User Registration Instructions

Todd Harbour
Joined: 5:38 PM - Oct 17, 2004

3:11 AM - May 01, 2006 #1

*UPDATE: Registration functions for the forum have been turned off because we've received way too many screen name registrations -- folks obviously aren't finding the information above about our policy. We don't have time to email everyone who registered incorrectly to point them to this policy -- we were receiving 20 to 30 screen name registrations a day, and when screen name registrations were rejected, users would typically sign up again with the same pseudonym. We just couldn't write everyone back with an explanation.

However, for users who read this policy and agree to it, we will be glad to set up an account for you manually. Email your full name, email address, and confirmation that you've read our registration policy to and we'll establish an account for you within a week or two (please be patient). Please only request an account if you plan to post and participate -- there's no reason to set up an account for you if you're going to lurk. Lurkers have full access to all postings and search functions at this forum. Accounts with minimal or no recent activity will be regularly purged.

This board software isn't very customizable and we're not able to post our user name registration requirements on the registration page where they'd logically go, but please note that our requirement to register with your real name, both first and last, hasn't changed.

We're not an anonymous forum, and everyone is accountable for their words.

If you have privacy issues and aren't willing to register with your real full name, we understand and respect your preference -- our forum environment isn't for everyone. However, please grant us that same respect and don't register anyway with a false or incomplete name and use our resources dishonestly against our wishes.

If you sign up with a screen name, a pseudonym, a first name, a company name, or anything else than your real full name, your registration won't be activated.

The few users at Mobius v.1 who used first names had grandfather privileges since the requirement to register with a first and last name wasn't in place when the forum began in 1999. Those grandfather privileges died with our old forum.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.