Attention: New Members Please Read Before Posting

Attention: New Members Please Read Before Posting

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» What is MHVF's posting policy?

General Posting Policy: MHVF was created to host high quality discussions about cinema and video topics. Our specific goal is to foster a congenial environment where positive communication and the exchange of ideas and information can flourish without the fear of insults and attacks. Such an environment is possible when participants maintain respect for each other, which means engaging in discussions and constructively criticizing viewpoints without personally criticizing individuals holding opinions different than your own. In other words, criticize ideas, not human beings. Please, let's not concern ourselves with the trappings of "winning" and "losing" discussions, which is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Our discussions are not a contest, and there are definitely no prizes. We favor participants who are accepting, open-minded and, most of all, real. Postings rooted in ego, aggression, power, manipulation, or one-upmanship are definitely not welcome here.

You are on your honor to follow the simple rules outlined in this FAQ out of respect for yourself and others. Users who demonstrate an ongoing difficulty with honoring our usage guidelines will lose their posting privileges. MHVF's moderators have the ability to remove any post that falls outside the bounds of our usage guidelines, and they will do so without hesitation. Be clear that such an action is not "censorship" -- this is a moderated, privately owned and operated discussion forum, and you have no legal or moral right to post any material that falls outside our forum usage guidelines. That doesn't mean we will ever, under any circumstances, restrict the discussion of any subject that is on-topic to this forum -- we only ask that on-topic discussions be conducted in accordance with our posting policy.

In the event that you feel a post has been unfairly removed, please do not post a public complaint on a message board. Instead, email the board's moderator or MHVF's webmaster to voice your concerns, and we will gladly provide clarification or discuss the issue further as appropriate. Keep in mind that off-topic posts, noise, fluff, "thank you's," "I agree's," personal messages, and miscellaneous subject line-only postings will be removed anywhere from immediately to within a day or two after posting without notification. MHVF has limited funding and fixed web resources, so we ask for our participants' cooperation in staying on-topic at all times.

Flames, Rants and Repetitive Complaining: Let us clearly state that "flames" and attacks on fellow posters are strictly prohibited at Mobius and are grounds for a permanent revocation of posting privileges. Posters who are generally intolerant, prone to hostility, and who regularly demonstrate defensiveness (or worse, aggressiveness) at the most innocuous of remarks, are not welcome in our discussions. There is no such thing as a "stupid" question at Mobius.Rants, barbs, and off-the-cuff remarks made to exploit a personal ideology or agenda off-topic to film or video aren't permitted. This includes such hot-button topics as sex, politics, race and religion. Discussions of these topics within a legitimate context relating to film or the film industry are perfectly acceptable (although this shouldn't be considered a license to riff on about your own political or cultural views). However, this context excludes commenting on the political views or activism of actors, producers, directors, writers, or film critics outside the realm of their careers (or in the case of critics, their writings about film). Postings indicating racial, religious, or other types of social intolerance are inexcusable under any circumstances, and authors of said postings will promptly lose their posting privileges. When posting about anything with respect to Japan -- films, DVDs, laserdiscs, internet vendors, etc. -- please spell the word "Japanese" in its entirety and not with the shorthand "Jap," which is considered a racial slur to many in the US.We welcome and encourage constructive criticism and commentary about any subject that's pertinent and on-topic to our forum. However, when topics come up that you've already written about in great detail at MHVF, please exercise good judgment with respect to repeating the same comments (although it's no problem to post a link to archived postings as appropriate). There's a fine line between harmlessly repeating an observation and insistently pushing a personal point of view on our readers, and reading the same comment from someone over and over again can tax even the most patient and open-minded individual.

Reproducing Information from Other Web Sites and Sources at Mobius: If you have news, information, or rumors you'd like to share with Mobius readers that originated from other web sites, discussion forums, or other miscellaneous sources, please give credit where credit is due and explicitly cite the source of your information and/or provide a direct link to the source when available to acknowledge authorship as applicable. We don't mind if other web sites are mentioned at Mobius -- we'd rather our readers be fully informed and have the benefit of full disclosure and direct access to information so they can judge the reliability of news sources themselves. We're also interested in preventing the spread of secondhand rumor and hearsay through our forum.

Please do not copy and paste entire texts into postings from copyrighted materials such as published news articles, posts from other forums, private emails, or other original writings unless you have obtained advance permission from the original author or web site, whichever is applicable. An exception is made for reprinting texts from sources that grant instant permission through a publicly accessible usage or reprint policy. When reprinting text, please include a brief notice of your authorization to do so and how it was obtained with your posting. Posting direct links to original writings, briefly quoting excerpts within the bounds of fair use with an acknowledgment of authorship, or summarizing writings in your own words are acceptable.

Reproducing Writing and Photographs from Mobius at Other Web Sites and Sources: Rights to original written content at MHVF.NET, including postings, are retained by the applicable author and may not be copied, reproduced, or duplicated without prior written consent of said author under any circumstances. Direct links to original content hosted at MHVF.NET may be published elsewhere without prior consent if the following condition is satisfied: the source of the link is properly acknowledged as "Mobius Home Video Forum" and includes a hyperlink to "" in addition to any other deep link that may be provided. Please note that this authorization does not extend to copying, reproducing, or duplicating original text, graphics, or photographs hosted at MHVF.NET under any circumstances. Personal photographs posted at MHVF.NET are the private property of their respective owner and the nature of sharing them does not implicitly grant anyone permission to take and use them as their own.

Corporate Axe-Grinding: If you have an axe to grind with a particular movie studio or DVD manufacturer, please don't use Mobius as a bully pulpit for your ongoing activism or smear campaigns. Specific constructive criticism of any company or product relating to film and video is definitely of interest to the forum, but we're not interested in being a vehicle for blanket dogmatic bias against a studio, manufacturer, or corporation unless such allegations are accompanied by significant (and legitimate) proof or detailed supporting information. Likewise, we reject the belief that aggressiveness and anger towards a corporate entity is a productive means of consumer feedback.

Typographical Nit-Picking: Please refrain from nitpicking remarks about spelling and typographical errors. Although English is the predominant language here, remember that some of our participants read and write in English as a second language, so errors in spelling and grammar will occur. Please overlook them, although you may ask a writer to clarify his words if they aren't clear to you. Please do not post using all capital letters, or log-in with your name typed in all capital letters. For better or worse, most readers view all-caps text as unpleasant in tone and difficult on the eyes.

Spam and Other Self-Serving Promotional Activities: If your primary interest in MHVF is as a cost-free place to market, publicize, advertise, or otherwise promote your products, web site, or auctions, please move along. (An exception is made for our regular participants, who are welcome to occasionally pass along legitimate news our readers may be interested in, or embed links to their website in the "Related Links" section of their posts. However, banners or other advertising graphics are not permitted at any time.) We are more than happy to publish announcements or press releases that may be of interest to our readers. Please forward them to us via the email address at the top of this page. If you post about a product produced or sold by a company you have a financial or creative interest in, please fully disclose your relationship to the company and product, unless it's common knowledge. If you'd like to legitimately advertise at MHVF, please email MHVF's webmaster and he will be happy to discuss our generously competitive rates for banner and text-link marketing -- Mobius could certainly use the funds.

Spoiler Warnings: If you reveal, discuss, or mention any plot details of a film in your posting, please mark your subject line with a spoiler warning, such as "(spoilers)" or "(mild spoilers)." Alternatively, you may include a spoiler warning in the body of your text as long as plenty of advance notice is given — preferably including a paragraph break — out of respect for readers who skim ahead before fully digesting the words they read a sentence or two back. Please do not disclose plot details of any kind in subject lines. Spoiler warnings are required without exception, even if you reveal something you think everyone knows, like what Rosebud means in CITIZEN KANE, the ending of THE PLANET OF THE APES (1968), who Luke Skywalker's father is, or the identity of the killer in PSYCHO. Please don't confuse our requirement to clearly identify spoilers with a restriction against discussing plot points. Plot points can be an integral part of film discussion, and they are always welcome in postings with the understanding that they be accompanied with the courtesy of a spoiler warning.

» Is off-color language appropriate in posts?

Please refrain from using profanity unless it's within a appropriate context, such as a movie quote or film title. Gratuitous profanity for the sake of vulgarity, slang, etc., especially when used to express an opinion about a film or DVD (you have more creativity than that, don't you?), is prohibited. Please note that partially masking profanity with characters like &%@#!* does not exempt it from our policy -- if you're going to mask, mask every last letter of the word. But again, keep in mind it's not necessary to mask if your usage is appropriate and on-topic to film and DVD within a non-vulgar, non-slang context. Please note that profanity is subject to editing by MHVF's moderators and repeat violators will lose their posting privileges.

While we certainly respect readers who aren't comfortable with off-color language, our policy isn't in place because profanity is "shocking" or "offensive." I mean really, we've heard these words since we were kids on the playground, so they've long lost their impact. Rather, the policy is in place for the same reason your favorite restaurant won't seat you unless you're wearing shoes and a shirt -- it has to do with atmosphere and decorum. Not to mention that pointless profanity is generally tiresome and lazy. If your preference is to swear up a storm, there's no shortage of other forums on the Internet where you can cuss 'til you're blue in the face -- please go knock yourself out somewhere else.

» Is the discussion of XXX-rated films okay at MHVF?

While discussion of mainstream-oriented unrated or X-rated films that may feature sexually explicit material is okay, discussion of adult XXX-rated films and DVDs (including vintage "blue" films) and their cast and crew is outside the scope of MHVF. Rare exceptions may be made for the discussion of XXX films legitimately connected to cast or crew primarily known for their mainstream work (e.g., the films of Joe D'Amato, Radley Metzger, Abel Ferrara, etc.), or cult films such as CAFE FLESH. We're interested in keeping MHVF open to underage readers as much as possible, and allowing the discussion of XXX-rated films would impede that goal. MHVF also doesn't have the necessary legal disclosures and warnings to alert parents or concerned readers to the presence of discussion topics about XXX-rated films.

» What is MHVF's policy on discussing "gray market" video firms and their products?

MHVF's participants are prohibited from explicitly naming businesses and search firms that sell "gray market," bootleg, or other illegally duplicated DVDs, VCDs and videotapes in postings. This policy applies even if your posting refers to legitimate merchandise (such as books, CDs, etc.) stocked by a business of this type. Any attempts to circumvent our policy, including posting "hints" that attempt to give away a company name without explicitly naming it (such as a geographical location), will not be tolerated.

Our policy is in place so that the exchange of consumer-related information conducted at this web site remains in the realm of legitimate film and home video products. Quite frankly, we do not want to be a marketing tool for companies outside this realm. Otherwise, Mobius would be tacitly referring hundreds of potential customers -- both regular Mobius readers and countless others who randomly surf in from search engines -- to "gray market" dealer web sites. While we don't ask that you share our philosophy against the business practices of these companies, we do ask for your cooperation with the above-guidelines while posting at our forum. Please take this request for cooperation very seriously; we feel strongly enough about the issue that posters who disregard this policy may lose their posting privileges even after a single transgression.

This posting policy should not be interpreted as a limitation on any on-topic discussion. Bootleg products are duplicated from some sort of original source material, so discussions with respect to the original sources are perfectly fine with the understanding that a film's availability from a non-legitimate source doesn't need to be mentioned.

References to companies that distribute public domain video products are permissible. If you are unsure about whether company deals in "gray market" products, please email MHVF's webmaster for clarification before posting about it. Please don't post first and ask questions later. We have no information about whether low-budget DVD labels like Brentwood, Alpha, Ground Zero, Diamond and their ilk manufacture legitimately licensed/public domain DVDs or bootlegs. While we suspect these companies aren't operating above board since they regularly reproduce laserdisc/VHS transfers that have been released by other companies, we have no legitimate proof that these reproductions aren't legally licensed, nor do we have the resources or legal knowledge to make such determinations. Accordingly, discussions of these labels are okay (although they will never get a dollar of our money).

» Can I ask for help in locating a particular film on tape or disc?

We strongly prefer that MHVF's limited web resources not be used as a tool to solicit information about locating hard-to-find videos. Besides, most "Where can I find &#133?" questions have extremely limited interest and consumer referral postings are technically outside the scope of this discussion forum. Regular contributors to MHVF may post this type of question infrequently with the understanding that follow-up responses should not contain referrals to "gray market" dealers.

» Is it appropriate to post requests for video dubs or tape trading?

While we are sympathetic to the difficulty and, at times, high cost of locating legal copies of some of the films we discuss, MHVF is not a bootlegging or tape trading forum. Posts referencing this subject matter will be promptly deleted.

» Why aren't screen name or pseudonym user registrations allowed at MHVF?

This discussion forum is our sincere attempt to bring humanity to electronic communication by transcending the medium's anonymous nature. We advocate honest discussions between real people -- hence, our "real name" policy. We're here to learn, share and debate in a cooperative and congenial fashion. We feel that requiring our readers to use real names strips away some of the web's cold anonymity and assigns accountability to their words, encouraging an atmosphere of reason, tolerance, and respect. We believe this type of atmosphere is a key ingredient in nurturing intelligent discussions. Some individuals value their personal privacy higher than the principles discussed above, and we respect that. But if that's the case, please respect what we're trying to do here and don't register with our forum and then fight us on being honest about who you are or how to contact you.

Registering with your real name and email address doesn't mean you'll receive spam. We hate spam just as much as you do, and we'll never, ever use your email address for any commercial purpose. The message board software used at MHVF contains protection against the automated spam-bots and spiders that troll the web to harvest email addresses. So please feel safe to leave your real address so your fellow film and video enthusiasts can contact you should the need arise, and do not strip it out of your postings.

» What happened to my genre post on the Arthouse, World & General Cinema message board?

There's a misperception that AWG is open for discussion of any topic. But the term "General" is not intended to represent a wildcard that means anything goes — it's meant as a non-genre mainstream catch-all for areas not covered elsewhere at MHVF, such as Westerns, musicals, documentary, silents, classics, etc. To reiterate: AWG is a board for discussing mainstream non-genre cinema. It's not fair to readers not generally interested in genre cinema to have to wade through genre posts on AWG to find discussion about films, DVDs, and other topics of interest. It's also important to respect that some of our readers may be uncomfortable with, or offended by, horror and violence. We want these readers to have a place with us. There is a rich history of cinema outside genre, and it's extremely important to us that we develop and maintain a board that allows discussion of these topics to flourish. If a thread starts at AWG that you'd like to comment on from a horror context, please feel free to start a fresh thread about that topic at Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantastic Cinema or Cult & Exploitation. Genre posts made on AWG will be shifted over to Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantastic Cinema or an otherwise appropriate board when possible and if appropriate. Otherwise off-topic genre posts and responses will be deleted without notification.

» Is there anything I can do to help defray MHVF's operating expenses?

Yes, you can! MHVF needs your support to continue operating on a regular basis. MHVF is not bankrolled by a corporation; it's financed and operated by one individual, and, unfortunately, his pockets aren't deep enough to cover the web space, bandwidth and message board software license charges that MHVF accrues on a monthly basis.

You can help subsidize our costs by purchasing movies, music, books, or other products through MHVF's affiliates. We receive a small commission of the sale price from purchase sessions originating from MHVF's links. If you regularly use internet retailers, it would greatly benefit MHVF if you could redirect your business through our links whenever possible. If you don't shop online but are still interested in supporting Mobius, we also accept direct donations via PayPal -- a PayPal banner can be found on most pages, including this one, at our web site. Your support is graciously appreciated.