’’ I asked. My gruff voice usually made guys nervous. But this guy never let me know if he was. The bastard didn't even twitch when I pulled my gun out on him before to test his reflexes.

‘’Hey Twitch, Im talking to you’’ I nicknamed him that since he doesn't. I thought it was clever.

‘’I'm sorry, Sir, I was looking over my notes.’’ He said.

‘’According to my notes, The man whose body parts are so carefully strewn over the alley, is Johnny ‘’the goat’’ Triviotti, aged at about 19. Second son of Hugo triviotti the 2nd, known drug trafficker and high number runner.’’

Damn, the runt knows his business, He wasn't paying the smelly guy any mind at all. He was keeping him away from the crime scene, and took notes of things around him. How?

‘’Well why don’t you give me the man’s dick size while you’re at it, What is his pancreas doing between the sports pages of some bums pillow’’ I said, I wouldn't tell him I was impressed. Even if I was…a little.

‘’That sir, is the question that I can’t answer as of yet. Im still trying to make sense of the strangulation marks’’ he said

Strangulation marks? I didn’t notice it at first, but when I look a little further, I realize again that he was right.

‘’They look like chains marks’’ I said. I hoped that I impressed him this time. The marks looked like tire treads across his neck. Sorry way to go if you’re a good person, justice for a scum bag like him.

‘’If I may sir, I would like to take some pictures of the victim’’ he says

I tell him that’s not his job, but I figured that he had his reasons. While his flash bulbs sparked the darkness of the alley, I sparked up a fresh cigarette. The taste of the tar couldn't cleanse the bad taste I had for this case. What the hell did this?
And did I want to really find it.

Twitch took about twenty five pictures, getting closer to the body parts than I would. I like to keep my distance from corpses. Can’t beat the truth out of them at that point, so my interest isn't there.

‘’I was wondering if you’d get your ass down here’’
I heard the voice behind me, like the sweet sound of a old hag whore asking for a tip after she skinned you with her teeth.

Chief Banks, a bastard of a bastard.

Long time cop, Long time soldier, Long time pain in the ass

‘’To what do I owe the pleasure, Banks’’ I asked. I never called him chief, ever. In my opinion he never truly earned the position. Given the spot after the original Chief found himself on the unfriendly end of the mob boss Tony Twist’s favorite goons bullet. The just as much of a bastard, Jason Wynn pulled the right strings of the right ass and we got a new Chief of police. A spot I long earned.


I got myself in charge of the last five rookies of the force.
Up until Twitch, not a shred of potential was in the lot of em.
‘’Well, I’m sure as hell not here to hold your gun, Burke, What’s the details. And they better be damn good’’

If only I could pistol whip the smirk off his face.
‘’Well, As you can tell by the no longer attached body parts, we gotta a no longer breathing Johnny ‘’the goat’’. From the Triviotti family. Third from that family to be dumped in this alley in the past week. My guess is someone from the other families are picking em off one by one to take over this turf’’

I don’t like giving my assumptions to that prick, I was saying it to him since I wanted Twitch to know what I thought anyway.

The cigarette butt crunched under my foot, barely audible over my annoyance for the chief.

‘’How’s the rookie, what have you found’’ he asked him, I could have punched him right there.

‘’The Rook’s doing alright Chief, I didn't know pre retirees still cared about the little people’’ he thought I didn't mean to say that out loud. Not many people had the stones to talk to him like that. I did, and that ate at him like a tapeworm fresh off a diet.

‘’I’m glad that your find this so damn funny Burke. This is the third body this week, and you have come up with next to nothing, any reason for that?’’ he asks me. I tried to hold in any more smart ass comments, I needed to save a few for after lunch. I blew a bit of smoke in his face; let it swirl with a clouds graceful dance. Of course the ghoul that he is, it didn't bother him one bit.

‘’Thing is Chief, after seven days, I’ve got a few leads, none that I think want to divulge without further research’’ Bull shit

‘’The thing is, is that type of excuse you use whenever you want to make a donut run, how about I want a 10 page report by tomorrow morning, or I’m docking your Christmas check’’

Idiot schmuck

Twitch stood staring at the chief, studying him like the cure for cancer depended on it. I tell him get in the car and we left the scene. The notebook he scribbled into was a mess, half jotted words, inane chicken scratch, and even a few drawings of the area itself. I liked the kid, but he scared the holy bejeezus out of me.

Biting the eraser of his pencil and mumbling things I couldn't hear over the crap motor of the company car. I couldn't help but think about the bodies, they weren't ripped apart by some bear, that’s practically impossible since we were in the middle of this god forsaken city. Maybe the zoo is missing one? Perhaps someone thought it’d be funny to let yogi bear out for a stroll and got mauled in the process. What about the chain marks? A bear sure as hades couldn't strangle a man , could it?

‘’Sir, I have a few theories, but it may take a few hours to piece things together. Perhaps we can convene at my house and go over it’’ he asked, Twitch had a way of talking for long periods of time that bored me to an early grave, and after the chief road my backside about the murders, I don’t have the patience. Maybe it’s time for some hazing,

‘’I would twitch, thing is, I need a report done for the chief by tomorrow morning, Ten pages…’’ I paused. I knew if I waited long enough he’s say

‘’Well, if you’d like, Sir, I could perhaps detail my findings in the report for you, I have a great attention to detail’’

Of course he does, and I knew that. I’ll read a copy of it when I’m on the can sometime this week. Now, I got other things to tend to.
I drove another ten minutes to Twitch’s house, he invited me to meet his fiancé. And looking at the cozy front lawn, ‘’Maximilion Steven Percival Williams III’’ on the mail box, quite a mouthful. And speaking of mouthful, I had to walk away after shaking his fiancés hand, she stood about a foot taller than Twitch, long flowing red hair, like flames falling in a fountain from her hair, legs that belonged on a calendar on my bathroom wall, lucky slag. I told him I’d meet him in the morning.

I can’t get the smell out my nose; it clung to my clothes, and stunk up the car. It was almost like…sulphur. Damn…I’m tired.
Then the dreams took over

I was walking alone down an alley, same one from the murders. Flies circles around me ,I swear they were saying something, like little voices whispering to each other about something I probably don’t want to hear.

The shiver in my spine and the putrid taste in the back of my throat is over bearing, I couldn’t imagine walking any further. Maggots crawled up and through my trench coat, I kept going.

I passed at least a dozen homeless people on their knees, they didn’t ask me for any change, they didn’t even move out of my way when I walked. They were all bowing to something. I couldn’t imagine to what? A box of Jack Daniels that some UPS truck left behind, or maybe even some moldy bread that they decided to share amongst the rest of the poor sleazebags.
That wasn’t it. Not until I saw it

A living fabric, blood red, like moving lava, I tried to make out what it was. The wind hadn't picked up, how was it moving so fluidly, was there a vent open in the building? Animating the cloth on its own?

Or something else



Looking up into the moon I swore I saw something fly above me, like metallic angel’s wings gleaming, almost blinding me, a light more powerful that even the moon.
It was then, that the light screamed at me, louder and louder, it sang a song….an old 80’s song?
Then I woke up slamming my fist on my snooze button.

Time to go to work.



Sam, my partner for the past few months, just dropped me off at my home. 3:45 am I have accepted the task of writing his report, I agreed since I am trying to do the best I can to impress him. I look up to him, people spoke of him in high regards throughout the department, it is the least I can do for him.

Chief banks, highly decorated in his tenure, seemed to care not able the victims but giving my partner a hard time. Five years ago Sam was up for the chief position, Louis Banks, investigated and acquitted for embezzlement and a oddly unique relationship with one Jason Wynn, a relationship that has yet to be proven, was able to undercut Sam in his run for the position. Sam has been put on lower duty for much of those five years; it’s not hard to understand their feud.
The homeless man who spoke to me lipped words that I can make out as…
‘’The guardian…saved us’’

While he looked at me in fear, and urinated on himself, and my shoes, I passed him a twenty for the information and took them down.
Who was the guardian? Was it a fellow homeless person? A illusion, a hallucination or drunken vision?

Will investigate further

The chain marks were thick and pressured across the neck of Johnny Triviotti, also known as ‘’the goat’’, due to the odd growths on his forehead from a birth defect, resembling a goat in its maturation stage.

The second victim, Hugo Triviotti, the second son, was torn into various pieces and sections of his body lay in about ten to fifteen separate radiuses. Making it rather difficult to gauge what could have done this.
A normal reaction to a situation like this is written off as an animal attack. No matter how preposterous it is. I checked the papers to make sure there were no loose bears in the immediate area.
Could the homeless man find a guardian in a reckless bear? Doubtful
My fiancé stares at me, wanting me to come to bed, the sun would be rising in less to two hours, and with me needing to finish this report, she will be alone for another night.

One half hour, thirty minutes was all I was afforded in the way of rest. Not for sleep, but to proof read the report twice over. The ink dried and I showered for the day’s work.

She looks at me with a sense of sadness in her eyes. I tell her that I will be home soon. A harmless fabrication of the truth, this case will keep me away from her for days at a time. I kiss her growing stomach. Take care baby, Daddy will be home soon.
Sam arrived approximately six minutes late. It didn’t bother me at all. I’ve worked with him on a all night stake out without his doughnuts, and it was not a pretty picture.

‘’Hey Twitch, how’d that report treat you’’ asked Sam

‘’Fine, Sir’’ I handed it to him; he proceeded to place it under the box of glazed. Im sure he’ll read it, he’s just busy.

Only three red lights were ran as we made our way to the shooting range. It’s not uncomfortable for the department to watch me when I shoot, its more awkward than anything. At times, I want to miss a bulls eye, to stop they’re stares, they’re admiration, but I can’t. I need to stay sharp and on point.

Sam readies himself. He always liked to go first. The Colt Detective Special was his weapon of choice, though it allowed six shots, he always left a single gun in the chamber, superstitious reasons. Two inch barrel, his was a .32, introduced in 1927, not long before today. A handy piece, I have shot one on occasion.

Four bullets down, one more left before his normal end of turn, he waits, a slight shake took over him. I noticed this all morning, something strange happened last night when he left me.

‘’Is there something wrong Sir?’’ I didn’t want to pry. So I asked an open ended curiosity.

‘’Damn things sight is off….I think I need a new one’’ he told me. The hesitation told me he was holding back something, this wasn’t a lie as it was him trying to protect me from whatever frightened him.

He was wearing a hat, not something he’s done often, he always said that hats covered up his ‘’gorgeous hair’’, a witty, and charismatic response that I often smiled at. My turn had arrived.
‘’Why don’t you give it a shot, take a few rounds out the old’ girl and see If her dress needs fixin’’

His way with words never ceased to amaze me.

I held the revolver in my hand, light,still warm from its last round of firing. I take aim, wonder if perhaps Sam’s assumption was right. I squeeze the trigger, it’s not restless, it’s ready to be fired.

‘’Burke, What are you doing in here, There’s another body in your alley, This time a kid’’ said the Chief. While he yelled, I left off 5 of the six newly positioned rounds into the newly positioned target. All dead center, perhaps, Sam is just not in his right mind.

‘’Lucky son of a bitch’’ he said to me sarcastically. I smirked.

‘’What's the details’’ said Sam, putting on his heavy beige trench and lighting his cigar.

‘’Not my job to tell you that, I thought that’s why your getting those fat checks, go find out, and tell your partner, nice job on the report, if you want to pull the wool over these eyes, try writing it in crayon next time. This ain’t your caliber of work, Burke’’ the slam of the door behind the Chief echoes in the room, shifting the drapery off of its hinge. The anger is getting worse between these two, and Im afraid, I may not be able to stop the coming storm, all I can ask is to not get wet in the cross fire.

‘’Damnit, another body. A kid, It’s too early for this’’ he said.

‘’Indeed Sir, Perhaps some breakfast on the way?’’

‘’I already ate twice, but good idea, I know a good omelets dive near the alley, we can pick up a few.’’ said Sam

‘’Good, sir’’


''Jason Wynn''


Through the hard floors of each level, I fell

The laughing was louder and louder with the passing seconds. Nothing could get my mind off of it, the cursing in a dozen different languages. Every sin of mine replayed in my mind, and not a part of me regrets any of them. I have done things in my days that allowed me to live a life that most would ever have.

Flesh formed pillars with screaming mouths yelling in pain. Puddles of red coated my feet as I walked towards his throne. Metal blades poked through the piles of bodies that surrounded him. Stuttering pleas of faith that seemed to burn the ears of their tormentors, the word God, was toxic to them. They knew one God, One Lord, and he sat in front of me, awaiting me like a prize.

I looked into the jade orbs that made up his eyes, and I did the first thing that came to my mind. I spewed into his face, as much spit as I could muster in the dryness of hells pit.

The demons, and foul smelling orcs whispered my name, I heard them in my ear telling me things.

‘He won’t let us kill you’

‘He wants you all to himself’

‘Beg for mercy, beg for it, and he will not give it’
I ignored them


The way he said my name frightened me to my core. The licking flames scorched my hair and beard as he came closer to my face.

I knew that voice; I heard it in nightmares, ever since I killed him. I replayed that moment more than anything I had done to the point. Something was different.

The way my finger felt heavy the second I pulled the trigger, a odd satisfaction when the bullet passed through the barrel and collided with his skull. His body quivered when it hit the ground, he hadn't passed yet, and I had no idea why. Chapel, smiling like the cold blooded killer he was, wanted to finish him.

Pouring gasoline on him seemed merciful, ended his convulsions and his life. But Chapel, wasn't a merciful man. He let the gasoline seep into the head wound I inflicted, and after a few minutes of taunting and laughing, set Simmons, ablaze. And watched until the flame subsided, I left within a minute as I was no longer amused.

Now, I stare into the face I created, and his body one of something else. The red cloak threatened me, hissing, causing the chains at his waste to lash towards me, with me waiting his judgment .
‘’Wynn’’ he said again, as if hearing that name passing his rotted teeth gave him joy. My naked body was burning hotter and hotter, and it took everything I had no to scream out, I wouldn't give him that satisfaction.

‘’Do what you have me here to do, Simmons’’ I said through clenched teeth.

‘’Demanding me are you? Your not in that position anymore Jason, There are millions here who would do my bidding, You will be one of those, If I allow it, but first’’
He said before lunging towards me, gripping my throat with the talons of his left hand, he brought me close to him. Maggots fell from his skeletal jaw and into my screaming mouth. The heat from his green eyes bore into mind, rendering me blind, the last thing I remember….
Is waking up to Chapel’s painted face. A death mask he wore when on duty, he kept watch outside my room when he had the time. My paranoia was getting worse, he could tell, but I ordered him to go home for the night. Having him so close to me didn't as much help as it did haunt my nightmares. He and I did that years ago, and we would pay in time. Just not now
The shower water went from cold to hot in seconds, I decided to turn the dial towards the cold, I had enough heat for a night.

After my shower, I made a call to the Chief of Police. His shaking voice gave away his work, he hadn't disposed of Burke yet, and that very clever partner of his. I thought of using Chapel, but he didn't handle the last American job I had him on very well. To many fingers pointed at me, it took a few thousand dollars to point those same fingers at an innocent Senator.

A new problem has arisen, Kincaid, a problem I knew would happened sooner rather than later. I had him released on good behavior as a favor to Banks, in order to secure his retirement; he owed me more than he was worth after that. A favor I plan on calling in, just not anytime soon. A child showed up in the same alley that Hugo triviotti’s sons were murdered, murders that have no perpatrators as of yet. I once believed it was Chapel having some off the clock fun, but it didn't match him at all. He didn't strangle his victims with chains..he uses his own hands. They were strangled…with…chains……I need to get away from here.

Jason put on his blazer coat and sat alone for a few more moments. He stood, and heard the sound of his watch chain attached to his slacks bang against the arm of the chair, in fear he ripped it off and threw it against the wall. Paranoia is a disease he has learned to cope with…somewhat.

End of Verse 1
''As far as I know, I'm already dead. Which means, I'll be waiting for your ass in the afterlife.''---Spawn

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ewkada @ Nov 8 2014, 10:31 AM wrote: Feral, that was brilliant ! What a pity that we have to wait for next part (next month?)

It reminds me of stories published weekly in our local magazines, there are real stories, sort of private memories about own past or historical events. They are quite interesting because they contain a lot of emotional load, that is specific for their author. And the fact that those stories are published in parts and we have to wait for them to continue, makes them even more interesting and makes the readers remember them quite well. It is a good way to teach history, not only just facts what happened and when, but also personalized experiences of people living at the time of the events.
Thank you so much, ewkada. Yep, next month another issue for Alex will be coming along!

Great entries Green Scar and Twizted Lestat!

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“Uncle Paul what the Hell happened?” Luke asks as he and Doug hold him down even though they are both pretty big they’d have a problem holding him if he himself were not in shock at this moment.

“I.....I didn’t.....I didn’t shoot him....I didn’t shoot him.” he looks over at the doctor lying in his own blood on the floor. “The Doc was one of the nicest guys I know, why the Hell would I think he killed my wife and kids?”

“Well somehow half his face is gone.” Doug says.

“Not the time D.” Luke says “Uncle Paul we have to figure out what happened.”

Just then Deputy Mitchell Williams runs up to the scene and begins reading Paul his rights. “You have the right to remain.”

“I know my fucking rights that bastard killed my wife and kids.” as if suddenly Paul was not the same person who just seconds ago explained why he wouldn’t have shot the Doc. “Anything I say can and will be used against.....blah blah blah...go ahead and read me all the rules of justice” He looks over to the doctor’s body. “Everything I need to know about justice is right there...right fucking there.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t have to Mirandize you. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

“Mitch” Lucas says as his uncle is being cuffed. “Something’s wrong with him he just told us he didn’t do it and now he’s boasting about it. You know he doesn’t even have a wife and kids. You know he isn’t like this, he’s been the best damn cop anyone could ask for for years.”

“You want to know what I know right now Lucas?” Mitchell asks. “By this time tomorrow it’ll be all over the news that a police officer shot an unarmed man. Not only any man but a respected life long member of the community. There will be no discrediting the victim and the fact that your uncle has been an exemplary officer for 20 plus years won’t even be a blip on the radar when the story of a white cop shooting an unarmed black doctor in the middle of a mall hits nationwide. There will be media descending on this town and “publicity hound civil rights leaders” by the handful. I know that your uncle wouldn’t do this....but it seems he did I don’t know why I just know that right now I need to brace for the shit storm that is about to hit, and I have to do it as the acting Sheriff. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to start damage control.” Mitchell finishes reading Paul his rights as he escorts him out of the mall. Lucas takes out his phone to call his mother.

Alyssa is sitting with Alex as he sits with his arm around her shoulder. “Look Alyssa, I’ll bring you home okay but there’s no way you are responsible for this.” He pulls her hair from in front of her face to look in her eyes. “You know that right. Whoever......whatever you are hiding from did he make you kill anyone before?”

“No Alex I saw it it made me make sure I saw was like everything was moving in slow motion and right before the sheriff shot him, the doctor’s face got all distorted like it wasn’t him. I’d never seen....him.”

“The doctor? Of course you haven’t you’ve been a shut in for months.” Alex tells her.

“And the day I leave the house Mayberry goes all Twin Peaks.....I watch a lot of old shows okay.” she say “Now tell me again how this isn’t my fault. Can we go I don’t want to be here it feels like it’s still here,,,,like it’s watching me.”

Doug comes walking up just in time to hear the tail end of the conversation. “It’s?” he asks.

“If I told’d all think I was crazy...and not like the kind of crazy where Alex told you about me being in the house and never coming outside. Like certifiable crazy.” Alyssa says looking up at Doug.

“A man I have known for 16 years give or take just claimed to have a wife and kids that I know he doesn’t have and then claimed that the doctor killed his wife and kids,,,then boasted about it so he shot him in the face because he didn’t pay for his coffee or some shit so......yeah crazier than that?” Doug asks as he holds out his hand to help Alyssa up off the ground.

Lucas comes walking over “Yeah I’ll be there as son as I can mom. Hey guys I have to go...I um I uhhh.” Lucas tries to hold back the tears his uncle just shot a man in cold blood and he had no idea what to do. Doug grabs him and hugs him pats him on the back.

“It’s going to be alright bro, you alright to drive man?” Doug asks.

“Yeah, Lex can you give D a ride? I need to go get my mom from work her van is in the shop and ummm....I don’t” he tries again to fight it Alex shakes his hand pulls him in and tells him it is going to be alright....Lucas loves his friends like family but he just can’t help but feel their words of comfort are hollow and he just can’t see how this will ever be alright. “Yeah I’m about uhh I’m about as good as I can be right now. Alyssa wish we could have met under better circumstances” Lucas heads out to the car still struggling to process what just happened.

“I’m sorry, I never should have left I should have listened to Rain.” Alyssa said as they all walked towards Alex’s car,

“Okay first rule...and Alex I love ya man but your sister kind of creeps me out, but first rule....never listen to Rain when she goes all weird. I love the kid but yeah she is creepy.” Doug says with a smile. “And I mean that in the most loving form of creepy possible.”

“She told me they’d find me.” Alyssa says looking down at the ground figuring if she didn’t look anyone in the eye she couldn’t see IT again, whatever it was. “It’s been so long I thought he was, done with me.”

Doug was still trying to process what had happened and he didn’t really want to talk about it but he knew they still hadn’t eaten and at least it would be something else something to keep their minds off what had just happened. “Wanna stop at Mensina’s for burgers on the way, I need to eat. My treat just anything normal right now. Ever been there Alyssa their burgers are awesome.”

“How can you think of food right now? Especially burgers I mean did you see his.......face it was.”

“Okay I can see where ground meat is a bad choice.” Doug starts.

“SERIOUSLY, dude too soon man I mean we just saw a man get shot in the face...for what? You already making jokes?” Alex says as he stops right in front of Doug.

“Dude don’t get in my face okay. Look I think of Yeti like family I been hanging around Luke for 16 years family things, holidays, birthdays, football games all that and more Yeti was there so forgive me if I am not processing what I just fucking saw in a way that is politically correct enough for you. We’re cool Alex but tell me how the fuck am I supposed to act right now?” Doug says with a look of anger and confusion on his face.

“Sorry man I just” Alex starts.

“Don’t know how to handle this?” Alyssa asks “know the feeling I just want to go home.” They all head to the car and as they get in Doug asks Alyssa.

“So who is this guy you’re hiding from? Cuz right about now I want to put my fist through something and well two birds one stone.”

“It’s not a “HE” per’s been about 4 years now...I woke up one night, I heard something in my room...someone. He said that the people next door were fighting and that the husband was going to kill his wife....he asked me if I could keep a secret. I told him yeah and he told me that...she was actually already dead and if I looked out the window I’d see him dragging her to his car. He looked in my direction the door slammed the window shades shut and the lights went out. He told me he didn’t see me..I didn’t believe him, someone knocked at the door I thought it was the neighbor but I heard his car starting right after that. I still don’t know who was there.”

“So a ghost? That’s who you’re hiding from...I can’t punch a ghost.” Doug says with a look of confusion on his face.

“So what happened to the neighbor?” Alex asks as he turns the corner approaching Mensina’s.

“He got arrested a day later and they found his wife’s body. He stabbed her 9 times because she was cheating with another man. Dundee just never left.” Alyssa says with a look of concern on her face.

“Dundee?” Doug asks.

“Yeah ummm the ghost, he talks to me with an Australian accent.”

“So why do you believe he had something to do with the shooting and mind that you that I am not 100% buying into this story because well for starters I don’t buy into the whole ghosts thing.”Doug says as they stop in front of Mensina’s

“I didn’t either before he started telling me things.” Alyssa says as she gets out of the car.

“What kind of things?” Alex asks “And why were you running from him?”

“Telling me people were dying and sick and such he told me my grandma was going to die from cancer before she even told anyone she had it. He knew things that people didn’t know then he’d tell them to me in whispers, make things move doors slamming dishes flying across the room. It became overwhelming in school one time he started telling me everything about every person in the room it was just too much to handle.” Doug opened the front door for Alyssa. “Thanks”

“No problem.” They walk in the door and are immediately seated to the left of the entrance. They hear some guys on the other side of the wall being loud and generally being teenagers. “They’re annoying.’ they order their food and continue their conversation the guys at the table on the other side of the entrance continue their rowdy behavior, “You know I really want to hit something and those guys just seem to keep making themselves known.”

“Dude you know that George won’t say anything if you do....well within reason sure he’s till pissed about that punching bag thing.” Alex says to him. George was the owner of Mensina’s an establishment that the guys have been frequenting since they were kids.

“Hey Doug, Alex and young lady who has severe lack of judgment to be hanging out with these guys. I’m Lindsey and you’d be?” Lindsey asks of Alyssa. “Hold on I’ll be right back.” LIndsey goes to the other side of the wall and the guys can hear her talking to the rowdy kids. “Look this is a family restaurant and you guys really need to control the language.”

“Hey you can’t tell us what to say and what not to say....This waitress is trying to take away our first amendment rights. I wouldn’t mind taking some things from you here’s my number.” The guy quickly writes his name and number down on a napkin.
“You guys need to keep it down don’t make me tell you again.” Lindsey walks away from the table.

“Don’t make her angry you won’t like her when she’s angry.” the three guys laugh and continue to make snide remarks.

As Lindsey passes Doug’s table he stops her. “Hey Linds give me his number that he just gave you.”

“He’s not your type Doug now if you want my number....” Lindsey smiles and hands him the number from the guy.

“Thanks” Doug tells her as he pulls his phone out of his pocket. He dials the number and the phone rings I’M ALL ABOUT THAT BASS starts playing from the guy’s phone which makes it really hard for Doug not to laugh.

“Who’s this.” The guy says as he answers the phone.

“Just a guy who wants to play a game of BLIND MAN’S BLUFF. I haven’t seen you and you haven’t seen me but I am going to list off some fun facts Chris and all I want you to do is listen.” Doug tells him.

“Who the fuck are you.” Chris asks.

“Shhhh just listen here’s the rules. I am going to tell you some fun facts and at the end of this game you and your buddies have to decide if you want to leave quietly or the hard way. Fun fact number one, Mensina’s is not a government agency and therefore none of it’s employees are government officials ergo they can ask you to not say anything they want. The first amendment says the government can’t tell you what to say or not to say and waitresses aren’t an elected position your argument is moot and quite frankly shows a level of ignorance.” Doug says as he is trying to fight a smile from his face.

“Who the fuck calling ignorant.” Chris asks.

“You, fun fact number two if you look straight ahead from where you are sitting you will see a punching bag that’s hooked to a machine that has the sole purpose of existing to absorb punches and tell you how hard you hit it. Notice the out of order sign on it? That’s because two days ago when I was in a really good mood I hit it so hard it broke. Now think about that it’s sole purpose is to absorb punches and in a good mood I broke it and today. Today I am having a really bad day and your face, your ribs your bones they don’t have the sole purpose of absorbing a punch so imagine how that will go.”

“There’s three of us asshole you think I am scared of you and your little stories. We’ll kick your sorry fucking ass bitch.” Chris says as he and his friends listen on speaker.

“Fun fact number three. I am 6’2 275 and been working out my whole life and I can be the nicest guy in the world but when I am having a bad day and I snap I have been known to zone out put a guy in the hospital once, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and after the second punch I don’t remember any of it also I am not alone either. I love this place I come here to eat the best burgers around and punch on that bag. I get to have my burger but due to my overzealous punchiness my punching bag is broken you wanna be the replacement bag? So here’s how the game works. First you apologize to Lindsey and the people around you for your brash behavior then you get the bill pay it and generously tip I’d say at least 40% for her putting up with your childish behavior and then you go buy a thesaurus to learn some new words less cursey ones. Then you leave or you don’t do any of that and when I finish my burger we take this outside.” Alex can see that this is taking Doug’s mind off of all of this that’s going on and he actually looks relaxed he knows that if need be Doug can and will back up his words. “You have a minute to call me back who’s bluff gets called yours or mine and to be honest I kind of hope you call mine because man I really want to hit something right now.” Doug pushes the end button and puts his phone on the table.

“Well aren’t you just the intimidating type. They haven’t even seen you yet and to be honest that in and of itself would be pretty intimidating.” Alyssa says.

“Intimidating and sexy as Hell those are my two best feature.” Doug smiles as Lindsey puts his plate on the table. “Thanks Lindsey and I have the feeling they’ll be a lot nicer over there now and leaving I know their type.” Doug’s phone rings and he answers it.
“Yup? Good remember generously tip and the thesaurus you really need to look into the thesaurus, Words are your friends, I am not. Now my burger’s getting cold good bye Chris have a nice life.”

“You know that just made you so much sexier standing up for me like that.” Lindsey says as she kisses him on the cheek. She’s always had a thing for him and him standing up for her like that did nothing to deter those feelings. They finish their meals as they discuss things not relating to ghosts or face shooting or mysterious happenings in the town they finish their meals as normal people their age. They get in the car after a while and leave. Alex drops Doug off first.

“Hey man you going to be okay?” Alex asks as Doug gets out the car.

“Yup going to go play this and just ya know try to forget about most of the day.” He says holding up the game he got from the mall. “See y’all later and Alyssa despite all the crap it was a pleasure meeting you.” Doug heads inside “XBOX ON” he says as he opens the case and put Sunset Overdrive into his disk drive as he waits for the game to begin downloading he walks into his room to change into a pair of sweat pants and a tank top. He hears the familiar sound of the XBox recognizing another person. “Luke that you man? Hey I got that game downloading want to play some Killer Instinct while it does?” He asks but gets no response. “Guess you’re not in the mood for that sorry, my bad bro.” He walks into the living room and notices that Lucas’ car is not in the driveway. He hears the familiar sound of the XBox again and thinks it is just recognizing him but when he turns around he sees something else the notification box pops up with the words:
HELLO ToteReillyAW=

“Hello ToteReillyAWsum” that was his brother’s gamertag perhaps it had mistaken him for his brother something the system had never done before also it was showing his gamertag over him so that could not be the issue. “What the fuck?” Doug quickly turns off the XBox figuring it was just an error. He turns it back on and up pops
HELLO DOUG “Cool it was just a” before he could finish his thought
HELLO ToteReillyAW= popped up again.

“XBox Settings” he says pulling up the menu. “KINECT” he says pulling up a screen showing everything the camera sees. He sees only himself standing there with his gamertag over his head and his brother’s gamertag floating in empty space. “What KINECT SEES” he says hesitantly which pulls up another view of what the camera sees in black and white......”WHAT THE? REILLY?” He sees a shadow like figure standing there about the same size as his brother his heart stops for a second. He thinks all Alyssa’s talk of ghosts and the traumatic day he has been having has all just suddenly hit him at once and what he was seeing couldn’t possibly be real. The shadowy figure looks up at him and he can feel it for a moment he can feel his brother standing there...” it really you?” he asks as he lets his guard down and reaches out to hold the shadowy figures hand that he can still only see through the Kinect camera on the screen.



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was going to be a longer issue but my laptop screen is kinda bad right now I need to bring it to Best Buy and well they can take forever so I wanted to get something in before I dropped it off. Hope y'all like it.

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Some great entries this month guys. Well done :thbsup:

I will (hopefully) have an entry submitted before the closing date.

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GreenScaar. Why so tragic? Why is Banner so sure about fatality that the relationship of Korra and Skaar is about to be brought to them?

And I am not as good as Betty is, I would advise Korra to go to hell with her offer. <_< But it is maybe why we are so lonely here, so unable to join together and to work together… peacefully. Well, I admire Betty for that.

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12 Nov 2014, 07:03 #14

ewkada @ Nov 12 2014, 12:26 AM wrote: GreenScaar. Why so tragic? Why is Banner so sure about fatality that the relationship of Korra and Skaar is about to be brought to them?

And I am not as good as Betty is, I would advise Korra to go to hell with her offer. <_< But it is maybe why we are so lonely here, so unable to join together and to work together… peacefully. Well, I admire Betty for that.
One has to be familiar with Hulk/Banner's past in order to get why he views the relationship between his son Skaar & Korra as being potentially harmful to them both. Don't worry, though, we'll get more insight on Banner & Hulk's view of this bond in coming chapters.

As for Betty, yeah, she can be quite aggressive at times (especially in her She-Hulk form), but she isn't beyond reasoning. I mean, Korra was literally giving her a chance to knock her head off, but instead she didn't let her rage overcome her senses and decided to give the girl a chance. After all, she of all people has made mistakes and has let her anger blind her numerous times in the past.

Anyway, if you liked this chapter, you're really going to like the next one! :friends:


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12 Nov 2014, 07:04 #15

Feral Female @ Nov 10 2014, 04:53 AM wrote:

Great entries Green Scar and Twizted Lestat!
Thanks, Feral! Your entry was entertaining and enjoyable as well! All in all, we've got some good entries this month.


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12 Nov 2014, 10:38 #16

Great issue as always, Str8! Look luck with your lappie.

Thank you kindly, Greenscar. We sure do have some real talent in this competition!

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12 Nov 2014, 16:49 #17

Hey Twiz [wave; An interesting entry, although it reminds me of how my father died...

Somehow I am sure I have read it already earlier, is that possible? :scratchhead:

twiztid lestat
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15 Nov 2014, 15:38 #18

Thank you Feral and Ewkada :) Even if I dont win, I am glad to share my work with you guys, and good luck to all the entries.
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I don't think I'll be able to enter this month, but I have been keeping up the stories. So I will definitely vote when the time comes! :)
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STR8, so scarry and so interesting, I just wonder why ghost stories are connected with evil things. I have never met a bad ghost, I mean someone who lived and died and came to do anything bad to me. I don’t fear ghosts of people. Ghosts of people come to warn us or to ask for help. That’s my experience so far.

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I Own Nothing Which Is Not Mine

"That thing with the tail? It's your responsibility," old man Fury pointed towards Yliph from the lowered ramp of a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport jet which hovered inches off of the Pennsylvania ground.

"Yes, Sir," I muttered, feeling all of five years old and overwrought by my father's disapproval. We watched as Yliph, the be-tailed woman of two legs, bat wings and snake-like skin strode directly for the modern looking building; it's rectangular stories straight out of Frank Lloyd Wright. The alien woman from the intergalactic Arragania region stopped in her tracks and looked back at us on the ramp in the shadow of the quinjet.

"I'll go with her," I said, glancing at the seasoned Army veteran next to me who stoicly chomped on a smelly cigar.

"You do that," Fury replied, but his tone was different: less command with a hint of humor yet his expression remained unreadable. I jogged across the sun baked asphalt to catch up to the unique creature, feeling the day already beginning to get hot.

"What if trap?" Yliph asked once I'd gotten alongside.

"I think if there were a trap, we'd have been blown out of the sky."

"Surprise catch style," Yliph added.

"Oh, you mean like boobie trapped?"

Yliph winced as if imagining pain and glanced at our breasts, "Terrans have painful torturous ways of capturing species female. How are species male contained with less size?" she asked holding her breasts to demonstrate. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh, sweetie, it's not where we're caught on the body," I explained, imagining a bear trap's claws clamping on my own bosom and finding myself wincing with the thought, "It's human slang for a surprise capture."

"Terrans strange tongue use," Yliph dismissed.

"We feel the same listening to you," I began to explain when she wailed on me.

"I top earns in teachings. Few only above me. Least aged knowler I," she glared, gray striped tail swishing fervently.

"I didn't mean to offend you," I explained from my defensive stance, my arms and hands positioned to convey I wasn't a threat to her.

"Traditions difficult knowing this Earth," Yliph said. Her tail had slowed to that of a curious cat's testing its environment.

"You think it's bad here, there's dozens of other countries with their own traditions across the rest of Earth," I told her. She replied with a huff of air.

The shade at what we figured was the entrance of the building was a welcome reprieve from the late morning sun. It wasn't a day to be in long sleeves and boots like we were. I knocked on the lightly tinted glass door a couple of times and even asked aloud of anyone was home to no avail.

"Need hydrates – wah ter," Yliph noted quietly as we trudged back across the baking blacktop to the quinjet and Fury's disapproving frown.

"Nobody's home and Yliph's thirsty," I briefed as our soles clicked up the ramp.

"I'd bet she's more than thirsty," Fury muttered as he walked forward, "Probably needs a good swim like the rest of us."

We all buckled in for departure, "So what now? Back to the helicarrier?"

"I'm taking you home," Fury answered.

"I don't have a home," I stopped short of sarcastically asking him if he remembered that. Of course he did.

"You have a new home," the on-again, off-again Director of the Strategic Hazard Intelligence Espionage Logistics Directorate said and handed me a round disc, the size of a quarter, "Pin this on your friend."

"What is it?" I asked turning it over in my fingers.

"An image inducer. That way we can get Amphibicat here past the nosy neighbors."

"Is it wise to put us in such a neighborhood? My last house wasn't exactly secure despite it's rural setting."

"You disobeying orders? I make the decisions. Get in the taxi."

In almost the time it took someone to blink the jet had landed again and immediately Yliph and I were in an ordinary cab navigating suburban streets. When we made the final turn I recognized where we were. Troy Street in Alloyton.

We were barely parked when I went running for the house and burst through the front door. All was the same as I remembered; like it was all right.

"Konk?" I called out once I'd realized he wasn't coming to greet me, "Hey, ya big lummox, come say ‘Hi'."

"He's not here."

I spun on my high heels to see Agent Coulson approach from the side hallway. The truth hit me like a baseball through a glass window.

"I must've been quite the sight bursting in here in my costume," I mumbled suddenly self-conscious; then wondered why it was okay for the neighbors to see my secret identity but not Yliph's actual one?

"You made quite the entrance," Coulson smiled.

"Oh shit! The cabbie..."

"Has been paid and he's underway," Coulson revealed and I watched Yliph sheepishly pass through Konk's open front door. I felt as if I was nailed to the floor; too dumbstruck to move. Coulson went on, "As for Mr. Conchetta, as you know, he's in custody."

"He couldn't be on the helicarrier," I said, recalling the damage.[last issue]

"He's in a specialized facility constructed for people like him," Coulson replied.

"Where. I want to see him. Why couldn't I talk to him? Why wasn't I brought along to help? It wasn't his fault, he was mind controlled..." I prattled on. Some strange dark haired woman in thick black-rimmed glasses stood at the door in a tan trench coat and pointy shiny black pumps. What did that woman do to Yliph?

Coulson began speaking and the strange woman's body shimmered Oh, that IS Yliiph I realized and next I knew, there was a cloth being taken from my forehead and I was lying on Konk's couch with a medic and Yliph standing over me. I could see Coulson between them standing behind.

"Glad oh kay you," Yliph said and she licked my cheek, purring.

"Tell me I'm dreaming."

"Sorry, Spangle, this is very real," Coulson answered deflating my spirit.

"Guess I fainted. Who...?"

"I did," Coulson revealed and I noticed he had a purple lip, presumably from catching my unconscious dead weight, "But I assure you, I was very gentlemanly about it."

"I appreciate it."

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent smiled and took a step back when someone approached with a glass of water.

"Lap," Yliph said handing me the glass tumbler. It might have been from the tap but it still felt good in my throat. I thanked the Arraganian girl, swung my legs to the floor and sat up on the familiar couch.

"We can't just make this our new headquarters," I said. The carpet felt weird through my socks. In fact, I felt weird in my costume so I took another sip from the glass of water hoping I wasn't about to relapse.

"This is just a safe house," Coulson replied.

"I don't feel too safe here. And I'm sure the neighbors won't either once they learn who's living here," I said raising my voice, "What if Mast..."

"We've made a few improvements since Mr. Conchetta left," Coulson interjected.

"Left?! He was taken into your custody."

Yliph turned to face Coulson and the couple other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents alongside him, keeping her crouch to the ground. Maybe it was just my skewed perception as a result of so much happening at Konk's house but she looked as if she were going to pounce on them and shred them like Daredevil rips apart his catnip toys.

"For his own safety."

"Whatever. What about OUR safety?" I asked with my head back and eyes closed; about to throw up.

"This house has been reinforced with low frequency emission Vibranium reinforced walls. It'll take more than a Hulk to get through them. Radio scramblers and jammers prevent unwanted ears from hearing anything but still allow for the two of you to watch t.v. and access the internet. Of course, the real goodies are down in the basement," Coulson explained with an excited smile.

Once I'd pulled my red boots up over my knees the three of us, Coulson in the lead and me trailing Yliph, descended the staircase into a world resembling the Bat Cave. Admittedly, I was impressed; I'd always wanted to visit the basement of Wayne Manor ever since I first saw it on television. A whistle even escaped me.

Coulson kept grinning like a child that won the candy lottery, "It's quite impressive, isn't it?"

"Uh, yeah," I stammered, heart thumping with excitement.

"And it's all yours. Well – ours and yours," he corrected, meaning I shared it with S.H.I.E.L.D.. The man in tan suit carried on in great detail about every machine, gadget and gizmo within sight and a handful that were stored away in hidden cubicles ending with, "And the best part is the fireman's pole in the false coat closet in the living room! When there's an emergency, just yank on the umbrella stand; that rotates the closet part behind the pole and voila!"

"You seem pretty excited over it," I smiled, finding Coulson's enthusiasm humorous.

"It's a dream house," he beamed and caught himself; becoming more the stuffy agent he was supposed to be, "but I'll get on my way and let the two of you ladies settle in."

"Thank you, Agent Coulson," I said as we ascended the stairs.

"Please, call me ‘Phil'," he smiled at the top of the flight, extending his hand.

"Thank you, Phil, for everything," I said shaking the proffered appendage. Yliph hugged him without warning.

"Oh, uh...right. You're welcome," he stammered, possibly a bit unnerved by such a close encounter of her kind, yet he kept his cool pretty well and parted with a wave.

I stood in the living room and took in the surroundings, "Well, be it ever so humble..."

Spangle #23: Be It Ever So Humble...

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23 Nov 2014, 05:57 #22

Got my laptop back today caught up on everyone's stories great stuff as usual...also I'd like to win the "candy lottery" okay I'd rather win the real one but the candy one wouldn't be bad so Mister OZ if you could arrange that.

Ewkada thanks and yeah the first ghost was not so friendly the second one remains to be seen also remains to be seen as to what these ghosts are exactly.

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23 Nov 2014, 10:41 #23

Great work with Spangle, Mo! Man, choosing our picks is going to be tough again this month.

Glad to hear you have your laptop back, Str8. I'm lost without mine.

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I own nothing that isn't mine


A HAIRY – let’s look for differences…

Thor and Loki were searching for the life-giving water; it was told in legends that it cured all deadly illnesses. Loki intended to bring some of it to the humans, although Thor was still reluctant to let him pass to Earth. This way, following the clues they landed on the green planet. It wasn’t big, but dominated by huge plants. And there were also some animals, with spikes placed one after another in long rows along their spines. They differed in size and shape, only the spikes remained the same.

– Everything’s huge here – said Thor looking at a giant flower-fruit, bigger than his own head. His voice stopped at the green cage of leaves that surrounded them and didn’t echo; the green passage they left behind was covering fast with new spreads, tentacles and leaves, so fast, that Loki heard Thor whispering only. They were lucky to have good swords with them, so that they could cut their way forth, but they still moved slowly, it was really exhausting.

– Here one could get claustrophobic – Loki admitted.

– Not if we are together – Thor reposted – We go to the pole, there should be less plants growing there… This planet doesn’t look to be friendly, nothing can be heard here –

– Whoa!... Good Morning! –

They heard it suddenly, none of the leaves moved, as if they were surprised too, well, for a while only. Loki turned – A hairy – he whispered to Thor who again started slashing from side to side with his sword to stop the approaching plants. They quickly placed themselves back to back so as to expose one side only to the newcomer. Hairies were named after their thick fur, covering the whole of their bodies and also after their similarly furred names: Longhair, Thickhair, Bluehair, Funnyhair etc. and they had black eyes and big lips. But despite their unusual appearance they were very intelligent and dangerous. And there were always two of them… Moreover our Asgardians didn’t know about them.

– Good Morning – Thor answered intending to get more time to react.

– Yellowhair – the hairy started with his introduction – Welcomes you to the green-hungry Era –

– Thor – Loki – they answered quickly, then fell into a silence, only the regular strikes of their swords on the ever growing leaves were heard.

– This is not your planet… – Thor was first to speak after a while.

– Of course not and Yellowhair does not wish to know whom it belongs to –

They stood further, working intensively with their hands only.

– We should be on the move, the plants renew themselves very quickly, it must be raining above us now – said the hairy.

Thor and Loki instinctively looked up at the green ceiling; at this moment the hairy moved closer to them. Thor drew out his Mjonir with his left hand in the direction of the hairy.

– Going north brings you nothing – Yellowhair gazed curiously at Thor’s hammer – Really, we have been there several times already… -

- Really? So where are you going this time? – Loki asked.

– To find you… Yellowhair saw you arriving at the top of the steps of the water sign –

– Congratulations then, in this dense vegetation it’s almost impossible to find anything–

– Yellowhair is happy and treats your words as a reward – hairy’s ears moved up, actually it was the fur on his ears that they saw standing up – That is why Yellowhair wants to be thankful: the water sign should be read like the reflection in water: right is left and left is right –

The brothers moved uneasily, he may have been right.

– Yellowhair will join you so that you believe in that –

– Well, let’s wait for your partner –

– Pair… -

- For your pair – Loki corrected himself.

– No… Pairhair –

Thor and Loki tried to disguise their laughter, but the hairy moved another step closer in their direction – Enough of this play – Thor said – Where is he? –

The fur on hairy’s ears fell down – Yellowhair has lost Pairhair –

All fell into silence now.

– How long have you been there? – Thor first broke it.

– Too long –

– So why don’t you leave Era? –

– Being alone makes it impossible –

Thor smiled at Loki, it would be difficult to argue with this hairy – Well, you go first – he decided.

But the hairy shook his head to that – Yellowhair is afraid of you, does not want to have the sword in the back nor this hammer on the head –

Again silence. Thor was actually satisfied with the presence of the third fellow, even if it was a hairy, these ever growing plants squeezed his mind and to be honest he didn’t want this life-giving water anymore – You’ll be the second then, I go first and Loki behind you; if you try to make a fool of me, you’ll be struck by him –

– And what if he starts first? – the hairy still didn’t want to give up. They stood tensed for a while, this endless slashing made them despair, finally the hairy laid down his ears – This planet drives mad, Yellowhair has seen it… will go in-between -


They had already been travelling for many hours, all the time heading north. Thor waited for a thunderstorm, but even a little wind, anything, that forced the all surrounding plants to move aside, giving some fresh air, would ease their feeling of being trapped in a green cage – I can’t load the hammer – he thought irritated; he missed open space and actually felt as if green beasts made of leaves were following them all the time.

The hairy went at the beginning cautiously and tensly, but slowly he relaxed and then started to inflate his cheeks clicking his tongue to that, merrily and rhythmically: - Slap, ciap, pciam, mniam, siup, slchup – with each step and with each stroke of his machete he moved his body from side to side - Clap, chlap, pam, smam… -

No wonder that Loki couldn’t stand that - Would you stop it?! – he leaned forward yelling him into his ear.

Hairy’s reaction was immensely aggressive: he turned back quickly, tore the sword out of Loki’s hand and with it struck against Thor’s sword. Loki stopped suddenly, he saw a green tentacle winding around his knee, at a closer look he found out that it was actually a rope twisted of several green strings and it was still growing and twisting itself as if the plants here were mindful of what they want and at this moment they decided to lay their winding fingers on him. Loki kicked that green rope quickly to free himself. In the meantime Yellowhair and Thor were fighting so intensively that their swords sparkled and plants were retreating. Loki however had a huge problem to face: the ropes, now at least several of them and all the time growing, despite all his efforts to get rid of them by tearing, biting, snatching or squashing, were holding him more and more tightly. Finally Thor managed to knock out hairy’s sword, but Yellowhair in turn snatched his hammer and… of course was not able to hold it any longer in the hand. Thor burst out laughing, but at this moment he saw Loki cocooned already by the green ropes, so he did the first step towards Loki to help him, but fell down just after that, as he also didn’t notice that one of the green ropes succeeded in gripping one of his ankles. He cut it off with his sword, but the next one wound around his hand: it really looked like the plants were determined in their eagerness to catch them. It would end fatally if the hairy didn’t drive all the ropes away cutting them with his machete and making circles with his legs all around Thor. Thor rose from the ground and both hurried to help Loki. They made it just in time: the Giant, all blue with anger, wasn’t even able to raise a finger.

– Quickly, move on, we’ll talk while going forwards! – Thor ordered.

– Why are you still heading north? – the hairy didn’t inflate his cheeks anymore.

– Not why, but what for! – Loki cut in, still too angry to be able to thank them both.

– Close to the pole it should be cooler… – Thor seemed to be more friendly for Yellowhair.

– So the leaves should grow less intensively and we will be able to see anything apart this green vegetation – Loki finished Thor’s explanation as he realized he was too rude.


They had enough of this wandering: on both sides: leaves, just above their heads: leaves, this green thicket was blocking fresh air, it almost choked them and its green rope-like tentacles seemed to have only one purpose: to penetrate them with their ever growing ends. The three travelers really felt like running away from the green beasts, who hunted them all the time trying to lay their long fingers almost on their necks. Their hands and arms were scratched, and their faces too, as every second they had to rub against the walls of leaves.

Luckily for them they suddenly got out straight onto bigger rocks. They laid down on the cold ground and yelled for joy with all their strength that was left to them; hairy’s reaction didn’t differ much from that of the brothers. Finally Thor got up and came nearer to Loki to help him up on his feet too, and then they knocked each other with their foreheads as usually after they succeeded in achieving anything together.

– Well, well finally, you kissed each other! – the hairy laughed heartily – And Yellowhair has already started to suspect, that you are not together –

– We aren’t – Thor reposted angrily – Two guys don’t make a couple –

– Guys, what is guys? – the hairy became curious.

Thor and Loki were surprised to the same extent – The couple in our kind is created by a man and a woman, father and mother: mother carries children inside her body and father takes care of them –

– And you cannot carry your children, do you… – the hairy actually didn’t ask, but shook his head with compassion.

– Yea…you’re right -

- Yellowhair pities you then: to have no children, to be like a footstool… -

- A guardian is what it actually is - Loki interrupted him - I would suggest you to choose your words wisely –

– Well, in any case you play a minor role then –

They obviously disliked his words.

The hairy in the meantime moved his head from side to side – If you are not the couple, why do you pretend to be it? – Yellowhair continued stubbornly this uneasy conversation.

– Because we’re brothers; brothers are two children of one couple –

The hairy suddenly moved back almost touching the green wall.

– Oh, don’t be afraid, we… - Loki wanted to calm him down.

– Liars! – the hairy screamed – Yellowhair sees better than you and feels deeper! –

– We don’t lie – Loki answered – We are brothers, but my parents… left me… die – the bitterness in his words was so clear, that Thor was sure, Loki would never return to the Jotuns - And Thor’s father accepted me in his family, as if I were his own son, next to Thor–

The hairy thought for a moment – Yellowhair sees a strong connection between you, that is true – he commented slowly then – But there is some shadow as well that covers up your relationship – he summarized.


They sat, dozed, went in circles, by turns – So where did you lose your better half? – Loki asked.

The hairy laid down his ears – There was none, Yellowhair is too young: was small when we crushed here… soon the ropes kidnapped my one mother, then another one. Yellowhair searched for them everywhere, rested on rocks like here until storm came and then searched further… -

- And you charged us with lies! – Loki reposted.

– Yellowhair was afraid, did not want to stay alone here –

– Well, you’d like to join us on our journey, wouldn’t you? – Thor asked.

- Take me home... please –

But Thor denied it: – No chance for Asgardians to get close to your planet: your kin would unleash a new war, if we tried it –

– Your father adopted a brother, for you… - the hairy turned his head almost to the back to look at Loki – Adopt me, you would be like… fathers to me, then you would get your chance to experience the Rrusty Planet… and I would have my chance: you would present my name to the Great Gathering and… Yellowhair could search for another half then – here our hairy grinned from ear to ear, what could be seen even in his furred face.

– You are… - Loki first now realized it – A woman… with us together… and we were… - Thor and Loki burst into a wild laughter, and hairy’s ears fell down again.

– Right – Thor said, when they finally stopped it – We adopt you Yellowhair -

– No, not this way… - the hairy answered – I must hear it now from you both at the same time: lay you hands on my shoulders and repeat it –

- No chance to be released by her kin thereafter – flashed through Loki’s mind, nevertheless he did the same like Thor.


They waited for a thunderstorm, as on this planet Thor was not able to charge his Mjonir on his own. And the stormy clouds as if on purpose hadn’t gathered since several weeks. Thor more and more often thought of going back, but Loki still insisted on staying and searching for his water. The rocks they already searched through perfectly, even to the smallest stone. The hairy said only a little and rarely asked questions; after her adoption she was more obedient. The great advantage of her company was that she knew a lot about Era’s plants: not only what could be eaten, but also something more: she was so perfectly orientated in their influence on other beings that even with one look only she understood the plants so well as if she knew their internal language.

– Are you sure Yellowhair, that you would like to abandon this planet? – she was once asked by Loki, when she was describing with a great excitement, how immense and beautiful the plant with deep red endings was.

The hairy moved from side to side several times before answering: - Yellowhair wants to create a couple and raise children, if her fathers allow her… And you? Don’t you have such desires? Do only mothers seek for that in your kin? –

This time Loki pondered over her words for a longer while – No, we also have such need – he answered her - But for us it is sometimes very difficult, if not unworkable -


Finally they saw stormy lightning coming nearer, together with heavy clouds, actually a gale would be a better word for that, as the wind was so strong, that it tore out whole plants and pulled the green fields as if they were waves. The hairy wanted to hide in the thicket, but to her luck Loki held her; Thor in the meantime went to the highest spot and recharged his hammer – Let’s go home – he said in the end; the hairy being slightly shocked continued to sway from side to side.

- But what about the life-giving-water? – Loki asked resentfully.

– Loki, it is time to give up, here even the water springs are covered with these green…-

- Then let’s search for it in the underground – Loki didn’t intend to give up.

– Do you see here any entrance to the underworld? We should go back, that’s my proposal –

Loki just spread his arms – You’re still my king – he answered in a little sarcastic way.

They caught the tube with the Tesseract and – Well, maybe we could circle round the planet, just to say farewell? Your Mjonir has been already recharged. Just to be sure… - Loki said it quickly. Thor raised his eyebrows.

– Nooo! – the hairy screamed – This planet only waits for it, Era will never let us free! –

Thor looked at his brother, Loki’s eyes twinkled red mischievously, he smiled.

– Why do you ignore Yellowhair? You risk your own life and Yellowhair’s too! Why… what for? –

– Because that’s who we are – Loki reposted to Yellowhair with a pure satisfaction in his voice – Why shan’t we reach for something that is close at hand? A little risk has always been a main part of our life… -

The hairy stood silent with her ears laid down.

– That’s why our mothers do not travel much – Thor tried to explain to the hairy the situation – They keep close to safe homes, and we have to ensure their safety –

But Yellowhair denied his words – You have no respect for them, and the same for Yellowhair now – she answered angrily – For you endurance does not matter much, you live for the moment, and reach and intensive it should be. You are bored by safety… ghosts of war… that is why you have difficulties in achieving a stabile couple, and now you are probably closer to each other than you could have ever been with mothers… - Yellowhair raised proudly her head – But living this way you won’t raise children –

They eyed each other up and down, like on their first meeting.

– I’d say - Thor was first to speak – that the water can wait, until it is really needed. Come on, Yellowhair, let’s go back to our realm first –

The hairy opened her big mouth wondering.

– Well, you are our… child now, so we would like to introduce you to our family… before we give you back to your Gathering –

Yellowhair still looked mistrustfully at them two, Loki took a firm position, the hairy bowed slightly in order to defend herself…

Suddenly a column of a pink light fired into the air several miles away from them – It is my mother, she is still fighting! – Yellowhair yelled – This is our weapon – she looked at the two brothers pleadingly.

Thor didn’t answer but caught immediately Loki by arm and Loki reached for the hairy – But afterwards we search for my water… - Loki used his chance again.


From above the planet looked like a green ball with holes; the light coming out of one of the holes was so intense, that they landed there almost blinded. In front of them they saw something, that looked like an entrance to a huge, flat cave, out of which enlightened violet streams were coming, and on the cave’s top a column of an intense white and pink light was visible. From the thicket appeared blades – as Loki named local animals. The three travelers looked at each other wondering what to do, first the hairy made herself move on – Stop! – Thor yelled after her – You follow me, and Loki behind you as a cover –

It wasn’t dark inside that cave: violet streams of light gave a relatively clear view and indicated the way, so the three went on allowing the light streams to lead them; they heard unclear whispers, that echoed in the enlightened tunnel they were in. Thor had an impression, that they unintentionally slipped into a dream, in which they were just standing, but everything else was slowly circling around them – Nay, it’s us, who are going in circles – he thought being more and more sleepy.

They all slowed down their pace and they would probably all fall asleep, if the hairy suddenly didn’t scream loudly pushing forth the almost sleeping Thor in front of her. In fact Yellowhair was running to her mother, she saw her long arms stretched out in her direction, she explained her something, soundlessly moving her broad lips. When Yellowhair got nearer, her mother became less and less visible; the hairy suddenly stopped, Thor and Loki caught up with her – It is a prison – the hairy told stiffly – We will stay here forever, like my mother –

Thor started to turn his hammer, and then let it fly in the direction of the most enlightened spot – We’ll see; we were going around that light, I think, so we have to fight our way out to the outer circle – the wall cracked, but did not give way; the hammer like a trained dog returned to Thor and a moment later it rushed again exactly into the same spot. The cave shook slightly, as this time Mjonir went through a thin wall to the other passage.

Loki screamed: a shadow wound around his legs and pulled him through the opposite wall as if this wall was made of butter, not of stone. Thor immediately turned around, and hurried after Loki, but had to break wall after wall with his hammer. They were heading straight to the centre of the cave; the passages cut across were more and more narrow and lit up, what helped Thor to identify their direction, the shadow dragging Loki was also more and more visible.


In the centre of this strange cave an intense column of pink light shoot out of a circle of stones, it was bright there in the cave, almost daylight. Thor fixed his eyes on the shadow, he slowly came closer to the column and then threw his hammer to hit the shadow. Mjonir went into it smoothly. Thor held out his hand towards it; he had to wait for a long while until his hammer came back to him, as if the shadow could extend the space within his own territory – It must have power to bend the space – Thor thought catching Mjonir, but he suddenly screamed, because the hammer’s handle was hot, it burned his hand much, but Thor was so determined, that he didn’t lessen the grip. He looked up to the ceiling, well actually to the chimney, through which the light came out of the cave; the chimney was wider than the light-column and through the narrow space in-between Thor saw stormy clouds concentrating above the cave, so he raised his hammer and thunderbolts immediately came down to charge it.

The shadow in the meantime condensed itself, then finally a huge head appeared out of it, well shaped with beautiful features but without any hair, eyebrows or eye-lashes, and with black eyes and with its mouth opening only to breathe out a shadow that slowly was coming closer and closer towards Thor. This face, semi-human, but without any human impulses tried to attract them, it made scarred and first of all overpowered; the shadow surrounded it, came out of it and bit into everything it got in contact with, sought to unite itself with its preys and to dissolve and digest them afterwards, what couldn’t be of use for itself. This was, what they felt and what they feared. Loki was still conscious, luckily, but the enormous pain had alread overwhelmed all his wits, had paralyzed him so that he was only able to concentrate on keeping himself alive. The face in the meantime gazed impassively at Thor, maybe it just tried to value its next prey, fearlessly, without any emotions, without even a hint of a malicious smile, nothing of that sort, as if it tried to poison them with its nothingness.

The hairy crouched terrified hiding behind Thor.

Thor stopped to charge his hammer, and directed it towards this huge face, he smiled and then quickly turned back throwing the hammer right into the column of light. Everything came to an end within a fraction of a second: the column exploded with numerous waves of sounds and turned the half visible walls to dust. But the face remained unchanged, soon it started to disappear sharing common fate with the walls. And to its end it gazed with its black eyes particularly at Thor.


Thor and Yellowhair dug up Loki out of a layer of a grey, shiny dust. Whiffs, made of this dust that circled around them, and by each their move caused pain, especially while taking breath, they tasted of something very sour. Loki’s body trembled, he was in agony, it seemed, that he wasn’t able to hear, and most probably also to see anything, and for sure he couldn’t speak. Thor took him up while the hairy searched for their swords, then both headed towards the green vegetation that was only slightly visible in the upraised dust. When the view cleared they saw blades approaching, slowly, as if they were cautious of the danger ahead of them. But then suddenly they speeded up clearly intending to close the three aliens inside the ring that their massive bodies made.

– They push us – Thor said wondering what to do next.

– Hurry up, otherwise we will be trampled – the hairy urged Thor pulling him by arm towards the only break in the ring of Era’s beasts. At the last moment they managed to reach the plants, well… actually they fell into a green swamp.

Thor stumbled over one of the green ropes tangled quickly by the plants and he fell letting Loki dive into the green, greasy swamp. He hardly kept Loki’s body, desperately trying not to let him go any deeper and in the same time working on getting himself out of the swamp.

– Backwards! – the hairy yelled slashing angrily the plants, that have already blocked the passage behind them.

Luckily they managed to get back to the stony island. The blades who meanwhile started to retreat, saw the intruders again: they immediately rushed in their direction.

Thor had enough of this planet – Hold me tightly Yellow; we do go home now – he said bitterly and turned quickly the Tesseract. The blades were not able to stop themselves from dashing into the swamp, and, well, at least part of them haven’t ever come out of it.


Such view on the courtyard was totally new to Asgardians: Loki alive, laughing wildly and with full strength, Thor crying soundlessly while gazing at Loki and the hairy waving her hands all around and roaring: - Arrgh… life-giving water?! The life-giving SHIT! -

But it was nothing in comparison to what Thor and Loki had to go through on the rusty planet: to introduce Yellowhair to the Great Gathering they have been held imprisoned for one year and only this time they were given to learn the language of the hairies; well, they didn’t had it easy.

When Yellowhair became grown up ( and equal age in couples in hairies’ culture was crucial ), all the three were directed to go to the stage; and there they started with their introduction: Thor named his forefathers, then it was Loki’s turn, who from their common father switched then to generations of the Ice Giants. A murmur of disapproval went through the gathering, the hairies didn’t like Giants at all. They repeated Loki’s names round and round, some of the hairies were swaying their bodies meanwhile, some were shaking their heads while inflating their cheeks.

– Thor – Loki suddenly whispered – I feel her! –

– Loki be silent now, you’ll spoil everything – Thor hissed to him.

But then the hairies started to hit with their hands against the thighs showing this way their approval. A joint reciting of Yellowhair’s ancestors went smoothly, without any failures and then Yellowhair, the first and the last hairy, who had close relationship to Asgardians, went down into the gathering. They haven’t seen her ever since. And they both then were straightly directed to the portal. Thor frowned taking up his hammer.

– Well, don’t tell me, you expected anything more! – it was the typically sarcastic Loki.

– So where to? – Thor asked him not intending to comment.

– Earth – Loki answered and activated the Tesseract.


But something went wrong then: Thor noticed that there was no hammer in his hand...

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