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May 16th, 2018, 2:04 pm #1

After Zanzibar Zero recovered two soldiers near death. Big Boss and Gray Fox. Big Boss to Zero was an irreplaceable icon/ friend. After Big Boss betrayal it is said that Zero no longer believed in something so uncertain as life. He was no longer willing to place his organization in the hands of the next generation. Instead he set up AIs.

"But in the shadow of the system and its complete control over the world Big Boss isn't allowed to live or die. Trapped for eternity in a brain dead prison". Why? Well one reason Big Mama said was "to bind himself to his friend". He transform Big Boss into an icon neither living or dead. Hmm...

This is all strikingly similar to what happens to Gray Fox isn't it. He too was trapped in a kind of brain dead prison as the Cyborg Ninja. Neither truly alive nor truly dead, and undying shadow. But with him it all seems so random. There is no connection between Gray Fox and Zero like their was between BB and Zero. Or is there? The one vague connection there is as Gene mentioned both Zero and Null( Gray Fox) have the same code name. Is this significant? Maybe, Naked Snake and all his clone sons had the same code name of Snake. It could suggest there may be some relation there. If there is some relation there it may give a reason why Zero chose to revive and reconstruct Gray Fox as the Cyborg Ninja. Maybe he wanted to bind Gray Fox to himself. Nothing in the latter games further touches on this possibility.

But isn't it a little fishy that there is a character that shows up in MGS2 that basically has the perpetuation of Zero's legacy circulating in his cerebral cortex in the form a neural network. Maybe Zero did bind himself to someone else besides Big Boss. :whistle:
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