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Well, I finally got around to putting some of my stuff up in here, as Feral has been nagging me to do (it's okay, you just reminded me I need to call my Mom more often, FF!!) So here's everything I've got so far, and it will be more or less in order. Issues are numbered for clarity.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

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Red-Back: Son of the Spider #1 "His Father's Son"
Original Post: 10.15.2006 1:36am

Open: a doctor's office- a middle-aged man and a young couple are in an exam room. The woman is on a table with a sonogram machine near-by, the paddle on her stomach.
Dr: "Mr. and Mrs. Parker, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you have what looks like a healthy baby boy. The bad news is that he, uh- he is most definately a- a mutant."
Both: "WHAT?!" Man: "Are you sure?"
Dr.: "I'm afraid so. Let me show you."
He turns the monitor to face the couple. Both gasp as they see the image of a tiny infant- an infant with SIX arms, and strange, black eyes.
The woman turns to bury her face against her husband, starting to sob.
M-J: "Oh, Peter! This is Aweful!"
Peter: "Don't worry, M-J. We'll get through this somehow."
He looks doubtfully at the monitor. <This is MY fault. I don't know how this happened, but it's MY fault!>
Dr: "It's not too late to have it aborted."
Both: "NO!!"
Dr. "Just a suggestion."

Later- in a taxi.

M-J glances over to Peter, with a worried expression. "Peter, what are we going to DO? It was hard enough when all we had to worry about was your secret getting out. Now, not only does EVERYONE know, but we'll have to deal with mutant-haters ON TOP of all the OTHER nutcases out there who want to kill us!"
Peter: "We'll think of something, sweetheart. We always do. Maybe Dr. Conners or McCoy will know what to do. Heck, even Richards might be able to help, if it comes down to it."

Next day-

Two figures are fighting on a rooftop in Midtown. One is in a skin-tight red and blue bodysuit with a mask; the other is an older, pudgy man with metal tentacles on his back. The masked figure leaps onto the other's shoulders trying to knock him down, while ducking to avoid a swing from one of the long metal arms.
Peter: "Hey, Ock, I gotta ask- how is it that no matter how many times I send you guys to the slammer, you always seem to get out? 'Cause I gotta tell you, security at the Raft must REALLY suck!"
Ock blocks a punch with a tentacle, reaching out with another one to throw his opponent. "Foolish spider! NO prison can hold ME! I will destroy you, Parker- as I should have done in our LAST encounter! And now that the world knows your secret, my revenge will be all the sweeter when your pretty wife sees your boken body splattered on the street below!"
Peter grabs a tentacle and yanks it in a circle, suddenly angry. He swings Ock into a near-by water tank. "Leave M-J out of this, Octavius! By the way, have you ever given any thought to anger management? Revenge this, destroy that- you're like a CD with a permanent skip!"
He launches at Ock feet-first to nail him in the gut while he's still dazed from hitting the tank. A quick one-two to the face knocks him loopy, and Peter webs him, metal arms and all, to the side of the tank.
Peter: "Hate to end this little heart-to-heart so soon, but you just reminded me of another meeting I need to get to. Say 'hi' to all the other loons in the bin for me, will ya?" He swings away.

Later, at an upstate mansion....

Peter is back in his civies, sitting in a large, expensive office with M-J, across a desk from an older, bald man in a wheelchair.
Peter: "So, Professor, what can you tell us? Is there something wrong with the baby? What should we do?"
Xavier: "Put your minds at ease, Mr. and Mrs. PArker. As far as our tests show, he appears to be just fine. It seems that your child not only has the 'X' gene of other mutants, but it has somehow combined with your own unique genetic code- and this is the result. Henry McCoy was most interested in the test data; he says the child will almost certainly inherit your abilities, Peter- though to what extent, he can't say. Of course, there's no way of knowing until he's born. If either of you needs any help or advice, please don't hesitate to ask. We are friends here, after all."
Peter looks doubtful, but relieved. "Thanks, Charles. We just might take you up on that."
Xavier smiles. "One warning, though- you may be in for a few surprises. Something tells me this child is going to be quite a handful!"
Peter looks worried; he exchanges glances with his wife. "Uh... Thanks, Professor." <Great, just what I needed to hear....>
Outside the office, the couple is approached by a large, blue-furred ape-like creature- which, oddly enough, is wearing a lab coat and reading glasses while examining some papers on a clip-board. He looks up at them and smiles.
Peter: "Hi, Hank. We were just leaving. Thanks for everything."
McCoy: "Of course, Peter. I must say, these test results are simply fascinating! He seems to have genes for all of your abilities, as well as a few additional traits. This internal scan indicates what looks like a set of fully functional spinnarettes, and the eye structure is distinctly insect-like. Fascinating!"
Peter gives him a dubious stare. "Uh.... Sure Hank. Talk to you later." <MORE "good" news. All my worst fears are coming true. My son is going to be a freak for life- and once again, I'M responsible! Why does it seem like everything I touch turns to poison? Curse that stupid eight-legged pain in my @&#036;&#036;!!>

Six months later: A house in Queens.

M-J is puffing down the stairs to the front door, in obvious pain, with one hand on her huge stomach. She calls back up to Peter. "Hurry, Tiger! Here comes another one! (gasp)"
Peter pokes his head out of a room, yelling down the stairs. "I've got it! Just try to relax and breathe, sweetheart, like in those classes you took. Don't worry; we'll get there in time!"
M-J: "RELAX?! easy for YOU to say!"
Outside , he helps her into a taxi. He gets in with a bag of clothes and miscelanious items, waving to the dread-locked driver impatiently. "To the hospital, and don't spare the horses!"
Driver(grinning): "Congrats, mon. Dis your first?"
M-J: "Not exactly. I had one before this, but she was stillborn. She would have been almost five by now."
The driver frowns sympathetically. "Sorry to hear dat. Hope dis one be luckier. It a boy or a gurl?"
Both: "Boy." Peter(aside): "More or less...."

Some time later....

A hallway in a hospital,outside the Ceasarian room- a doctor comes out looking slightly shaken, as Peter paces the hall nervously. Peter sees the doctor and whirls to face him.
Peter: "Well? How are they?"
Dr: "The procedure went smoothly. Your wife and- er- son are doing fine, all things considered. I must say, though, this is the most disturbing thing I've seen in all my years of medical practice."
Peter: "But they're okay?"
Doctor: "As far as we can tell, yes. You can see them now, if you like."
Peter dashes past him into the room, excited.
Looking over his shoulder into room- M-J is in a hospital bed, with the baby in her arms. She looks tired and weak, but oddly happy. The baby is asleep.
Side view of room- they smile at each other as the baby yawns and opens his eyes. Six tiny hands are poking out of the blanket. Peter is looking down at M-J and baby from the end of the bed. Peter stands beside her. She looks up with a puzzled expression.
M-J: "What should we name him? With all our other worries, we haven't even talked about it."
Peter(grins mischeivously): "How about Octavius?"
M-J looks up at him, appalled. She shouts, disturbing the baby.
M-J: "NO! You are not naming our son after that lunatic!"
Peter sits in a chair by the bed, looking more serious.
Peter: "Well, what about Harry? He would have been flattered, don't you think?"
M-J sighs and shakes her head. The baby is squirming now, trying to reach for her hair. There seems to be a hint of intelligence in his black eyes.
M-J: "Honey, I know he was your best friend, but can we please just avoid names that belong to psychopathic criminals?"
Peter frowns, looking frustrated.
P: "Hey, Harry had- HAS- his problems, I'll admit, but he's no psycho... So I guess Eddie, Norman, or Flint are out, too- right?"
M-J just gives him a dirty look.
Now she gazes at him slyly, smirking.
M-J: "Okay, then- how about Johhny, or Matt? Or maybe- Jonah?"
P: "Ha! Now you're joking if you think I'll name him after that old blow-hard! And I'm sure Murdoch or Storm would be thrilled with a name-sake, but maybe 'Anansi' is more
appropriate. I'm sure Ezekiel would have approved."
M-J makes a disgusted face at him.
M-J: "Ugh! Peter, that's not funny! Anyway, I think you're overlooking the obvious choice. Why not Ben?"
Peter shakes his head, looking a little worried.
P(thinking): <If there's anything I learned from Ezekiel, it's that we always have a choice. And what would it mean for my future if I name our son after my uncle? After what I saw when I time-slipped with Doc Strange, I can't take the chance.>
P: "That's a nice sentiment, but no. I decided a long time ago that there could never be another Ben in the family. It- it wouldn't be right."
M-J looks at him, frustrated.
MJ: "Well then, what should we call him?"
He thinks for a moment, then smiles.
P: "How about- Hunter? It's simple, not too common, and it kind of fits him. What do you think?"
M-J: "Hmm... I like it. Alright, then. Hunter it is!"
They both smile at each other as the baby closes his eyes and
falls asleep again.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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Red-Back #2 "The Cookie Thief's First Heist"

Open on Midtown Manhattan, early evening. Peter is taking his four-year-old sone out for a "swing" around the city. The boy clings to dad's back and squeals happily, laughing and holding up his first pair of hands in the air.
Peter(stern): What did Daddy say, Hunter? Hold on with ALL hands, remember?"
Hunter pouts: "Sorry, Daddy. Forgot. Do I really haf'ta?"
Peter: "Yes. I don't want you falling off back there!"
Hunter gigles. "CAN"T fall, silly! I STICK! Just like you, Daddy!"
Peter's "spider-sense" starts blaring a warning just as a small rocket whizzes past and explodes just ahead. Both are startled and knocked back by the blast; Peter throws out a new line and land on a nearby rooftop.
Peter(angry): "Can't a guy even take his kid out without getting shot at anymore? Stay here son- Daddy's going to find the IDIOT with the rocket-launcher and hive him a lesson in 'firearm safety'!"
He sets Hunter down and dives off the roof. "Don't move til I come back for you!" He swings off toward the rocket's origin. <When I find the @&#036;&#036;hole responsible for that blast, i'm going to shove that thing down his throat sideways and fire it off!! But why was my spidey-sense going so crazy on the roof when the rocket came from THIS direction?>
Nearby, on another rooftop.... (Man's Voice through a headset): "Wait until Parker is fully engaged with the decoy team before you fire the trank darts. I want him captured QUICKLY, Bullseye!"
A figure on the roof answers. Bullseye: "No problem. I still don't see why I can't just kill the little freak, though. What's the big deal, Mr. Fisk?"
Voice: "Perhaps, in due time. But I have much better plans in mind for our wall-crawling friend.(chuckles) And what better revenge than to turn his own son to our side?"
The man on the roof watches a gunfight on the street below. Peter is dodging bullet from five men "robbing" a bank. He waits until Peter is occupied with shots from the ground, then fires two shots without looking.
Fx: Pft, Pft. Bullseye: "Got him."
Meanwhile, on the street- Peter ducks several shots; he feels a sudden sting as two dart hit him in the back.
P: "Aggh! Wha...?" He falls and collapses on the ground, knocked out.
Above, on a different rooftop, several minutes later- Bullseye steps out of the exit door behind Hunter. The boy turns and sees him, then screams "Daddy!" and tries to scramble away in fear.
Bullseye raises his gun and shoots. A dart hits Hunter inthe neck and he falls over, unconcious. B: "Both targets down. Mission accomplished, Kingpin."
Answer fronm headset:"Excellent."

Later- A penthouse office, nearly midnight. Peter wakes up on thefloor of a large cage without his mask, and with a pair of large bulky cuffs over his wrists, keeping him from using his webs.
P<What happened? Where am I?... Uh,oh. I KNOW this place- the Kingpin's office! I'm in BIG trouble!> Peter tries to stand, still groggy. He hears a voice from behind, and whirls to see the huge figure of Fisk standing in the doorway.
Fisk: "Good evening, Mr. Parker. Please forgive the crude accomodations, but I assure you that this is only a temporary arrangement!"
Peter(angry): "Yeah, I'll just BET it is What do you want with me, and WHERE IS MY SON?!!" He glares at him with gritted teeth and clenched fists.
Fisk, walks calmly to his desk, smiling slightly. "Calm yourself, young man. He is quite safe for the moment. Incidently, my business is not with YOU, but with your son. You see, Mr. Parker, I have need of someone with his- or rather YOUr- unusual talents. I suppose you are wondering why I would choose to conduct my business with a mere child, but the answer is really very simple- a child can be easily controlled, while YOU, I'm afraid, cannot. I know full well that you would double-cross me at the first opportunity. The boy, however, does not even know HOW."
Peter (still glaring) "So why not just hire a professional? Why go to the trouble of kiddnapping? You know I'll never let you get away with this! You mess with my FAMILY, and you have to deal with ME! And one more thing, Fisk- you didn't really think these puny bars would HOLD me, did you?!"
He grabs hold of the bars to try to bend them; a loud zzztt is heard as he is hit by a powerful jolt of electricity and thrown back.
P: "Aagghhh!" He tries to get up, wobbling from the shock. <That was almost as bad as getting zapped by Electo! It figures he would have this thing electrified. Why do I feel like I'm in a giant bug-zapper?>
Kingpin chuckles evilly. "Those 'puny bars' are pure vibranium, and supplied with ten-thousand volt for good measure. Get out of THAT, if you can, Spider-Man! Ha,ha,ha,ha!"
He taps a button on an intercom. "Bullseye, please bring the boy in." He turns back to Peter. "And in answer to your question, it would be more simple to hire a professional to tdo the job I have in mind, but it will be so much more satisfying to see YOUR OWN SON turned into a criminal- and at such a tender age, too! Better still, this gives me the chance to exact some long-overdue revenge. DO enjoy your next few minutes with the boy- they will be your LAST!!"
Bullseye enters with Hunter in heavy ropes. and led by two suited thugs. Hunter is struggling and crying. He sees dad in the cage and shouts "Daddy!"
P: "Hunter!... Let him go, Kingpin. It's ME you really want. Leave my family out of this." He takes a step toward the bars, then stops, remembering the cage is electrified. He glares at them, shaking with rage.
Fisk gloats, picking a cookie off of a plate on his desk, and dunks it in a glass of scotch. "Ah, yes. Your FAMILY. I had almost forgotten your lovely wife and that adorable little daughter. What was her name again? Terra, isn't it?"
Peter is suddenly enraged, almost beyond reason. "Don't you DARE touch them, Kingpin, or so help me, I'LL KILL YOU!!"
Fisk(calmly, turns to Hunter.): "Tks- such behavior in front of the child! Now Hunter, my name is Wilson, and I am an old acquaintence of your father. Would you like a cookie, my boy? Double chocolate chip, I believe." He unties Hunter. " But first, there is something I would like for you to get for me. There are several very large, sparkley peices of jewelry I would like you to retrieve. Can you do that? I will give you anything you like if you will bring me the gems. What do you say?"
Peter(agitated and angry): " Don't DO it, son! He's LYING! Don't listen to ANYTHING he says!"
Hunter looks from one to the other, confused and scared. Suddenly he turns to Fisk, defiant. He stamps his foot and yells. "NO! Not gonna! You bad men- Daddy told me not to take nuffin from stranger. Wanna go HOME!!"
Fisk looms over Hunter, shaking a fist at him, impatiently.: "You may leave AFTER I have those gems. Ad if you don't, you will NEVER see your father again!" He turns back to Peter. "I will leave you two 'spiders' alone for five minutes to consider your fates. Mr. Parker, I suggest you take the time to convince the child to do as I have ordered. Otherwise, i shall have you BOTH exterminated." He leaves with the two goons, and Bullseye, who is smirking as he waves at Peter before he closes the door.
Just as it closes, Peter suddenly throws himself at the bars again in furious desperation. "Fisk!! You b@&#036;t@rd!" He slams into the cage door and gets zapped again. The door rattles slightly.
Hunter runs over to help him up, but Peter holds up one hand, shaking his head. "Stay back son. I'm okay, just a little fried. Hunter, I need you to listen carefully. Do you remember what I told you about taking things that belong to others?"
Hunter nods hesitantly. "Uh-huh. That's stealing. You said it's bad, and I'd get in big trouble. I don't like the big fat man- he's MEAN!"
Peter: That's right, kiddo. Stealing is bad. But Daddy's got a plan to get us out of this mess. I know I told you not to do it, but just this once, I want you to do whatever the big mean guy tells you to. I want you to steal those jewels for him, and do everything he says, but I want you to mess up. Drop things, set off alarms, make noise, break something. Do whatever you have to do to get caught- but make it LOOK like an accident. You're smart, big guy, and I know you can do this. Find ways to make mistakes so the police come find you. Can you do that for me?"
Hunter looks confused. This is more than his young mind can handel, it seems. "Okay, but why you want me to get caught? Won't they take me to jail? And what about YOU? The bad man said he would HURT you!"
Peter shakes his head, trying to reassure him. "Don't worry about me, Hunter. I'll find a way out of here. I just have to wait until they leave. But as long as we're alone, go check in that desk and see if you can find Daddy's mask, and maybe the key to these cuffs." (He checks his suit) Ugh, and my belt, too, if it's there." <I just hope I can get out of this thing...>
Hunter brightens. "Okay, Daddy.!"
The boy goes over to the desk, while Peter is checking the cage for weak points. Hunter opens a drawer and...
He sees the mask, belt, and a key!
Peter notices the hinges on the door. He suddenly grins, elated. <Eureka! These BARS may be vibranium, but those screws and hinges are ordinary steel! Pete, you're a genious. Shouldn't take more than a couple of good kicks to break em loose- just have to wait until those goons leave.>
Hunter looks around, grabs the stuff, and hides it in his pockets. He also grabs three cookies off the plate, checking to see if he's being watched, and stuffs them in, too.
He goes back over to the cage and hands the belt and key to Peter, who hides them just as Fisk and Bullseye reenter.
Fisk looks at them impatiently. "Well, What is your answer?"
Peter gives him a sarcastic sneer. "How about a good, hard kick in the..."
Fisk, whirls on him, snarling. "I was SPEAKING to the child, IF you don't mind!" Peter thumbs his nose at him, but Fisk ignores him.
Hunter looks at dad, who gives a thumbs up. He nods. "Okay, but you gotta let us go HOME after!" He folds all six arms and looks up at Kingpin with an air of authority, as though he has the final say.
Fisk suddenly becomes civil again, thinking he has won. "Yes, of Course, dear boy. I am a man of my word, I assure you. I shall send you both back to your family once the job is complete."
Hunter nods, not realizing that fisk is lying; "R'member, you promised."

Later, inside an air duct in the Manhattan Museum of Natural History- a segmented, multiple-image view of the vent cover, with a display room beyond. A voice comes over a comm unit.
Voice: " Now, open the vent just ahead, and it should lead into the room where the China Star and its two sister stones are being kept. Do you remember what you are looking for?"
Hunter answers, sounding bored. "Uh-huh. Big blue with a pretty star in it in a necklace, and two littler ones in earings. This is EASY!"
He opens the vent and looks down into the room. Several display cases full of gems are scattered arountd the room, with one large case by the far wall. Security cameras are mounted on the walls at every corner, and above the doors into the room, with motion sensors, on each. Hunter crawls on the ceiling to the nearest camera, and disconnects the wires, then goes to the one over the doors, and at the other end of the wall. He crawls back around until he's over the case with the stones in it. He shoots a web strand onto the ceiling and climbs down it.
Hunter whispers into the comm. "Kay. Now what?"
Voice(Bullseye): "There should be a wire to the case that connects to the alarm.. Look for a thin metal wire that goes to each corner, then follow it into thewall, and cut it there to keep the alarm from going off, DON'T touch the case until you cut it!"
Hunter hesitates. "Uh. okay."

Meanwhile, back in the Kingpin's office....
Fisk: "This is going even better than I had anticipated!"
He looks at the plate of cookies and pauses. "Well... It would seem our little burgler is even more of a natural thief than I might have thought. It appears he had 'liberated' some cookie from my desk. Perhaps I'll keep him around for a while..."
He pauses as he notices the partly open drawer. He yanks it open and sees that it's empty. "That larcenous little BRAT!" He turns on Peter, still in the cage. "YOU!! No doubt you put him up to it, no matter- soon you will both be nothing more than a brief entry in a newspaper obituary. Perhaps even a small editorial in the Bugle, out of respect for the man who spent so many years taking those amazing photos!" He laughs evilly.
Peter gives him a suspicious look. "That's funny, I swore I heard you tell my son we could leave once you had what you wanted. So much for being a man of your word!"
Fisk gloats. "Did you actually think I would let either of you off so easily? I said I would send you both home, and so I shall- in PIECES!" He sneers and laughs.
Peter stares at him, angry, but not surprised. <That's what YOU think, kingpin. As soon as I'm alone, I'm outta here! I just hope Hunter knows what to do; but he's a smart kid- I'm sure he'll find a way!>

The museum- Hunter cuts a wire (snip!). "Got it."
Bullseye: "Now pick the locks on both sides of the case, and open it. Pull the jewels out CAREFULLY, without touching anything else. There may still be other alarms on the case. Then put everything else back the way it was."
Hunter looks at the lockpick and suddenly grins mischievously. He whispers into the comm. "This is tooo easy. I play video games harder thatn this!" He opens the case with a sofk click, and picks up the jewels. He puts them in a bag on his belt, but "drops" the lockpick in the case as he sloses it. <Oops! Hee, hee!> He climbs back up the web-line onto the ceiling.
Hunter: "All done. wanna go HOME now!"
Bullseye;" One last thing- you have to reconnect all the cameras before you leave. Remember- put them exactly how you found them!"
Hunter: "Whatever. I just wanna go..."

Back in Fisk's office- Peter is finally alone. <Good. I thought they'd NEVER leave! Oboy- this is really gonna hurt... Well, Petey old boy, it's now or never!> He bends over into a handstand and mule-kicks the door.
Zzaaappp! The hinges rattle an crack, while he's shaking on the floor, trying to recover from the shock. <Aggh! I think my HAIr is smoking! Come on, just one more...>
He sets up for one last kick, and....
Whamm! The door flys off!

Across town- hunter is hooking up the wires on the last camera. He pauses, for a moment. <Hee, hee! Daddy SAID to make some NOISE!> He puts the wires in backward, and...
Rrrriiinnggg!!!!! The alarm goes off!
Hunter, stares, his eyes wide as bars slam down over the doors and windows. "Uh-oh!" He dashes toward the vent, but drops the bags and jumps down to get it.
Bullseye: "What in blazes is going on? Incometant brat! Hurry up and get out of there with those gems!"
Hunter, backs into a corner with the bacg, and covers his ears, huddling from the noise as he feigns fear. "I'm scared! Daddy!!" He pretends to cry.
Bullseye: "Stupid kid- I knew this was a bad idea. Get OUT of there!" Hunter just cries louder.

Five minutes later- the sound of sirens is coming from outside as two police officers enter. One is in plain clothes. They hear soft sobbing coming from a far corner of the room, and shine their flashlights to look.
cop 1: "Hey, Leiutenant, you hear that?"
cop 2: "Yeah."
They see Hunter curled up clutching the bag. He looks up at them with tears in his eyes, and holds up the bag. He wipes his face with one hand.
Hunter: "s-sorry. Am I in trouble?"
The cops are stunned.
#1: "What the...?"
#2: "A KID?!"
Suddenly, Hunter gets up, pulls off the headset, and throws it on the ground, stomping on it. He looks up and grins. "Okay. Bad men can't hear now. Can you help me find my Daddy? Mommy will be MAD, cause it's past my bedtime!"
Cop 1: "Lamont, do you SEE that? The kid's a mutant!"
Hunter gets indignant. "Am NOT. Daddy says I'm just different cause I got his chro- chromo- somethin's." He pouts. "Anyway, some of his best freinds are mutants, so THERE!"
Lamont(plain clothes): ""Hmm. Hi, kid. What's your mname? Your daddy doesn't happen to wear a red-and-blue outfit and swing around on a web alot, does he?"
Hunter nods, and Lamont smiles.
Cop 1: "So this is HIS kid? I'td heard he had one, but didn't know he was a mutie!"
Lamotnt waves him quiet. "It's okay son. But what are you doing here? Where's Peter?"
Hunter looks worried. " My name's Hunter. The bad man has him, and he MADE me take those big stones."
Lamont: "do you know where? Who is the bad man?" He crouches down to look Hunter in the eyes, and offers his hand.
The boy shakes his head. "Uh-uh. i don't know where. But the bad man said his name was Wilson, and Daddy called him Kingpin. Please, help us!" He starts to cry again, for real.

Across town- above the city- Peter swings on a web-line, past Times Square. <Hope I can find him before those creeps get their hand on him again. Once Kingpin realizes I'm gone, he won't hesitate to have Hunter taken out. Why do these things always happen to MY family? I'd better check and see if he remembered what I told him. Maybe the police already have him safe.>

he swings down twoard the streets and sees a police car below. He lands on top of it, and leans over to look in the window.
Peter: "Hi officers. Nice night, isn't it?"
Cop 1: "Get off our car!"
Peter,: "and I love you, too, sunshine. Say, you guys haven't heard anything about a jewel heist anywhere tonight, have you? One with- say- a little guy with about as many arms as Otto Octavius?"
Cop 2: "Now that you mention it, there was something on the scanner a few minutes ago about an alarm at the Natural History Museum. i think they had some kind of famous gems on display over there. You expecting trouble from a power?"
P: "No, not really. In fact, I think you may have jsut saved me a lot of searching, Thanks! I owe ya!" He leaps up and swings off.
Cop 1: "That guy's a nut."

Several minutes later, outside the museum- Lamont is leading Hunter out, when they hear a voice from above.
"Well, if it isn't my favorite Liutenant! Hello, Lamont; I see you found my son." Peter drops down and walks over to shake his hand.
Hunter runs over to him and leaps into his arms. "Daddy!!"
Peter: "Whoa! Hiya, kiddo! See, I told you it would be alright. Nobody gets the best of your dad!"
Lamont grins. "Hello Pete. I had a feeling this little guy belonged to you. but he said some bad guys had you- something to do with Kingpin. What's going on?"
Peter shrugs. "Just a run of the mill kidnapping, assault, and hostage sort of thing. Bothing a coulpe of spider-guys like US couldn't handle; right, son?"
Hunter nods. "Uh- huh!"
Peter(mock stern): "By the way, kiddo- did you take some of those cookies?"
Hunter looks down guiltily. "Sorry. But he SAID I could!"
Lamont just stares, confused. "Cookies? What's that all about?"
Peter turns thoughtful. "Hmm. You know, that gives me an idea. did you already eat the cookies, Hunter?"
The boy shakes his head,and pats his pocket, grinning. "Uh-uh. Savin' them for later!"
Peter chuckles, and turns to Lamont mischeivously. ""Say, how fast can you get a warrant to search fisk's office? I'm in the mood for some double chocolate chip cookies!"
Lamont laughs, suddenly getting the point. "Ha! Consider it done, Pete!"

The End.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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Red-Back: Son of the Spider #3 "The New Kid"

Open- PS 108(Midtown High), 10 AM.
Peter is drawing on a chalkboard while his class takes notes.
Peter: "Biology is a dance. a dance of cell-division, the flow of blood, the life-and-death dance of predator and prey..."
A girl raises her hand. "You mean like when you fight that Octopus guy? Or Shocker, or Scorpion?"
Pete stops abruptly, and turns, startled. "Er- yes, I suppose you could say that. As a matter of fact, that's a good analogy Jenny. Not that I like to talk much about that part of my life, but since it came up- does anyone know how that all started?" He waits a moment for someone to answer.
A boy with glasses raises his hand hesitantly.
Student: "Uh.. I read a book by that Urich guy who writes for the Bugle, and it said it was cuase of some radioactive spider when you were our age. He says it was a freak accident." Several students nod agreement.
Peter pauses thoughtfully.
Peter: "Hmm.. Well, Mr. Urich was only half right. The spider was irradiated, but what happened was not precisely an accident. For those of you who believe in a higher power, I can tell you that there was an outside force operating that day. The precise placement of all the variables- me, the experiment, and even the species of that particular arachnid- all had to fall into place in a specific way for that 'accident' to occur at all. But that's quantum physics, and we were talking about biology. Fate of physics may have dictated the chain of events, but the miracle of DNA is what made those events possible. Genetic mutation is the source of all evolution; all the wonderous diversity of life in the universe. a spider's anatomy is vastly different from a human's; yet both work to perform the same functions in similar ways. Also, there are certain DNA sequences that all living things share- and THAT, kids, is how a simple spider was able to grant its amazing abilities to a skinny, under-developed high-school nerd, to transform him into a man capable of jumping five stories straight up, or bench-pressing a two-ton truck!"
The bell rings. Peter glances at his watch. "Okay, everyone- tonight I want you to read the chapter on mitosis, and write a short paragraph on how chromosome division can result in mutations. See you tomorrow."

5 minutes later. A man stands in the doorway, after all the students have left. He enters the classroom.
Man: " That was a pretty good lecture. I must say, I'm impressed by the way you manage to get them involved."
Peter doesn't look up. He is gathering up papers from his desk. He has a sour expression.
P(coolly): "Hi Tony. You heard all that?"
Tony(unfazed): "I was 'hanging' on every word. But seriously, how's the family?"
Pete: "Driving me nuts. M-J says Hunter's constantly bugging her to let him help with the chores, even though he's only four; he's been learning to read on his Leapfrog, too- and trying to read EVERYTHING in the house! On top of that, Terra's going through the 'no' stage. It's getting impossible to get her to do anything."
Tony(shakes his head, smiling.): "Sounds hectic. Exactly the reason I never married or had kids.
Peter suddenly turns to him, annoyed. He puts down the papers and folds his arms across his chest.
P(suspiciously): "Okay, I've put it off long enough. What do you want, Tony? We've hardly spoken since I broke with you over the Act, and now suddenly you want to be all buddy-buddy again? I'm not buying. So why the visit?"
Tnoy(looks serious): "I thought maybe we could bury the hatchet once and for all. How long are you going to hold that grudge, anyway? what do you say- friends? I could make it up to you- say, over a little vacation? How does London sound? School's out in a month; bring the family. How about it?"
Peter looks doubtful. He still feels a little betrayed after all this time.
P: "Well... I'll think about it. But that doesn't mean we're back to peas-and-carrots again."

Later that afternoon- Forest hills, Queens:

Peter(coming in): " honey! Guess what- we're going on vacation! Or maybe i should say 'holiday'."

Hunter/Terra(in unison): "Daddy!"

They both rush toward him, grabbing his legs trying to hug him. He grabs both and picks them up, squeezing.

Peter: "Hiya, kids. Where's your mother?"

M-J(from kitchen, exasperated): "In here.Those two have been a nightmare all day I can't get Terra to do ANYTHING without a struggle, and HE'S been bouncing off the walls- literally!"

Peter(stern- to both): "Kids, what did I say about not minding your mother while i'm at work?"

Hunter(guilty, with eyes downcast): "We have to sit in 'time out chairs'. Pleeeaasse don't make us! Promise we'll be GOOOOD!!"

Peter: "Hmm. Well.... If you're VERY good for the rest of the night, I'll go easy on you THIS time."

Both: "Okay."

M-J comes into the room holding a spatula.

M-J: "You're so good with those two; how is it you can just walk in and they're suddenly a pair of angels, but I can't even get them to pick up their toys?"

Peter(shrugging): "Dunno. Maybe it's cause they know they can't get away from me just by running up the walls."

She smiles as she leans over to kiss his cheek.

M-J: "Hmm. Almost makes me wish I could do it, too. ALMost." So how was your day, Tiger?"

Peter(smug- puts the kids down.): "Great, as usual! And I had a visit from Tony Stark. He's invited us to London for a week once school's out next month. I told him I'd talk to you first. So, what do you say?"

M-J(impishly): "Like you said, Tiger- if you're VERY good for the rest of the night...!"

Next day, 12:30 PM

A street outside a bank downtown. Peter dodges a swipe from a large green "tail" with a razor-sharp "stinger" on the end, and launches a counter-punch in mid-leap.

Peter(annoyed): "I can't BELIEVE I had to miss my lunch break for THIS! Scorpion, can't ANY of you guys ever just stay in jail like you're supposed to?"

Gargan: "%&#&#036; you!" He shoots an acid ball from his tail.

Peter: "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" He ducks the acid and comes back with a spin kick at Gargan's chest. Both trade punches, etc, until Scorpion is slammed into a car and dazed. Peter siezes the advantage and dumps two whole cartriges on him, then throws a quick one-two punch to knock him out.

Peter(cheerful, but slightly winded): "Well! Guess that's one bug problem solved. Whew- I'd better get back to the school before the lunch break ends! If I'm lucky, I MIGHT even get to EAT!"

He snaps a quick photo on his phone, and swings off as police cars pull up, sirens blaring.

Later- Daily Bugle. Chief Editor's office.
Jameson is standing behind his desk, with his usual cigar(yes, he started up again) with a sour expression, yelling- also as usual.
J.J: "These are CRAP! I can't use any of THESE- they're all out of focus from all the bouncing around you were doing! if you're going to be constantly tearing up the city with those lunatic buddies of yours, the least you can do is get a few DECENT photos of the action! Now stop wasting my time!!"
Pete hods several blurry photos, looking disgusted. He finally tosses them on the desk, annoyed.
Peter: "SORRY, J.J., but I was a LITTLE preoccupied at the time. Do you even have any idea how hard it is to take a good picture in themiddle of a fight? Even on the best day, I'm lucky if I get three or four decent shots. Tell you what... why don't we let YOU go head-to-head with Gargan, and see what kind of shot YOU get!"
J.J.:(surprised for amoment, but still blustering): "Have you got anything else?! If not, Parker, you can take that camera an shove it up your creepy little..."
The door opens suddenly, and he stops abruptly to see who is interrupting. It is Robbie, coming in looking excited. J.J. waves him away.
J.J: "Later, Robbie, I'm busy!"
Robbie:" Too busy to hear the latest news? There's some kind of major mob war going on all over the city! The judge handed down the verdict on that jewel-hiest trial of the Kingpin about an hour ago, and now half the heavy-hitters in town are making a bid to take over all his power bases- and trying to take each other out at the same time! The cops have their hands full trying to deal with keeping Fisk from getting sprung or shot at, not to mention his top men. I heard Daredevil, Black Cat, Puma, and even the FF are all out there trying to put a lid on this before anyone gets hurt, but they couls use some help. What do you think, Jonah? is that big enough news for you?"
Both turn and stare at Peter. Jameson's cigar drops onto his desk, still burning. Peter is caught off-guard for a moment.
Peter: "What?" <Well, great. I was afraid this might happen. After Hunter's little adventure in the Natural History Museum as Fisk's 'gopher', it was only a matter of time before the underworld would erupt like this. I guess that makes this fiasco MY responsibility- since it WAS my son who did the actual theft, even if Fisk bullied him into it. Threatening a four-year-old... is there ANYTHING that man won't do?>
Fnally, J.J. gets impatient. He yells.
J.J.: "Well?! What are you waiting for? Get your skinny butt out there as go make yourself useful for a change! And since you're going out there anyway, could you at least TRY to get me some photos I can actually USE?!"
Robbie stifles a snicker. Peter pulls out another pic- of Scorpoin unconcious and webbed to the side of a Volkswagon Beetle.
Peter(grins): "Aww, see, J.J., you DO apreciate me! Here, 'Chuckles', I was saving the best for last!"
He turns to Robbie and whispers in an aside-
Peter: "First he sues me, then he hires me back again like nothing ever happened? What's up with THAT? He used to HATE my alter-eog's guts, but l;ately he's been almost... supportive!"
Robbie shakes his head, smirking.
R: "I think he's finally starting to realize your 'other side' isn't the big bad monster Jonah always took him for. Maybe seeing the face behind the mask shwed him that you're just one of the good guys after all. Besides, I think he's got a soft spot for you he won't admit to- sort of a 'father-figure' thing."
Meanwhile, Jonah picks up the photo off his desk. He looks at it, and scowls.
J.J.: "You've been holding out on me , Parker! Now go kick some mob butts!"
Peter waves to both as he leaves, grinning.
P: "Later, guys- looks like I've got my work cut out for me today. Wish me luck!" <Jonah goes all "Big Brother"-ly on me? THAT"S a new one! Oh, well, enough of this mushiness. I've got a job to do!>
Robbie gives him a thumbs-up: "Go get 'em, pal!"
J.J. just gives him a sour look, as his cigar finally goes out on the desk.

Six weeks later...

JFK International Airport, 6:53 PM. M-J is holding Terra in her arms; she spins around happily, making Terra squeal.

M-J: "Ahh! Home at last! The vacation was fun, but it's nice to be home again!"

Hunter is sitting on his dad's shoulders. "I wanna go on the plane again! Can we-pleeease?!" He looks down at Peter hopefully, bending over to give his best "puppy-dog" expression- up-side-down.

Peter reaches up and musses the boy's hair, grinning. "Maybe another time, kiddo. Let's just get home for now, okay?"

Hunter(disappointed): "Aww, okay. Can we get hot dogs, mommy?"

Terra: "Hodog!"

M-J(sighs): <Well, so much for the vacation...> "Sure- why not! It'll be great to have normal food again after two weeks!"

8:00 PM Queens.

The family starts to get out of the car, as M-J heads for the house with the keys. All turn to see an expensive car pull up and park. The driver is an attractive older blonde woman in a low-cut white dress. She gets out, and a tall, much older bald man gets out beside her.

Peter(frowing): <Xavier? And Emma Frost- what's SHE doing here?>

Xavier greets them all warmly. "Hello Peter, Mrs. Parker. I hope I haven't come at a bad time, but I wanted to discuss some things with you both concerning our telephone conversation a few weeks ago. I thought it best to come see you in person."

M-J moves to help Terra out of the car, holding her hand. She looks worried.

M-J: "I- Is something wrong, Professor?"

Xavier(sincerely): "No, of course not, Mrs. Parker. However, I wanted to meet the boy before putting him in an unfamiliar environment with a lot of strangers." He sees hunter getting out of the car, and smiles. "And this young gentleman must be Hunter. How are you today, young man?"

Hunter looks from his parents to Xavier uncertainly. He balks at approaching him, stubborn and suspicious.

Hunter: "Nuh-uh! I don't talk to strangers! Cause the LAST one tried to HURT me and Daddy!" He moves behind Peter, trying to hide behind his legs.

Xavier chuckles and holds out his hand. <Don't be afraid, Hunter. I'm an old friend of your parents; my name is Charles Xavier, and I run a very special school for children just like you. You don't remember, but you've been there before. how would you like to go to my school to learn?>

Hunter's eyes go wide. He clings to Peter's leg while his Father is trying to adjust several bags in his hands. "Daddy, he talked in my head!!"

Peter finally gets the bags situated. He laughs, reaching out to shake hands with the Professor. "It's okay, son. He's one of the good guys- like ME! good to see you, sir. It's been a while. So how are the latest class of students coming along?"

Xavier is still watching hunter, amused by the boy's reaction. Emma hangs back, eyeing the young boy with a slight hint of distaste. She notices Terra staring at her, and smiles warmly at the little girl. They all start up the steps toward the house, with M-J in front to open the door.

Xavier: "As well as can be expected, I suppose. Of course, none of the students will be quite as young as your son, but I'm certain we can make accomodations for his age." He turns back to Hunter. "So, Hunter, would you like to go to my school and meet other children like yourself? Your father has told me how much you enjoy reading; we have many books I'm sure you would like. What do you think?"

Now the precocious boy looks up at him, excited. "Really? Can I? I know all 'bout school- it's where you go to get smart, and have lots of friends! I wanna be SMART like YOU, Daddy! Pleeaase!!!"

Peter grins and musses Hunter's hair as he carries the bags in. "Sure, kiddo. That's what Xavier is here for." <It's going to be hadr to send him off on his own like this, but what else can we do? No regular school would ever let him in, regardless of who his parents are. Least I know Charles will take good care of him while he's away.>

Hunter jumps up and down, excited. His budding powers are already showing- his bouncing is nearly over Peter's head. "Yea! Yea! I get to go to school!"

Xavier chuckles, and offers Hunter his hand, trying to calm the boy. Emma seems a bit unnerved by his display of power at such an early age. She edges away from him. Hunter shyly takes Xavier's hand, and smiles, while Peter and M-J look on.

Xavier: "Yes, and I'm certain you will like it there. (to Peter) So, Peter, shall we expect him in August? We can enroll him now, if you like. And if money is a problem, there are grants and programs to help. I'm certain we can work something out. "

M-J(sighing): "It seems like they're growing so fast, doesn't it? Terra will be joining him in just a couple of years, and THEN waht? The house will be so quiet."

She helps Terra inside, while Peter hoists Hunter on his back and hauls in the rest of the luggage. "Well, lets get this monkey and all our bags inside, and we'll discuss the details."

Hunter(giggling): "Not a monkey, Daddy! 'M a SPIDER!!" He leans over again, wiggling all his fingers over Peter's head menacingly as they go in.

August 20, 8:00 AM- Xavier Institute.

Outside a mansion in upstate New York- Peter, M-J, and the two children are on the front steps. Hunter is crying, hanging onto M-J. mommy, Daddy, don't LEAVE! Don't wanna be by myself! Stay with me, pleeease!"

He tugs on his mother's skirt; Peter kneels down to hug him. Hunter turns and throws his arms around Peter. Terra pats her brother on the shoulder, also sobbing.

Terra: "T's okay, brutter, you can still see us on weekends- Mommy said so!"

Peter(reassuring): "That's right, big guy. We'll come visit you every chance we get, okay? but you have to promise me you'll behave for your teachers, Hunter. Some of them are good friends, so I'll find out if you don't. Got that?"

Hunter wipes the tears away, and nods.

H: "Uh-huh. Okay, Daddy. I promise I'll be good. Love you!"

M-J picks him up and hugs him. "We love you too, sweetie. Now, hurry up and go to your first class, kiddo. You don't want to be late on your first day of school, do you?"

He looks nervous, but excited. "Uh-uh. Bye, Mommy, bye Daddy!"

He waves as he turns to go inside. Terra waves back as Peter and M-J call to him.

Peter: "Good luck!"

M-J: "Have fun!"

Inside- a large foyer with stairs leading to two opposite wings. Hunter looks around, confused and lost. A tall, dark-skinned woman with long white hair approaches, wearing a long, flowing dress with an exotic print. She is smiling at him, with one hand out in a friendly gesture.

Woman: "Good morning, child. You must be the new student the Professor mentioned. Can I help you find your way?"

H: "Are you a teacher? I don't where I'm s'posed to go. Where is Mr. McCoy's class?"

Woman. "My name is Ms. Munroe. I teach social studies and geography. what is your name, child?"

Hunter looks up at her shyly, fidgeting nervously. "I'm Hunter. You're pretty- are you a mutant like me?Daddy said this was a mutant school."

She laughs. "Yes, I am, and he is right. This school is for people just like you and me. Come, I will show you to your classroom."

She takes his hand and leads him to a room off the main entrance, where a large, blue-furred creature is taking a roll-call of names. She ushers Hunter into the room. He looks around nervously at all the other students- children with green or red skin, horns, spikes, glowing eyes, or other strange traits. All of them are at least five years older than him.

Storm(to the "ape-man"): "Good morning, Dr. McCoy. I have a new student for you. He is young, but very bright. I believe he will do well."

The strange "beast" looks Hunter over closely, taking off his glasses. He suddenly smiles.

McCoy: "Ah! Yes, of course- you must the the Parkers' boy. Hunter, isn't it? You don't remember me, but we've met before. Welcome! find an empty seat and we'll begin." (To Storm): "Thank you, Storm; if he is anything like his father, I'm sure he will be an excellent student."

Hunter moves to a chair near the front of the room and sits with his backpack on the desk, and starts to pull out his supplies. He looks around at the other kids nervously, fidgeting with organizing his crayons and pencils. Storm smiles and waves to him as she leaves; he sees her and perks up, waving back with three of his hands.

McCoy: "Alright, class, we have a new student. His name is Hunter Parker, and I would like you all to make him feel welcome- even though he is a bit younger than the rest of you. Everyone say 'hello'. Hunter, would you like to thell the class a little about yourself?"

He stands, looking around shyly. "Umm... I'm five, an' I have a sister named Terra- she's three. My Mommy is in a lot of movies and stuff, and my Daddy is... uh, Spider-Man. We live in Queens."

Kids(all): "Hi, Hunter."

McCoy beams. "Very good. Now, let's begin today's lesson. Everyone get out a pencil and paper..."
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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Heh. I've been here before. Just not very often. And it HAS been a while. I spend so much time at Marvel I sometimes forget this place is even here, lol! Anywho, I posted these here at Feral's suggestion. I've got a bunch of fantasy ones to bring in, too.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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these are pretty good msduckie. glad to have you back here. yea, feral has a cult following here (see the tavern newsletter). she's almost as revered as chuck norris (and we know he has god like status these days). :lollol:

btw if you need your own section here for your stories (like feral's), we can arrange it for you.

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Norris fears me. <Snort>

Glad to see your work here Ducks. I think you`ll be pleased to have a varied and more mature appreciative base of readers. Don`t forget Mick`s sister site too. The gang at the Repos would love to read your works!

Her fantasy tale is superb guys, as is Red-Back. You all are in for a treat!

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Thanks. I'm currently doing #4 (which will also be posted on Marvel soon) and as soon as that one is up I will post some more. It's one of the few issues that never made it onto the Marvel pages, since it wasn't complete at the time. I'm going to try to keep them all in order here, though, so you can actually see this as it was meant to be read.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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Well, I got the fantasy one up, so go check it out! If you like fantasy with off-beat characters and lots of action and intrigue, it's definitely for you.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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Might have the next couple of issues up tomorrow, so stay tuned!
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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:thbsup: I can't wait...

I hope you come here more often........

(wink)-(wink) forget that Marvel boards big of a headache, uh?


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Red-Back #4: "Armed and Danger-ous"

Open: Xavier Institute- and outdoor basketball court. Several young children are playing a game A young teen-aged boy with suction-fingered hands and green, hairless skin jumps up to catch the ball, snares it with a long, sticky tongue, and leaps away toward the goal. A younger boy of about twelve, with six arms, and black, bug-like eyes springs after him, and shoots out a line of thin, rope-like strand of web. It hits the ball as the other boy tries to shoot a basket, pulling it up short. He yanks it to him, vaults across the court, and scores.
1st boy: "Hey! Foul! That's cheating, Ref!"
2nd boy(Hunter): "No way! It was a fair move- if Jason can use his TONGUE, then I can use a WEB!"
Enter a short, hairy man with bulging muscles and a srly expression in a white "wife-beater" shirt.
Ref(Logan): "Cool it, kids. Sorry, Jas, but Parker's right. The rules of mutant-ball say no offensive powers, but webbing the ball to himself is a legit move. The score stands."
Jason(annoyed): "Aww, man! That SUCKS!"
A whistle is blown by a pretty blonde girl about Hunter's age. "Time! That's game, everyone! Score: Team Lockheed- 92, Team Corsairs- 96. Corsairs win!"
Hunter jumps up and down. "Yeah! We ROCK!"
Jason: "This is sooo not cool..." He walks away angrily, glaring at Hunter's back.

Next day- 8:05 AM. Dining room.
A man in "preppy" clothes and a pair of red glasses enters and calls for attention. All the students turn to look, pausing over breakfast.
Man(Scott): "Alright everyone- listen up. Today is the day I'm sure you've all been waiting for. For those of you fifteen and older, today is your first day of training in the Danger Room. Everyone else will have field training on the obstacle course on the West lawn. I will be supervising the Danger Room trainees; Storm, you have the underclassmen. All students meet in the foyer in one hour. Finish breakfast and get ready, kids- this is going to be a tough day!"
Older kids: "Yes!" "Awright!" "I'm so psyched!!"
Hunter(to blonde girl, disappointed): "This sucks. Why do THEY get to have all the fun just because they're older? I bet WE could run circles around them! Besides, I'm sick of that stupid course, anyway."
Girl(Elaine)-giggling: "Maybe YOU could, but I'M still just learning to use my powers! All this physical training is easy for you, cause you've been doing that stuff since before you could walk!"
Hunter(shrugs): "Oh, well... It's not MY fault I'm so athletic- I just got Dad's genes, that's all. Come on, Elaine, let's go. If Storm's watching the course, you KNOW she's gonna make it all wet and muddy. Might as well go put something on we can get dirty in!" He stands and picks up his empty plate, heading towaerd the kitchen.
Elaine: " Yeah. I almost feel sorry for the older students. If Storm's making it hard for US, I would HATE to see what Mr. Summers has in store for THEM!" They both laugh as they put the dishes in the sink and leave.

Later- outside (West lawn)

Several students are traversing a large, elaborate obstacle course, with walls, ladders, rope bridges, bars, and other challenges. Each is using different methods (ie- phasing, junping, flying, etc for the solid barriers, and climbing, crwaling, swinging or others for the rest). Hunter lands at the finish line, amid wind and rain.
Hunter: "Done! What's my time?"
Storm(pleasantly surprised): "Thirty-three seconds. I believe that is a NEW record! You have beten the previous best time by two full seconds. Congratulations on a job well done, young one!"
Hunter(excited): "YESSS!! Oh- uh, who had the OLD record?" He wipes a lock of wet hair out of his eyes.
Storm: "That was Nightcrawler and Beast. Dr. McCoy will be MOST surprised that a student so young was able to beat his best time so easily. We are proud of you."
A large, hairy boy who resembles a gorilla lands with a heavy thud, brushing mud off his fur. "Humph. Finished, ma'am."
Storm: "Well done, Randy. Thirty-six seconds. One off McCoy's time- very good!"
A young girl of about ten has jumped down to join them, her hair and clothes dripping from the rain. She flings her red ponytail about, sending water splattering everywhere while Storm is clocking her time.
Hunter(annoyed): "Hey, sis! We're wet enough already!"
Terra laughs. "Sorry, brother! How did I do, Ms. Munroe?"
Storm: "Thirty-eight seconds. Not bad. "
Elaine drops down beside them all, panting and muddy. Storm glances at her watch again. A young cat-like girl of about fourteen is right beside her, looking much less ruffled.
Storm. "Fourty-two seconds, Sara. Fourty-three for you, Elaine. You're getting better. Keep up the good work!"
Jason hops in behind two other boys, one a tall skinny kid with jet black hair and grey eyes, the other a muscular boy with frosted, spikey brown hair and an earring. Jason looks annoyed. A small, quiet girl hops down behind them, with a pretty Asian teen with an orchid in her hair beside her.
Storm. "Fourty-seven, eight, and nine seconds. NOT your best efforts, boys. You must try harder next time. Mai, Valerie- Fifty flat."
Jason scowls. "Aww, man! I WAS right up there with 'Bug-Boy' here, 'til he tripped me up with one of his stupid webs!" He glares at Hunter, while he tries to pull wet strands of web off his clothes.
Hunter gives him a dirty look, indignant. "Hey, I was just throwin' out a swing line. I can't help it if 'Geeko' was too busy watching the girls to pay attention to where he's going!"
Jason suddenly bristles, fists clenched while the others look on in disbelief.
Jason: "That's 'GECKO', ya bug-eyed runt! And you did it on purpose! You think you can do whatever you wantjust because you DADDY's an Avenger, and YOU'RE a teacher's pet!"
Storm's eyes flash white, as lightening cracks overhead and thunder booms suddenly. Her voice loses all patience. "That is QUITE enough, gentlemen!" Everyone is startled into silence, turning to stare at her. "I will NOT tolerate this sort of behavior from my students. Both of you will CEASE your petty arguing AT ONCE!"
Jason/Hunter(cowed): "Yes, ma,am."
Storm calms, and the clouds begin to clear. "That is better. Now, if everyone has completed the course, perhaps it would be best if you all go clean up before your remaining lessons for the day. I want you all to go to your rooms to change into dry clothes, then back to class. Dr. McCoy will be waiting for you. You are dismissed."
Hunter turns toward the huge house, with Elaine and Terra strolling beside him.
Hunter(quietly): "Jas' better keep his mouth shut, or I'm gonna strangle him with his TONGUE! Call ME 'Bug-Boy'...."
Elaine giggles. "THAT I'd liketo watch! Anyway, 'Handy' don't pay attention to THAT jerk. He's just jealous cause you're younger than him and ALREADY better than he is at EVERYTHING!"
Terra chimes in. "You said it, 'Laine! Besides, he should know better than to challenge MY brother- I mean, doesn't he know that no lizard EVER wins against a SPIDER?!" They all enter the mansion, laughing.

1:30 PM- Same day.

Inside a classroom, with several lab-tables along the walls. "Beast" is writing on the board, while the students take notes. Several are dozing off, texting each other, or just goofing around. But two- Hunter and Randy- are intently studying, while Terra stares out the window watching birds fly, and Elaine is helping the Asian girl with her notes. A bell rings, and everyone starts to leave.
Fx: Rrriiinngg!!!
Beast(gesturing to Hunter): "Exscuse me, Hunter, but may I see you for a moment?"
Hunter(nervous): "Uh, sure, sir. I'm not in trouble, am I?" He looks down at the floor.
Beast chuckles, grinning. "Of course not. Storm told me at lunch about your remarkable time on the course this morning. Congratulations! You are the first student ever to beat a full-fledged X-Man in field training. Keep up the good work and you may be one yourself in no time!"
Hunter looks up, and grins. "Thanks! That would be killer! But- don't take it wrong, but I REALLY want to join the Avengers some day."
Beast lays a hand on his shoulder, smiling. "Haha. That is quite alright, young man. I'm certain you will make a FINE member of either one some day. In the interim, you'd better get to Kitty's class quickly- I've kept you too long as it is."
Hunter waves, dashing out. "Okay!"

3:28 PM- Storm's class(Geography and Social Studies).

Hunter sits looking bored, doodling some costume ideas. <It's not fair that I'm not allowed to go in the 'Danger Room' just because I'm only twelve. I bet I could run circles around those OLDER students in there! If I could just find some way to get in there, I'd show 'em ALL! I can hack into the controls no problem, but I'd STILL need a pass-card. Maybe I could "borrow" one of the teachers' cards...>
He looks around at the other students- all are quietly working, while Storm writes on an overhead projector. Elaine and Terra sit near-by. He sees Jason and the other boys- the black-haired one and the boy with the earring- whispering and pointing at Storm. The other two are daring Jason to shoot a spit-wad at her. He grins, shooting it, and....
Fx: Twhippp!
Hunter intercepts it with a web-ball! The ball lands on the chalk-board, drawing attention from the entire class. Storm glances at it, and turns to stare at him pointedly. Jason glares at him, while everyone else just stares in surprise.
Fx: Splutch!
Hunter: <Oops! THAT wasn't supposed to happen! Really gotta learn to control that better....>
Storm's eyes flash white, and the air turns cold in the room. "That is inappropriate behavior, Hunter Parker. Perhaps you will learn to follow classroom conduct by staying after class to clean up your mess and write a two-page report on WHY we have such rules."
He sinks down in his chair, unable to make an excuse, while Jason and his cronies grin triumphantly. "Y- yes, ma'am."

One hour later-

Hunter and Storm are alone in the room. She looks up from watering some plants by the window to watch him cleaning the chalk-board. He is trying to pull the last few strands of his web off of it.
Storm(thoughtfully): "I am a bit surprised to see such foolish shenanigans from YOU, of all my students, child. You have always been one of the most well-mannered and studious in class. Why the sudden change?"
He looks up, embarrassed. "Um- actually, it was kind of an accident. Jason was shooting a spit-ball at you, and I tried to catch it before it hit you. Iuh, kind of hit the board by mistake. My aim's not always good. I'm sorry. But I was just trying to do the right thing- it just sort of backfired." He scuffs one foot shamefully.
Storm: "Ah- I see. I had wondered if you might have been provoked into such irresponsible behavior. It is so unlike you to be a trouble-maker. Very well; finish the boards and you may go."
He brightens. "Okay. Thanks, Ms. Munroe!" He starts scrubbing the board with gusto, whistling as he goes. Storm smiles and goes back to watering her plants. He is just finishing when he glances at her desk- he sees her pass-card in an open drawer.
Hunter: <Slammin! Heh- who says wishes can't come true?! I'll just borrow this for a little while. I can always put it back later.>
He glances over at Storm, who is still watering her flowers, then snatches the card out of the drawer, closing it softly. He puts away the erasers and cleaning supplies in a small cubby, then leaves the room, grinning to himself.

Later- dinner.

He is sitting at a long table with the other students. Jason and his friends are busy grossing out some of the girls by playing with thier food. Hunter whispers quietly with Elaine.
Hunter: "See, I got the card, but I still need some one to help me get in there. The door has a palm-print reader on it, and I need fake a teacher's print. That's where you come in. Plus, I may need someone to keep an eye on the program while I'm in there."
She gives him a dubious look. "You realize we could get into a LOT of trouble over this, right? How are we going to get in there without anyone finding out? They'll notice if we go missing."
He shakes his head, and holds up a hand, shaking one finger. He grins. "NOT if we go after lights out! We just wait until after everyone's in bed, and sneak in! C'mon! It'll be fun- b'sides, don't you want to know what it's like?"
She looks doubtful. "Well.... Maybe. But how am I supposed to help with the door?"
He cocks his head. "How good do you think you really are with that alchemy of yours? Good enough to change someone's hand-print? Like, say, to Storm's?"
She frowns. "I don't know. I don't know what hers looks like."
He shrugs. "You can touch her and sense how her molecules go together, right? Just concentrate on that and change one of mine to match. Easy, right?"
She grimaces, and notices Jason looking their way. He is giving Hunter a dirty look.
Jason: "Aww, that's cute- look at the love-birds over there whispering sweet nothings to each other. Ooohh! He asking you to be his Spider-Queen, 'Lainey?"
Hunter turns and glares at him. "Bite me, lizard-breath."
But the older boy won't leave it alone. "Why do you hang around with him, anyway? He's just a little suck-up to the teachers who thinks he's a big-shot just 'cause his Dad's an Avenger."
Hunter starts to get up, but Elaine holds him back.
Elaine: "Don't do it- he's not worth the trouble you'd get in. (whispers) Like you're not going to get in enough already if Storm finds out you took her pass-card."
He slowly backs down, still seething. He answers her loud enough for the others to hear. "Yeah, you're right, he's just a jealous twit. I mean- look! He's literally GREEN with envy! He knows HE'D never have a chance with you!"
She looks up at him, startled. The others all get quiet, as the lizard-boy gets up and stalks off, hissing. Hunter chuckles.
Elaine: <Did he just mean...?! I thought we were just friends? Then again, he IS kind of cute. And a lot nicer than those idiots.>
They finish their dinner in silence. As they are getting up, he whispers to her. "Meet me by the lift to the basement level at midnight. And DON'T let anyone see you!"


Hunter and Elaine are sneaking toward the lift doors in the dark, each from the opposite side. They reach for the panel at the same time, and brush hands. She lets out a little yelp. He quickly puts a hand over her mouth to silence her.
Hunter(whispers fiercely): "Quiet! Logan's on watch tonight- I smelled his cigar as I was coming down the stairs. Let's get down there before he catches us."
She nods, with his hand still over her face. They get into the lift, and the doors close behind them just as a short, hairy man is coming out of the kitchen with a beer.
Logan: "Huh? Thought I heard somethin'. Must be gettin' old- mind's startin' to go..."

Down in the sub-level....

They walk down a large corridor with metal walls, toward a pair of sealed metal doors with a hand-print and key-card security lock. Elaine has a small ball of light in her hand.
Hunter: "See, 'Lainey? I TOLD you noone would find out! After all, I managed to filch Storm's pass-card, didn't I?"
Elaine: "Sure, Mr. Genious, but I never got close enough to her to get a feel of her molecules. I don't even know if I could DO something like what you're asking! What if I mess up? I could turn your hand to jello!"
He shrugs, unconcerned. "Hey, you never know until you try, right? Besides, it's not like I don't have plenty to spare!" He chuckles and waves all six.
She sighs, exasperated. "Oh, well. Don't blame ME ifthis doesn't work. It was YOUR idea!"
He holds out one hand while she concentrates. His hand starts to change, becoming dark-skinned and "feminine".
Elaine: "Okay. I THINK it worked. Try it and see."
H(amazed): "Wow. This is really cool! I can't wait to see what we can do once we're in there. I don't know why They made that stupid rule that only OLDER students could train in their, anyway."
Elaine laughs nervously. "Um... It's called the 'DANGER ROOM' for a REASON, Hunter!"
He swipes the card across the reader, and puts his altered hand on the pad and....
Automated voice: <<Identity confirmed. Access granted. Welcome, Storm.>>
The doors slide open, and lights come on inside.
Fx: Wssshh
Hunter jumps up, excited. "YESS!!"
Elaine grabs his hand again, and her eyes glow again. His hand returns to normal.
They go in. The room is small and narrow, with a huge computer panel along one wall, with a large window above it looking down into a huge metal-walled room beyond, made up of many panels fit together in various shapes. Hunter switches on the computer, and the lights come on in the room byond. He starts tapping on the keys, looking down at a screen. He has a look of intense concentration.
Elaine: "What are you doing? Do you even know how to operate this thing?"
He shrugs, and goes back to working on the controls. "Can't be that hard. They have a heck of a security set-up in here, though. I might take me a few minutes to hack it. Let's see.... Oh- just a standard lock-out system? That's not so bad. I'll just..... there. Got it!"
He presses a button, and suddenly the entire room comes to life beyond the window. He plays around some more, muttering to himself. The screen flashes with a list of data.
H: "Hmm... Guess we'll start with a level one program to warm up, and see how it goes from there. Okay, this sounds promising!" He stands agian, grinning from ear to ear. "Okay, 'Lainey- you keep an eye on things in here, and I'll yell if I need any help. If I do, just hit that red button to abort the sim. Got it?"
She nods mutely. He walks over to a small door on the other side of the room; it opens, and he steps into the huge chamber. The door shuts behind him. As soon as he enters, the entire room seems to disappear into a dense jungle, filled with the sounds of birds, and distant roars. Ahead in the distance, he sees a large temple on a mountaintop, with large creatures soaring around it.
Hunter: "Savage Land, huh? Must be one of Logan's programs. Only he would enjoy something like this. Doesn't seem all that dangerous, though..."
At that moment, his spider-sense flashes a warning; he turns toward the source, in time to see a huge creature come crashing through the trees. It's a Tyrannosuar, its jaws open wide, saliva dripping from the huge maw. It roars as it spots him, and lunges.
H: "WOAH!!! Okay- I retract that- maybe it IS a little dangerous!!"
He leaps away, barely avoiding being bitten in half. He bounds off of a tree, landing high in the branches of another. The dinosuar roars and snaps at him, but he's too high to reach, so it slams against the tree trying to knock him out of it or push it over. Hunter is forced to leap to another tree, or risk losing his perch. The Tryrannosuar growls, but he just laughs.
H: "Haha, this is actually kinda fun! Needs more of a challenge, though. How hard is THIS?!"
No sooner does he speak, then a new threat emerges- a Pterosuar swoops down from the sky, diving at him from above while the T-rex begins its assault on his new tree.
H: "Yikes! Spoke too soon! Um... Oh! This should be easy..."
He waits for the Ptero to swoop at him again, and leaps up onto its back. The startled creature squawks, and trys to throw him off with a dizzying series of dives and loops, but he clings to its back tenaciously. He finally manages to crawl up to the back of its head, and wrestles it under his control by pointing its head where he wants ti to go- straight toward the Rex!
The T-rex looks up to see the flying reptile diving at it, and roars, its jaws ready to snap it out of the sky.
Hunter: "And that's my cue to split!" He leaps off the Ptero's neck just as it comes within reach of the bigger dinosuar, and hears a nasty crunch as the Rex chomps it.
He is watching the Rex tearing into its meal in morbid fascination, when another Rex charges onto the scene. It spies the prey, and roars a challenge at the feeding one. The first Rex looks up, and hisses at its new rival. They rush at each other- and Hunter is nearly decapitated by a swinging tail as he is caught in the middle.
H: "Whoops! Looks like three's a crowd here! I'm NOT reffereeing THAT food-fight! Time to be elsewhere!" He leaps up into a tree near-by, as the two tear into each other. He hops and swings by hand from branch to branch until he is well away from the fighting animals. He glances up ahead, to find himself heading toward the mountain. "Hmmm, wonder what that place is? Guess I'll go find out."
He keeps swinging and bounding through the tree-tops, until he reaches a deep canyon with a rope-and-plank bridge crossing it. "Great. THIS looks safe..."
He starts across, only to be met with another Pterosaur half-way across- with nowhere to go! He grimaces, looking frantically for an escape. "Had to open my big mouth...." The creature dives at him.
Then he notices that the Pterosaur has a rider- a short, big-headed male wearing what appears to be a diaper. Hunter flattens himself against the bridge's planks, as the strange "infant" wheels his mount around for another pass.
Hunter: "A baby? No, wait- that must be Brain-Child. Great, so now I'm fighting Mutates, too? Who WROTE this program? Next thing you know, I'll end up running into that Ka-Zar guy..." He dodges a spear from Brain-Child, only to have it cut one of the ropes. The bridge dangles on its side, and Hunter frantically clings to it to avoid falling. But he's left himself open for the next attack. The winged beast circles back for another swoop at him, its rider aiming another spear. Hunter looks up in time to see him throw it. He does the only thing he can- he drops from the bridge, falling into the canyon below.
Suddenly, he feels himself being grabbed in mid-air by a huge set of talons. He looks up, to find himself in the grip of a second Ptero, this one with a green-haired woman on its back.
H: "VERTIGO?! Uh-oh. This is not going to be good..." He struggles in the animal's claws, as the woman holds up one hand and hits him with something invisible. He suddenly feels dizzy. He feels himself losing conciousness, and it's all he can do to call out.
H: "ELAINE!! SHUT IT dowwnn...."
A few moments later he comes to, lying on the cold metal floor of the huge room. The jungle, the canyon and the flying dinosaurs are gone. He raises himself up shakily, still dizzy. Elaine comes flying out of the control room, A worried look on her face.
Elaine: "Hunter!! Are you okay?!"
He tries to stand, but is wobbling from the effects of Vertigo's power. "Wow, that's some realistic program. I'm STILL feeling that. No wonder they call this place the 'Danger Room'!"
She shakes her head at him. "I told you so!"
He finally shakes off the dizziness, then grins. "That was fun! Okay, 'Lainey- YOUR turn!"
E: "Oh, NO!! I'm not getting picked up by some flying lizard!! You can HAVE it!"
H: "Oh, come on. It wasn't that bad. I'm sure I can find something more your speed. What d'ya say- have a go at it?"
She gives him a dubious look. "You SURE I won't get eaten or squished or blown up or something?"
He laughs. "Course not. I got the safeties on. It's all yours, 'Lainey!"
She shrugs. "Ah, what the heck. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?"
H(grins): "EXACTLY!!"
He resets the controls, bringing up a basic Sentinel program. When it begins to run, he hears an enraged squawk from Elaine.
E: "HEY! You said I wouldn't get blown up! What do you call THESE things? Tinker toys?"
He laughs, using the intercomm to speak to her. "Nope! I call them practice! Use your head- you've studied enough about these things to know their weak points! Use them!"
E: "I'm SOO going to get you for this!"
She gets down to the business of fighting the Sentinels, using her powers to melt their hands when they try to grab her, or to form her fists into iron to slam into them. She turns a near-by pond into oil, then lures one into firing at her, only to hit and ignite it instead. The flames obscure her from its heat sensors, and she uses the distraction to turn a fallen tree branch and rock into a stone-tipped lance.
One of the Sentinels shoots at her again, and she raises a wall of earth in front of her, then vaults over it with the lance to land on top, and hurls the waepon at the thing's eye. It scores, and the machine falls back with a jarring crash.
H: "One down! Doin' good!"
E: "Shut up, Handy, unless you want to come down here and help me!"
H: "Why? The whole point of this is to learn to do it on our own!"
She snaps back a rude response, and turns part of the first one's remains into a shield. She opens up the ground under the second one, causing it to sink down until it is half underground. Then she turns the ground to solid rock before it can use its thrusters to pull out. The Sentinel is suddenly cut in half by the compacted earth.
H: "Hey, nice one! Now that's smart thinking!"
E: "I still don't see you HELPING!"
H: "You're doing pretty good all by yourself. What do you need ME for?!"
She lands in front of where the window is, and lets the last giant robot shoot toward her before ducking out of the way. She hears a satisfying yelp as he sees the illusionary beam coming at him; she laughs. "That's what you get, jerk-face!"
H: "Oh! I'll REMEMBER that! Maybe I should just crank it up a notch or two!"
She yells back "Don't you DARE!!"
She dispatches the last one with a stone spike through its middle as it reaches down to grab her, then pauses to catch her breath. "Okay, Handy, now what?"
He grins, shutting down the program. "Cool. Told you it wouldn't be too bad. My turn again! And this time, I'm going up to level three!"
She dashes back into the control room, aghast. "You can't be serious?! If that was level one, what do you think three will be like?"
H(tapping on the controls, a look of intense excitement on his face): "Dunno- but I can't WAIT to find out!"
He presses the button to begin the next simulation, and runs into the training ground. "Next up- Shi'ar shoot-out!!"
E(mutters): "He's nuts- absolutely nuts..."

Several hours later....

The two teens are sneaking back out of the sub-level, checking to be sure no one sees them, when they hear a distinctive sound from the shadows.
Fx: snikt
H(whispers): "Uh-oh. That can't be good."
Voice: "Mind tellin' me what you kids were doin' down there?"
Elaine(groans): "Ugh, I KNEW this was a bad idea..."
H: "Uh, Mr. Logan- I- I can explain. We were just-"
Logan interrupts, stepping out of the shadows. "You were down in the Danger Room, weren't ya?"
Hunter starts to protest, but thinks better of it. He knows better than to try to lie around Logan. He nods silently.
Logan: "Heh. Thought I smelled Parker earlier. You kids better be careful down there- I'd hate to see ya get hurt."
They both look up, startled.
H: "Y- You're not going to bust us?"
Logan: "Nah. No point. If you want to get yourself smacked around in there that bad, Who am I to argue? Just keep it quiet. And if anyone asks, I never saw you. Got it, bub?"
Hunter grins. "Yes, sir! Thanks!" They start to head for their rooms.
L(mutters): "Don't mention it. Really."

One week later....

Hunter and Elaine are watching a car pull up to the house, along with Terra and a few other students, including Jason and his two cronies.
H: "Who do you suppose the new kid is? Hope he's more fun than those clowns."
Terra: "I heard he's from Chicago. Just moved here, right before he got his powers."
Elaine: "Really? What are they?"
Sara, aka "Whisker" pipes up. "I heard from my mother that he's a technopath. Pretty strong one, too- first time his powers went active, he accidently caused a riot when he made an ATM start spewing money. She said he almost got arrested before the cops realized he didn't know he was the one doing it."
The car door opens, and a young boy of about eleven with ashen hair and glasses gets out, looking nervous. He is skinny, with a backpack and a huge duffle bag that seems almost too heavy for him. Jason and his two friends grin at each other.
Jason: "Ooh, wimp alert! Looks like we got ourselves some fresh meat, guys."
The others snigger evilly. Hunter turns to the lizard-boy and scowls.
H: "Give it a rest, Geeko- he just got here. You don't even know what he's like yet."
Gecko: "Sure I do, arachno-geek. He's a nerd. Worse, a nerd with nerd powers. That makes him fair game, right, guys? What say we go welcome him?"
Tommy: "Yup."
Tyler: "Ooh, this is gonna be fun..."
Elaine steps in, and starts down the steps before the others can reach the new kid.
E: "Like heck, you will, Gecko!"
She meets the boy half-way, and offers him her hand. He shakes it, almost timidly.
Boy: "H- Hi. I'm Robbie Kincaid. Uh, this place is a lot bigger than I thought."
Elaine: "Nice to meet you! My name's Elaine Tanner. Hope you like it here."
He looks at all the other students gathered on the steps, and his eyes meet Hunter's black ones. He stares, taken aback by the other boy's bizarre appearance.
Robbie: "Whoa. Is he for real? What IS he?"
Elaine chuckles. "Him? Oh, that's just 'Handy'. Don't let the looks fool you, he's one of the nicest guys here. (whispers) Stay away from Jason and his two goons over there, though. They're trouble."
Robbie: "Handy? What kind of name is that?"
He glances over at the three leering older boys, and instinctively knows why Elaine said to avoid them. He knows without even being told that they are a bunch of bullies.
E: "It's a nick-name. Actually, he hates it. His real name is Hunter, and the girl with him is his sister Terra. They're the 'Spider-Kids'."
The new boy looks at her, curious. "You mean like Spider-Man?"
she nods. "Yup! He's their dad! Cool, huh? A couple of real Junior Avengers!"
Robbie: "Really? Cool. Maybethis place won't be as boring as I thought."
She laughs. "Boring?! This school is ANYTHING but boring! Welcome to Xaviers!"
They all go inside; He notices the three older boys giving him devilish looks, while most of the others seem indifferent- except the one named Hunter, who seems genuinely curious. Butthen it's time for class, so he lets the girl show him to his classroom.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

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"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

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"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

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Okay, I finally got it posted over here, so those who have been reading along in Feral's thread can see my part now as well. Sorry about that- I know it's a little confusing. Enjoy!

“Where’s Ahnold When You Need Him- Pt. Deux”

They reappear in a flash of light in the workshop a few seconds later. Mendel jets over to a table and sits on top of it waiting for Alex, who takes the large yellow gem out of his pocket to look at it again, then puts it back in with a sigh of anticipation.
<<Meeow>> He pats the robotic feline absently, while Hunter moves over to inspect a piece of the black and silver armor that sits on the table.
“This your new up-grade?” Hunter inquires, picking up the new arm-mounted weapon. The strange gem is already forgotten, despite the odd tickle in the back of his head.
“Yup. Version 4.5. Has three power settings, is fully eco-friendly, recharges in half the time, AND has two fire modes- ray and burst. VERY cool, oui?”
“You went to Paris on vacation again, didn’t you, suck-face?” He asks, putting down the piece.
“Heh, OH, yeah. You should have seen the hotties on the Riviera!”
“Okay, see- now I’m jealous. Our vacations are always someplace boring like going camping or to Niagara. I never get to see anything NEW.”
“Sucks to be you, bug-man!”
“Bite me, Full-Metal!”
Alex cocks his head. “So which one does that make me- Ed, or Al?”
Hunter laughs. “Both- you’re a tin-man, AND you’re short!” He dances back out of Stark’s reach as his friend takes a mock swing at him.
“Oh, you’re gonna pay for that remark, Mister-I-Never-Get-Chicks!” He chortles, and gives his friend a raspberry.
Now the young Parker gives him a scowl. “Not cool, bro. That’s hitting below the belt. Now you‘re in for it!” He moves to pounce on Alex, yelling “Six-Gun Death Tickle!”
Alex yelps, and grabs the arm-gun as he dodges just barely in time. He turns the weapon on and shoots at Hunter as he starts to leap at him for a second attempt. A narrow blue beam hits him, and he suddenly freezes in place for a moment- just long enough for Alex to dash for the door, laughing.
“What the- you just SHOT me!” Hunter exclaims in disbelief, now unfrozen. Alex pumps his arm.
“Woot! Score!”
“Okay, wisenheimer- MY TURN!” He laughs, and Alex suddenly finds himself tripped up, falling to the floor covered in a mass of sticky strands as his friend casually strolls over and puts one foot on his back, doing his best WWE victory pose. “Ha! This round’s to me!”
Alex groans. “Ugh, please tell me you jacked one of your dad’s shooters and this isn’t actually your-”
Hunter snickers evilly, moving to let the other boy off the floor. “Sorry, Chumley- it’s the real deal. How does it feel knowing you just got owned?”
Alex struggles to pull out a small laser-cutter and starts extricating himself from the webs. “Like I just got splattered by a giant spider-loogie. Seriously, dude, that is SO gross.”
Hunter waves absently, and heads for the door. “Heh. Still say it sucks to be me? Who needs arm-guns when you got your own multi-purpose bio-weapon? Come on, I thought you said we were gonna watch a movie? I’m in the mood for some serious butt-kicking action!”
Alex finally follows, still pulling strands of web off his clothes. “Ugh, gonna have nightmares about giant mutant spiders for a week from this…” he mutters. “Hey, what do you want to watch?”
They head for the living room, and find a note on the table saying Alex’s parents have gone to a UN meeting, while Guri is out with a friend. They look at the note, and both boys get the same idea, they turn to each other, grinning.
“You know what this means?” says Alex, almost reverently.
“Yeah- we got the WHOLE place to pah-tey! You pick the flick, I’M on the munchies!” Hunter dashes off to the kitchen to raid the fridge and pantry.
“Okay- but NO weird stuff in the popcorn, Handy! The cinnamon and paprika last time was a BIT much!” Alex yells after him.
“Aww, but I LIKE trying new ideas!” Hunter’s muffled shout is heard from the kitchen amid the sounds of his rummaging among boxes of Fruit Loops, cans of diced pineapple, and half-empty bags of chips.
Alex calls Mendel in from the workshop, and the cat comes streaking into the living room to hover beside his master.
“Good kitty,” Alex opens the cat’s back and starts splicing into the parental control box of the huge plasma screen TV. Soon he has all the channels unblocked. “Hmm, let’s see- what would be suitably violent that Mom would HATE for us to watch?”
He starts scrolling through the listings, and finds one that looks good just as hunter comes back in, laden with bags of cheese puffs, tortilla chips, and Fritos, as well as jars of salsa, ranch and cheese dips, and a box of chocolate chip cookies. He also has a couple of small bowls in one hand.
Alex looks at him and gapes. “See, THAT’S why I love it when you do the food raids. You can get everything in one trip to the kitchen!” he says, chuckling.
“Yeah, but only because you’re out of popcorn. So what’s our gore-fest?”
“Well, the only good ones on Tivo right now are Predator, Terminator, and Total Recall. What do you think?”
Hunter cocks his head. “Hmm, an Arnold marathon? Awesomeness. I’m up for it! Couch potato warriors!” He exclaims, doing his own version of a gladiator’s salute. Alex does likewise with a roar of agreement as they both vault over the back of the sofa onto the cushions. Hunter sets out the various implements of Munch-Kwan-Do as Alex starts he first movie.

Thirty minutes later.

They are whooping it up, the snacks spread all over the table and sofa, engrossed in the film. Alex lets out a groan as the pig runs through the camp on-screen.
“Aw, man! Why’d they have to go and kill Miss Piggy?!”
“Now that’s what I call fast food!” Hunter says with a snort. They laugh at the dumb joke like a couple of hyenas.
“Seriously- these guys are idiots- they deserved to end up as trophies!” Alex says, popping a handful of cheese puffs into his mouth.
Hunter nods. “No kidding- I mean, jeez, did they just FORGET they were in a jungle? Wild animals, duh! If that was me, I’d have made sure the traps wouldn’t be set off by the local wildlife.”
Alex grabs another handful of cheese puffs from the bag, and nods. “You said it, blood!”
Hunter reaches for a bunch of cookies from the half-empty box. “Man, wouldn’t it bee cool if we could go toe-to-toe with that thing in the jungle? I bet we’d do some serious alien-butt-kicking!”
“Yeah- I wish we WERE in the movie- I’d show old Ahnold how to fight a big ugly space-hunter!” Alex says as he scarfs down the puffs.
Suddenly, a strange glow seems to emanate from his pocket. Hunter’s spider-sense spikes higher at the same moment, as the room becomes engulfed in a white light. The two boys disappear from the sofa, while on the screen, a cut scene shows Arnold and his group of commandos being stalked by the alien hunter from the trees, just as it is about to be ensnared by the net.

They reappear in a dense jungle a moment later, tumbling out of mid-air to land in a tree-top Their startled yells are cut short as they crash into the branches, and Hunter barely manages to catch his friend’s arm and grab one of the branches before they fall through them to hit the ground. Hunter swings up and pulls Alex up after him onto the branch.
Hunter looks down as they try to get their bearings. “WHAT the HECK just happened?!” he asks. “Where ARE we?!”
Alex looks around, and sees only thick, verdant trees and vines. “I’m stumped. Looks like some kind of jungle, blood.”
“Well, duh- I can see that for myself, genius. What I MEAN is- how did we GET here? It’s like, a zillion degrees, and the humidity is enough to sweat your cahones off!” He hears a distant bird cry, and an answering call from elsewhere in the forest.
“Hey, what makes you think I know? I’m just as clueless as you, bro.” He watches a strange-looking bird fly into a near-by tree. “You know, it almost looks like the bird house at the City Zoo, except- bigger.”
Hunter sees him staring at the bird and cocks his head with a puzzled look. “I think that’s a Quetzal. Ms. Munroe took us on a field trip to the zoo last week. But it’s from Central America; to see a wild one, we’d have to be-” He stops, and suddenly goes slack-jawed. “Dude- I think I know where we are! We’re….”
At that moment, his spider-sense flares a warning, and he turns just in time to see a strange shimmer in the air that suddenly lands on the branch. He sees a vaguely humanoid shape within the distortion of the air, and hears an ominous-sounding click. He grabs Alex.
“Don’t move,” he whispers. “It’s here.” He can’t see it, exactly, but he knows the creature is staring at them curiously.
“Huh? What is?” Alex asks, confused. He turns and sees the shimmer. “Oh. &#036;#it. Is that…?”
“Yeah, blood. It’s him. Dude- we’re IN the MOVIE.” Hunter just stands still, watching the huge alien warily. It takes a slow step closer, then leaps down toward the ground below. Unfortunately, the creature’s leap jars the branch, knocking Alex off. He starts to fall; Hunter dives down after him. A split second later, they hear a “sproing” sound, and they are suddenly caught in a giant net, along with the cloaked alien.
Alex flails around amid the leaves and other debris that hid the net, and feels the creature’s masked head and face. He opens his mouth to scream, but Hunter claps a hand over it.
“Quiet, man! Do you want to get us killed? We’re about to-” Hunter hisses, but he’s cut off as the Predator cuts himself loose from the net, sending the two boys crashing to the ground amid a flurry of forest-litter. At the same time, they hear several voices from near-by, then a hail of bullets ringing through the forest at them. Hunter grabs Alex and dives to the ground, rolling aside to hide behind a low rock; then the huge chain-gun starts firing, mowing down everything around them in a massive barrage of fifty-caliber death.
“Ohgodohgodohgod…” Alex stammers, his prayers drowned out in the thundering roar of the huge gun’s fire. Trees crash to the ground, leaves and twigs rain down of them, and bullets ping all around against the rock.
Finally, the deafening sound of “Painless” stops, and they hear voices from about twenty yards away. Alex is about to get up, but his friend holds him down. They are covered with leaves, branches, and other debris from the chain gun’s deadly barrage.
“Are you nuts?” Parker whispers fiercely. “Those commandos will think we’re the ones who killed the guys they found hanging. We’re in the movie, Alex! We’re in the middle of one nasty fight, and either side could decide we’re the enemy!”
Alex gapes. “Holy &#036;#&%! How did we get in the movie?!”
“Shh!” his companion whispers, clapping a hand over Alex’s mouth again. They hear the voices again, with Arnold’s distinctive accent loud and clear. Hunter looks at his friend as if to say “told you so”, and then motions him to be still. After a brief pause, the commandos move off, and a few moments later, the two teens hear a primal scream of terror that is suddenly cut off. They stare at each other and both go pale.
“So, how DID we get here?” Alex finally asks.
“Why are you asking ME?! I just saw that weird light, and- Alex! That glowy gem you found! Didn’t you say you wished we could tangle with big-ugly back there? It must have granted your wish!”
Stark frowns, and then slowly nods. “Maybe. But HOW? It’s just some kind of dumb rock, right?” He starts to pull it out of his pocket, but freezes after a moment. “Uh-oh. It’s gone.”
“Huh? What do you MEAN, ‘gone’? What did you do with it?!” Hunter whispers. His spider-sense is buzzing again, and he cautiously peeks up over the rock, to see the strange shimmer of the alien’s cloaking field not far away. It appears to be approaching them slowly.
“Oh, man. He’s back- and he SEES us…”
“It was right here, I swear! I had it in my pocket!” Alex groans softly, panicking. “It- it must have fallen out!”
Then Hunter sees the creature’s outline pause, and it becomes fully visible. It bends down, examining something on the ground. After a moment, the alien hunter stands again, holding a small glowing yellow object in its hand. The mutant teen’s jaw drops.
“Oh, PERFECT. As if this wasn’t bad enough already. Blood, I know where the gem is.”
“Oh, good. I thought maybe I lost it.” Alex says in relief. “So where is it?”
“Take a look,” Parker answers. Alex peers over the rock, and then goes stark white.
“Oh, man- you gotta’ be kiddin’ me!” He says in disbelief, and stares back at his friend.
Hunter sighs. “Uh-huh, I WISH. And who was it that said ‘what’s the worst that could happen’? Yeah, you and your big mouth, bud. Never say that when I’m around- that’s just BEGGING to get smacked by the old ‘Parker Luck”!”
“We gotta’ get that thing back. If that’s what brought us here, then we need it to get back home!”
“Yeah, and how’re we going to do that?!” Hunter says snidely. “You want to just go ask plugly over there nicely if we can have it back? Sure- see you on the trophy wall!”
Alex shakes his head. “Wait- he could have killed us both earlier, or even right now, if he wanted to. Why hasn’t he?”
Hunter stops, puzzled. He watches the huge creature examining the stone, then turning to look right at him. It starts to raise its weapon; Hunter raises all six hands in a gesture of peace, but he gets ready to spring, just in case. The alien cocks his head, and makes a strange clicking noise. Just then, Alex starts to get up, and it moves its weapon to focus on him.
“Alex- don’t make any sudden moves. I think he’s trying to decide whether we’d make a good trophy. Please don’t do anything stupid to make him shoot us.”
Alex sticks his tongue out at the other teen. “Bite me, Arachno-Boy. If he was going to kill us, he would have done it already. They don’t kill kids, remember?”
“You sure about that? What if he decides to make an exception for us?” The young Parker lad says quietly, still keeping his obsidian eyes locked on the alien. It makes a sort of roar, then goes invisible again, and takes off into the jungle.
The two teens turn to stare at each other. Somewhere in the jungle, they hear shots ringing out.
“We HAVE to get that gem back!” exclaims Alex, and he takes off. Hunter shakes his head, and follows.
“Man, I just KNOW this is going to get us into some serious &#036;#&%...”
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

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"Where's Ahnold When You Need Him?" Pt. four!

The boys get up, dusting the broken glass and wood off themselves. “Great, now what?” says Alex.
Hunter lets out a deep breath, surveying the damage. “Man, we are so gonna be grounded for this. Maybe I can claim Ock or somebody busted in looking for Dad….”
“Hey, yeah! What about Shocker, or Rhino?” Alex coughs. He looks at his friend and shrugs.
Hunter doesn’t say a word, but starts to leave.
“Hey, where you going, blood?” says Alex.
“To find that alien, where else?” comes the reply. The young Parker stops short as a hand grabs him from behind.
“Hunt, maybe we should suit up before we go after the big creepy ET dude? You know, since he’s, like, invisible.”
Hunter thinks for a moment. “Yeah, you’re right. But we gotta hurry, man, before he hurts somebody. All we need is for fugly to make a trophy out of some hapless civilian, and WE’D get the blame!”
“True dat, blood.” Alex agrees, and he waits while Hunter bounds upstairs to tug on his Red-Back suit, and borrow his dad’s extra pair of web-shooters.
“Lucky for me Dad’s at work right now. He’d have kittens if he knew I took these….”
“Heh, meow, dude.”
Hunter stops long enough to hoist Alex up onto his back and secure him with a few strands of web, then takes off. They swing across the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan, and finally end up at the Starks’ penthouse. They dash to the workshop, where Alex grabs his latest incarnation of Heavy Metal and climbs into it.
<<Okay, bro, let’s go catch us a Predator!>> he says once he gets the helmet on. The other boy nods agreement and pumps three fists in an enthusiastic salute.
“Hoo-yah!” he yells, and the two are off again like a pair of black bullets.

Several minutes later-

“Okay, Al- how are we supposed to find him in a city this big? He could be anywhere!” Hunter says after a fruitless search.
<<Ya got me, Handy. Maybe we could stand in Times Square with a big sign over our head that says ‘Alien Trophy Hunters Welcome‘?”>>
Hunter groans. “Aw, geez- not you, too! I swear I’m gonna kill my sister for coming up with that lame nickname! Anyway, I got a better idea, now that you mention it. They like hot places, right? What’s the best place for a heat-loving ET to hang, bro?”
<<I dunno- Johnny Storm’s latest shin-dig?>> Alex quips with a shrug, getting a sarcastic look from Parker. They mull it over for a moment, Hunter pacing up and down a wall while they try to come up with something.
<<Wait, in the second movie, the big baddie was hanging out in a big meat packing plant. Totally frozen, dude. So how can we be sure he’ll be somewhere hot?>> Alex turns toward Hunter, his puzzled look hidden by the helmet.
“Cause they always show up when it’s really hot, duh!” The young Parker says with a smirk. “Anyway, we need a way to lure him out into the open so we can catch him. And I’m going to be the bait. Use your armor to find anyplace with plenty of heat. Preferably one near an area that would make a good hunting ground, with lots of ambush points and easy targets.”
Alex goes through his armor’s database, and finally comes up with an answer. <<Okay, we’ve got a foundry over on the West Side, or a steel mill down in the Bowery. Which one? Your call, blood.>>
Hunter thinks for a moment, then stops pacing, still standing sideways on the wall. “Bowery. He’d have a field day in a place like that. Especially if there are any workers around, which means we better haul @&#036;&#036; if we want to keep him from making any more souvenirs. Let’s go!”

Ten minutes later-
Hunter swings down onto a smoke stack, with Alex hovering nearby in Heavy Metal. They look around cautiously, scouting for the tell-tale sign of air-shimmer around the alien’s armor. “Get anything yet?” Hunter asks, as Alex scans the area.
<<Not yet. You?>> comes the reply.
“Nah, I got nothi- wait. Just had a twinge.” Hunter pauses, eyes closed, slowly turning his head from one side to the other. “There! At your eight-thirty, Metal.” He points down at the nearest building, where the huge vats that hold the liquid metal are housed. Several workers come and go about their business, while the two boys watch.
Alex scans again, and spots a red blur with his thermal vision, entering the building. <<Right. Got him, blood!>> He starts to fly down, but Hunter thwips a line to hold him back.
“Uh-uh, bro. You’re too big and clunky in that thing to move around in there. Besides, all that heat will interfere with your scans. I’ll go in, and bring him back out here to you. When you see his ugly mug, fire your new toy at him, dig?”
<<You’ve been listening to Cyc too much, blood. You’re starting to sound like him.>> Alex says with a sour tone.
“Hey, he may have a stick up his @&#036;&#036;, but the guy’s good with tactics.” Hunter replies, and leaps down to slip inside the mill.
He finds himself in a huge open space with big, heavy machinery all around- giant smelters and furnaces, walkways above the vats, pipes to carry water for cooling, and huge molds to shape the steel. He skitters up one wall, his spider-sense making a constant low buzz in his head. He begins a slow, careful search of the place, trying to pinpoint the alien with his spider-sense, though the noise and movement of so much machinery seems to interfere, as he has to avoid the more dangerous areas.
Suddenly, he hears a loud clanging sound, like something heavy falling, and a high-pitched shriek from one of the workers, that is quickly cut off. Eyes wide, he races toward the sound with a curse, a black-and-red blur in the shadows high above the main work area. What he finds when he reaches the scene is horrifying- a man with his head lying on the floor, a look of terror frozen on it, and a huge hole blasted through the body. Three more workers dash up just as he is bending down to examine the body.
“Hey! What #%&&#036; you doin’?” shouts one, then sees the carnage, and all three stop dead. Hunter looks up, aware that the situation is about to turn ugly. “You
&#036;%&#in’ mutie b@&#036;t@rd!! You killed Frankie!”
“Wha- NO! There’s something in here! You guys need to get out, before it comes ba- !” Hunter starts to warn them, but it’s too late. A burst of light flares from somewhere behind him, and one of the steel workers falls dead with a sizzling hole in his head. The other two scream and start to run for the doors. Hunter turns his onyx gaze toward the shot, and with an enraged snarl spits out, “I know you’re there, creep, so come out and fight me! You want a REAL challenge! Come on, fugly- I’m here!! Come GET ME!!”
He senses the shot just before it comes, and leaps nimbly out of the way, his head swiveling to mark the spot it came from.
“Got, ya, jerk.” He whispers, and fires a double volley of web-balls. A half-dozen of the globs fly out, but only two hit the mark. One lands on the alien’s shoulder, but the other hits squarely in his masked head. The creature lets out a frustrated and angry roar. Its camouflage shorts out briefly, and Hunter can see it clearly.

The huge hunter rips the webs from its face, and stares at its opponent for a moment. Hunter leaps to another vantage on some pipes, keeping his eyes locked on the alien. It follows his movement, tracking him, then makes some sort of clicking, growling sound, and fires again, only to hit the pipes as Hunter leaps away at the last instant.
Steam fills the air, and he shouts out to the eight-foot hunter, taunting him. “Gotta do better than that, creep!” he yells, swinging to the top of an empty vat.
As if in answer, the Predator leaps across to a large stack of steel beams, and fires again. Hunter ducks, then slips down into the huge container. The next instant, he hears the sound of something heavy landing on the vat, and looks up to see the enemy staring down at him. He smirks, and thwips out two lines onto the alien’s feet, and yanks hard, pulling him into the vat with him.
“You lose, ya Creature Shop reject!” he laughs, while the dazed Predator shakes his head. It roars in response, but Hunter just roars right back, then launches out of the vat, still holding the drag-lines and pulling his opponent along behind him as he crawls along the ceiling. The alien dangles by his feet, smacking into objects as he goes, making furious noises.
“Yeah, back at ya, gruesome. You’re coming with me!” the young mutant sneers, finally reaching the doors. Unfortunately, he forgets about the creature’s blaster, and is hit in the shoulder from below, dropping the alien just inside the doors. Hunter lest out a cry of pain, while his enemy makes a sound that resembles laughter. He hears Alex calling out from outside; Hunter glances back at the alien, and sticks out his tongue, hoping to goad him into following as he leaps out the doors.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

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Yahoo! Heck of an issue Ducks!

I`ll get my brain working for the next one.

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Can't wait to see it!!
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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I should have some new stuff up real soon!
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

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Living Tribunal
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oh Duck I just read this one and its really good

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Well, it's really just more of my Red-Back stuff, put in full issues and in order. I'm hoping to get tehm all one here, eventually.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491