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More Literary Sources For Horror and Sci-Fi Films

Re : BLACK SABBATH source stories --- Doran Gaston
Posted by Jay Fenton , Aug 08,2000,18:19 post reply top message newest index
The are some excellent anthologies of the literary sources that many of our favorites
horror and science-fiction films were based on:

1. THE GHOULS, edited by Peter Haining with an introduction by Vincent Price
and an afterword by Christopher Lee. Published by Stein & Day, 1985.

It has such stories as Gogol’s “The Viy” (BLACK SUNDAY); Ambrose Bierce’s
“Incident At Owl Creek” Tod Robbins SPURS (FREAKS), etc. My copy is a paper
back and it may still be available at used book stores.

2. A more recent anthology is SCINECE-FICTION CLASSICS: THE STORIES
THAT MORPHED INTO MOVIES, compiled by Forrest J. Ackerman, 1999.
Published by TV Books who have a website at www.tvbooks.com

Included are “The Alien Machine” (THIS ISLAND EARTH); “Farewell To The
Master” (THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL); “Who Goes There” (THE
WITHOUT A FACE) and many more.

If anyone knows of other compilations, please let me know.

Jay F.