[GUIDE] Running MenuetOS 64 on VirtualBox

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The Complete Guide To Running Menuet64 OS on VirtualBox

Many people want to run MenuetOS x64 on a virtual machine so they would be able to surf the web and refer to documentations that help them with assembly coding for Menuet, or some people simply would want to use their favorite highlighted text editor to edit and write .asm files.

What this guide can do:
  • Run MenuetOS x64 on VirtualBox almost flawlessly.
  • Share storage between MenuetOS 64 and the main host operating system (Windows, Linux.)
  • Use MenuetCD (Doom, Quake, etc...)
What this guide CAN'T do:
  • Share host OS's network connection with MenuetOS 64 (See this for configuration network: http://menuetos.net/vbset.htm)
  • Enabling graphic drivers on MenuetOS 64 (VirtualBox emulates a low-end generic video driver.)
  • Can't save CONFIG.MNT settings (But you can "Save machine state" instead of "Power it off", so you wont have to reconfigure each time.)
Needed tools & software:
  • CPU with virtualization technology, and BIOS with enabled virtualization feature.
  • Menuet64 disc image (.IMG).
  • Daemon Tools Lite (Windows) or /bin/mount (Linux, system software, no need for installation.)
  • Disk partitioner software (MiniTool Partition Wizard Free for Windows, GParted for Linux.)
  • vdfuse (Linux only.)
How to:

Setting up virtual machine:
  1. Assuming the above tools are downloaded, installed and extracted (If needed).
  2. Launch VirtualBox.
  3. Click the "New" button, write any name wanted.
  4. Select "Type"->"Other".
  5. Select "Version"->"Other/Unknown (64-bit)" (Very important to choose 64-bit, or Menuet64 wont run without Long Addressing mode.)
  6. After clicking "Next", choose "1024MB" as Memory Size, then click "Next" (This value depends on many factors, minimum is ABOVE & NOT EQUAL TO 512 MB.)
  7. Choose "Create a virtual hard disk now" and click "Create".
  8. Choose "VDI", click "Next".
  9. Doesn't matter whether you choose "Dynamically" or "Fixed", but "Dynamically allocated" is more prefered, click "Next".
  10. Choose where you want to save the virtual hard disk and remember where you save it, choose the size (Preferably > 1GB), click "Next".
  11. After the machine has been created, choose it and click "Settings", and go to "Storage".
  12. Create a Floppy Controller (Green icon from bottom).
  13. Add storage attachment to that controller, and select "Choose Disk", then browse where (M6412400.IMG) is located and choose it.
  14. Click on the .vdi attachment under "Controller: IDE" and make sure "IDE Primary Master" as Hard Disk type (You can choose anything, but you need to remember what you have chosen.)
  15. Go to "Display" and increase video memory to 128MB (Or 64MB.)
Setting up the virtual hard disk to be supported by Menuet64:
  1. Navigate to the virtual hard disk location you chose during setting up the VM (.vdi file.)
  2. Mount the .vdi to the host OS (Using Daemon Tools on Windows, or vdfuse + mount on Linux.)
  3. Use the disk partitioning software to create exactly one FAT32 primary partition allocating all space.
  4. Put whatever files you want to transfer to Menuet64.
  5. Unmount the virtual hard disk (IMPORTANT STEP, or VirtualBox won't start the machine.)
Running Menuet64:
  1. Start Menuet64 virtual machine.
  2. When Menuet's boot screen appears, press Esc button on the keyboard to enter configuration file.
  3. Scroll down to "# Fat32 Partition" and set the following values (Depending on IDE Controller Hard Disk type, but in this guide we chose Primary Master):
# Fat32 partition

hd_1_enable             = 0x000001  # 0x000 disabled, 0x001 enabled
hd_1_base               = 0x0001f0  # 0x1f0 primary, 0x170 secondary
hd_1_id                 = 0x000000  # 0x00 master, 0x10 slave
hd_1_partition          = 0x000001  # 1 first, fixed for now
hd_1_irq                = 0x000000  # hd 1 irq, not yet implemented

Press F5 to continue to Menuet64.

Note: This has to be done each time you start the VM.

*To transfer files from/to Menuet64 without stopping Menuet64:
  1. Save state of machine (No need to power it off.)
  2. Re-mount virtual hard disk on host OS.
  3. Do whatever you want with the files.
  4. Unmount virtual hard disk (Important.)
  5. Resume virtual machine.
(Optional) To use MenuetCD:
  1. Download the MenuetCD ISO file.
  2. Go to virtual machine "Settings".
  3. Go to "Storage".
  4. Add Optical Drive to "Controller: IDE", click "Choose disk" and select "MCD.ISO" file.
  5. When in Menuet64 configuration file:

cd_1_enable             = 0x000001  # 0x000 disabled, 0x001 enabled
cd_1_base               = 0x0001f0  # 0x1f0 primary, 0x170 secondary
cd_1_id                 = 0x000010  # 0x00 master, 0x10 slave
cd_1_irq                = 0x000000  # cd 1 irq, not yet implemented
Thats the end of the guide, so enjoy MenuetOS and keep assembling :)
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