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Hey everyone,

After several years I've decided to stop supporting the forums.... they've been dead for a long time and I was pretty much only using them as a way to post news. I've redesigned my website and will now be using a real blog to post news.

I'd like to encourage everyone to subscribe to my mailing list at to stay in touch for future releases (only a few emails will be sent a year and you'll get free stuff). This will be the last update posted on the forums.

A lot of the forum members stay in touch on social media, many of us met on the Star Wars Battlefront II message boards when we were young. It's crazy that was 11 years ago, I was an annoying 12 year old! I miss those days, but am glad that a lot of us have stayed friends. I've met several people from the site in real life now including Issus, Sprocket and Darth Ob1!

I'd love to have a thriving community like those days but I feel most of us don't have the time for that now that we're older. Also what brought us together was a love for one specific game and now everyone is playing a wide variety of different games.

So I guess this is an end to an era, even though the era ended long ago this can be the official burial rights!

Thanks everyone,

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