June Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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June Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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Welcome to the June writing competition :guitar: Please read the rules before entering

http://z3.invisionfree.com/Mickeys_Comi ... opic=11460

Some important info for this month:

1) Entrants have until June 26th 4pm EST to submit an entry for the competition

2) Voting will then open for entrants before closing on June 28th 4pm EST

3) Voting for non-entrants will then open before closing on June 29th 4pm EST

Best of luck to all entrants


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Apologies for the delay in getting this up. I wasn't feeling the best the last couple of days. :( All better now though [happy]

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Glad to hear that you're feeling better, Miles.

I'll toss my hat into the ring tentatively. I'm in the middle of writing a novella so depending on how that goes I may be able to get an entry done before deadline.

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Deciding whether to go with the next part of 'Baldwin' and Sara's tale or not.

From a winning perspective I seem to do better with one-shots and tales outside of my standard work. I do have a few one-shot ideas floating around, so I might see if I can't get one of them done for it.
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I hope nobody minds, but here are all of the winners and their tallies, so far:

November 2013 Winners
Invincible - Issue#28 - Anger Management by Feral Female (1st win)
Violet Avenger Annual #1 – Push by darktruth (1st win)

Decemberber 2013 Winners
Bumblebee Man (part 1) by Miles_Warren (1st win)
2013 Holiday Special by Mister_Oz (1st win)

January 2014 Winners
Song of Selwyn. Capter 1 - secret love by darktruth (2nd win)

February 2014 Winners
Marvel SW: Arsenal, Chapter 3 by Big Thunder (1st win)
Song of Selwyn-Chapter II-A Ranger Falls by darktruth (3rd win)

March 2014 Winners
Heavy Metal- issue #3- Welcome to the Jungle by Feral Female (2nd win)

April 2014 Winners
Hail HYDRA by darktruth (4th win)

May 2014 Winners
Outstanding Avengers by xMatt (1st win)

June 2014 Winners
Marvel Star Wars: Hulk, Chapter Four by Big Thunder (2nd win)
The Outstanding Avengers #43 by xMatt (2nd win)

July 2014 Winners
The Outstanding Avengers: Part Three by Last Night by xMatt (3rd win)

August 2014 Winners
Heavy Metal #7 – Haunted – Feral Female (3rd win)

September 2014 Winners
Marvel Star Wars: Chapter Twenty-Nine by Big Thunder (3rd win)

October 2014 Winners
The Balance of Power Chapter Five: Discoveries by GreenScar1990 (1st win)
Heavy Metal - Issue #9 – Haunted by Feral Female (4th win)

November 2014 Winners
Balance of Power - Chapter Six - the Bonds that are Formed by GreenScar1990 (2nd win)
Marvel Star Wars: Arsenal - Chapter Seven by Big Thunder (4th win)

December 2014 Winners
The Balance of Power -Chapter Seven: Emotions and Revelations by GreenScar1990 (3rd win)

January 2015 Winners
Heavy Metal - Issue #11 – Haunted by Feral Female (5th win)
Ant-Man? by Ewkada (1st win)
Ultimate Flash #1 - A New Kind of Enemy - Part One of Two: "Red and Blue" by xMatt (4th win)

February 2015 Winners
Heavy Metal - Issue #12 – Haunted by Feral Female (6th win)

March 2015 Winners
The Clowns Come at Midnight by Miles Warren (2nd win)

April 2015 Winners
Outstanding Spider-Man: Chapter 5 - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man Part 1 - My Long Day - In the Morning by silverspidey4ever (1st win)

May 2015 Winners
Marvel Star Wars: Guardians of the Galaxy, Chapter One by Big Thunder (5th win)

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darktruth @ Jun 5 2015, 02:58 PM wrote: Deciding whether to go with the next part of 'Baldwin' and Sara's tale or not.

From a winning perspective I seem to do better with one-shots and tales outside of my standard work. I do have a few one-shot ideas floating around, so I might see if I can't get one of them done for it.
Looking at the chart above, you won 4 out of the first 6 competitions. In my book that makes you tough competition!

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I'm gonna go ahead and try again this month. Hopefully, THIS time, I will remember to vote! I think I will use either the Leo/Lotus one, or the next chapter of Tale of Two Clans.
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Think I know what I'll do. A one-shot intro to an idea I've had for years. It's pretty dark and mature though, hard R at minimum though more likely in unrated territory.
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darktruth @ Jun 9 2015, 12:25 AM wrote: Think I know what I'll do. A one-shot intro to an idea I've had for years. It's pretty dark and mature though, hard R at minimum though more likely in unrated territory.
dark and mature ...

I am ready... :karate stick:

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so before Darktruth's darkness falls upon us I am presenting to you a lighter story (I think I needed some peace and/or quiet, so I created it in the story)

I own nothing which is not mine


The WAR is over, so what’s next?


There was no singing nor feasting in Asgard after the victory, only relief and some unification of hearts in their sadness.

When the last dragon disappeared Thor looked out for the Jotunian king and bowed to the Giants who were still full of the battle-fury and therefore hadn’t managed to get rid of the blue color of their skin yet. This was actually the first clearly positive contact between the two kinds after hundreds of years marked with wars, and recently with hidden hostility. The Ice Giants slowly returned behind the line of the Great Wall, but on the way back they found themselves unable to refrain from trampling over of the Asgardian fields and from devastating some of the Asgardian gardens.

First then the Asgardians concentrated on the restoring of their homeland. Their tears were countless, especially when they saw the emptiness of their Holy Mountain. The bodies of the dead, that without the light of their Eternal Lamp could not be turned to ash, were so many, that Thor decided to lay them in two valleys on both sides of the Holy Mountain: on the left there were being laid the Asgardians, on the right the cadavers of the dragons.

The Hairies took their fallen to their planet together with one third of Asgard’s golden treasury that Thor offered to them. This way the adventure with Yellowhair on Era had rescued this Asgardian world and Thor, at least partly, was able to thank them in their own language, which, although at that moment he wasn’t aware of it, started the trade between their kinds. And Yellowhair? Exactly! She was given probably the greatest sadness but also happiness in this war and hereafter: Boki fought at her side in the battle, they searched together for Crimsonhair’s body and found it, they helped to collect other dead Hairies and to pack the treasure, and… they relocated together to Yellowhair’s planet. Boki learned Hairies’ language with great passion and so intensively, that after a half year only he went on the podium in front of their Great Gathering, and his name with his all ancestors was recited by the Leader of their Council. But Boki didn’t move to the fathers’ village after that: Yellowhair was all that time with him, waited for him, and soon they declared no need for insemination.


Volstagg rushed into the healing rooms afraid of being too late - on a horse-drawn platform with hurriedly attached wheels he transported the lighter injured ones; the hugebirds were designated for carrying more serious cases to the healers, but Volstagg actually had never learnt to fly them and therefore avoided this species: a horse was more stabile for him, although less convenient, and was safe in comparison with those ill-humored birds, that could jump unexpectedly on you, if they came to a conclusion, that they had been unduly treated – so in the healing rooms he searched desperately for Sif, but couldn’t find her; quickly he run through further passages, but this brought the same bad result previously; unsure he turned to one of the healers in order to ask after her when:

– Volstagg! – Sif spontaneously rampaged through the room towards Volstagg, who automatically embraced her. She caressed him gently moving away disordered locks.

– I thought about you – Volstagg said to her smiling – All the time, there in the battle-field… I was afraid, that you’ll die, that I will never see you again… Sif, I don’t know, what I… -

- Hush… - Sif cut him off touching his lips with her finger – Miri… -

- But you shouldn’t give me your name… unless… -

- Congratulations! I see you have finally opened your eyes… Whom do you see? – Sif concluded and kissed him passionately.


Finally Asgardians recovered from war damages and the silent days started - silent, because without the light of their Eternal Lamp the music died in their hearts. But as a nation they survived; the System gathered and held them together, showed them their new tasks. And one day appeared Loki with… the Tesseract. Thor, who still was afraid even of thinking of Earth without possibility to relocate there, was more than happy. He greeted Loki, they hit each other with their foreheads and – You’ll become a father! – Thor exclaimed.

– Well, this shouldn’t wonder you, since you know that I already have my better half. Anyway last time you visited me the Dragon War evidently blurred your wits –

– Forgive me for not giving any gift to your woman –

– No, on Earth the gifts are given after the delivery. What king you are, that you don’t know this! People have it differently: they get easily paired, but come to the world in painful circumstances –

Thor became sad – Here also we won’t have it easy… we are not many left – this way he switched the theme to Asgard.

– Well, don’t you know, what to do? Hasten the births by a half generation, anyway you should have it easy, as my cousins will be nice for some time at least –

– How do you know that? – Thor wondered.

– I have seen the battle, oh no… I didn’t touch her – Loki smiled to that stretching out his hand with the Tesseract packed in her tube – Do you think I would stay calm and wait for the portal to spit out your body? –

Thor took a deep breath to encourage himself and opened the tube with the Tesseract and… took her out without any problems – it didn’t burn; he looked at Loki in surprise.

– It seems that you can’t stop to be the king, apparently for the cube abdication is not acceptable – Loki answered smiling broadly.


This way Loki brought some fresh air into their lives and raised their spirits. He organized the festival of the already unHoly Mountain; to Thor’s surprise all Asgardians who were off duty came to take part in it. Thor kneeled in front of the empty bowls and stayed in this position until all names of the fallen had been read; Loki had then to help him rise.

In the evening a great feast was held in the palace, opened by Loki as Thor in the meantime unified himself with the Tesseract: the cube showed him galaxies, one after another – Nine – he heard it in the end – So little and so many, and all of them akin: the original one, two lit up, two stony ones, and then the green, blue, rusty and the wild one… - Thor recited together with the Tesseract the list, well known to him – And a new one – the cube added, but Thor was too tired and too happy that the other worlds hadn’t suffered from the Dragon War to realize the meaning of this last message.


Thor went out of his bedroom, but didn’t want to join the feast yet, where the Asgardians all at once were loudly discussing the enlarging of their gardens to the cost of the vast corn fields. Thor went into the side passage and intending to cut short the way to the upper terrace he went by the kitchens: the noise there told him that the cooks were already engaged not only in their work, but also in discussions, no less intensely than the feasting Asgardians in the palace. A young Terian girl went out of the kitchen carrying a great plate full with apples. Thor took one of them and wanted to bite into it, when – Don’t! – he heard a raised voice – Sir, this is not for you! –

Thor turned back: big dark violet eyes in an angry face showed the girl’s intentions. Thor smiled – No? For whom then? – and he opened his mouth in order to bite the apple again.

– Don’t even dare to try it… - the tiny alt was actually quite threatening.

Thor didn’t know what to do with his apple – She hasn’t recognized me… - it came to him and still wondering he laid back the apple on her plate. – Aren’t you too young for this job, little girl? –

– Close on twelve – she answered him proudly throwing back her long black tresses – And the apples should go onto the king’s table, you wouldn’t want to answer to the king himself for stealing one of the best apples from our Terian gardens – she commented passing by.

– Believe me… - Thor started, but didn’t finish the sentence as the girl stumbled.

Thor caught her, but she, intending to save the plate from falling down, turned quickly and hit Thor with the plate. Both, and the plate also, fell on the ground. The girl started to cry, Thor massaged his paining jaw and the apples rolled along the passage – Let me help you, just don’t cry please – Thor started to collect the apples.

– It’s all your fault! – the girl yelled to him angrily, putting the apples on the plate – You shouldn’t have stolen this apple, and now they are all damaged, the king… -

- The king won’t be angry because of that – Thor interrupted her and placed the last apple onto the plate – You’ll see… - he finished bowing to her.


He didn’t get to the terrace but turned back to the main hall. Some time passed until Thor saw the Terian girl again, this time with scared eyes. He smiled to her, being very satisfied with himself: he was sitting on the honorary arm-chair, dressed in kingly robes, surrounded by somewhat merrier disputing Asgardians.

The girl lowered her head and then run between the feast tables back to the kitchens. A while later he spotted her again: she stood a little further, close to the wall, looking unsurely at him. Thor wondered, whether he should come nearer, when – My king – he heard his cup-bearer approaching.

– What is it Kerdas? –

– Please accept my sincerest apologies, in the name of my daughter, forgive us her harsh words –

– Don’t you think, she’s too young for such work? –

– My lord, today we have plenty of guests in the palace, and there are not enough adult Terians left for service after the war, my wife’s also here today –

Being told such explanation, Thor felt he had been unfair to the cup-bearer – This is me, who should apologize for questioning your fatherly decisions Kerdas, and please tell your daughter, that I have no reason to doubt her and that I… admire her determination for fulfilling the task she was given – saying this Thor nodded slightly towards the girl.

The little Terian answered in the same manner and with a broad smile she rushed out of the hall.

– But I think she’s very emotional, in the future she may cause you problems, Kerdas –

The cup-bearer sighed.

– O! – Thor wondered – You’ve already had some? – he asked merrily.

– My king, she’s an uncontrollable soul, who loves to dance while in our minority it is only reserved for adult ones –

– Oh, maybe she just needs more space to express herself? Some freedom and independence… - Thor tried to understand the state of a child surrounded by hundreds of principles – Dancing, rhythmical movement… releases one from unnecessary tensions… maybe she could take care for such species, that won’t be disgusted by her impulsiveness, like lively animals, maybe horses, wolves or hugebirds… You’re her father Kerdas, I am sure you’ll find for her the best option… -

Kerdas bowed to the king instead of answering.


And on Earth the birth of Kiran was held as a great festivity, but during the prayers Thor and Loki felt the same way as on Hairies’ Rusty Planet: although the ritual didn’t last so long, it consisted for them only of monotonously repeated sentences, which content and order didn’t matter at all. But both of them felt instead its atmosphere, they breathed it in, absorbed it through their skin – This is natural for them, this is actually one of the possibilities of purifying their minds – Loki explained it to Thor – We need a good sleep only, but the majority of them wouldn’t stay long in good condition without this… -

- Without rituals? – Thor wondered.

– Well… yes – Loki confirmed – A kind of a prayer, of being put into something that is more powerful than them and makes them feel secure –

– Yea… don’t tell me, that you could easily replace that something –

Loki didn’t answer but pulled a wry face instead.

– Why is Bruce holding Kiran? – Thor asked.

– Because Rosie didn’t want anyone from her family –

– But they are here… -

- Well yes, but she insists on keeping them at arm’s length, as if she needed her private zone, zone of freedom, where there is no place for her parents… She even talks to them, as if they were our neighbors: she is open and nice, but they don’t have such union as we do… To feel you I don’t even need to use the multiplying effect of your Tesseract –

Thor smiled to that – And you know, brother, what it means for the little Kiran… -

Loki suddenly made a serious face – Thor, you know it very well, that I have given up the leadership to living here with Rosie -

- Well, I am not talking about you but about your son… I don’t have children… when Kiran grows up, he will be given the right for the Hammer’s trial –

– Perhaps someday you’ll be enriched also by a new life, won’t you? –

But Thor snorted answering: - For the time being the only eyes, well, violet and quite beautiful ones, that lasted longer on me, meant to bring me down, not to mention that they belonged to a Terian girl of twelve years… -

Loki watched his brother for a long while, he didn’t want to remind him of Jane who died some years ago – It was not easy for me – he said finally – And for you it’ll be the same -


Tony and Pepper also came to congratulate, with their adopted son. Martin wasn’t even twelve months old, and despite being born earlier he bravely did first steps on his shaky legs. Well, those who didn’t know about adoption, congratulated them also, especially Tony, as the little one was just like him.


Rosie found her mother on the terrace: tall and slim, from afar she seemed to be much younger, but a closer look was enough to revise it: Rosie’s mum was tired, her eyes once bright and shiny were now shadowed with melancholy, maybe even with sadness – How have you managed to take care of the four boys, mum? –

Her mother turned to Rosie – Are you asking me, how have I done it without your help? When you’ve left me having no consideration, how overworked I am? –

Rosie said nothing in return, her mother smiled – My child, you’re my greatest treasure. You were the first and for quite a long time the only one… because I… needed time to grow up… And now I am proud of you, that you’ve found your own way to live. Thanks to that you could choose a job for yourself, you wanted to, and a place to live and love, while in my case all this was not up to me, I was really thoughtless… -

– I didn’t choose him, mum, it was him who found me and tempted me, so that I couldn’t resist – Rosie sighed – Here, there was no man for me, who would even make me curious… I really pity those, who suffer in such relations… -

- Do you pity me also? That I’ve lived so long with your father? – her mother asked cautiously.

– Yees mum –

– Well then, maybe… would it be better to live a modern way?! – mother’s voice was already raised – To be single in search for fun all the time! –

– Mum you don’t understa… -

- I understand it pretty well, be sure of that, you think me old and too weak to free myself from his tyranny, as it is sometimes defined. But while most of the women I’ve known I could surely name “cold fishes”, who in the night time dream of Superman, I feel fulfilled and just… happy. No… I would have never done this – her mother burst with laughter – Do you know, what is healthy? A man you can touch and not always hunting for a dream that simply has never existed and never will. Yea, they aren’t perfect, the men, they need to fight, to be challenged all the time, and without an aim in their life they can destroy everything round them, because they are always driven by their urge to win. And that is why they need us: to settle boundaries to their chaos – she paused for a while – Your father is still very active, luckily for us both. We have four boys who are still growing up and there is no second granted for us with peace because of them… But he is always concentrated on them, sometimes even, I think, he’s too tough, so that we have a word about that, but, you would be amazed by that: the boys answer him in the same manner, they are highly motivated by him and his approval means a lot for them – she looked at Rosie – You also have now your little son, be aware, that you would do him great wrong if you tried to raise him in your own motherly way, a boy needs his father. I feel sick when I see women in our neighborhood yelling after their only sons: Come here! Be back soon! while their husbands don’t show even the slightest interest in helping them, not even to mention in raising the boys - Rosie’s mother laughed again – Do you know, that after you were gone, your dad started to cook, and now he’s continuing this with a great passion!? –

Rosie all the time wasn’t able to look her mother in the eyes, but now she put all her strength to do it - I am very sorry mum… -

- You don’t have to… -

- No mum, let me finish it: I am very sorry that I have run away, I didn’t understand neither you nor dad – and Rosie nestled close to her mother as if she were a little girl seeking to be caressed – I love you mum –

– I love you too my little flower… -


Thor started to visit Loki more often on Earth. Since he saw Kiran, his own planet seemed to him boring and wearisome. Kiran, this new life, made him think positively, worry-less about the Chitauri. Loki joked, that he has to keep an eye on his son, to prevent him from being smuggled through the portal by a certain Asgardian. Joking apart Loki had also his fears to consider: he was afraid, that humans so unpredictable in their intentions, urged by the desire to posses the Tesseract, would start to blackmail him and in consequence they would try to use Rosie and Kiran also for this purpose. Thanks to that Thor was the most welcomed visitor in Loki’s tower.


But Thor each time had to go back. The most issues in Asgard, he had to deal with, concerned the analysis of their System and its eventual changes. And Thor, when he finished discussions with their System Council, just run out of the palace into the blue: he visited running production sites and schools, that still were only half full after the Dragon War, he saw to the corn fields and animal farms or he hid himself for some days in the caverns of the Holy Mountain still asking the Tesseract, what happened to the Oils and why had the Lamp burned out. The Asgardians were weak because of that, they needed more time to rest and had to do most of the work on their own. But the Tesseract still was silent, throwing out from time to time flashes of light, and showing no visions. Many once quite merry places were now emptied. While visiting one of the stables Thor noted sadly, that there were even less colts this year, as if the lack of Oils and of the Holy Light had its impact also on animals. Only in one of the halls of the riding school could he hear a rhythmical clatter of hooves. Thor, made curious by that, went near but stopped frozen at the entrance: on a huge brown horse he saw the two long tresses of Kerdas’ daughter. But this was not what made him wonder. The girl… was dancing while riding this horse: standing on the top she was bowing once to the right, then to the left, she was making circles with her legs and hands, and was changing positions to stand on one hand, then the other one, she was jumping, even jumping twice or three times at once… she definitely was skilled and enjoying that dance – Such a beautiful dance… - Thor judged it aloud and the echo of the hall multiplied his voice many times.

The girl stopped immediately; then drew closer to the king – I just wanted to do some exercises; there was no one here inside, and this is the only horse that can follow my instructions – she started to explain her doings to Thor in one breath.

– No, you were dancing… it was great, I am really amazed… - Thor stopped suddenly, as he realized that she was a Terian – How old are you, daughter of Kerdas? – he asked slowly with evident hope in his voice.

– Thirteen, my lord – she answered looking down to the floor.

– She’s too young, Allfather what have I done! – he thought embarrassed – You know, I’ll have to discuss it with your father – Thor nervously rubbed his forehead.

– Yes, my lord –

Thor looked at her for a long while – Go home now – he said finally – I’ll do my upmost to draw the best conclusions for you out of this situation -


Thor felt guilty, he should have stopped her dancing on the horse at once, when he came in. That was why he returned to the palace angry with himself as never before. In the left passage to the kitchens he saw his cup-bearer leaving after the daily duty – Kerdas! – Thor called – Take off your overcoat and come to the Little Hall please -

Kerdas was seriously worried by this demand, the Little Hall was especially isolated and therefore used by the king for private discussions, when he wanted to avoid the uninvolved to eavesdrop and interfere. So Kerdas understood he should better hurry up – My lord, what seriously has happened that could concern myself? – he asked bowing deeply to the king. They had already known each other for a long time, but hadn’t yet developed a close relationship.

Thor for a while just watched him carefully – Tell me please, whether all Terians are so impulsive like you?- he said it in a light manner, although he actually meant it serious and would rather like to receive a proper answer. He smiled to Kerdas.

– Please accept my deepest apologies my king, I should have waited for you to speak first – Kerdas again bowed deeply.

– You didn’t answer my question… -

Kerdas was silent for a moment – My lord, we are a very impulsive nation, and knowing our nature we accept and live according to the strictest principles, even to those that are no longer valid in Asgard –

– The adults, well I would understand, but children and teenagers? They probably need more time to learn how to control their nature and, as I see it now, not completely –

– Ejsha! – Kerdas thought immediately – What have you done this time?! -

– Well, well, I see you frowned, so you’ve already guessed, why we are here to talk – Thor commented freely.

– My king, if my daughter again acted dishonorably towards you… -

- No, no Kerdas – Thor interrupted him – Your daughter is unusually skilled, she coordinates her body as I’ve never seen by teenagers before, she’s quick and fearless, but at the same time she’s still her father’s daughter, which means, there is a long way for her to learn to control her emotions. Don’t worry, it’s typical also for Asgardians of her age –

– My lord, please tell me what she has done – Kerdas asked Thor in an almost begging manner.

– For me nothing bad and nothing to be punished for – Thor said it slowly emphasizing the key words – She just did some exercises and danced while riding a horse in an emptied stable, actually it was me only who passed by –

Kerdas looked to the floor and closed his eyes – What a shame… - he thought – What will I tell Inga now? -

- Don’t trouble yourself Kerdas, my great cup-bearer – Thor stood up, came nearer and laid his hand on Kerdas’ shoulder – It’s good, that it happened –

– Good?! – anger started to dominate Kerdas’ mind .

– Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t see how skilled your daughter is… Nothing happens without purpose… You see, many Asgardians accused me of being too lenient with Loki, even though he aimed his hatred explicitly against me. But I had too many doubts to sentence him to death, so I gave him the chance… and I wasn’t wrong with that – Thor smiled to Kerdas – I don’t want to interfere into your parental rights, but please consider, what I’ve told you already with respect for your daughter and as your friend –

Kerdas’ eyes went to the right and to the left, he was intensively thinking – Thank you… my king… for your… tactful approach – Kerdas with each word spoke more fluently – But I really do not know what to do with her… Would you advise me? –

– Great, it would be stupid to ignore the king’s advice… this way he tries to prevent his daughter’s degradation… - Thor smiled again to that thought – Too much energy, such lively and restless personality – he said aloud - …needs to have some outlet, otherwise it will continue to surprise you with unpleasant situations. I would… send her to our school for guardians… Women, brave and skilled, are also needed there, although definitely not so many as men –

Kerdas breathed out relieved, then he kneeled at Thor’s feet – My great king, I don’t know, how to thank you –

– You don’t have to, just inform me from time to time about her development… -


So this had happened. Kerdas in his daughter’s application listed Thor’s arguments, he also mentioned the skillful, but forbidden dance, which made the Asgardian director smile only and Ejsha, daughter of Kerdas was matriculated; however not due to her excessive temperament, but thanks to the fact, that she would be the first Terian woman performing as a guardian, so she would be useful as a person who without much thinking would act properly in the sea of hundreds of tough principles and would get access to places forbidden to men.


The Asgardians finally restored their planet from war-damages; new children were born, and with them joy and new hope had returned. Many begun to sing, first they were lullabies, then hymns glorifying the fallen, and finally some started to make pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain and there the names of the dead were introduced and songs of their past life performed and in the end written down. The singing lessened their pain, it dried the tears and made them stronger for the rest of their lives. Nevertheless all the efforts to light up the Eternal Lamp were in vain, which still didn’t make Thor happy; all what could enlighten his thoughts was far away on Earth, but he knew, that Asgard without its king and cube would fall into ruin, that is why he was here, where the life absorbed the ashes of the dead Asgardians and of his father. He then supervised every possible corner in Asgard, checking and tried to improve all aspects of Asgardian life, but even though there was something still that he had overlooked.

– My Lord! – one of the guardians rushed into the hall – Something has happened in the Dragon Valley! A kind of dark, sticky mist covered the cadavers! –

– Mobilization 2 – Thor yelled running and circling the Mjonir already.


The guardian was right: looking downwards the whole valley was covered with a black mist. Thor frowned, he suddenly remembered the dark face on the Green Planet surrounded by a similar smoke. He landed on one of the closest peaks, where next to the hugebirds also several guardians had gathered together – I’ll go down there, alone, and you’ll stay here. If I shouldn’t return within an hour, you’ll relocate with Tesseract to Earth and seek out Loki. You would be of little help to me anyway if I lost my hammer, and to Loki just say: Era has entered our Holy Mountain – he charged his hammer and dived into the mist.


It was not entirely black, Thor realized this after a while; Era had just a different kind of light. But at the bottom there was something black indeed. Thor placed himself a little higher, above the oily surface of a huge lake bubbling here and there; the mist was thick and sticky; and it immediately started to cover his arms and clothes. Thor looked at the lake – Oily like, dark liquid… - he thought and suddenly he understood: - Oil! The Black One! – and immediately started to turn the hammer. But it couldn’t reach the speed sufficient for taking off: Mjonir, the same way as his body, had already been covered by the sticky mist, that seemed to grow thicker and thicker. Thor quickly sent some thunderbolts to tear apart this mist and then after that the hammer gained enough speed Thor flew out of the mist, but had used so much energy doing that, that he wouldn’t be able to reach the closest hill.

Luckily the guardians stayed watchful and estimating, that Thor had been fighting down there by throwing out one thunderbolt after another, they shot a net on the one appearing from the mist and immediately heaved it up. Thor laughed seeing their concerned faces – I know, probably for a year I won’t get clean after that, but we must hurry up now to the Valley of the Fallen… -

And he was right: the bodies of the dead Asgardians were nowhere to be seen, instead of them the bottom of the Valley was covered with a metallic-shining lake. Soon the first samples had been taken and Thor still dirty, similar more to an Ice Giant preparing himself for a war, poured the oily liquids into the Great Bowls and reciting the names of his forefathers he lit the Eternal Lamp.

All in Asgard felt it; a sudden wind like a shock wave went through the whole planet.


The joy in Asgard was so immense, that Thor at once announced the Thanksgiving. Again endless feast-tables were brought to the palace’ hill. Asgardians made a pilgrimage, first to the Holy Mountain, where they sung their hymns of the fallen, and then they headed in a merry march to the palace. Thor thanks to the tumult decided to get clean, which wasn’t easy at all, especially with his hair, that he washed for so many times, that it grew too thick and stood out; he had to make a pony tail due to that – Great, I miss only earrings to make a nice woman – he grumbled and went out to the guests.

In the passage he saw the daughter of Kerdas for a second – Stop! Please wait! – he called after her.

The Terian girl turned around – Be greeted my lord – she curtseyed.

– Shouldn’t you stay with the guardians? – Thor asked her while coming closer.

– There are so many guests today, that all, who served once in the palace were called to come my lord –

Thor stopped in front of her and was again surprised – You’ve grown a lot! –

The Terian laughed at that and then raised the lower part of her dress to show the high-heeled shoes to the king.

This time Thor looked at her longer than he used to, narrowing his eyes to that – The Terians are usually shorter than the Asgardians, but not worse, in every imaginable aspect. As for me you could stay by your natural height – he said smiling slightly to her – See you in the Great Hall then – he finished already heading there.


They were enormously happy, as if a huge balloon blown up with depression were torn apart by a sudden blowout into thousands of shining and smiling little lights. In the end one of the directors of their farms stood up, bowed to the king and above the only a little lessened noise he yelled: - The Story! –

– Story, Story! – others in the hall echoed his call.

Thor started in a hurry to check his memory for a suitable theme from the past, that was shown to him by the Tesseract, but he couldn’t concentrate in this tumult. Finally hurried up by rhythmical stepping of the gathered Asgardians he proposed: - For this feast there are too many heroes suitable to be told about… We’re all happy that we won, but we did it with great sacrifices and we had to wait then for the renewing of our world… and exactly about sacrificing will be my story: about the very beginning of our pact with the Tesseract –

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That was a really enjoyable read! These days, I'm more interested in reading the consequences and aftermaths of the big events, like the wars in stories, so I thought this was really good. Very uplifting and fun, with the celebrations and newborns! It's always fun seeing the 'heroes' take a day off and have a party.
Outstanding Marvel Team Up - your favourite heroes (and villains) all in one fan fic!

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10 Jun 2015, 09:42 #12

Great entry, ewkada!

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10 Jun 2015, 18:37 #13

Well, might as well throw mine in. Finally finished it last night, after literally MONTHS of hammering this out due to- well, big, epic fights in complex and fragile environments are difficult to choreograph. I have only ONE thing to say here- NEVER AGAIN will I set a three-way battle inside a museum! It was a nightmare!


A Tale of Two Clans- Chapter Eight: Showdown!

We raced to the scene swiftly- on gargoyle wings, no less- much to Leo’s misgivings. Still, I had to admire his willingness to accept the faster mode of transport from our friends, in spite of his fear of heights. Raph, of course, was also reluctant, mainly due to being adverse to depending on someone else for assistance. He’s always been the self-reliant type. Mikey, naturally, was ecstatic, relishing the opportunity to fly once again. Hudson carried Bronx, and Angela carried me. Broadway picked up Mikey, Goliath took Elisa, of course, while Brooklyn was Raph’s “ride”. Donnie had rigged up a tethered glider for himself and our leader, which Goliath pulled behind him like a kite.

We landed on a rooftop across from the museum less than five minutes later, to discover a large hole in the front doors. “I take it this Pack of yours isn’t big on subtlety?” I asked no one in particular. There were at least a dozen cops surrounding the front of the building with five squad cars, and a helicopter hovered overhead, shining a spotlight on the museum. We were lucky their attention had been elsewhere, or we might have been spotted. No doubt there were other officers at the other exits, but I suspected they wouldn’t be enough.

“No, but they don’t NEED to be,” answered Broadway. “These guys are BAD news. One’s been genetically altered, one’s a robot, and the other two had a bunch of cybernetic parts installed.” He pointed to the strange drill-nosed vehicle poking up from the ground next to the left side of the building, and asked, “What is THAT thing, is what I want to know.”

“That’s one of Shredder’s transport modules. He must be after something in the museum.” Leo replied grimly.

“I thought you said he was out to take over the world? Why would he be breaking into a museum?” Brooklyn wondered, his brow-ridges furrowed in confusion.

“Doesn’t matter. Whatever he’s after, you can bet it’s not for anything good.” Leo answered, as he drew out a grapple to slide down to the ground below.
“Why do these things always happen to us?” Raph wondered aloud. “I mean, seriously- Shred-head and this Pack BOTH showin’ up at the same time?! It’s like bad karma, or somethin’!”

“So how do we get in?” Lex asked, perplexed. “They’ve got that place surrounded. We’re sure to be noticed.”

“Not if we slip in from underground,” Donnie replied smugly, holding up a computer tablet. “I pulled up the blueprints for the museum just now, and there’s a grate down in the basement that leads to the sewers. There’s a manhole in the alley below us; we can use it to go under the barricade.”

“The sewers? Ugh, gross. Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything….” Broadway muttered, as we all used grapples to make our way down to the ground below. The gargoyles, of course, simply glided down. Once on the ground, Maza placed a small audio transmitter in her ear and told the team she would stay in contact to keep us informed of what was going on outside. Each of the gargoyles had one, and I took one, as well. Then she took off across the street to join the police and other officials surrounding the museum.

Raph lifted the manhole cover, and we began climbing down into the tunnel below. We quickly made our way through the sewer to the basement of the museum. However, the trip was not without its difficulties, as we soon discovered when Broadway proved too “broad” to fit down the hole, as did Goliath, and even Hudson could barely squeeze himself down it. The two largest gargoyles opted instead to enter through a storm grate nearly half a block down the street, along with Bronx, who had difficulty climbing down the shaft. The three met up with the rest of our party, and we continued on.

When we emerged from the maintenance shaft entrance into the basement, it was decided that we should split into two groups once we entered the museum proper. Goliath took Donnie, Raph, and Bronx, along with Broadway and Angela, while the rest of us went with Leo. The plan was to pin both Shredder and the Pack between our two teams, and put both off balance by forcing them to face unknown opponents. It was a given that anywhere Shredder was to be found, his goons were sure to appear, so Leo swiftly appraised the gargoyles of what to expect from the mutant thugs in Shredder’s employ.

“Broadway, you and Lexington have been here before, correct?” Goliath asked before we opened the door leading out of the basement. “You fought Hyena here when she tried to steal the Mayan sun amulet. What can you tell us about the museum?”

“Sorry, I don’t remember much. We were too busy trying to stop her to look around. We were in the Mayan art section anyway, and I think that’s on the other end from the Asian stuff.” He shrugged; Goliath sighed and frowned, looking disheartened.

“At least we kept her from destroying the amulet of Saffira’s clan,” Lex added. “The museum has three levels of galleries. I think the Asian section is on the upper levels. I could be wrong, though.”

We ascended the stairwell up to a small side door that led into a short hallway. The hallway was part of the administrative office section, and the other end led to the art galleries. The door was locked, but Donatello made short work of picking it, as well as the video cameras that we encountered along the way. All it took was a bit of strategically placed putty over the cameras’ “eyes” by Donnie’s bo, and we were effectively invisible. Once inside the public part of the museum, however, things were far more complicated.

On first glance, the main foyer of the museum was quiet- perhaps too quiet. However, steel bars had decended over all of the main entrances and windows, for all intents trapping any intruders within. It was no wonder the thieves had taken hostages, under the circumstances. We stealthily ascended to the second level, being careful to avoid cameras along the way. We ignored the Greek and Roman galleries; likewise the Renaissance Art section, though Mikey commented that he wished he could take a peek inside, as he had heard that there was a sculpture by his namesake on display there for a short time, and he had always wanted to see the man’s work first-hand.

“You sure we can’t just take a quick look after we wipe the floor with these guys?” He grumbled to Leo in a petulant tone. “C’mon, haven’t you ever wanted to see one of da Vinci’s paintings? I hear they have one here that’s supposed to be another version of the Mona Lisa!” I was occasionally surprised by the things Mikey took an interest in, and this was no exception. Trust the artist of the family to be the one to seek cultural enrichment by viewing art from the very masters he and his brothers were named for.

“For the last time, Mikey, NO. We’re not here to admire the art, we’re here to stop whatever scheme Shredder has up his sleeve.” Leonardo hissed softly. “Now keep quiet!”

“Party pooper,” my green paramour muttered under his breath, earning a harsh look from the eldest.

“I’m surprised you’re even interested in art- I thought video games were more your thing?” Brooklyn asked quietly, as we slipped along a wall toward the entrance to the main Asian art gallery.

“Well, I like comics, too, and those mostly use art to tell the story. That’s what got me into drawin’ myself. Turns out I’m even pretty good at it. What’s so strange about that?” The orange-clad turtle replied with a shrug.

“Focus, guys. We need to stay sharp. Shredder and his goons are close- I can feel it.” Leo warned sharply.

“Is he always this serious?” Brooklyn inquired.

“Yep, pretty much,” Mikey and I both replied at once.

Hudson remained silent, but Lex muttered to himself. “Sounds like Goliath. No wonder they get along so well.”

The outer gallery was quiet, but we could hear the muffled sounds of a battle from behind the doors to the Japanese art exhibit. The distinctive sound of blaster-fire rang out, along with glass breaking and shouts from one all-too-familiar voice- and several others I didn’t recognize. At least two of the voices sounded vaguely animalistic.

“That doesn’t sound like Bebop and Rocksteady,” Leo said in a low voice, signaling us to stop.

“Nah, dude. Sounded more like Tokka and Rahzar!” Mikey agreed. “Wonder why he brought THOSE two?”

“Doesn’t matter. But if it IS them, that changes things a bit. We’ll need our heavy-hitters on those two. The rest of us will focus on this Pack. But just so we’re clear, Shredder is our main priority. The gloves are off- this time he goes down PERMANENTLY.” Leonardo’s eyes turned hard, as he drew his katanas.

We cautiously opened the doors, to find the gallery a shambles. Glass cases were shattered, their displays scattered about, some artworks broken or torn. A life-size model of a samurai on horseback lay on its side; several suits of armor were in pieces on the bottom of their case. Pottery shards- some quite ancient- lay everywhere. Several unconscious guards- six in all- lay in a heap next to one wall; all of them appeared to be wounded, though still alive, which was a small miracle, considering who we now faced.

And in the midst of of all the destruction, two warring groups vied for possession of a single object. A large, wolf-like creature snarled in rage, one clawed hand grasping a lacquered scabbard holding what was obviously an ancient katana. Struggling against him was an eight-foot robot with black and gold armor plating.

Elsewhere in the open part of the gallery, an enormous, spike-shelled mutant turtle with a sharply-hooked beak and wicked talons fought with a wolf-man, while a pair of cybernetic-enhanced individuals faced off against an all-too-familiar figure in bladed armor.

“Who are the human cheese-grater and the zoo rejects?” Lex asked in a bewildered tone.

“That would be Shredder, and two of his mutant thugs. The overgrown, ugly excuse for a turtle over there is Tokka, and the big bad wolf is Rahzar.” Mikey answered with a grimace. “Man, Tokka’s got a temper worse than Raph on a bad day- he gives turtles a bad name….”

Leonardo suddenly gasped as he saw what the two groups were fighting over. “That’s the Sword of Nowhere! It’s not even supposed to BE here! Guys, we HAVE to get that sword away from them!” He exclaimed, his expression a mixture of surprise and outrage. The huge robot had yanked the weapon away from the monstrous wolf-beast, and was now using some sort of laser blasts to keep him at bay as it backed away toward its team-mates.

“Sword of Nowhere?” Hudson spoke at past, clearly confused about the significance of the weapon. He wasn’t the only one- I was clueless, too.

“It’s an ancient blade forged from alien metal, that can cut holes in space or even between dimensions. If Shredder gets his hands on it, he could go anywhere in an instant, at will. He could use it to get in and out of almost anywhere. Or even open a door to another dimension and let something unspeakable into our world!” Leo explained, as we watched the robot toss Rahzar away like a rag doll when he tried to lunge at the giant machine again.

“Okay, so sword equals bad mojo- got it.” Brooklyn nodded, affirming Leo’s revelation. “Must be why the Pack are after it, too. Do you think they know what it’s capable of?” He pondered aloud, but no one seemed to have an answer. Meanwhile, Tokka was still grappling with the wolf-man, and the odd pair of cyber-freaks had Shredder cornered.

“Okay, enough chatter. Hudson, you and Brooklyn take Rahzar and the giant tin can. Mikey, Orlene- you two have the robo-twins. Lex, you’re on Tokka. I’ve got Shredder.” Leo hissed softly.

“How am I supposed to fight that guy? He’s HUGE!” Lex protested weakly.

“You don’t have to fight him- just keep him busy. It shouldn’t be too hard; he’s big, but not too bright.” Leo answered impatiently. The two opposing forces had not yet noticed our arrival, but that changed swiftly when Shredder was sent crashing into a display stand nearby, sending the stone statue sitting on it toppling to the floor. He looked up, and suddenly saw us all about to attack. He leapt up instantly, his body going tense as he seemed to realize he was outnumbered.

“Tokka, Rahzar! Get that sword NOW! Those blasted shell-backs are here! And who the Hell are those freaks with them?!”

The mutant pair both turned and looked our way, snarling as they prepared to obey their master. The wolf-like mutant bit down on the arm of his robotic foe that held onto the scabbard, shaking it like a dog with a chew toy. His companion threw down his opponent and rushed over to aid him, slamming into the humanoid machine with enough force to knock it down. Rahzar grabbed its forearm and yanked hard, pulling the sword free at last. The robot let go of the scabbard as its arm sparked and whirred, visibly damaged. The mutant wolf then bounded over to Shredder with his prize, his bushy tail held high in hopes of praise. I was reminded of a dog playing fetch, and suddenly felt a little sorry for the brute, for his badly misplaced loyalty.

“They’ve got the sword! Come on, brother, let’s roast these turkeys!” The female half of the enhanced pair said, cackling hysterically. My hackles rose at the sound; clearly, she wasn’t playing with a full deck. Her appearance was freakish- her hips, chest, and neck were covered by some sort of metal plating, with a bare midriff and what appeared to be robotic arms and legs. Her chest-plate was adorned with a small stylized fox symbol. Her face, while pretty enough, was frozen in what I decided was a more-or-less permanent cocky smirk, framed by dark brown feathered-back bangs that swept into an upswept, short coiffure that came to a peak in back, and two locks on the sides left long, down to her collarbone. The fingers of her right hand ended in what I could only describe as long blades like carving knives.

“With pleasure, sis,” answered the other. He had dark brown hair to his shoulders in a full, straight mullet cut that gave his face a rakish appearance- but that was the only NORMAL thing about him. One eye had been replaced with some sort of implant, and the rest of his body- if any of it was left- was covered in metal armor in the same color-scheme as the huge robot, with the same fox symbol on his chest. He had clawed fingers on his gauntleted hands, which were lethally sharp.

Leo held one sword up in challenge and leapt toward his target with death in his eyes. “Okay, everyone- let’s take them DOWN!” He made a flying kick at Saki, but missed when Rahzar leapt at him, knocking Leo aside. They went down in a tangle of shell, steel, and fur; Leo ended up on his back on the floor with Rahzar above him. He fended off the much larger mutant with his katanas while the giant wolf-mutant snapped at him with powerful jaws.

Leo grappled with Rahzar desperately, while Tokka turned his attention on Lexington, who had jumped up onto his spiked carapace and was clinging to his neck in a vain attempt to put the huge turtle into a sleeper hold. The mutant’s clawed hands reached back to grab Lex, but the nimble gargoyle released his hold and jumped away. Tokka growled and turned around, lumbering toward him, his claws swiping at the diminutive gargoyle, who leapt and dodged about the enormous turtle like a jumping bean. The mutant hissed, and Lex slowly lured him toward a large open space where a display of three Samurai on horseback dominated the center of the room. Lex began to taunt him, leading him further away from any delicate artwork as he kept the vicious mutant busy. “Leonardo, I hope you have a plan to deal with this guy! I’m not sure how long I can keep this up!” He shouted back, hopping away from another swat from Tokka’s sharp talons.

Leo had finally managed to roll away from his opponent, and was now on his feet again, slashing at Rahzar’s snapping jaws. “Just try to keep him away from anything breakable! We don’t want to destroy the REST of the museum’s collection!” Leo shouted back over the din of the fight. Hudson and Brooklyn were tag-teaming the huge robot, with Brooklyn attacking from the front while Hudson attempted to maneuver around to take its legs out from behind with his sword.

“Sure- easy for YOU to say….” Lex grumbled, dodging another swipe from the massive mutant snapper, as Mikey and I advanced on the pair of cyber-freaks, who were intent on going after the now retreating Shredder and his prize. The man extended one arm to an inhuman length to try to grab the sword from Shredder’s hand, while his partner’s arms and legs suddenly became elongated and spider-like, disjointed from her body at hip and shoulder and attached only by some sort of hydraulic pistons; she used her clawed appendages to climb the wall of the display room in an attempt to flank Shredder. They had referred to each other as siblings, and I was beginning to see the resemblance, both in appearance and personality. They were clearly both nuts.

The cyber-twins had cornered Shredder once again in the outer gallery, where a number of statues on low pedestals- among them an ancient Chinese lion and several Hindu gods- stood scattered about. Saki shoved a statue of a half-naked man missing its hands at the pair, knocking it over and forcing them to dodge out of its way. “I don’t know who you fools are, but your interference will cost you dearly.” He warned, his voice cold and flat. The two just traded a glance and grinned wickedly. It seemed his threats had fallen a bit flat, and I decided they either didn’t know what kind of man they were dealing with, or- and this was even worse- they might even be just like him!

Mikey glanced from our enemy to the two former television stars turned criminals, and shook his head. “I don’t know whether to go after Tin-head, or those two clowns,” he whispered to me, seeming torn. “Maybe we should just sit back and let ’em take each other out.” I was half inclined to agree.

Then the male half of the pair held up one hand, and the “fingers” of that mechanical appendage shot out like tiny missiles, blasting into Saki and throwing him backward. He dropped the sword, and the female pounced, grabbing the weapon. She held it up triumphantly, cackling madly.

“Okay, looks like we’re up,” Mikey decided. “Can’t let ’em leave with that sword!” He leaped into the fray, his nunchaku flailing into the woman’s metal limbs with loud clangs. Unfortunately, they seemed to do little damage, though he managed to disarm her of the sword, which went skidding across the floor again. She twisted around to face him with a look of surprise, which soon turned to derision.

“Ha, ha, ha! Oh look, the cute little frog-man wants to play, too!” She laughed, flinging him over her shoulder to land up-side-down on his shell against a marble statute of a Hindu god.

“Oof! HEY! I’m a turtle, not a frog, lady! Wait- you really think I’m cute?” He asked, both angered by her misnaming him, and flattered by the backward compliment.

“Mikey! Now’s not the time, sweetie! And no flirting with the enemy!” I yelled back, as I tackled the other member of the psychotic pair. I slashed out at him in a series of attacks with the fans; the man blocked the first two with his metal limbs, bent backward impossibly far to avoid the third, and then elongated his legs to step over me and come at me from behind. I was caught off guard by the maneuvers, having never fought such an opponent, but I growled and spun to kick out at him as his legs shrank back down. His chest plate took the impact, and he simply laughed darkly.

“Nice try, girlie, but you’ll have to do better than that,” he said, smirking. He made a swipe at me with his sharp claws- which had somehow been replaced after he shot them at Saki- and I was forced to go on the defensive to keep from getting disemboweled. He spun toward me with a side-kick, and I dove past to slice out with one fan at his leg, the other one held closed like a short club, slamming into his arm. He barely seemed to notice the hit.

“Is that all you’ve got?” He asked, clearly unimpressed. I decided a change of plan was needed. I glanced over at Mikey, who was now squaring off against the female again. “Mikey- let’s trade!” I shouted, spinning over to stand next to him, my fans open once more.

He glanced at me, and nodded. “Good idea, babe- I never really liked fightin’ girls, anyway- they like to play dirty.” He grimaced, and I wondered if he was still sore about my tactics during our sparring match several days earlier.

“All’s fair in love and war!” I reminded him; he groaned, but flipped back and spun to ram hard into the cyborg male’s middle. They went down in a heap, Mikey’s shell protecting his head from the impact. He began to slam his ’chucks against the man’s metallic limbs, until the other flipped him off, sending him sliding across the floor on his shell. Mikey rolled to his feet, and came in again with his ’chucks spinning fast.

I faced the female warily, having already seen what she could do. Hoping to catch her off guard, I feinted left, then dove into a slide that sent my feet slamming hard into her right leg. It buckled with a metallic crunch, though the impact jarred my feet and made me wince in pain. She went down onto her back, and I slashed upwards instinctively as she came back up and bore down on me with some sort of small buzz-saw that had sprung from a compartment in her forearm. Fan met arm, and I was elated when I saw the appendage and its deadly blade separated from its owner and get sent flying.

“Why you little-! You’re going to pay for that, little girl!” The crazed female cried out, clearly furious. I just grinned at her and continued the assault.

“Hey, Mikey- go for the limbs!” I yelled to my partner, realizing that those seemed to be their weakest points.

“Can do!” He called back, without even looking my way. I was flattered that he felt confident enough in my abilities not to check on me, even though I knew he must be worried for my safety.

“Stop playing with your prey and finish them off, Hyena.” A metallic voice called out, coming from the over-sized tin can on legs. The cyber-bitch just laughed crazily again, and grinned wickedly. I felt my stomach begin to twist in knots as I realized she was battier than a dozen belfries.

“Oh, but Coyote, dear, I’m just getting started! You never let me have fun anymore, handsome.” The woman called Hyena pouted, taking aim at me with the odd laser in her palm. I ducked behind a marble foo-dog, only to see its head explode into fragments of rubble and powdery dust. I felt my blood chill, knowing that could have been MY head. Strangely, the arm I had sliced off was crawling back to its owner; the lunatic cyborg scooped it up, and was now attempting to reattach it. Great- just what we needed, I thought darkly.

“Crap! Why didn’t someone TELL us these guys could put themselves back together?!” I shouted, while I watched Hyena snap the hand I’d just severed back into place.

“Oops! Sorry!” Lex called back, looking chagrined as he clung desperately to the spikes on the lower half of Tokka’s shell.

“Tough break for YOU, sweetheart!” The psychotic female cackled, sounding eerily like her namesake. She fired again, blasting another piece off of the now headless foo-dog.

“Well, I guess that just means I’ll have to slice you into smaller pieces!” I countered as I dashed from behind the statue, and kicked out at her middle with a feral grin to match hers. She grunted in surprise and flew back, crashing backward into a clay figure of a Chinese warrior. It fell over onto the other half of the cyborg pair, who was too focused on trying to cut Mikey to ribbons with his finger blades to notice it in time. He went down under the weight of the statue, and Mikey took advantage of his predicament to thwack him in the head with one of his sticks, hard enough to knock the man out.

“Heh, guess he got caught between a rock and a hard place,” Mikey quipped, sticking his tongue out at the downed criminal. I just rolled my eyes and advanced on Hyena, who stared down at her unconscious sibling in dismay. I decided to use the distraction to my advantage, and swiped at her again.

“Ooh, you ARE a feisty one, aren’t you, honey?” She purred, turning her attention back to me. “You don’t know who you’re dealing with, doll-face. I’m going to teach you a lesson, sweetheart, and when I’m through with you, I’m going to turn your handsome green friend’s shell into a foot bath!” I didn’t know which was more unsettling at that moment- the fact that she was obviously completely off her rocker, or that her sexual orientation seemed to ambiguously lean toward male, female, mutant, and apparently even over-sized robots. Yup, Freud would’ve had a field day with her.

At that moment, Goliath and his team entered the gallery from the other side, and as soon as Goliath saw the oversized wolf battling Leo, he roared and charged in with eyes glowing eerily. He tackled Rahzar from behind, knocking him flat onto the floor and pinning the mutant wolf. Bronx sniffed and growled, then bounded toward the smaller room where Hudson and Brooklyn were still fending off the enormous robot. He chomped down on the machine’s leg, snarling and digging his claws into the floor as he held his opponent back.

Broadway rushed over to help Lex battle Tokka, using his muscular tail to sweep the huge mutant’s feet from under him. “Pick on someone your OWN size, Spike!” He roared, grabbing the turtle by his legs and holding him down until Raph could knock him out with the pommel of a sai. The giant, ugly mutant terrapin- and from his appearance and bad attitude it was suddenly obvious to me that he’d once been a snapping turtle- grunted once as Raph thumped him hard on the back of his thick skull; then he slumped down, out cold.

“One down,” Raph growled, turning his attention toward the next target, which happened to be the fourth member of the Pack, the large grey wolf-man. He snarled as he sprang at the altered human, while Lex made sure Tokka was out. The two came together in a green and grey blur, the Pack maniac swiping at Raph’s head with long sharp claws, snarling just like his canine namesake. I was beginning to understand the reason behind their gang’s name- they acted like a pack of wild animals.

Meanwhile, Broadway had seen Shredder slinking off with the sword, and bounded after him, leaping over his head with wings outstretched to head him off in the outer gallery. “That’s far enough, Ginsu-guy. Hand over the sword, and you won’t get hurt- much.” He rose up to his full height, tail swishing angrily as he growled menacingly at the armored man.

“What manner of beast are YOU?” Shredder asked, eyes narrowed as he took in his opponent’s appearance. “Are you yokai? Tengu, perhaps? Never had I thought to see such creatures with my own eyes. Why do you aid those wretched reptiles?”

Broadway shook his head, but glared determinedly at the man before him. “I don’t know what yokai or tengu are, but those are my friends you’re insulting! You’re gonna’ wish you hadn’t said that, pal. And it’s gargoyle- and don’t FORGET IT!!” He roared, tackling Shredder. The armor-clad ninja fell backward, the ancient sword clattering to the floor as he struggled to fend off the larger gargoyle. The sword slid across the floor, while the two rolled away toward the still-unconscious Tokka.

Donatello had rushed in to help Hudson and Brooklyn, and now he was swinging his staff at the oversized robot like a baseball bat. However, his bo did little against the metal behemoth. Still, I knew it was just a matter of time before he found a weak point and took advantage of it. Angela leapt in to assist me with Hyena, growling softly at the other female as she came in low and fast, claws swiping at Hyena’s face. She had a look of intense hatred on her face, which seemed out of place there. I sensed some animosity between the two, though why, I couldn’t tell. The cybernetic psycho just smirked and turned her fingers into long sharp claws once more, slashing at the young gargoyle in retaliation.

I circled around, seeking an opening, and tried to use a grapple-hold on her from behind, but was surprised when her right foot swung up behind her at an impossible angle and kicked me in the back of the head! Dazed, I let go, and was doubly surprised when her head spun completely backwards. Shades of Linda Blair! I was starting to think we’d need an exorcist to deal with her. She reached back- again at an impossible angle- and grabbed my by the neck, tossing me over her head like a rag doll. I felt myself hit something that might have been another body, breaking my fall. A pair of hands came up from behind to steady me, and I glanced back to find Angela smiling at me.

“Thanks, Angela,” I muttered, before turning back around to face our opponent again.

Hudson and Brooklyn still clung to the gleaming robot calling itself Coyote, trying to rip off its huge arms, to little effect. Bronx had leapt up onto its back, biting down at the head that vaguely resembled its namesake, but that didn’t do much, either. Hudson tried stabbing his sword into the robot’s hip joint, only to have the machine grab his sword and crumple it. He shook off the pair pulling at his limbs, throwing them into the wall near a large rice-paper painting. Donnie tried to ram his bo into it’s “eyes”, but found himself picked up and flung across the room to crash against a clay soldier, which toppled over and shattered. He groaned, and started to get up, only to have the robot pick up a second soldier and throw it at him. He was knocked back down onto his shell, pinned under the weight of the figure.

“I’ve had enough of this nonsense,” Coyote said in an irritated tone- did robots get annoyed? I’d never met one before, so I didn’t know. He yanked Bronx off his back, and tossed him into the other two gargoyles, who were just getting up. All three went down again in a pile, while the robot turned toward Broadway and his opponent. “Hyena, Jackal, Wolf- we’re done here. Get the sword and let’s leave this crowd to duke it out amongst themselves.”

“Broadway, look out!” I yelled, just in time to warn him of the giant metal monster about to grab his tail. He dove away, ignoring the man he’d been grappling with for the moment. Shredder saw the distraction and swiftly got to his feet, swooping to grab the katana as he ran toward the door. He kicked at Tokka in an attempt to wake the turtle, and yelled back at the remaining mutant.

“Rahzar! To me, NOW! I have what I came for- these fools can all kill each other for all I care!” He growled, racing out the front of the gallery. I threw a shuriken after him, and it stuck in his shoulder blade. He snarled in pain, but didn’t pause in his retreat. The wolf-mutant bit Goliath’s arm and shook it, causing him to lose his grip. Rahzar howled, and then bounded after his master, ignoring the gargoyle leader. He paused only long enough to pick up the fallen turtle-mutant, and began to carry him as he backed away, trailing after Shredder with his tail wagging like a lap-dog.

“Hyena, they’re getting away! Go after them, I’ll keep this bunch occupied!” The robot shouted; the crazy cyber-chick turned to comply, but I wasn’t about to let her get away. Leo was already chasing after Shredder, with a pissed-off Goliath right behind him, so I wasn’t worried about our enemy getting far. Lex and Angela bounded off after them, leaving Broadway, Mikey, me, Donnie, and Hudson. Brooklyn was down for the count, along with Bronx. Raph was still engaged in a fur-flinging wrestling match with Wolf, the pair sounding like a couple of- well- wolves snarling over a piece of meat.

“Oh, no you DON’T!” I shouted, tackling her again, this time using the blunt outer sheaths of my fans to thump against her head. If she felt it, she gave no indication. Her head spun around again- yup, we definitely needed a priest with some holy water and a crucifix right about then- and she simply grinned at me, laughing sadistically.

“You’re ALL mine, honey,” Hyena purred at me, her blade-fingers clicking together menacingly. I was reminded of a feminine Freddy Kruger- only more demented. She started to reach for me again, but this time I ducked and yanked backward on her arm, throwing her off balance. She fell backward, but didn’t fall far. Still holding her cybernetic arm, I braced and swung hard, slamming her sideways into a stone bench, before letting go and booting the back of her head, HARD. THAT, she felt.

“That’s for threatening to turn Mikey into a foot-bath, bitch,” I snarled, ready to deliver a second kick if she decided to press the fight.

Her sibling had finally managed to climb out from under the statue, and he stood facing Mikey and Donnie. “That’s my SISTER you just kicked, girlie. You’re going to pay for that!” He said, just before he raised his arms, taking aim at me with what I immediately realized were finger-missiles. WHERE in the Hell did these people get their weaponry?! MARS?!

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed, diving for the nearest statue for cover. Mikey yelled, nunchaku twirling madly as he slammed them repeatedly at the cyber-man’s arms and body. It ruined his aim- fortunately- and he was forced to turn back to deal with the immediate threat. Donatello used his bo to sweep the mans legs out from under him, then kicked him in the head when he fell. He moaned, then went limp.

Meanwhile, Wolf had managed to throw Raph off of himself, and now the two were circling each other in the outer gallery like a pair of tigers about to get into a giant-sized cat fight. I decided that my life had somehow become a zoo, and maybe it was time to consider a vacation. A nice, LOOONG vacation.

I was about to turn and rush over to help Raph, when my leg was grabbed, and I suddenly hit the floor on my rear. Hyena had recovered from the boot to the head, and she looked pissed. “Dammit, what does it take to make you stay DOWN?!” I carped in an irritated tone. This was getting old, fast.

“More than you’ve got, sweetheart,” she retorted, swinging me around by the leg she had hold of. I shrieked in a panic, and tried to curl up for protection against the impact I knew was coming- except that it didn’t. I heard a yell that would have made Tarzan proud, and suddenly saw my assailant getting knocked down by one hundred seventy-five pounds of flying turtle. She let go of my leg, but it hardly mattered, since I was already airborne. I ended up smashing into the unconscious Brooklyn, which thankfully was a softer landing than I’d expected. Still hurt, though.

“Leave her ALONE, you psycho-slut!” Michelangelo yelled angrily as he slammed into her, his eyes ablaze with fury. I’d rarely seen him so pissed, but then again, he wasn’t known for being very forgiving when one of his family was threatened, either. He landed atop Hyena as she hit the floor, and flailed at her wildly with his nunchaku, battering at the crazed criminal for all he was worth, until she went down in a heap. Whoa. It was times like this I was glad to be on his GOOD side.

And that’s when everything fell apart. Hudson and Broadway still had been unable to stop or even slow down Coyote, but the instant the huge metal monster saw that two of its teammates were down, the machine seemed to go berserk. “You’ll regret doing that, whoever you are. That’s NO way to treat a lady!” The next thing I knew, Coyote shot a hole in the ceiling with a blaster mounted in one arm, and then leveled another weapon at Hudson and Broadway and fired some sort of ray, which seemed to leave them reeling with vertigo and nausea. Both fell to their knees, and the robot turned to advance on Mikey.

“You kiddin’ me, dude? She’s no lady! She’s nuttier than a Snickers bar!” Mikey retorted, snorting derisively. I rose unsteadily, just in time to see the robot aim its odd ray at Michelangelo…..
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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I'm not sure what I'm going to enter yet. It may be the second chapter to MSW:GotG, a new chapter to an MSW story that's been idle, an old chapter from one of them or a non-MSW short story that I've had in mind.

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After a cargo ship carrying experimental Imperial technology was hijacked by Ti'i Pirates, an Imperial Assault Cruiser named the Lancer was sent to retrieve it, and bring those who had captured it to justice. Commanding the Lancer is General Hiek Romidi and commanding the assault team aboard the cargo ship is Lt. Franko Castiel. In the previous chapter, it was revealed that Franko and his wife are expecting their first child and is planning on a transfer to a backwater world, where he can finish his term of duty close to his family. Before that happens, he has to finish this mission...

Marvel Star Wars: Punisher - Chapter Two

Chapter Two

The explosive disabled the bulkhead door’s magnetic locking system, causing it to open. Immediately, as Lt. Castiel laid down cover fire, members of his Beta team poured into the corridor beyond the door firing as they entered. As the lieutenant had predicted, the corridor had gravity.

“Cease fire!” the lieutenant ordered. “Hold your positions.”

“No one to meet us, sir?” Corporal Tagge asked, coming up beside him, his weapon at the ready. They could see another bulkhead door thirty meters away with nothing but a couple large crates in between them and the door. The crates were positioned side by side with only room enough for one person to pass between them. They were also large enough for one or two humanoids to hide behind each of them.

“Ambush? They’ve got to be kidding. A flash-bang detonator would work in this situation,” Cpl. Tagge noted as he reached into his backpack and pulled a small circular charge from it. Before he could activate it, Lt. Castiel pulled it from his hand.

“Too easy,” the black armored Lieutenant noted. “These guys aren’t amateurs. Ready yourselves just in case.”

As the stormtroopers leveled their rifles down the corridor, without activating the charge, Lt. Castiel rolled the detonator down the corridor. It continued down rolling harmlessly between the crates and gently bounced off of the door on the far side before coming to a stop between the door and the crates. Besides the sound of the flash-bang’s ding against the door, there was no other movement or sound.

“It’s a trap,” the lieutenant explained to the soldier he had taken the flash-bang detonator from, one of the newest recruits to his assault team. “They were expecting that type of action. Now, take out another one.”

Curiously, the soldier pulled another flash-bang from his backpack.

“Activate it two seconds after the explosion,” Lt. Castiel told him as he crouched and aimed his rifle at the flash-bang near the door. “When I motion you to, throw it at the door. The rest of you get ready.” He fired and the shot caused the grenade to explode in a bright flash. The soldier counted two seconds and activated the flash-bang.

“Sir…” the stormtrooper said holding the detonator and watching its flashing light indicating that its timer was running down. Lt. Castiel held up his hand, motioning him to wait.

A few seconds later, Lt. Castiel motioned him to throw it. Just as he did, the door on the far side of the corridor opened and three heavily armed Ti’i pirates scrambled through the door blindly firing in the area of the corridor just beyond the door where they expected the Imperial troops to have been. Within a fraction of a second after their first shot, the second flash-bang exploded in mid-air. Although the weapon was normally used to stun enemy combatants, its detonation in close proximity to a Ti’i pirate’s head was immediately fatal. The other two pirates and another pair just beyond the door were temporarily blinded and deafened by the small explosion.

The stormtroopers, their helmets’ visors automatically adjusting to the bright flash, were not blinded or deafened, however. Within a fraction of a second after the second flash-bang exploded, their blasters lit up the corridor killing the two pairs of Ti’i pirates on either side of the door. Beyond, Lt. Castiel could see that the next room was a monitoring station overlooking the main cargo hold.

“Let’s move!” Lt. Castiel shouted and ran down the corridor, firing through the open door, his troops following close behind. They continued down the corridor and beyond the door into a control room where four Ti’i techs were scrambling to access data from the ship’s computer with the assistance of a pair of astromech droids. The two pirates that had been guarding the door were lying crumpled against each other in the doorway. When the stormtroopers entered the room, three of the techs looked up in horror while the last continued to tap the keys on his data station console.

“Play time’s over,” Lt. Castiel growled, pointing his rifle at one of the astromech droid’s heads before blowing a hole in it. “Down on the floor! Now!”

The three techs dropped to the floor, but the last continued on. As Lt. Castiel walked toward him, the second astromech droid warbled some electronic expletives at him and rolled into his path. The black armored lieutenant fired a shot at point blank range, severing the droid’s right leg, toppling it.

As he approached the last tech, the Ti’i turned his elongated head and glared at him angrily. The Ti’i were red skinned humanoids. They looked similar to humans but their hairless heads were elongated, with long pointed chins and the backs of their heads stretched in the opposite direction into another point. They had long pointed ears as well, thin builds, long fingered hands and on average stood slightly taller than the average human.

“What’s the matter?” Lt. Castiel said pressing the barrel of his rifle against the Ti’i’s forehead. “Did I spoil your fun? I told you to lie on the floor!”

“Imperial slug,” the Ti’i spat. “I just armed all of the proton torpedoes in this transport’s main hold. One stray blaster shot in there and we are all dead.”

Lt. Castiel took a look at the console that the tech had been working at as two of his stormtroopers pulled him from his seat and forced him face first onto the floor next to the second damaged astromech droid. He then walked to the room’s viewport windows that overlooked the main cargo hold. For several seconds he examined the main hold with his eyes. Two rows of six average looking standard TIE fighters sat on carriages with consoles and crates surrounding them. By the looks of cables running from some of the consoles to the starfighters he could tell that the techs had been busy in that room gathering as much data from the crafts as they could. There was no movement in the cavernous room and no pirates were visible.

“I don’t believe you,” Lt. Castiel said walking over to the console the last tech had been frantically working at and pulled a datatab that had been placed in its astromech data receptacle. “All that tapping on this thing and all you were doing was setting up a remote data receiver. Where is the receiver?”

The tech continued to glare at him silently, his cheek pressed to the floor.

Lt. Castiel fired a shot into the floor just inches from the pirate tech’s nose painfully singing it.

“I’ll ask again, where’s the data receiver?” Lt. Castiel growled walking over and kneeling in front of him, placing the barrel of his blaster rifle to his temple as the Ti’i carefully examined his own nose with his long red fingers.

“Is it down in the main cargo hold where your pals are hiding?” Lt. Castiel continued to ask. “How many pirates are down there? Where is the crew? Why aren’t you answering my questions?”

“Give me a chance, will you?” the tech complained. “You nearly blew my nose off.”

“You’ve got two ears,” Lt. Castiel said. “I could blow one of those off and you could listen to all my questions with the other.”

“You’ll just have to kill me,” the tech told him. “I’m not answering any of your questions.”

Lt. Castiel sighed and pulled his rifle away. “He’s not answering my questions,” he said looking up at the others before standing to his feet. Suddenly he lifted one foot and placed it on top of the tech’s nose, causing him to squeak in pain.

“Okay, tough guy, how about this?” Lt. Castiel said. “How about I break your nose then blow off one of your legs? I then drag you out through that service door into the main cargo hold and toss your body over that railing. I’m pretty sure your daddy would like that.”

The Ti’i tech looked up at him angrily in sudden realization.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Lt. Castiel said, grinning under his helmet. “You’re too uppity to be a common tech and not used to following orders. That droid was too quick to protect you as well. You Ti’i pirates are all about family honor. Your daddy is holding that data receiver where he’s probably got another astromech absorbing the data and analyzing it as we speak. How about getting up off that floor and leading us to your father? Oh, don’t worry. Your friends won’t open fire on the two of us seeing you’re a pirate prince and everything. If they do…at least you’ll take the hit instead of me.”

“I’m not going to…augh!” the Ti’i prince started to say before Lt. Castiel stepped on his nose again.

“On your feet!” Lt. Castiel shouted, grabbing the pirate by the shoulder as another stormtrooper grabbed his other arm pulling him up to his full height. “Okay, now time to take a walk down into the main cargo hold. You lead the way princey-boy.”

The Ti’i didn’t move until Castiel jabbed him in the small of the back with his rifle. As they walked up to the door, a voice crackled in the lieutenant’s comm receiver in his helmet.

“This is Alpha team. We’ve taken the bridge, but these pirates have got the entire place wired with explosives. They resisted, so we had to take them all down. One of the pirate pilots has a grip on a dead-hand remote switch and Irich has his hand on the pilot’s to prevent it from activating. I don’t think we’re going anywhere soon, but neither is the transport.”

“Understood, Fen,” Lt. Castiel replied back. “Keep me informed of any changes. We’re going into the main cargo hold. Station two men at the bridge and have one of them see if he can access the main hold’s security feeds. The rest of you begin searching the rest of the ship. Kill any pirates you find.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now, move it, Princey!” Lt. Castiel said jamming the rifle barrel into the Ti’i tech’s back. Grudgingly, he touched the door’s controls, it slid open and they entered the cargo hold. The door led to a catwalk that followed the perimeter around the cavernous cargo hold with four elevators easily visible that led down the hold’s walls to the main deck.

“Beta team, space yourselves around the catwalk and keep your eyes on the hold,” Lt. Castiel ordered. “Tagge, stun those three techs, put a restraining bolt on that still functioning droid and guard that monitor room. The pirate prince and I are going down into the hold so we can meet his daddy.”

“All alone?” the tech said with a grin. “You’re a brave one.”

“Sure am. Now walk to the nearest lift.”

The two continued to walk along the catwalk until they almost reached the first elevator. The rest of Beta team continued to walk around and space themselves on the catwalk, their rifles trained on the hold below. Just a few meters from it, the Ti’i prince slowed and suddenly turned his head looking down into it as well.

“You’re giving me a profile view of your beak,” Lt. Castiel noted. “Are you wanting me to blow it off or are you trying to make me look down there and take my eyes off of you so you can wrestle my rifle from my hands?”

The prince clenched his teeth angrily.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Lt. Castiel said kicking him in the small of the back. “Keep walking!”

“Got movement,” one of the stormtroopers informed him quietly via his helmet comm. “Looks like somebody’s crouched behind one of the consoles next to one of TIE fighters. Fourth one back on the left.”

“See him.”

“Yep, Wersie’s right, sir. Guy’s armed with a nasty looking rifle.”

“Wersie, you keep your eyes on him,” Lt. Castiel said as he and his captive stepped onto the lift. “The rest of you keep your eyes out for anyone else. We’re heading down to the floor.”

“Lieutenant,” Fen from Alpha team’s voice crackled over the lieutenant’s helmet comm. [/i]“We’ve found the ship’s crew in a storage room. They’re all accounted for and dead.”[/i]

“I guessed that,” Lt. Castiel replied as the lift reached the floor. “Keep searching the ship. Now, walk, Princey. Let’s find, daddy.”

The two began walking again. Now that they were on the hold’s main floor, their vision was greatly hindered by stacks of crates, monitoring consoles, and the TIE fighter’s hexagonal solar panels. Lt. Castiel’s team were his eyes now.

“Where do you want me to go?” the prince asked. “I’m not going to…”

“We’re just going for a casual walk, pal,” Lt. Castiel said. “No place in particular. So, why don’t you tell me about yourself? What’s your name? Got a girlfriend? Are you finished with pirate prince training school yet? Got any hobbies besides hijacking cargo ships?”

“You are a load of laughs,” the Ti’i prince grumbled. “I thought you stormtroopers were a bunch of brainless clones.”

“No, they stopped cloning a few decades ago,” Lt. Castiel told him as they walked around the cargo hold. “The Emperor figured that clones were getting too expensive. They started recruiting guys like me instead.”

“And now you’re as worthless as a clone,” the Ti’i laughed. “Cannon fodder. What kind of life is that?”

“Better than murdering and stealing like a pirate,” Lt. Castiel told him, thinking of his wife and unborn son.

“Oh…and the Empire doesn’t do that?” the prince mocked. “What about Alderaan? I’m sure any surviving Alderaanians would love to discuss that with you.”

Lt. Castiel didn’t answer. Well over a century ago the Empire had destroyed the planet Alderaan’s surface as a demonstration to a group of rebellious worlds. Several billion died and the planet was uninhabitable ever since.

“Hmm? No answer?” the Ti’i prince asked with a grin. “Those of my kind like to compare ourselves to you Imperials. It makes us feel saint-like.”

A blaster fired from above. Behind Lt. Castiel, a Ti’i pirate collapsed to the floor, his blaster rifle falling from his hands.

The Ti’i prince turned and looked at the pirate. Lt. Castiel grinned under his helmet.

“One down,” he chuckled as he jabbed the prince with the rifle barrel again. “How many more to go?”

“Planets, you mean?” the Ti’i prince angrily asked. “I know about this growing Rebel Alliance you Imperials are fretting over. I’m sure your precious Emperor, his Imperial Highness, the Lord Darth Doom is eager to slaughter several more billion sentients to satiate his blood-thirstiness.”

“Got more movement,” another stormtrooper reported. “I see two…no three pirates breaking their cover and converging on you.”

“Take’em down!” Lt. Castiel shouted as he tackled the Ti’i prince. Blaster fire erupted around the cargo hold as the lieutenant grudgingly lay on top of the prince protecting him from harm. Looking over at one of the crates, he noted that it had been labeled: “STAREK INDUSTRIES”. He had seen the name briefly before when reviewing records about the Kuat Drive Yards, the Empire’s main military construction facility. He had never seen anything come out of the Kuat Yards with that label before though. He guessed that whatever was valuable and top secret about the TIE fighters must have involved that company.

“They’re continuing to break cover, sir!” Wersie told him via his helmet comm. “No sign of…wait, there’s a guy running away from the fight. It looks like he’s armed only with a pistol. He’s about twenty meters away from you to your eleven o’clock.”

“Stun that guy if you can, Wersie,” Lt. Castiel said, climbing to his feet as the battle around them continued. Grabbing the Ti’i prince, he pulled him to his feet as well.

“Daddy’s not far, pal,” Lt. Castiel told the prince, holding him by the shoulder and pressing the barrel of his rifle to his chin. “Let’s go find him.”

As Lt. Castiel continued forward, the blaster fire began to diminish as the stormtroopers had the upper hand in the battle and the Ti’i pirates continued to suffer losses. After making a final turn around one of the crates, Lt. Castiel and the Ti’i prince came face to face with another pirate, this one armed with an elegant looking pistol.

“Y’tergo,” the pirate gasped, his expression a mix of fear and anger.

“So, now we know your name, Prince Y’tergo,” Lt. Castiel said jamming the rifle barrel under his chin. “Listen, daddy, drop your weapon and order your men to surrender or I’ll splatter little Y’tergo’s brains over this cargo hold’s ceiling.”

The pirate leader clenched his teeth, visibly pondering whether he should try shooting the black armored stormtrooper or save his son’s life. With a disgusted look he carefully placed the pistol on the floor in front of him. By the looks of the pistol, Lt. Castiel could hardly blame him. It looked expensive and delicate. A collector’s item and not something you’d want to dirty or scratch.

“Order your men to lay down their weapons, come out and surrender,” Lt. Castiel said continuing to hold the leader’s son.

“If you give me my son,” the pirate said, swallowing nervously.


Lifting his wrist to his mouth, the pirate leader sighed.

“Stop your attack. We are defeated. The Empire has Y’tergo and me. We shall fight another day.”

Out of the corner of Lt. Castiel’s eye, he could see a pair of Ti’i arms raise a rifle in one hand above a crate before it fell to the deck. Across the cargo hold, Ti’i pirates continued to surrender.

“Now, give me my son,” the pirate leader said, raising his own hands. “We’ll go into your custody together.”

“You’ve got a data receiver on you,” Lt. Castiel said. “Toss it here.”

The pirate leader grimaced, hesitated then nodded. He lowered his hand and began to reach into a pocket.

“Slowly,” Lt. Castiel ordered. The pirate leader eyed him then, at a much slower pace, reached into the pocket and pulled a data receiver out and tossed it over to him. As it landed at Lt. Castiel’s feet, he stomped on it, crushing it.

“That was worth billions, fool!” the pirate leader spat.

“More valuable than your son?” Lt. Castiel asked. The pirate leader blinked, almost shocked at the question. For a moment his mouth opened and closed as he thought about the answer.

“No,” the pirate leader answered, honesty in his eyes. “Not more valuable than Y’tergo.”

Lt. Castiel could see the expression on the Ti’i pirate leader’s face. He was truly, deeply concerned for his son’s safety. Lt. Castiel pictured his wife Clara in his mind, holding her round belly, smiling at him. It was the last holo-image she had sent to him.

“Go to your father, Y’tergo,” Lt. Castiel said, letting go of the pirate prince. “We’ll scoop the two of you up in a moment.” He activated his helmet comm. “Wersie, status?”

“Clear. Coming down to the deck and taking the pirates into custody.”

“Alpha team, status?”

“Found a few pirates. They gave us a fight, but we finished them off quickly.”

“Yanks, status?”

“Clear, sir. Our escort’s detected a faint signature aboard the abandoned refinery. It looks like a powered down small corvette.”

“Big enough to take on any TIE fighters as cargo?” Lt. Castiel asked, watching as the pirate leader hugged his son.

“No. Passengers only.”

“You guys were only interested in the data, then,” Lt. Castiel said as stormtroopers began to bring the Ti’i pirates to his location and bind their hands behind their backs. “Yanks, contact the Lancer and tell them about the corvette and that we’ve captured the pirate leader as well as their techs and a damaged droid.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Was all of this worth risking your son’s life?” Lt. Castiel asked, turning his full attention back to the pirate leader and Y’tergo. “I’ll never understand you cutthroats.”

“Imperial hypocrite!” Y’tergo spat before his father silenced him with a hand over his mouth.

“You guys are going to answer for the deaths of this ship’s crew,” Lt. Castiel told them. “And, the Empire is likely already interrogating your friend, this ship’s captain. Personally, I’d like to know how you got to him.”

“Loyalties can be bought and earned,” the pirate leader mumbled.

“The Lancer has arrived and are opening fire on the corvette,” Yanks’ voice announced. “Corvette destroyed. Gen. Romidi’s shuttle is inbound.”

“Well, there goes your ride,” Lt. Castiel announced to the pirates as he looked around the cargo hold at the TIE fighters, curious about what “Starek Industries” had done to them to make them so valuable. He then activated his helmet comm again. “Corp. Tagge, see if you can wake up a couple of those techs and have them drag that droid…”

“Y’tergo, no!”

Lt. Castiel turned just in time to see that the pirate prince had quickly picked up his father’s pistol and was charging him. As a reflex, Lt. Castiel lifted his blaster rifle and fired into the Ti’i’s chest at point blank range. His momentum carried him into the lieutenant’s arms where he breathed his last breath sinking to the floor, leaving him holding the pirate leader’s unfired pistol in his hand.

The pirate leader, not caring for his personal safety ran to his son’s side, pulling him into his arms, bitterly weeping. Lt. Castiel held up his hand to his troops, letting the pirate leader grieve over his fallen son.

For a few minutes, while the prisoners’ hands were bound and lined up, Lt. Castiel quietly watched the pirate leader sit on the floor hugging his son’s lifeless body wondering if he couldn’t have decked Y’tergo instead of blasting him. Orders were to take him alive, but watching his father’s bitter grief made him regret the pirate prince’s death even more.

After his shuttle docked, under guard of a dozen stormtroopers, Gen. Romidi arrived in the cargo hold and came up to where Lt. Castiel and his prisoners were.

“Success,” the General said with a smile. “Again, another flawless mission, Franko.”

“Not flawless, sir,” Lt. Castiel admitted. “The pirate leader’s son attacked me and I was forced to kill him in defense.”

“Not a major loss if you bagged the pirate ringleader,” Gen. Romidi responded noting the elegant pistol in Lt. Castiel’s hand. Wordlessly, the lieutenant handed it to him.

“A souvenir?” the general asked.

“For you, sir,” Lt. Castiel answered, noting that the pirate leader was eyeing him with a murderous stare. The general turned to see eleven pirates and three Ti’i techs kneeling in a row on the deck, hands bound behind their backs.

“There is a price for attacking the Empire and trying to steal its assets,” the general said, walking up to the first pirate and admiring the pistol. Placing the barrel of the pistol to the forehead of the pirate, he fired. The pirate’s lifeless body dropped to the deck.

Lt. Castiel was horrified. The man was an unarmed prisoner.

“The Emperor himself has ordered that this ship and its cargo be destroyed,” Gen. Romidi announced walking up the next pirate, executing him in similar fashion as the one before him. “He would also like to commend you for your efforts.”

“I’m…honored,” Lt. Castiel said, watching in horror as his commanding officer casually continued down the line of captives, executing every one of them including the three techs, silencing their desperate please for mercy.

“And now, gather your men and return to the Lancer, Franko,” Gen. Romidi ordered. “Your transfer will be immediate after we return to the ship. Remember to pack all of your things, when we get back on board. You’ll be taking a shuttle to a destination of your choice before you head to your new home and assignment.”

Lt. Castiel heard his men murmuring among themselves at the mentioning of his transfer.

“Uh…sir, do you want us to gather the bodies of this transport’s crew?” Lt. Castiel asked.

“No,” the general said with a shrug before putting the pistol in his belt and walking under escort back to his own shuttle with the Ti’i pirate leader in the custody of two stormtroopers following behind him. Turning his head, the pirate leader eyed Lt. Castiel evilly.

A few minutes later, both Alpha and Beta teams were on board the Lancer. From one of its viewports, Lt. Castiel watched as the Lancer’s turbolasers showered the transport as TIE fighters and bombers pummeled its surface. Within a few dozen seconds, the ship erupted into a ball of flaming debris.

The lieutenant had been standing in a hallway that ran along the Lancer’s starboard not far from the ship’s brig. He had his helmet off. It felt good to have it off. After not too long after the transport’s destruction a sound caught his ears. Despite the brig’s cell doors being closed, Franko could still faintly hear the voice of the pirate leader screaming at the top of his lungs.

“I’ll hunt you down and make you pay! If it’s the last thing I do, I will make you suffer and watch you die, Lieutenant Franko Castiel!”

Franko didn’t think much of it. The pirate leader would be brought to Imperial justice before the day was over. Still, Franko couldn’t help feel deep regret after killing the pirate leader’s son.

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21 Jun 2015, 10:05 #18

Well done, BT!

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Feral Female @ Jun 21 2015, 06:05 AM wrote: Well done, BT!

Am I seeing this right? Are there only three entries this late into the month?

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If no one else submits an entry, I think it could be assumed that each of the three contestants' votes would automatically be for the other two's entries. In other words, if only the entrants were to vote, it would be a three-way tie (with everyone voting for their "two favorite" entries).

Unless someone else enters, the three entrants are going to need one more voter to create a two-way tie (voting for their two favorites). A second, non-entrant voter would be required to give the possibility of a singular winner (voting for their two favorites).

In other words, in this possible scenario, the entrants' votes are basically meaningless (outside of the acknowledgment that they're participating) - each entrant would automatically get two votes. So, would it be necessary for the entrants to place only one vote? In other words, they are participating in the vote, but, in order for their votes to be meaningful, they'd be limited to only one vote each. That would limit the possibility of a three-way tie. Actually, if the entrants were the only voters, it would mean that there would either be a three-way tie or a singular winner.

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Miles_Warren @ Jun 18 2015, 06:44 PM wrote: Excellent entry Duckie. :thbsup:
fighting, not dramatic, not so serious, just entertaing
totally not like in a real life it would be
thanx Duckie !

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Well, I was hoping to make it more dramatic than "fun" since it was HUGE fight with multiple enemies. Though when Mikey is involved, I suppose it's hard to ever be TOO serious- that boy turns EVERYTHING into a joke/game..... :karate stick: :twisted: ;) :ph43r: :P
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MsMarvelDuckie @ Jun 22 2015, 12:27 AM wrote: Well, I was hoping to make it more dramatic than "fun" since it was HUGE fight with multiple enemies. Though when Mikey is involved, I suppose it's hard to ever be TOO serious- that boy turns EVERYTHING into a joke/game..... :karate stick: :twisted: ;) :ph43r: :P
I like Michelangelo, thanx to You Duckie

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I will be entering before the deadline is due. Hopefully we get more entrants as well. :(

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BT, a very sad but beautiful part this time, feels real in an unreal place. :thbsup: