1 fl.jig. = 2.700 cu.”

1 fl.jig. = 2.700 cu.”

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1 fl.jig. = 2.700 cu.”


Regarding your question of September 15th @ 2:11 p.m.

What is the point of the 1 fluid jigger, because it doesn’t fit into the 1 fluid gallon, although it does fit into all the fluid measures larger than the 1 fluid gallon. I’ve asked a couple of bartenders but they say they don’t know. The nearest I can find is the 1 fluid scuttlebutt or 448 to 1, which is an absolutely huge relationship so I cannot see the relevance for the 1 fluid jigger

Nick, as I think you do know, the 1 fl. jigger is only used for hard liquor.

Not only is the 1 fl. jigger only used for hard liquor, it is a fluid measure invented by the hard liquor industry.

Many jurisdictions only allowed the purchase of hard liquor in a sealed bottle of the maximum size of 1 fl. jack

1 fl. jack = 3.600 cu.”

But the hard liquor industry was afraid that some sheriff’s deputies, coroner’s deputies, justices of the peace, constable’s deputies, town tythingmen, town selectmen, or other officials would constantly allege that a labeled 1 fl. jack hard liquor bottle had more than the maximum of 1 fluid jack, and therefore constantly seize the bottles for minute and lengthy testing, in an effort to put saloons or package stores out of business, despite saloons and package stores being legal.

Or legal before Prohobition anyway.

The hard liquor industry therefore simply invented the 1 fl. jigger sealed hard liquor bottle, neatly sidestepping any attempted local disputes about any such bottle containing more than 1 fl. jack of hard liquor.

0.900 cu.’’ = 1 fl.tbs.
1.800 cu.” = 2 fl.tbs. = 1 fl.oz.
2.700 cu.” = 3 fl.tbs. = 1 fl. jigger
3.600 cu.” = 4 fl.tbs. = 1 fl. jack

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