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Hi everyone!

Tomorrow night, I shall begin posting in my fan fictions on a created character of mine called Magneta. I've done a lot of stories about her so I'll only post in some of her more recent adventures...with a guest appearance by The Winter Soldier.

So, until tomorrow night people [wave; !

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Magneta and the Winter Solider

Chapter 1

‘So, let me get this straight; you want me to take down this Magneta?’ a man asked from the shadows in the secret layer.

There was some typing in the dark and a computer switched on to reveal an image on the screen of a woman with cat-ears and a tail. The man in black frowned. The dark-red haired woman looked familiar to him but he couldn’t place it.

‘She’s been causing me some trouble over the years. Daughter of Wolverine, wife of Magneto. She’s got some very well known allies as well as the X-Men. I want her brought here and alive without them following you. I hope this won’t be a problem?’

The man in black still continued to frown into the shadows behind the computer where he could just make out the other man’s silhouette.

‘…No problem at all…’ the man said before backing into the darkness behind him.

Chapter 2

I begged father to stay at Howlett Mansion until this business with Daken’s threat had been finished. It was mostly for my sake that father stayed because he could see that I looked troubled over it.

‘At least until Steve Rogers arrives father’ I pleaded.

‘What if it’s a false alarm and Daken was only tricking you? He’s done it before Kayleigh’ father answered.

‘I’ve a feeling Daken is telling the truth father. Please.’

I knew father didn’t like to see me worried. In fact, father’s one weakness was me (as far as I knew). His face softened and he gave me a little smile.

‘If it makes you feel better Kayleigh, I will. But only until Steve arrives’ he promised me, ‘then I’ll go.’

I nodded and hugged him hard.

Chapter 3

‘The moment Nick contacted me and told me you needed me Kayleigh, I got to Howlett Mansion as quickly as I could’ said Steve as he came in through the door the next afternoon, ‘what’s this all about? He sounded urgent.’

I told Steve my suspicions as we went to the kitchen and I gave him a drink of water. Steve almost dropped it in shock when I had finished.

‘How can you be so sure Kayleigh?’ Steve asked me, trying to hide his shocked face.

‘Instinct’ I replied simply, ‘it’s never failed me and, to be honest Steve, I hope that this’ll be the first time it does’ I sighed heavily, sitting down at the table.

Steve knew me rather well, considering that I had only known him for two weeks before he got frozen in ice on a mission and we had recently been “reunited” for the last year and a half. He, like father and Erik, knew when I got worried over something.

‘Well, you and Bucky had always gotten on fine with each other and he even confessed to me he had a slight crush on you’ said Steve, ‘although you were still hurt over Erik dumping you and you wanted nothing more to do with dating.’

I gave a grim smile.

‘Yeah; Bucky told me that too. Just before we had gone to see “Snow White”. He had been older than me by three years and he was trying to make me move forward. I didn’t realise it until Bucky died what he wanted. I hate disappointing people Steve. Aside from Bucky and Lydia Fox- my foster mother- as well as my true mother Silver Fox I wasn’t able to save any of them in time-’

‘Kayleigh; Bucky was asking you on a date. It wasn’t as if his life was in danger!’

‘If I had known it Steve, I would’ve gone. He was trying to make me move forward and I only realised that on the last day!’ I snapped, standing up instantly, ‘then you went and froze yourself after that and it was one too many deaths for me, especially when I could’ve saved them all!’

There was silence, only followed by my angry breathing. Then I sat back down again, shaking my head.

‘I’m sorry Steve’ I apologised, ‘it’s just that this is getting me all worked up. I should be used to my past turning around on me and biting me in the ass by now. It’s happened one too many times now.’

‘I can understand your worry Kayleigh’ Steve said reassuringly, ‘but fretting over it won’t help.’

‘What do you suggest then? If Bucky has changed since we last saw him...’ my voice trailed off and I was silent.

‘The only lame thing I can suggest at the minute is don’t go around Howlett Mansion- or the grounds for that matter- on your own. I know about your “magnetic signal” but it might not work in time. Until I can think of something else, it’s probably best if you do stay here Kayleigh rather than go visiting the X-Men or somewhere else, even with someone like me or Erik.’

Chapter 4

As it was, I ended up having to follow Steve’s advice about staying in Howlett Mansion although only if someone accompanied me. When Erik came back from town shopping. Steve told him what he had told me. Both Erik and I didn’t like the idea but I got him to agree to it.

‘You’re underestimating her Steve’ Erik warned him, ‘Kayleigh can take care of herself. She is Wolverine’s daughter after all.’

‘I’m aware of that Erik but we can’t risk it.’

‘We’re not even sure if Bucky really is after her though. Just because he wanted Daken to test his skill on something doesn’t mean that Bucky really did send him after her.’

Either way, Erik agreed with Steve that it was the best thing for me. I was tempted to ring father and get him to come back to Howlett Mansion but I knew he wouldn’t be impressed with the idea, especially since I had promised him that he could go home after Steve had arrived.

In fact, when I had thought that father had gone home the moment Steve and I went into the kitchen to talk, father had decided to listen in. I never even smelt his scent at all so I was surprised that after me, Steve and Erik had left the kitchen he was standing at the front door with a suitcase.

‘I thought you were going father?’ I asked him, surprised.

‘I am. I thought I’d give a bit of friendly advice to Steve whilst I was here though’ father replied, glancing up at him, ‘not all animals like to be kept in a cage Steve Rogers. I hope you’ve got that in mind.’

‘It’s alright father; Steve knows what he’s doing’ I reassured him before Steve could say anything.

I’d trust my former mentor with my life, no matter what the situation was or what I had to do.

‘I hope so because if this guy is who I think it is then be careful Kayleigh.’

Steve frowned at father.

‘How long have you known Bucky was live Logan?’

‘I’m only speculating here Steve but if Daken and I are right, then don’t be surprised when you find out he’s no longer the gentleman you once knew.’

There was a heavy silence between the four of us, during which I gave my cat tail a nervous twitch.

‘The moment this is over, call me’ said father, glancing at me and going out the door.

Chapter 5

That night, I lay awake. Erik was sound asleep next to me. To be honest, I didn’t know why I should be worried about Bucky’s return- if that’s what it was. In fact, I should be jumping for joy that a friend- who I had previously assumed was dead- was still alive after all these years but something in father’s voice when he spoke to me before he left told me otherwise.

I sighed heavily and got out of bed. I glanced over at Erik, still sleeping peacefully.

You’re lucky Erik I thought with a little smile, you don’t have to worry about old friends coming back from the dead.

I gave Erik a gentle kiss on the cheek. He muttered in his sleep but did not wake up. With that, I walked out of our bedroom and down into my own private lounge.
It was my own lounge in which Erik said that only I could come in and no-one else was allowed in...unless I had invited them in that was. At least...that’s what I thought was meant to happen. The moment I opened the door, a scent drifted up my nose. Not just any scent either; a very familiar scent. I stopped dead at the doorway and quietly closed the door behind me.

I was glad that I had inherited father’s animal senses. I knew that if I had been human and wondered in here, I wouldn’t have known how much danger I was in the moment I had put my foot in the room.

Ok; who’s been in here? I thought but I knew very well who had been here...and was still here.

‘You don’t have to hide. I know you’re here.’

A man stepped out from the shadows. Was that a cybernetic arm I could see on him? I smiled inwardly. Stupid fool. Wearing something metal on him was like asking for a death sentence from me (or Erik, if Erik had found him first).

‘Do you really think a load of knives, guns and a bionic arm are going to stop me?’
I asked, trying not to laugh.

The man just stood where he was. He was wearing some sort of face cloth that covered the bottom half of his face so I couldn’t make him out clearly...but his eyes were familiar. All he was doing was frowning at me. I inched forward and so did he, knife ready in case I attacked.

‘You really are a stupid fool. Or did you forget that I can control metal?’

‘...You know me Magneta?’ he asked, still frowning.

It was as if he recognised me but couldn’t remember where he had seen me before. I smiled sadly.

‘If you are who I think you are then yes we knew each other. Many years ago that was.’

The knife wasn’t steadying but the eyes told a different story. They were looking right through me, trying to remember who I was. Now I really felt sorry for what father must’ve went through back in his Weapon X days trying to regain his memory.

‘You’re lying.’

I shook my head.

‘No I’m not. Trust me. You and I go way back. The war-’

‘Don’t mention it!’ he yelled, hands over his hears and closing his eyes, as if in pain.

‘We worked together with Captain America. Remember him?’ I went on, ignoring the outburst.

He glanced at me. There was pain in those eyes...but pain of a different sort. He shook his head and ran at me with the knife. I blocked the blow with a raised arm and we just stood like that, inches from each other’s face.

Then he blinked in surprise.

‘Kayleigh Fox?’

‘Kayleigh Elizabeth Howlett now’ I corrected him with a little smile.

I was trying not to cry with joy. I gently removed the face cloth. He didn’t even flinch or back away as I thought he’d do.

‘Hello James Barnes’ I whispered.

Bucky just stood there looking stunned before, much my surprise and shock, he kissed me.


To be continued

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Chapter 6

That night I dreamt.

I was seventeen and had only been with Captain America for a week. He had yet to take me on any of his more bigger missions so I occasionally, with help from a friend of his called Bucky, “cleaned up the streets” every now and again. Bucky was three years older than me, making him twenty. He often went with Steve on the missions instead of me but also, like me, argued that I was ready for them.

‘Steve said “no” again didn’t he Bucky?’ I asked him as we met for the cinema that evening.

I was in a black dress (wearing a dark red wig to hide my cat ears and my tail was tucked underneath my dress), Bucky was in his uniform. He sat next to me in the taxi. Not a happy man. Ok, that answered my question for me.

‘I’ll try again after our date Kitty’ he grumbled.

‘It’s not a date Bucky. We’re just friends on a night out that’s all’ I corrected him, ‘come on Bucky; it’s the cinema. For now, let’s just escape to the realm of movies for now and not think about war.’

I shifted slightly in my seat. It was hard to forget about the war since I had already been a part of it. I sighed sadly and thought of my cousin Max. I wondered where he was right now since I hadn’t seen him for two years. My thought was that if Steve was able to take me with him, maybe somewhere along the way I’d run into Max again for the first time in two years.

‘You’re thinking about your cousin again aren’t you Kitty?’

My mind drifted back to the present day.

‘Sorry’ I apologised, ‘I mean, I know Max was upset over his family’s deaths but that didn’t mean that he’d have to take it out on me. I wonder if he, like me, is regretting what happened after when we broke out of that camp.’

Bucky sighed heavily. Some evening this was turning out to be. All he wanted was a pleasant evening with me and nothing else...and yet here we were grumbling about one thing or another.

In fact, the air cleared the moment we got to the cinema. I hadn’t seen “Snow White” for a few years and I could remember when Max and I went to see it. Oh how Max had moaned, saying he’d rather be watching “The Mark of Zorro” instead of some fairytale cartoon! I had to give myself a silent kick partway through the film when I thought about that.

When it had finished, I had to try and hide the fact that I was crying from Bucky, mostly because it was one of those sort of films that you could easily cry on.

‘I tripped’ was my lame excuse.

‘Come on Kitty; I know that’s not true!’ he grinned, ‘I saw you, the moment Prince Charming came on singing that were sobbing!’

I laughed.

‘Well, let’s cheer things up a bit shall we? There’s a restaurant not far from here and I’m starving’ Bucky went on, still grinning.

Chapter 7

The next morning I had promised Bucky that, if he really wanted, we could start going out with each other. Later on that day, Bucky had gotten killed when someone had shot him off a train and, as a result, fell off a cliff. By then I had seen so much death (do to the death camp) that it didn’t bother me. Then Steve got frozen in ice after he had crash-landed the Red Skull’s jet.

The old memories quietly slipped away as I slowly opened my eyes. It was cloudy and threatening rain. Normally the sign of a storm coming. Then I realised that I was on the floor and had curled up Bucky’s arms.

Shit! I thought, instantly bolting up onto my feet.

Bucky didn’t even stir. At least our clothes were still on thank God. I walked quietly over to the sofa and sat there. My face was neutral but, in reality, I was concentrating hard.

Erik, sorry to wake you up like this but, we had a visitor last night. I’m fine. Our fears were right; it was Bucky. He’s changed Erik. Well, his uniform’s changed. I think I’ve managed to seduce him. Again, my apologies Erik I finished, and wake up Steve whilst you’re there. I need both of you. Until then, I’ll try and keep Bucky occupied.

I was no telepath but I was able to send my thoughts through magnetic pulse waves to Erik. At least it’ll mean that he wouldn’t jump to any conclusions...which was what I was worried about.

Considering mine and Banshee’s past together, when I was suffering from no memory of ever meeting him before when I was looking for Erik, I had slept with him. That resulted in mine and Sean’s daughter Theresa being born. Erik was, thankfully, understandable about the whole thing when he found out. Now it seemed that history had repeated its self but vice versa.

Five minutes after I had sent Erik that message, Bucky seemed to slowly wake up. It took him, like me, a few moments to remember why he was there on the floor.

‘Morning sleepy-head’ I said.

Bucky looked up at me, sitting on the sofa and slowly sat up facing me.

‘What time is it Kayleigh?’ Bucky asked me, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he did so.

‘I’m judging that it’s half-eight in the morning’ I replied, ‘well, I’m only saying that since the only clock in this room is the one on my laptop.’

I noticed Bucky kept rubbing his head, as if he had a headache or something.

‘You alright?’ I asked, frowning.

‘Yeah. It’s just that...well, some memories came back last night whilst I was asleep and they’re giving me a right headache’ he answered.

That was when I noticed for the first time that Bucky had a slight Russian accent. Huh?


‘Pardon?’ he asked, looking at me.

‘Explain costume and the accent.’

I was serious, Bucky could see that. He shook his head.

‘Maybe some other time Kayleigh. Not now.’

That was when Magneto and Captain America barged in and everything was ruined.

Chapter 8

The next bit happened very quickly. Bucky shot up off the floor and quickly pulled his face cloth over half his face and, at the same time, Captain America flung his shield at him. Bucky caught it in one swift movement and threw it back at our former mentor but Magneto stopped it magnetically in mid-flight and gently glided it towards Captain America.

‘You don’t have to do this Bucky’ he said.

‘Really? I’ve got every reason to do this Captain’ Bucky snarled at him, ‘especially since you left me to die!’

I sighed heavily and shook my head. Here we go. Finger pointing.

‘None of you is to blame for his death’ I sighed.

‘You stay out of this Magneta’ Bucky snarled at me.

I gave him a furious look and found out that I wanted to blast him out the window, regardless of our former relationship. Before I had time to think about doing such a move to him, Bucky quickly whipped out a small container from his belt and sprayed it at Captain America and Magneto before they could do so much as step forward. They collapsed instantly.

‘A small sedative. Nothing serious’ he explained, ‘they’ll be out for a couple of hours and will wake up with nasty headaches. Nothing more than they deserve.’

I moved forward. That was it; I had had it with Bucky. I would’ve delivered a magnetic punch at him…had he not sprayed the same contents in my face as well.

‘I’m sorry Magneta but I hoped that it wouldn’t come to this’ Bucky apologised to me before all went black.

Chapter 9

I heard a voice that sounded distant in the sea of blackness. I felt someone gently touch my hand and I slowly woke up to Bucky watching over me. I was lying on a table, arms and legs strapped aside.

‘Give me one very good reason why I shouldn’t rip that bionic arm right out of its socket and shove it down your throat’ I snarled at him.

I was glad to see Bucky flinch at my words.

‘Well, one thing Magneta; your magnetic powers are neutralised’ he said, ‘so, unless you’ve got other abilities that I don’t know of, then you can’t do anything other than throw verbal abuse at me’ Bucky added with a grim smile.

‘You promised me an explanation James Barnes!’ I snapped angrily, ‘one way or another I will get some from you!’

Bucky looked so hurt that I regretted snapping at him. He pulled up a chair that was from a nearby table and sat facing me.

‘What I’m about to tell you Magneta will be uncomfortable to hear-’

‘Get on with it!’ I snarled.

He sighed heavily and sadly and began.

‘Firstly; I’ll explain the new costume. “Bucky” is no longer my name. Or at least up until the Russians gave me this. My name is the Winter Solider’ he explained, ‘and I’m supposed to be an assassin.’

I went cold. If I hadn’t been lying on a table I was sure I might’ve fainted at the news.

Bucky also told me how they brainwashed him before each mission and cleared his original memories before he had supposedly “died” after being shot off a moving train. They had found Bucky and saved him but turned him into a brainwashed assassin in the process. That was until the Russians had recently sent him to America because a guy wanted him for an assignment; mainly to finish me of that was.

‘And here we are’ the Winter Solider- Bucky- finished.

‘So, who wants me dead...besides you that is?’ I asked.

‘Magneta; I don’t want to kill you. I never did. You saved me from doing what I had to do to you.’

‘You still brought me here though.’

‘You were meant to be either dead or alive’ the Winter Solider explained, ‘preferably dead.’

That was a reassuring thought.

‘So, who are you working for then Winter Solider?’ I asked, since I couldn’t think of him as Bucky anymore now, not after what he’d told me.

The Winter Solider was about to reply when-

‘He’s working for me Magneta…for now at least’ a familiar voice replied, stepping out from the shadows.

Chapter 10

I hissed angrily.

‘Mister Sinister!’ I snarled.

‘I also wanted to see what your reaction would be when you to reunited. I knew you had been recently reunited with Captain America so I thought about reuniting you with the Winter Solider to see what reaction I’d get. As I’ve told you before Magneta; I’ve been watching you since day one’ Mister Sinister explained, ‘I must say, the results were better than I’d hoped for.’

‘What do you want Sinister? Aside from a kick in the butt that is!’

‘You’ve been causing me so much trouble over the years Magneta. I thought it best to end your existence. I had counted on the Winter Solider here to do that to you…but it looks like he got a little bit distracted with his own memories. You know, I should’ve asked the Russians to erase his memories of you before asking them to send him over here. That way Winter Solider here wouldn’t have gotten distracted so easily.’

I had never seen the Winter Solider- Bucky- look so angry before and I never wanted to see him so angry again. I was sure that if he had mutant abilities, the Winter Solider would’ve used them then and there without any arguments.

‘For now Magneta’ Mister Sinister went on, ‘your magnetic powers are neutralised whilst you’re bound to that table.’

He pulled out a mug of something from a draw.

‘So, since our assassin over there failed to kill you, I’m going to have to give you a fate worse than death Magneta.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Now that’ll be telling you now wouldn’t it Magneta?’ he replied nastily.

The liquid in the beaker looked and smelled bad but it seemed like I had no choice.

‘Fine then Sinister’ I snarled.

The Winter Solider looked at me as if I had gone crazy and not him.


‘Be silent!’ Mister Sinister snapped at him,

With that, he thwacked the Winter Solider aside so hard that he went flying onto a table full of science stuff and was out cold instantly. Just like that. I gulped, more frightened for the Winter Solider than for myself.

‘Come on Magneta; I haven’t got all day.’

I nodded, glaring at Mister Sinister as I did so and gulped down what was in the beaker. It was disgusting and I felt like I wanted to be sick. My head started to spin.

‘You might feel dizzy at first Magneta but the real effect won’t take place until twenty-four hours from now. I just hope your husband will be in a generous mood when they appear’ he smiled nastily, leaving the room.

Once more, my world went blank.


To be continued

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I got through the first 6 chapters. Good stuff so far!

Do you want us to comment right in the story thread?

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Feral Female @ Oct 2 2013, 09:24 AM wrote: I got through the first 6 chapters. Good stuff so far!

Do you want us to comment right in the story thread?
I don't mind either way :-) . Thanks for the comment too :-)

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Good work so far Magneta. I love the fact that Magneta is only 17 but is married to Magneto. That girl is a total golddigger lol [j/k]

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Miles_Warren @ Oct 2 2013, 07:41 PM wrote: Good work so far Magneta. I love the fact that Magneta is only 17 but is married to Magneto. That girl is a total golddigger lol [j/k]
Magneta was only 17 in the flashback (she wasn't married to Magneto then but he had been her boyfriend until they split up) but I think if you're talking about the rest of the story, she's a grown woman. No the lady isn't a gold-digger but the men from her childhood seem to fall for her through no intentions of her own. The only character that hasn't fallen for Magneta from her childhood days but is still her friend is Deadpool lol. She'd rather be with Magneto any day, despite the fact that she still has some feelings for Banshee and Bucky.

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Oh whoops my mistake. Better re-read that. Sound like Magneta's love-life is compliccated. Should be fun reading what will happen next lol

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There, all caught up!

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Miles_Warren @ Oct 3 2013, 11:23 PM wrote: Oh whoops my mistake. Better re-read that. Sound like Magneta's love-life is compliccated. Should be fun reading what will happen next lol
Yeah it kinda is. Poor girl but luckily she can shake it off and get on with things. I think it's poor Bucky that one needs to be feeling sorry for; imagine after just recovering from being brainwashed and finding the lady that would've been your girlfriend married to someone else.

Feral: Thanks!

Next chapters hopefully should be tomorrow afternoon.

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Chapter 11

I woke up slowly to the sound of someone fumbling with the metal strap on my left arm, trying to get it loose. I grabbed their wrist and felt them jump.

‘When we get out of here’ I snarled at the Winter Solider, waking up, ‘you’re going to be in so much trouble with me that you’ll wish youhad died back then!’

The Winter Solider sighed heavily.

‘I told you before Magneta; I don’t want to kill you’ he said firmly.

The coldness in the Winter Soldier’s voice made me flinch and I clamped my mouth shut. He nodded in satisfaction as I let go of his wrist and with one smooth movement, used a karate chop with his bionic arm to break the metal strap.
I would’ve let him continue with the others but I told him not to.

‘You can’t use your powers-’

‘I’m not going to use them.’

I gritted my teeth- this next bit I knew was going to be painful- and pulled on my other one. After quite a bit of digging into my skin, it did snap. There was a cut on my arm that quickly healed, much to the Winter Soldier’s amazement.

‘You never had a healing ability back in the war Magneta.’

‘You can thank Sinister for that’ I explained, ‘alright, now for my feet.’

‘Please; at least let me break them free.’

‘You can do well to stay away from me Winter Solider!’ I snapped.

‘Oh so this is the thanks I get for trying to help you and stop Mister Sinister from killing you or making your life worse for you Magneta?’ he asked me angrily, arms folded, ‘I think I might as well go back to Russia and make them erase my memories of you then if that’s how you’re going to be.’

Now it was my turn to be hurt.

‘Sorry Bucky’ I apologised quietly.

The Winter Soldier’s face softened and he gave me a little smile.

‘At least let me break one of them free before you hurt yourself further Magneta.’

The Winter Solider would’ve done so…had Captain America not flung his shield just where the Winter Soldier’s hand had been on the metal strap seconds before and breaking it instead.

Chapter 12

The Winter Solider spun around, glaring at Captain America and Magneto whom were both standing in the doorway of the room.

‘I thought you two were sleeping?’

‘Guinevere woke us up’ Captain America explained, ‘even if it did sort of hurt at the same time.’

‘Step away from Magneta and I promise you’ll walk out of here with that bionic arm still attached to your body Bucky’ Magneto growled.

‘My name isn’t “Bucky”!’ the Winter Solider snapped at him, ‘not anymore and you know it Magneto!’

I sighed heavily. The Winter Solider clearly had anger management issues here or his outbursts (from what I had seen) wouldn’t have been for nothing.

‘Oh yes I know who you are’ the Winter Solider went on, ignoring me completely, ‘don’t think that just because I get brainwashed and put asleep at the end of every mission doesn’t mean that I don’t know you. As I recall you were the one who ditched Magneta in the first place you know.’

Magneto’s eyes narrowed dangerously at that.

‘Careful how you speak.’

‘Um, guys; aren’t we forgetting someone?’

The three of them looked at me. The Winter Solider blinked;; I had managed to get my right leg free and I was standing up, hands on hips...and not very happy either.

‘Let’s just get out of here before Sinister shows up...oh’ I said.

Next thing I knew I swooned...and fell into Magneto’s arms before the Winter Solider could do anything about it.

‘Magneta?’ Magneto asked me uneasily.

‘My head...spinning’ I groaned.

‘What did you do to her?’ Captain America asked the Winter Solider angrily.

I didn’t do anything’ was the reply I heard before I blacked out entirely.

Chapter 13

When I next woke up, I was lying in mine and Erik’s bedroom at Howlett Mansion. Erik was sitting on the other side of the bed. I hugged him hard.

‘How long was I out for Erik?’ I asked him.

‘A few hours Kayleigh. Nothing serious as far as I can see but your friend downstairs told us that Sinister had forced you to drink something. He wouldn’t say what had been in it though because he looked nervous when I asked him and wouldn’t look me in the eyes. Steve is having a very long word with the Winter Solider. That’s not the only thing they’ve been arguing about; mostly the crimes the Winter Solider has done-’

‘Oh for God’s sake Erik!’ I snapped, getting up out of bed, ‘the Winter Solider has every right to say that! He was brainwashed; none of what he did was his fault!’

I was a bit unsteady at first but I eventually shoved my way past Erik (good old healing factor) and stormed down to the sitting-room where I was beginning to hear raised voices. I flung open the door, making both men jump and stopping their argument instantly.

‘I hope both of you realise how stupid this argument is’ I said angrily, ‘if anyone around here understands what Bucky has had to go through is should be me. My father was a brainwashed experiment and as a result he nearly killed me by accident. Bucky isn’t the first brainwashed guy I’ve had to face in my life and I’m lucky that Bucky doesn’t have mutant powers. You want to accuse him of crimes Steve? Go and have a quick talk with my father before you go and lock up the guy who had been your best friend. None of this was Bucky’s fault and you know it Steve.’

‘I can understand your point of view Kayleigh but-’

‘But nothing!’ I snapped, ‘God! Do you always have to be so suborn Steve?!’

‘He could’ve killed you Kayleigh-’

‘I can take care of myself Mr Rogers. Idiot! Why is everyone so over protective with me?! I’m the most powerful mutant in the world!’

I gave Steve such a furious look that he backed down slightly at my temper. I let out a heavy sigh.

‘I can understand your anger Kayleigh; I don’t want this anymore than you do-’

‘Do you Steve? Because it certainly doesn’t look like it’ I growled.

‘Steve’s right though Kayleigh’ said Bucky with a sigh, finally speaking up.

I looked at him.

‘As much as I appreciate you sticking up for me, I do need to be tried for what I’ve done’ he went on.

My temper seemed to have melted back into calm, surprisingly since I was still upset over everything. I walked over to Bucky. I could still see the man that I had spent hours of training with, with Steve looking on at us. This was going to be worse than the day I had almost said “no” to when he asked me out after telling me to move on from Erik. I was afraid of losing my friend again.

‘You can’t do this Bucky. You realise that they’ll lock you up and throw away the key?’

‘It’s a risk but I think I can manage it Kayleigh’ he replied with a sad smile.

I gave out a sob...and hugged him hard. It was hard to tell who was more surprised out of the three of them; Bucky, Steve or Erik.

‘Bucky? We have to go’ said Steve, breaking up the moment.

I looked at Steve. There was regret in his face I was glad to see. Bucky nodded sadly and followed Steve out the sitting-room door, glancing back at me and Erik sadly as he did so.

Chapter 14

‘They left? Just like that?’

That afternoon, I had gone to the X-Men’s mansion where father was staying (for now at least) and I was in his room. I had just told him what had happened, since I had promised to tell him when this Winter Solider fiasco finished.

‘Father; this is stupid. Bucky went through the same phase you went through during and after the Weapon X program’ I said, ‘Bucky doesn’t deserve any of this. Same as you had.’

‘Do you have any idea what he’s done as an assassin Kayleigh?’ father asked me with a heavy sigh, ‘my line of work was different to his and you know it.’
I was almost in tears. I was hoping that, out of all the people, I knew father was the one to at least side with me.

‘Please father!’ I begged, placing my hands gently on his, ‘none of this was his fault! Bucky wasn’t in his right mind; just like you were!’

We looked at each other; father was looking at me with pity because he knew I was worried about a friend and there was nothing we could do about it, and me looking at him coming close to tears. Father pulled me in close for a hug.

‘I know you’re worried Kayleigh but there’s nothing we can do for him right now.’

‘Typical; I spend many years away from a friend and when we’re back together it’s only for a few days and then I lose them again.’

It had happened with Banshee as well.

‘Do you think Bucky will be alright father?’ I asked, pulling away from him.

‘I don’t see why he shouldn’t be Kayleigh. It’s not as if...well, you know.’

I nodded, knowing what he meant. With a sigh, I got up and walked towards the door.

‘Just a moment Kayleigh’ said father, making me turn around, ‘is it just me or do you smell...different?’

‘How different?’ I frowned at him.

‘...Like...I don’t “something is missing”- or starting to disappear- different.’

My frown deepened. Father shook his head.

‘It’s probably nothing but you’d best keep an eye open, especially if Sinister has given you something like he did back there. Whatever it is, I think it’s starting to take effect but I’m not sure what it is yet.’

I nodded slowly, still frowning as I left the room.

The End


Next issue: Dying Powers

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06 Oct 2013, 10:27 #12

Very enjoyable!

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06 Oct 2013, 12:03 #13

Feral Female @ Oct 6 2013, 11:27 AM wrote: Very enjoyable!
My thanks Feral!

I admit the scene after Magneta and Bucky had gone to the movies was actually loosely based on after a friend and I had been watching 'Romeo and Juliet' in class. After the film had finished, I was crying (quietly mind you) and when my friend- who was sitting next to me- turned around and noticed me crying, she said quietly "Anyone asks, I'll tell them you tripped up." Thankfully no-one actually noticed and I don't think I've been so embarrassed since :oops: .

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Dying Powers

Chapter 1

Bucky had been sitting in his cell for only twelve hours when he heard his cell door open. He was surprised when he looked up and saw someone in the doorway.

‘You have ten minutes’ the guard outside said, ‘anything you want to say to him, say it.’

The person turned around…and smiled sadly at him.

‘Kayleigh Howlett? What are you doing here?’ Bucky blinked in surprise as he came over to hug me, ‘of course, I’m glad you’re here anyway. I see your wearing the old disguise again’ he added in a whisper that only I could hear.

My eyes went to the floor sadly and I let go of Bucky.

‘Actually Bucky, humans and mutants have gotten on swimmingly with each other for years amazingly.’

‘Then why do you look upset Kayleigh?’ he asked, sitting back down on the bench.

I swallowed a lump in my throat which almost caused me to cry anyway and I looked at him.

‘My powers have gone.’

We just looked at each other; Bucky looking at me with his mouth hanging open like he couldn’t believe his ears and me looking like I wanted nothing more to do than to start crying.

‘At least…my magnetic abilities have gone that is as well as my cat-like ears and tail and animal senses. Oh and the healing ability. It’s tiring trying to walk around in a metal skeleton all the time now though’ I explained, coming close to a sob and sitting down next to him.

‘Does Erik know anything about this Kayleigh?’

I shook my head.

‘I only realised this morning when I woke up. Erik is a heavy sleeper at times Bucky unless I wake him up that is…and he’s not too keen on humans shall we say and just leave it at that.’

‘Well, you’re not exactly human Kayleigh’ said Bucky, ‘not with only two powers left.’

‘I’m going to find Mister Sinister and when I do, he’ll be wanting to give me back my powers when I give him what he deserves.’

‘How are you going to do that? It’s not like you can just use your magnetic powers against him-’

‘You have one minute!’

‘Look, I have to go Bucky’ I said, getting up, ‘I’ll find a way to get my powers back. If you weren’t in here, I’d ask you to help me. What’s happening with you?’

‘I’m getting shipped back to Russia’ he replied, looking uncomfortable.

I didn’t know what to say to Bucky to ease his mind of what he was going through. He gave me a grim smile as the guard told us our time was up. I gave Bucky one last hug before following the guard out of his cell.

Chapter 2

Erik woke up later that morning to find my half of the bed empty. He shrugged. It wasn’t unusual since I was almost always up before Erik in the mornings. What surprised him was that I wasn’t in the kitchen or in the sitting-room at Howlett Mansion.

Strange; Kayleigh isn’t here. Normally she’d leave me a note to say she was doing something Erik thought.

Using his magnetic powers, Erik tried to locate me on the mansion grounds. Nothing. His first instinct was to ring father up to see if I was with the X-Men.

‘Kayleigh isn’t here Erik’ father replied on the phone.

‘Well, she isn’t here either Logan. I would’ve thought if she was anywhere, she’d be there with you. Kayleigh was still upset over what happened between her and Steve yesterday afternoon when they were arguing about Bucky.’

‘I can’t say I blame her; Kayleigh has always been fiercely protective over people she cares about Erik. Even if it’s someone she doesn’t get on with- like Scott Summers for instance- she’d still fight for them, whether they like it or not.’

Erik nodded. He could remember the time when we had been reunited and I was trying to convince the X-Men, especially Scott, that Erik was no longer bad. Not that he appreciated me trying to stand up for him of course but Erik did wonder at the time if anyone would listen to me.

‘Well, at least have Jean look for her on Cerebro, Logan’ said Erik, ‘I’ll look for Kayleigh around the forest. She can’t be too far of.’

Erik sighed heavily as he put the phone down. This was going to be a long day.

Chapter 3

Two soldiers were patrolling the corridor of once of Mister Sinister’s secret layers. They didn’t seem to be doing a really good job of it because they weren’t looking up to where I was hiding…at least until I pounced on them that was. Whipping out my swords, the fight only took half a minute before they were unconscious.

I leaned against the wall, panting. This would’ve been easier if I had my mutant powers. Suddenly I could hear voices up ahead. Alarmed voices.

Brilliant I thought angrily, they heard me. Well, can’t do much about it right now. Might as well get this over with.

Three more soldiers came hurrying round the corner, alerted by the noise. Again I let my mind concentrate on the weapons that they’d have but nothing happened. So much for testing my magnetic powers every now and again to see if they’d work or not. I refused to believe that Mister Sinister’s formula was permanent.

‘There!’ someone shouted, pointing at me.

I smiled grimly.

‘You know, if my magnetic powers were working, you’d be choking on your weapons by now.’

They probably would’ve fired at me then and there…had someone else not leaped from their hiding place on the ceiling.

‘Hello all you happy people!’ Deadpool called happily, swords out, attacking the soldiers with them.

I could’ve laughed had I not been so tired.

‘My my; is this how you treat a guest? I’m disappointed’ he went on.

The fight was brutal but swift. A minute later, three more soldiers were lying on the floor unconscious. Deadpool looked up at me, grinning from ear to ear. I shook my head, chuckling.

‘You always did have a way with words Deadpool’ I said, ‘thanks.’

‘No problem Magneta. What brings you here? If I’m aloud to ask that is.’

I told him everything that happened of late. His eyes went wide when I had mentioned Bucky (although as the Winter Soldier).

‘You’ve heard of him…right?’ I asked, noticing Deadpool’s face.

‘Oh yeah; we fought each other once. The Winter Solider wasn’t happy to see me, although that might have something to do with the fact that I spoiled his assassination attempt at the time’ Deadpool explained, chuckling at the memory.

I gave a little smile but it quickly vanished when I remembered what Bucky had actually told me about his former “job”. I was still trying to come to terms with him being bad.

‘Anyway…you said you came here to find Mister Sinister, right Magneta?’

I nodded.

‘Well, hard luck lady; he’s not here.’

‘Any ideas where me might be?’ I asked Deadpool, frowning.

‘No but it occurred to your father when Erik rang him up to say you’d gone walkies this morning to send me to find you Magneta. Logan was concerned as well as Erik where you’d disappeared off to so quickly. Back on topic though; I think we might know who to ask where Mister Sinister might be.’

I tilted my head to one side in curiosity. Deadpool chuckled.

‘I hope you’re up for a “smash and grab”- at least, in a way- operation Magneta.’

Chapter 4

When Deadpool said “smash and grab”, I was thinking that he’d mean we’d be robbing a bank…although why Deadpool would is beyond me I thought as I walked down a corridor.

It was later on that afternoon that I soon found myself with Deadpool watching a ship; the ship that would take Bucky back to Russia. I wasn’t complaining but I didn’t like the idea of sneaking onto a ship that I knew was going to have armed guards patrolling all the time, without my magnetic powers. This was clearly asking for a death sentence. Not that I was afraid- far from it actually- but, still, it would be nice to have done this sort of thing with my magnetic abilities rather than without them.

The plan was to bust Bucky out from there and see if he knew where Sinister would be next. Or at least, it was my job to bust him out whilst Deadpool created a distraction. Whilst we’d sneaked onto the ship, I had made a grab for a spare uniform from a empty changing room.

Ok; I think this is the right cell I thought, stopping outside a cell door.

I unlocked it with the key that I had taken from a guard that I had knocked unconscious a few feet back. On thinking back to Deadpool’s idea of “smash and grab” and my before-said vision, I chuckled silently before I pushed the cell door open.

Bucky had been pacing up and down in his cell when I came in and he looked up, slightly surprised at seeing- what he thought was seeing- a female prison officer coming in. He would’ve thought that she was delivering his food like they normally did but Bucky had second thoughts when I closed the door and removed my helmet.

‘Magneta? What are you doing here?!’ Bucky hissed, slightly annoyed and worried, much to my own annoyance.

‘Getting you out of here Bucky’ I replied, annoyed, ‘so don’t get yourself worked-up in a flap!’

‘Do you have any idea what you’re doing?!’

‘We’ve not much time and the more you start flapping and worrying about me Bucky, the more we’re going to be delayed and miss our diversion!’ I snapped, shoving a bag at him.

He caught it.

‘I thought your Winter Solider costume would be better clothing attire than your orange prison clothes’ I explained, turning around so that my back was to him.

Bucky hesitated for a bit before getting dressed.

‘Why are you here Magneta?’ he asked me.

‘I need your help; I want to know where Mister Sinister is and, thinking that you were the last person to work with him, I thought you might know something Bucky.’

A silence behind me.

‘Sinister never told me much but he does have a layer just outside New York somewhere. I think that’s where he might be but I’m not sure. I was only told to assassinate you Magneta. Nothing much more than that’ he replied uneasily, ‘you can turn around now. I’m decent.’

I did...and I had to admit Bucky looked good in that costume, more than his old one. In fact, Bucky looked more deadly.

‘Then let’s go and meet up with our diversion then’ I said with a little smile.

To be continued

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07 Oct 2013, 20:44 #15

I'm up to Chapter 13. I love the character of Magneta so far. I really like the way you managed to fit her in the Marvel mythology.

However, the thing I enjoy most is the way you write. Everything flows smoothly which makes it easy for the reader to read. I'll read the rest tomorrow :grin:

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Doesn`t Wade just light up a story? Well done.

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Miles_Warren @ Oct 7 2013, 09:44 PM wrote: I'm up to Chapter 13. I love the character of Magneta so far. I really like the way you managed to fit her in the Marvel mythology.

However, the thing I enjoy most is the way you write. Everything flows smoothly which makes it easy for the reader to read. I'll read the rest tomorrow  :grin:
Thanks Miles! I actually use a mix of the Marvel films and the comics in my fan fictions (I think from what I've seen of the Winter Soldier from Captain America 2 so far it looks like a face cloth he's wearing on the photos but I can't actually tell). Anyway, glad you like Magneta :-D. It's a lot easier to read it on here than it is on the boards since I have to do some editing to them to make them more family friendly and, as a result, it sounds silly...

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Feral Female @ Oct 8 2013, 09:23 AM wrote: Doesn`t Wade just light up a story? Well done.
Thanks Feral! I've actually liked Deadpool since 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and it was Ryan Reynold's performance on there that got me interested in the character. As a result, I try and have some of Ryan's performance in my fan fics whenever I write Deadpool.


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09 Oct 2013, 08:33 #19

I could feel Ryan`s influence on the character. I`ve been a fan of the Merc with the Mouth since the Joe Kelly days, so my ears always perk up with Wade is in a story.

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Feral Female @ Oct 9 2013, 09:33 AM wrote: I could feel Ryan`s influence on the character. I`ve been a fan of the Merc with the Mouth since the Joe Kelly days, so my ears always perk up with Wade is in a story.
It's kinda sad that not many people actually liked Ryan's performance (from what I've heard at least). I liked Deadpool's costume more on that film than his comic costume (I think Ryan would look silly in spandex, complete with eye holes in Deadpool's mask). I just hope that when they do the Deadpool film it gets above that stupid 12a (or PG-13 from where you are). Should be either a 15 or 18. I'm sick of every superhero film that comes out from Marvel or DC and it gets a 12a rating when most are way too mature for that stupid rating.

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I agree totally on Deadpool needing a hard R rating IF they ever make the damned movie. Anything less and Wade will be to constricted.

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Chapter 5

Bodies littered the floor as we moved up a floor. I sighed heavily.

This wasn’t what I thought when you said you were going to be the diversion Deadpool I thought, irritated.

We could hear sounds of fighting.

‘There’s got to be some of these men that are still alive’ I muttered, looking at them.

Sadly, without my animal senses, I couldn’t tell a corpse from a body. The Winter Solider and I followed the fighting sounds (and bodies) to the outside deck.

‘Him again’ the Winter Solider growled angrily, noticing Deadpool for the first time.

Deadpool chose that moment to look up.

‘Hey; look who it is. Glad to see you’re up on your feet’ Deadpool called over, ‘still upset that I spoiled your assassination attempt the last time we met?’

The Winter Solider snarled, clearly not happy to see him. Deadpool grinned and continued fighting his way through the mob of guards. I handed the Winter Solider a sword.

‘I hope you can sword fight Winter Solider’ I said, ‘oh and no killing’ I added, giving him a firm look.

‘Come on Magneta; what makes you think I’m going to kill these guys?’ he asked me, slightly amused but I had already gone and joined Deadpool.

By now we had made it to the edge of the ship. I could just see the dock from where we where but it was growing fainter.

‘We have to jump’ said Deadpool.

I looked at him, suddenly wide-eyed in fear.

‘Tell me you’re joking’ I managed to say.

‘No choice Mags’ Deadpool said, leaping off.

I felt the Winter Solider grab my hand and I looked up at him.

‘Ready?’ he asked me.

Before I had time to reply we both leaped, with me screaming, into the water.

Chapter 6

The three of us resurfaced once we were cleared of the ship. I was trembling violently, clinging onto the Winter Solider as best I could.

‘You two alright?’ Deadpool asked, swimming over to us.

‘No…’ I managed to say, still trembling.

The Winter Solider looked at Deadpool frowning at my reaction.

‘I’ll explain later.’

The Winter Solider seemed glad that Deadpool was now looking guilty as charged for some reason.

‘Can we get out of the water please?’ I asked, my voice shaking.

‘I’ve a hide-out in one of the crates at the dock’ said Deadpool as we started to head towards the shore, ‘we should go there for now.’

‘Can you swim Magneta?’ the Winter Solider asked me quietly.

‘Why do you think I’m clinging onto you?’

That was when he noticed the look on my face for the first time. I looked terrified and ready to pass out any minute. Carefully, the Winter Solider helped me get onto his back.

‘Just hang in there as best you can Magneta’ he reassured me as he followed Deadpool, ‘we’ll be there soon, I promise.’

Chapter 7

It wasn’t long till we got to the docks. About nearly an hour at least. By then, I was desperately trying to cling on to the Winter Solider, despite the fact that I was just about to pass out from terror of the water.

Deadpool pulled himself up and helped the Winter Solider get me up as well. The Winter Solider climbed up last. I was lying on the dock, trembling. Despite the fact that the Winter Solider was panting from the swim, he was able to pick me up and carry me in his arms as he followed Deadpool.

I kept passing out in the Winter Soldier’s arms so I didn’t see much of what was happening. We eventually reached a red create that looked abandoned and went in. The next thing I knew, the lights were on in it and I was being laid down on a bed.

The inside of the create, from what I could see, was like a small office with just one bed where I was.

‘Will she be alright Deadpool? This was your idea’ the Winter Solider snarled at him.

‘A guy named Black Tom tried to drown Magneta when she was little one summer. Magneta has had a fear of deep water since. When she had suffered memory loss from when her mother got raped and murdered and from when her magnetic powers first showed, Magneta had always hated going into the water at the beach although she didn’t know why at the time’ Deadpool explained to him.

The Winter Solider frowned.

‘During the one week Magneta and I knew each other, me, Steve and Peggy all went to the beach on one of our rare days off. Magneta was terrified of going near the water but she wouldn’t say why’ the Winter Solider said, remembering something.

Deadpool nodded.

‘You’ve only got Black Tom to blame for that. Anyway, we need to rest…and I think Magneta knows that better than anyone else right now.’

Chapter 8

Jean Grey removed her Cerebro helmet and placed it down on the table in front of her. She didn’t move for a long time as she sighed sadly at the screen, wondering what to tell Erik.

Erik’s going to throw a fit when he finds out that Kayleigh nearly human Jean thought sadly, she almost didn’t appear on the mutant section of Cerebro.

‘Jean; you alright in there?’ came Scott Summers’ voice from the door.

I need a private word with you Scott Jean replied.

A few seconds later, Scott came in through the door. Before he could ask her what was wrong, Jean told him everything that she’d found out. There was an uneasy silence between them.

‘So, what do I tell Erik? You know he hates humans Scott’ Jean said, ‘this’ll break his heart.’

‘Not really Jean. This is Kayleigh Howlett we’re talking about. Erik’s been in love with her before she was even a mutant. He’ll still love her either way Jean. Trust me on this.’

Jean nodded. Scott had a point there. She only hoped that he was right and that Erik wouldn’t be too upset over it.

Chapter 9

I didn’t wake up until late the next morning. Deadpool was at the computer and the Winter Solider was watching him, still glaring and hadn’t even glanced my way when I’d woken up.

‘Well, nice to know you’re in a happy mood’ I said, startling them both.

‘Hey, Magneta is awake’ said Deadpool, grinning.

The Winter Solider instantly forgot about his unhappy mood when he noticed I was up.

‘How’re you feeling Magneta?’ he asked.


I looked it. In fact, I looked like I wanted to hit something.

‘Um, ok, what’s up with you?’ the Winter Solider managed to ask.

‘When I next see Mister Sinister, I’m going to rearrange his armour so that he’ll never want to mess with me again!’ I shouted, at no-one in particular of course.

Both men instantly backed down from me. They both knew not to mess with me when I was close to a berserk rage. I stormed out of the create, slamming the door behind me angrily.

‘Think we should go after her?’ the Winter Solider asked Deadpool uneasily.

‘Yes but we keep our distance Winter Solider. The lady isn’t someone you’d want to be with when she’s like that, especially if she had her magnetic powers right now.’

Chapter 10

Jean told Erik what she’d found through Cerebro when they met up in the hallway later that morning. She was surprised that he’d sat through it all calmly but she could tell from his mind that he was furious with Mister Sinister for taking his wife’s powers from her.

‘There’s something that just occurred to me; you said Kayleigh almost didn’t show up on the mutant section of Cerebro, right Jean?’

Jean nodded.

‘Maybe Kayleigh still has some of her powers and that it’s only temporary?’ Erik suggested.

Jean thought about it for a bit then nodded.

‘Even so Erik, Kayleigh doesn’t know that yet. She’s still on the part of thinking that she’s human now. Why do you ask Erik?’

‘Because when Kayleigh has had her powers removed from her before and gets them back, it normally results in a magnetic explosion. A big one at that’ Erik replied, hurrying down the hallway, ‘get Scott and Logan. We need to get to Kayleigh away from any populated area before her powers return!’


To be continued

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13 Oct 2013, 12:43 #23

Well done!

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Feral Female @ Oct 13 2013, 01:43 PM wrote: Well done!
Thanks [happy]

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Chapter 11

The Winter Solider and Deadpool followed me through the crowded streets but wisely kept their distance from me. I didn’t give a damn if they were following me. It took a while but soon we were out of New York and going along the countryside.

‘Somewhere out here, right Winter Solider?’ I asked, without bothering to turn around.

‘I think so. Didn’t take a proper look at the maps and stuff’ he replied, still edgy in the mood I was in.

For the last hour or so, I had felt something bubbling inside me. Something familiar…like it wanted to come out. It never occurred to me that it could be my magnetic powers, struggling to break free. At that moment, I didn’t care less. Deadpool and the Winter Solider gave each other uneasy glances.

‘Magneta, I think you’re taking this the wrong way right now’ said Deadpool, ‘you just need to calm down-’

I whipped around and instantly both men backed down. I looked ready to explode with anger in their faces but I was, amazingly, trying to keep my voice level as I spoke.

‘If you’re so worried about what I’m doing right now Deadpool, then don’t watch. Or, better yet, leave. You as well Winter Solider.’

The Winter Solider and Deadpool didn’t dare move. I nodded in satisfaction, turned around and stormed on ahead of them.

Chapter 12

The “something inside me bubbling” had actually been detected by Magneto in the hanger where the Blackbird, the X-men’s jet, waited for him, Wolverine and Cyclops. He glanced up when he felt it just now.

Time’s running out. How long until Magneta let’s loose a full on magnetic explosion? he thought, worried.

At that moment, Wolverine and Cyclops came through the door, making Magneto look up.

‘Phoenix told us what was happening Magneto’ said Cyclops, ‘any idea where Magneta might be?’

‘I’ve tried finding her through our magnetic link. It’s very faint but she’s just outside New York right now Cyclops’ Magneto replied.

‘Well, Magneta ain’t waiting for us’ said Wolverine, ‘then again, my daughter doesn’t even know we’re coming. You sure this is wise? Magneta’s going to be upset if we try and take her away from whatever it is she’s doing with Deadpool and the Winter Solider right now…which sounds like she’s trying to get her powers back and Magneta needs their help.’

Magneto was about to follow Cyclops and Wolverine into the Blackbird when he gave out a sudden yelp, making them look at him. Magneto was crouching on the ground, in pain. He looked up at Cyclops and Wolverine.

‘It’s starting’ Magneto explained in pain.

That was all the motivation the three of them needed.

Chapter 13

Even whilst I was going up against Mister Sinister, I felt the pain that Magneto was feeling right that moment. I gave out a startled scream and clutched myself, doubling over.

‘Magneta?’ Deadpool asked me uneasily as he and the Winter Solider made a move to help me.

‘No…stay back…both of you’ I replied through gritted teeth.

‘This can’t be happening!’ said Mister Sinister, backing away slowly.

By the tone of his voice, he sounded scared.

Well, he should be I thought, all that metal armour on him…I can do so much damage to him with it on!

Slowly, I got up. Now I was pulsing with purple magnetic energy and through that energy, you could just make out the shapes of cat-like ears and tail starting to form.

‘EVERYONE DOWN!’ the Winter Solider yelled the moment he realised what was going to happen.

Deadpool, the Winter Solider and Mister Sinister all ducked as there was an explosion of purple magnetic energy and heard the sound of someone screaming in agony in the middle of it all.

Chapter 14

My scream had been joined by Magneto’s scream in the Blackbird as Magneto went flying to the other end of the jet when I had exploded.

‘Magneto!’ exclaimed both Cyclops and Wolverine.

They had only been in the air for ten minutes, which was ten minutes of agony for Magneto…until now at least. Magneto picked himself off the floor.

‘No need to concern yourselves over me. It’s Magneta you should be more concerned about. She’s near.’

‘We’ll find Magneta’ Wolverine reassured him.

‘Then hopefully the lady can give us an explanation as to why she disappeared like that and we ended up chasing after her.’

‘Technically speaking you didn’t have to go after Magneta, Cyclops’ Magneto grumbled.

‘That’s why I had sent Deadpool to find her’ Wolverine explained to Cyclops also.

‘I could’ve gone after Magneta myself you know’ Magneto went on, still feeling that he was being ignored (and not happy about it either).

A signal beeped on the graph.

‘Well, it looks like we’ve found Magneta’ said Cyclops, ignoring both Wolverine and Magneto, ‘high electromagnetic energy waves…yup, defiantly her.’

Chapter 15

The Winter Solider was feeling slightly sick. He now regretted he had a cybernetic arm because the Winter Solider realised that that was what was making him feel sick in the first place.

Thanks Magneta he thought angrily, picking himself up.

Deadpool was standing up next to the Winter Soldier. Where Sinister was, they couldn’t see but the Winter Soldier knew that he’d be more worse of than him.
I was standing in the middle of the room with purple magnetic energy swirling around me, my cat-like ears and tail flicking away. Oh yeah, and I was pissed off as hell too.

‘Where…is…he?!’ I snarled, looking for Mister Sinister.

Much to my disappointment, Sinister wasn’t there. I stepped forward to go and look for him but Deadpool laid a hand on my arm.

‘Let Sinister be Magneta. You’ve got what you came for. We should be getting back now.’

As much as I hated to admit it, Deadpool was right. I let out a heavy sigh and let my anger calm its self down. Then I realised something.

‘Where’s Bucky?’ I asked, realising he wasn’t there.

The Winter Solider was lying on the ground, not moving.

‘Bucky!’ I said, hurrying over to him.

‘Huh?! He was standing right next to me when I looked, like, two minutes ago’ Deadpool frowned.

I picked him up in my arms. The Winter Solider chuckled weakly.

‘Sorry Mags’ he said, ‘I guess I’m going to be sick for a while.’

I guiltily realised why the Winter Solider was like this.

‘It should be me that should be sorry Bucky. My magnetic powers seemed to have shut down your left arm. No wonder you’re feeling sick. It’ll be over in a few hours. This isn’t the first time I’ve lost my powers’ I explained.

The Winter Solider nodded in understanding.

‘Help me get him outside Deadpool.’

Together, Deadpool and I made our way our of Sinister’s secret layer (my revenge would have to wait another day I realised gloomily) into the bright afternoon sunshine…just in time to see the Blackbird touch down.

Chapter 16

‘Well, that was unexpected’ said Deadpool, ‘I thought Wolverine told me- and me only- to find you Magneta. I didn’t think he’d come along with some X-Men as well.’

I didn’t care; I was too glad to see whoever was in the Blackbird as I walked over.

‘The Winter Solider needs help’ I told Cyclops before he could say anything as I handed him the Winter Solider.

Cyclops opened his mouth and closed it in protest.

‘Just make sure his cybernetic arm keeps functioning’ I explained, ‘my magnetic blast was too much for it so it’s now short-circuited.’

I could tell Cyclops wanted a few words with me but he didn’t argue as we got the Winter Solider into the Blackbird. I was glad to see Wolverine and Magneto and I hugged them both.

‘Any reason why you left like that Magneta?’ Magneto asked, letting go of me.

‘Because Sinister turned me back into a human and I knew what you were like with humans Magneto’ I explained without hesitation.

Guilt showed on his face for a moment but it passed just as quickly.

‘Magneta; you know I’ll always love you, even if you do get turned back into a human. You’re different from them and it’s because of you I’ve managed not to declare war on humans for a very long time because I knew it’d upset you. But I can’t forgive them for what we had to go through in the war. A war between humans and mutants is unavoidable Magneta. We both know that. One day, the humans will decide that enough is enough and that’s all it’ll take. Just one push.’

‘As Xavier told you Magneto; it doesn’t have to be that way. You both have very good points about humans vs mutants and I can understand them both but war isn’t the answer Magneto. It never is. Too many innocents die in war.

‘We’ve lived through that. Do you want to see thousands of innocent humans die again for no reason at all? I don’t want to go through it all again Magneto’ I said sadly.

I walked away before he could say anymore on the subject.


To be continued