N.Y.P.D.----obscure but good and groundbreaking '60s police drama

N.Y.P.D.----obscure but good and groundbreaking '60s police drama

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This ABC police drama series titled simply N.Y.P.D. lasted two seasons (1967-69) on the air, and was groundbreaking in the sense that it showed a much darker, grittier, more realistic side of police work than had been shown on TV up to that time. It was also one of the first TV shows to use held-held cameras, which gave it a genuine documentary look and feel,like you were watching an actual film and not a TV show---plus it was shot primarily in actual N.Y.C. locations, instead on being studio-bound. It featured the trio of actors Jack Warden (12 ANGRY MEN), a young pre-TROUBLE MAN Robert Hooks, and Frank Converse as three policemen who worked to keep the streets of Manhattan clear of drug addicts,rapists,psychos, and anybody else bringing the trouble. It was also co-created by and some of the shows co-written by TV talk show host David Susskind, who also co-owned the company (Talent Associates) that produced the show and various others. I came across a trailer for the show a couple of years ago, and having never heard of it, was surprised at the grittiness of the show. Unfortunately, like a number of obscure shows and films, it's never had a VHS or DVD release anywhere. I did watch a couple of episodes on the tube (out of 49 episodes of the show made, there's only eight there for viewing) and the first one I saw---the episode "Fast Gun" had an opener that actually shocked the heck out of me, and I've seen everything, film and TV-wise---the commercials shown during the show's actual run are included,too:

N.Y.P.D.----innovative late '60s police drama

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