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Espionage Wars V7: Colonial Edition

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Espionage Wars has moved back to Facepunch, you can find it here: ... -losing/1/

Colonial Edition

What is this thread?
Basically this thread is a roleplaying game where you the player control a large or small PMC/PSC/Milita/Military/Business/Mercenary Group/Nation/Cult etc. and make Poses revolving around everyone's factions may it be dealing, allying or even fighting an all out war!

Useful links
Deviantart Group

Click the hyperlink to the wiki page below to check out the rules, please do this semi-frequently. If you have any questions about the rules ask the GM's
The Rules
Rules are Subject to change

These guys control NPC factions, Help out the OP (Me) with the rules and decisions, and can answer any of your questions.

These guys help maintain the Wikia, Discord, Deviantart group and map.

Faction Introduction Template (For new players)

1. Faction Name.

2. Faction Alignment and/or mission. (Very Chaotic-Chaotic-Chaotic Evil-Neutral-Neutral Good-Good-Very Good.)

3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff.

4. (OPTIONAL) The leader of your faction.

5. (OPTIONAL) A pic of your territory.

Factions controlled by other players.

Annointed Warriors of Allah. - Laggies

Blackforce Corporation. - Kommandant298

Children of God. - F T

Eastern Legion. - Bottle Boy

Elios Corporation. - DaFrostIsReal

Guardia Sombra. - F T

Grand Duchy of Baltia. - VenomBlizzard

Grey Storm Air Force (GSAF). - Kali

Kraaivuur International. - Redcoat893

Firebrand Confederation. - -Rusty-

Kuril Republic, The. - Ninja Nub[NOR]

Nemean Lion. - Phenix_360

Papilon Solutions PMC. - Taggart

Penumbra Corp. - CSLeader

Phoenix International. - Sir_Leaf

Platine Commonwealth, The. - PeixeSierra

Republic of Boliveria, The. - Slim Charles

Sovereign States of Honshu, The. - Slim Charles

SABRE International Security Investment Group. - RobDavids25

Smokkelaars Alliansie, The. - ScienceGuy44

Sparrow Corporation. - jugerbro

Talon Security Solutions. - Mralexs

Trinity Corporation. - Infab

Vaspo Defence Forces. - Lucky9Two

United Republic of Karaq. - Rick Vice

Viper Defense Initiative. - Viper123_SWE

World's Liberation Army. - _angel

Xin Syndicate. - wotman

Soviet Republic of Provideniya, The. - Luahelper

Raven Consortium, The. - TacoManz

Civil Nationalist Front. - georgeebizzle

Goldtop Security. - Minimole

United Roman Republic, The. - ussr68

Tiger Company. - VincentVanGoat

Ares Nómadas. - Luxuria

Republic of Herrera, The. - DaFrostIsReal

Kozlovia. - Afran

Bogotá Carte, The. - Afran

Divine Order of Christ's Blood. - Creatrick

Reichstadt. - RoblixWW2

Federal Republic of Herzegovina, the. - KameradJosef

Eesti Slaavi Riik - Roblixo
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da bes

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This edition is going to be loooong one I guess.

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Nice! gotta start posting soon!

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We have traveled far and wide across the world in search of a new home.

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Oh boy, the smell of fresh air.

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Well, I do hope you feel at home here. I took the liberty of pinning the threads, hope that's cool with you guys.

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Well, where did we left off?

Bursa, Turkey

Veteran monk snipers are deployed in Bursa wrote:Order has deployed several veteran sniper teams, who mostly distinguished themselves during Battle of Constantinople last year. Well trained and prepared, these sharpshooters have been tasked to eliminate high-value enemy targets such as high ranking officers and experienced vehicle crew members.

One of Order's snipers, Brother Matthieu, takes aim at turk soldiers. One note on wall reads - Heavenly Father, I smite the damned and accursed in Your name. May their pitiful souls descend into never ending darkness.
UPA soldier is lethally wounded by monk sharpshooter wrote:The arrival of elite snipers have already proven deadly to enemy forces. Several squads of Turkish soldiers were either wiped out or trapped inside buildings in coordinated sniper ambush. A fair number of UPA troops were also killed after attempting rescue operation. It's likely that snipers have already changed their position, as their primary goal is to inflict as much damage and vanish into ruins of Bursa before counter-measures can be effectively deployed.
Order's mechanized infantry formation advances through a recently destroyed street in inner Bursa. Barely identifiable corpses of both sides can be found in rubble - mostly uncollected bodies from earlier fighting. wrote:In other parts of the city, Order moves out to aid their Kergikstani allies who have recently began their counter-attack against enemy coalition forces. 2 full monk soldier battalions, supported by roughly 3 companies of militants and minor assistance from Bavarian military push onward to the enemy controlled inner city blocks with mission to relieve pressure from Kergikstanis. The area where most fighting will happen is relatively spared from debilitating artillery strikes that leveled entire outer districts, but as the Order forces move on, their artillery support hit more buildings, flooding roads with rubble and dust.

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wrote:Leeuwaarden, The Netherlands
With the recent seizing of Leeuwaarden's airbase Herreran infantry has been cleared to land at said airbase. Patrols are assigned to each district until further notice. Now still unclear what their next target is, the soldiers have some time to rest before hell breaks loose.
wrote:With the Netherlands and Belgium stuck between two fighting fronts, time will only tell how this turns out.