8/28/17 - The King's Eyes and The New Home

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8/28/17 - The King's Eyes and The New Home

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8/28/17 - AUGUST 2017 FAN FICTION


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Repsaj frowned and brought his sword down on one enemy's weapon at the same time. He glanced at his chamber before worry filled his eye. *If King Kooh's enemies attack my wife...* Repsaj's shoulders slumped. *I loathe not being near Ailicec* he thought. He turned to King Kooh as the latter battled three trespassers.

Confused, Repsaj tilted his head to one side after King Kooh glanced at his chamber. *King Kooh is worried about Ailicec?* he thought. He and King Kooh gasped as soon as all enemies ran into the chamber. They followed them. They paused together. Their eyes widened as they gasped again.

Repsaj viewed the enemies holding a frightened and struggling Ailicec's arms. He stepped back after they struck Ailicec and knocked her down. He ran to Ailicec and saw tears in her eyes. Repsaj embraced her as tears ran down his face. He looked back. He frowned the minute King Kooh pursued enemies.

Repsaj turned to Ailicec. He refused to release her even after King Kooh returned without enemies. He faced him again.

There were tears in King Kooh's eyes.

Tears for the woman King Kooh loved.



King Kooh smiled as he looked into a tarantula chamber. His eyes remained on multiple tarantulas. *My beloved pets.* After shutting the door, King Kooh walked to another chamber. He opened the door and saw many cobras. *My other beloved pets* he thought.

King Kooh closed the door and approached Repsaj's chamber. After walking into it, he viewed Ailicec resting in Repsaj's arms. A scowl replaced his smile at a snail's pace. He trembled.

*Ailicec should rest in my arms. I wished to be her spouse before she was with Repsaj.* His smile came back. *Spouses will suffer together.*

King Kooh took Repsaj with Ailicec before he carried them to the cobra and tarantula chambers. He placed them on the floor. His eyes settled on Ailicec prior to another scowl. *Perhaps Ailicec will be my wife* he thought. King Kooh remembered her resting in Repsaj's arms. He began to tremble with rage again.

After opening the cobra chamber door, King Kooh carried Ailicec. He placed her in it before he walked out of the chamber. He closed the door. King Kooh opened the tarantula chamber door. He carried Repsaj and placed him in it. After abandoning Repsaj, he closed the door.

Another smile formed on King Kooh's face after Repsaj and Ailicec sobbed. *The spouses may be apart, but they are with new companions.*



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Queen Badiane wasn't worried after Sailor Guardians appeared in her castle. A barrier and writhing lightning bolts protected her from all enemy attacks. She smiled. *Ants arrive* she thought. Queen Badiane never forgot about many children resting in Dream Coffins under the floor. *My enemies are never going to save the children. They are too weak to defeat me.*

Queen Badiane's smile remained. *Children will be safe in Dream Coffins. Nothing will harm them. They'll always be happy in dreams.*

Multiple lightning bolts continued to writhe. They moved to where the Sailor Guardians stood.

All ants were going to perish.



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Mr. Scratch smiled as soon as he entered one abandoned house. He turned to Miss Itch with Flesh and Bones. ''Our new home.'' Mr. Scratch viewed Flesh and Bones entering two bedrooms. His eyes settled on a sofa. He and Miss Itch approached it.

After sitting, Mr. Scratch wrapped his arms around Miss Itch's waist. He kissed Miss Itch for a few moments and released her. He began to frown. ''We are almost a complete family. A family without the other daughter.'' His frown remained as he trembled.

Concern filled Miss Itch's eyes before she kissed Mr. Scratch. She watched as he ceased trembling.

''Flesh refused to aid Bonnie after her heart attack. She didn't wish to suffer like Bonnie. I still loathe Flesh sometimes,'' Mr. Scratch said. He stood. *Perhaps I should check on Flesh. I'm still her father.*

Mr. Scratch stepped into Flesh's bedroom. He viewed her sitting up in bed. Her wide eyes caused him to tilt his head to one side.
*Flesh is remembering Bonnie?* he thought. After approaching Flesh, he sat near her. Mr. Scratch wrapped his arms around her.

A new home with a new relationship.

''Daddy is here,'' Mr. Scratch said.