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15 Apr 2016, 03:43 #1

Hello people! I figured I would post an intro as I realized I have been a member here since 2012, and have not made a single forum post.

My name is Curt, and I am the project lead for a fan game that hopefully some of you have heard of before: Metroid Coven! I have been casually working on it since I was 16, but as of a year or two ago, I completely scrapped the entire engine and started from scratch. As of now, I have surpassed the previous engine in terms of capability, polish, and raw progress. I hope to release a pre-pre-pre-alpha demo here just to show what I've done since I went silent a while back.

Anyway, I consider myself a nostalgia gamer, in that I very rarely buy new games and instead either play multiplayer with friends, or most of all, speedrun games from the '90s era of gaming, so systems like SNES, N64, and even some PC games. I livestream whenever I have time, but I just had a baby daughter on April 8, so of course, my time is short, and when I do have time, I gotta be quiet! My Twitch can be found here: Twitch user EchoJerichoX.

I currently live in the States (FML), and work as a broadband technician, which is a really cool term for "cable guy" :P. My websites, social media, and contact info. are below!

-- Metroid Coven --
Official website. We are currently in the process of moving the website from the dark ages and into WordPress and stuff, so pardon the ridiculous layout and coding/graphical errors.
Trello. This is where you can literally track my development down to every feature I work on, as well as my team members.
GitHub. This is where you can see what I do down to every single file I modify in the project directory.

-- Social/other media --
SpeedRunsLive. (Out of date, I don't race that much anymore).

-- Contact --
Skype: EchoJerichoX (Currently displayed as "Curt Stern (Echo)").
Steam: EchoJerichoX (Currently displayed as "EchoJX").
Email: echojerichox@gmail.com.

Anyway, glad to be a part of the community! Feel free to hit me up sometime.
- Echo

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Welcome, EchoJerichoX [/incredibly belated]

I remember Met: Coven, for a while there it was the most active fangame around. Then uhhh [spoiler]Jolly well fucked[/spoiler] happened

Congratz about your daughter!

Hope to see progress on your new site and engine work soon

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How much for your daughter?

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Physix @ Apr 19 2016, 05:44 PM wrote: How much for your daughter?

If every porkchop were perfect, We wouldn't have hot dogs!

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The shitposting is strong.