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August 2016 Fan-fic Writing Contest

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Gecko One-Shot- Lacewing

McMahon's Point

*This issue takes place during the events of the upcoming Gecko #36- darktruth

I shiver as the cold winter wind blows across me. I'm really regretting not bringing a jacket now.
David said I should bring one, honestly he almost sounded like my mum the way he kept pushing me to bring one. Honestly I\m surprised the phrase 'you'll catch a cold' never once spilled from his lips.
Of course if I do get a cold I'll just tell him it's his fault. He was the one who wanted to go out in the middle of winter to catch monster on his phone.

Hi. I'm Kara Alley. Ugh, is that how you do these things? I don't know.
I should have asked Laya for advice. Only not. She can't know what I'm doing. At least not yet.
It's not that I want to keep secrets from her, it's just I don't want her to know things.

But we'll get to all those secrets and things later, right now you caught me in the middle of battling winter winds to catch monsters. We'll get back to the secrets, I promise, I'm just in the middle of something is all.
"It has to be here somewhere," David mutters as we move back to the waterfront for the fifth time. "The footsteps go down here."
"Maybe it's out in the water," I suggest. I already know the look he's going to give me before he gives it, the one that tells me I'm being an idiot.

People who don't know us often think David and me are brother and sister. We're both pale with red hair, although his more red while mine is ginger, and he's a bit shorter with blue eyes while I'm taller with brown. Still, I can see why they think it.
In a way we kinda are. I mean not biologically, or even legally, but if I was going to have a brother I'd want it to be him.
Plus I'm pretty much the only person he trusted to know he likes guys over girls, and he was one of the few who knew I like girls over guys. At least until the video leaked.*
But let's not dwell on unpleasantness. Not yet anyway. Always time for lots of that later. Right now is imaginary monster hunting time.

*Gecko #29- darktruth

"They don't spawn out in the water," David tells me, possibly for the twentieth time since we got the app. At least. "It has to be near."
"It could be a glitch in the system," I throw out.
His face instantly sours. "Maybe." I don't blame him for the change, we had been chasing the dragon for about ten minutes already. And he really wanted that dragon.
I don't like seeing people even mildly gloomy though, so I needed to rectify it. "What if we head back around towards Luna Park? I'll restart my game and if it's gone we'll know it was a glitch, if it is we can still have fun at Luna Park."

"Okay," he replies, then pauses. "I... don't have any money..."
My face splits into a wide smile. "I got a bunch of extra money from taking on an extra shift, so it's my treat!"
"Alright," he nods. "But I'm paying you back when I get money, and I'm not accepting a no from you."
I exhale. "Fine. You can pay me back."

We start on our way towards Luna Park and I close my app to restart it when two guys, both kinda lanky with dirty brown hair, walk past us.
I notice them eye our phones, and my clutch on mine grows slightly tighter.
Suddenly they both stop and one turns and say, "that game is totally gay, you know that right?"

"Yeah, okay,” David mutters and continues on his way. He’s good like that, never wanting to get involved in pointless conflict.
Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of crap in my life recently and this guy managed to hit a nerve. “Well then, I guess you and your boyfriend would probably like to join us then.”
I’ve already stopped by the time the guy reacts. “The fuck you say?!”

I turn as he moves up into my face, his friend hovering just behind him. I swear I can feel David trying to will the universe to go back to a point where I wasn’t an idiot.
I look to the guy’s friend and then back to him. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought we were just throwing out baseless homophobic slurs at each other. My mistake.”
I can hear his teeth grind in his mouth as he looks around. “If we were alone I would beat your face in.”

I smile at him. “Of course, the true sign of a ‘real’ man, wanting to beat on a girl in private.” I lean in closer. “Why not just take a shot anyway?”
“Instead why don’t I show you what a cock feels like, dyke?” he whispers back. Then he takes a step back and turns. “You and your faggot brother aren’t worth it,” he throws out as he walks away.
My fists clench, but before I can move I feel a hand on my arm and turn to David as he asks “are you okay?”
I tell him I am. Truth is... I think you can probably guess what the truth is.

The Alley Household

My fist slams into the punching bag as I let out a grunt.
My mum used to be into fitness when she was younger, like really into it. Unstereotyically so for a woman in IT, but there you have it. Now I’ve found a use for her old equipment.
I cleared out a space in the shed my dad never uses and set myself up. Weights for strength, exercise bike for legs and cardio, a mat for flexibility, and the bag for, well, punching.

I’ve never been super into fitness.
Not to say I’m unfit. I used to LARP a lot, now not as much as I’d like, and that used to keep me pretty lean. Now all my sword-craft is either computer or tabletop oriented.
I was just never really in to going to the gym. My fitness was a result of doing an activity, not because I was looking to get fit.

So you might wonder ‘why now?’
Well, the thing is my life has taken a bit of an unexpected turn lately. I mentioned the video already, the one of Flick and myself getting quite intimate, which was then stolen, used to blackmail me, then released anyway. That was fun.
Then I find out Laya, my best friend since forever, the person I love most in this world, has been running around with super-powers as ‘Gecko’.* Yeah, that one was kind of a shock for me.
Then to top it off I was attacked. A villain going after Laya called Basilisk, who turned out to be Simone Foley a girl I used to have a major crush on, attacked me to get at her.**

*Gecko #33- darktruth
**Gecko #34- darktruth again

That last one shook me the most I’d say. I mean Laya saved me, because she’s amazing like that, but it doesn’t change the fact that I was attacked. That I was defenceless.
I didn’t like that feeling. But more than that I realized something that didn’t fully occur to me when Laya came out as Gecko. She’s alone out there.
Sure, she has super-powers, but they only go so far. She has placed herself as the protector of the city, making herself the first defence against monsters, mad-men, and the usual criminals that take advantage of any opportunity.
I didn’t like that even more.

So I started training. Making myself stronger, better. For weeks I’ve been at it now, honing my body.
Then I went a did a thing only the most perfectly sane of people do. I made myself a costume and started fighting crime.
Okay, so by ‘made myself a costume’ I basically mean I made an outfit out of track pants, a hooded jacket, and a balaclava. All black. But I have plans for a costume, drew it up and everything.
And I may not have actually started fighting crime yet. But the jerk-wad today got me a little worked up today, more than he should have admittedly, so I figure it’s time to start.
Yeah, my heart is totally thundering so hard in my chest it’s scaring the butterflies in my stomach.

That Night
Neutral Bay

I already think I probably should have asked Laya for costume advice. Except for the fact I don’t what her to know what I’m doing. At least, not yet.
And you absolutely have to promise not to tell her. Seriously. I’ll tell her in time, I promise, just when I think she’s ready for it.
So we have a deal? Good.

Still, costume advice would have been good, as I’m already noticing a few concerns.
The clothes are a little too baggy, which actually makes my movements a little more sluggish than I’d like. The balaclava is tight on my head, given all the hair I had to tuck up underneath it. The hood really limits my field-of-view when it’s up, but down it’s both an annoyance as it moves and also a good place to get grabbed in a fight. Also despite it being a brisk winter night, I am really, really warm.
But I’ll have to make note of those concerns for later. Right now I can hear a shop alarm ringing.

Hang Ten Surf Wear. The kind of store I usually avoid since you end up paying so much more for brand, rather than actual quality.
A perfect target for robbery. Even if you don’t get any cash it isn’t hard to try and move those kinds of clothes on the street.
The economy isn’t great right now, so more and more people are willing to turn a blind-eye for a bargain.

I slink up beside the shop window they broke in through and glance inside. Three men in dark hoodies and pants move about.
Another thing to note, I currently look far less like a hero and more like one of the guys currently robbing the store. I’m definitely not looking like the kind of person that would fill you with hope if you ran into me in the night. Or any time of day really.
I don’t see any weapons. Doesn’t mean they don’t have any, just that I don’t see them.
I figure if I manage to get the drop on one it should throw the other two off, weapon or not.

I quickly move in through the window and duck down behind a rack of clothes.
I hold my breath and listen. None of them reacted, they’re still rummaging about. Good.
I move up to the next rack and one guy moves to the hats on the wall near me. Perfect.

“Could we sell any of these?” the guy asks. He sounds young, almost a teenager like me.
“Grab a few but we’re mostly after shirts,” another guy replies. He also sounds young. “They’re selling great right now.”
The guy close to me shrugs. “Well I’m taking one for me.”
“Just be quick,” hisses the third, he sounds older. “Cops’ll be here soon.”

I take the opportunity and leap out as I swing a punch.
My fist hits the guy in the jaw and he falls backwards into a rack of pants as the hats he held scatter into the air like a bizarre flock of birds.
“Not the cops you have to worry about right now,” I say as I turn to the other two. My first crime-fighting quip. Not terrible, but not great.

The other two stare at me in silence for a moment as their friend groans from the floor.
“Look, you wanna rob the place all you had to do was ask,” the older man says. “Just stay out of our way.”
“I...” That was honestly not the response I wanted. “I’m not a thief. I’m a hero. I’m here to stop you.”
“Oh,” the man replies as he goes back to shoveling some watches into a bag. “Carter, get this little girl out of our business.”

The other guy charges at me, fists clenched.
I ready myself to dodge when a hand grabs my leg and I look down to the first guy as he grabs at my pants. That was a mistake on my part.

The thief named Carter hits me in the gut with a punch that makes me double over with a grunt.
I grab the rack of shirts beside me to steady myself and Carter’s hits another punch into my chest.

Adrenaline pumps through my body as I realize I have to do something before I get beaten to a pulp.
I take hold of several shirts and throw them up into Carter’s face. As he flails to get them away my foot finds the face of his friend and he drops back to the floor as his hand lets me go.

Okay, push down the pain and do what you need to Kara.
Carter pulls the shirts from his face just in time to see my fist before it hits him in the nose.

My knuckles throb with pain, but Carter drops.
Then I turn my attention to the older man, who simply sighs as he arches his neck back.
“I really don’t have time for this,” he mutters as he raises a hand towards me. I only just have time to see the metal gauntlet he wears.

Something hits my body, and suddenly I’m laying in the street outside as my entire body feels like one giant bruise. The air has been knocked from my lungs, so it takes a couple of deep breaths to get it back.
I grunt as I look up to the window of the shop. He stands there with one arm pointed towards me.

“Leave now and I won’t shatter every bone in your body,” he tells me.
“Fine,” I grunt out, and he seems to take me at my word as he heads back inside.
I don’t want to do it, but I don’t see any other way that doesn’t leave me in hospital or dead. So much for my first night fighting crime.

The Alley Household

I awaken with a groan as the pain floods back through my body. Honestly I’m surprised I was able to get any sleep at all.
Hell, I’m amazed I even made it home, given that every muscle in my body was pretty much ready to curl up and die. I barely even made it out of the area before the cops finally showed up.
Wonder if they managed to nab any of those crooks. Wonder if those crooks are going to tell stories about the idiot girl who thought she was a damn super-hero.

I bet you’re thinking this right here is the end of my story.
Girl tries to fight crime and promptly gets her arse handed to her. She’d be a complete idiot to keep doing it.
Story over.
Nope, because that’s Miss Idiot to you.

Sure I could have died, but I didn’t. Plus last night taught me something.
I’m not Gecko. That should have been obvious, but I kinda skipped over that detail. I’m not Laya, I don’t have her powers.
I don’t have super strength, speed, jumping, or any of those other weird and, honestly, kinda creepy things she can do. Like tasting smell. Gross with a capital ‘ick’.
I’m not super, so that means I have to be better. I have to be smarter.

I know how I want to do that, but actually doing it is a little bit harder than I’d like. And by a little I mean it’s near impossible.
I’ve got some skills. I understand computers pretty damn well thanks to my mum and my obsession with gaming, I know how to make costumes for LARP, and although my grades don’t show it I’m actually pretty good at research and stuff.
Maths is my thing. When I bother to actually try.

Unfortunately none of that makes up for the key things I’m lacking, namely resources and money.
I’d pretty much have to be Tony Stark to do what I want to do. But if I was I’d be Iron Man and wouldn’t need my little idea.
So I’m kinda in a bit of a conundrum.

My phone rings and I grimace as I roll over to grab it from where I discarded it upon the floor.
Laya. I should probably try to not sound like I was out last night failing at crime-fighting.
I take a deep breath and try to compose myself as I click ‘answer’. “Hey, wassup?”

”Kara? Hey, I didn’t wake you did I?”
“Nah, nah, I was already up. I actually figured you’d still be asleep, weren’t you patrolling last night?”
”I just got home,” she admits.
“It’s like eight o’clock.”
”Yeah. I know. I was lucky my mum didn’t figure out I wasn’t here.”

“Why are you only just getting home?” I ask as I force myself to sit up, and push down the pain it causes. “Did you get hurt?”
”No. Well, not badly anyway,” she replies. ”I just... Things are getting worse out there. There’s all kinds of new tech hitting the streets, turning regular in crims into egomaniac psycho villains.”
“Know that,” I mutter.
”What was that?”
“Nothing,” I reply quickly. Then I pause as my brain finally begins to wake up. “Do you know where it’s coming from?”

”I managed to get one guy running this fire-rig to talk a bit,” she replies. ”Best I could get from him was the name ‘Snyder’ and something about the ‘Great Southern’. I’m gonna have to look into it tonight. Aristott’s monsters are bad enough without tech-enhanced criminals trying to run the city. You’ll cover for me if I’m late for school tomorrow?”
“Of course,” I reply with a soft laugh that causes my lungs to throb. “Least I can do for our saviour.”
”Ugh, please don’t call me that,” she groans. ”Anyway, thanks for this. You’re awesome. I’m gonna try and sleep now.”
“You sleep,” I tell her. “Talk to you later.”
She mutters a “bye” then hangs up.

I bite my lip as I stare at the phone.
Every time I speak to her now I get horribly anxious, and not because I’m keeping a big secret from her. It’s the fact that every time we talk I keep waiting for her to bring up the fact I kissed her and she never does.*
I was waiting for her to do it, but I’m now I’m thinking I should but I don’t know if that’s fair on her.

*The kiss occurred in Gecko #35- darktruth

Me kissing her really wasn’t fair on her. I know she isn’t like me, but I got caught up in my feelings and forced it upon her.
I’ve had a crush on her for so damn long, I don’t think I’ve ever cared about anyone else more than I do her. I don’t know if I ever could.
Maybe I should have just told her but it was hard enough telling her I liked girls, let alone that I liked her the most. I love her, but I didn’t know how she’d even react to the lesbian thing, telling her I wanted to be lesbians with her might have ruined everything.

I just shouldn’t have done it.
She has so much going on, with being Gecko and having our old science teacher sending monsters after her. Not to mention her parents and her mother’s a-hole boyfriend.
I can’t put anymore on her. She doesn’t deserve that.
I’ve gone most of my life hurting because I wanted to kiss her so bad, I can keep doing it the rest of my life. For her.

But right now isn’t the time to be lamenting my love life. Right now I have work to do.
See, Laya may not know what the Great Southern is, and of course she doesn’t she’s so damn innocent, but I do. It’s a pub down in The Rocks, with a less than stellar reputation.
The kind of place only the scummiest of scum like to hang out. I think I should pop in for a drink.

The Great Southern
The Rocks

I suck in a deep breath as I stand outside the pub.
Two bikers, Death Taipans going by the insignia on their jackets, stand by their bikes and watch me with a look in their eyes that makes my skin crawl.
Thankfully it’s the kind of look I was aiming to get. There was no way in hell I was walking in there as Kara, so I had to make a few adjustments to my appearance.

A leather jacket over a t-shirt with a plunging v-neck, jean shorts, and torn up stockings. My hair I’ve thrown a bit of gel into to make it look far more wild and a little darker than usual. Then throw in a liberal application of my mum’s make-up, and I barely recognize myself.
I doubt anyone inside is a teacher at my school, but I’m not going to take the risk of being recognized.
I take a deep breath and make my way inside, all while trying not to choke on the fog of smoke and beer that fills the air.

Most of the patrons inside barely pay attention to me as I enter. There’s a lot that I notice, however.
This place has always had a reputation of being a favourite for the crims of the city, but it looks like that clientele is changing with the times. Amidst the bikers and usual-looking career crims, is a spattering of those outfitted with tech. I spot at least three guys with what is very obviously Stark repulsor tech.
A few are still dressed as they ever were, but most seem to have fully embraced their new approach to crime, fully dressed in costumes.

I approach the bar and a large woman move to attend me. She seems to have a thing for the colour yellow. Her lips are gold, as is the shade around her eyes, her jacket is yellow, and the tips of her brown hair have been dyed blonde.
“Never seen you before,” she comments as she looks me over. “What’ll you be having?”
“I’m looking for ‘Snyder’,” I reply as I lean in. “Heard they might be able to help me.”

The woman freezes for a moment, then looks to a skinny woman that sits at the end of the bar.
It takes me a moment to realize they’re twins, although where the larger of them has gone for yellow the skinnier has picked black as her favourite. Though she wears more leather and has dyed her entire hair ebony.
“Help you with what?” the skinny woman asks.
I lick my lips. “I need something made.”

The large woman cracks her jaw then moves towards the end of the bar as her twin stands. “Follow us.”
I swallow deep, then follow them through a door into a small corridor, then down the end until she opens another door and they head inside.
This one leads to a small, empty room, and I cautiously join them inside.

“I’m Emma,” the large woman introduces herself. “And this is my sister Tia.”
“We’re the Snyder Twins,” Tia waves with a smirk. “So what can we help you with?”
Okay, I actually didn’t expect to find ‘Snyder’ so easily. “I, um, I want some tech. A suit.” I pull several pieces of paper from my jacket pocket and hand them over to Tia.

The pair glance them over. “So what are you looking to do?” asks Emma. “Robbery? Enforcement? Maybe you’re taking a run at that Gecko?”
“I...” I hesitate a moment, this is the moment things could go really bad. “I’m a hero.”

The twins laugh, then share a look. “And you thought you’d come to the people supplying the criminals?” asks Tia.
“You have the resources and the skill,” I reply simply. Honestly, this is a really stupid idea.
“Do you have the money to pay for this?” asks Emma.
“No. I figured I could just persuade you. With my fists if needed.”

Tia lets out a cackle of a laugh. “See, normally we do this work on a payback basis. We take a cut from every job until the cost is paid. Unfortunately heroism doesn’t exactly pay. But I like you, and I think my sister does too. So I think we can do something.”
“Come back on Wednesday,” Emma tells me. “We’ll have it for you then.”
I nod and leave the room. As I head back down the corridor I can just hear Tia.
“A hero? We can have fun with that.”


I won’t deny that I’m not absolutely terrified. I’m trusting criminals to not just kill me and dump my body in the harbour.
But I came this far, so I need to see it through.
I enter the pub and freeze as I find it empty. Tia is on me almost immediately.
“Emma is waiting with it down stairs.”

I follow her out the back and down a flight of stairs. “We closed just for you. Figured it was best not to give a hero their costume in a bar full of criminals.”
“Sure,” I mutter as I follow her lower.
Finally we reach their workshop, and Emma stands beside something that takes my breath away.

It looks almost exactly like it did in my head.
The orange suit with blocks of green down the front, arms and legs is padded with armour. The gloves taper to a point on the outside of the forearm, the boots are thick. The mask covers the entire head except for a circular opening around the mouth and under the nose. A pair of round goggles sit over the eyes, and an orange cape hangs from clasps upon the shoulders, the cape orange with two fading stripes of green in the middle. Then there was the utility belt, plus the pouches and canisters on both legs and the left arm.
I clasp a hand to my mouth as I take it in.

Emma smiles. “Impressive, right? Proud of it myself. Armoured, yet flexible. The mask and goggle combo has a custom built user interface, with a number of features including, but not limited to, infrared, night-vision, a radio scanner, and voice-modifier.”
“The suit also includes a system to allow remote interfacing with any system using wi-fi or bluetooth,” Tia states as she moves to stand beside her sister. “The entire system can be easily recharged using any power outlet. And speaking of power, within the right glove is housed a length of wire that can be whipped out towards a enemy, either wrapping them or using the barb upon the end to grip them. Once held an electric charge can be sent down the wire, similar to a tazer. The left glove can fire a small grappling hook, allowing you to scale certain obstacles.”
“Not counting the number of tools and tricks you could house within the pouches and utility belt,” Emma continues on. “We’ve included a few such as smoke bombs, small EMPs, and, my personal favourite, a fist-sized drone, guided by the UI, for scouting.”
“So,” Tia smirked as she put her arm around her sister’s shoulder. “You gonna try it on?”

The first time I’ll admit it was a little awkward putting it on. It also took forever, but in the end it was totally worth it.
It feels incredible, in a way I cannot possibly describe. I actually feel more powerful, more heroic just by wearing it.
I flick through the different vision modes as I move back into the workshop, while I run a web search in a separate window. The system in this thing is actually incredibly impressive, given the size of the hardware and that it’s mobile.
I could definitely get used to this.

Tia wolf-whistles as I enter. “Now you look good,” she says slowly.
Emma nods in agreement.
“I feel good,” I reply as I flex my hands, testing the flexibility of my fingers. “Thanks for this. This is incredible. I really can’t thank you both enough for doing this for me.”

The two share a look. “Well, this wasn’t out of the kindness of our hearts,” Tia states.
“We need something from you first,” Emma says as she takes out her phone. “See, there’s this Group 28 delivery of equipment tomorrow, and we want it.”
“And you’re going to get it,” Tia finishes. “Or else.”
“Or else what?” I ask casually as I pull my cape around to give it a look.
“Or else I hit the failsafe,” Emma replies as she holds up her phone. “And we find out how much pain the little girl can take.”

Emma and Tia’s eyes widen as they turn to the speakers that begin to blast music.
“So that’s what that background program did,” I mutter as I smile at them, my head bobbing to the music. “I was curious. It also makes sense why you gave me a wi-fi/bluetooth interface. It wasn’t for me, it was so you had an in for your failsafe. Sloppy work really.”
The fury in their eyes in undeniable. It’s hard for me not to laugh.
I shrug. “I like computers. And I think the police will really like what you have in yours. Damn, that’s some incriminating stuff.”

Emma lets out a shout of fury and charges. Almost surprised it took this long.
Her fist raises to swing and I suck in a breath.

I wait until the last second and then twist my body.
The fist passes just inches in front of my chest. As it does I pull my arm up and then down, knocking her arm downwards before I slam my elbow into her face.

Emma jerks backwards and slams down hard upon the floor.
I turn to Tia as she turns to open a drawer. I flick my vision to x-ray and spot the gun inside.
That’s not good.

“Oh no you don’t,” I tell her as I swing out my right arm and fire the wire that whips out through the air.
Tia turns and grabs the wire before it hits her, a smug smirk upon her face. Until she notices the smile on my face and her eyes begin to widen.

I trigger it and her body tenses up as electricity courses through her body.
I cancel it and she drops to the floor. I then turn my gaze to Emma and slam a boot into her face.

A few minutes later I have both of them tied up upon the floor with zip-ties I found in a drawer. I also shove a bunch into a couple of my pouches. Might come in useful later.
“You’re just going to leave us for the cops?” Tia demands with a hiss.
“Pretty much the plan,” I reply. “Even if they don’t lock you up for long, this is going to shut down your operation for a while. Stop more violent thugs getting your tech.”
“We’re going to skin you alive,” Emma snarls at me. “We’ll be back at work soon enough, and we’re going to focus everything in burning your entire world to the ground!”

“Well that sounds like fun,” I reply. “Send me an invite on Facebook, you’ll find me under...”
I pause, I hadn’t even thought about a name. Laya goes by ‘Gecko’ and I know I wanted to honour her by picking something animal related, but I never quite got around to it.
Then I remember something from Mr Thomas’ science class. A predatory insect. I remember liking the name, even though it may not strike fear into the hearts of criminals. Not yet anyway.
“Lacewing,” I tell them. “I’m Lacewing. Make sure you tell the cops that.”

With that I grab a bag of random tech and head back up the stairs. I figure it might be useful to take something with me, plus there’s still plenty of evidence for the cops.
I hear the sirens as I exit through the back of the Great Southern. I glance around then look up, I raise my arm and fire my grappling hook up and it snags upon the roof of the building.
Adrenaline pumps through my body as the wire reels back in and I fly up the side of the building. I could definitely get used to this.

As I hit the roof I open up an interface window and access my e-mail. It takes me a moment to find it.
‘Girl Fun with Kara Alley’ from The e-mail that distributed my personal sex-tape, that was stolen from me, to the entire city. After the sender tried to blackmail me with it.
I set up a background routine to scour the internet for anything it can find in relation to that e-mail. I am going to find out who did it, and I’m going to demand some answers when I do.

I hide the interface, then hesitate as I bite my lip.
I turn and make a running leap to the next window as I open up the police scanner. Sure it’s a school night, but criminals don’t care. And I just got a fancy new crime-fighting suit. Plus I’m kinda still running high on adrenaline from taking down the Snyder Twins.
You better watch out criminals of Sydney. You better run, you better hide. But know that I will always find you.
Lacewing is coming.
"Don't Act Too Paranoid Or They'll Know You're Onto Them."


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thehulkster94 presents:
Omega Initiative #1


A prison cell, with a small window overlooking a parade ground with legions of troops. The soldiers are all heavily armed with advanced weapons. Alongside these soldiers, several columns of tanks sit ready for combat. The prison cell itself is dark and dirty. A young woman sits in a corner, her face heavily scarred and covered in dirt. In her hands, she holds a small pad of paper and a pencil.

The Journal of Bethany Elliot- former hero, freedom fighter, and prisoner of the New Order

Every day, it gets harder to remember how it all happened. I’m slowly starting to forget the wars we fought, and why we fought them, I’m even starting to forget the friends who fought with me, and the things we all went through. All I can remember is how wrong everything went, and how our world fell apart.

It doesn’t matter so much now. It’s only a few hours before the execution. After that, no one will care anymore. But our story deserves to be heard. The world deserves to know what caused its destruction. So in my final hours, I will attempt to remember the story of how it all came to this.


The young girl brushed her long, charcoal hair from her face nervously. She was about to go on her first date ever. 13 years old seemed to be a bit late to her, so many of her friends had already been in several relationships. Now, she had managed to get a date with the best guy ever. She had sent a note through her friend to his friend to set this up, and now, it was happening.

Bethany adjusted her mini-skirt slightly, trying to look as cute as possible. Josh Reynolds was supposed to be arriving in a few moments, and he was going to be expecting her to look pretty. He was the guy of her dreams, so she had to become the girl of her dreams.

Josh walked up behind her and spoke up, “Well, Bethany Elliot, I was a bit surprised to get your note.”

“Well, you are the best looking guy around,” Bethany replied.

“Yeah, exactly. You aren’t in my league,” Josh said.

“What? Why lead me on? Why come?” Bethany asked.

“Just to show you that I’m out of your league, and because Miranda wanted to see you,” Josh said.

Bethany knew what was coming. Miranda was her rival, a girl she had competed against for the top spot in every sport, and a girl who had been interested in Josh for as long as Bethany. This would end very poorly.

“Really Bethany? You thought you could take my guy? I’ve been beating you at everything since we were six. He’s mine,” Miranda said as she stepped forward. She slapped out at Bethany’s cheek aggressively. Bethany instinctively raised her hand to block the hit. Miranda shrieked in pain as her arm connected with Bethany’s arm. What was stranger was that Bethany felt no pain. She didn’t even notice that she was hit.

“Holy crap. What the hell just happened?” Josh asked.

Bethany looked down at her arm. It was coated with some sort of red metal armor. It didn’t feel strange in any way, it just felt normal. It was as if the knight had merged with the armor. A second later, Bethany found herself holding a sword made from the same red metal. Even though she had no training in sword fighting, it felt natural in her hand. She spun the sword experimentally. She could see the look of awestruck horror in Josh’s face. The guy she had a mad crush on before looked at her in horror, and almost... disgust. He ran away screaming as Bethany watched.

As Bethany watched, she heard a voice from behind, “He’s right to be scared you know. Meta-humans are dangerous. You are dangerous.”

Bethany spun around and held her sword at ready. Standing in front of her was a middle-aged African-American man with slightly grey hair. He was wearing in military clothes and he had a gun in one hand. Behind him, a number of soldiers stood with their weapons trained on her. “Bethany Elliot, in the name of national security, I’m going to have to ask you to come with us,” the man in front said.

Bethany looked to either side, trying to find a place to run to. “I must inform you, if you try to run or fight, we will be forced to throw you down a hole so deep that light will become a distant memory to you. This is a matter of national security, we are authorized to treat you as a terrorist,” the man said.

“What’s this about? I-i haven’t done anything,” Bethany said.

“We’re well aware of what you are, and the armor leaves absolutely no room for question. You’re a meta-human, and they are controlled by national security laws. I have orders to treat any rogue meta-human as a terrorist, and any meta-human not authorized by the government is to be considered rogue. So, come with us, or we will use force,” the man said.

Bethany had no choice but to comply. She relaxed slightly and the armor faded from her body. She hesitantly cooperated as the soldiers moved in and placed her in handcuffs.


The young boy looked at the laser field and smiled slightly. He had beaten better security than this with little effort. He pulled out a knife and slashed his calf aggressively. A thin red force field surrounded his body, and his skin began to knit the torn skin together. High end thieves would often short out the security, or go around, but Nathan was going to go right through.

Nathan lunged forward. As the lasers hit his body, he could feel a slight twinge, but he could also feel a surge of energy flowing through his body. With every laser that hit his shield, he could feel an extra jolt of power being diverted to his force field.

It took Nathan only a few moments before he got past the laser field. But he still had the door to deal with. It was supposed to be one of the best vault doors in existence, but that never concerned him. Nathan grabbed part of the door and pulled. He could feel the strain, but he knew it wasn’t his scrawny arms that were straining, it was the force field around him. A few seconds later, he was rewarded by the sound of metal ripping and bending. The alarms were deafening, but Nathan kept pulling until the door was ripped off entirely.

“That was easy,” Nathan muttered to himself. He walked into the vault and gazed around at the lab equipment. This wasn’t a vault. He had always known that. This was a science lab full of top-secret equipment for measuring super powers.

Nathan made his way to the machine he was after and began to manipulate the dials and switches. There was a slight hum as lights started to flicker on as the machine powered up. He placed his arm in a tube as he continued to work the machine with the other hand.

Before the machine could finish its scan, Nathan caught the sound of boots running across the ground towards him. He sighed and pulled out his knife. It was the same routine every time. These low level thugs came after him, but he was always more than a match for them.

As the men approached, Nathan noticed something different about them. These weren’t private security goons, these were government agents with extremely high end weapons. Nathan sighed. This had all been a set-up. He should have known, but he had been reckless.

A woman in her mid-thirties walked up at the front of a squad of soldiers. She didn’t have any weapons or equipment, and her clothing looked more like something one would wear to a gym than a military issued uniform. “I take it you know that you walked into a trap already, and you have probably figured out that we are equipped to deal with someone like you. Therefore, I’d advise you to surrender. I will not give you another warning,” the woman said.

“You’ve got a lot of guns and all, but I think I’ll take my chances,” Nathan said.

The woman nodded towards a teenage girl that was among the soldiers, “Stephanie, take him,” the woman said.

The girl stepped forward and held out her hand. Before Nathan could react, he felt a strange sensation, as if he was being crushed. An instant later, he fell unconscious.
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Doc Omega
Living Tribunal
Doc Omega
Living Tribunal
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Alpha & Omega

Chapter 2

Ian shook himself loose from his memories and made his way into the large warehouse that stood on the property. He walked along the two rows of in ground coolers and checked the temperatures of each. The compound was equipped with powered coolers, but he had rarely used the generators since that day the world ended. No point in risking being seen by all of those things roaming around, at least not for the sake of having fresh ice.

He grabbed two empty crates and filled them with plastic bottles filled with filtered water. Ian then walked to one of the many stainless steel storage lockers, and filled several reusable shopping bags with canned goods. early on Ian had realized sitting out the apocalypse, waiting to die, just wasn't an option for him. He had more food and resources at the compound than he'd need in three life times. With that information in mind Ian had decided to try to make it to Great Falls, which was about 45 minutes South.

On his first attempt Ian had only made it a few miles. The closer he had gotten to any sort of civilization, the more he was exposed to this Hell on Earth. The swirling skies coupled with the fetid smelling winds made his stomach and min churn. On his second attempt he had made it to a farm that was just close enough to the city to clearly make out it's skyline. Paralyzed by fear Ian sat in his vehicle, and starred on in terror. Feeling the need to make something positive out of this journey he grabbed a pen and paper, and using his unnaturally cold fingers began to try and make sense out of what he could see.

There were so many different types of creatures. He had to assume that they were all demons of some sorts, so he chose appearances to use as classifications:

Flyers, bear sized demons with large bat-like wings.
Bulls , these were man shaped, but larger. Probably 7 feet tall with broad shoulders, and horns on their heads that resembled the horns on a bull.
Drakes , Massive dragon-men types. They walked on two, legs but were covered in reddish black scales. Massive reptilian wings and tails. They each stood at least one hundred feet tall and had dripping fangs.
Locust Smaller winged demons, about the size of a hawk. although they were the smallest types he'd seen, they were also the most plentiful.

Ian had been lost in his categorization duties when a soft tapping startled hi, nearly causing him to lose control of his bladder. He looked outside of his vehicle to see a small, very dirty, very blonde little boy.

Ian exited the vehicle.

"Hello, you're not one of them yet?" asked the little blonde stranger.

"No, I am not...yet" replied Ian.

The small child held out his hand "Terry, pleased to meet ya"
Ian took the small hand in his "Doc. Are you here alone Terry?"

Terry looked at Ian as if he were an idiot, gripped his hand and lead him towards the old farm house. This was how Ian had come to know the Flynn family. Third generation farmers who had rarely gone into the city, which was how they figured to have survived this long. After some barely warm tea and hours of conversation, Ian and the Flynns had exchanged what intel they had. The one piece of information they had provided was that people didn't seem to die after a demon assault. But afterwards they became soulless beings that attacked and killed at will. With that chilling piece of knowledge fully seared into his mind, Ian said farewell to the family and promised to return soon with supplies for them.
The trip home had seemed a little less terrifying. Although Ian was forced to pull off the road to avoid roaming swarms of locusts, he returned to the compound with a little golden sliver of hope in his heart.

Ian once again pulled himself from memory land, placed his gathered up supplies onto a cart and wheeled them down a cement ramp, towards the tunnel entrance.

His vehicle, was a prototype all terrain vehicle made by Tesla. It was 4 wheel drive, had 300 HP under the hood and held a 24 hour charge. It must've cost the family a small fortune, but in his mind it was money well spent.

Ian entered the concrete tunnel. The tunnel went underground and lead to a small structure just outside of the fence. This was where the Tesla was housed. It had made sense to Ian to keep it here since turning on the power and opening the gate would almost certainly draw some very unwanted visitors to his home.
Ian quickly loaded up the food, water and medical supplies. He then opened the garage door just enough to see if the coast was clear or not. His heart jumped into his throat every time he did this. After several long minutes of carefully inspecting the area and a few more to calm his pulse, Ian powered up the Tesla, coasted out the door, sealed it and made his way South.

The trip took nearly three times as long as it had before. The demon activity had heavily increased. As he took shelter Ian wondered if they were running out of "food" in the cities. If so he needed to get to the Flynn farmer as soon as possible.

At the next break in activity, Ian took a chance and accelerated his vehicle to over 100 MPH. The battery powered engine car made no sound, which was oddly calming to him. As he neared the farm a nearly crushing sense of dread threatened to overwhelm him. In addition to the usual terrifying colors in the sky he also noticed billowing smoke and jets of flame.

Ian brought the Tesla to a halt, stepped out and put his binoculars to his eyes. What was left of the Flynn was on it's death bed. The house was gone and the barn wasn't far behind. There was no sings of man nor demon.

"Son of a bitch!" Ian yelled to himself as he resumed his high speed journey towards the doomed farm.


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my turn:

XXVII. The ORPHANS – Kasia it’ll be sad, but not hopeless

Kirk was surrounded by flames; he lay unable to move, and he didn’t understand, what was going on, but he knew who was to be blamed for this torment: Loki – his brother must have suffered enormously and must have sown his pain all around, so this way Kirk was doubly affected: he not only felt Loki’s pain as if it was his own, but was constantly emotionally hurt by him and this pain paralyzed him: instead of fighting off this pain, he absorbed it being aware, that if he resisted it, it could kill his brother. But at that moment, when he had neither the strength nor will left to endure Loki’s torments, he found himself suddenly in a strange labyrinth carved into solid rock. There was an endless passage in front of him, only slightly lit up; on the right and left he saw rows of closed doors, from behind which many shouts of those suffering, sometimes fighting men and women, even loud cries of children were to be heard. Kirk decided to run, he wanted to leave this evil passage as soon as possible, but somehow he felt and was almost sure of it that it will never end and at this moment he rushed into a huge room, lightened by a Tesseract-light dropping down the walls. In the middle of this room there was a big table, on the left stood Loki carefully collecting the light – Brother! – Kirk yelled, being surprised.

Loki turned to him – You… here?! – he was surprised to the same extent – What for?! – he stood silent and not moving for a while – Are they still screaming so loudly… those in the passage? –

– Yes Loki. What is this place? What are you doing here? – Kirk heard footsteps close behind him and a rustle of a moving cloak – Thor? – he turned back, but saw no one was standing there.

– I would also be glad to see him, to give him a hug – Loki said to Kirk, he went to the table and laid another portion of the light to the pile in the middle, which absorbed it, slightly lightening it up – He was the only one, who knew how mean I have been and knowing it he showed me mercy… but it was not enough, as I only changed my goals, leaving all the bad habits intact and this way the daily, small but dark things poisoned everything. Mercy… remember this word well, as the Jotuns have long forgotten it, is good for the right beginning, but then there is still a lot of work to be done if you really want to succeed in changing your heart –

– What are you doing here Loki? – Kirk asked, still wondering.

– I collect the light for those who survived… It’ll take long… - Loki heaved a sigh – Before I join Thor – he smiled taking another whiff of the Tesseract-light – But the most important thing is, that one day it’ll happen – Loki stopped in front of Kirk – It is time for you to go. Wake up Kirk. Wake up! – he said blowing with the light right into Kirk’s face – And fight, you won’t be alone… –


King Archi rose from his bed earlier than usual, he felt tired – the war on Earth was still occupying Thor, and Kirk lay feverish without any signs of recovering, and as for him: he was really tired and… old, he sensed that his body was not able to absorb enough energy to live out properly the whole day long. He went to the toilets. Going out he smelled a new scent, slightly sweet – And what new dared to root up here?! – he stepped back and stood stock-still: one, two, three heads appeared above the roof of the toilets. Luckily for the others Archi managed to roar, although for him it was too late.

Soon there were six dragons, which equaled eighteen muzzles, which could kill their next prey.

The Giants however didn’t give in; one by one the heads fell down with a noise – Have we finished? – Rumi asked. They looked around – Six beauties, so at least five of us are missing –

A while later they got to know what misfortune had befallen their king, so they hurried to his follower. But Kirk still hadn’t responded lying in bed in his fewer.

Suddenly the hugebirds gobbled, they seemed to be really scared – They have come from the Three Valley’s, we’d better see what is going on – it wasn’t only Rumi who felt they better hurry up.


The Valley of the Sheep looked like the aftermath of a huge thunderstorm, and further dragons were already pushing through the passages to the Valley of the Yaks - maybe a hundred and fifty heads. Rumi lost his breath at that sight, that was why he hurried to attack first after several seconds. The hugebirds were still afraid, too afraid, so that only a few remained with their riders, the majority had scattered and then flown away into an unknown direction…


The Asgardians again gathered on the Royal Hill and by the Eternal Lamp: this time besides feeling disturbed they sensed an all-surrounding danger too, which was weakening them: they felt somehow helpless, probably because Thor took with him a quite big group of guardians.

Suddenly the black hugebirds appeared on the horizon; soon they circled above Thor’s palace.

– This is a bad sign – Dirjan, the old head of the Council of the System, interpreted their behavior.

– Maybe they are scouts… Don’t the Giants try to use Thor’s absence? – the other member of the council wondered.

But the hugebirds still were flying above them screeching hoarsely but doing no harm to anyone.

– Do they gather here? – some Asgardians wondered further – That’s highly unusual -

The guardians of the Great Wall came running, it took them some time, because they had to land with the brown hugebirds away from the palace, as the brown ones were scared of their black cousins – The beasts are at the wall! We’ll need more weapons – they shouted from afar.

The members of the Council looked at each other. Dirjan looked up again to the black hugebirds – Maybe they have come to warn us or to ask for help? Something bad must have happened to the Giants -


The Giants barely held their ground by the pass to the Valley of the Cows. The fight against the dragons wasn’t offering equal chances: each dead Giant was replaced by a dragon, but in the place of each dead dragon there didn’t appear any new defender. In the sky a dark cloud became visible, it was moving fast in their direction. Erni, the young Giant with keen eyes was first to identify it: - Asgard! – he yelled cheerfully, and the others – those on the ground and also those up on the hugebirds answered him with an intense roaring.

For a while they were successful, but among Asgardians there were also the ones less experienced – and those were dying first. Soon more and more dragon’ heads pushed through to the third valley.

Luckily above them they heard a roar so loud, that even the dragons crouched closing up their eyes: it was Kirk who hung high sitting on his hugebird and holding shiny Erdal’s spear. The defenders regained their hope and then under Kirk’s orders they quickly formed groups to fight more efficiently – the coming of their leader evidently lessened their individualism.

No dragons came out of the Valley of the Yaks anymore.


And after their victory there was a lot of cleaning up to do.

Kirk flew above the Valleys of the Yaks and the Sheep; he knew what he should expect to see there – he remembered what Asgard looked like after the first Dragon War and he knew well that this victory also stood on a knife edge, only even one or two mistakes could end up in an avalanche of dragons spreading wide through the defenseless planet. The torn corpses, hands still holding guns scattered around, legs turned in an unnatural way… Kirk took a deep breath: the sight of massacred children who were taking care of the sheep in the valley took him back to his own childhood – left alone and without anyone who could help or advise him he tried to gain food… with different results; he had it easier first after he tried on his own to form a more specialized group with the clan children, what made them all feel more secure in the end – but here during this war with the dragons the young ones, even in groups, weren’t strong enough …

The Giants are a tough species, they didn’t cry. Kirk neither.


When the farewell of Archi and of the fallen was over, Kirk as king of the Giants came on black hugebirds to Asgard and this time it was him who kneeled at Kiran’s feet. Anyway they both were equally surprised by their new positions and then… they talked long hours in Thor’s bedroom, now taken over by Kiran, by the light of the two shining Stones.

Thor’s wife Ejsha retreated from life in the palace, she occupied one of the caves in the Holy Mountain.

And Kiran himself? He didn’t know how to start. He supervised his two sisters Greta and Marysha and the silent Ashira, the daughter of Thor.

Greta, already grown up was unusually independent (or usually for a Giant woman). She spent the second Dragon War on the Great Wall fighting away the wild beasts, who one after another pushed themselves up to the wall. She then joined the guardians of the wall, but formally she declared nothing; often she was seen sitting alone there, on the wall, watching with a sad look the talan forest which was stretching in front of her and there she was spotted (well actually chosen) by someone, under whose influence she decided one day to trial herself against the all-surrounding ocean…(but now it isn’t the right time for this story).

Marysha was still relatively little, she learnt fast, but it was not, what was of her interest: with time she performed better and better specializing in ruling her school, to that she was shining with the beauty of her mother, but in temperament and in behavior she clearly took after her father – not remembering him she was actually a female version of Loki: none could outtalk her, if she wanted something, and there was no one in any council who could question her arguments.

But Ashira… the sixteen years old princess, almost seventeen… was totally different than Kiran’s sisters. Not very tall, with fair skin and hair, and with her mother’s the huge eyes; White Terian some used to call her, especially when she didn’t react to the inviting of any of her Asgardian colleagues, but the majority named her Our Princess because Daughter of Thor or more familiarly Thorasera could not go past their throat. Thor for many, many years after his death was mourned by them: while Odin of all the kings of Asgard was the most respected one, Thor was definitely the one most admired.

Kiran however felt conspicuous being put in the wrong place and into the wrong position; it was true, that Mjonir came to him on its own and both Stones hadn’t burned his fingers, but in his mind and his spirit he wasn’t prepared to take over the king’s throne: the meetings of any of the councils bored him almost to death, the variety of the principles (even though they had been significantly reduced by Thor) scared and irritated him at the same time, even by the official banquets or dinners he was disgusted and spoke only a little during them.

This way some months flew past …


But one evening Kiran was not able to suppress his boredom and annoyance at the table of the merrily chattering Asgardians and rushed out through the side passage, he wanted to go outside, to breathe some fresh air hopefully in solitude, on the upper terrace.

Well, and then he saw Ashira standing in front of the sliding French door. He recognized her by her many long plaits and colorful pearls woven into her hair, which were the only colors on her clothes – Oh, I see, that it isn’t only me, who runs away from this noise – Kiran spoke first, he actually didn’t mind meeting her here.

She smiled slightly, but did not turn to him – Be greeted, my lord – she said to his reflection in the glass, when he stopped close behind her.

– Be greeted, Our Princess –

She smiled again .

– I was afraid to fall asleep at the table, and what about you? What have you been afraid of? –

She shuddered – This blackness has always scared me –

Kiran decided not to give up – And I am scared by all the principles, that I have to go through tomorrow, I fear I will never master them –

– I could help you, if you’d like it, I have already memorized them –

This Kiran would have never expected: actually those words meant to know the current version of Asgardian principles, next to all their past versions and abbreviations – But you’re still at school age! – he exclaimed.

– This is possible, I can assure you – first now she looked straight at him, she was serious and concentrated.

Kiran didn’t understand at the beginning what she meant, so he felt like a boy, when he realized the double meaning of her explanation – Well, I agree then –

She looked again through the glass door – But on one condition –

Kiran folded his arms waiting for her to speak.

– That we will fly on the brown hugebirds and spend the lessons in the meadows… there you can best feel the rhythm of our world, out of which our principles have been crystallized –

– Will you add other conditions to that? – he asked slightly amused.

– Noo… -


She taught him, step by step the construction of their system. And she was sad and beautiful - he has fallen madly for her - and unreachable: she totally disregarded any allusions, it was good if she looked at him at all, from time to time. Kiran actually hadn’t known her before, he was trained mainly by Kirk, not by Thor who was kept busy by Tony searching for Loki. But now staying long hours under her influence, he slowly was learning his Asgardian world and the more he knew the better he treated his people and accepted the way they lived. The Earth with its sleepless noise appeared to him to have been like a disharmony of sounds, situations and feelings… he almost pitied people, that they built and lived in such painfully and chaotically wild world. Ashira was to him a new life, stable and complete.


One evening, when they were flying towards the southern part of the wall, Kiran’s hugebird started to sneeze, so Kiran lowered immediately the flight down to the nearest meadow, but shortly before their landing the hugebird sneezed again and Kiran bumped into the ground and then stopped moving – he actually wanted to test Ashira.

The girl shouted with despair, landed and run over to Kiran – My king?! – he still hadn’t moved, so she kneeled next to him – Kiran… - she whispered touching his cheek, and of course she recognized at once that he was alive.

At this moment Kiran sat up cuddling her – How do you know my name? –

Surprised she could not catch her breath for a while.

– I am so sorry – Kiran said – I wanted to make a surprise for you –

Ashira got up and turned back.

Kiran worried by that went closer to her – My Princess, I didn’t mean to scare you –

– You didn’t… just… I was afraid, that you were dead –

– Too much death surrounds us… - Kiran raised his hand to touch her cheek.

But Ashira stepped away from him – You want to break the Principle no. 548 for the second time –
This time Kiran was too cautious to be foxed – This chapter has not been presented yet to me, my dear teacher –

She watched him longer than usual, calmly and concentrated, but her lips trembled. He wanted to kiss her, when he saw it, he went close to her, Ashira however spotted at this moment a huge stone and went to its direction – We can sit up there, today we will continue the chapter Family: rights and obligations –

Kiran heaved a sigh, he climbed and sat down on the stone next to her.

Ashira started to explain the principles. After a while she jumped down and moving with her hands intensively she recited the principles; modification after modification she presented their development. The wind played smoothly with her many thin plaits, shiny little butterflies were flying lightly above the grass, and then for the first time Kiran felt it: her words, these little flies and the grass rippling in the wind – all this made up a music, that vibrated, changed in the same rhythm, surrounded them both gently, with greatest care… as if this world were aware of their lives, aware of their sadness and loneliness…

– My king! You’re not listening to me. Your Majesty! –

Kiran gasped being brought back to reality.

- I can’t teach you if my words fly away together with the butterflies to land behind you! –

Kiran still made the impression not to see her.

– My king? – she asked with a hint of fear in her voice.

– The time will come for you to make the choice – Kiran said slowly, going down the stone.

– I am not eighteen yet –

– It’ll be soon –

She looked down to the grass, then turned away – I can’t – she answered.

– The ability to make a responsible choice makes you grown up… Do not worry… For people back on Earth it was just a daily routine: illnesses, bad experiences, disasters but also work, then at home cleaning up, cooking, raising children, all this required taking decisions, making choices –

Ashira calculated while he was talking to her – I don’t understand… How did they find time for all this–

Kiran smiled – They were very busy… choosing what was the most important -

Ashira suddenly made a terrified face.

Kiran turned back and pushed her away. On rocks quite close to them sat something, invisible due to its smoky shroud, that surrounded it; you could see only big, dark grey eyes, that were recognizable because they were sparkling from time to time – Run away! – Kiran shouted to Ashira and raised his hammer to charge it, but he didn’t finish it as the beast spat with fire down on him, Kiran managed only to shield himself with hammer’s energy.

The beast’s move revealed its shape: it had hands and legs and a head, slightly bowed down, without a forehead with three huge eyes and a big, wide chin, and it had a scorpion-like tail, that the beast was intensively swinging sideways.

Kiran in the corner of his eye saw Ashira standing stiffly with scared eyes – Run now! – he shouted again and directed the hammer’s power towards the beast’s head.

But the beast opened its muzzle and took the energy in as if it were an aperitif before the main course – Heh! Heh! –

– It’s intelligent – Kiran thought realizing that the beast was laughing and started to turn his hammer and with all his strength threw it towards the beast, who was already waiting for it with its opened muzzle. The hit was so strong, that the beast’s head cracked and unnaturally went back hitting the tip of its stiff tail, and it nailed itself onto it. Kiran reached out his right hand, he managed to catch back the Mjonir before the big, graphite corpse of the beast fell backwards from the rock.

Kiran cleaned the hammer with the power of thunderbolts and run to Ashira, who was all the time trembling terribly – I’ll break the Principle no. 548 again, nevertheless I won’t refrain from cuddling you now – he said and done it.

Her scent calmed him too, he touched her hair above the ear with his lips and closed his eyes.
After some minutes Ashira moved away from him – It is allowed to break principles only to rescue someone – she said in her usual serious tone.

– Oh, it appears then, that I have already rescued you from the fire of that beast, haven’t I? – smiling, Kiran answered her.

– You broke the Principle no. 548 after that – Ashira reposted in a low voice.

– Great! What penalty shall I expect then, for breaking this principle twice? –

Ashira looked down to the grass – None – she said shyly.

Kiran was surprised.

– You have rescued me from the isolation, from… social death –

Kiran burst out laughing – I didn’t know that here, the same like on Earth, the principles can be interpreted in many ways, not only literally –

– This is not a misinterpretation – Ashira answered him lively – There was no one to cuddle my mother, and I wasn’t there either –

Kiran again felt stupid – Asgard is not another Earth, when will I learn… - he thought – I am deeply sorry, I meant no harm – Kiran said aloud and then looked up to the sky, the colorful sunset had just begun – We should go back, we’ve been too long here, My Princess, you wouldn’t manage to prepare yourself for school –

– I stopped attending school –

– What?! – Kiran held his breath waiting for her explanation.

– I’ve been excused so long as I give lessons to you –

Kiran rubbed his forehead nervously – No, I can’t accept that - he decided - Tomorrow you’re going to school and I’m going to visit Zhado to talk to your teachers –

Ashira looked down – As you wish, my king – she confirmed sadly.


Next day Kiran ordered the director of Zhado to explain himself.

– But my king – the director was totally surprised – We have had serious problems with Our Princess: she has passed all the tests perfectly, but she refused to answer any question aloud and wouldn’t talk to anyone. So when she came to me and in a calm and melodious tone asked me for approval to teach you the principles and for necessary suspension in her studies to that, we eagerly assented to it, it was a perfect chance… for her – the director did not dare to mention to the king, that they had been also seriously worrying about him, actually about his lack of knowledge of the principles; Kiran was to them really the most controversial king.

– And today, did she say anything? –

The director looked at one of her teachers – Oh yes, but only when asked directly; this is really a big improvement, it was worth a try -


A while later Kiran went out of the director’s study; in the side passage out of the corner of his left eye he saw Ashira standing alone in front of the sliding French door: she was looking somewhere at the horizon. None of the students, who passed by, tried to talk to her – I also stop sometimes in front of my window and feel an untamable desire to fly away… best to go back in time by ten years –

She looked at him.

He smiled to her – Be greeted My Princess –

She didn’t turn aside her glance, she looked at him full in the face as if she wanted to enter the depth of his soul – If you agree to take me now with you – she whispered - I would show you something… a surprise –

– Would there be any other conditions? – Kiran asked folding his arms.

– Yees, we’ll have to fly on the hugebirds – Ashira anwered him.

– Agreed, but today only, and tomorrow you are going back to school –

She nodded.


- A meadow, but somewhat strange – Kiran described his impressions briefly.

Ashira entered first, she closed her eyes, stretched her arms to the sides and took a deep breath.

Kiran a while later did the same: the silence, and the warmth radiating from the ground – What a pity, that we didn’t have it on Earth – he thought suddenly and opened his eyes: the meadow changed its tones, was more yellow and olive-colored, he looked around wondering.

– They come here – Ashira whispered – But sometimes you have to wait quite long, that was why I wanted to come here in the early afternoon – she smiled at Kiran – Sometimes I can hear the sound of his red cloak moving hastily, and then I can see him but with blurred outlines, and from the other side comes your father, his leather overcoat trimmed with golden laces emits a specific sound, but he himself is invisible.. There are others too… They talk, but I don’t know about what, they laugh or even dispute –

– How did you discover it? – Kiran asked with eyes filled with tears.

– My sister showed me the way, I simply followed her –

Kiran was crushed by that. He didn’t understand, why the Tesseract showed him a vision of her wearing ribbons in her hair, dancing happily in green surroundings, as she was already passing away to the world of the dead. He turned back and sat down onto the nearest stony ledge leaning against the rocks behind him.

Ashira sat down next to him, then she laid her head on his shoulder.

I don’t know, how long they sat there; the butterflies came dancing close to them, the wind rippled the grass. Kiran sat motionlessly, he felt a lump in his throat: he didn’t intend to be the king of Asgard at all, and he didn’t imagine his life would ever turn out the way it did, even after his father had been kidnapped.

– Your mother comes here sometimes too. When she goes by, all are gazing at her because she’s shining brightly; great is the love between your parents –

– It was – Kiran corrected her bitterly.

Ashira was surprised by this remark – You don’t believe me! You are shining sometimes the same way as your mother, and you don’t believe me?! –

Kiran realized that they don’t understand each other – My Princess - he said - I do believe, but physical love, when we desire to touch each other, is different than the love of our minds. Alive we seek both, this is what I meant –

Her lips trembled – But only here they are all together, those who love me and who I love, I can’t stop… -

- Here only? Are you sure? – Kiran asked seriously, which seemed again to scare her – Find your courage to live, My Princess, in the depth of your soul. I could break all principles, if it would be necessary to save you, but first you should want to be saved – Kiran suddenly heard some footsteps close behind him. He got up alarmed turning round, but he saw no one on the grass.

Ashira smiled – Well, well, today she came first. Maybe she’s looking for someone close to her –

– Who’s this? – Kiran asked being already sure, that on this grass even his Mjonir would not help him.

– A yellow Hairy –

– Yellowhair? – Kiran wondered.

– Do you know her? –

– No – Kiran answered – But my father told me about her, about the time when he was searching for mum –

– It is great to have stories for children –

– Yea… sure – Kiran commented with a hint of irony – And it is time to go back, My Princess -

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