April Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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April Writing Competition (Winners Announced!)

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Welcome to the April writing competition :guitar: Please read the rules before entering

http://z3.invisionfree.com/Mickeys_Comi ... opic=11460

Some important info for this month:

1) Entrants have until April 26th 4pm EST to submit an entry for the competition

2) Voting will then open for entrants before closing on April 28th 4pm EST

3) Voting for non-entrants will then open before closing on April 29th 4pm EST

Best of luck to all entrants


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I'll toss my bonnet into the ring!

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As I have returned I shall have an entry for this month's comp.
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The last few months I've been entering some so-so entries. Most of them are old chapters from my stories. I think I'll try another brand new chapter.

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I'll try to get one in again. I'm already at work on my latest installment of my TMNT "April Fools" tale, so I might enter that. (And no, it's not actually about April. It's about Mikey's bad habit on the day so named....)
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Great to see a lot of interest in this month's comp. I will enter again. My entry is almost complete.

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Heavy Metal - Issue # 14 - Caught Somewhere in Time (Iron Maiden)

(I own nothing that isn`t mine.)

In the last issue, Alex and several of the X-Men encountered the mutant Two Lips. During the ensuing fight, Alexander received a head injury while trying to defend his friend as well as the populace of San Francisco. Two Lips has managed to escape and Alex awoke inside a hospital to discover that his father, Tony Stark, was at his bedside. Tony announced that he would be taking Metal back to New York, much to his sons dismay. After a brief flurry of angry words, Tony stepped out to cool down and several of Alex`s friends came into visit him. We pick up the day after Alex has been released from the hospital.


"So then he grounds me." I rolled over on my bed to find my stepsister chewing on a lollipop, her favored means of ruining her teeth. "Can you spell dictator?"

"D-I-C-T-A-T-O-R," Maela replied then shoved the sucker back into her mouth. One slim black eyebrow wiggled. I couldn`t help but smile at her, even though she was a major smartass. Wonder where she got that gene from he asked himself sarcastically. "Did you forget that I won the spelling bee five years in a row?"

"As if you'd let me, or anyone else, ever forget." I sat up, lifted my laptop from the bed, and placed it on my lap. I loved having a little sister to talk to, even if she was just a half sibling and three years younger than I am. Maela is the result of one of those crazy weird things that only happens to superheroes. Let me explain.

When I was around three, my dad had some sort of terrible accident and his armor absorbed him, or at least the mental aspect of Tony Stark. His body was found floating along the coast of Cuba by some fishermen who hoisted the unconscious man onto their boat and took him home. Long story short dad had no clue of who he was or what he had left behind, namely a wife, family, and the Iron Man armor. He and Maela`s mother, Coleta, the daughter of the fisherman, got married and Maela was born nine months later. I don`t recall much of this time, but Guri tells me that Mom kind of spent some "time" with Steve Rogers after dad "died". I'll take her word on all the air quoted events.

All I know for fact is that the biggest brains around at the time, Reed Richards and Hank Pym, somehow reversed the download and got my father's intelligence, essence, soul . . . whatever you want to call it, out of his armor and back into his head. Dad had the marriage to Coleta annulled, since he was still legally married to my mother. Also, he kind of loved Mom. A lot. My father made damn sure that he had visitation rights with Maela, though. My dad is a ferocious father. Women he'll toss those aside like used socks, aside from my mother, but his kids? No one stands between him and his children. I often wonder if he tries so hard to be a good father because his was such a bad one. Maybe he shouldn`t try so damn hard.

Anyway, Coleta moved to Florida, got remarried to a nice if boring guy named Gus, and keeps to herself. Mom is cool about Maela, but really doesn`t have much time for Coleta, and I guess I can`t blame her. So yeah, that`s the story of my little sister. I guess that's why so many people pin me as the heir apparent. I'm the only prodigy that is pure legal Stark issue, and I'm male. It`s a bunch of bull on so many levels, but society seems to be more than happy to cling to such crap.

"What I don`t get is how he can ground you. I mean, you`re in California and he`s in New York, right?" Maela asked then bit down on the Tootsie Pop. I winced at the sound. My concussed brain was better. It wasn`t a hundred percent yet, but it was better. I fumbled mentally for a response.

"You know, withhold extra cash for going out, that kind of thing."

"Oh yeah, I know how that goes. Mom does that to me too. So what are you going to do with yourself?" she asked around her lollipop.

"Study, I guess," I said letting my feet fall to floor of my bedroom. I glanced over at the closet and saw the duffel I had hidden Metal in was flatter than a punctured football then I looked back at my younger sister. Maela made a sound of disgust as she studied the stick to see if any bits of lollipop remained. When she spied one, she nibbled it off. "Are you coming up for Thanksgiving?" I asked as I pushed to my feet. I left the laptop, and the video messenger, on as I walked over to pull the empty Caltech duffle out of the closet. Nothing remained of my armor aside from the small computer chip detainment device for my SNAP`s. I picked up the tiny virus encoded chip and slipped it into my front pocket.

"Maybe the weekend after the big day," I heard Maela say as I stared at the bottom of that empty duffel. "Mom and Gus want to go to some lame show after Thanksgiving dinner and are insisting that I go along. Like I care about seeing some stupid musical about some old singing group," she grumbled in anger. I turned around to see her looking right at me. "Are you okay, really? I mean beside the scrambled brain stuff?"

"Not really," I said through gritted teeth. Her soft brown eyes grew sad. I blew out a long breath then forced a smile. "Yeah, I'm good. Just mad at dad."

"Yeah, he can be a bit much at times," she said but her words lacked any real vehemence. Dad had a way with women, and that seemed to apply to his daughter`s as well. Or maybe he was just harder on me because I was the only son, as backward as that thinking was. I tossed the duffel over my shoulder, widened my fake grin, and dropped down to kneel in front of the laptop. Maela was twirling her long black hair around a finger, a sure sign she was anxious.

"Look, let`s just forget about my crank. I just need some caffeine in my bloodstream."

"Mom says all that coffee you guys in Manhattan drink is bad for you." She pulled her finger free of the ebony strand.

"She`s probably right. I'm going to go get me some buzz and let you get ready for school." I made a fist and placed it on the screen. Maela did the same. It was our little thing. A virtual knuckle bump that made us both feel more connected. It was tough having your sisters scattered all over the place, especially when you needed someone to commiserate about parental issues with. I lowered my hand. Maela was waving a pink stuffed unicorn at the camera.

"Give Horny a goodbye kiss," she giggled.

"Yeah, not happening," I snorted then slapped the lid down as she broke into high-pitched squeals of girlish laughter. Sisters. How could they be so cool one minute and such absolute pains in the rumps the next? I decided to ponder that, as well as my homework, while I lounged at the Jumpy Aardvark. Maybe Snowblind would be working this morning. I grabbed my wallet from the dresser and left my room. The apartment I shared with Tinker was quiet. He had classes all day. I had gotten a three-day medical pass from classes due to my concussion which was a good thing because that paper for Nano-To-Macro was due ten minutes ago. I'd just go grab something to kick start my mental facilities, and then come back to work on that stupid paper. Perhaps I could grab a few minutes with Snow, just to see if he was doing okay and all. I sat down on the couch to tie my sneakers, mulling over what to say to Snow if I should see him at the Aardvark.

My stomach lurched when I got to my feet. Huh, guess I should have had some breakfast. A caramel macchiato is considered breakfast food, right? Ten minutes later, I was jogging across East Del Mar Avenue, school backpack on my shoulder and my belly flipping over like a carp on the shore. As I shouldered into the packed coffee shop, I drew in a deep breath that helped calm my stomach. A quick recon of the place offered up no sign of Snow. My shoulders slumped as I inched to the counter to place my order.

"Yo, Alex, same?" Gauge-Guy asked. I nodded at the barista then leaned on the counter.

"Is Snow working this morning?" I inquired. The skinny dude with the huge gauges shook his head. I heard people talking behind me.

"Tonight man," he said as his sight moved to the customers behind me. "You want to leave a message?"

"No, it's good." I smiled then grabbed a banana-nut muffin out from under a glass-covered stand. Gauge-Guy and I exchanged nods. I went to pay for my caramel macchiato and muffin then found a seat by the front door. The table was just big enough for one person, which made me somewhat sad as I looked at the groups of students and couples holding hands jammed into the Aardvark. Ignoring the blues that wanted to overtake me, I dug into my pocket and extracted the tiny virtual prison. My two SNAP`s had been incarcerated in this small cell by my father last night. Dad had pulled everything out of Metal that he could while lecturing me about the dangers of sentience for robotic creations that did not possess the moral fiber to understand what a gift it was.

Dad and his hang-ups about Ultron. Yeah, I know he had reason to have them but come on. If we all stopped pushing the boundaries of science because we were afraid, humanity would still think that the earth was flat, right? Old men shouldn't determine how the future of science, and robotic technology, should run. I studied that chip until my drink arrived. After thanking the barista with the gaping holes in his lobes, I ate my muffin, sipped my macchiato, and pondered the fate of my SNAP`s. When I lifted my cup to my mouth sometime later and found it empty, I was shocked. My sight darted to the clock hanging over an oil painting of a llama scaling a mountain of coffee beans. An hour had passed. Huh. No wonder my backside was numb. Rising from my chair, I pocketed the computer chip, tossed my trash into a lima bean colored trash can, and left the Aardvark. Standing outside the shop, I flagged down a passing taxi. The inside of the cab smelled vaguely of fried food. The driver, a whippet thin man with dark eyes and a mustache that curled on the ends, stared at me in the rearview. I laid my backpack beside me on the seat.

"Stark Resilient in Silicon Valley," I said, leaned back into the seat, and patted the chip nestled in my pocket. Dad may have taken Metal, but I still had something to play with. A small voice reminded me about that paper that had been due since forever. I ignored that voice and began working out how I could get into the advanced robotics lab to get my inventions freed from their wrongful interment.


My rebellion against the man was going smoothly, far more smoothly than I had anticipated to be honest. I had thought I would run into all sorts of resistance, but so far everyone in the multi-million dollar facility was bending over backwards to help Mr. Stark`s son work on a secret birthday present for his father. Yeah, the lie was kind of sticking in my throat, and growing bigger each time I coughed it up, but no uprising is without cost.

I had been escorted to the R&D section of the sprawling plant, given access to the computers, handed a visitor`s pass and a can of root beer by the head of robotic development, and left alone. Wow. It had all been so easy. Pity cracking the code on this chip my father had imprisoned my creations in wasn`t. After ninety minutes of mind-melting work, I had nothing to show for my work, aside from a fried brain, root beer breath, and a blister on my index finger from an angered attempt to melt the encoded metallic casing (the metal the same that our armor is crafted from I suspected) with a handheld arc welder. I know, complete overkill, but I was mad. Mad at myself for not being able to get into something that I should be able to get into, and mad at my father, all over again, for being smarter than I am.

I pushed backwards with my feet and rolled about five feet from the working space I had been at. Hands clasped behind my head, I glowered at the cluttered worktable, willing something to pop into my head. When nothing did I flung myself from the rolling office chair to my sneaks, pounded over to get my SNAP`s, shoved them back into my front pocket, and exited the lab. People hustled past in the corridor, most in white lab coats, but a few in suits. All nodded at me with polite deference. I felt like one of the British royal`s the way my father`s employees stepped aside to let me pass. I thought about ripping my visitor`s pass off, the one that said to the world that I was Alex S. Stark, and throwing it into the thick foliage of a potted plant in the corner. Maybe if they didn`t see who I was they would stop being so sycophantic. On the other hand, I might be reading too much into things. I left the badge where it was, clamped to my Cinnamon Crux dub band shirt.

I paused outside a door with a darkened window after hearing a small group of workers laughing around the corner. Not wishing to be nodded at with simpering smiles again, I scanned my access card and stepped inside the inky lab, suddenly anxious to get away from the scientists that prowled the halls hoping to make a mark with the big dog`s scrawny pup.

"Whoa," I whispered when I turned from the door after listening for the chuckling mob to move past. I forgot all about my SNAP`s, fawning scientists, my aggravation about being outfoxed by my old man, and perhaps my own name. "What the hell is this?" I asked aloud as I padded over carefully to a machine that hummed with incredible power. It sat upon a crystalline tabletop, encased in a dome of glass. The machine itself was perhaps no bigger than a toaster. I bent over to get a closer look. Now that I had my nose pressed to the warm glass, the machine looked more like a spider tied into a pretzel then a toaster. Numerous glass legs, for lack of a better word, shot out from the main body of the machine, which pulsed with purple light. The light would race through the glass limbs then reenter the toaster-spider`s body, setting off a large glow that filled the room then died off. Then the whole energy cycle would begin again.

"What are you supposed to do?" I asked the toaster-spider. I placed my hand to the rounded protective dome. Then I tinged it with my fingernail. Not glass as I had suspected but a high-density plastic. My hands splayed over the dome and I lifted it, just an inch. I heard a soft humming sound that seemed to grow a bit louder when the purple energy was coursing through the glass legs. The chip in my front pocket began to grow warm. Then hot. Hot enough that I tossed the plastic dome aside to find the chip before it burned through the lining of my pocket. There were some sensitive things riding close to my front pocket. Things no dude wants a smoldering hot computer chip resting on. I found the chip, pulled it free, and then tossed it to the table that the toaster-spider rested on, my fingertips tender where I had held onto the SNAP`s prison. The machine began to hum louder. My chip began to glow a brilliant plum color. "Oh no you don`t!"

I lunged at the table, and the softly vibrating chip. There was no way I was letting my SNAP`s get - well whatever they would get - if this crazy machine kept ramping up the amps. As soon as I placed skin to that chip, a jolt raced through me. I think I shouted, or that could have just been the sound of the machine winding up. Whatever that yelping sound was, it stayed in my ears as I watched a large purple ball of energy appear in front of me. I turned, hot chip now resting in my palm, and tried to make it to the door. No go. Within a nanosecond, the gaping maw of energy swallowed me up and then spit me out somewhere that was not Stark Resilient in Silicon Valley. I rolled into a row of trashcans, bumping my head on the sidewalk as I tumbled. The chip fell from my hand as I battled to draw in a breath.

I rolled my head to the left; after I patted myself down to make sure everything that I had left my dad's plant with was still attached. Traffic moved by, as did people, although the cars and pedestrians looked decidedly different then they did on the Caltech campus. I slowly sat up to gawk at the cars more closely. They were old. I mean, like old as in the kind my dad collects. One was a 1943 Packard; just like the one my father has in his garage in our West Coast home. The Packard wasn`t the only antique, they all were antiques but not shabby or rusty. They were brand new: shiny reds, blues, and greens reflecting the sun back at the Empire State Building. Okay, now I knew where I was. But why was everyone dressed like something out of Captain America`s fondest memories?

"What the hell?" I asked myself as I got to my feet and retrieved my cooling chip from the sidewalk. One of the trashcans had spilled its guts when I crashed into it. I bent down, brushed a banana peel covered in coffee grinds aside, and unrolled the newspaper that I discovered had lined a bird cage not that long ago. "Why not," I mumbled and carefully opened the rolled-up paper. The date on the upper corner hit me like a brick between the eyes. The newspaper sailed down to the sidewalk as a car horn blared. My sight bounced from the buildings to the cars to the people passing by giving me bizarre looks.

I had somehow managed to pull a Marty McFly sans DeLorean, flux capacitor, and whacky scientist. Well, I guess the lab nuts who had invented the toaster-spider counted as whacky scientists. Why would my father sanction such a dangerous machine? A more pressing question, I thought, was how was I supposed to get back to Silicon Valley of my day from New York City in 1946?

To be continued . . . .

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Feral, that was brilliant! :hi5:
Marty McFly - there was a time when he was cheering up the sad years we had here.

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Thank you, ewkada!

That was one classic movie for sure. =)

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I Own Nothing Which Is Not Mine

Spangle #28:

When my eyes opened, I found myself in a giant blossomed head of lettuce. Well, that's what it looked like from the sturdy limbs of a giant – and I mean GIANT – oak tree once I'd managed to get high enough to scope my surroundings. Even from this high up, I could hear singing from the little tiny insects marching about on the grassy pathways far below.

This had to be the weirdest situation I'd ever been in.

The singing was soon drowned out by a heavy flapping sound as if maidens were slowly fanning their matrons with large sheets of poster board. The sound grew closer and turning to face it revealed a sickly looking turkey vulture type creature with Ben's head (glasses included!) which came to a stop and hovered in the air so we'd look eye to eye.

"There's -tic-nothing-tic-for you-tic-here in-the -tic-skies-tic. Why doan-tic-chew take-tic- a look-tic about-tic-down be-tic-low-tic? Hop-tic-on-tic."

I was petrified. This was the worst condition I'd ever seen Ben in, twitching wise – if that was even Ben I was looking at! – and he must've figured out I was apprehensive, hell, down right scared – to go anywhere with him.

"It's-tic-a lot-tic-better-tic-than-tic-facing-tic-the-Konk-tic-Monst-tic-er," Ben stammered and looked past my forehead. I slowly turned around to see Konk's familiar inverted red triangular torso but it was topped with the hairy head of an ape. And it roared at me!

I lost my grip on the branches and fell screaming from the sky high oak tree, screaming even louder once the mottled Ben abomination plucked me in his talons and carried me away.

"If you-tic-don't stop-tic-fight-tic-ing-you're own-tic-ly go-tic-ing to-tic-fall to-tic-your deh-tic-eth," the Benvulture warned.

"Let me go!" I squirmed in his grasp, landing feeble punches against his talons.

"At least-tic-let me-tic-set you-tic-safely-tic-down-tic-on the -tic-ground-tic," he, it, whatever drew in a big gasp nearly sapping all of his energy and briefly making me think we were gonna crash before finishing with, "first-tic."

Okay. I wouldn't argue with that.

In moments my white sneakers were again touching the soft green grass of this earth. If this even was Earth. But the Benvulture wasn't ready to leave me alone.

"What-tic-is it-tic-that you-tic have-tic-against-tic-me?"
"Nothing," I fibbed, telling myself a white lie would save his feelings. Yeah, I was wrong.

"I-tic-don't be-tic-leave you-tic-and-tic-I'm-tic-not leave-tic-ing your-tic-side-tic-until-tic-you-tic-tell me-tic-the truth-tic."

"I'm sorry. You scared me. You're – look at you. You're a sickly looking bird with the head and impairment of a very dear friend of mine and it's breaking my heart to see it affecting you so badly," I explained and could feel my eyes watering and lips quivering.

"You-tic-like me!-tic."

"You scare me," I reiterated, hoping my expression was sympathetic enough. I must have looked like a tormented Rachel from "Friends", "but thank you for saving my life."

"You're-tic-not from-tic-around-tic-here."

I shook my head. I moved my eyeballs side to side to scope our surroundings but always ended up staring at the Benvulture.

"Where-tic-then-tic-are you-tic-from?-tic"

"Pennsylvania," I answered, transfixed.

"Pen-tic-syl-tic-vay-tic-whew-tic-I need-tic-some-tic-oxy-tic-gen-tic-for that-tic-one!-tic"

I stared the entire time as he drew in a series of long gasping breaths, each climaxing in a fashion that could have resembled, or even have been, his final one until it seemed he'd replenished his stamina.

"Is it-tic-far?"

"How can I possibly answer that if I don't even know where here is?"

Benvulture looked at me funny.



"How so? Everything around here defies logic? You're going to criticize me?"

"You-tic-hurt-tic-my-tic-feel-tic-ings and -tic-you-tic-get ma-tic-d when-tic-I-tic-speak-tic-truth," the Ben bird argued back and turned away with his head down and wings slumped.

"Ben, I'm sorry."

He stopped in his bipedal taloned tracks, "How-tic-do you-tic-know my-tic-name?"

He was so much like Ben...

"That friend you remind me of, he's so much like you. His name's Ben and it was just a natural reaction," I explained. Benvulture had turned to face me again with interest. So I kept going, "And that Konk Monster?"

Benvulture nodded.

"I have one of those too. But he's got a human head like you and I. He's a human, like me. Body like he has now, but with heads like ours."


"Don't waste your breath," I interrupted to save him.


"Well, he..."

Benvulture's head perked up and tilted as if he were listening for something. Then I heard it coming closer. Singing.

"We-tic-need-tic- to get-tic-off the-tic-ground-tic," Benbird warned.

"Is that what I saw from the skyscraper oak earlier? Little singing insects?" I asked. My ignorance was about to get schooled.

"Those-tic-aren't-tic-little-tic-insects-tic. They-tic-are lar-tic-juh-bottom-tic-cleaners-tic. Nothing-tic-on the-tic-ground-tic-but-tic-them-tic."

"Not even us? You live here!"

Benvulture flapped his stringy looking wings, "These-tic."

I started tapping the heels of my Reeboks together and chanting, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

"Oh-tic-don't do-tic-that-tic. You'll-tic-anger-tic-the-tic-dirt-tic."

"What is this place?" I muttered, looking down just in time to see what resembled spindly tree roots trying to tie my shoelaces together. After shooing them away I reluctantly climbed on Benvulture's back as the Bottom Cleaners' work song grew louder and the first of the line came into view.

"Halt! What goes there?" Their point man called out. Those I could see resembled people – humans like me – but their burnished black metal armor suits might have been hiding something beyond my imagination. It was entirely possible after what I'd unbelievably seen in this place so far.

"Ben? Giddy-up!"

We struggled getting airborne, what with Benvulture's incessant twitching and the added disadvantage of my being on his back, but eventually and with enough backwards glancing to make sure the Bottom Cleaners stayed on the bottom, Benvulture and I were gliding along above the tree tops. He was gasping pretty hard though and his twitching was getting ever worse.

"Sor-tic-tic-ree-tic-eee eee-tic-for the-tic-tic-turb-tic-youlence-tic-tic."

"It's alright," I consoled, patting the side of his neck, "I understand."

"You're-tic-a-tic-good-tic-freh-tic-end uh..."

"Ree. My name is Ree."

Benvulture's flying seemed to smooth out the calmer he became and I felt myself beginning to relax too.

"I'd-tic-like to-tic-help-tic-you get-tic-home-if-tic-that's-tic-oh kay?"

"That would be wonderful, Ben. How sweet of you."

"We-tic-just-tic-need to-tic-get to-tic-that-tic-cass-tic-ull-over-tic-there-tic"

I looked ahead and saw the castle. It was near the horizon and a good couple hour flight away.

"Is there someone in the castle who can help us?" I asked for conversation, and because it would be good to know.

"The-tic-Good King-tic-Burfeld," Benvulture answered. He felt me tense and asked, "What's-tic-wrong?"

"I once knew..." I began to explain when all of a sudden Benvulture let out this ungodly avian scream and our forward momentum abruptly ceased.

We crashed through leaves and limbs in the hand of the Konk Monster as he drew us, I surmised, to his treehouse lair.

Benvulture pecked at the meaty hook of who, in my world, was his best friend, though admittedly here was obviously anything but.

"I'll-tic-keep-tic-the-tic-mon-tic-stir-tic-a way-tic," Ben yelled back to me, "Get-tic-to the-tic-King!"

"Not without you!" I yelled to him, "They know you here. I need your help."

Whips of tree branches slashed at my cheeks as we were dragged at Konk Monster's mercy through the high-rise foliage. I clambered onto the big lunk's shoulders and began pummeling his shaggy head. I screeched when he attempted to bite my thigh.

Konk Monster perched himself in the elbow of some mighty oaken limbs and shook Benvulture from his wrist, sending my only friend in this land plummeting down to a certain end.

"No! You big meanie. He was all the help I had in getting home!" I let loose my anger and frustration of being in this bizarre place and laid a barrage of punches against the hairy head of Konk Monster. His reply was to growl as he plucked me from his shoulders. Then, with a roar announcing his victory in this battle, he tossed me through the air like a discarded apple core.

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The competition is off to a flying start. Excellent entries Feral and MO [happy]

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Funny story Mister_Oz :thbsup:

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After rescuing Mara Jane from the Imperial garrison on Muan Hutta and managing to make it through a blockade of Star Destroyers and a swarm of TIE fighters, the Black Falcon piloted by Wohl Varin and Hank Macckoy has escaped into hyperspace with an item they stole from the garrison, but not before suffering major damage. In the meantime, the highest ranking officer in the Galactic Empire's military finds himself with a heavy and possibly deadly task - reporting the failure to Darth Doom...

Marvel Star Wars: Chapter Twenty-Three

The Imperial Garrison on Muan Hutta, a few minutes later…

Grand Admiral Trask knelt upon a dark, metallic set of raised rings in his personal comm room within the garrison with his main security officer kneeling similarly beside him. Both of their heads were bowed so their faces could see the faint blue glow of the holographic emitters underneath them that were transmitting their three dimensional images half-way across the galaxy to the forest world of Latveria.

“I accept full responsibility for this failure, my lord,” Grand Admiral Trask said carefully swallowing in an effort to test his continued ability to breathe. “We are still trying to identify the lapses that resulted in this theft of the item. It all seems to be tied to a young woman identified as Mara Jane who was recently arrested. She apparently had ties to the individual locals have nicknamed ‘Spider-Man’. Their accomplice, a Lieutenant by the name of Osul Betrande, had apparently provided the perpetrators of this crime with the means of escaping by impounding their freighter in this garrison. A Genoshan by the name of Wohl Varin is the apparent owner of the freighter identified as the Black Falcon. He and his co-pilot, another Genoshan by the name of Hank Macckoy infiltrated our facility and…”

“This is the second failure in your security in recent days, Grand Admiral,” was the response from the three meter tall holograph of the dark, hooded form of Darth Doom’s head that loomed over the two. “You were entrusted with the item’s security. You had guaranteed that the MGV-25 would ensure its safe arrival at the garrison on Muan Hutta, but you failed to keep it from harm within the very same fortress you are housed in.”

“The damage could have been at the cost of my life, if you would deem me worthy of any value, my lord,” Trask replied, finding himself trembling in fear.

“Why isn’t this Lt. Betrande with you?” Darth Doom asked, his voice booming angrily.

“He died in the firefight with the Genoshans, my lord,” the Grand Admiral quickly replied. “A fitting end to the one that wished to betray you and your Empire to die by the hands of the Genoshan scum that he decided to ally himself with. We are searching his personal logs, his quarters and his effects along with those in his command.”

“And the Black Falcon?”

“My lord…it…escaped,” the Grand Admiral said in an increasingly trembling voice. “I don’t know if it was blind luck or a well thought out plan, but Varin managed to slip through our armada. We are reviewing sensor data and the flight recorders of the fighters that were sent to intercept it. The vector it took seemed to be completely random. There are four conflicting reports from the captains of the star destroyers that…”

“Is the officer next to you in charge of your security?”

“Yes, my lord. I…”

Suddenly, the man began choking. Grand Admiral Trask turned his head and watched the man grab a hold of his collar as if it was tightening around his throat. Trask knew better. He had seen more than a few officers that had failed their Emperor Darth Doom die of asphyxia with no apparent physical reason.

“You have failed me in choosing a poor group of subordinates, Trask,” Darth Doom’s voice said calmly. “Choose more wisely.”

As the hologram of Darth Doom faded, the security officer collapsed onto the holopad, his lifeless eyes pleadingly looking to the Grand Admiral as if he could have spared the man from death.

“I…I will, my lord,” Trask answered his Emperor quietly, even though the transmission had ended. Carefully, he stood to his feet looking at the dead man whose forefinger was still under his collar, picturing himself in the same pitiful pose.

Adjusting his uniform and taking a deep breath, he turned on a heel and walked to the room’s door which opened as he approached it. Once outside and back into his command room, he silently motioned to the room’s two guards that stood outside the door and they entered the room to retrieve the dead general’s body.

“What has anyone blasted found about that blasted ship?!” the Grand Admiral roared to the dozen officers that were working feverishly on consoles around room.

“Sir, we have yet to discover a destination,” the sensor/comm officer replied, snapping to attention. “We are starting to conclude that the Black Falcon made an intermediate jump to an unoccupied location and then made a corrective jump to its intended destination. We are continuing to…”

“Blast it!” the Grand Admiral howled, his lack of composure completely unprecedented to any of those in service to him. “I want answers! I want real possible destinations! I want twenty star destroyers dispatched to search for that blasted ship in a coordinated pattern! Where is that wretched bounty hunter?!”

“Behind you,” a raspy voice answered.

The Grand Admiral spun, half startled to face the brown, scaly face of a Trandoshan dressed in a flight suit with halves of a long golden mane sewn onto each of its shoulders. If the Grand Admiral hadn’t just faced Emperor Doom and his possible death, the reptilian bounty hunter would have frightened him.

The reptilian Trandoshan smiled, curious about the human’s apparent lack of fear of him.

“Kraven, at your service, Grand Admiral,” the bounty hunter said with a slight bow.

The Grand Admiral took a step forward so he stood less than half a meter from Kraven, placing a finger in between the Trandoshan’s eyes.

“First, creature, I want you to know that I despise bounty hunters,” Trask growled. “I have hired you out of dire need, however. You are to find the ship known as the Black Falcon, its occupants and a canister. You are to bring the canister back to me, undamaged, unopened. The ship and its occupants are not as important to me as the canister. If you bring that to me, you will be rewarded with seventy million credits.”

Eyes around the room suddenly turned to look at Grand Admiral Trask and the bounty hunter he uncharacteristically had hired and the large sum he had offered the Trandoshan.

“If you bring me back the ship’s occupants alive I will increase the reward to an additional twenty million per individual. If you don’t bring them back to me alive, I want evidence of their painful deaths.”

Kraven looked at the Grand Admiral for a moment. He had dealt with dishonest clients before. He usually could smell deceit, especially in a human. The one standing in front of him obviously wasn’t bluffing about the bounty he was offering.

“A hundred and fifty million credits?” Kraven said, savoring the sound of the amount. “The local Hutt has a bounty on Varin and his blue furred friend already. His personal bounty hunter assuredly is searching for him as speak.”

“Yes,” the Grand Admiral said with a quick nod. “The Green Goblin. He won’t be a problem for you, will he?”

Kraven smiled, baring several razor sharp teeth.

“Of course not.”


Meanwhile, in the main cabin of the Black Falcon which was travelling through hyperspace…

Mara Jane quietly sat on a curved gray couch custom made for the lounging area of Wohl Varin’s ship as tears escaped from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Next to her, a meter away, Peter Parker sat hunched over, his face buried in his hands. He had just told her about his involvement in the death of Mara’s good friend, Gowan Ackbar.

“Peter…” Mara said, picturing her friend in her mind. “Gowan’s death…wasn’t your fault.”

Peter slowly turned his head, continuing to cradle it in his hands. Mara didn’t look at him and notice the redness in his eyes. Across the cabin, Wohl and Hank muttered quietly to each other as they worked on the damaged systems of the Black Falcon.

“You don’t sound convinced,” Peter said quietly.

“I’m not,” Mara admitted. “Not completely. I know you were important to her, once she found out that spider had bitten you. It was the reason we came to your world. She believed whatever was in that vase was intended for her. You took it away from her. You also took her…”

“Life?” Peter asked, sorrow filling his face. “MJ, you have to believe me. It was…an accident that the spider bit me instead of her. It was an accident that she died when I…”

Mara was quiet for nearly a minute as Peter sat watching her, his chest aching in regret. He realized it was futile to keep explaining - to keep bringing up the horrible details.

Mara continued to look at the floor. “Gowan would have told me, ‘MJ, it was the will of the Force. I accept that, why can’t you?’ “

“It does sound like her,” Peter said, remembering Gowan’s voice speaking to his mind after she had died. He knew that trying to tell Mara that would have only infuriated her.

“How would you know?” Mara said, turning to him angrily. “How would you know what she would sound like? You only knew her for a few days. I’ve known her for years. She was myfriend, Peter! Mine, not yours!”

Mara Jane stood up and stormed off to the ship’s unoccupied cockpit to watch the seemingly chaotic swirl of hyperspace swirling around the ship.

She doesn’t understand, Peter, Gowan’s voice told him. Give her time.

Hank stood up from a panel that he and Wohl had been examining and walked over to Peter.

“How are you doing, Mr. Parker?” Hank asked quietly.

“Terrific,” Peter lied, sadly looking up at the tall, furry man. Hank grinned at him, knowingly, as he held a damaged component in his hand. His fur was nearly back to its normally blue color but still had streaks of brownish gray from a combination of laundry detergent and powdered sugar used to disguise him during their infiltration of the Imperial garrison back on Muan Hutta.

“Cheer up, my friend,” Hank said quietly. “She will recognize that you did your best in time.”

“My best’s not good enough,” Peter said staring at the flickering lights from a display on a nearby wall. “I’ve got to be better.”

“You have some amazing skills, Peter,” Hank said. “They do say practice makes perfect. It just takes time.”

“Time,” Peter echoed. “If I could turn back time, I would have gladly let Gowan get bit by that spider instead of me. If I could turn back time, I would have taken her place lying dead on the desert floor underneath that rock bridge.”

Hank nodded. “Well, for now, I need to let you know that the Black Falcon has a power drain. It’s getting worse and we might be looking at a total loss once we exit hyperspace. We need you to help out whatever way you can as soon as we make the reversion back to real space. Once we get this ship set back on solid ground, we should be able to make full repairs…hopefully.”

“How much longer do we have before we get to Dagobah?” Peter asked, sitting up.

Hank rubbed the back of his head. “Not too much longer now.”

“Come on, you two,” Wohl said as he started toward the front of the ship. “I need you guys in the cockpit with me. We’re almost to our destination.”

Peter stood to his feet and followed the two into the cockpit, where MA1-B9 was quietly talking to Mara who still was still crying while they sat in the chairs behind the pilot and co-pilots’ seats.

“Up, droid,” Wohl said dropping into the pilot’s chair. “Spider-Boy’s got to sit down.”

“His name is Peter and…”

“I can stand,” Peter said, looking up at the blue swirl surrounding the ship, wondering if it was how it looked in the ocean on Gowan’s home world.

“Suit yourself,” Wohl said, checking the cockpit’s instruments. “We’re coming up on Dagobah. We’re dropping out of hyperspace…now.”

Wohl pressed a lever forward and the blue swirl turned into a thousand white streaks which in turn became single stars before being swallowed up by the rapidly swelling circle of a planet.

“Made it,” Peter noted in relief, looking out the cockpit’s window at the cloud covered planet looming in front of them.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Wohl said checking his controls. “Power’s still fluctuating and…”

Suddenly, every single light in the cockpit went out. Wohl angrily looked straight up for a moment and then punched the controls above his seat on the ceiling. Instantaneously, the overhead and instrument lights came back on for a moment only to begin flickering again a few seconds later.

“Ah, nuts,” Wohl said. “Hank, see if you can call up some battery reserves. Everyone, hang on. We’ve gotta get planet side as soon as possible. Where’d you say the coordinates on this rock we were supposed ta go, junior?”

“Well, actually, I’m not sure, I…”

“Ah, doesn’t matter,” Wohl said looking up as the lights flickered off for nearly a second before coming on again and then into a random flicker again. “Hank, I’m flying blind here. This rock’s gotta thick cloud cover. See if you make sure we land on something solid.”

“A heading across 2.345 and 89.332 should be good,” Hank replied checking the ship’s sensors. “That should be good to…”

The sensors suddenly went blank.

“Gonna have ta eyeball it,” Wohl said, steering the ship as it approached the planet’s upper atmosphere. “Everybody hold on. Don’t worry, this ain’t the first time I’ve brought this girl down blind.”

The ship began to shudder as it began to enter the atmosphere.

“Wohl, be careful about our descent angle.”

“Got it, Hank. Update me on the altimeter readings. This ball’s got a high cloud ceiling. You’d almost think it was a gas giant.”

“Gravity’s all wrong for that, fortunately.”

“This is my fault too,” Peter said quietly, gripping the side of MJ’s seat. “If I hadn’t destroyed that fighter, it wouldn’t have damaged this ship.”

MJ turned and looked at him, seeing the guilt in his face. She didn’t think it was his fault. She was angry at him and wanted to be angry, but she knew she shouldn’t be. Looking at his hand on the seat, she thought about holding it but decided not to.

“Cloud bank coming up,” Wohl said. “Turn on the flood lights, Hank.”

Hank hit a switch. Nothing happened. The ship entered a cloud which covered the cockpit’s windows in a white blanket that quickly darkened to gray.

“Hmmm, that should have worked,” Hank noted out loud, fiddling with the controls. “Let me see if I can…”

Suddenly, the lights in the cockpit went out again. Wohl hit the ceiling again, but this time they didn’t come back on.

“I think we’re falling!” MA1-B9 shrieked, gripping her seat with her metal hands as the cockpit grew increasingly darker as the clouds around seemed to take on a dull green hue.

“Good observation!” Wohl said. “Hank, we need to glide in. How’s our reaction control jets.”

“Operative, for the time being,” Hank said. “Working on leveling us. Last altimeter reading was twenty five kilometers.”

“We’re a lot lower than that now,” Wohl grunted. “Keep our starboard wing up.”

Suddenly something slapped against the cockpit’s window. Peter wondered if it had been a bird of some sort since it came out of nowhere in the cloud bank that was so thick it reminded him of May’s herfer bean soup. In a few more seconds another and then another object struck the cockpit’s window. Peter and the others silently realized the objects were branches as the ship continued to strike them.

“Manually, dropping landing gear,” Hank said grabbing a lever and pulling back on it. Everyone immediately felt a slight dull thud reverberate through the cockpit’s floor as the gear dropped and locked in position.

“Ground’s coming up!” Peter suddenly realized as his danger sense alerted him to the fact. Just as Wohl yanked back on his control yoke the branches suddenly stopped striking the windows and the clouds gave way revealing a tree filled landscape.

“Hold on…” Wohl grunted, pulling back with all his might just before the ship jerked and a wash of grey-green water sloshed over the cockpit windows. For a moment everyone looked cautiously around quietly realizing they had stopped their descent.

“We’re down,” Hank said in relief.

“Yeah,” Wohl gumbled looking at the murky water covering the lower half of the cockpit’s windows. “I thought you had detected land for our destination.”

Hank stood up and looked over the water’s surface. “I did. It appears we landed in a lake of some sort. Well...let me rephrase that. It looks as if we landed in a swamp. Fortunately, it cushioned our landing.”

“And the Falcon’s intakes are full of water and who knows what else,” Wohl said shaking his head and turned to Peter. “I hope your friends have a crane to lift us out of this mess.”

Peter kept his mouth shut. His Uncle Ben’s ghost only mentioned a Xyoda. He wondered how far away on the planet the mysterious Jedi could be. Considering his recent lack of luck, he wondered if they had landed on the wrong “Dagobah”.

Wohl fiddled with the controls as Hank walked out of the cockpit into the ship’s midsection where the main entrance ramp was, checking its seals to make sure the landing hadn’t damaged them.

“Yeah, power’s down to zero,” Wohl said done with fiddling with the controls, standing up and brushing past Peter. “We’re gonna have to exit through the top hatch. I hope everyone can swim.”

“Oh, Peter, you know I can’t,” May said staring at him with her glowing yellow eyes, which provided almost all of the cockpit’s illumination besides the dull light that managed to make it in through the thick cloud cover, the branches of the trees above them and the cockpit’s windows that were still above the water level.

“Don’t worry, May,” Peter said unbuckling her safety harness. “I’ll keep you out of the water.”

He then turned and noticed that Mara was struggling with her harness.

“Can I help you?” Peter asked quietly.

“I…I’ve got it,” Mara replied, finally opening her harness’s clasp. “Peter?”


“Why are we on Dagobah?”

Peter took a deep breath. He couldn’t lie to her.

“My…Uncle Ben told me to come here,” Peter admitted.

Mara Jane remembered what Gowan had said about Peter’s uncle and that he had been relatively strong in the Force like her. He had been a member of a rebel group as well years before and she had heard that some from that group had helped organize the existing Rebel Alliance. Mara trusted Ben Parker’s advice as much as she trusted Gowan’s.

She smiled slightly. “Okay.”

The two walked toward the back of the ship and just as they entered the rear cabin, there was a door to the left that Wohl and Hank had entered. The room they had entered was small and the two barely could fit in it, but they both had crowed in to so they could struggle to manually open a hatch on its ceiling.

“Well, kids,” Wohl said finally wrenching the hatch door open letting a heavy, muggy syrup of air to pour into the ship. “Everybody’s going to have to climb out, ‘cause the elevator’s a little low on lifting ability seeing we have no power.”

“I’ll give you a boost up, MJ,” Peter told her with a weak smile, realizing he was trying to be diplomatic.

Mara brushed past Peter as Wohl jumped up and pulled himself onto the Black Falcon’s top surface. As she was about to grab onto something to pull herself up, Hank took hold of her to help her up, but not before looking at Peter as if to ask for permission.

“Go ahead, Hank,” Peter said, feeling as if the girl had done that to snub him. “I’ll give MA1-B9 a boost up.”

A few moments later, the five of them stood on the ship’s upper surface looking around at gnarled trees blanketed in a misty fog. The air was thick with humidity and the sounds of hoots and howls of various kinds amidst the heavy chorus of a few billion insects.

“Well, kid, what now?” Wohl said turning to him, his face ragged with frustration. “I’m looking around for the local customs officer and an information droid to find out where the nearest hotel is, but I’m just not seein’em.”

“Well, I think maybe the best thing we ought to do is get on dry ground,” Peter suggested quietly.

Hank looked over at the ship’s port wing and noticed it was on top of a partially submerged fallen tree that was half on land.

“Everyone, I think this is our best route,” Hank said pointing a blue furry arm in that direction.

Peter stood back and let everyone go ahead of him.


“I don’t know, Hank,” Wohl said hopping down onto the tree carefully, slicing a limb in two with his claws. “The kid says we should get on dry ground. All I can see is water, trees and mud.”

MJ followed Wohl onto the tree and carefully walked to land as Hank, Peter and May made their way onto the ship’s wing.

“Peter, I’d suggest that you tread lightly until we can get to civilization,” Hank quietly told him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Wohl is…just a bit upset right now.”

“Mara is too,” Peter said in disappointment. “I feel like the whole universe is caving in on me.”

“Cheer up, lad,” Hank said with a grin. “It might be a little humid and foggy for my tastes, but these hands and feet were made for swingin’ from tree branches.”

“I’ll need some extra help,” May said as she gingerly walked on the wing. “Those service droids back at that dreadful garrison were kind enough to replace the bearings in my knees but I’m not sure I’ll do too well walking on that log.”

Peter looked at the droid and smiled. “I thought they had only fixed your chest. That’s good to hear, May.”

“Here, I’ll be of assistance,” Hank said, grabbing the droid and throwing her over his shoulder as she gave a “whoop!”

Hank, with the protocol droid over his shoulder, leapt into the air and grabbed onto a low hanging vine and swung over onto land, depositing the droid on her feet next to Wohl and Mara Jane. Peter thought about firing a webline to a nearby tree and swinging over as well, but decided not to, fearing it would look as if he was showing off. A few seconds later, after walking over the fallen tree (an easy task due to his heightened reflexes and the ability to cling to the tree with the soles of his feet) he joined them.

Wohl immediately met him. “So, champ, who are we looking for and how are we supposed to find them in this swamp?”

Peter knew Wohl was furious. He knew he had to be as honest as he could with him or the situation was going to get a lot worse.

“A Jedi,” Peter told him.

“A…Jedi?” Wohl echoed in disbelief. “There’s a Jedi, here, on this planet, which I’m guessing to be one continuous smelly bog?”

“Yes,” Peter replied sheepishly.

“And, how do you know this?” Wohl asked, planting his fists in his hips. “Did, Gowan tell you? No offense, Red.”

“None taken,” Mara replied, turning to Peter. “You said your Uncle Ben told you to come here. He told you there was a Jedi here?”

Peter nodded.

“Peter, you said that Ben Parker didn’t ever tell you he was a Jedi until just before he died,” Mara said folding her arms. “How could he have told you to come here to find a Jedi if he had never told you he was a Jedi to begin with?”

All four of his companions looked at him. Peter felt as if the ground dropped out from beneath him. It seemed like he didn’t have anything else to lose now.

“His…ghost told me.”

Wohl immediately spun around and stormed off heading for the trees, muttering to himself. Hank rubbed his eyes. MA1-B9 kinked her head to one side wondering if her audio receptors were going bad. Mara scowled at him.


Peter shrugged. “That’s the best way I can explain it.”

Mara shook her head and looked at him, realizing she had been a complete fool to have ever trusted him.

“So…Peter, who is this Jedi that the ghost of your uncle told you to find on this planet?”

“Jedi?” a voice asked from the mist. Mara and Peter turned to see who (or what) it had come from.

Slowly, a diminutive green skinned creature, less than a meter tall walked over to them, hobbling on a cane.

“Xyoda. You seek Xyoda,” the long eared creature told them with a grin as he came into view.

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This is something I like to call Twilight: The Spoofing Continues. Which is a sequel to a previous Twilight mockery story I did some ways back. May there be much enjoyment of my entry!

When we last left our kind of favorite couple in Bella's bedroom, things had gone a little crazy. What with Johnny Rico and his team of Roughnecks from an entirely different dimension showing up all of a sudden. Which Edward hoped would somehow free him from Bella for a good long while. He just hoped however she would never join the IRS. Ol' Mr. Sparkles was also wondering why it had taken the writer so freaking long to get started on this. Even though Mr. Sparkles knew he wasn't cool enough to break the 4th Wall like some did, he still had to do it anyway. And while the writer refused to even give an answer at the moment, he was just happy to finally get a move on with this whole thing. Another thing he was trying to do aside from wondering on the nature of things best left alone. Was trying to block out Bella's screeching from her window at Rico for the more then likely damage that was caused with his and his team's arrival. And its not like it was even his fault! Not that the harpy would listen to anything he tried to say for his defense. Rico was definitely not liking the fact that Diz was apparently enjoying the whole thing a bit too much. And if you're wondering why the lovely red headed Diz is somehow alive in this whole thing.

Well, I liked her well enough in the movie and felt it was just wrong she got the wrong end of the stick. Not to mention I thought she was better for Rico then Carmen was. I mean for the love of Hezmana, the man had to practically goad or beg or what have you to get Carmen to say 'I love you!' And Rico doesn't even have to do that with Diz cause she was just so darn nutty about the man! Ain't that the truth!? Comes the response from Diz, knowing that she was breaking the writer's whole story telling mojo moment. Anyways... On with the story and away from potential admonishments I could give the lovely red head. Let's see what Bella has to say shall we? Yes I know you don't want to hear it, err.. I mean read it. But hey its part of the story and all that. And you'd probably just rather read about what the Wolf Boys and the Cullens are doing. But I promise I'll eventually get to that. And while I could pull a Naruto styled promise with that. I won't, cause I don't want to mess myself over by doing that and be locked into something I may never be able to fulfill. Even though I more then likely will. Ahem! Oh.. Sorry! On to you now Bella! Gee, thanks. Came what was obviously a sarcastic response, but with this writer he'll just ignore. Cause he's awesome like that.

“Now.. like I've been yelling about for the past I don't know how many minutes! What the (bleeping bleep) is your problem!? Do you know how much the repairs are going to cost us!?” And we all know why she was a bit concerned with the costs. Since she wanted to hopefully use any extra money on a potential wedding dress one of these days. Which that sent sent a chill down Mr. Sparkles' spine. Not that he could understand why he was feeling that particular bit of dread about him.

“Ma'am.. As I've tried to explain several times already. I'm not sure how it happened myself. So please, for the love of a dead bug calm down already so you can actually listen!” Edward winced, considering he knew that Bella really didn't care for being ordered around. And that's just what Rico had just done. Even though he knew it was a good thing, just not a particular good way to go about it when dealing with Bella.

Bella pretty much began to see red after that and slapped the fire out of Rico. Causing him to stumble back in shock. The scene earned a few snickers from Diz and a few others, though for Diz she wasn't even affected by the man's glare. After all she was the one with the real power in the group. Damn straight! Came from from the very obvious member of the peanut gallery. Who chooses to ignore that, though I expect there to be Hell later on.

“I'll listen when I'm good and ready! Now please leave so I can talk Edward into making beautiful babies!” Not even thinking of any potential ramifications that could cause!

Mr. Sparkles blanched at that idea. Course with his complexion, its not like anyone could really tell unless really looking. And thats just potentially bordering on really creepy. Fortunately for Rico, he was good enough to not look creepy. But before he or anyone else could say anything. A booming laugh could be heard from somewhere near by. This time causing Bella to blanch in fear. Hurrying to a nearby window, and seeing what it was made her nearly faint right then and there. What is it she saw you ask? Why none other then Spongebob Squarepants himself who is as tall as Godzilla himself. “Oh no, my baby plans are ruined!” Along with other plans best left not known...

Meanwhile, somewhere else a bit more secluded

The rest of the Cullens and the Wolves were celebrating. As they were the ones responsible for the gigantic Spongebob creature being around. Which is my cue to get the heck out of dodge! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

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Good thing I had a fresh cup of coffee at my side. Three great entries to read came in since I last checked.

Wonderful work MO, BT, and SciRob!

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Isn't Twilight a spoof in unto itself?

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Great story BT! I like your combination of StarWars with Superheroes more than StarWars alone. [happy] Superheroes suit perfect into the world of StarWars, they bring humans at a higher level, I would say space level, where they can stand to other intelligent species. I miss non-mutant humans on the rebellion’s side however. Do humans support/work/ serve the dark side only?

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Something light and relaxing this time
I own nothing which is not mine


LOKI on Earth


Accompanied by numerous thunderbolts they landed on Tony Stark’s tower, that had been newly rebuilt from damages caused by a huge internal explosion. Oops, pardon, instead of the radiant “A” the tower was displaying the name: “Pepper”, but neither of the two visitors noticed it.

– Thank you – Loki sneered to Thor – Why did you put us into this wasp’s nest? –

Thor caught Mjonir that rushed right into his hand ripping apart the clouds under its way down – You know the principles: you go where you could be recognized, don’t you? – he answered his brother.

– If even one tile has been damaged, you’ll pay me for that by ten times – they heard from behind. Tony hadn’t changed much, well, maybe he had a few new grey hairs here and there and he looked generally slim, and made impression to be sad.

Loki ignored him, he went to the railing and started to scan the space in front of him.

– Be greeted – Thor officially bowed his head – We come in peace –

– We? - Tony asked quickly – Oh, I understand, Loki somewhere in outer space was given a good thrashing, and now he comes here on his knees begging for forgiveness –

– Loki has already amply redeemed his crimes, just more than enough, believe me – Thor reposted quickly.

– But he didn’t apologize to us, while it was us who suffered mostly, not Asgard. Let’s have him build his own tower, and I will place his name on it: A-S-S-H-O-L-E – Tony drawled out spelling the letters of the last word separately.

Loki continued to scan the human world, but was more and more nervous.

– What are you looking for? – Tony asked, he was really curious - If for the scepter, be sure you won’t find it… -

- The Scepter has been left here as a warranty of peace, neither me nor my brother would ever touch it – Thor said quickly intending to stop the clearly brewing quarrel.

– Speak for yourself, Thor – Loki added impatiently – They won’t be able to use it properly, as it is in tune with me, like the Tesseract with the king… anyway they have already made use of its element –

– It’s my patent, mine only, to be precise – Tony cut him off.

– And I will bow to your king, not to you – Loki argued harshly.

– You won’t get back your scepter, be sure. Would you tell me, what are you looking for? – Tony’s voice was calm but his eyes were almost flashing with anger.

– I wouldn’t! –


– I would ask you to join me for a cup of tea… - Tony started rubbing his nose nervously.

- And we would refuse your invitation! – Loki still didn’t like Tony, he watched him carefully for a while, then suddenly burst out laughing.

Thor looked at Loki curiously.

Loki in the meantime came nearer to Tony saying: - You can copy everything related to you, your own appearance especially, but be sure, that during the relocation your heart stops for milliseconds, this is a remnant of that ring you had around your heart, unfortunately – Tony looked up terrified at Loki – Let this warning be my compensation for the… ruined tower – Loki finished aiming with his hand to hit Tony right into his head.

Thor screamed, but Loki’s hand went through Tony’s head, as if Tony was made of air. Loki and Tony started to laugh.

– Children – Thor grumbled with disapprobation.


Loki made his apologies and the scepter remained with the humans, but at every price people tried to find out, what Loki has been looking for. And Loki was burning again; it seemed to him that Eshla was just at hand, that as soon as he can catch her trace, he can like a dog sniff her out, but he failed: after the relocation her trace blurred. Loki knew she was near, and was helpless. Further weeks passed on, Loki every night jumped on the hotel’s roof and with hope scanned the space sowing his love around. With time, looking at the world of the humans his own past: Asgard, Chitaurian Dark Corner and other parts of the Universe seemed to him to be dreams only. At daylight he stayed at the hotel, very rarely he dropped in to the Stark Tower. Silent, serious, even sad – Tony finally learned to respect Loki; even Bruce was able to relax in his presence and slumber in a deep armchair. Only Pepper was kept away from Loki by Tony, but it turned out that he shouldn’t have done that.


Pepper was weak: the cancer, that once nearly finished her off now deprived her of her self-confidence, she felt like a swan with feathers clipped short on its wings; that was why she ceased to go out preferring to spend most of her time in the huge orangery situated on the seventh floor. There the hours of her lifetime leaked with light through the windows, went down with drops of water sprinkled over the plants, day and night intermingled blurring the outlines… Pepper wasn’t especially happy here, but the silent presence of the plants relieved her of her pain and fears.

Loki had but keen eyes; once or twice he noticed her there, so, when he saw an opened entrance into the seventh floor, he took the opportunity to jump in. Pepper immediately activated alarm which alerted Tony, this she managed to do, before Loki caught her by her arm and held tightly her chin looking at her full in the face. It wasn’t gentle at all – Why?! – he asked after a while – Why didn’t Tony tell me?! Am I not GOD, here on Earth?! –

Pepper was not even able to move her lips properly – Hhhuulp… - she stammered out.

– I can help you, but you must allow me to touch you, to enter your mind! –

– Blee! – Pepper snorted when Loki released his hold on her chin – Finally… - she started to complain but broke off, when she saw Loki seriously gazing at her.

– Can I ? – Loki asked in a hoarse voice raising his hands in her direction.

At this moment Tony rushed in with the scepter – Loki stand back, you have violated one of our fundamental rights… - now Tony broke off, because Loki and Pepper looked at each other unaware of his presence.

– Will you allow me? – Loki asked again coming nearer so that Pepper felt his breath on her forehead, she closed her eyes, but Loki demanded she open them and covered her breasts with his hands.

Tony stopped to breathe, for a while nothing more happened, but then suddenly Loki turned away and quickly went to the nearest plant-pot and vomited. Tony looked at Pepper with questioningly uncertainty. Loki continued to vomit – Water! – he demanded bowing again over the plant-pot.


- Well, I don’t know, which of you makes the more serious case – Tony said it handing over a glass of water to Loki.

Loki sat down heavily on the floor – It’s me, of course – he laughed – I have eaten the chaos from the body of your woman –

– My wife – Tony corrected him.

– Your wife – Loki repeated after Tony – If you want to see it in a diluted form, just have a look under the tree –

– Wife? – Pepper asked soundlessly, as if she didn’t pay attention to Loki anymore.

– Tomorrow? – Tony suggested, but Pepper raised her eyebrows – Today, right hereafter – Tony corrected himself.

Loki heaved a sigh, stood up and slowly headed towards the terrace.

– And you? Where to? – both asked him. Tony went to Loki then – You invited yourself, where you were for sure unwanted, and made me angry, so that I almost decided to kill you again, and now you want to run away, so that I couldn’t manage to say thank you to you… Pepper’s yours – Tony said it in a firm voice.

Loki frowned – Tony, you aren’t aware of what you’re offering to me! –

– The tower! – Tony accentuated his intention going to the exit – And now excuse us, but we’ll have a private ceremony very soon, have fun here – and they both were gone.


Loki went to the terrace, scanned the area in front of him, sighed, and then went back inside and laid himself on the bench, where previously Pepper had sat; there he fell asleep.


- What have you done to him, brother, so that he has given up this tower? – Thor said it to Loki some months later on.

– You were off away for a long time – Loki dodged Thor’s question.

– Well, time treats us kindly, this break doesn’t matter much – Thor didn’t intend to report to Loki, if the brother was not eager to speak openly.

– To me it matters a lot now – Loki answered looking sadly at New York’s panorama.

Thor was silent for a while, then he proposed: – Maybe we will go again… somewhere, where… -

- You know that I can’t… I am like a dog held in leash, but I have no idea who is holding me. Eshla… -

- Eshla is dead – Thor cut him off – Her body turned to ash and her flame joined the light of the Eternal Lamp, Loki, wake up from this poisoning dream! –

– I can’t; you don’t understand: I know it isn’t Eshla, but I feel her energy, her being here… on Earth, maybe she isn’t human at all, maybe it’s an animal, or something bound to a special place… and I want to find her, to breathe the air surrounding her, to touch her if this was possible, to take with –

– Yea, better extract her and put her into your pocket – Thor snorted, he had different meaning about all this – And then we’ll go back together, yes? –

– I think so – Loki answered him slowly – But referring to dreams: I dreamt recently of a rose in full bloom, I smell it although it shouldn’t be possible –

– Because it’s still flower season here! Loki, come on… -

But Loki shook his head with disapprobation and then went outside. He sat down on the green roof and leaned with his back against the railing. Thor stopped next to him.

– I don’t deserve to find her, Thor, I have… too much blood on my hands –

– Ah… you’ve already wiped it out! –

But Loki denied him – Not here… not on Earth –

– Loki, you’re clean, don’t forget, that I am the king of our Holy Stones, my sentences cannot be altered by anyone else but me –

– And don’t you have the feeling, that here sets its rule something else, elusive, and you’re like… a guardian only, guardian of Earth? It’s a kind of a will, that exactly knows its purpose and knows why it attracted me here and then blurred the signal until… - Loki stopped.

– Until what? – Thor asked being already seriously worried.

– I don’t know – Loki shrugged his shoulder - Maybe until I show myself worthy, my pseudo-brother –

Thor raised both eyebrows: for the first time since his rebellion Loki called him brother.

- And it must be something else than the Dark Titans… You were shown them by the Tesseract, weren’t you? –

- How do you know about them? – Thor asked enormously surprised.

Loki smiled - I was reminded about them, here on Earth. Humans use this name for quite similar beings, they do not only know that the Titans are outer forms of the common mothers. They use them for fighting each other until only one remains, who takes over all the Titans and will be allowed to multiply. And that once it happened that the winner-mother, not eager to use her so hard-won Titans for multiplying, had chosen to collapse, which in fact laid the foundations of our universe – Loki looked satisfied at Thor - The Holy Stones activated at the same moment can reveal much more than the Tesseract alone –

Thor obviously didn’t know all of it, that was why he refrained from commenting on it now.

– Look at the humans – Loki continued – So weak and unstable, but what great deeds they are capable of! –

– Loki… humans develop relatively slowly, they have recently only reached outer space – Thor cut him off again, he was still not in the best mood because of their conversation.

– Oh no, there are exceptions at least – Loki rose from the grass that grew on the part of the roof – We do not see that, I think, because this development has been thinly disguised, they seem to be less, but in the end they always surprise us. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be taught by them… - Loki actually meant, they would be led by them, but he didn’t want to provoke Thor anymore.


Thor promised to stay with Loki until autumn. Every day they searched intensively for Eshla’s shadow, as Loki described it to Thor. Several times they caught the smell of a rose, but it led them to nowhere. Tony also dropped in on them, once even with his wife, but Pepper was still embarrassed in Loki’s presence, as if he got to know not only her body, but also her thoughts and feelings.


It was getting on for autumn, a beautiful, early afternoon. Thor stood by the railing, looked down to the ants hurrying up here and back again and to the colorful beetles moving to the rhythm of the street lights or standing impatiently in traffic jams. He actually was saying farewell with this world for the oncoming wintertime, when Loki, who sipped the second bottle of white wine, that was sent with greetings by Stark Industries Ltd., suddenly jumped on his feet – I’ve got her – he lowered his head like a cat preparing itself to catch a mouse; his face turned blue in a twinkling of an eye – She’s suffering, but alive – he closed his eyes and breathed in the air – This is a woman, not man nor plant… and she smells of roses, do you understand? –

– I understand we should hurry up – Thor said it already turning his hammer.


This time they didn’t lose Eshla’s trace. From afar they heard numerous sirens of the fire engines and ambulances, finally, beneath them they saw fire fighters and also policemen rushing in and out of a bigger building, down to which Loki gazed scrutinizing it. Several news crews were there too. Thor also saw Tony Stark, well actually his flying suit.

- Great! They will also support us – Tony called to one of the fire fighters and flew nearer to the brothers – Southern wall, the oldest in this hospital, has been blown up, at least partly, the ceilings on the second and third level caved in, the third level was with the newborn, the second one was predestined for serious… - Tony didn’t find strength to go on – Lower levels have been also damaged to some extent, the wall there is covered with cracks and also the… cellar should be checked out – Tony told all this with great haste, as if he wanted to get rid of what he had just experienced.

Thor had a worried look, Loki all the time scanned intensively the building, he seemed not to notice Tony at all.

– Let’s start with lifting off this roof – Tony proposed – Thor? – he asked being not sure whether his words met with any response.

– No! – Loki yelled to Tony – You’ll ruin all this! –

– Loki, it had been already ruined, we have to get out children and mothers – Tony first now noticed, that Loki was shaking – Oh no, if you want to panic now, you’d better sit down and try not to interfere –

Loki took a deep breath – I’ll give my aid to you, Thor help me upwards, so that I don’t need to jump; I will hold this roof from underneath –

– No – Thor rejected – We are to heavy, let’s enter the same way the others did –


– She’s there, inside, still alive – Loki said this more to himself than to Thor running in front of him.


Together with Tony they lifted, moved and carried out heavy parts. The news crews came closer to them and filmed everything until Loki bowed over the microphone of the nearest reporter and bit into it. The reporter sighed, bowed to Loki and said – You’re right, let’s help them too – it looked funny but the reporter was serious about it, for which he received the state reward later on.


Loki sat down for a moment, he felt a heavy burden put on his shoulders, too heavy; he felt her so close, so that even with closed eyes he could get to her within minutes, but the pain he saw here, and the fear, that she may lay there, nailed or suppressed, lamed his mind – I need to gather my thoughts – he declared to the approaching brother.

Thor looked at Loki – We’ll find her, I know your fears, but look at the others, what they have to go through! Come on, get up, together we can do much more -


Rosie entered a dark passage, the room for medical interns was empty, upstairs many calls were heard: using the side-stairs some patients had been evacuated. Rosie went to the main passage, then turned right, and again right and some steps downstairs; there was no one to be seen there. Dim emergency lights led her to the door, Rosie entered an old code, that was active a year ago, the door opened. She heard no one, no sound inside, the children, the ones born prematurely, slept; something cracked above, the building was shaken slightly. Rosie tensed, then quickly went to the room at the back of the passage, after a while she hurried out of the room with the cart, well known to you already, and one by one placed the younglings on it, wrapping them up in soft blankets first, the sixth baby was not able to breathe on its own – I will come back… - she thought quickly pushing the cart towards the main passage and after some minutes she was outside – I still need that, there is another… - she didn’t finish this sentence because of the rumble inside the hospital – something broke down and within seconds the second level disappeared. All screamed terrified; Rosie rushed towards the main entrance.

Tony who was close by decided to follow her.

This time the side-passage in the cellar was totally darkened – The little one will stifle in this dust – she thought running to the door.

– Hey you! – Tony called after her.

Rosie put in the entering code again, but without power it couldn’t work, she kicked against the door angrily.

– Please! – Tony tried to walk without much noise, although it was quite difficult in his suit - Move away, this is nothing for me –

Blowing up of the control panel didn’t help, so Tony had to cut out a hole.

– To small! – Rosie called – It won’t go through – she finished being already on the other side of the door – You’ll have to enlarge it! –

– What won’t… go… through? – Tony asked, but didn’t hear the answer, so he switched on the laser.


– Oxygen – Rosie thought – Maybe it’ll help… let the child breathe, please… - with shaking hands she searched the room throughout for resuscitation kit, then she run to take the child with.


Tony in the meantime made the hole larger and waited. – E… - he thought being already wearied – I also won’t go through - And started to cut the door much wider.

– Low energy level, Mr. Stark – he heard the communicate; it was Jarvis, of course.

– Then don’t waste it for disputing and cut the door! I have my cover, but she’s got only her head secured with a helmet – he didn’t finish, because Rosie was already close by pulling something with her and carrying the child.

– Take the baby carefully as if it were made of porcelain, I will pull through the kit then – she said it breathing heavily due to the dusty air, then followed Tony.


It was over. Rosie helped to aid the patients, afterwards she sat down on the side walk just behind one of the fire engines leaning with her back against the wheel; relieved she closed her eyes.


- She has disappeared – Loki whispered, he stood by the side-entrance to the hospital.

Thor laid his hand on Loki’s shoulder – Come on brother –

– I can’t – Loki stepped aside – You don’t understand. She was here, I can smell her, probably not long ago, but she’s no more in this building! – Loki looked desperately at the hospital, then started to circle dangerously around Thor.

– She was here? – Thor asked.

– Yes –

– She was right here, where we are? – Thor asked again.

- Yes, here, and here she stood and wept! – Loki roared at Thor in anger.

– Well, maybe she wasn’t inside at all – Thor suggested.

– She was! –


Thor left Loki with his doubts and went to the main entrance – Is anybody still left inside? – he asked the nearest policeman.

The man rubbed his forehead – No, not the living; it’s really over, I hope – he answered going towards the gate.

Thor went with him – Did you check also the side passages? – Thor had to be sure.

– There’s no one left for sure – Rosie answered him in a tired voice slowly getting up, Thor helped her – Even all the prematurely born were carried out of the cellar - Rosie lifted the glass visor and Thor saw her bright, but sad eyes.

– Wow, what a strong personality! – such thoughts flashed in his mind – You were there, weren’t you? – he asked searching carefully her face.

– Yea… I entered through the side door, but we used the main entrance to… Can you see them? – Rosie asked him being slightly embarrassed.

– What should I see? –

– You’re not from… here, and our people do not see them. This is something like… a kind of light, curving round me and bringing to me flat flashing parts, little parts of… a shining dust? – she wondered.

– Are they colored? – Thor asked smiling to Loki, who was approaching through the parking place. Loki stopped suddenly.

– Yes – Rosie confirmed looking around herself.

– Metallic and red and… very pleasant? – Thor continued.

Rosie looked directly into his eyes, she smiled. Thor made suddenly serious face.
– Take off your helmet please – he asked her.

– What for? – she asked being more curious than afraid.

Loki was not far away, he barely controlled himself.

- You will have it easier to understand what’s going on – Thor explained to Rosie.

Rosie took off the helmet carefully, her long hair was put together into many plaits curved afterwards tightly into snail’s shells – Wham! – she immediately got hit in her mind, she staggered, so Thor had to catch her.

– Try to find out, where this light comes from - he said it quickly and hoarsely, what scared her and the light became more red.

– I don’t know… it appears from nowhere… -

- Then I’ll put a different question: does this light come from me? –

– Yes… oh, no… it’s here, then it disappears, it circles round me and then… - Rosie turned after the visible waves of the red light towards Loki – Eaaa… - she whined being suddenly out of breath. The waves entered her mind and pushed it up and down, a minute or two had to pass until she learned to breathe in their rhythm, she looked then curious at Loki: he stood not far away from her, mighty and proud, his eyes flashed but he was smiling at her.

– Are you afraid? – he asked in a low voice and started circling around her.

– Yeees… - she answered – Why me? – she asked feeling attracted now by Loki as if by a magnet.

– Close your eyes, it will help you to concentrate –

She took a deep breath, which caused burning pain in her lungs – This is my only chance – she thought – Otherwise I will wait to the end of my life for something to happen – and she closed her eyes… Warmth, and fire, that surprisingly didn’t burn her… Again waves of light… A huge cascade of shining sounds… - It’s a kind of a music, I… I feel music! – she thought turning her head slightly aside – It’s like the Great Music of the Ainur… - Rosie suddenly felt him bowing over her.

– Can I? – Loki asked.

Rosie opened her eyes – Yes – she said, conscious of what will happen next.


- Loki, you’ll kill her! – Thor warned his brother – You attract too much energy, you’ll both shrink in, but she won’t survive it! -


Loki with his right hand made a circle around them two: a sphere of light surrounded them leaving Thor outside – Are you still afraid of me? – he asked again.

– No – Rosie answered desiring to be kissed right now and all the sparkling sounds fell down on them like a heavy rain.


- Is this, well… an asgardian style? – Tony, who had joined Thor shortly after the creation of the shining sphere, asked the asgardian king

– No, this is the love of an Ice Giant – Thor answered him – Perhaps of the greatest one among them–

– And how long does he intend to continue like this? –

- I don’t know – Thor really didn’t know it – But we shouldn’t care about this now. See you later on! – he finished turning already his hammer.


Thor stayed for some days more hoping that Loki relocates his wedding to the tower, but in vain.


Tony and Pepper adopted the little one rescued by Tony together with Rosie; carrying the tiny child in his hands he felt such kind of peace, that he had never found in his life before, and he felt then fulfilled and happy, and his always screaming soul learned what the real silence is.

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Great entry, ewkada!

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The entries are coming in thick and fast this month (which is always great to see). Looks like I have some catching up to do on my reading.

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Big Thunder! @ Apr 12 2015, 04:58 AM wrote: Isn't Twilight a spoof in unto itself?
Thanks Feral!

And yeah it probably is a spoof unto itself. But I'm spoofing it even more in an over the top kind of way.

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This month I'm submitting a chapter from my TMNT romance Love Is Shell. Mikey has found a way to become human for a day and has been out on the town with his sweetheart. But as usual, he has a few surprises in store for our leading lady. And not all of them are good. Fortunately, he MORE than makes up for it with- um, enthusiasm? Creativity? Well, whatever- it looks like he's making up for lost time!


A Dream Worth Keeping

The next few hours were like a whirlwind, first gazing out over the beautiful New York skyline from Lady Liberty's crown, then taking the ferry back to Battery Park to visit Castle Clinton and another subway ride on the red line to 42nd Street at Times Square, where we took in the sights for a while before making a brief transfer to Rockefeller Center. The outdoor café was open, so we paused for a few minutes to grab something cold to drink and rest, and just enjoy the atmosphere.

A short time later, while we were raptly admiring St. Patrick's Cathedral not far away, Michelangelo suddenly darted inside, leaving me alone on the street. I followed, but once inside, I was surprised to see him walk right up to a priest, whisper something into the man's ear, and then follow him over to the confessional booth when he nodded. Puzzled, I tried to ask what he was up to, but he simply gave me a serious look and shook his head, pointing to the nearest pew. Miffed, I sat down to wait while he went into the booth.

It was nearly fifteen minutes before he came out again. "What was that all about?" I asked, wondering what was going on. He'd been surprisingly quiet while we'd been gazing up at the church, as if something weighed heavily on his mind, but now when I questioned him, he just shrugged.

"No biggie- I just had somethin' I needed some advice on. Don't think it helped much, though. I guess I should know better than to ask a priest about ninja problems. Or mutant ones, either. I couldn't really tell him what it was all about, so he said that I'd have to figure it out on my own. Sounded like somethin' Master Splinter would say." He sighed, appearing downcast, and went quiet again. I was beginning to worry about his steadfast refusal to talk about whatever was bothering him.

A little later, we took the orange line from Rockefeller to the 59th Street station near Columbus Circle. We strolled down the sidewalk along Central Park West, blissfully savoring a pair of cones from an ice cream cart along the way. Street artisans and musicians had parked themselves casually against the low wall that ran along the edge of the park, while several street vendors sold hot dogs, pretzels, flowers, or various souvenirs up and down the street, from the Circle to the 65th Street subway entrance.

By that time, it was early evening, the warm, sunny spring day slowly cooling as shadows lengthened and the sun sank low. We paused near a musician playing a guitar and singing while a few people stood listening to the music. He was fairly good, and we stood for a little while just listening, though I couldn't help noticing that Michelangelo watched his hands closely, a look of intense concentration on his face. I had a feeling he was trying to learn the chords, though I was sure it would take more than just a few minutes spent studying someone else playing for him to be able to do it himself. Of course, he had surprised me before….

The man began to play an older song, one that I was familiar with from years ago when my mother used to listen to her favorite radio station in the mornings while getting ready for work. Mikey must've recognized it too, because he pulled me to an empty spot nearby and began to dance, tugging gently to prompt me to join him. The musician played on- "Fantasy could never be so thrilling- I feel free…. I hope that you are willing; pick the beat up, and kick your feet up…. Dance with me! Let it lift you off the ground- starry eyes, and love is all around us. I can take you where you want to go.…" It felt good to just let go and follow his lead, and before I even knew it, we were lost in the moment and the song, oblivious to the people staring all around us.

When the tune ended, Mikey stopped and drew me close, his eyes lit with pure joy. "I shoulda' done this a long time ago. You want to take a ride in the park? I'll spring for the carriage." He murmured softly, ignoring the smattering of applause our impromptu show had brought. He glanced down and grinned over at the man with the guitar, tugging a couple of ones out of his left pocket. He tossed them down into the case, and gave the man a mock salute. "Thanks, dude- you just made my day!"

I gave him an arch stare when he turned back. "Spring for the carriage? I didn't think you had any money. Why didn't you say something earlier?"

"I was kinda' savin' it, 'cause I don't have much. Should be enough for that, though. And dinner- as long as it's cheap. It's not like the stuff is easy to come by for us." He shrugged, a lop-sided grin giving his features a sort of dorky appeal that made me chuckle in spite of the minor irritation of knowing I'd been paying for everything, unaware that my date had funds of his own.

We retraced our steps back toward Columbus Circle, where several horse-drawn carriages sat waiting at the corner of the park for tourists to hire them. By now, the sun was setting, and the sky was growing dark faster than I had realized. I wondered if a ride through the park after dark was wise, but Michelangelo strode toward the nearest carriage without a second thought, nearly jumping in surprise when an older man stepped out into our path with a large basket in hand.

"A rose for the lady?" He asked, holding one out. Mikey almost brushed him aside, but glanced down, and then nodded vigorously.

"Hey, that sounds like a good idea! Should probably try to make up for not ponyin' up earlier. Sure, I'll take one." He muttered, almost to himself. He picked out a deep pink one with dark red edges, and dug in his pocket again, until he came up with several bills. He paid for the flower and stuffed the rest back in his pocket, falling down dramatically on his knees. "Oh, forgiveth this errant knight, fair maiden, for having offendeth thee by my neglect. I am but a poor, unworthy pauper, with no castle or gold with which to woo thee properly!"

"You are hopeless, you know that?" I giggled, rolling my eyes as Mikey once again went overboard on the dramatics. "Get up, goofball, you're embarrassing me!" I said, shaking my head ruefully. He made a big show of rising and presenting the rose with a flourish, and bowed low when I took it from his hand. "Why do you always insist on making everything into some kind of melodrama? You look silly doing that."

He grinned impishly, and shrugged as he finally offered me his arm and we walked over to the closest carriage. "I suppose that's just my nature, milady. Would you deny this poor jester his only joy in life? After all, no man can live without laughter for long- it ain't natural!" I snorted at the abrupt break in his hamming it up, while he approached the carriage. He stopped to let the dappled grey horse sniff his hand and nose at him to have its neck scratched, and I once again marveled at how easily he seemed to make friends with animals.

He inquired how much the driver charged, and then dug into his pocket again for the small fee. He led me over to the conveyance, helping me climb into it- once more acting the part of gallant knight- before hopping into the back himself, one arm casually draping over my shoulders. Once into the park proper, he leaned back, gently pulling me closer as we enjoyed the romantic sunset. I had to admit, the evening breeze felt nice, and the park was in full bloom, with cherry trees, tulips, irises, azaleas, and many other flowers blossoming all over the more cultivated portions of New York's largest oasis of green. Much of the park was covered by shady woods, the trees already leafing out into a verdant canopy above. Some even arched out over the many trails and paths, creating green tunnels that left odd shadows in the twilight gloom.

We were well into the park when full night fell, the moon already rising in the distance above the skyline. It seemed almost too perfect, like something in a romantic movie, but I wasn't complaining. Somehow, it only made our time together feel more special, as if the universe itself had smiled on us for this one moment. I sighed, gazing up to seek out the first star, wishing the evening would never end. The gentle clip-clop of the horse's hooves on pavement, the light breeze and the smell of wet woods in spring were relaxing, and even the sounds of people laughing or the distant noise of a game going on at one of the many softball or soccer fields didn't bother us- it was just another sign of life in the city, a new experience that my newly-changed mate took in with great appreciation.

"This is nice," he murmured softly after awhile, breaking the companionable silence that had settled between us. "I've been thinkin'- maybe I'll stay like this, and we can do this whenever we want. Heck, maybe I can even find a job or somethin', and we can get a bigger place together." I glanced over at him curiously- I'd never heard him talk openly about doing anything "responsible" or mature, and I wondered what had caused the change of heart.

"You'd really want to do that? Live a boring, mundane kind of life, doing the same thing day in and day out, punching a clock? That doesn't sound like you." I said in a low voice, to be sure the driver wouldn't overhear. I wondered if he was actually serious. With Michelangelo, one could never tell.

"Dunno'. Maybe. I guess I'm just tired of the way things are, and I want somethin' more…I dunno', just- I want the simple things, like a family, a REAL home that actually has windows and doesn't stink like sewage, maybe even go out to dinner and a movie once in a while. Y'know- the kind of stuff most people take for granted. Picnics, family road trips, standin' in the cold at Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Year's, goin' ice skatin' at Rockefellar, playin' on a softball team in summer; stuff like that."

"What about your brothers?" I asked. "What will you tell them?" That was the real question, after all. What WOULD he say to them, and how would they take it? I had a feeling it would not go well, and might even tear their already fragile bond to pieces. And that was the crux of it all. I knew them well enough by now to realize that they would probably see his defection to humanity as an unforgivable betrayal, one that would sever their ties to each other as the only four of their kind in the world.

"I dunno'. I keep runnin' it around in my head, but it always comes out with a bad end. I don't think they'll ever understand. But I HAD to do this! I don't want to spend the rest of my life in the shadows! Y'know, the most ironic thing about what we are is that we're cold-blooded. We're supposed to be livin' in the sun! But we hardly ever even get to SEE it, except through a sewer grate. Instead, we're forced to hide in the dark and only come out at night. How messed up is THAT?!" He spat the words out bitterly, as if they tasted bad. I couldn't blame him for feeling the way he did. None of what they had spent their lives enduring was fair or right, but it was all they knew, and I was fairly certain that at least ONE of them was satisfied with that. Raph might be questionable, but I could see Leo and Donnie both spending their entire lives in isolation- and content to remain that way. But not Mikey. No, that kind of forced solitude was utterly against his nature, anathema to his very being. I was quite certain it would kill him. If not physically, then his spirit, at the very least.

"Does that mean you're not going back?" I asked. I wasn't sure what answer I dreaded more- that he would go back and return to his old self, or that he would remain as he was now, perhaps destroying their family in the process. Neither prospect seemed especially heartening.

"I'm not sure. That's kind of why I went to talk to that priest earlier. Wanted to know what I should do. Still haven't decided." He didn't elaborate, and I knew better than to press further. If and when he wanted to tell me more, he would. Until then, I'd just have to let him handle it in his own way, and hope he would open up about what he had said to the priest. He just sat back with a heavy sigh, and studied the scenery as we continued our ride through the idyllic spring evening.

We rode along for a little longer; the trail opened up to reveal an open lawn surrounding the small lake that was commonly called the Turtle Pond for the many former pets that had been released there over the years, with Belvedere Castle rising up on the other side. The almost full moon hung like a pale disc in the sky above the castle, reflected in the water. Not far from the path our carriage followed, a large oak tree stood near the edge of the pond, with a stone bench beneath it. Michelangelo had been leaning back in the seat holding me close, my head against his shoulder, when he suddenly bolted upright, staring at the peaceful pond and castle with a look of utter amazement.

"Mike? What's wrong?" I asked, seeing his stunned expression.

"I don't believe it! Pinch me- I gotta' be DREAMIN'!" He breathed; he reached out and tapped the driver on the shoulder. "Uh, excuse me sir, but could you stop here for a minute? I'll pay extra if ya' don't mind waitin' around for a little bit."

The driver muttered his reluctant acceptance, and Mikey hopped out of the carriage, holding a hand out for me to join him. "I never thought I'd really be here; it's gotta' be a sign! Look where we are!" He said breathlessly, waving his hand out over the serene setting before us to emphasize his point. He led me over to the granite seat, looking out over the large pond, where a splash at the water's edge told me we had disturbed one of the pond's inhabitants. I wondered idly if it might be one of his distant "cousins", having a late snack before finding a safe spot to sleep for the night.

It was then that I recognized what had grabbed his attention so completely. I suddenly realized I'd seen this very spot before, though I'd never been there. It was the very place he had seen in his dream, the same place that had led to drawing the sketch I had found in his book. I let out a soft gasp of surprise, understanding hitting me in a flash.

"It's just like your drawing. How is that possible?" I asked, turning to him in confusion. "Have you been here before?"

He shook his head adamantly. "N-no. I thought it was just a dream! But it's just like I saw it. And I'm even human, just like in my dream. What do ya' think it means?" He turned to me curiously

"I don't know. Maybe there's more to all that fortune-reading stuff than we thought. I guess if I can accept having fought dragons summoned by a human-hating sorceress, or swords that cut holes in space, I can believe that dreams and tea leaves could foretell the future. I know you guys swear that Splinter has contacted you through astral projection, so I guess this isn't so strange compared to everything else we've seen. Maybe this was meant to be." I replied uncertainly. A part of me felt as if we hadn't come to be there by accident, though. If Mikey's dream meant anything at all, then perhaps it WAS a sign.

He moved slowly- as if in awe- toward the pond, and drew me over toward the bench beneath the tree to gaze out at the beautiful landscape. "This is perfect. I wish this night would never end." He said in a contented tone. He let out a soft sigh, wrapping his arms around me in a warm embrace. I was inclined to agree.

Impulsively, I leaned over and kissed him deeply, and his surprise quickly gave way to a passionate and eager response. I was pleased to discover that his kiss curled my toes even more now that he was human. The familiar woody, musky scent I'd come to know so well had changed; he smelled of sweat, incense, and laundry soap, and something vaguely masculine, but it hardly mattered now. All I knew at that moment was that we both wanted the same thing.

"I think we should call it a night, don't you?" I asked when we finally came up for air. He lifted one brow as if in mute question, and I saw a quirky half-smile light up his face. It was a look he'd given me before, and I found it comforting to know that some things remained the same.

"Ya' read my mind, babe," he growled hungrily, wiggling his brows meaningfully. "Let's go find someplace to spend the night. If we get hungry, we can always order take-out."

"Okay, where to? My place?" I asked, but he shook his head emphatically.

"Nope, someone might come lookin' for us and interrupt the, uh, festivities," he countered, clearly against the idea. "Can't use the lair, either- no privacy, for one thing. I say we get a room somewhere." I realized he was going to great lengths to avoid his brothers- and Splinter as well, no doubt- but he had a point.

"Alright, but you OWE me big time, lover-boy!" I teased, as we rose from the bench and hopped back into the carriage. He laughed, but didn't argue. A short time later, we had left the park behind, and it only took a few minutes to find a hotel that suited our purpose. It wasn't five-star, but it at least had clean rooms, room service, and an indoor pool, should we feel like using it. The notion was certainly tempting.

The hotel room wasn't exactly cheap, but it was either that, or risk his brothers showing up looking for us. It was clear from his reluctance to be found that they didn't know what Michelangelo was up to, or where he was. That worried me. It meant that Donnie wasn't the one who had helped him do this. But if not him, then who? What bothered me even more was that Michelangelo had clearly done something he wanted to keep from them, and that he seemed afraid to even tell me about it. It left too many awkward questions, most of them dealing with HOW it had happened, and who had helped him.

He shut the door to the room behind him once we were both inside, and locked it. He slid the bright orange shades down to cover his eyes, slicked back his hair, and leaned against the wall with his black jacket open part-way, the collar pulled up like a Hollywood rebel. "Ah, alone, at last. Okay, so do ya' want to order in somethin' to eat, or-" He tossed me a meaningful look, with a mock-lecherous brow-wiggle behind the shades, and then his gaze slid sideways toward the bed. "It'd be a shame to let this nice big bed go to waste. I can think of quite a few ways to have fun tonight, without ever leavin' this room! Trust me, babe, I'm gonna' make this a night you'll never forget!" He obviously wasn't one to waste time on trivial details. And at the moment, he was all business, as it were. The boy had a one-track mind, or so it seemed. Yet something in his voice sounded forced, as if his lady-killer attitude was only an act. I decided to call his bluff.

"Hmm, no doubt. Why don't we take it slow, Casanova," I teased, easing onto the loveseat next to the window. "We have all night, so why not take the time to enjoy this? No need to rush." I patted the cushion next to me, and gestured for him to join me. He seemed to deflate, and sighed, the cocky smoothness giving way to jittery insecurity.

"Uh, sure. Okay. Sorry, I guess I'm just really edgy and impatient right now. I mean, first time, y'know? I don't wanna' screw this up, but I also kinda' want to get right to the good stuff. Everything feels so weird. Er, you get me?" He sat down slowly, nervously staring at the floor, fidgeting with the small medallion around his neck. I'd never seen it before that day, and wondered again why he'd worn it. A reminder of who he was? Something to keep his hands busy? Whatever the reason, it was another of the little things that made him so full of surprises. Even the way he appeared to have stalled out after trying so hard to pretend he knew what he was doing, only to suddenly turn shy and unsure in the blink of an eye, made me smile.

"Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine. Just don't try so hard. You don't have to try to impress me, just relax and be yourself." I said, slipping the shades off his face. I hoped the advice would ease his fears, though in truth I was far from calm myself. I understood that this was what he'd been working up to all day, trying to build up the nerve to suggest what he wanted without seeming too pushy or anxious.

He sighed, unzipping the jacket and shrugging it off. "Yeah. Be myself, huh? I thought the whole point of me doin' all this was to NOT be myself. I mean, not the way I usually am. I just wanted to have one day to just be normal, y'know? See what it feels like to do normal guy stuff, like goin' on a date. And it's been really fun, too! But I don't want to disappoint ya' either, 'cause I really want it to be right. Special. I just want to forget about everything else for a while, and-"

As he babbled on- and I knew he was rambling out of nervous habit- I realized there was only one way to solve the problem. So I reached out, turning his head to look at me, and leaned close. "You talk too much, you know that?" I asked; then before he could reply, I shut him up with a kiss. He was so surprised at first that he just sat there, utterly frozen.

After a few seconds, he responded, kissing back and wrapping his arms around my waist. At last, I broke the kiss, and he gave me a bemused look, his eyes smoldering like coals. "I think I'm about to become the strong silent type," he said huskily, before pulling me into his lap and claiming my lips with another kiss. I didn't mind.

After that, everything became a pleasant blur, as hands began to wander, clothes came undone seemingly on their own, and the temperature in the room went from spring-like and balmy to subtropical, or so it felt. I barely noticed when he scooped me up in his arms- though I heard him grunt with the effort, something that had never happened before- and we somehow ended up on the bed. I shivered as his lips moved lower, nibbling at my neck teasingly, and I half-expected to hear him start churring again.

All the while, I'd been slowly working the bright Hawaiian shirt off his shoulders, baring a lightly tanned chest sparsely sprinkled with a few tiny hairs. I looked up at his face, half-obscured by a wild thatch of autumn gold hair with hints of copper, and marveled once again at the completeness of the change. He was definitely taller, and his limbs were a bit longer as well, though I noticed that there was a bit more meat on his middle than I'd expected. Then again, turtles didn't have abs, so maybe toning that part had never been a priority.

The pants came next, along with a pair of bright, printed boxers in an orange, red, and yellow abstract pattern. I gasped in surprise to discover that some things, at least, hadn't changed as much as others. Or to put it another way- HOT DAMN! Even sans shell and other attributes of his true nature, the lad was still packing more "meat" than the average male. Not that I was complaining, but it was a bit more than I'd expected. I stared down in rapt admiration, deciding that he was right about one thing, at least. It WOULD be a memorable night. He followed my gaze down, and suddenly blushed a shade of red that would have nearly matched Raph's mask.

"Uh- still too much?" He asked nervously, pulling away for a moment.

"No, this is perfect. I was just, you know, admiring the view." I teased, reaching up to draw him back down for another kiss. Somehow I'd lost my own shirt and pants, and now I was down to just a lacy bra and panties. He went back to nipping lightly at my earlobe and neck, before unhooking my bra with one hand, the other moving down to find its way much further south.

Almost before I knew it, we had shed everything but our inhibitions, and I felt my skin heat up as his head slowly moved further down, glancing up to meet my gaze with a look that was part nervous excitement, part plea for approval. I nodded assent, needing no words to understand what he wanted; I wanted it too. I could feel him trembling with anticipation, the raging hunger inside barely subdued by sheer will alone. I knew he ached to throw aside all restraint- hell, I was half tempted to pull him back up and roll over to take full control of the situation myself. But I refrained from it, knowing that he wanted to do this his own way, to make our joining perfect.

He slid down further still, nudging my legs apart, and I was only too happy to oblige. I shivered delightedly as he lavished attention on places best left to the imagination, sending delicious sensations through me from stem to stern. I reached down, fingers tangling in his hair, silently begging for more. He complied most willingly, and in minutes I was eagerly encouraging him to get straight to the point, as it were. Ever willing to please, he moved back up, lips and tongue playing havoc with my senses along the way, until he hovered over me with a look of pure desire in those soft, deep honey-gold eyes.

"You sure this is what you want? We don't have to, if you're not sure," he rasped out, clearly in torment from having to wait. I nodded emphatically, and was half-tempted to drag him closer and impale myself without any notice, just to prove my enthusiasm. Or maybe that was just my libido going into overdrive.

"Oh, for heaven's sake, what are you waiting for? Geez, do I have to draw you a road map, sweetie? I want you. NOW." I purred, wrapping my legs around his in a clear sign of consent. He looked almost shocked for a moment; then he chuckled softly.

"Okay, sorry I asked. Just call me King of the Stupid Questions." He rumbled softly, before returning to the task at hand in earnest. And when he finally took the plunge a few seconds later- well….

I'd like to say it lasted a long time. I'd like to say it was perfect. I'd even like to say it was everything I'd ever hoped for. But then I'd be lying. It was awkward, clumsy, anticlimactic, and over far too quickly. However, I decided that exemptions could be made for poor performance in light of the fact that he had NO experience at all. Not that I was much better, of course, given that I'd only ever had two partners- and neither more than once. So of course, we had to learn on the fly, as it were. He'd been more than satisfactory at, shall we say, going up to bat. The problem was that he didn't quite make it the grand slam we'd been hoping for. Still, I was content to take one for the team, all things considered. And besides, practice makes perfect, as they say, and I was fairly sure we'd get plenty of that before the night was over. I had NO idea….

"Um, not QUITE what I expected," he said uncertainly when it was over. He flopped over onto his back with a puzzled look, staring up at the ceiling. "Was that IT? I thought is was supposed to be more- I dunno', exciting or somethin'. Or did I miss somethin' in the instruction manual?"

"Don't worry, Mikey, you just need to, uh, polish your technique a bit. It's nothing to feel ashamed of- you're just new to this. You'll get better. Just takes a little practice." I cuddled up beside him, tossing one leg over his. He glanced over at me, and chuckled.

"I hope that means what I think it does, 'cause I ain't leavin' this room until we get a REAL fire goin'. And the sooner, the better." His reply was blunt and straight to the point, and I blushed a little to think of what he intended.

"Why don't we take it slow, okay? I don't think either of us is quite ready for a replay just yet." Not that I wasn't willing to try, but I figured it was a bit too soon for further fun and games until we'd had time to recharge.

"What, you didn't think I was a 'one and done' kind of guy, did you?" He asked, sitting up. "I am kinda' hungry, though. Maybe after we eat?" He asked hopefully. I giggled.

"Yup- you're definitely still you," I quipped, poking his stomach. "Mr. One-track Mind. If it's not food or video games, it's getting 'lucky'."

He snorted derisively, and crossed his arms. "Hey, I proudly admit to bein' a junk-food junky, game-addicted couch potato, and a hormone-crazed perv. Besides, it IS mating season, so there's that."

"For turtles, maybe- that doesn't count for humans," I pointed out. He let out a huff of dissent and shook his head.

"Not true! Haven't you heard? Mating season for teen guys is all year long!" He guffawed- and promptly got a pillow in the face for the snarky retort.

"Smart-ass," I muttered, rolling my eyes. "You mentioned being hungry; what would you like? You want to go grab something?" I said, changing the subject.

"Nah, I don't feel like gettin' dressed again just to go eat out when I can do that here. Let's just lounge around in our birthday suits and cuddle all night." He replied in a sultry tone, and the double-meaning was not lost on me. "Some take-out might be good right about now, though."

"Good idea, big guy. How about Chinese?" I suggested. He shook his head.

"Nah, we'd just be hungry again in an hour or so. I'm thinkin' Italian. Fettuccini sound good?" He replied. "We could get some bread sticks and those stuffed mushrooms, too. I love those things!"

I agreed, and we called a nearby restaurant for a delivery. We hurriedly dressed in the new kimonos we had bought, and when the food arrived, he paid the delivery guy and then we sat on the end of the bed to enjoy our late dinner. It wasn't the most romantic meal ever, but just being close and sharing time together away from all our worries and difficulties made it seem special. Eventually, we lost interest in the food altogether, and grew more concerned with covering each other with kisses than in actually finishing our meal. That was fine with me, I was more than happy to let him devour me like a sweet dessert.

His hands wandered hungrily, with only the thin material of the kimono between them and my skin, and soon he found the belt and even that obstacle was gone. Anxious to explore his new body further, I followed suit, stripping away the silken barrier until we were both naked again. I nearly melted when his hands found my rear and began to stroke and squeeze gently, while he nibbled lightly at my neck. After a few moments, he sat up, an impressive erection standing tall and proud as if to taunt me, and pulled me into his lap.

""I wanna' try somethin'," he murmured, his tone husky and deep. "Turn around, babe. Kneel with your legs tucked under you, and then bend over with your head down, 'kay?" I frowned a little at his instructions, but shrugged.

"Ooo-kay, but why? What are you going to do?" I asked curiously.

"Just trust me. I want to try somethin' a little different, and see how it goes." I didn't have a reply for that, so I did as he had suggested. As it turned out, I would NOT be sorry.

He slid close behind me, kneeling with his legs apart to surround mine, and leaned over so that his elbows were on the bed, his chest against my back, completely covering my body with his. He slid one hand back, down between us, and began to slowly work my body into a heated frenzy. I glanced back over one shoulder, to see his eyes burning into mine as he leaned close, covering my neck and shoulders with kisses.

"So, why did you want to try it like this?" I asked, though it was getting harder to think clearly, let alone speak. His hand exploring forbidden territory, along with the light nips on the back of my neck, were interfering with rational thought, for some reason.

He looked up for a moment, a hungry gleam in those warm honey-hued eyes. "We already tried it YOUR way, so I wondered if it might be better if we do it the 'normal' way for a change. I mean, it can't hurt, right?" He answered, his voice rougher than usual. He continued nibbling lightly at my skin, his breath hot against bare flesh.

"Funny, I thought that WAS the normal way," I panted; his attention to various parts of my anatomy was having the intended effect. By now, the touch of his fingers on sensitive spots was driving me crazy. I wanted to turn around and return the favor, but the position of our bodies made that impossible.

"Normal for YOU, maybe, but not for me. I was goin' for somethin' a little closer to natural inclinations, it ya' get my drift," he rumbled in a meaningful tone. I frowned for a moment in confusion; then it sank in what he meant. I flushed deep red as I realized he had "gone native" and chosen a position as close to a turtle's natural habits as possible. It also occurred to me that in this particular position, I was completely vulnerable, should things get out of hand.

"Oh, my God. You're not serious about this, are you?" I asked weakly, wondering just how much of that primitive instinct remained. Having read Donatello's book, I knew there was a good chance he might want to "play rough", and that worried me a little.

"Don't worry, if you decide ya' don't like it, just say so, and we'll try somethin' else." He said casually, still focusing on the task "at hand", as it were. "Relax, babe. I got this," he murmured into my left ear seductively. And he did. Oh, yes- he DID.

"Is this what they mean by 'animal instinct'?" I sniggered, then gasped as he stroked a particularly sensitive spot. He just grinned.

"Maybe," he answered innocently. "I just saw one of those nature shows a few days ago, and it got me thinkin', that's all." I was distracted from the retort I'd been bout to make, when I felt his hand move away, to be replaced by something else pressing against the ready opening. A moment later, he pushed deep, and all I could do was try to breathe as my mind went blissfully blank. Time seemed to lose all meaning, lost in the slow rhythm of primal instinct taking over, and everything else fell away. I'd been worried that he might become too aggressive, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that he had found a pace that suited our position, giving as much as he got. Once it became clear he had no desire to push the limits of what I was comfortable with, the complete surrender of control of bowing down on my knees under his larger mass somehow felt safe, as though being sheltered so completely could drive away all fear. His hands moved up to clasp mine, just above my head, as we both gave in to the powerful waves of ecstasy that had begun to build.

I don't know how much time passed, but we weren't paying attention to mundane matters. Tension built like a powerful current, until we were straining with every fiber of our sweat-slicked bodies for release. It came in a sudden, almost overwhelming rush, as he quickened the pace to the point where we were both rocking wildly, panting and moaning in pure bliss, abandoning all semblance of rational thought.

"Aaahh, M-Mich-ang-l-oohh!" I cried out, as I felt the climax hit us both with the force of a hurricane. Or an earthquake. It was hard to tell. He responded with a low, inarticulate groan and gave one final, deep thrust before collapsing against my back, breath coming in fast, shallow pants.

When he could finally catch his breath, he looked down with an expression of dazed rapture. "Whoa. Now THAT was more like it. And I love hearin' ya' say my name like that- damn, that was hot!" I felt a nip at my shoulder, and shivered with pleasure.

"What do you expect? I could barely breathe, let alone say anything coherent!" I giggled, and he slipped one arm under me, before sitting up straight. He pulled me up with him, then rocked back on his heels to flop backward onto his back on the bed with me sprawled on top of him, with my back still against his chest. I squirmed until I had managed to turn around and face him. Lying atop his front looking down into those deep honey-hued eyes. He smiled, and sighed softly.

"So, it was better, right?" He asked hopefully, with that look of expectation and optimism that somehow gave him an air of innocent charm. I nodded, nuzzling into his neck, and kissed his ear.

"MUCH better, hot-stuff. Boy, you DO learn fast, don't you?" I teased, chuckling. He grinned.

"Yup. Heh, guess you were right about just needin' a little practice. We'll just pretend that first one didn't happen." He sat up slowly, still holding me close to his chest. I shifted to straddle his lap, draping my arms over his shoulders.

Riiiight," I said teasing him a little. He gave me an over-dramatic wounded look; then he leaned back, folded his arms over his chest and pretended to pout.

"Yeah, go ahead, pick on the NEW guy," he carped, though how he was keeping a straight face was a mystery. But that was Mikey- king of the deadpan humor.

"You know, you've got a pretty impressive learning curve for a guy with no real experience," I purred jokingly. "It's no wonder you've been picking up Donnie's lessons so fast. I guess you just needed the right motivation." I mused with a grin. He just smirked.

"Heh, yeah, TOTALLY. Cowabunga, baby!" He wiggled his brows playfully, before leaning in for a deep kiss that left me breathless again. I realized in that moment that I wasn't going to get much sleep that night.

Once round three had ended- and I was beginning to think the hotel should install a bell on the bed-post for keeping track- we snuggled together for a while, simply enjoying the afterglow of our love-making. He held me close, and for a time, we rested from the evening's activities, knowing that our time was limited, but needing the peace of sleep. I dozed for a while, before being awakened when he slipped out of bed to pad softly into the bathroom. When he returned, I murmured to him to roll over onto his stomach, and began massaging his back gently.

"Mmm, that feels awesome," he sighed after a few minutes. "Makes me wish we didn't have shells- I'd be havin' ya' do that every night!"

I chuckled. "I thought you might enjoy this, and I wanted to give you an experience that you couldn't have otherwise. It's a shame you have to change back tomorrow." I sighed, knowing that we would never have a night like this again.

"What if I don't, though? What if I decide to stay like this? Would you want that?" He asked, twisting to gaze up at me. I reached down to brush a lock of dark reddish-blonde hair from his eyes, and smiled.

"I'm here for you no matter what you decide to do," I said. "But do YOU want to spend your life being just another face in the crowd? You guys have some amazing gifts, and it would be a shame to lose that forever. It's part of what makes you so special." I loved him so much, but in a way, it would be as if the Mikey I had come to know and love so well would disappear- and I was worried about what that would mean. Would he still be the same as a human? Would he change and become someone completely new?

He sighed, and shrugged, and turned over to face me. "I've been dreamin' of this my whole life," he whispered, sounding almost sad. "All I've ever wanted was to be able to be part of the world, instead of just watchin' life go by without me."

"Is that why you did this?" I asked. I had begun to think there might be more to it than he had ever been willing to admit, but I couldn't be sure. He sat up, frowning at the floor.

When he finally answered, it wasn't what I had expected. "I remember the first time we went to see the surface from a storm drain near our first lair. We were lookin' out at the street, and this lady dropped her keys. We were still just little kids then, maybe five, I think. I remember lookin' at her hands when she picked 'em up, and wonderin' why ours didn't look the same. I asked Sensei why we looked so different, and he said it was because we were turtles. But Donnie pointed out that Sensei wasn't, and he said that Donnie was right and that he was a rat. So I asked him why none of the other rats we ever saw looked like him, and why we never saw other turtles like us. You know what he said?" He glanced sideways at me, and I shook my head silently, surprised by his sudden openness about the past.

"He said it was because we'd been given a gift that made us special and unique. I asked him what it was, and he said it was a soul. Leo asked what a soul was, so he told us it was somethin' inside us that let us think and feel, talk, and know right from wrong. He said it was what made us able to learn things like how to read, and made us able to share and help each other, or to make choices or think about the future. He said it was why we could remember our dreams."

He paused, a faraway look in his eyes, and I knew he must be contemplating the words their father had said. "He used to read to us when we were little, and I used to wonder if we were like the characters in those old fairy tales. My favorites were Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, and the Frog Prince. I used to pretend that some witch had put a spell on us or somethin' like that, or that if we were good enough, a fairy would grant us a wish and make us all 'real boys'. I know it was just make believe, but I always wished it was true."

"That's what this is all about, isn't it?" I asked softly. "Making your wish come true."

He nodded solemnly. "Yeah. I kept thinkin' about what you said that day in the pump station, about bein' able to do anything if I try. Well, now I CAN. That's why I did this. There's a whole world out there waitin' for us, but what good is that if we can't be part of it? That's all I ever really wanted."

He sighed, and lay back, staring at the ceiling. "That means a lot to you, doesn't it?" I asked. I was beginning to see just how deep his longing for acceptance and freedom ran.

"Yeah, it does. We spent our whole lives lookin' up at the world from inside a SEWER! Talk about messed up! So, I found a way to change all that, and I took it. Is that wrong?" He looked back to me again anxiously, as if afraid of the answer.

I sighed. Clearly, he was wrestling with some serious questions about the future, and about who he was. "Of course not. What's important is what you believe is right for YOU. All that really matters is where you feel you belong."

He turned his face back to the ceiling, and closed his eyes. He was silent for a while, and I began to wonder if he had fallen asleep. At last, he spoke again, sounding older than he ever had before. Weary, as if he had just lived an entire lifetime in only a few minutes. "I guess that's it, then. I know where I really belong; truth is, I've just been tryin' to deny it all this time. Didn't want to believe it. They kept tellin' me, but I didn't want to hear 'em. I didn't want it to be TRUE."

"Want WHAT to be true?" I ventured hesitantly, dread building in the pit of my soul.

"That my place is in the dark. Down there with the rats and cockroaches in the sewer. Because without my brothers to share it with, none of THIS will ever feel right. I'll always feel like a traitor, like I just walked out on 'em. I- I love you more than ANYTHING, but I can't abandon them- they're my FAMILY! We're all each other's got."

I knew what that meant, and my heart died a little inside, knowing what he had just done. He was sacrificing his dreams for the sake of his brothers, choosing to remain in their shadowy, lonely world rather than walk away from the one thing that meant as much to him as our love. He had chosen to return to a life of isolation instead of forging his own path.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" I asked quietly, moving closer to him. "You know I'll stand by you either way, but I thought you were going to stay this way."

He shook his head sadly. "It's not about what I WANT, though, IS it? You said it yourself just now. It's about what's RIGHT. No matter how much I want this, there's always gonna' be that part of me that doesn't belong. I wanted it for ALL of us, not just me. Without them to share it with me, it's just- selfish. Like I'm turnin' my back on 'em, and that's NOT what I wanted. So I HAVE to change back. If I don't, they'll always hate me for it, and that wouldn't be right for ANY of us. I'm sorry."

He almost whispered the last words, and I knew he was in pain from having to make such a hard choice. "Mike, you know I'll always be here with you. I love you, and that will never change." I wanted to comfort him somehow, to show him that he hadn't lost as much as he believed.

"Yeah, I know. But I'm not sure if that's enough any more…." He sat up, staring down at the floor, leaving me to wonder what his decision was truly costing him.

"Michelangelo, don't say that. I know you're afraid of losing me, or your family, or both, but that's not going to happen. If it really means that much to you, we can find a way for ALL of you to do this if that's what you all want. You could still have the things you wished for- and share it with them, too. Don't give up hope. Please. I believe we found each other for a reason. You guys are my family now, and I'll do whatever it takes to hold onto that."

He shook his head, his expression grim. "No, that's just not gonna' happen. This was always gonna' be a one-time thing- once I turn back, that's it. No more sunshine and blue skies for ANY of us. It'll just be back to the sewers for good, and they won't ever be able to see what this is like. I knew that when I made the deal, but I kept tryin' to pretend that I could keep this bod and everything would be okay. But there's no WAY I could ever get them to go along with it, and Krang sure ain't gonna' do THEM any favors like he did for me. Wouldn't be surprised if he just refuses to turn me back, anyway."

"Krang? What does HE have to do with this?" I asked, but somehow, the answer had already popped into my head, and I felt my blood turn ice-cold at the revelation. So much of what Michelangelo had said made sense now, about knowing someone who could make him human, and how it had taken a great deal of "convincing" to get the mystery person to help him. I suddenly wondered just what HAD he done to gain the evil alien warlord's compliance?

"I asked Don to help me do this, but he wasn't havin' it. He shut me down without even listenin' to my side of things. And I didn't know where else to turn, so I- I went to see Krang. Took that tunnel module down to the Technodrome and made a deal with him. Seemed like the only way to get what I wanted. I don't like havin' to deal with him- he's sneaky and likes to try to twist things to his advantage- but what ELSE could I do? It was the only way!" He finally turned to face me, and I saw the look of desperation on his face, an almost manic need to make me understand why he had taken such a drastic step. He suddenly reminded me of an addict frantically seeking the next fix, heedless of the danger it represented.

"Have you lost your mind?! He's the ENEMY! My God, what were you THINKING?! Why would you even think he'd help you after what happened down there? He's in league with Shredder, remember?" I blew up at him. I couldn't believe he had done something so foolish and dangerous. On second thought, maybe I COULD believe it. He was just impulsive and reckless enough to try something like that.

He shrugged, though I wasn't entirely convinced that he hadn't lost his marbles. "Yeah, I KNOW that! But I didn't know what else to DO! Look, he sort of owed me a favor anyway, so I just called it in. Ya' gotta' trust me- I know what I'm doin'. He might be a power-hungry tyrant, but I'm pretty sure he's shootin' straight with me. I mean, I totally snowed him about my end of the deal, but as far as I can tell, he's on the up-and-up. It's gone okay so far, anyway."

That made me pause. "What exactly did you offer him? Just what WAS this deal, anyway?" I asked, staring at him suspiciously.

"I told him that I would give him the location of the lair if he made me human. Figured he'd be so eager to jump on it that he wouldn't even think to read the fine print." He sniggered, and something told me there was more to the issue than he was letting on, but I couldn't believe what I'd just heard.

"How COULD you?! You're not actually going to TELL him, are you?! You can't just-" I began, but he cut me off, grabbing my arms in a firm grip.

"Don't worry! I'm not REALLY gonna' give 'em our home address! I just made 'em THINK I would! Truth is, all I said was I'd tell 'em where 'the lair' is, but I never said it would be OURS. I'm thinkin' our old buddy Rat King could use some company. What d'ya' think?" He asked, folding his arms and looking smug.

I must've looked like a fish out of water, because I started to speak, but nothing came out, and all I could do was stare at him with my mouth working, trying to think of a response, and coming up empty. At last, I gave up, and shook my head in disbelief. He gave me his most self-satisfied smirk, and I realized he was more conniving than I'd ever imagined. Pulling a fast one on his worst enemies, just to get what he wanted, and setting them up for a fall? It was almost worthy of one of their own schemes.

"You- you set them up, didn't you?" I asked, remembering our own encounter with the rat-obsessed lunatic. If he sent those two chasing after THAT creep, they'd be lucky to survive.

"Heh, and everyone thinks I'm a dummy. I figured out that we've always been so concerned with fightin' honorably, that we've never REALLY used the whole 'ninja training' thing to the max. I mean, if we're supposed to be sneaky ninjas, shouldn't we be- I dunno'- ACTIN' like it?" He shrugged. "I mean, Leo and Splinter are so big on tradition and stuff, and in the old days, ninjas would do all KINDS of underhanded shit. Like sabotagin' an enemy's plan by pretendin' to join 'em, poisonin' their food, stealin' stuff, burnin' down warehouses of supplies, or even givin' 'em false info. So why not US? Just 'cause we're the GOOD guys doesn't mean we can't still fight dirty!" He grinned wickedly, and I had a sudden vision of him going rogue- and it scared me. As much as I loved him, there were moments when I was reminded that he wasn't nearly as innocent and naïve as he pretended to be.

"That- that's actually pretty clever," I mused, looking at him with new understanding. I'd almost forgotten that as much as he complained about the hours of training and hard work required for their skills, he was as much a ninja as any of his brothers, including Leo. No matter how much he might think otherwise, it was ingrained into his being in ways that perhaps even he did not realize. Perhaps that explained his refusal to abandon the only life he knew, in spite of being within arm's reach of his dreams.

"So, you think it'll work?" He asked, sounding slightly worried.

"How did you even get them to agree to that?" I wondered aloud, cocking my head to look at him curiously. "How can you even be sure Krang isn't playing you?"

"'Cause I fed 'em a line about bein' sick of my bros treatin' me like crap and ignorin' me all the time, and told 'em they could all go suck it. I'm pretty sure they bought it." He shrugged, a small smirk playing at the corners of his mouth. I chuckled, knowing just how convincing he could be when he wanted to. That boy is a born actor, I swear.

"Sneaky. So you basically told the truth, you just twisted it a bit. You know, sometimes you SCARE me," I admitted, shaking my head in wonder.

"Heh, the best lie is the truth!" He agreed, laughing softly. "Now, where WERE we?" He said abruptly, pulling me close again. I giggled, realizing he had already switched gears again. We spent the rest of the night engaged in what I soon discovered was his new favorite activity, before finally falling asleep in each other's arms.
"Well, this is another fine myth you've gotten us into..."
-from "Myth Directions"

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ewkada @ Apr 12 2015, 04:43 PM wrote: Great story BT! I like your combination of StarWars with Superheroes more than StarWars alone. [happy] Superheroes suit perfect into the world of StarWars, they bring humans at a higher level, I would say space level, where they can stand to other intelligent species. I miss non-mutant humans on the rebellion’s side however. Do humans support/work/ serve the dark side only?
Oh, there's plenty of non-mutant (non-"Genoshan" humans) in the Rebel Alliance in Marvel Star Wars.