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Munich, Bavaria.
wrote:Whilst the crisis continued in the Balkans between the New Yugoslavian Federation, and the Union of Bavaria, ATO Diplomats led by Kevin Spac-Kevin Hab initiated talks with diplomats from the NYF under the table to avoid major media attention. Following the six days of diplomacy, ATO diplomats were able to garner a deal with NYF diplomats to prevent a potential regional or global conflict from erupting. The deal outlined the stand-down of all NYF forces planning on invading Croatia, as quoted by a diplomat from the NYF, " New Yugoslav Federation military soldier, tank, or aircraft shall violate the borders of Croatia.". Presidential candidate Kevin Hab; when asked about the end of the talks, said, "We're all glad that we can stop eating take-out and start getting back to the matters at hand, domestic policy.".

wrote:Depicted- Kevin Hab shaking hands with a NYF diplomat with NYF and Bavarian diplomats in the background.

Kevin Hab wrote:"Diplomacy. The orgy to all politicians that gets them off, and the paychecks that come with it. This petty squabble may be over, but the shit throwin' has only just started. Shake hands with your left hand, hold a rock in your right.
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Standing Down
February 17 wrote:As promised by the N.Y.F government to the Union of Bavaria, the Yugoslavians pull their troops and aircraft away from the Croatian border. These troops have received new orders to help with clearing out resistance on the N.Y.F-occupied half of Bosnia.

Above: An N.Y.F conscript looks on in disappointment at not being able to see any major action across the border into Croatia.

Urban Warfare
wrote:As the fighting drags on, N.Y.F troops and armor are being forced into the dangerous, narrow corridors that are the streets of towns and villages. Being fairly inexperienced in urban combat, the N.Y.F will suffer a heavy number of casualties in the days and weeks to come. N.Y.F troops and armored vehicle crews don't know what to expect when moving into a town. What could be down the next street? Just another empty one, or a hidden TOW or machine gun nest? The fighting and the push down towards Sarajevo is only gonna get worse as the fast, sweeping blitzkrieg infantry maneuvers that the N.Y.F committed to begin to slow down as they have to enter and clear the towns and villages on the way of Bosnian military units.

Above: Conscripts and army regulars take cover after an IFV takes a direct hit and subsequently cooks off from a Bosnian TOW.
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February 18th, 2018, 2:54 pm #103

An article on leaflet drop by Breitbart - a big far-right news site that recently started publishing anti-Gecko content for unexplained reason wrote:Numerous articles on Gecko's CEO leaflet drop and it's contents have appeared in many media outlets. Many have criticized Jonathan Lee-Armstrong for "unprofessional, brash attitude" towards protesters and noted that it won't help to defuse the increasingly hostile situation near Dragon City, though some have defended him, noting the recent surfaced photos of large trash piles present near non-environmentalist protester camps.

Forbes has listed Jonathan Lee-Armstrong's move as one of the most incompetent decisions in his still short career as Gecko's CEO. "The young CEO, naturally, has no serious experience leading such a massive company yet, but this was completely uncalled for and might ultimately lead to disaster." - said Andrew Fryar, writer of Forbes.

Several large far-right and far-left internet news portals have also publicized the event, expressing disdain for Gecko. Most of the articles published were outright insulting the company and CEO, which resulted some of them taken down after Gecko warned the portals with defamation lawsuits.
Order monk procession leaving church after evening mass wrote:Order has stepped up their efforts in establishing more temples in ERR, GDS and Volhynia. At least 10 new churches were built and several more taken over by Order's clergy in last 2 months.

More faith-related construction projects are planned by Van Reyes owned Cobalt Construction and Logistics - a relatively small construction firm that Grand Pontiff is currently seeking to expand. It is very likely that this company will be one of the biggest contractors in ERR occupied Turkey restoration project, including redesign of Constantinople and christian restoration of Hagia Sophia.

wrote:3 weeks have passed since guns fell silent in Turkey. Yet the land still reeks of death and smoke. A conflict that shook, yet was largely ignored by post-collapse world, will enter the history as one of the most defining moments for all the nations involved...
Victorious battle chaplain and his entourage taking a ride around the former battlefield of Bursa wrote:Divine Order of Christ's Blood have achieved their holy war goal and reclaimed what was so dear and important to them. The declaration of victory over Muslim enemies has been met with joyous celebrations everywhere where Order followers can be found.

What was a small paramilitary force tagging along with ERR's army, now has grown into a powerful militarized church that's now aggressively spreading their beliefs around the world. The morale and determination of soldiers of the Cross is all time high, and the eyes of their sinister commanders are now turning elsewhere...

One might question where the Order will focus their full power now...
Blessing of the new border wrote:Hundreds of crosses were raised along the new border, cementing the territory of the so labeled New Christian realms. Every soldier of the Order was required to take an oath to defend them with their lives. Those on the other side of the border could witness groups of crusaders, eerily chanting the holy scriptures and praying as they were standing on the edge of DMZ.
Centuries old Roman hatred towards Turks represented by the side of motorway... wrote:Another bane of the war - Filii Caesar and Inquisition, are still marauding around more remote parts of conquered Turkey. Though pretty soon they will be forced to stop by whoever commands them, the suffering inflicted by them will forever remain in history of these lands.

It's still not rare to find crucified people on the edge of roads - favorite method of execution among Latin extremists. Those who pass by them are shaken by silent wails of still alive, slowly dying victims. Nobody dares to help them, as it is well known that FC insurgents are watching the crosses from the distance. The fate of those who try to ease the suffering is similar.

It will never be known how many people have really been killed by the extremist Latin-Christian duo...
Bella detesta matribus wrote:The Turkish people have fought with grim determination, yet the onslaught of EP was too much even for their most decorated commanders...

The scattered remnants of Turkish army have retreated into their new borders, all while displaying such grim grief and humiliation that is rarely ever seen. While the majority of soldiers are content to have survived the horrors, commanders often turn back to look painfully on the land lost as they go, dreaming of revenge on Romans and their allies...

With several major financial and industrial centers lost, Turkey, once a proud and powerful nation, has been reduced to a rump state. It's unlikely they will ever manage to reestablish their status as regional power...
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February 20th, 2018, 5:29 am #104

Homs, Syria
The Battle of Homs: wrote:The AWA's mobilized forces storm the city of Homs, and perform multiple skirmishes across the entire city. Their current objective is to sabotage any Syrian Arab Army FOBs within sections of the city.

With the few tanks in possession of the AWA, at least 2 FOBs have been destroyed since the start of the attack this morning.

AWA forces appear to be attacking from all sides of city, seeming to make an attempt at closing-in the SAA's forces stationed in the city.
AWA fighters spotted during a firefight. wrote:Many AWA soldiers have begun to engage SAA forces on the streets of Homs. Performing swift and yet aggressive shootouts against the Syrian Government's forces.

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February 20th, 2018, 9:51 pm #105

wrote:In President Antoinne Larisse's Weekly Address, he announced the plans of a so-called French pact. The pact, currently still nameless, is suspected to become active after a hopefully successful war campaign. In regards to the war in Benelux, progress has been slowly coming along. CGM forces have conquered Luxembourg and are close to Belgium's capital, while the Herreran marines are putting the pressure on the Netherlands' defense force. The war is closing in on it's end, with the marines almost completely surrounding Amsterdam. While it might still take a while to conquer the entire country, the battle of Amsterdam is sure to prove a big spectacle. With his country's success in the war, Larisse announced a parade that would take place in the conquered parts of the Netherlands. The parade kicked off earlier today, as the president left his safehouse in Leeuwaarden.
wrote:Larisse left his safehouse this morning, his transport- a million dollar Audi sedan modified to provide the uttermost protection.

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February 20th, 2018, 11:01 pm #106

wrote:Early this morning a UZF propaganda video was uploaded across the internet showing once again the brutality of the organisation. In the footage it shows a group of UZF fighters nailing a Syrian family to wooden posts before pouring petrol onto them and then setting them alight one by one. The casualties included a man, his wife and their two young daughters. In the footage an unmasked man also speaks into the camera as it is happening. "What you see before you is the consequence of affiliating and supplying food to the Anointed Warriors of Allah, each one of them is guilty and worthy of this punishment."

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wrote:Lille, Herrera

The Tchvonian AFB has been lit up with more than usual activity as bulk orders of tank shells have been coming in since late last night, a response to the Herreran military requesting more for their T-90MS MBT's as munitions have been running low since the start of their conflict with neighboring countries.

wrote:Back in Tchvonia

A contract computer specialist for the TKGB was found murdered in his apartment stairwell this morning, authorities have claimed it was a random act of violence and the TKGB released a statement expressing their condolences to the employee and his family. In reality, it's just another tally to the intelligence war between Tchvonia and Karaq. A call made by the computer specialist to TKGB headquarters informed them of 'something big' he had found out about Karaq, unfortunately for them his laptop and data were lifted by the assailants who remain at large within the country.

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Alaska, Dragon city.
wrote:After months and weeks of planning with the OIA and SAT Spec ops along with the order, The order managed to obtain files and buildings layout and with that Operation Trojan horse was, now a go with SAT agents going into the old maintenance shaft of dragon city. The SAT operatives mission is to get to the server farm and get any blueprints that they can get a hold off, second was to meet the whistleblower that contacted the kergikstan government anonymously.

wrote:With hours of trekking the Shaft managed to find the electrical grid, and started planting C4 along with piling up and flamable and explosive, objects hoping to knock out the power to security measures and security first responder stations.
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February 22nd, 2018, 5:16 pm #109

A section of wall collapses after underground explosion wrote:As soon as SAT operatives got out of the tunnels, the explosives they planted were detonated. The giant underground blast collapsed a section of Dragon City wall under which the explosives were placed, throwing massive amounts of dirt and concrete up in the air - the smoke column could be then seen from kilometers away. The shockwave was felt far, reaching all the way to protest camps and inner Dragon City. What followed then was a power outage in some sectors of the complex, as the blast severed some major energy cables.

Many guard posts and security systems went offline and it will take some time for them be fully operational again. This time window is enough for SAT operatives to reach their target. The entire complex guard force was thrown into confusion as massive numbers of security personnel were sent rushing to the point of the blast.

The situation is still unraveling...

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February 22nd, 2018, 6:39 pm #110

wrote:Today marks an important day in Children of God history. In the advent of fake news allegations, the Guardian Council of Ayatollahs have recently passed an initiative allowing for the formation of a media channel specifically for the Androsynth. This channel, named 'Word of Fire', is dedicated to not only broadcasting news regarding world events, but also covering Children of God activities as well, such as their ongoing conquest of North Korea. Howeer, anything to be broadcast on this channel is at the mercy of the council as it must first be approved by the Magistrate. Currently, the WoF is being broadcast in the Southwestern United States and wherever else any Androsynth may have formed residence.
wrote:"...And so we shift focus to our jihad in the rogue state known to the world as North Korea. For months on end, we have fought hard and bravely to topple this disgusting communist power and to bring peace and stability to the region. And while Lord Volta has indeed gone against orders from Lord Adam himself to lay waste to the land in order to conquer it, the Magistrate so far has deemed his actions as lawful and in compliance with the will of God. As of now, no punishments or penalties have been planned for Lord Volta once this struggle is over. In fact, the Magistrate himself has declared his intention to visit Lord Volta personally and to congratulate him should he achieve victory over the communist regime."
wrote:"Currently, all that remains in the path to victory is Pyongyang, the capital city where the corrupt Kim dynasty and the rest of their ilk reside. With help from our only friends in Elios, this decadent city will fall underneath the boots of our people and our banner raised high above it's ashes. With Lord Volta's men surrounding the city, there is no place for any of them to hide! There is no place for any of them to run! It's only a matter of time now before this iniquitous hive plaguing the rest of Asia will be defeated. Victory will soon come!"
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