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If you connect to, which is a chatroom embedded into the gaming resource site, it is assumed you are here for one or more of the following reasons and that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this forum post that serves as the rules for the Metalkid Gaming Resource's chat:

(Note: The chat’s primary language is American-English, our community does not speak/type/understand another language.)

I. You are using the gaming resources of the website. We are mostly known for the Individual Values (aka: IV’s) Calculator for Pokemon games.

II. You are seeking help from a real live person with gaming questions and the site resources.

(Note: There are times when nobody is available to help, or genuinely might not know the answer to a question or cannot understand you because of a language barrier. Miscommunication can happen too, and in these circumstances we ask that one remain patient and calm.)

III. You want to hang out in a gaming chat community that is kind, helpful, interested in talking about and/or participating in a variety of (but most likely pokemon-related) video games with a good sense of gamesmanship, and other small talk type conversation topics: (i.e. cars, traffic, weather, major news stories, pop culture stories, misc. scientific news from the media or from a medical journals, cartoons and anime, and fan fiction). Keep in mind that although small talk is allowed, there are rule restrictions on all discussion topics such as sexually explicit jokes (visual or literary or porn of any sort even if pokemon related) and this includes linking directly to other places online or offline that provide such content. Another restriction is on personal attacks or insults or comments made to spite or express displeasure another person in the chat.

(NOTE: We are not a role-playing chat, or a flirting-dating chat)

**Definition: “good gamesmanship” means, for example, no sore-losers or boastful winners telling each other they’re better than another for winning, or that someone sucks or used a cheap strategy to win, because they lost to that person(s).

(Note: If you don’t want to play a game with a particular person for whatever reason, you may respectfully decline without specifying a reason. Nobody is forcing you to participate)

Examples of respectfully declining:

A. Person 1 to Person 2: “Hey do you want to have a Pokemon battle/trade with me?”

Person 2 to Person 1: “No thank you.” or “Not right now thanks."

1.The #1 Master Rule: Respect Everyone in our chatroom community. Respect is given it is not earned here.

What this means, and what violations of the Respect Everyone rule looks like:

Nobody is to make a post that "personally attacks” another person in the chat. Curse words will not be allowed use in this way, including words implied/substituted in/purposely misspelled but intended to be curse words to try to get around the literal interpretation of this rule.

**Definition: A "Personal attack” is any comment made towards another person(s), to express displeasure/anger that is traditionally meant to insult or defame someone’s character. These usually occur when two or more people have a personality conflict. Such comments are usually made in a spiteful context which may stem from a longstanding dispute which may draw upon subtle undertones from a past argument where apologies were not issued. Such history will be taken into account by moderators, but in such cases the main priority of moderators is to stop a disfunction in the chatroom so others can enjoy it for it’s intended purpose. Personal attacks are NOT the intended purpose for the chatroom.

Examples of "personal attacks”:

1. Remarks defaming one’s character as a human being.

2. Comments that are racist, sexist, sexual, negative sexual-orientation remarks, negative nationalistic remarks, negative remarks regarding disability (mental or physical).

3. Comments on one’s quality of life (should such information about that person be publicly known to the chat regarding their job, love life, sex life, social life, socio-economic status, and person, which includes their family,) CAN be considered a personal attack if the person being referenced in the posts, claims they are offended.

4. Non-constructive comments regarding a person’s skill, rank, and how they choose to play games can be considered boastful and therefore has the potential to offend others because it carries implication that others lesser gamers than yourself. Comments such as these can be considered a personal attack if the other parties say they are offended by such a comment.

(NOTE: A non-constructive comment is one that does not yield or provide a logical piece of advice or methodology into WHY they are criticizing or suggesting a different gaming strategy to another person.)

5. Do not be a sore-loser or boastful winner. Telling others that they’re better/worse than another or that someone else is better/worse than another person in the community, or used a cheap strategy to win is not showing good gamesmanship or respect to the community as a whole, nor does it speak well of yourself. All video games, regardless of outcome should be done for recreation alone, if not it breaks the respect rule.

6. Do not wish anyone any sort of personal misfortune online or offline.

What to do if a personal attack happens: Whoever started a "personal attack" is expected to apologize promptly, genuinely, and with the mindset and intention and action to do everything they can to not re-offend the person(s) they originally offended.

The person(s) offended are expected to accept the apology.

Situations where apologies and the acceptance of apologies for personal attacks do not occur within 1 minute after it is clear one or more person(s) is offended by something someone else said that meet the criteria, in the examples that define “personal attack” listed above, will be dealt with by the moderators who may find both parties at fault for continuing a scene, and not apologizing and forgiving each other.

This rule exists because "personal attacks" run contrary to the main function and purpose of the chat.

2. Do not troll the chat

**Definition: “Troll" and “Trolling” is any post/comment that is inflammatory in it’s content, that intends or lays a foundation to start an argument by invoking emotion from people in the chat for a response, which is generally done for the purpose of entertainment of said reaction. Such posts usually are not genuine representations of the views or opinions of the poster, tend to have little or no coherency in serious argumentation and discussion, and may also meet the definition of "spam" because of that. Another form of trolling is when guests/users in the chat hide under a veil of internet “anonymity” by using an alternate name, temporary name, or anon(#) status in the chat. It has been observed that “anonymous” guests in the chat tend to engage in behavior that is disruptive and in opposition to our community’s rules and intended purpose. Therefore to create a distinction between trolls and those who genuinely want to use our chat for their intended purpose without disrupting other guests experience here, we recommend picking or creating 1-2 official chatango account names (preferably) for sole exclusive use in our chat.

(Note: Those with anon(#) status & temporary name status will be treated differently than those with Official Chatango Accounts, because those operating as anon’s and those with temporary names cannot engage in our appeal process because they often cannot send Private Messages to other Chatango users which our moderators require during disciplinary action.)

3. Do not spam the chat.

What this means:

1. Do not post the same content, message, smiley, meme, link, video, or audio more than twice in one chat frame/window.

2. 3 or more posts in consecutive order that are exactly the same word for word, or in meaning and content, regardless if posted by the same person or not.

3. Messages that have no coherency to a dialogue between people in the chat. An indicator of this is that these posts aren’t sentences or phrases that are discussing a topic, and tend to be (memes or smiley’s)

4. Any link advertising a product or service without permission, that is not in line with the chat’s intended purpose or discussion points. (PERMABAN 1st Offense for anonymous guests if done)

4. Do not share personal real life information beyond generic statements in the chat.

Exceptions: Timezone, Country information is necessary to share and coordinate gaming schedules for duel play online, so this information will be allowed as long as it remains vague enough for this purpose but nothing more specific than that.

1. Do not share phone #’s, social security #, tax identification #, credit or debit card information, driver’s license information, bank account numbers, real names, addresses, and email addresses of anybody else or yourself.

2. Do not share medical history.

3. Do not share information about your love life.

4. Do not share information about what you look like (race, age, height, weight, facial features)

(NOTE: Violating rule #4 in of itself is not something we will ban over, but sharing information about yourself will come at your own risk, and if such information is used in a “personal attack” the moderators will take the fact you shared such information into account during deliberation, and may find you at fault when resolving a “personal attack” drama situation from the chat. Sharing such information is also against chatango’s terms and conditions, and even furthermore may post harmful to your health and safety because the internet is a public place. Metalkid will not be held liable, but in some cases where a crime has been committed appropriate law enforcement will be contacted).

5. Pick a name and continue to use that name to represent yourself when communicating and playing with other people in this chat.

What this means:

1. Chatango allows users to enter our chat with an official chatango account name, temporary name, and/or anon(#) status. We ask that you stick to 1-2 OFFICIAL CHATANGO ACCOUNT names, 1 temporary name, AND/OR anon(#) status for short term use with the condition that you will identify yourself with consistency when asked by Moderators or fellow non-moderator guests of the chat.

The reason for this rule is that we want people to know who they are talking to for transparency and honesty reasons in a community that is focused mainly on collaborative gaming, that often involves trust, with battles and trades, and competition.

The other reason is that mods do their best to keep track of the reputation of each of our guests, should drama arise, such reputation will be taken into account for a judgement on disciplinary action should that be necessary. If multiple aliases are used, moderators have the extra burden of keeping track of whose reputation goes with which username, and this has been too burdensome for the moderators to keep track of given that people on chatango tend to use 3 or more usernames, despite being the same person behind the keyboard/computer.

2. Do not impersonate or attempt to adopt the guise of another chatango member's identity to fool or trick others for any reason whatsoever.

So to make things simpler, this rule is in place for all chat guests, with one caveat exception for moderators themselves.

(Exception: Moderators may stay in anonymous status or temp. name status to investigate chatroom conduct and behavior, at any time. In this case, this is not a rule violation for them.)

(Moderator Privilege: Moderators HAVE the privilege to erase their own posts at will)

(WARNING: Those with anon(#) status & temporary name status will be treated differently than those with Official Chatango Accounts, because those operating as anon’s and those with temporary names cannot engage in our appeal process because they often cannot send Private Messages to other Chatango users which our Moderators require during disciplinary action. They also can’t be recognized by their reputation if they are in temp. name or anonymous # status, despite having an Official Chatango Account)

(WARNING: Also keep in mind getting unbanned, is harder than it is to become banned, as all mods need to be made aware of a situation of when and why someone got banned, and times when all the mods can eventually get word and convene on the disciplinary action being justified or not can be lengthy. You are banned at your own risk.)

General Moderator Policy: Moderators are instructed to be pretty reasonable with rule enforcement and will give out 3 warnings to correct chat behavior that breaks the rules mentioned above. Moderators are instructed to take action when 1 or more guests in the chat indicate they are clearly distressed by another guest’s chat conduct, when pornographic or personal attacks are made/posted, or when the chat is hit with spam.

With the exception of pornographic post (literary or visual), all other bans are issued at 3 rule infractions.

The duration of bans varies on a case by case basis depending on the overall reputation of the person being disciplined.

Types of Bans:

A. Short term (May last anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 day)

B. Medium term (May last anywhere between 7 days to 30 days)

C. Long term (May last between 31 days - 90 days)

D. Super Bans (May last between 151-251 days)

F. Ultra Bans (May last between 1 year - 3 years)

E. Permabans (Permanent until otherwise reversed by a 100% moderator collective agreement)

SPECIAL CASE: Moderator Monkjr will be responsible for banning and unbanning people upon request that they themselves be banned for whatever reason. No other moderator may be allowed to do this duty.

SPECIAL CASE 2: BANS ISSUED by METALKID HIMSELF are not to be undone without METALKID'S permission, even by other moderators. If you are banned by METALKID himself, he determines his own rules and actions, in that sense he has complete control. THESE BANS ARE REFERRED TO AS "MASTER BANS"

“Long Term Bans” and higher rank bans are only going to be used on those with 6 or higher rule infractions, with the stated exceptions regarding posting porn or hacking the chat.

Chat guests may erase 1 rule infraction off their record for every 2 months of issue-free behavior.

Bans may also be undone sooner than stated, if those involved make-up, acknowledging how each contributed to the feud lasting as long as it did in the main chat, and that all parties forgive each other and don’t hold a grudge against each other. (This means if drama flares up again, you can’t reference this past feud as evidence, as it was “forgiven”)


(NOTE: WE do allow using curse words in casual speak here and nobody can claim “Personal Attack” at their general use, unless they are used in a way IN A PERSONAL ATTACK. Albiet we do employ a chat filter for bad words, but that's all we do. If you are offended by the general use of these words you shouldn't be online.)

(HOWEVER: The use of the word ‘rape’ is banned as it means more to a lot of people who have gone through it, or known someone who has been through the experience.) Please use another word to indicate winning or beating an opponent. The true meaning of what one means by using the R word in a gaming context is to express dominance the fact that someone overwhelmed an opponent in a game.

“If you have questions about these rules Private Message the moderator Monkjr. Also keep in mind these rules are subject to change by Monkjr if it becomes clear they are unclear and that loopholes exist in the premise of the existence of any of the rules"


APPEAL PROCESS (What to do if you find yourself banned and you think you are unjustified in being banned)