Draft Resource Thread

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Draft Resource Thread

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In order to assist everyone in the drafting process, I have decided to compile a list of resources to aid in finding and supporting characters. If there is anything I have left off that you use, let me know and I'll add it.

Respect Thread Directories:
Logical Death Battles (work in progress, but it has respect threads for quite a few indie characters)
VK (in Russian, but they have some very good respect threads)
VK again
Even more VK
Last VK (I promise)
Killer Movies (can't view images without signing in)
Google+ Respect Threads
Google+ Respect Threads II
Comics Ledger
Comics Battle Society (Facebook)

Marvel Wiki
DC Wiki

Other Resources (Work in Progress)
Marvel Strength Scale (decent for approximating threat levels)
ComicVine Hero Finder (search for characters based on origin, powers, gender, publisher and more)
Vs. Battles Wiki (A site with a ranking system for fictional characters that works in reverse of ours with 0 being their highest tier and 14 being their lowest. No Guarantees we'll agree with their placement.)

Past Bio Threads
Why do work that's already been done? Here are all past bio threads I could find:
2016 draft (mixed)
2016 mega draft
2016 street level draft
2016 mid-class draft
Prison Island Draft (10)
2016 mixed mega draft (11-13)
2017 High Street Draft (4-6)
2017 Low Street Draft (1-3)
2017 Mid Class Draft (7-9)
2017 Obscurity Draft (Class 10)
2017 Mega Class (12-13)

General Draft Rules
(note that these are general rules and the specific rules set forth by the one running the tournament trump anything listed here)
We work off of the Classification Thread. As a general rule, we try to keep debate on classification to a minimum mid-draft, so get any objections out of the way in advance.
Characters don't have to be on the list, but you do risk objections to your placement if you deviate from the list.
We do not generally restrict which comic universe characters can come from.
Alternate universe versions of characters are acceptable only if they are distinct enough to be seen as a different character. I.E. Thor and Ultimate Thor are different characters, but Superman and Kingdom Come Superman would not be.
You have 24 hours to make your pick before we skip you (although you will frustrate people if you take more than 12 hours).
Rules on telepathy generally cover powers that have similar effects to telepathy.
As a general rule, un-damageable characters are not acceptable at lower levels.
Characters will fight in character during matches, but are motivated to win. The one exception is that team mates will not attack each other (although AoE attacks will still impact your team if they go off).
BFR is not normally a valid win condition.

Please do not clutter this thread with discussion. This is for the sole purpose of providing resources.
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Cosmic Being
Cosmic Being
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Super Hero Finder Link:
http://comicvine.gamespot.com/character ... &___teams=

This one is awesome for finding characters for Drafts. Just fill out the criteria for searching on the right, then click the green "This form is awesome" button to search. Hold down Control when you click to highlight multiple powers at once. The search engine will find all characters in the massive Comic Vine database that match your search criteria and display them on the left. You can then click on the thumbnails to go right to that character's Wiki/Bio page.
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I just stumbled across this thing while researching some characters. They've compiled this tier system which works opposite ours (0 being highest and 14 being lowest) but they have a TON of characters and items (weapons and infinity stones and such) from comics, anime, tv shows, and more. Check it out and add it to the list if you think it'll be useful. Feel free to delete this post if you think it's not.

After playing around with it a bit more, I'm totally sold on this site. Someone put in some serious work here. Many of the character bios have multiple tabs for different versions of each character and many of the feats listed have links to images and mathematical breakdowns of the feats! Many of the bios are like mini respect threads. This shit is cool.