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190 Of The Month RULES: (updated 22/4/2013)

-The winning members car and username will be displayed on the front page of for 1 calendar month.

-Only one picture can be submitted per member entry.
-You may submit your own car or another members car.
-The car must currently be owned/belong to you or current member.
-The nominated image must be solely of a members car and not a picture with a number of cars in it.
-Submitted image must be of reasonable size. Small (thumbnail) sized images will be removed.
-A winning car/member is not allowed to enter or have his/her car entered into the competition. for the following 6 months.
-Any cheating or vote rigging can be easily spotted by the Administration and Moderation team and will lead to instant dismissal from the competition and a formal warning.
-New nominations will start on the 1st of the following month.
-Nominations will close and voting will begin on the 20th of the month and voting will end on the last day of the month.
-The member with the most votes will win.
-In the case of a draw, the competition will continue to run until one of the drawn members gets another vote.
Part of things
Part of things
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