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These rules will be followed, no exceptions. Break them and you will be warned through Personal Message. Continue to break them and a ban of 30 days follows. After that you are welcome to return but should you need to be banned a second time, you will be banned permanently along with your IP Adress.

1 - Moderate language. Avoid using insults at all times, and keep a "nice and clean" language whenever possible.

2 - Avoid writing with abbreviations, so that all might understand what you are saying. Excuses like "abbreviations allow me to write faster" are meaningless. After all, you are on a forum, if you can post in here it means you have time. If you don't, then post when you do. S there is no need to type faster or use abbreviations.

3 - Be respectful. No racial slurs, hate words, or anything else of that nature. Use of these will give you an automatic 30 day ban, minimum, without warning. If it occurs a second time, regardless of how long it's been since your last offense, you will be banned permanently.

4 - Try to be active. I won't impose a maximum time of inactivity, especially because I might not be able to control that. However, from time to time, I might feel inclined to delete accounts with large periods of inactivity.

5 - Do not upload any attachments to the forum boards without expressed consent from an Admin or Moderator and they should have to be given the chance to see the content prior to it being uploaded. If you still upload, without an Admin or Moderator having seen or authorized, your attachment will likely be deleted. But it that attachment is extremely offensive you will get a 30 day ban without notice and your post will be deleted.

6 - No pornography. Period. Tastefully nude artwork may be allowed though only after an Admin or Moderator has been given a chance to see said images prior to using or uploading them.

7 - Do not type posts in the background color. If we see you do this, we will modify your post to have a more aberrant color. Like or violet. And no one likes that.

8 - Anything posted by any user on this site is an expression that individual only and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or views of the community as a whole. Any unpublished material presented here in this forum is the sole property of the individual that posted it and expressed written consent must be given in order to publish said content for profit. Anything else posted here that is of a copyright nature is not being sold for profit. Merely emulated as everyone participating on this board are merely fans of the various RPGs and wish to discuss said topics with other fans.

9 - If you ever desire to use the information I display here, to present it somewhere else, please make reference to this forum. This is, after all, something I've been working on and I request no more than being recognized and respected for this work.

10 - Members are free to post their opinions and ideas on the correct forums. So, for example, if you have ideas for feats, or don't agree with those presented there, post your opinion in the Skills and Feats forum. Topics and posts outside the correct forum will be blocked and the member will be requested to post in the correct forum.

11 - By creating an account you are stating that you have read and you agree with the rules presented here.

12 - Have fun and enjoy yourself here. Don't take anything personal. It's all just constructive criticism.

NOTE: More rules may follow, and some may be altered, depending on how this forum develops.
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