Two new boxed sets of Seijun Suzuki films being released

Two new boxed sets of Seijun Suzuki films being released

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Just found out recently that Seijun Suzuki, the pioneering Japanese director whose work was re-discovered and released in the U.S. for the first time late '90s during the HK film craze---primarily his classic crime films such as the dark, surreal, whacked-out BRANDED TO KILL (one of my favorite films by him) TOKYO DRIFTER, GATE OF FLESH, and YOUTH OF THE BEAST (another fave of mine) passed away last year at the age of 93. I'm surprised that I hadn't run across anything about his passing,though. He inspired directors like Tarantino and Jim Jarmusch, whose weird,off-the-wall 1999 crime flick titled GHOST DOG was basically both his take on BRANDED TO KILL and a Suzuki trbute ( I think he said Suzuki actually kind of liked it.) Here's his resume----he did his last film, PRINCESS RACCOON, in 2005:

Seijun Suzuki at IMDB

I also just found out that two boxed sets of Suzuki's early work (which were unavailable in the U.S. until now) are coming out---the first came out in February, and the second volume's coming out April 17th. The first one is titled SEIJUN SUZUKI: THE EARLY YEARS VOL. 1 SEIJUN RISING: THE YOUTH MOVIES, which contain his juvenile delinquent films from the late '50s, and the second is titled SEIJUN SUZUKI:VOL. 2 BORDER CROSSINGS: THE CRIME AND ACTION MOVIES, which actually sounds more interesting to see if you're into his crime films. I still haven't seen THE STORY OF A PROSTITUTE, KANTO WANDERER, TATTOOED LIFE, DETECTIVE BUREAU 2-3:GO TO HELL BASTARDS (always liked that title,lol) or FIGHTING ELEGY---gotta catch up with those. There's also a boxed set of a trio of films from his later '80's period called THE TAISHO TRILOGY, which features his drama ZIGEUNERWEISEN (1980) and two ghostly dramas, KAGERO-ZA aka HEAT-HAZE THEATRE (1981) and YUMEJI (1991) that was released last summer.  Here's some articles about his work:

We Are Movie Geeks-----The Seijun Suzuki releases

Indiewire----Anarchic Japanese Auteur and his freak-out movies

All the boxed sets are limited-edition DVD and Blu-Ray combos, btw. And,no, they ain't cheap---Vol 1 is cheaper then Vol 2,though. Here's a video review of the Taisho set:

Review of the Taisho Trilogy:Beauty and Madness in Exile