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July 2016 Fan Fiction Writing Contest

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The Balance of Power Chapter Five: Discoveries by GreenScar1990 (1st win)
Heavy Metal - Issue #9 – Haunted by Feral Female (8th win)

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Tales from the DC Universe #1 - Deadshot in “How to Survive, When There Are So Many Ways to Die” by xMatt (6th win)

June 2016 Winner
Outstanding Marvel Team Up #1 by xMatt (7th win)

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I will throw in my next story soon

Eternal Nightmare
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Peter Pan and the Pirates - Maggots

I don't own Peter Pan and the Pirates characters.

‘’I’M HUNGRY!’’ Mullins shouted. He scowled at Cookson while the latter stirred soup in a pot. Mullins viewed Captain Hook and the other pirates frowning. ‘’Are you starving?’’ he asked them.
He viewed them nodding. He turned to Cookson another time.

‘’I’M STILL HUNGRY, COOKSON!’’ Mullins shouted.

Cookson faced Mullins. A frown formed on his face. ‘’Don’t forget loud!’’ he muttered under his breath. Cookson continued to stir.

‘’Food! Food! Food! Food!’’ Billy Jukes exclaimed.

Cookson placed soup in many bowls. He took two bowls and ran to Captain Hook. He placed one bowl in front of him. ‘’Enjoy your food, Captain Hook,’’ Cookson said. After putting the other bowl near Smee, he obtained extra bowls. Cookson approached Mullins and Billy Jukes with Starkey.

Alf Mason frowned before a bowl was placed near him. ‘’Are you going to eat anything, Cookson?’’ he asked. He watched as Cookson shook his head.

‘’I’m not hungry.’’

Starkey gasped as his eyes widened. ‘’You’re not hungry, Cookson? I’m shocked!’’ he said in a sincere tone.

Captain Hook tasted soup. His eyes became wide. He winced as he became queasy. Scowling, Captain Hook lifted the bowl and threw it at Cookson.

After gasping, Cookson ducked. He looked back before the bowl contacted the wall and shattered. Cookson faced Captain Hook.

Starkey ate a bit of soup. He shuddered. *I’ll eat more soup just to be polite* he thought. Starkey shuddered again after he consumed a bit more soup.

Captain Hook winced again. He scowled at Cookson another time. He saw Smee’s sudden worried expression.

‘’Perhaps you should rest for now, Captain Hook,’’ Smee said.

‘’A rare good idea, Smee,’’ Captain Hook said.

Smee began to smile.

Captain Hook stood.

‘’I’m curious about something, Captain Hook,’’ Smee said. He tilted his head to one side. ‘’Was Cecilia a good cook?’’ he asked.

Another scowl formed on Captain Hook’s face. After turning to Smee, he trembled. His eyes narrowed. ‘’How do you know about my betrothed?’’

Mullins, Billy Jukes, Starkey, Alf Mason, and Cookson gasped together.

‘’You were almost married, Captain Hook?’’ Mullins asked.

Captain Hook faced Mullins and nodded. He focused on Smee another time. ‘’How do you know about my betrothed?’’

‘’You mention Cecilia while you rest sometimes, Captain Hook,’’ Smee said.

Captain Hook began to blink twice.

‘’Was Cecilia a good cook?’’ Smee asked.

‘’Cecilia was average,’’ Captain Hook muttered. He winced another time. He turned and walked to his chamber. After entering it, he saw his bed.

Captain Hook placed his hook under his face. A thoughtful expression formed.

‘’I do mention Cecilia. I still regret my lies about being a pirate during my days as Jasper Hook’s midshipman. Cecilia won’t marry a pirate at all. I will never forget her tears after my lies,’’ Captain Hook muttered. He began to frown. His shoulders slumped.

‘’I don’t know if Cecilia is still alive or deceased. I loathe her for refusing to marry me. Part of me will still cherish her. Part of me wishes to apologize. Part of me yearns to embrace Cecilia.’’ Confusion filled his eyes.

Footsteps were why Captain Hook glanced back. His scowl returned as soon as he saw Cookson near the doorway. He saw a sheepish expression on the latter’s face.

‘’How are you?’’ Cookson wanted to know.

Captain Hook remembered eating soup earlier. He winced another time. He glowered at Cookson. ‘’I’m queasy again!’’

‘’Oh,’’ Cookson muttered. He turned and departed.

Captain Hook turned to his bed again. *I should rest now* he thought. A smile began to replace his scowl. *I’ll rest for a few minutes.*

Captain Hook heard footsteps another time. Scowling, he looked back. ‘’Why are you returning, Cookson?’’ he asked.

Cookson was not present.

There were footsteps near the doorway.

‘’Cookson?’’ Captain Hook asked. His eyes began to narrow another time. Captain Hook’s scowl remained. ‘’Smee?’’ he muttered. Captain Hook faced the bed again. Footsteps continued.

That was when Captain Hook heard a familiar voice.


Captain Hook’s eyes increased in size. He recognized the voice. His body and head shook at the same time. ‘’Cecilia?’’

Captain Hook turned his head at a snail’s pace.

The ghost of Cecilia materialized near him.

Captain Hook trembled uncontrollably.

Cecilia’s dress was tattered. Her gloves and hat were long gone. Her eyes bulged. Her face was skeletal. Cecilia’s hair reached the middle of the back. Maggots covered most of her body.

Four tears ran down Captain Hook’s face. He shook his head another time. ‘’You are not the woman I fell in love with,’’ he muttered. Captain Hook looked down as he sobbed. He was queasy again. He refused to glance at the decaying spirit.

‘’Why are you here, Cecilia?’’ Captain Hook asked.

‘’I heard your wish to be with me, James. I appeared for you.’’ Cecilia touched Captain Hook’s wet face. ‘’I’ll comfort you.’’

Captain Hook saw maggots on Cecilia’s rotting hand. He ceased sobbing. His eyes became bigger another time. Queasy again, Captain Hook stepped back.

‘’You aren’t enraged due to my past lies, Cecilia?’’ Captain Hook’s eyes filled with tears again. He began to look to one side. ‘’If part of you still loathes me, Cecilia…’’ Captain Hook took a deep breath. He looked ahead. He closed his eyes.

‘’You can do whatever you want to me, Cecilia.’’

‘’I moved on, James,’’ Cecilia said. She almost kissed Captain Hook’s face before he opened his eyes and stepped back again. Cecilia tilted her head to one side in confusion. ‘’James?’’ she muttered.

‘’You can do whatever you want to me except kissing! I forgot about kissing. The same goes for holding me in your arms,’’ Captain Hook said during a sudden frown. He shuddered after he saw maggots again.

Captain Hook glanced at Cecilia before he remembered he was a gentleman. His hat was already by his bed. There was no need to remove it in front of Cecilia. Captain Hook bowed.

‘’Cecilia, I…’’ Captain Hook glanced at his bed another time. He ceased bowing. ‘’About my past lies…’’ Captain Hook faced Cecilia. He tried to disregard the maggots.

‘’I am sorr…’’ Captain Hook muttered. After pausing again, he looked down. His frown came back.

‘’Apology accepted, James.’’

A rare smile replaced Captain Hook’s frown. ‘’I’m glad you are happy, Cecilia.’’ He gasped after he thought he saw what Cecilia looked like prior to her death. Captain Hook recognized the red bow on her white and lilac dress. His eyes were on the hat she sometimes wore. Most of Cecilia’s hair was under the hat. Her eyes never bulged.

Captain Hook blushed as his eyes widened. He smiled again. Tears ran down Captain Hook’s face. ‘’You are the woman I fell in love with.’’

‘’James…’’ the spirit muttered. She wondered if he accepted her true emotions for him. *James doesn’t view me as a vengeful spirit any longer* she thought. Cecilia never mentioned her decaying form.

‘’Are you always going to remain with me, Cecilia?’’ Captain Hook asked.

Cecilia nodded. ‘’Perhaps we can marry one another, James.’’ She viewed him tilting his head to one side.

‘’I’m not a spirit,’’ Captain Hook said.

‘’We can still be together, James.’’

‘’You are still my betrothed, Cecilia.’’

‘’I’ll be more than happy to be your wife before and after your death, James. Are you happy about being my spouse?’’

Captain Hook smiled again. He wrapped his arms around Cecilia before he kissed her. He still never saw maggots on her. Captain Hook continued to kiss his wife-to-be and embrace her.

Cookson appeared again. After viewing the decaying spirit in Captain Hook’s arms, he gasped. He scowled. ‘’You will kiss the maggot lady, but you won’t eat my cooking!’’

The End




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Going to try and fit in an entry. Going for an original story, likely something more akin to 'horror' than I usually do.
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PLOT: SWORD has developed brand new ships! But these new ships need the best pilots to test them - so they've transported James Rhodes and Carol Danvers to their Falchion-One space base to do just that! 

Despite serving years in the armour, James Rhodes never felt more comfortable then when he did in the cockpit. It wasn’t that the armour didn’t fit right – because it did. Even though Tony Stark had designed the armour, it was Rhodey who had made the name ‘War Machine’ his own. He’d made it something he could take pride in, as a hero and as the leader of the Avengers. But before he was an Avenger, he was a different kind of hero: he was a pilot. Flying the Quinjet for the team wasn’t the same as flying with USAF. He wasn’t sure that there was any kind of comparison. Being here again, in his fatigues, without the weight of the armour burdening him or making him work up a sweat, felt so freeing.

Although these weren’t ships that Rhodey recognised. They had wings, they had front noses, they had a cockpit. But the design wasn’t anything that the engineers in the States would’ve come up with. These looked more like goo, with the way they were curved and streamlined. The colours were ostentatious and garish, which were the exact opposite of the colours the military would’ve used. They lacked any of that utilitarian design and instead appeared to be more stylish. Now that Rhodey looked at them, ran his dark fingers across them, he realised they even felt different.

It just made him realise how much he missed flying.

And how excited he was to start again.

“Glad you could make it, Colonel,” a stern voice said from the hangar door. Turning around, he saw what had become his new normal in the last few years: a woman with green hair and a scowl on her face. “SWORD appreciates you coming up here. Special Agent Abigail Brand. We’ve met … briefly.”

“And under very different circumstances! I’ve been part of some crazy adventures these last few years. But this space stuff? Taking some getting used to,” Rhodey responded, with a smile. He placed both hands beside his back, a neutral position that he had developed from the many years of military. The planes might’ve changed, but the pilot didn’t. War armours aside, that is. “The whole anti-gravity thing especially.”

“I needed a bucket in my first week,” said another female voice, from behind Brand. Approaching them now was a blonde-haired woman, dressed in red and blue. She had a leather jacket on over the top of it and was wearing sneakers, both of which seemed completely against the outfit was wearing underneath. “Just when I was getting used to Earth’s gravity, I’m brought back up here.”

“Captain Danvers,” Rhodey said, extended his hand.

“Actually, it’s General now,” Carol chuckled, as she shook his hand back. “But that’s not important. What is important, are these sweet planes. Found one you like yet? Although can’t imagine how they’d compare to that suit of armour of yours!”

“Well, my armour doesn’t have wings,” Rhodey joked.

Abigail rolled her eyes, before saying: “Feels like I walked into a romantic comedy. ” Then, a little louder, she said: “We have four planes we need tested. We’ll start with those two. Once you’re done flirting, we’ll get started.”

Watching her as she departed, Carol let out a little snort of amusement, as she said, “She’s been stuck in space for years. She doesn’t really know what flirting is.”

“How long’ve you been in space, for?” Rhodes asked, putting his hands behind his back, as they both approached the planes they would be testing. “Last I heard, you were on Latveria with Steve, fighting off against the Atlanteans. Some secret war.”

“Oh, you know how it is,” Carol shrugged, falling in step beside him. While Rhodey had his arms behind his back, Carol was using hers to gesticulate wildly. “The superhero business! Sometimes you’re flying around space, sometimes you’re flying in medieval castles fighting against angry dictators!”

“Can’t say I’ve had a chance against angry dictators,” Rhodey laughed, seeing the enthusiasm that his fellow pilot was displaying. She looked so exuberant that Rhodey couldn’t understand the flirting notion that Abigail had presented: it felt more like a mentor, looking at their excitable student. “But I’ve fought against dragons before. That’s close enough, I guess, right?”

“Oh, dragons? I saw those in my first month,” Carol snorted, with a wry grin. They reached the two ships that Abigail had pointed two. The one Rhodey found himself standing beside was a slimly designed vehicle, with narrow wings and a thin front. Whereas the one Carol was standing beside was the spaceship equivalent of American muscle: big and bombastic. “I thought you Avengers were supposed to be the experienced ones!”

“Yeah, I’ll teach you a thing or two up there, General,” Rhodey snorted, as he grabbed the lever to open the door. Except there was no lever. Instead, his hand just slid against the overly polished metal of the ship. He tried again, but his fingers just slid over it once more. This time, he looked down at the ship, trying to find the door. “As soon as I … figure out … how to open … this up…”

Looking up, he saw Carol laughing again, at least having the courtesy to cover her mouth with her red-gloved hand. Her door was sliding upwards and she was peering over the side of it. “Need a little help there, Colonel?”

“HA!” Rhodey jeered, as he found the button to press. The door hissed as it opened, revealing the seat within. The helmet was already inside, waiting for him, as was the zip-up suit he’d be wearing. He grabbed it off the chair and looked back at Carol, “No old-people stereotypes here.”

“Almost had me fooled,” Carol replied, taking her leather jacket off and stepping into the overalls that her seat contained. Reaching for the helmet, she fixed it on her short, cropped hair and asked: “You ever fly in space before?”

“Nope. Any advice?”

“Yeah,” she winked. “Don’t get in my way.”

Rhodey shook his head as the two of them stepped into the cockpit. The dashboard was empty, until his butt found the cushion on the chair. Once he was settled in, a blue laser from the front window connected with a part of his helmet. A heads up display formed along the visor, illuminating the dashboard with a series of controls that shifted whenever his head moved. Emerging from the middle of the dashboard was his steering wheel. That, at least, looked like he remembered. From the corner of his vision, he saw two images: a live feed of Special Agent Brand in the control room and one of Carol, settling in to her ship.

“Ready pilots? The manoeuvres and flight path is installed in your HUD,” Special Agent Brand informed them both. “Stick the course and there shouldn’t be any problems.” Then, with a terse voice that brought a snicker from the blonde-haired pilot, Brand added: Especially you, Carol.”

xMatt Presents…
Outstanding Marvel Team-Up #2
Fast and Furious featuring War Machine and Captain Marvel!

Carol had flown a vast array of planes in her time, but nothing compared to this ship. It was faster and more intuitive than the previous Warbirds SWORD had used. Ever since their battle with the Kree Army, the engineers had been looking intensely at upgrading their firepower, but also their vehicles. Carol was glad that she was around to help test pilot them. For all the years she had spent on Earth, she had never found anything as freeing as space. Probably because there was so much of It, where she could just fly through and see the stars. Earth, in comparison, felt like a cage.

She had spent a few weeks down there, on shore leave. But found that things like visiting her family, catching up on old shows – seriously, what was with that latest season of Orange is the New Black? – or grabbing a Jolly Holly burger just felt so mundane. Her childhood had been devoted to watching things like Star Trek – really, JJ Abrams? – and Star Wars – really, JJ Abrams? – and now that she had actually lived it, nothing came close to even comparing. A pilot at heart, the freedom of space and the opportunity provided meant … well, she could never stay away from SWORD for far too long.

“So what were you doing,” Carol asked, making conversation as they flew together, “when they dragged you up here?”

“Getting ready for a friend’s wedding,” was the Avenger’s response.

“Blah. No thanks,” Carol replied, with a little snicker. “I just fly.”

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask you about that,” Rhodey said. But then, there was a little beep from their displays, telling them to start performing their first stunt. “After we get this little stunt out of the way.”

“What,” Carol asked, coyly, as she had the same message sent on her helmet, “you can’t fly and talk? What about all that experience?”

Apparently, he couldn’t: although Carol wasn’t too cut up about it. Because the stunt was more difficult than Carol had anticipated. Focus was required, particularly because the ship’s controls responded so quickly and sensitively to not only the pilot’s thoughts, but their movements, too. Following the directions on the helmet, Carol initiated the stunt. Rather, she tried to.

What was supposed to be a double barrel roll and ascension move instead became something else entirely. Carol moved the ship and was able to get it to roll twice, but pulling up from that roll was more difficult than she had anticipated, especially considering the speed with which she had entered the roll. It meant that her ascension was more diagonal and a red light flashed in her helmet, telling her that she’d done it wrong. To her right, she saw the immediate motion from Rhodey, who was able to pull up from the double barrel roll straight away.

“Now that’s he we do it!” Rhodey cheered. “You need to press the brakes next time, Carol! And accelerate up, instead of going straight through with it. You would’ve gotten hit, otherwise.”

There was that experience.

Following his direction, Carol got it right the second time.

“These things move like a hot knife through butter,” Carol mentioned, as they were back to flying neutrally. “The slightest reaction and they move without any kind of interruption.”

“Faster than I’d expected, too, even for a bulkier ship like yours,” Rhodey replied, looking at her ship from the corner of his dark eyes. “Will have to check out the engines once we’re back to home base.”

“Lots of blue, glowing stuff,” Carol answered.

That brought a laugh along her ear piece from the pilot beside her. “You’re not all that interested in ship specs, are you, Carol?”

“Honestly? No,” she responded, with a shrug. “So long as it flies and flies fast, I’m happy.”

“Well, that’s what I was hoping to ask you, actually,” Rhodey responded, falling back to what they were talking about before. “Your file says you can fly. Actually fly. Zip around with gold trailing after you and everything. Cap spoke highly of you!”

“Aw, you’ve read my file?” Carol chuckled.

“I’m the leader of the Avengers,” Rhodey said, in a sarcastic tone. “You know, the super team that has to save the world on a daily basis? I read everyone’s file. We’re always looking for new members and allies.”

Lifting a thin eyebrow, she asked, “That wasn’t an invitation, was it, Rhodey?”

“It was the invitation of an invitation,” he shot back. “Now, let me ask my damn question! If you can fly with your own power, why do you still pilot ships?”

“Well, duh. Because nothing compares to this.”

Just as she answered, a red light started to flare in the corner of their helmet’s heads-up-display. Thinking that it would be another stunt for them to pull in the ships, Carol glanced over casually. Except it wasn’t – and the concerned look on the green-haired Special Agent’s face suggested otherwise, as well.

“It’s an asteroid storm,” Brand growled, furiously. “That wasn’t in the forecast!”

Concernedly, Rhodey asked, “You have a forecast for asteroids?”

“Special Agent Brand has a forecast for everything,” was Carol’s reply, as the alarm lights got louder and louder, with the flight path of the asteroids shifting towards theirs. They were moving fast and shifting so that they would intercept the pilots. “But mostly she has forecasts for trouble!”

‘Trouble’ was an understatement. The asteroids were moving at an alarmingly quick pace and they seemed to be circling around, almost as if they were being piloted. No matter how many of them Rhodey and Carol managed to avoid, there seemed to be more and more. According to Rhodey’s scanners from within the ship, they were all circling back, returning and shifting their flight path to strike at them. They weren’t moving too fast, but just one hit would be enough to knock either of them off course.

The ships were being put to the test, now. At least Brand wouldn’t have to complain about not putting them to their paces, with how much the pilots were demanding of them. Forced to swerve and bank and roll between the asteroids, Rhodey was grateful he wasn’t in one of the heavier and slower USAF planes. The intuitive nature of the machine was the perfect blend of man and technology. Stark could’ve learned something about his armours, if he had a chance to see these incredible birds in action.

“Is it just me, or are these asteroids chasing us?” Carol asked, dipping beneath a massive asteroid, only to come face to face with another. With a quick barrel roll, she managed to avoid it. But just barely. “Because it really feels like they’re chasing us!”

Rhodey was definitely getting that feeling. Especially when, after narrowly avoiding one, he found himself wedged between two of them. With a sudden jerk of his hands, instinctively, he barrelled sidewards and was able to pass through the asteroids completely vertical. Just when it looked like the asteroids were about to crash into each other, they floated the other way. Not that Rhodey had any understanding of how asteroids were supposed to be used; it looked … strange, to say the least. But it reminded him of something. Something very, very bad.

“The last time we were attacked by asteroids,” Rhodey commented, feeling the sweat drip from his chin, “was when there was a Celestial invasion! Better hope that’s not what this is! And damn it, don’t these things have any weapons?”

“They would,” Carol replied, “if they were combat ready. But as for the Celestials? Well, I never got a chance to whoop their asses. I wouldn’t mind a chance now!”

“Oh, please don’t say that,” Rhodey groaned, as he forced to avoid another oncoming asteroid. “Don’t antagonise them!”

Except Rhodey had been there, when the Celestials burned away in the sky. He had seen them defeated by Hank Pym. But did that mean their Deviants were also destroyed? But being on the run from the asteroids wasn’t going to solve any of their problems, especially not when the massive, space rocks were beginning to cluster together, taking away their ships’ agility.

“Although, I’ve got an idea,” Carol mentioned.

From the SWORD base, they both heard Brand shout: “If it involves getting out of your ship, Danvers, don’t even think about it!”

“It involves getting out of your ship, doesn’t it?” Rhodey laughed.

“I’m getting out of the ship!” Carol barked, with raucous exciting.
Excitement filled him, upon seeing Captain Marvel in flight. It was like watching Michael Jordan take a running start dunk, was like watching Joe Montana throw that Hail Mary right on the buzzer or a Babe Ruth shot hit out of the park. It was mastery in motion as, in a single, fluid movement, she had shot out of the ship, burst with a bright golden energy, forming an eight-point star against her chest and then raced toward the nearest set of meteors. Arms extended, she crashed straight through one, faster than Rhodey’s eyes could follow. One moment, that flash of gold light was beside him, the next it was punching through an asteroid.

Except it wasn’t an asteroid.

It was a ship.

“Have to say,” Carol grunted as she pushed through the pod-shaped vessel, “I’m surprised.”

There was no one inside, fortunately for whoever was attacking them, with the pod looking more like a drone. Carol grabbed the pod and smashed it between her fingers, pushing against it from either side. The asteroid had fallen apart, smaller bits of rubble and debris heading away from Rhodey and her other ship. Rhodey, however, had received a message from Special Agent Brand:

“You’ll need to keep in close proximity to her ship,” she was telling him, “make sure her antics don’t get either of them damaged.”

Rhodey nodded in agreement, but he couldn’t help but think that it was funny. They were surrounded by almost a dozen meteors, but it was Captain Marvel, the red and blue clad heroine, that Brand was worried about, when it came to the ships. Rhodey, however, did as he was told, making sure to always be manoeuvring beside it, while the auto-pilot was kicking in. It floated harmlessly through the air. Feeling as if he were doing nothing, though, Rhodey looked at his heads up display.

It reminded him of his War Machine armour, able to take in the diagnostics of his ship as well as assess the battlefield, such as it was. There were eleven – oh, ten now – asteroids that Captain Marvel was punching through. They didn’t have any weapons either, clearly, although the asteroids themselves proved to be pretty damn dangerous. Except, from what Rhodey could see, there was another meteor, that was stationed a bit further beyond this field of them.

“You’ve still got your radio, right, Carol?” Rhodey asked, double-checking his display, to make sure he was seeing it right.

The radio picked up transmission and he heard a grunt of effort come through it, as another rock-shattering punch reached him. Rhodey recoiled from the sudden sound, as he saw another burst of golden light opposite him. Emerging from the rocks was Carol, breathing heavily from her work. If only Rhodey had his armour, he might’ve been of some use to her out there. Instead, all he had to offer was:

“There’s another meteor not far from here! It’s stationary and a lot bigger, too! I think it might be some kind of base!”

“I see it,” she said, between breaths. “Bring my ship around. We’ll see if there’s a place we can dock there.”

“They’ll be expecting us,” Rhodey warned.

“I’m counting on it,” was her reply. “Damn it, Rhodey, look out!”

Distracted by trying to find a way to the base beyond the rocks, Rhodey had failed to notice that another asteroid was barrelling straight towards him. His eyes widened as he immediately thought of banking away. He swerved at the last moment, hoping that his movement would protect him. Despite the sleeker design of his ship, though, it wasn’t going to avoid the sheer size of the asteroid – and neither would Carol’s ship.

Or it wouldn’t have, if not for the Captain’s intervention. Streaking across and extending her force field under duress, she punched at the asteroid, knocking it off course. It scraped against her force field, protecting Rhodey and his ship from being destroyed as more rocks broke off of it, the cracks spreading across the massive asteroid. With a blast of energy she finally knocked it away and destroyed the drone pod inside, rendering the asteroid all but useless, save for those smaller parts.

“Owe me one,” Carol said, looking at Rhodey and giving him a cheeky grin. “Special Agent, I’ve cleared most of the asteroids. There are still a few more – you think you can send some Warbirds to finish off the job? I’m going to clear us a path to investigate that base asteroid. Base-teroid.”

“You’re telling me what to do?” Brand snorted.

“This is a theatre of war, Special Agent, I’m pretty sure I have authority out here to give orders in there, at the best interest of SWORD. Naturally.”

“Naturally,” Brand replied, through gritted teeth. Though she had green glasses on, the frustration was plain to see in the way her face was all scrunched up around it. “But when you get back here, we are going to have words, Danvers.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of you,” Carol said, chuckling. “You think we’re going to survive in there.”
In the asteroid was a military complex. Carol, enhanced by Kree technology she still didn’t understand, was able to survive in the vacuum of space, surrounded by an aura of golden energy. Energy that was blasting a hole through the complex’s doors right now, shattering them and sending them scattering along the ground. There was a resounding thud as the metal doors hit the ground, echoing off the walls around them. Rhodey jumped at the sound and scowled over at Carol, who had a triumphant look on her face.

“There goes the element of surprise,” Rhodey grumbled, as he stepped inside, looking around the room.

While Rhodey looked at the room in awe, Carol’s old training kicked in and she was quick to check each of the corners for any threats. As a past CIA agent, she had this ingrained within her. Even with the power to deflect bullets with an energy shield, with the power to shoot beams of energy and lift tanks over her head, she didn’t forget the training they’d drilled into her. She might’ve been invulnerable, but that didn’t make her stupid. All evidence to the contrary.

“They knew we were here already,” Carol shrugged, satisfied that there were no immediate threats in this hangar of the complex. If there was anyone in this complex, Carol figured, they were probably marshalling their forces in a room that didn’t have all of their transportation in it. “Besides, I literally glow, Rhodey. There’s no sneaking around with powers like that.”

The hangar itself was impressive, though. SWORD had a massive, spacious room with bay doors on both ends with a dozen or so ships rotating in and out at any given time. This had a far different look and she couldn’t blame Rhodey for being so amazed by it. There were circle rings that were elevated into the air, with several pod-like ships on them. Elevated with nothing underneath it, suggesting some kind of gravity based technology. In others, there were hollows in the ground that revealed more ships. And those ships, more like pods, had no wings or windows. Just dull grey orbs that were resting on circles. Looking back, Carol saw that the doors she’d blasted down were circles, as well. Interesting stylistic choice, but it also made her wonder what the inhabitants of this complex looked like, if that was how they designed things.

Then she saw it.

The Kree symbol hanging from a blue banner.

“Oh, that explains it,” she grumbled. “They’re part of the Kree army.”

“Kree?” Rhodey asked, familiar with the term, but uncertain as to what it meant.

“An alien warrior race hellbent on conquest. I may have … beaten them in a fight,” she clarified, with no small amount of understatement. “That’s probably why they’re coming after us, now. For revenge.”

At least this place didn’t look like a horror movie, with fire and brimstone everywhere. That wouldn’t be good. Instead, it seemed like something out of an old, black and white science fiction film. Almost the point of parody. Carol wondered if she had stepped into a military complex hidden in an asteroid, or into a time machine that had warped her without her even knowing. Looking over at Rhodey, though, none of those suspicions were evident on his face. Not when there was so much awe there, instead.

“They don’t make them like this, back home,” Rhodey mentioned, as they continued to walk through. “You ever see anything like this?”

“No,” Carol admitted, with a sigh. “But considering these were the same people that tried to kill us a few minutes ago, I’m not really all that interested in getting to know them.”

“You have to allow yourself to be impressed sometimes, Carol,” Rhodey responded, with a grave seriousness that Carol hadn’t been anticipating. “Even when it is the bad guys. Otherwise, that’s how they get the drop on you.”

“Wax on,” Carol said, waving her left hand. Then, she waved her right and finished, with a little chuckle, “Wax off. Ah, it’s good to make Earth-jokes that people actually get. I’m so used to aliens looking at me weirdly.”

“Because that’s the only reason,” Rhodes responded, with a sarcastic shake of his head. Having reached the other end of the room though, where another circular door was impeding their path, he tapped against it and asked, “Knock for us?”

Before she could, though, the circle doors unravelled and revealed the hallway beyond.

A hallway full of round, green skinned aliens … with guns.

“Get down!” Were Carol’s first words, as they opened fire. She had little time to fully take in the appearance of their enemies, but she knew their guns were big and Rhodey was unprotected. She shoved him down and formed a force field big enough to protect the both of them. Beams of red energy smashed against the field she was projecting as she looked down at the man kneeling beside her. “You alright?”

Nodding once, his face scrunched up with urgency as he replied, “I’ll live! Now get us in the fight!”

“I like the way you think, Colonel,” Carol grinned.

Grunting with effort, the shield expanded outwards. Rhodey got this feet and watched as the shield pushed back their fat enemies. Their guns were thrown from their hands as they smashed against the opposite wall. Faster than Rhodey’s eyes could follow, this time, Carol moved towards one of them, grabbed them by the collar of their armour and flung him into the ground. Rhodey lifted his arms and pointed toward two others that were about to rush over to help their comrade. They stopped, once they saw Rhodey’s intention.

“You wouldn’t have attacked a SWORD base without a plan,” Carol snarled, shoving her fist against alien’s chest. She could see some slight discolouration forming in its wobbly cheeks, already. “And I’m guessing the asteroid ships weren’t it.”

“We have—“ her victim said, furiously, “—a weapon! The likes of which you have never seen! And it will topple SWORD! And we will be seen as the heroes who avenged the Empire!”

Carol narrowed her gaze and gritted her teeth. Knowing that Rhodey had her back, she didn’t worry about the other aliens, slowly getting to their feet. Her energy shield might’ve knocked them down, but it was only enough to give her this time. But she had managed to get the information about the ‘why’, now she needed to know the ‘what’ … which would come with another head shove into the ground. The other aliens hissed and seethed at Carol’s actions and even Rhodey felt uncomfortable watching it. Not because he’d never been part of an interrogation like this, but because, up until now, Carol had been the bright and jovial pilot.

“Alright, now where is this weapon? The weapon that’s supposed to make you all heroes?” Carol growled. “Before you lie to me, I want you to know that my friend and I here will tear this place apart trying to find it! So you can tell me the easy way … or I can make this very difficult for you.”

Where had this other persona come from, Rhodey wondered? He had sensed that she had meant more when she said ‘beat them in a fight’. This was her territory, though. Space was unfamiliar to Rhodey and so, he didn’t know how to respond or react to situations like this. On Earth, things were different. There were structures in place. Did those same structures exist in space? And if so, who governed them? Rhodey clenched his jaw, steeled himself and trusted in what the blonde-haired pilot was doing.

The alien tried struggling against Carol’s grip. But as he did, a golden light glowed from her fists, enough to make the alien shut up. “Three levels below. You’ll find the weapon there.”

With a snort, she replied, “Wasn’t too difficult, huh?” Then, she grabbed the alien and hurled him toward the others that were waiting for him. With a resounding thud, they crashed against each other. Lifting her hand, that golden glow released a beam of energy that forced the walls and ceilings around them to collapse. It fell around the aliens, but Carol made sure, using her sixth sense, that it didn’t crush them. Just enough to keep them trapped, which would grant Carol and Rhodey the time they needed to find this weapon and remove it from these Kree soldiers’ grasp.

“Going down,” she said, turning her hands downward.

With a burst of energy, the ground around them was burst open. She flew over to Rhodey an instant later and continued to blast through the levels of the floors. It was a wonderful display of power – if Rhodey hadn’t been caught up in it, breathing in all the dust and dirt as they made their way down, all three levels.

When at last they landed, they came upon a massive, metal door blocking their path to where Carol figured the weapon was. She brushed some dust off Rhodey’s shoulder and sighed. Looking at the door and then back at Rhodey, the Avenger was surprised to hear Carol say:

“I’m sorry you had to see that. It’s just … I’ve seen what aliens like this can do. If they had gotten through our defences…”

“I understand. Earth comes first,” Rhodey responded, with steely determination.

“Even before us, sometimes,” she concluded. “Get Brand on the line – tell her that we’ve apprehended the enemy and that we’re going to disarm the weapon they were going to use on us. I’ll get this door open in the mean time.”

Rhodey nodded and linked in to the communicator.

Carol turned to face the big door.

Fists that had struck World-Breakers down and with energy blasts that would strike the fear into the greatest of Kree warriors – and had – now turned their attention toward the only thing stopping Carol from saving SWORD and the planet. With a deep breath, she forced all the power she had into her fists. With a mighty strike, she slammed her fist against the door and battered right through the middle. She was in a destructive mood, clearly – because the door was absolutely ruined. Thrown off its hinges and battered downwards, Carol was able to shove it to the side and reveal what was within.

“Now, for this weapon—“ Carol started. Then, she let out a gasp: “What the..?”

Strapped to the wall wasn’t a weapon. At least, not one in the conventional sense. There were no guns, missiles, bombs or fusion cores or whatever else enemy aliens kept in the basements of their asteroid ships. Instead, it was a little girl’s form, dressed in stars and darkness. There was long, flailing hair at her back and big eyes that seemed to hold the universe in them. Her thin arms were chained to the wall, as were her ankles. Around her chest and waist was another, thick piece of metal, holding her down.

She was a girl.

But she looked like a singularity.
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so here you are:
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Loki burned, consumed from within by his own angry fire, so that in the end his clothes had been carbonized and stuck to his body. And then he awoke: the very first thing he wanted to do was to tear off his clothes that squeezed him, his black hands trembled, he needed to destroy… destroy everything he touched; if only Earth were within his reach… he would tear it apart! He concentrated his thoughts on Earth: if he was able to see what was going on there… and using his wrath he blew up Tony’s tower… then maybe he could do it again… His vision at the beginning was blurred, but after further trials he saw the planet more clearly, he was able to differentiate buildings, he saw towers of his city lit up in the night – Wraff – he snorted, his vocal cords were so torn up by the energy of his anger, that only this sound could pass through his throat. It was enough to shake a bigger building to its fundamentals. Loki tried it again – Wraff! – the same. He repeated it many times, the towers were shaking, but nothing more, which made his anger grow immensely; he thought of Martin again – Wraaaaaaff! – finally: the building burst into pieces as if it were made out of glass.

– Don’t stop roaring, you don’t need oxygen to breathe – the Nameless said to him – Take in and out the roar without pausing, so that a stable passage for your anger would be formed… -
Loki tried it: the buildings one after another fell apart. On the whole Earth were raised alarms. People were defenseless and helpless and Loki did what he wanted, that means, so far as only he was able to control his carbonized lungs.


People unfortunately were not able to see Loki’s passage, it was immaterial. Many suggested, that this way Asgard was seeking its revenge for the death of Thor’s daughter; rumors about the ending of the world were heard here and there too; some suggested to do penance for the sins and numerous armies had been mobilized.

And then the Blackeyed appeared officially.

Old Nick Fury went to meet one of them – Have you spooked us with this? – he asked.

– Why do you ask, if you know the right answer already – the Blackeyed answered.

– Mhm… Did you come to help us or to help destroy us? –

– This can you answer by yourself too – the Blackeyed’s voice was cold and merciless.

Fury got angry – So why did you show up now? –

– To take your children –

Fury was taken aback.

The Blackeyed, who sat on something similar to a chair, bowed forward. His light that had until now hung above him, came down to place itself on his arm – We are the first… and only one in the universe… the top life’ form. But… we were dying and to survive as a species we had to pass on our lives to our children. Finally we have found the path to immortality. One by one we did the transformation: the first stage still made it possible to have children, but after the sexual initiation it didn’t prevent us from growing old slowly; the second stage led to eternal life, however without possibility of having children – he paused here. Fury thought the alien man had some problems with his breath, it was clearly unstable - Among us lived also those, in significantly smaller numbers, who did not accept the transformation. They lived in a traditional way and with time they didn’t want to have anything in common with the modified ones. This dislike was mutual anyway… - the Blackeyed paused - But our homely planet started to die out. The modified came to terms then with the pure ones, that they will create new worlds: separately for the pure ones, to ensure a natural evolution of our species, and for the modified ones, so that they also could endure… despite growing modification defects. The planets were formed and adapted quite slowly, carefully. When one of them was almost ready for settling down, our primary one gained the tempo of its degradation. Part of the pure ones decided to move there; within millions of years they created a beautiful civilization, and some alternative versions on further planets too; rigid conditions hardened their mind and body – the Blackeyed sighed and looked at the light resting on his arm – But the remaining pure ones… – he continued - …put off to abandon our common primary planet – they did it first, when the last vast fields begun to turn to ash – Fury was almost sure now that the breathing process of this man depended on his emotions, on his ability to control them - The second planet designated for the pure ones was not ready yet and because of that they adapted more slowly there – the Blackeyed looked Fury right in the eye and smiled for the first time - But on the surface only: as it came out, that their development went in a direction that was new to us: their psychic took various and with time more and more complicated forms until they found out areas which were unapproachable for us. Generally it takes some hundred years to go deeply into the nature of those outer areas, so even for the pure ones, who live relatively very shortly, it was a great effort and required from them a creation of additional mental platform, of which next generation would make use to continue their further development – the Blackeyed narrowed his eyes so angrily, that Fury shuddered – But in the meantime, parallel, some of them developed in a strange way: chaotically, unpredictably, self-destructively even… So cruel in the end… - he pulled a wry face - Often it is not enough for
you to kill each other… - he looked directly at Fury - That is why you’re dying now… -

- And you want to save us… I hardly believe it! – Fury did his best not to show to the Blackeyed his own emotions.

The Blackeyed leaned his head on his right hand – You didn’t believe Loki too, when he told you about Chitauri penetrating your world long before they sent him to make his war and unleash the fires – the Blackeyed was visibly saddened – No… I am too tired of all this and too… old –

– You won’t make me feel pity for you! – Fury shook his head with disapprobation, on his contact lenses he saw further information about destructions and about new space ships of the Blackeyed.

– We were counting on such an answer in the first line –

Fury smiled ironically to that: - So why have you come here and made your speech, Mister Modified?!–

The Blackeyed pulled a similar face – So that you know for whom you’ll be fighting and… dying – he looked down to the bottom – We are also in tremendous danger, we thought ourselves better and will have to pay the price for our pride too – on his flat forehead appeared wrinkles, though in total he seemed now to be relieved – A half of us will fly away with your teenagers of eleven to fifteen years, however we won’t reveal to you our destination… and another half… – he shuddered suddenly – Well, little less than a half will stay here to fight next to you –

– Tell me – Fury asked him – Why do you speak so openly now. Couldn’t you’ve just done this earlier?–

– We didn’t know that Loki had been kidnapped by the Chitauri, we are defenseless against their… waving fighters, you too, in most cases; they will go through the portal, that Loki opens for them soon… It was very bad, that you have made him so angry, to the ruin of all of us here –

– It is very bad, that we didn’t talk to each other earlier, and we wanted to – Fury commented darkly.

The Blackeyed watched Fury for a while – You wouldn’t follow us, you wanted to talk in order to take over our technologies and our knowledge; the majority of you are self-destructive, materialistic… -

- But you are not hundred percent sure, that we wouldn’t learn from you all the no-materialistic issues, are you? –

The Blackeyed froze when he heard it and burst with laughter shortly after – You’ve made me sure just now! – he said it still gurgling – Here on Earth you’ve had an unmatchable treasure: a harmonic sinking in the eternal life, while we all the time have to look into the… abyss – the Blackeyed got up – Blind and deaf! – he took one very hoarse breath - It was us who learned from you! Your pure ones are resistant to borji fighters… to the waving jelly-fishes. The fight here on Earth, for Earth gives you a chance to endure as a special species –

– So why then the half of you will fly away? This way you weaken our defense –

– Because we have practically zero chances to win: you have too little of your pure ones. Lazy to think and analyze you shouted at them for much too long with your chaos – the Blackeyed stopped, sat down and for a while he watched Fury with compassion – But even losing this battle here, we will enable your children to survive; the existence of your species will be continued elsewhere –

– And what about Asgard? –

– This is too risky, the Chitauri know, how to get there. Anyway unmodified humans age there significantly faster –

– If you don’t believe, that you could win, you’ve already lost this battle – Fury argued.

– In this we are really different: while we relatively calmly estimate our chances, you once believe in something and another time you disregard the same totally, you are not to be trusted –

Fury rubbed his forehead, for the first time he felt totally helpless – When do you think, those jelly-fishes will attack our Earth? – he asked in a toneless voice.

– In a while or in some hours or days –

- And when… -

- Now, and soon you won’t see us anymore – the Blackeyed nodded to Fury and pushing first his light he was gone taken into the ship that had been hanging above them during their conversation.


Being back on the ship he immediately transferred himself to their mother ship. Noticing a tall figure he smirked – You still don’t trust our intentions, do you? –

- Your’re right, as usual – Vision answered him – But, on the other hand, you’ll also need someone to watch your back -

- I don’t think, we’ll need you – the Blackeyed didn’t bother to hide his disgust for Vision, none of his people hadn’t figured yet, which way this red monster was able to sneak into their system; they had totally different security concepts than those on Earth.

- I am not that different from you or from humans –

- Don’t offend me or I will take care that you never leave this ship – the Blackeyed raised his voice.

- You’ve already done it – Vision smiled, and this smile seemed to be very human to the Blackeyed.

The Blackeyed looked up right into Vision’s eyes sending this way the beta-rays which should bring Vision into a dreaming state – Kill me if you think we weren’t right about the humans – he said in an already calmed voice.


They really kidnapped the teenagers, they had located the gymnasiums, and immediately were flying away, in total they did it within two hours.


The Earth was dominated by chaos, the buildings burst out, people despaired: some after the loss of their relatives in ruins, others due to the kidnapping of their children by the Blackeyed. For all of them it was like the ending of their world.

And then suddenly the skies roared: it was Loki, who finally broke through to Earth with his own hatred, and close behind him out of his black portal appeared the Chitauri. Loki went through the Earth like a demon, who finally managed to take a real form – blue and partly carbonized, surrounded by smoke; under his fiery look everything exploded, his roar was like a hurricane, and his aim was to destroy everything bound within this world, the human world. The Chitauri were only finishing his work. And the jelly-fishes appeared shortly after the Chitauri, at the beginning in small numbers only, but they multiplied rapidly on further bodies of people killed by them. Many humans and many of the Blackeyed were fighting against them. The Blackeyed first of all did it close to the portal, so that as few aliens as possible would pass through to the Earth.


Loki's twin brother Kirk who was at that time staying with Archi howled with pain. He felt Loki’s state and it made him crazy. Finally Archi sent some Jotuns to Asgard.

Thor stood with folded hands in front of the violet-red Tesseract. All around him hang a dreadful silence, although the Asgardians gathered together in numbers not only in the palace, but also on the hill.

– Your brother Kirk is suffering so much, that he will not survive Loki’s torment – the Jotuns directly got to the point.

Thor closed his eyes – I am not able to help the sons of Laufey, brave warriors –

– Our king asks, whether the Tesseract showed anything about it –

– I know, what I will see in the cube: Loki is performing, which I don’t want to oppose – Thor thundered back at them.

Ejsha went closer to Thor – My king, please… we all feel, that there is something very bad going on there. It… won’t return life to those, who have left us – she started to cry – But a silent approval for suffering of others is cruel… -

Thor abruptly turned to look at Kiran, then he went to the Tesseract and took it with both hands.


He was shocked but could not avert his eyes from the ruins and growing death; the humans were defending themselves, but Loki’s attacks and the ones of his allies were so violent and wide spread, that the humans in most cases were losing. Thor had to admit, that even his anger after Kesti’s death was not so intense as Loki’s. He looked at the gathering and stretched out his hand to catch his hammer – I’ll go, I have to talk to him at least, but I won’t mobilize any of you, even our guardians, you are free to choose –

– Did you see father? – Kiran asked with a racing heart.

Thor shuddered, he had the impression, that Loki said it, not Kiran, and that they went back in time by some hundreds of years – It would be better if you didn’t see him –

– You know, that I’ll go with you, you would do the same if you were me -


Hawkeye took position on the terrace of Loki’s tower, it was still lit up and it was well-situated, especially for defending the tower and its surroundings, anyway the whole tower was full of iron rations including his new Tesseract arrows and food just against such a rainy day as today – with all that he was able to defend himself for some further months, like once the nobles did in their fortified strongholds. And he wasn’t alone, although Natasha could assist him mentally only being already engaged in the life after – Nat… - he thought – help me revenge them… - they meant everything to him. He loved his family and he knew he loved her too, yes he did, the same as one who loves to live, Nat was everything he needed now to fight - even when she had been far away from him he had always felt her at his side - today also. New York looked the same as during the first Alien War, and the same way Loki put his hatred against humans, yea the same… but Nat wasn’t here alive anymore with her mocking smile… He felt sad going back to past fights side by side with Nat, as always when he was reminded about her by Loki or Thor. But this time it didn’t work and this way he weakened his concentration and his will to fight …


Loki in the meantime continued to play his game, he dug through half of the country searching angrily for the human Tesseract; he wanted to find it first, but he couldn’t despite all his efforts, which made him even more angry. He hated all of them: the humans, the Chitauri, and the Nameless and himself (probably the last one the most).

And then the skies growled and lightened for a while from the fiery spheres springing out of the portal – in their company entered the Nameless.

– NASA, the ruined laboratory! Why didn’t I think about it earlier… - Loki started immediately in order to reach the target faster than his torturer.

But the Nameless knew Loki’s plans and followed him; at this moment however Thor’s hammer hit him in the helmet. The Nameless turned around…


Tony sat next to the crying Pepper, she was too late: the Blackeyed had taken Ana with them. Merciless attacks of Loki and his allies had overpowered them, anyway Tony was forbidden to posses any weapons for his disposal, even the oldest version of his flying suit was stored deeply underground in his laboratory.

– Go there ! –

– No Pepper, I won’t leave you, now there is only you left for me, everything now is only about you and me – Tony answered impatiently.

Pepper checked her long pony tail – So, you’ll have to go there with me, because I am going to the laboratory, I won’t watch helplessly, how others are dying –

But the agents didn’t let them in.


He took cover under water, but it didn’t mean, that he had panicked and sought to fly away, oh no…: he had many eyes, which moved freely in the water, on the ground and even in the air. Fury gave him everything for his sole disposal, this old fox must had been aware of it, and this meant, that Fury knew, that the situation looked very bad. So if the danger was so big and he had access to the global security system, that meant practically to all electronic systems in the world, so he intended to do everything to save his world – for the world’s sake and for himself: - From now on I am the GSS so the world equals… me! – he thought proudly taking a deep breath. But it was not so easy at all: the alerts, that is the battle signals were many, too many; it took him a lot of time and effort to orientate, what was going on, and to choose important and appropriate targets for him and for the machines that he was able to control directly. He also moved some of the control centers for fighting at the portal, he marked all the alien spheres as additional targets for less powerful, but numerous units and finally he concentrated on the raging Frost Giant. He shuddered feeling many messages transferring directly into his mind, he felt strong, big, as if he really were as big as the world was, now fighting and suffering in so many places, but this mobilized him even more, he felt anger growing in him, making his attacks on Loki even more fierce, from the ground and from the air; and he was directing Loki out to sea hurrying up his ships towards the coast. Yees… this madman will lose, he should lose. Sergi laughed to himself: Loki had practically no chance since he was given control over the world, they didn’t have to… Sergi realized he could have taken that control by himself anytime – Why haven’t I done this earlier? – such thought came to his mind and this somehow made him feel uneasy; instinctively he looked around, this time with his own eyes: in the corner he saw something, a shadow – surprised he didn’t have time to react when the shadow jumped on him – Why wasn’t there a security alarm? None of the systems had recognized it? – it was his last disturbing thought before he fell apart turning into an ashen-like dust.

- Usually, there are hundreds of ants in an ant-hill. Why then haven’t you had any friends with you?!!! – a sad light asked him.


Loki was triumphantly holding the Tetrahedron, he narrowed his burning eyes: he knew what he needed next: the Scepter. He started again heading straight to Tony’s laboratory.

A dark cloud raging with a wind – this way Loki appeared there. When the black smoke came down, they saw Loki surrounded by the red light of the Tetrahedron. Nothing could force its sphery barrier, the shots turned aside or glided on its surface. Loki soon found the entrance, but there, he was sent flying by the already green-angry Hulk. Loki smiled mischievously, then giving a triumphant roar, he fell on Hulk tearing his green body in half...


Watching this Tony was shocked – This is going on too fast, we don’t have the slightest chance! – he said this to Pepper not believing himself, what he was telling her.

– Tony, as long as we live there is still hope –

– I‘m a genius for nothing, Pepper, Loki is unbeatable in this glimmering sphere… –

– Then go and lay down in front of him – Pepper was on the edge of insanity - So that he can squash you! –

– No, never in my life! – Tony was already running to the entrance, that Loki had forced just a while ago by breaking the huge door.


Loki got to the Scepter, useless without Loki and because of that forgotten even by Tony it lay in the archives in the same place, where it had been put nine years ago. Loki laughed, but this laugh sounded like gurgling.


Tony unconsciously crying sneaked to the laboratory: Bruce his friend who he hadn’t seen for many years, because he had dropped his scientific work some time ago… and today Bruce has returned to the laboratory surely to meet him and to think of something against Loki and the Chitaurian worms… - No more… - Tony shook his head – No more… - he flew out in his red suit throwing a gun to Pepper, but at this moment he was caught by Loki. Tony fired directly hoping that a close shot would break the barrier, but the energy of the fiery blow pulled him high to the clouds.

Loki saw Pepper, he jumped high and with his feast he squashed her into the ground.

Tony again started to fire blindly at Loki: there was no sense for him to think of what would be next… The effect was that Tony was thrown off much higher than previously.


Loki in the meantime lifted himself into the air; from above he saw the Tesseract’s lights on the top of his old tower, he hesitated, and then he quickly turned in its direction. Hanging above the tower he saw some agents shooting senselessly at him. Loki smiled, but then he recognized Hawkeye, who at this moment was aiming at him with the next tesseract bomb. And Loki gurgled hoarsely instead of laughing.

Hawkeye sent his arrow flying in Loki’s direction, but it exploded close to the surface of Loki’s sphere, leaving him unharmed.

Loki however raised his Scepter and shot with it right into Hawkeye’s heart. The agent disappeared surrounded by sparkling lights. Loki flew up above to the clouds and from this height he roared down on his tower, that immediately went to pieces as if it were made out of children’s wooden blocks.

He gurgled with satisfaction, then looked around searching for a bigger active volcano. On the way he sent away to places even unknown to himself all those who dared to cross his path. The mutants had some chance to survive his relocations, but common people rather not.

Loki soon found the volcano, so he flew up above the clouds and with all his strength he threw the Tetrahedron down into the crater. Having done this he noticed first that the Nameless was fighting against Thor, so he looked down into the volcano again, and threw his Scepter after the Tetrahedron ( Why? Loki, why couldn’t you refrain from doing this? ). Then he hurried up into space to help his brother.


Tony who in the meantime almost managed to catch up with him, followed him… What a pity, that he didn’t go down after the Scepter, he would have saved the world…


The energy released by the crush of the Scepter with the Tetrahedron tore apart the Earth almost to the planet’s fluid core.


Jori awoke on her planet, after a while she got up and went to check the closest area round the planet: nothing… - Something extraordinary must have happened in the space – she thought – It would be better if I prepared myself too… -


And Loki sped up, he would reach them in time if not Thor, who during his fight against the Nameless tried to draw his opponent back as far as possible from the Earth. At that moment, when the planet had been blown up, the Nameless blocked Thor, tore out his heart and squashed it in his hand; and then triumphantly he reached for Thor’s Tesseract, but he didn’t even manage to touch her, because Loki, raging on the shock wave, with a great roar seized him and started to tear him apart, and then into pieces and again pieces into further pieces, heeding not what was going on around him.


Kiran was shocked, he couldn’t believe, that within so few moments, within some moves only, he had lost his uncle and Asgard his unbeatable king. He starred helplessly, how Loki illuminated by the violet Tesseract was massacring the Nameless: the sight of his father, whose body was covered with horrible carbonized burns, and whose eyes were shining intensively with hatred and had changed so much that he was hardly recognizable, made Kiran’s heart bleed. Kiran embitteredly looked then at the battle-field, he saw a shiny… something rushing in Loki’s direction. Kiran narrowed his eyes…


The force of explosion shot Tony far away and it took him some minutes to orientate, what had happened. He closed his eyes – This is really the end… - he thought.

– Oxygen resources will run out in about five minutes – his computer (since many years named Monday) informed him.

Tony opened his eyes and ordered Monday to search for Loki, who at this moment was busy with the Nameless – Monday, well, it will be our last task: put all the energy together to get to Loki and to detonate all we have –

– This will destroy us both, sir –

– That’s correct Monday –

– I don’t have the data, what to say at such a moment –

– See you… later Monday –

– See you… later sir –

Tony clenched his teeth and concentrated on his aim. After several minutes he, well actually his armor with his body inside, rushed into Loki with full speed.


- Noooo! – Kiran shouted stretching his hand towards his father, who had just turned together with Tony into a huge sphere of explosion – Yyy… - he gasped. Despair, fear and anger melted together in one in his mind and at this moment to his stretched hand had been pulled Thor’s hammer. Kiran stiffened being enormously surprised, then roared terribly and raised the hammer. Streams of light went down to it: this way Mjonir was attracting the rest of Earth’s energy scattered between the fighting enemies in the space after the explosion.

And then Kiran started with his own fight. He longed to destroy all that was left of the evil, he sent thunderbolts right into further spheres with Chitauri inside, he turned into ash the jelly-fishes, even the ones which were still connected to someone. He wanted definitely to wipe out everything which made his father and people from Earth fall.


Ori coordinated his Chitauri in the fight more away from Kiran’s left side, as the explosion of the planet relocated him and part of the sphere-like troop too. Relatively fast and with little losses they got rid of the one-man-fighters in this area. Suddenly he saw something shiny rushing in his direction; before he caught it, he already knew, what it was: Loki’s Scepter. He hid it quickly under his cloak. Having done this Ori looked at Kiran who was battling, paying no attention to him, and then with several other Chitauri he hid first in the closest of the planetoids, than behind the closest planet and finally he had left the Sun System – it was the only way, because with Loki’s death his portal had been closed automatically.


It was good, that both Holy Stones found their way straight to Kiran…


Finally it was over. People, a handful only, we would say, who survived the lost battle for Earth, crowded themselves together: they were unsure what next could happen to them, unsure even of the reaction of Asgardians. Kiran with his guardians approached them, but they couldn’t talk, as they used different technologies. In the end some of the one-man-fighters opened and people in armors of the Tony’s type flew out. Kiran shuddered unconsciously remembering what happened to his father.

One of the humans flew closer – Kiran?! – he must have been surprised as he obviously gasped.

– Who are you? – Kiran asked suspiciously; the armor changed the original tone of its user’s voice so that it was unrecognizable.

– Steve Rogers… - the Captain introduced himself but didn’t open his helmet - Please accept my condolences for the death of your… Asgardians – he broke off – I am sorry… - he said after a longer pause – for the death of your uncle… and… - he hesitated -…and… – he didn’t finish as he wasn’t able to mention Loki.

It was a while before they said anything to each other.

Kiran was first to speak, he glanced into the shiny eyes of the Captain’s helmet – And I am very sorry for the death of some… billions… of our brothers –

There was still an utter silence hanging above them.

Finally Kiran took a deep breath – You’ve got no home now… I suggest you go back with us to Asgard–

Rogers shook his head doubtfully – It won’t be an easy life… -

- Here there’s none… – Kiran riposted having still watery eyes.


Twenty one – so few fighters with people inside had been relocated to Asgard - besides the three children of Loki, who have already made Asgard their new home.

But after the passing through there was another surprise they had to face: Asgard seemed to be emptied. It became clear that the Nameless must have been planning his attack from both sides…

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Doc Omega
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Alpha & Omega

Chapter 1

"So......apparently there's magic" - Ian Graves Day 1 of the Demon Apocalypse.

The early morning air was dry and strongly hinted that this was going to be another hellishly hot day, just like the last 364 were. The sky was a swirling collage of inky black and red colors. It had now been a year since Ian had seen the sun.

As he walked his morning patrol, he looked up to the top of the 25' concrete walls that surrounded a compound containing one dozen diesel powered generators. He stopped and checked the gauges on each one as he passed them, before exiting the large compound to check the 20' high solid steel embassy style fences that surrounded the 4 acres that made up the Raines compound.

The Raines family had purchased, renovated and retrofitted this compound to be their doomsday shelter against the coming apocalypse. They had everything a doomsdayer could ask for. Power, clean water and enough food and supplies to last 5 people for 50 years. But when the day came, none of them ever made it here.

Ian smiled as he recalled his days as medic in the 82 Airborne. How he had met and befriended a young Owen Raines. Owen, was from a very old and very rich family. The Raines had stayed out of the public eye for a very long time and Ian had found it strange that Owen was so open about them. He had spent many dark nights in Kabul being entertained by Owen's stories of his family and how they were descended from powerful mages and wizards. Over steaming hot and awful tasting coffee Private First Class Raines (nicknamed Copperfield) spun a tale of doom. For centuries his family had prepared for a terrifying apocalypse, but they would prevail with a book and a gem. None of that made any sense to Staff Sergeant Ian Graves (nicknamed Doc) but it sure did makes those dreadful night watches go by faster.

Before their tour was over, Owen had been badly wounded in a firefight with the Taliban. The Army pinned a medal on Ian's chest saying that his skills under pressure were the only reason Owen survived that day even though it meant the end of Owen's career as a soldier. Ian "Doc" graves would finish 2 more tours before heading back State's side with a chest full of medals and a head full of nightmares.

Ian kicked around from town to town. he was never able to hold down a steady job. His mind was full of paranoia that made his anxiety overload when around large groups of people. Ian felt like he was literally at the end of his rope when he received a message from ole Copperfield.

The next day Ian was on a private jet bound for the Raines family compound, located near an old mining town in BFE Montana. Upon seeing his brother in arms Ian had felt better than he had in a very long time. The Raines had wished to show their gratitude by offering Ian a position as Caretaker and Security Chief of their compound. He had readily accepted and spent the next 12 months being trained as a diesel mechanic, electrician, landscaper, systems tech and whatever else they needed him to know.

Ian was happy in his new life. The compound was large but designed to be run by a skeleton crew and out of that handful Ian was the only one who lived in the there. Over the next few years the Raines family became more and more withdrawn. They spent less and less time at the compound and more off studying new "signs" as they called them. Ian assumed they were nuts and borderline cultists, but they treated him well and he truly enjoyed his work. So let them do what they want.

It was a Saturday evening, if Ian recalled correctly, when he saw on CNN that a pyramid in Iraq had exploded. The 75" TV showed a structure spewing off like a crimson and black volcano. Shadowy objects of various sizes seemed to be erupting form it as well. "What the hell kind of bomb did these ISIS assholes come up with now" he thought to himself. Grumbling to himself Ian shutoff the TV and went to bed.

His sleep was restless and he got out of bed with an icy feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach. He flipped on CNN again. The footage had changed from Iraq, to London. No one had an explanation, but the explosion has somehow gotten larger and had reached all the way to the U.K. The shadowy figures were all of over the place now. Some as small as Eagles, some man sized, others even larger. One stood taller than any building. It seemed to have massive reptilian wings, acid dripping fangs and a spear the size of a battleship. On the ground people scrambled. The police and military did what they could. Civilians ran in all directions. Some showing mind numbing panic, and others...strangely had cold lifeless eyes. Some reporters were using terms like "Demon" and "soul eaters".

Ian continued to watch in awe the drama unfolding in now what seemed every country on the planet. But what he saw next left him paralyzed. The Raines family standing between us and whatever the hell those things were. The brothers, Alistair, Viktor and Owen seemed to be drawing symbols in the air while the twins Loran and Eden chanted feverishly over a golden box. What appeared to be bolts of lightning came from the brothers striking some of the shadows from the sky. The giant turned towards them as the sisters built their voices to a powerful crescendo. The scene seemed to be reaching the climax as the family gathered around the golden box and opened it. Their faces quickly turned from triumph to horror as they starred in the empty container. The giant swung his massive, horrific spear and the screen went. "Oh Copperfield" Ian sighed

The TV was gone. Ian quickly did a systems check and although everything was operating normal the all forms of communication were down. Ian sprinted out into the generator compound and looked into the sky. He watched with a feeling of pure helplessness as the crimson and black wave flowed over the horizon and headed his way.

"So......apparently there's magic"


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This month's competition is officially closed. I don't think it was specified at the beginning of the contest, but it did say voting started at 4PM EST today, so....

I'm glad we have 4 entries. That eliminates some problems.

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hi guys,
i'm sorry, i can't vote today,
have had crazy weekend getting 11people for dinners
and i'm deadly tired right now
and can't focus properly on the stories

would you agree to prolonging of our voting?
please, please, please

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ewkada @ Jul 31 2016, 03:28 PM wrote: hi guys,
i'm sorry, i can't vote today,
have had crazy weekend getting 11people for dinners
and i'm deadly tired right now
and can't focus properly on the stories

would you agree to prolonging of our voting?
please, please, please
We are waiting on two votes which is half the writers. I understand Ewkada's plight. Let's extend voting another 24 hrs.

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Okay, got to work Monday, checked into the hotel room only to find no internet. That happens on occasion and figured it was temporary. Tuesday morning, the same. Wednesday morning, the same. Checked in at the front desk and it turns out they installed a new router that has very poor range.
So, there were a few late voters. NO PROBLEM, since I'm late your votes count. Unfortunately, due to my business I wasn't able to get a story written or get all the stories read.

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So, without further ado, this month's winner is:


The vote counts:

Alpha & Omega, Chapter One - Doc Omega, 4 votes
XXVI. This is the End...really? - Ewkada, 3 votes
Outstanding Marvel Team-Up #2: Fast and Furious - xMatt, 3 votes
Peter Pan and the Pirates - Maggots - Eternal Nightmare, 0 votes

One outside voter

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Wow, thanks for the votes everyone. It's tough competition around here with all the talent


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Doc Omega @ Aug 3 2016, 02:45 PM wrote: Wow, thanks for the votes everyone. It's tough competition around here with all the talent
the warmest congratulations Doc
i hope you will go on with this story
don't think please of stopping it

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It was a close call, really. When I was tallying the votes, I couldn't guess who would win. (I wish I had time to read and had the connection to vote.)

I did read Doc and Eternal Nightmare's stories, though and I liked them both.