9/1/17 - If We're Together + After Queen Badiane

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9/1/17 - If We're Together + After Queen Badiane

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''You won't add this planet to your collection,'' Sailor Neptune said to Princess Snow Kaguya and the latter's Snow Dancers. Frowning, she glanced at the unconscious forms of the other Sailor Guardians. She remembered the Snow Dancers flying to the Sailor Guardians and attacking them with ice or knocking them down. Sailor Neptune turned to Sailor Uranus. She smiled after the latter approached her side. *We'll battle together.*

Princess Snow Kaguya smiled as soon as the Snow Dancers flew to where Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune stood. She viewed Sailor Uranus punching a Snow Dancer and causing her entire form to shatter. Princess Snow Kaguya was not worried. There were plenty of other Snow Dancers.

Worry filled Sailor Neptune's eyes for a moment. *If Sailor Uranus is injured or...* Sailor Neptune refused to complete the rest of the thought. She frowned again.

A Snow Dancer threw snow energy at the ground. Ice appeared and grew around her enemies. It trapped them together.

Sailor Neptune trembled uncontrollably. She winced and embraced her upper body. She wrapped her arms around Sailor Uranus. Tears formed in Sailor Neptune's eyes. She began to smile another time. She never released her.

*We'll perish together.*



Michiru frowned as she sat by a window. Her eyes were on various lightning bolts. She remembered a certain enemy's lightning attacks. *Queen Badiane* she thought. She recalled other things about Queen Badiane. Her frown remained.

*I remember Queen Badiane using energy from the dreams of children to power a Black Dream Hole. I remember her trying to use the Black Dream Hole to consume everything* Michiru thought. She focused on lightning another time. Her body tensed.

*Queen Badiane almost ended Haruka's life after she used lightning to attack her enemies.* Her eyes widened after she heard footsteps in the bedroom. Michiru looked to one side before Haruka approached her. She smiled.

Haruka sat near Michiru and remembered battling Queen Badiane. Concern filled her eyes. She touched the latter's shoulder and smiled. ''I'm here for you,'' she said.

Haruka was always with Michiru when the latter revealed tears in rain months ago. She remained with Michiru while she heard thunder.

Michiru continued to smile. She embraced Haruka. She saw the latter's wide eyes. Lightning and Queen Badiane never bothered Michiru any longer now that she was safe with Haruka.