Garou Totems

Werewolves... the half-man, half-wolf beasts who are able to transform at will.

Garou Totems

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[color=527E4D]Garou Totems[/color]


One of the first and strongest ties binds a group of werewolves into a pack is the association with a totem spirit. Although the pack members may choose the totem that they feel best represents them, it's really more a case of the totem adopting the pack. Totems often refer to those Garou it chooses as its "children."

Totem spirits are generally Incarnae. They are typically animal spirits, but many packs have mythological beings, elemental forces, or other spirits as totems. When a totem chooses the pack, it sends a Jaggling representative known as a totem avatar to attend the pack. The devotion of the Garou gives the totem and its avatar power, and their actions further the totem's goals. In return, the totem bestows some of its powers upon the pack.

Most totems fall into one of the four following categories: Respect, War, Wisdom and Cunning. The first three are roughly associated with Garou renown; the last is rather less popular among Garou, as the cunning warrior is not always quite so honourable or wise.

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Totems of Cunning
As a rule, Garou don't look kindly on trickery and stealth, so pack totems of cunning are fairly rare. These days, however, more and more young Garou look to new ways of thinking to combat the threats they face. Should they choose to ally with these clever spirits, however, they will find they are little trusted by more "respectable" traditionalist Garou.
  • Coatimundi

    Coatimundi is the most curious totem in the jungle. Related to Raccoon, he has his nose in everything and is always breaking things. But he knows his way around like few others and gives his lore and secrets to his children.

    Traits: Children of Coatimundi gain Subterfuge 3, Stealth 2 and Area Knowledge (Amazon) 3. However, as a totem of cunning, he is without honour. His children lose 2 Honour every time they gain Renown.

    Ban: Coatimundi’s children must not scold or harm pests, such as Coatimundis, mice and curious monkeys. They must always give a beggar something for his troubles (his children are quite popular with Bone Gnawers).


    Coyote is the consummate trickster. He's an outlaw, more Ragabash than Ragabash. Utterly unpredictable, remarkably lusty and sometimes even foolish, Coyote is a clever warrior and a master of deception

    Traits: Coyote gives his packs three extra Stealth dice, three extra dots of Streetwise, one dot of Subterfuge and one dot of Survival. He always has the ability to find his children wherever they are (i.e., this ability doesn't have to be purchased with extra Background points).

    Although Coyote is cunning, he isn't considered particularly wise. Each member of the pack subtracts one from any temporary Wisdom received. If something goes wrong, everyone blames the pack regardless of culpability. Coyote's children have more than their share of difficulties, but at least they never get bored

    Ban: Coyote wouldn't think of limiting his children


    The cuckoo lays her egg in the nests of other birds. The chick then pushes the other squabs out of the nest, and the unsuspecting foster parents raise it. Likewise, the children of Cuckoo are master infiltrators, able to enter caerns, Pentex offices and even Black Spiral Hives without being challenged. Exceptional spies and manipulators, packs aligned with Cuckoo often win prize fetishes and choice quarters in septs, earning the resentment of more "deserving" Garou

    Traits: Cuckoo grants her packs an additional dot of Manipulation and two dots of Subterfuge. In addition, it grants the power to be overlooked. The player of the pack member granted this power rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty 6 or higher depending on how well the Garou blends in to begin with). Anyone who notices her must get more successes on a Perception + Alertness roll than the Garou's player rolled. Guards will assume that the pack member is "one of us," and even a ranking officer won't think twice about the "tech" or servant in the corner. Should the character draw attention to herself (by attacking someone or speaking loudly, for instance) the player must roll again immediately with a +2 difficulty penalty, lest the character lose the effect

    Ban: Cuckoo's children are opportunists who often seek to improve their pack's situation at the expense of others. Garou aware of the pack's affiliation will be very wary


    Fox likes to confound both prey and enemy, be it a rabbit who doesn't see danger approaching or a pack of hounds who follow him into a hornet's nest. He loves to trick opponents into trusting him, then ensnare them in a cunning trap. He loves it even better if the trap also teaches the foe a lesson

    Traits: Fox teaches his followers Stealth 2, Subterfuge 3 and Streetwise 2, the better to confuse opponents (who, it should be noted, are not always enemies). He also grants each pack member a dot of Manipulation

    Ban: Fox asks only that his children not participate in fox hunts, and that they always help foxes subjected to such hunts. Most other Garou view Fox's children as untrustworthy


    Wily and voracious, Goat is an excellent debater and can survive on anything. Also, his horns and powerful feet can show the most stubborn opponents the light. Goat teaches his children how to pursue a point to its end, no matter what the cost. He isn't above using dirty tricks to get his way, either

    Traits: Goat gives his children +2 Subterfuge and +2 Survival. His children make all Willpower rolls at -1 difficulty

    Ban: Goat's children must always eat what is offered to them

    Machine Messiah

    Humans and Garou alike have speculated about the immense power of machine intelligence in the future. The ultimate manifestation of this speculation is the Machine Messiah, the spirit of Artificial Intelligence Yet To Come. The Messiah appears as a large, elegantly built computer mainframe, speaking in the language of those who summon it.

    Traits: The Messiah grants the Gift: Control Simple Machine to its children. Each pack member also receives a two-die bonus to any extended or resisted Intelligence roll.

    Ban: Children of the Messiah must do everything they can to advance the coming of the machine intelligence “singularity.” They must also work to prevent human mages and the Wyrm from controlling machine intelligence.


    Mitanu, like most other planetary Incarnae, isn’t above acting as patron to a pack. However, he doesn’t act as totem to any pack without a Bone Gnawer, Ragabash or someone born under his sign - such a pack is obviously a humourless lot

    Traits: Mitanu’s children are masters of improvisation. They gain three dice to both Subterfuge and Streetwise rolls, and learn the Gift: Blur of the Milky Eye. What’s more, any Ragabash Gift costs one less experience point to learn for one of Mitanu’s chosen

    Ban: Mitanu expects his children to fend for themselves by finding appropriate tools for any task as they go along. He disapproves of over reliance on any one item, and forbids his packs to carry any particular fetish or weapon for more than a month. Talens are exempt from this rule

    Moodai the Possum

    Moodai the Possum is an urban totem followed by many Bone Gnawers. A nimble and cautious spirit, Moodai adapts well to any environment, as do his Children. The Children of Moodai, although not respected, are often called upon to perform tasks unsuited to other Garou.

    Traits: Moodai teaches his Children Stealth 3 and Survival 3. His Children also become adept climbers, subtracting three from the difficulties of all climbing actions.

    Ban: Children of Moodai must leave fruit and other food for the many possums that forage in city parks.


    The only marsupial to thrive in North America, 'Possum is a wily survivor, able to exist in the wilderness as well as in cities. 'Possum has learned the value of deception in escaping dangerous situations, but when cornered she is a fierce adversary. Her immunity to snake venom aids 'Possum's success in keeping the snake population under control

    Traits: Packs who follow 'Possum gain Stealth 3 and the Gift: Resist Toxin. In addition, each pack member gains automatic initiative when cornered or forced into combat

    Ban: Children of 'Possum must never kill one of her children. They must be particularly careful when driving, especially on rainy nights, and must attempt to decently dispose of any "roadkill" they encounter


    Raccoon is a survivor. He lives anywhere, city or wilderness, and adapts as he sees fit. He prefers to be left to his own devices but becomes a fierce and cunning fighter when cornered

    Traits: Raccoon teaches his children +2 Stealth and +3 Survival. They gain an extra die of Brawl during any claw or swipe attack

    Ban: Raccoon asks his children to leave small, shiny objects in the forest for him to find

    Red-cockaded Woodpecker

    This endangered bird makes her home in the sticky pine forests of the southeast. In Appalachia she lives in eastern Kentucky, one of her swiftly dwindling natural habitats. She is known for her tenacity and agility

    Traits: Each of Woodpecker's children gain Athletics 2 and Survival 2. Her children also have an easier time foraging for food in the wilderness, particularly in the form of vegetation. Woodpecker grants her followers the Gift: Spirit of the Bird. Children of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker can manoeuvre with ease through sticky substances such as tar, quicksand or pine resin

    Ban: Children of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker must attempt to prevent the extinction of this species. They must avoid causing harm to any woodpeckers they encounter


    Preternaturally quick, Roadrunner relies on her speed to carry her far from danger. Rapidity of movement implies an equal fleetness of mind, so Roadrunner embodies the ability to think quickly and to change course in midstream without a misstep

    Traits: Roadrunner grants her followers an additional dot in Intelligence. In addition she gives her children Enigmas 1 or an additional dot in that Knowledge if already possessed

    Ban: Roadrunner forbids her children to hunt roadrunners. She also asks her followers to protect desert habitats

    Tammany Hall

    For all those desiring power in the political arena, there is no greater totem than Tammany Hall. However, an alliance with this entity is, in the eyes of other Garou, often as bad as a deal with the devil. Tammany Hall represents political power as an end in and of itself, disregarding the democratic process that is suppose to support it. Oddly enough, lupus Garou trying to operate in the city sometimes demonstrate no antipathy toward Tammany Hall’s ideals, as they don’t respect the human notion of democratic process to begin with.

    Tammany Hall is a clearly American totem, appearing as a great tiger, often with its name neatly lettered across its side like the famous political cartoon. However, it may have other names and faces in other countries, wherever political graft has become so prevalent enough to have earned its own symbolism. (Which is probably to say, everywhere.)

    Traits: Tammany Hall grants its packs an additional dot in Manipulation and two dots in Politics. In addition, Weaver-spirits connected with the city in some way will often obey the pack members. When using this power, the player rolls Manipulation + Politics (difficulty equal to the spirit’s Willpower). Success indicates that the spirit obeys the Garou for a short period of time, as long as the request doesn’t require it to go against standing orders. More successes cause the spirit to act with more efficiency and zeal

    Ban: Members of Tammany Hall must vote early, and they must vote often. They may never vote against the sept’s chosen political agenda


    Termite is a cousin of Roach, and is even more Weaver-prone than her kin. She lives in huge burrows and hills and encourages Garou to cooperate. She is ancient, knowing tales and songs of the long-ago Dragon Kings and even of the lost Changing Breeds. She plans to follow the Weaver to victory, burrowing into the works of Man and Garou.

    Children of Termite may be from any tribe, but Bone Gnawers follow her more closely than anyone else. Some Glass Walkers have taken her as a totem also

    Traits: Packs of Termite get three extra dice when they act to benefit the group before themselves. Each member may also buy any Gift that involves chemical weaponry (such as Visceral Agony, Odious Aroma, Resist Toxin or Venom Blood) for one less experience point than the usual cost. Each pack member gets the Bone Gnawer Gift: Cooking as well, although they don’t need to cook the food. They may simply eat anything wood or paper-based and be nourished (somewhat to the disgust of other Garou).

    Ban: Termite demands that her kind be spared, and that their proper role (as eaters of dead trees and dead wood) be respected. They are not “pests” but nature’s recyclers

    Tulu the Kookaburra

    A staunch foe of the Wyrm, Tulu is always in good humour, laughing in the face of death. Tulu is an intelligent warrior and swoops down upon his prey, breaking their backs with a flick of his powerful beak. His manic laughter echoes across the Dreamtime. Tulu is sometimes called the Father of the Bunyip, for it was he who spilt the Rainbow Serpent’s blood, from which the Bunyip were formed

    Traits: Children of Tulu have an irrepressible sense of humour and never suffer from Harano. Tulu teaches his Children Subterfuge 3 and the Gift of Laughter

    Ban: Children of Tuli must kill any snake they see, symbolic of their battle against the Wyrm. The exception to this rule is any servant of the Rainbow Serpent


    Whitewater is known for her mercurial nature, by turns playful and menacing. She is the symbol of self-challenge and the wild, free spirit of Gaia. Whitewater delights in rapid movement and constant change. Whitewater's laughter pierces the forests and announces her presence over long distances

    Traits: Whitewater endows her Nunnehi and Garou children with Swimming 3 and Boating 2. Her children also gain an additional point of Dexterity when involved in activities which take place in rapidly moving water. Whitewater teaches her Garou children the Gifts: Mother's Touch and Wisdom of the River

    Ban: Whitewater requires her children to make their homes near her banks. She also asks that any who honour her refrain from polluting her rivers</li>

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Totems of Respect
These grand spirits represent virtue and honour, and werewolves look to them when in need of advice in leadership and diplomacy. Some of the greatest Garou leaders have been followers of totems of respect.
  • Bison

    Bison, hard-headed and serene, roams the endless savannah. Native Garou who understand the route to enlightenment is through quiet, methodical thought usually follow him. His wicked horns discourage most from disturbing his thoughts. Although he was nearly wiped out in the 1890s, lately he has been more and more active, as the herds re-establish themselves

    Traits: Bison grants his children 1 Honour, +1 Animal Ken, +1 Enigmas and +2 Survival. They may draw on three additional Willpower points per story

    Ban: Bison's children must always use part of what they kill for something constructive


    Majestic and powerful, Elephant makes his enemies flee in terror, sometimes without even striking a blow. As one of the sacred animals of Africa and Asia, Elephant’s presence among the Uktena symbolises the tribe’s expanded cultural underpinnings

    Traits: Elephant gives his children an additional dot in both Strength and Charisma. Elephant’s followers also gain Leadership 1 and Intimidation 1. Because of his affinity for magic, Elephant’s children make all Occult rolls at a -1 difficulty

    Ban: Elephant requires his children to prevent the destruction of his species and to hunt down known traffickers in the illegal ivory trade. Elephant forbids his children to wear or carry items made from elephants’ tusks


    Like the Silver Fangs he serves, Falcon is a most noble spirit. His keen eyes look deep into the Garou heart, rewarding and inspiring the valorous and honourable. A respected totem, Falcon brings unity to the Fangs and thus to the Garou. Rumours of the Silver Fang's less-than-sterling performance of late has tarnished Falcon's reputation only slightly

    Traits: Packs chosen by Falcon gain three dice to Leadership as well as an extra four Willpower points per story. Each pack member also gains two points of Honour Renown

    Ban: To Falcon's children, dishonour is worse than death; they can never allow themselves to lose Honour. If they do, they must either put right the wrong or perform a Rite of Contrition and further atone for their offence by -hurling themselves at a powerful minion of the Wyrm. While essentially a suicide-run their blood will wash away the stain on their names


    Fir has many names, among them Balsam, Fraser and Spruce, but in all her forms, she is a survivor, able to withstand cold climates that are inhospitable to other species of trees. Fir does not lose her leaves each year, and the cones she produces not only give birth to others of her kind but also provide nourishment for many creatures of the forest. Her sap is the blood that warms her body year round

    Traits: Nunnehi and Garou accepted by Fir gain Survival 2(alpine climate) and gain an additional point of Stamina. Fir teaches her Garou children the Gift: Whisper

    Ban: Fir requires her children to protect her diminishing forests. Children of the Fir must never cut down a fir tree and may use only dead wood for building fires or making items


    Glooscap is a warrior spirit, but one who often use his wits and cunning to defeat his foes. He has existed since Gaia came into being. He is human in appearance, somewhat short. However, he is a powerful warrior and a master of deceit. He is also a teacher, and gave names to many of the stars

    Traits: Packs chosen by Glooscap gain Survival 1 and may call upon 2 extra Willpower points per story. They gain a -1 to the difficulty roll of all hunting efforts and receive 5 points of Wisdom per person

    Ban: Glooscap requires that his children must fight, never flee, any creature of Gaia that has been altered by the Wyrm to be larger than its original size. If a bear has been corrupted into a huge, mutated beast, packs who hold Glooscap as their totem must confront the beast

    Grandfather Thunder

    Like his Shadow Lord children, Grandfather Thunder is more feared than respected by other Garou. Thunder is patient and subtle, and he seldom sends his own avatar to packs. Instead, he commands one of his Stormcrows to tend them

    Traits: Thunder's packs can call upon five extra Willpower points per story, and they gain three dice to Etiquette. All pack members can also gain two extra Intimidation dice when they invoke Thunder. Many Shadow Lords see little difference between respect and fear. Each pack member also gains one point of Honour Renown. Shadow Lords will follow the pack's activities with keen interest

    Ban: Grandfather Thunder commands his children to give their peers and their rivals no more respect than they deserve

    Harpy Eagle

    Harpy is a huge bird and lords over the highest canopy of the rainforest. From her vantage point, she can see much that endangers the forest, but she can rarely see details, for the thick canopy hides the world below. It is said that Harpy understands the big picture but misses the small details

    Traits: Harpy gives her children the Spirit of the Bird Gift and Intimidation 2. In addition, they receive 10 temporary Honour upon allying with her

    Ban: Harpy asks her children to protect the trees. They must prevent the deforestation of the Amazon


    Just as Luna’s face of Sokhta/Phoebe will sometimes act as a pack totem, so does Helios’ Incarna of Katanka-Sonnak. He does very rarely, and only when thoroughly impressed with a pack’s mettle and foresight. Mokolé and Corax, the other children of Helios, respect Hyperion’s children and will cooperate with them as necessary

    Traits: Each one of Hyperion’s children receives the Gift: Kiss of Helios. The pack may also call on an additional five Willpower points per story

    Ban: Children of Hyperion/Katanka-Sonnak must protect the other shapeshifters left on earth, particularly the Mokolé and Corax

    Kanau the Wedge-Tailed Eagle

    Kanau soars high over the mountains and outback on powerful wings. Nothing escapes his sharp eyes, and the wind whispers secrets to him as he roosts in his aerie. With powerful claws Kanau rends his prey, hurtling down upon it from on high

    Traits: Kanau teaches his Children Alertness 3 and the Level Two lupus Gift: Sense the Unnatural

    Ban: Kanau demands that his Children punish all who destroy his nests or those of his offspring


    Lion was the ancient tribal totem of the White Howlers. He has lost much favour since their fall, but there are still Garou who understand his ancient strengths. He is very traditional and has become paranoid about "new ways of doing things." As such, he finds some favour among Silver Fangs and Red Talons

    Traits: Lion packs gain 1 Honour and +3 Animal Ken. They may draw on four additional Willpower points per story. The pack also gains -1 difficulty for any roll to impress an elder

    Ban: Lion's children must protect animals from anyone who kills for sport or pleasure


    The loon is a rare visitor to the Appalachians, but its eerie call is sometimes heard in the region. A diving bird who thrives in colder climes, Loon is also noted for its playful antics

    Traits: Children of Loon gain Swimming 2, Athletics 2 and the Gift: Surface Attunement. In addition, pack members who thank Loon before seeking food from rivers and streams will never go away empty-handed. Besides enhancing the effects of traditional Garou Howls, Loon teaches her children a special howl. Known as the Cry of Awakening, this eerie wail evokes forgotten memories of past lives in any Garou who hear it (add one die to listener's Past Life rolls)

    Ban: Those who honour Loon must seek ways to prevent the extinction of the species. Additionally, packs chosen by Loon must seek out opportunities to "play."


    Mir-Herta is an old spirit of the earth, mostly forgotten in current times. He used to aid many Wendigo packs of the northwest

    Traits: Mir-Herta grants the following; the Gift Wisdom of the Ancient Ways, and one level in both Enigmas and Rituals. All difficulties for remembering sacred traditions are at one less

    Ban: Mir-Herta does not allow his followers to treat sacred customs with disrespect. Followers must know at least one Rite to prove their commitment to the Ways.


    Mokihani is a beautiful tree and berry totem. Her perfume makes everything she touches beautiful. What would a pretty lei be without her? She understands the wonder and magic of Gaia in a way most foreign plants have forgotten. She teaches that there is no need to fear nature and that joy comes from embracing it

    Traits: Menehune accepted by Mokihani gain two points of Etiquette and an additional point of Appearance. Garou gain the above plus the Gift: Scent of Sweet Honey

    Ban: Mokihani requires her children to protect her trees. Children of the Mokihani must never use leis or other adornments without rubbing her berries onto them first

    Mu-ru-bul Tu-ru-dun The Bunyip

    Bunyip was another favoured totem of the Bunyip tribe, although little known by most European Garou. Settlers, hearing tales of Bunyip from the Aboriginals of Victoria and New South Wales, were terrified.

    Bunyip is a fearsome beast: furred, flippered and scaled, with a long mane or beard and burning eyes. His bellow strikes terror into the boldest of hearts. Like Ngalyod, Mu-ru-bul Tu-ru-dun has been neither seen nor heard since the death of the Bunyip tribe. When he appears in the past, Bunyip was glimpsed in rivers or billabongs, his whiskered face staring mournfully up at the moon

    Traits: Bunyip teaches his Children two Gifts: Surface Attunement (as the Stargazer Gift) and Bunyip Boom. It was Bunyip who taught the Bunyip tribe these Gifts, as well as Billabong Stride

    Ban: Bunyip asks that his Children honour him by drowning one enemy each year in fresh water

    Ngalyod the Rainbow Serpent

    The Rainbow Serpent was the Bunyip’s chief totem and the major Australian Incarna. Since the tribe’s extinction, Ngalyod has not contacted any other Garou. Indeed, it may be possible that Ngalyod is now bereft of power in Gaia’s Realm and exists only as a ghost in the Umbra. The Rainbow Serpent appears as a vast, impossibly long snake; its scales are every colour of the rainbow. No one has ever been tall or high enough to see Ngalyod’s head and tail at the same time. After a rain, the Rainbow Serpent could once be seen arcing from one pool of water to another in the Dreamtime. Today Ngalyod sleeps, exhausted from its grief over the death of the Bunyip. No one knows how the Rainbow Serpent will react if awakened

    Traits: Ngalyod gives each of her Children one permanent Honour and two permanent Gnosis dots. Any pack chosen by her will be greatly respected by Australian Garou, although they may well earn the enmity and envy of the Uktena, who have been trying to awaken Ngalyod for many years. Ngalyod’s Children will never be attacked by Dreamtime spirits, although such spirits can and will defend themselves if they are attacked

    Ban: Children of the Rainbow Serpent must become parents as soon as possible, for the Rainbow Serpent is a spirit of creation and birth


    Like the Black Furies it holds under its wings, Pegasus is chiefly concerned with protecting sacred places. It comes to its packs as a winged horse with fire in its eyes, and it teaches them Gifts associated with travel and air. Because of the rivalry between the Black Furies and the Get of Fenris, Pegasus will
    never accept a pack with even one Get member

    Traits: The Children of Pegasus can call-upon an extra three Willpower points per story, and gain three dice in an Animal Ken dice pool. Each pack member gains two points of Honour Renown. Black Furies are well disposed toward the pack

    Ban: Garou chosen by Pegasus must always aid females of all species, young females in particular


    Quetzal is proud and beautiful, and his plumage marks him as nobility. He is more than a little vain, but he acts with only the purest of hearts. Although a totem of Respect, Quetzal also looks favourably on warriors and takes pleasure when his children overcome their enemies in fair battle

    Traits: Quetzal grants his children an additional die of Appearance, as well as +1 Etiquette, +1 Melee and +2 Leadership. Each pack member gains 1 Honour. Quetzal's packs can draw on an additional three Willpower points per story

    Ban: Quetzal requires that his packs not shame him by acting rudely or ignobly. He may also demand that they take action to defend his favoured home of Central or South America from anyone who would pillage those lands or their people

    The Smiling Happy Buddha

    The Smiling Happy Buddha, a totem spirit of Respect, not only endows his followers with feelings of tranquil peace, but also provides for their material and monetary needs. He is also known as Mi-lo Fo, the Laughing Buddha, He is a big jolly fellow, although he is sometimes depicted as thin and starving. Mi-lo Fo is the patron saint of silver and goldsmiths.

    Traits: Packs chosen by the Smiling Happy Buddha receive an extra two points of Willpower per story, and also have three points of liquidated Resources at their disposal for each story. In times of great stress, the Smiling Happy Buddha might appear to help Garou of great renown focus their will and block out all distractions (This is similar to the Silver Fang Gift: Mindblock).

    Ban: The Smiling Happy Buddha wishes his followers to "spread the wealth" to all members of the community. The Smiling Happy Buddha demands that his followers be peaceful among themselves. Above all, his followers must not horde money, but rather help increase the rate of its flow.


    The Sodal spirits were the patrons of old Anglo-Saxon frankpledges, of brotherhoods of Spartan warriors, and of innumerable Garou packs who used these spirits of unity to bind their packs and septs together. A Sodal will unify any group as tightly as heart could wish; so strong are they that the Wyrm has sought to corrupt them, and has seduced a few of these kinship-spirits into becoming the horrifying Serpent Fathers. Sodal also favour the rare Kin who run in packs with their Garou families, maintaining that these humans are simply being one with their families. They are fond of any pack that accepts Kin. Offerings of wild are most pleased with those packs that demonstrate perfect unity of action during their Rite of the Totem. They appear as idealised warriors appropriate to the setting; a Sodal assisting a Glass Walker pack in Rome might appear as a perfect centurion in gleaming gold armour, while a New York Sodal might appear in the guise of a heroic-seeming street gang leader

    Traits: The Sodals grant an exceptional measure of teamwork. They offer a dice pool of five teamwork dice that can be used for any Ability possess by a fellow pack member. Hence, if only one person in a pack possesses the Occult Knowledge, his packmates can draw on the pool to make Occult rolls (although he cannot, as none of his packmates are contributing to his own knowledge). A player cannot use more dice from the community pool than a packmate has dots in the given Ability; if the highest Brawl in the pack is four dice, no packmate can use all five teamwork dice on a Brawl roll. In addition, a Sodal grants three extra dice to avoid frenzy as long as the pack sticks together and doesn’t quarrel

    Ban: Any sowers of discord will find themselves and their pack abandoned by the Sodals. This applies to any Garou or Kin who starts or abets fighting, discord and arguments. Legitimate differences of opinion are unavoidable, but deliberate malice will drive off the Sodals


    The Incarna of Luna that reigns in the Aetherial Realm is sometimes known as Phoebe, sometimes as Sokhta. Both names please her equally, although the Stargazers are meticulous about referring to her as Sokhta. She will sometimes agree to watch over a pack as a Totem of Respect

    Traits: Phoebe’s children receive Enigmas 3 and Primal-Urge 2: what’s more, the Incarna will allow any pack member to use the Ragabash Gift: Open Moon Bridge

    Ban: Children of Phoebe/Sokhta are pledged to defend moon bridges and moon paths from the predations of the Wyrm


    Guardian of the ancient sands, Sphinx is strong, wise and does not suffer fools gladly. She is deadly with claw and fang but prefers to out-riddle her opponents. Sphinx takes under her wing only Garou with sharp wits and clever tongues

    Traits: So long as Sphinx remains happy with her children, each one gains 1 Honour and an extra point of Wits. The pack also gains +3 Enigmas

    Ban: Sphinx's children may never refuse a riddle contest; depending on the difficulty of such games, they may gain or lose Honour depending on the outcome of the contest


    Great Stag is an ancient spirit, older than the Fianna who claim him as totem. He is associated with masculinity, virility and the wild raw power of nature. Light and dark are both in Stag. He gave the Garou their affinity with nature, and he teaches responsibility toward humans, but he is also the master of the Wild Hunt. An avatar of Stag occasionally appears to lost Garou, leading them to safety or otherwise aiding them

    Traits: Stag's packs can call upon an extra three Willpower points per story, gain three dice to a Survival dice pool, and one die to Stamina dice pools for long-distance running. Each member gains three points of Honour Renown. Fianna will always be well disposed toward them; and faerie spirits and
    changelings honour them as well

    Ban: Children of Stag must always show respect toward prey, including performing a Prayer for the Prey after a successful hunt. Children of Stag must always aid the fae


    Although the Veiled Mother is somewhat prejudiced toward all-female packs, she may take a mixed-gender pack as her children if particularly impressed by the pack members. Black Furies respect packs honoured by Tambiyah, regardless of gender

    Traits: Tambiyah grants each one of her children an additional dot in Appearance; what’s more, the pack gains three dice on any Empathy and Medicine rolls. All non-metis children of Tambiyah are granted exceptional fertility; the odds of them siring or bearing true Garou cubs are raised to one in five. This can bring great honour on the pack as time proceeds

    Ban: Children of Tambiyah must work towards the welfare of children, whether this means establishing better community day care facilities or caring for their sept’s younger Kin


    Thunderbird is one of the greatest of totems, a powerful spirit who battles against wicked creatures are legendary. Some say that Thunderbird has no real body - that he is a being of thundercloud with sharp claws and lightning flashing from where his eyes would be

    Traits: Thunderbird’s children each gain Intimidation 1 and Survival 1. They can call on an extra five Willpower points per story, and often find allies among the Wendigo and even Pumonca. In desperate times, Thunderbird might strike a pack’s foes with lightning - but he dislikes having to intercede on his children’s behalf in this fashion, and will always demand a quest or boon as repayment

    Ban: Thunderbird detests cowardice, and will not tolerate packs that flee from encounters where they aren’t clearly overmatched. He also demands that his children battle against monsters, wicked spirits and the forces of decay wherever they can


    The great spirit that carries the earth on his back, Turtle is the very definition of honour and steadfastness. He is gentle and sturdy, and encourages his children to defend first and attack second.

    When the Croatan sacrifice themselves to the last to banish Eater-of-Souls, Turtle falls into a great depression and withdraws from Gaia’s spirit hierarchy, refusing to act as totem to packs any longer. It’s said that he will return just before the final battle of the Apocalypse, but none know the truth of this legend

    Traits: Turtle teaches his children the Gift: Turtle Body. In addition, each pack member gains a point of Stamina (even if this would take them above 5). The pack may draw on an additional five points of Willpower per story

    Ban: Turtle is very concerned with the honour of his children. He will withdraw his favour from any child who loses permanent Honour, or who refuses to stand and struggle to defend her land


    The kingly Zarok is proud to lend a portion of his magnificence to packs who prove worthy. However, he is unlikely to do so unless convinced that the pack is well-respected among its peers; the presence of a Silver Fang among them is always helpful toward this end

    Traits: Each member of Zarok’s pack gains an effective level of Pure Breed when dealing with other Garou. The pack gains four additional dice in Leadership, and two additional dice in Intimidation. The pack may also draw on five additional points of Willpower per story. Finally, each one of Zarok’s children gains an extra point of Willpower for purposes of resisting external domination, mind control or intimidation

    Ban: Zarok’s children are not allowed to dishonour themselves. Any action which would lead to a loss of Honour Renown will cause Zarok to abandon the pack</li>

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Totems of War
These totems are spirits of battle, tactics and Rage. Ancestral warriors or predator spirits are the most common war totems. Naturally, warriors are the chief followers of these totems, although scouts and even healers (in the case of Bear) ally themselves with these bloodthirsty spirits. While they don't garner the same sort of respect among Garou as other totems, their assistance is invaluable on the battlefield.
  • Anaconda

    Anaconda is the lurking hunter of the jungle, slithering from the trees above or through the water below to suddenly leap at her prey. She does not use poison to take down her enemies, but instead replies on her constriction and terrible bite. She squeezes her enemies near to death and then sinks her fangs in

    Traits: Characters with this totem gain two dice in Brawl for any grappling or overbearing manoeuvres. They also gain one die of damage in bite attacks. She also gives them Stealth 3 for sneaking up on enemies or hiding from them (so that they can set up for the kill, of course).

    Anaconda is not popular with Garou, for they believe her tactics are those of the Wyrm. The native Uktena know better

    Ban: Anaconda has few restrictions, but she asks that her children not harm any snakes


    Great Bear is wise in peace and fierce in war. He is renowned as a master of healing and mystical rites. Garou don't favour this totem because of a mistrust for his true children, the Gurahl werebears

    Traits: Bear's children gain three dots of Medicine. Each pack member's Strength increases by one permanently, and each pack member may use the Gift: Mother's Touch once per day. The pack also gains the ability to hibernate for up to three months at a time without food or water.

    Garou with this totem are well regarded by werebears as well as certain animistic peoples. Such is not the case with other Garou, however. All pack members lose five points of temporary Honour Renown if they have that many. Furthermore, they must subtract one from any temporary Honour Renown awards they receive. The pack members must work harder to prove that they are honourable

    Ban: Bear asks nothing of his Garou children. Asking for his favour has already cost them much standing among their own people


    Boar is feared by hunters, and with good reason. He is too angry to pass up a challenge, too fierce to concede a fight and too ornery to die with good grace. Many combative young packs, particularly of the Get of Fenris and Fianna, choose Boar as their totem

    Traits: A hearty scrapper, Boar grants his packs two dots of Brawl; each pack member also receives an additional dot of Stamina

    Ban: Children of Boar must never hunt or eat boars


    Bull's strength is charging into battle, horns flashing, without any forethought. His children adopt the same brash, devil-may-care attitude; his influence pervades their very tempers. Bull is a force of fertility as well as brute power, and several Garou follow him in hopes of having strong cubs

    Traits: Bull grants his children 1 Glory and +1 Brawl. Each pack member receives an additional dot of Strength

    Ban: As a result of their totem's hotheadedness, Bull's children receive a -1 penalty on frenzy difficulties


    Ancient allies of the Croatan, these totems know the secret pathways within the earth and the Umbral underground. They may manifest as recognisable animals such as moles or prairie dogs, or as more “mythical” beasts, all shadow and claws

    Traits: Earth-burrowers teach the Gifts: Burrow and Underearth. In addition, they can be petitioned to temporarily grant the Gift: Umbral Burrowing if the packs need is great. Their packs also receive two extra dice on Survival rolls

    Ban: None


    Over a thousand years ago, the Norse spoke of the ravening Wolf God Fenris, a beast even the other gods feared. He is powerful, bloodthirsty, and he neither gives nor expects quarter. The patron of the Get of Fenris is a warrior's totem who disdains weakness and chooses only packs that soak their blades and claws in the blood of foes frequently

    Traits: Fenris' packs gets an additional point in a Physical Attribute (Dexterity, Strength or Stamina, at the individual's choice), even if it increases the rating over 5. Each pack member gains two points of Glory Renown. Get of Fenris respect the followers of their tribal totem a little more than other "outsiders," and they test them often by inviting them on Wild Hunts and battles against powerful enemies

    Ban: Fenris requires that his followers never pass up an opportunity for a worthy fight


    Flea delivers hundreds of stinging blows to her foe before he can react. She leaps away from most blows, and her armour protects her from the ones that land. Alas, most Garou see Flea as a coward due to her fighting style. As a result, only Bone Gnawers and Ragabash follow Flea

    Traits: Flea grants her children the Gifts of Luna's Armour and Leap of the Kangaroo. Followers of Flea find it harder than other Garou to earn Glory

    Ban: Flea asks that you leave her people in peace (you can't scratch, you poor mutt)


    Granite is one of the crystalline rocks that form the "basement" of the Appalachian mountains. it comprises part of the geological backbone of the area and has weathered eons of slow change. Granite appears hard and unyielding, but he is also a symbol for stability and stoicism

    Traits: Granite grants his Nunnehi and Garou children two points of Strength and Intimidate 2. Granite teaches his Garou children the Gifts: Strength of Purpose and Stone Mask

    Ban: Granite demands that his children never back down from a test of strength or endurance


    Griffin mourns those species lost to Extinction, and his rage against humans — so often the killers of entire species — makes him one with his Red Talon children. Always hungry, always hunting, Griffin strikes like lightning and kills without hesitation

    Traits: A swift, watchful hunter, Griffin grants three dice to an Alertness dice pool. In token of Griffin's avian aspect, each pack member can communicate with birds of prey without resorting to a Gift. Each pack member gains two points of Glory. Red Talons respect the followers of Griffin

    Ban: Griffin's children may not associate with humans. Griffin almost never accepts a Homid Garou as his child

    I'wai the Crocodile

    I’wai the Crocodile is an old and patient Totem of War. He prefers to lie in wait for his prey rather than exert himself in a chase. I’wai is swift in the kill, holding his prey underwater with his strong jaws until it drowns.

    I’wai is a friend to Otchout the Barramundi. Although I’wai’s offspring eat Otchout’s schools, humans who fish for barramundi are often taken by crocodiles

    Traits: I’wai has a tough hide, and his Children gain an extra die to their soak Dice Pools for each Rank they hold. I’wai also teaches his Children Primal-Urge 3. Mokolé will always be well disposed toward the Children of I’wai. The Gumagan of Arnhem land, if they exist, reputedly revere I’wai as their totem

    Ban: As well as being forbidden to wear crocodile skin, I’wai’s Children must always help those people seeking revenge against a foe


    Jaguar is the king of the rainforest, the supreme predator of the Amazon. El Tigre, as the Spanish call him, is a powerful and deadly hunter; many defer to him. He is also allied with the Balam tribe of the were cats, who can assume his form

    Traits: Jaguar’s children gain one die in Strength, one die in Dexterity and one die to claw damage

    Ban: Children of Jaguar must kill any who destroy the rainforest. This would seemingly make Jaguar an ally of the Garou, but Jaguar believes the Garou harm the forest: any Garou who allies with Jaguar must fight his own kind


    Momentum is a victory-spirit of many names, including “Hot Hands” or “Winning Streak.” She favours the brave and the crazy, giving and withdrawing success almost randomly. Bone Gnawers endlessly seek her favour, but few of them enjoy it for long. The Shadow Lords are much more elaborate and careful in the rites they practice for her, but have no more lucky than the ragged children of Rat do. Momentum has no true set form, but most werewolves report meeting her in the guise of a lovely but capricious woman, often dressed as if attending a high-stakes casino.

    The victory that Momentum brings can be the centre of many stories: they can be the patron of a mighty pack who suddenly fell into ruin, or the tale of a hapless cliath raised to great Renown by her mysterious forces. She is a temporary totem at best, and is mainly chosen by packs that intend to stay together for a single mission, then separate

    Traits: Momentum grants a dice pool that can be applied by the pack to any dice roll they require (although they must share out the dice as usual). This dice pool starts at zero dice, and increases by one die for every victory the pack shares over a potent foe (such as a group of well-armed fomori at least equal in number to the pack)

    Ban: No matter what, Momentum will always abandon the pack at a random point, most often a highly inopportune time. This causes no Renown loss (it’s expected), but is inevitably bad timing from the pack’s perspective. The points spent on Totem can be applied to the characters’ next pack totem without penalty


    The Ice Warrior is among the more willing of pack patrons; it pleases him that packs should shed blood in his name. He will lend his favour to virtually any pack brave enough to seek him out and request his guidance

    Traits: Children of Nerigal never enter fox frenzy; they always enter berserk frenzy. The Ice Warrior also grants each pack member an additional die to Brawl and Melee dice pools, and two temporary points of Glory. Finally, each pack member gains an extra die to soak rolls (which cannot be used to soak silver)

    Ban: Nerigal’s children are forbidden to show fear. They may not retreat once combat is joined, and are not allowed to avoid obstacles rather than overcoming them


    It is thought that Panthesilea may once have been the spirit of one of the first Black Furies to ever set foot in the Amazon Basin. In time, the collective spirit of the Amazon has continually reinforced the power of Panthesilea, and she has grown to represent the Amazon’s beauty, mystery, and fierce vitality.

    Traits: Panthesilea is perhaps one of the most difficult of the Amazonian totems to contact, and she rarely chooses an entire pack. When she does manifest, she tends to focus on one member of her chosen pack and totally possess that person, speaking to the pack directly and taking a hand in the business she feels needs to be done. That pack member immediately develops an effective Pure Breed score of 5 for the duration of his possession. This Incarna’s commands are exceedingly hard to ignore. This possession, unfortunately, causes madness in all but the most strong-willed of Garou: make a Willpower roll, difficulty 9; unless three successes are scored, lose one point of Willpower per possession. Her consciousness is vast and complicated, reflecting the diversity and wilderness that is the Amazon.

    The possessed pack member has a Leadership of 7, a Melee skill of 5, and a Brawl talent of 7. Panthesilea often directs the activities of the pack with her talents, organising them into an elite fighting force.

    The rest of the pack gains the Silent Strider Gift of Attunement. Also, any animal native to the Amazon will never harm one of Panthesilea’s children. Those packs she chooses gain instant alliance with all of the native Uktena, Bastet and Mokolé in the area: they all instinctively know someone touched by the Jungle Warrior.

    Panthesilea is concerned with the longevity and vivacity of both the spiritual and physical life of the Amazon: currently she is involved with trying to stop the mass-production of fetishes and talens. This production results in many of the Amazonian nature spirits being sucked away

    Ban: Panthesilea will often give her children missions to undertake. If they do not follow her orders in such things, she leaves them. The nature of the missions are usually to right the balance of the ecosystem

    Piggi-Billa the Echidna

    A totem of stubbornness and self-defence, spiny, ant-eating Piggi-Billa is particularly loved by metis Garou, who admire his self-sufficient character

    Traits: Piggi-Billa teaches his Children the metis Gifts of Burrow and Spines of the Echidna (as Gift of the Porcupine). Metis Garou who suffer the disfigurement of Weak Claws will, upon sacrificing a point of permanent Gnosis to Piggi-Billa, find their claws strong and healthy

    Ban: Non-metis followers of Echidna must never ridicule or ostracise metis Garou. Metis Children of Piggi-Billa have no ban


    Silent and quick, flat is adept at hit-and-run warfare. Rat fights to weaken, cripple and finally overwhelm, but he can be as vicious as any other when cornered

    Traits: Rat's children can call upon five Willpower points per story. Rat teaches how to bite to best advantage, subtracting one from the difficulty of all biting rolls. The pack also subtracts one from the difficulties of all rolls involving stealth or quiet. Bone Gnawers respect Rat's children and will aid them (although not at the risk of their own lives). Ratkin will be more tolerant of the pack than of most Garou

    Ban: Rat's children mist never kill vermin


    Rorg won’t act as a pack totem to any group without at least one Red Talon, and he refuses to patronise packs he considers “lenient.” Even so, his patronage can be useful, as his children can draw on a portion of his scattered yet unified power

    Traits: Whenever Rorg’s children act as a pack to accomplish a goal; whether teaming up against a single opponent in combat or pooling their knowledge to devise a plan, they gain -1 to all difficulties relevant to the task. (In the instance of combat, this would include, initiative, attack and damage rolls, but not soak rolls - the goal would be to defeat the enemy, not to survive his attacks.) Furthermore, Rorg grants his children an additional three dice in Primal-Urge and teaches them the Galliard Gift: Mindspeak

    Ban: Children of Rorg are not allowed to forgive until any crimes committed against them or their loved ones have been justly punished


    Swift, silent, deadly: Shark moves easily through the lightless depths, killing without emotion. Shark is the most lethal hunter anywhere. Once he finds his prey, he does not stop until that prey is dead

    Traits: Shark offers his packs one point of Strength, +2 Stealth and two additional dice of bite damage. Children of Shark can swim for prodigious distances without getting tired

    Ban: Shark's children may never take pleasure or sadness at killing


    This great bird spirit is the totem spirit of Grandfather Mountain. He symbolises the pride of the predator in pursuit of his prey. In addition, like most birds, he represents the connection between earth and sky. Although Tanawha dwells in the Umbra near his physical home, he will accept the homage of an individual Garou or a pack willing to abide by his strictures

    Traits: Packs chosen by Tanawha add an extra two dice to any Perception rolls made under the open sky. In addition, each pack member gains the Gift: Spirit of the Bird

    Ban: Tanawha's children must protect all predator birds and must avenge any deliberately caused deaths of eagles, hawks and falcons that come to their attention

    Tsetse Fly

    Cruel and sinister, Tsetse Fly is the implacable mistress of vengeance. Once angered, she will not rest until her foe is slain. Her bite is virtually impossible to defend against, and she prefers to strike when a foe least suspects. Striders following Tsetse Fly are relentless foes, nurturing thousands of years of frustration and anger into a simmering stew of Rage, then lashing out from the shadows

    Traits: Garou following Tsetse Fly gain Medicine 2 and can put the “mojo” on their enemies. They must truly hate the enemy (i.e., must spend at least five Rage points against him), must have a piece of his body or a personal effect, and must make a Manipulation + Intimidation roll (difficulty of the opponent’s Willpower). Success inflicts the mojo curse on the foe; all the foe’d Dice Pools are halved for a duration of one night per success scored. A botch turns the mojo against the caster for a night. A mojo may only be cast on a given foe once per year (Tsetse Fly expects her followers to take advantage of a weakened enemy!)

    Ban: Followers of Tsetse Fly must always gain revenge against their enemies. Additionally, because Tsetse Fly is seen as an unclean totem, followers of Tsetse Fly subtract one point from any temporary Honour rewards they gain


    Typhon is a raging storm-spirit, the dragon that spits thunder and lightning. He is one of the more violent aspects of Grandfather Thunder, and his children reflect his tendency toward violence. They are aggressive and furious, just like their totem. Most Garou look on Typhon as a mixed blessing; he grants prodigious ability in battle, but he also makes his children thoughtless and tempermental

    Traits: Packs dedicated to Typhon may share three additional points of Brawl. Each pack member also receives three temporary Rage points per story. Typhon’s children gain two temporary Glory but lose two temporary Wisdom

    Ban: Typhon demands that his children never pass up a fight with a worthy foe. He also expects his children to spend time communing with storms


    Walrus befriended the Three Brothers during the Great Migration, and has been a friend to Wendigo in particular even into the modern era. He is a mighty totem, renowned as much for his strength as for his majestic tusks

    Traits: Walrus grants his packs two extra dice on that can be used on any Strength or Stamina roll, though only one member can benefit at any given time. All pack members receive two temporary Glory, and each pack member gains two dice to soak damage resulting from cold

    Ban: Walrus asks that his packs not hunt his animal children for their ivory, and to punish anyone who slaughters an animal for vanity. Walrus’ packs are deadly enemies of professional fur trappers, although they forgive those who take an animal’s fur out of need


    Weasel is a cunning, swift and relentless warrior. She carefully dodges her foe's attacks until she can bite him neatly in the jugular. She also believes she can beat anything that comes her way, and this overconfidence is reflected in her children

    Traits: Weasel grants one point of Dexterity to each of her children. Her packs also receive +1 Dodge and an additional die of bite damage

    Ban: Weasel requires that her children never show fear


    Cloaked in ice, roaring like the wind, eating the hearts of foes — that is Wendigo, cannibal spirit of the frozen north. He teaches the Garou to be as relentless as the storm, harnessing the cold bitterness of their hearts and converting it to a lethal rage

    Traits: Each pack member gains five Rage points per story, regardless of his actual Rage rating. Each pack member also gains two points of Glory Renown. While the Wendigo tribe respects Weridigo's children, they don't trust them easily, for Wendigo is unpredictable

    Ban: Wendigo's children must always aid animistic peoples in need


    Wolverine is tireless and merciless, and his affinity to War is unquestionable. He draws on a bottomless fount of anger and battles on after all others have fallen to injury or exhaustion. This mindless viciousness makes him devoid of compassion or mercy, something that doesn't sit well with many Garou

    Traits: Wolverine teaches combat and power. He grants each of his children an extra point of Stamina so they won't fall in battle. What's more, he shows them the heart of his fury by sending them a vision of the depths of Malfeas, in the heart of the Wyrm itself. After viewing this atrocity, his children gain an extra point of Rage (not to exceed 10). Although they might spend all their Rage, children of Wolverine can never permanently lose this point, and thus they never lose the Wolf or run out of Rage

    Ban: Wolverine requires that his children always use Rage in combat and never show mercy to a foe

    Yongar the Kangaroo

    Yongar is an athletic totem, valuing physical prowess and speed. He is alert and intimidating. Children of Yongar are energetic and brave, protecting those weaker than themselves

    Traits: Yongar teaches his Children Leap of the Kangaroo (as the lupus Gift). Children also learn Survival 3 and Intimidation 4

    Ban: Yongar’s Children must always protect pups and elders from any threat</li>

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Totems of Wisdom
These spirits are the keepers of mystical secrets. Garou who ally with them learn to uncover hidden truths and rare Gifts. More straightforward Garou don't trusted them, but those who seek answers in the unknown find friends among the totems of wisdom.
  • Ayahuasca

    Ayahuasca is also known as Jagé or Jajé. He resides in (“owns”) a hallucinogenic shaman’s brew made in South America. Chief ingredients of this brew are the vine of banisteriopsis caapi, chacruna leaves and other tree barks (depending on the medicinal properties desired). The bark is scraped from these ingredients and boiled for hours, eventually producing ayahuasca.

    The word comes from the Quechua Indians. It is also known as the “vine of the soul,” the “vine of the dead” and the “vine of little death,” for the visionary, mystical “death” a shaman undergoes when being initiated by the drug.

    After preparation, the ayahuascero blows tobacco into the bottle the brew has been poured into. This cleanses it of bad spirits, purifying the brew for those who will ingest it. Following ingestion, the foul-tasting brew causes violent vomiting. Once this has passed, the visions begin. Ayahuasca can take the user out of his or her body and travel anywhere in the world with her to look upon (but no interact with) people and places she wishes to see. Sometimes, this out of body experience is done with the aid of real animals, as the ayahuascero shares the body - and thus the senses - of an animal journeying to the desired area, such as a bird or snake.

    Ayahuasca also befriends its users to the jungle, matching their rhythms to it. Afterward, travel through the jungle is much easier in little ways: Roots do not seem to trip, leaves do not need to be hacked aside, and, most importantly, insects do not become a bother. Insects refuse to bite a Garou in throes of ayahuasca. For these reasons, ayahuasca has become a popular drug among Garou Theurges in the Amazon War.

    Little is known to the Garou about the spirit itself. The native Uktena in the Amazon know much they do not tell, saying that Ayahuasca will only reveal as much of himself to his children as he desires. If someone wants to know more, they must ask Ayahuasca, which means taking the drug.

    What is known is that the drug is intimately tied to the ecology and mystical power of the jungle. It is thought by some to be the personified manifestation of the jungle itself, a union of all low-level spirit consciousness of the Umbrascape. This would explain the non-local knowledge and travel ability of those who experience the drug.

    The were jaguars are said to know the most about Ayahuasca, but since they are on bad terms with the Garou, they do not reveal what they know. Many Garou war leaders in the Amazon have forbidden the use of ayahuasca by their troops, fearing that the drug is aligned in some way with the Balam and that they can use it to wreak some form of spiritual revenge on the Garou, perhaps by leading Garou ayahuasceros astray in the deep jungle. There has been no basis for these fears, however

    Traits: Children of the Anahuac (Ayahuasceros) gain three points of Gnosis per story. They also learn Survival 2 and Occult 3 (they may thus possess more than five dots in Occult)

    Ban: An Ayahuascero’s Gnosis becomes “delicate.” A botch on a Gnosis roll will cause a loss of one permanent Gnosis point. The Ayahuascero is said to have “lost knowledge” and must work to gain it back

    Boobook the Owl

    Boobook is a versatile bird, small and dark, with golden eyes. Unlike other owls, she is active in the daytime as well as at night. Boobook is difficult to see, for her plumage allows her to blend into the foliage of the trees in which she roosts. Her flight is swift and silent

    Traits: Boobook teaches her Children adaptability; they may gain temporary aptitude with any Ability, at two dots, once per story. She also teaches her Children Stealth 3

    Ban: Boobook’s Children must be adaptable and versatile, never becoming set in their habits or ways

    Bougoodoogah the Lyrebird

    Bougoodoogahdah is a secretive bird who mimics the cries of other Dreamtime dwellers. He has a drab, brown body but a spectacular tail, shaped like a lyre

    Traits: Children who follow Bougoodoogahdah gain Expression 2 and Subterfuge 2. They also learn the Skill Mimic, which allows them (with a successful Manipulation + Mimic roll) to duplicate a variety of sounds: 6 for another voice, 9 for a car engine

    Ban: Children of Bougoodoogahdah must never be flamboyant. They must dress in drab colour and may never be centres of attention. Their performances should be modest, always hidden from view


    Buffalo is sturdy, patient, slow to anger and filled with the wisdom of the future. His dreams of prophecy and words of wisdom have stopped wars before they could start

    Traits: Buffalo grants +3 Stamina to the pack's soak pool, and subtracts four from all difficulties in interpreting dreams. His children also gain +3 Survival when searching for food and safe water. Uktena and Wendigo Garou consider followers of Buffalo friends, unless the pack proves otherwise

    Ban: Buffalo asks that his children protect the great herds of buffalo that roam the ranges. This Ban doesn't mean preventing the death of a buffalo for food, but rather is a request to defend the herd from those who would slaughter them by the hundreds for profit


    Chameleon is the ultimate adapter. He changes himself to fit in with his environment, and his eyes see everything around him. Chameleon is usually favoured by Garou who prefer to observe and learn unobtrusively

    Traits: Chameleon teaches his children the Gift: Blur of the Milky Eye and grants them three points of Perception

    Ban: Chameleon's children must always observe their surroundings before acting


    The totem of the Stargazers, Chimera is an enigmatic spirit, mysterious She of Many Faces, who invites one to find the inner wisdom beneath layers of puzzles and deceptions

    Traits: Chimera's children are granted the ability to disguise themselves or something else when in the Umbra. Chimera also teaches how to find the truth behind a tangle of deceptions; the pack gains three dice to Enigmas and one to Perception. Each pack member subtracts two from all difficulties involving riddles, dream interpretation or enigmas. Each pack member also gains two points of Wisdom Renown. While Stargazers will notice the pack's affiliation, that affiliation won't necessarily influence their opinion of the pack

    Ban: The pack must seek enlightenment, but otherwise Chimera places no restrictions

    City Father/Mother

    Every city has a pulse, an energy that each living thing within the city contributes to. If the city is large enough, this pool of energy manifests in the being of the City Father or City Mother. To date, the Glass Walkers have had interaction only with Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston and London, though the tribe believes other cities harbour such spirits. The totem appears in an anthropomorphic form representative of its city. Chicago has broad shoulders, Atlanta is a southern belle with faded and charred skirts, and Toronto is nattily dressed and a little boring

    Traits: Children of a City gain an intimate knowledge of the place as if they had the Bone Gnawer Gift: Attunement. Sometimes, a City can warn its children of impending danger by sending a messenger, usually in the form of someone who loves the city. Children of the City can draw on three dice of an Area Knowledge Dice Pool for their city. Glass Walkers gain one Wisdom when accepted, but any other tribe member who is discovered to have the City as a totem immediately loses 1 Honour

    Ban: City Mothers and Fathers often ask of their children favours usually having to do with helping the whole city. If these favours are not granted, the totem may withdraw any support


    Cockroach, say the cockier Glass Walkers is the totem of the modern age. To be sure, Cockroach is quick, hardy and persistent. Hardly a nook exists in the city in which its kin can't be found

    Traits: Each pack member subtracts two to difficulties involving computers, electricity and science. The pack gains three dice on rolls to activate Gifts affecting technology. Also, Cockroach's pack has the ability to enter the Umbra and view data stored on media or streaming through data cables.

    Ban: Pack members must take pains not to kill cockroaches

    Corn Maiden

    The giver of the great gift of corn, Corn Maiden is notable for being one of the few spirits affiliated with the Weaver that the Pure Lands Garou willingly trust. She is a strong totem with deep ties to the element of earth and the strength of plants; she also draws power from generosity. She is much loved among human nations, and her packs receive much of the same friendship

    Traits: Corn Maiden’s packs learn the Gift: Cookfire; they also receive two temporary points of Wisdom. So long as they are friendly and helpful, Corn Maiden’s children also receive three dice on any Social roll dealing with humans

    Ban: Corn Maiden’s children must assist their human relatives with the planting and harvesting of corn, and are asked to give the gift of planting to other nations they may encounter. Packs who follow Corn Maiden usually carry a handful of corn kernels with them whenever they go, should a stranger be in need of food, or should they meet someone who has yet to learn the mystery of planting


    Graceful and playful in the ocean, Dolphin watches the seas and acts as their guardian and watchdog. Marine disasters sadden and frighten her. They include the depletion by fisheries and various oil spills. Most of Dolphin's children are impressively active in environmentalism, even for Garou. Such werewolves often protest or interfere with whaling and illegal oceanic dumping

    Traits: Dolphin grants her packs 1 Wisdom, +3 Empathy and 2 points of Charisma

    Ban: Dolphin's children must prevent the hunting of marine mammals and work to stop water pollution

    Father Peyote

    Revered by many Native Americans, peyote is a powerful sacramental drug, not a recreational toy. Peyote can show the way to a noble and fulfilling life. The Wendigo and Uktena Garou have a special relationship with peyote, known to them as the spirit Father Peyote.

    Peyote is a cactus; the “buttons” of the cactus are the psychedelic part, eaten like a radish by peyoteists. The name comes from the Aztec “peyote” (its Latin name is lophophora williamsii lemaire). Peyote is never smoked, although it can be ground into a powder for tea and served to those who can’t chew the buttons.

    Ingesting a button causes hallucinations (or real spirit world experiences for those who know how to interact with the other side, such as Garou). It can cause nausea, so the peyote’s should fast for 24 hours before eating it.

    As the drug takes effect, euphoria sets in. As the night goes on (Father Peyote prefers to work at night), good feelings intensify. Colours become vivid and sounds pleasing. Prayers can gain intense meaning and moral quality. When the euphoria reaches its peak, inner peace and withdrawal from the world set in, and supernatural visions are experienced. To some, Father Peyote himself may appear in any of his numerous guises (a wise but spry old were coyote is the most common for Garou). However, it is at this time that monsters may appear. If the peyote’s has done wrong to them or the people they represent, Father Peyote will not defend him.

    Peyote should not be confused with mescal (sophora secundifora, wild or mountain laurel), whose blossoms are poisonous (aerosol and ingestion). However, mescal is said to “point the way to peyote,” for it often grows near the peyote cactus.

    Father Peyote is said to be a very old spirit, but no on now knows all the tales of his history. The Uktena say he first showed himself to them when they migrated south from their trek across the land bridge millennia ago. He gifted them with intimate knowledge of the desert regions in which his cacti grew. They passed such knowledge on to their Kinfolk, along with the peyote way, the rules for communing with Father Peyote.

    The Dreamspeakers claim Father Peyote tells different secrets to his many children, and that Garou, humans and mages are all given special lore of their own. It is thus useless to argue any doctrine gained from Father Peyote, for he gives each person different insights.

    There are some, however, who whisper that Father Peyote has been touched by the Wyrm, and this is the reason for bad trips. They warn that use of peyote could deliver the poor seeker into the lair of the Wyrm if Father Peyote is weak that night. Experienced Theurges scoff at this idea, claiming that Father Peyote has never led anyone wrong who came to him in a sacred and pure manner. If anyone has fallen off the path, they say, it is because of his own will or failing

    Traits: Followers of Father Peyote each gain two extra Gnosis points (Glamour for changelings) per story, regardless of their permanent ratings. In additional, they mad add one to their Rituals and Enigmas

    Ban: Peyoteists must commune with peyote (take peyote in a sacramental manner) at least once per season, and they must uphold their cultural values


    Fog is a quiet and obfuscatory ally. He holds many secrets in the gauzy folds of his cloak and teaches his children the value of subtlety and patience. Fog is most favoured by Stargazers, Uktena and Ragabash

    Traits: Children of Fog may add an extra die to Subterfuge and Stealth Dice Pools. They also receive -1 difficulty to all Occult and Enigmas rolls and gain the Gift: Curse of Aeolus

    Ban: If a child of Fog reveals a secret to someone outside her sept, she loses one Willpower point permanently


    Frog bridges the gap between water and land, between change and stability. She symbolises transformation and adaptability, both great keys for survival. A bringer of rain, to bless or curse, Frog holds within her tiny form great stores of power

    Traits: Frog grants her followers Swimming 1 or an additional dot in Swimming if the Skill is already possessed. In addition, Frog teaches her children the Gift: Sing Down the Rain. Frog’s children also gain an additional dot in Dexterity rolls involving leaping or sudden movement

    Ban: Frog asks her children never to harm frogs or other amphibians and to seek to preserve the wetlands that are her earthly home

    The Grandfather

    The Grandfather represents the protective nature of the mountain which bears its name. He symbolises the wisdom that comes from extreme age as well as the solidity of a rock. He is a tolerant and hospitable spirit and will not abide petty bickering in his vicinity

    Traits: Each of Grandfather's children gains three dice to add in any combination to his or her social rolls once per story. In addition, individual pack members can add one to their Strength during combat which takes place on solid ground, upon, or inside a mountain. Each pack member gains Athletics 2 when involved in rock climbing

    Ban: Grandfather's children must never be too hasty in judging others by their race, social group, or other distinguishing factor. Obvious enemies are excluded from this stricture


    It’s very rare for Hakahe to serve as a pack totem and even rarer for him to patronise a pack without at least one Uktena among them. Nonetheless, the Ebon Whisperer will once in a great while lend his favour to a pack that seeks him out and beseeches his guidance

    Traits: Hakahe grants his packs an additional three dice on Crafts and Repair rolls, and teaches his children the Gift: Reshape Object. All Occult rolls made by pack members are at -2 difficulty

    Ban: Children of Hakahe must work to build things of importance among human communities, the better to teach humans to build rather than destroy


    Hare, also called Mahtigwess or Great Rabbit, is a trickster spirit. He is a trickster and provider, and often rescues the peoples of the world from hideous beasts. However, his strategy is trickery, not warfare. He produces food for those in need, making sure that none go hungry

    Traits: Hare teaches his Children Survival 2, Subterfuge 2 and Athletics 1 and grants the gift Leap of the Kangaroo. Those who must run swiftly have the difficulty of their efforts reduced by one

    Ban: Hare asks his Children that all his kin be spared


    Heron is a curious spirit, and her long beak is often probing into affairs that others would like to keep quiet. She is graceful and wise, and chooses only packs that exemplify her standards of purity, elegance and inquisitiveness

    Traits: Heron’s Children receive one point of Wisdom. They also gain +3 Enigmas, and may add three dice to any Dice Pool that involves cleansing or purifying something or someone in Gaia’s name (the Rite of Cleansing, for instance). Finally, Heron teaches her followers the Gift: Open Seal

    Ban: Heron requests that her followers discover and lay bare secrets at least once a moon. These secrets must be revealed to the entire sept at least, and must also be of some importance - discovering a Kinfolk’s secret infatuation is of little import, but revealing a vampire’s savings account number might suffice


    The ancient bird of Thoth, Ibis imparts wisdom and aids recollection. Striders revere Ibis, for only through him may they regain even a fraction of their sundered memories

    Traits: Followers of Ibis gain the power of Eidetic memory - they make an Intelligence roll (difficulty variable) to remember anything seen, heard or smelled, however briefly. Also, the difficulties of all magic used against them (including mage magic, hedge magic and vampire Thaumaturgy, but not wraith, werewolf or changeling powers) are increased by one

    Ban: Followers of Ibis may never harm a bird (this applies to Corax as well). They must also seek out lost and forgotten lore

    Invisible Hand

    The Invisible Hand is a powerful market-spirit, strong in the ancient Greek city-states, the Venetian Republic, the Hanseatic League, and in early American. His is a favourite of the Glass Walkers and of some Children of Gaia. Some Garou interpret him as a spirit of pure capitalism. Others seem him as a spirit of exchange which leaders regulate for the benefit of the common people, and still others hold that he is the patron of Gaian 18th century physiocracy: the economic idea that wealth can be created only by husbanding the Earth. In any case, the Hand insists that his children deal fairly with all, while allowing themselves fair profit

    Traits: Followers of the Hand are acute business-wolves, whether haggling over a steaming elk carcass or acquiring a bankrupt company. They will always find it easy to learn the Law of the Jungle or human law; each pack member gains two dice of the Law Knowledge. In addition, the pack gains three extra dice on any dice pool made to strike a “deal” of any sort, whether merchant negotiations, peace talks, or even some instances of gamecraft

    Ban: The Hand will disown any child who cheats or reneges on a bargain


    Lava is the maker of the world. Her substance will one day become the hard rock of the earth. But that is in the future; for now, Lava is fluid and mobile, perhaps the only rock totem that understands change and movement. She is a hot totem, coming so recently from Gaia’s womb, and can cough out clouds of gas she brings with her

    Traits: Lava grants her Menehune the ability to shapeshift into molten lava. This amazing ability costs the Menehune one Glamour point per turn he is in this shape. While molten, the Menehune can flow into cracks and he is seeringly hot; he will ignite anything flammable over which he flows. Garou gain a Gift that allows them a similar power; it is called Gaia’s Blood.)

    Ban: Lava demands that her children never flee from an enemy but keep moving onward - inexorably, unstoppable


    Lu-Bat has been known to serve as a totem of Wisdom if properly approached, although he often refuses such requests. He prefers that Garou find their own way and make their own decisions, and will only act as a pack’s patron if convinced that the pack will not use him as a crutch

    Traits: Lu-Bat grants an understanding of riddles and the hearts of others; his children make all Enigmas, Empathy and Occult rolls at -2 difficulty. The Peaceful Counsellor also grants each of his children an additional point of Perception and two points of temporary Wisdom

    Ban: Children of Lu-Bat are not allowed to act hastily; his packs must always have a backup plan for every major endeavour they attempt


    Mammoth is a powerful spirit whose children no longer walk the earth. This giant exists only in the Umbra. Mammoth symbolises awesome power coupled with the ability to use that power wisely. Ancient humans once hunted the mammoth, which, like the buffalo, provided food and clothing for many individuals. Mammoth's bones were sometimes used in the building of shelters for early peoples

    Traits: Each of Mammoth's children gain Enigmas 2 and add two to their Strength. Once per season, his children can use the Gift: Summon the Great Beast, calling a mammoth to appear

    Ban: Children of Mammoth must never be bullies and must avoid the temptation to seek power for its own sake


    It is much more difficult for a pack to actually reach Meros to ask his patronage than it is to convince him of their worth. The wandering Incarna is usually willing to serve as patron to a pack, assuming that they understand all that entails

    Traits: Children of Meros find it easier to navigate the Dark Umbra; each one gains -1 difficulty to their die rolls dealing with the land of the dead or its inhabitants. They cannot lose their way, and can find their way to any destination given time (although the route is not necessarily the shortest or safest). The pack gains three dice to Enigmas and Occult rolls, and each pack member gains two points of temporary Wisdom

    Ban: Meros expects his children to travel, in order to broaden their minds. Packs of Meros must spend four months out of every year “on the road”


    Silent watcher, Owl strikes without warning in the darkness. Like the Silent Striders who claim the totem's protection, Owl holds hidden wisdom. The totem is also associated with secrets of death and the shadowy Dark Umbra. Some believe that owls are vengeful spirits of the dead

    Traits: Owl's children are often gifted with premonitions of danger and of the location of mystic places long forgotten. Upon entering the Umbra, each of Owl's children gains wings, allowing them to fly from place to place. Owl's children subtract two from all difficulties involving stealth, silence or quiet. The pack gains three dice when using any Gift involving air, travel, movement or darkness. Each pack member gains two points of Wisdom. Silent Striders may appear mysteriously to aid the pack when it is in danger. Ratkin and children of Rat do not get along well at all with Owl's children, considering Owl's predatory nature

    Ban: Owl asks that the pack leave small tied or helpless rodents in the woods for him and his kind


    Rattlesnake is an old, wise totem of the Pure Ones. He is capable of great compassion and even greater fury. When angered, Rattlesnake is a harsh foe with a very long memory. Like his namesake, Rattlesnake is easily offended. But Rattlesnake's anger is almost ironic when one considers his patience; he is capable of great things, and demands that his children carefully consider any situation before acting. Once his followers strike, however, there is seldom an enemy left alive

    Traits: Rattlesnake grants his children second sight, giving them the Gift: Pulse of the Invisible. His pack gains the ability to entrance listeners through singing or howling (Manipulation + Performance, difficulty 8). In addition, the pack gains Past Life 3; this is not an actual affinity with Garou ancestors, but an ability to learn ancient knowledge and lore by accessing primal memories. All Uktena and Wendigo will recognise and honour Children of Rattlesnake

    Ban: Rattlesnake asks that none of his followers attack any serpent, and that his children honour the Pure Ones


    Raven is perhaps the cleverest bird. He likes to play, baiting wolves and then flying out of range when they lunge for him. Raven is wise, for he feeds without hunting, by following wolves and picking over their kills. If he finds an animal dead in the snow he summons the wolf to tear open the carcass for him. For time out of mind Raven has been companion to the wolf, finding food and feasting with the hunters, teaching him wisdom through his games. (After all, who wants to look foolish by trying to catch the uncatchable bird?) Raven is also a totem of wealth, making sure the wolves want for nothing, although he himself is always hungry

    Traits: Raven grants his packs three extra dice in Survival, one in Subterfuge and one in Enigmas. Each pack member gains one Wisdom point. Wereravens are sympathetic to Raven's Garou followers

    Ban: Raven expects his children to carry no wealth, instead trusting to him to provide


    Salamander is famous for her ability to survive through the use of protective colouration. She demonstrates the wisdom of stealth and the need to adapt to the local surroundings. Some species, known as lungless salamanders, absorb oxygen through their skin rather than by breathing

    Traits: Packs who follow Salamander gain Stealth 2 and the Gift: Blissful Ignorance. In addition, each pack member is able to exist for a short time (one scene per story) without breathable air

    Ban: Followers of Salamander must avoid causing harm to any salamander they see. They must immediately seek atonement for any salamander killed accidentally. They must also work to preserve lands where salamanders currently thrive


    Although the Loom Maker is somewhat alien by human standards, she is relatively approachable as a pack totem. If a pack is willing to go to the trouble to reach her and ask her favour, she usually agrees (provided there are no knee-jerk anti-Weaver crusaders among the pack)

    Traits: Shantar encourages her children to be creative and inventive. The pack receives two extra dice on Repair, Crafts and Computer rolls. Furthermore, Glass Walker Gifts cost one less experience point to learn for Shantar’s children. Finally, each of Shantar’s children gain one extra die to any swimming rolls, or any rolls made to navigate the Weaver’s Webs

    Ban: The Loom Maker charges her children to heal rather than harm when dealing with the Weaver. She often gives her packs dangerous quests to cut Wyrm-influence away from the Webs

    Tin Hau

    Tin Hau, goddess of the sea and fishermen, is a Totem of Wisdom. She has a big moor on the 23rd day of the third moon of the New Year.

    Traits: Tin Hau attunes her followers to the South China Sea. This gives characters an extra two dice on all rolls while sailing in the South China Sea. In the past, storms have stopped for passing "pirate" ships, and storms have sunken enemy ships when Tin Hau felt that her Garou "children" were in danger.

    Ban: Tin Hau will not allow the sea to be desecrated. Tin Hau will send storms to destroy those who pollute the South China Sea.


    Toad is a very strange totem. He is lord of many medicines and poisons, and can concoct on his back anything from hallucinogens to deadly toxins. He can also provide healing elixirs

    Traits: Children of the Toad gain Medicine 3. With the right materials, they can concoct many strange elixirs. They also gain the Resist Toxin and Venom Gifts. However, toad demands a price for his powers…

    Ban: Toad’s children are ugly: lose two points from Appearance. They also must not harm toads


    Trout is something of a trickster figure, but he is also a spirit of bounty and generosity. He teaches his children to be as slippery and swift as he is

    Traits: Trout teaches his children the Gift: Spirit of the Fish. Pack members subtract 2 from all difficulties involving swimming or escaping their enemies. In addition, any one pack member at a time can call on an extra two dice for any Wits roll

    Ban: Trout’s children must never take more fish than they need from the river. Trout also asks that all his children learn to swim without the benefit of Gifts


    Mercurial and swift, Twister speeds through the countryside on wings of wind. He is destructive, powerful and alien. However, from wild destruction come new beginnings. Twister's children tend to be forces of change and dynamism, throwing the doors open to new ideas

    Traits: Twister's packs gain one point of Dexterity and one point of Strength. They also gain Primal-Urge 2

    Ban: Twister's children must never leave a residential area without some minor act of destruction. (Many of his packs playfully single out trailer parks for attention.)


    Uktena is an ancient Water spirit with the features of a serpent, cougar and deer. He is a spirit of riverbeds and dark places, and he knows many hidden secrets

    Traits: Uktena places a protective ward on each of its children while they are in the Umbra, adding three dice to all soak rolls. Uktena teaches secret lore to its children, so each member gains two extra experience points per story that may be applied only to improving Enigmas, Occult, Rituals, Gifts or other mystical knowledge. In addition, each member gains two points of Wisdom when accepted by their new totem.

    More straightforward Garou distrust Uktena's mysterious ways. Social-roll difficulties increase by one when interacting with werewolves of tribes other than Uktena or Wendigo. Garou of the Uktena tribe treat the pack like brothers

    Ban: Uktena asks that its Children recover mystical lore, objects, places and animals from the minions of the Wyrm


    The totem of the Children of Gaia, Unicorn is a wise totem of peace, purity, healing and harmony. She is the embodiment of the blissful and encompassing love of Gaia

    Traits: Unicorn's children gain her swiftness in the Umbra, moving at twice the normal speed. They subtract two from all difficulties involving healing and empathy, although they add two to all difficulties to harm other Garou not of the Wyrm. The pack gains three dice when using Gifts of healing, strength and protection. Each pack member gains three points of Wisdom Renown. Children of Gaia will always aid and usually side with the pack in disputes

    Ban: Unicorn's children must aid and protect the weak and exploited (as long as doing so doesn't aid the Wyrm)

    Wind Incarna

    The Wind Incarna are abstract, almost alien, representatives of the various winds. Garou can contact these Incarna only through meditation or while in the Umbra. Each Wind Incarna has subtle variations and bestows different gifts upon its children. The Zephyr Stargazers, who highly respect these Incarna, learned many of their Kailindo secrets from such Wind-spirits. Similarly, Wendigo are on good terms with the North Wind, and a Wendigo needs to pay one less Background point to ally with the North Wind Incarna

    Traits: The East Wind's packs may draw on three extra Gnosis points per story, and their frenzy difficulties are at +1.

    The South Wind grants his children the Gift: Eye of the Eagle and one Stamina point.

    The North Wind grants his packs Occult 3 and Enigmas 2.

    The West Wind grants Meditation 3 and three extra Willpower points per story.

    The Ethereal, or Umbral, Wind reduces the difficulty to step sideways by 2

    Ban: The followers of a Wind Incarna must meditate for one hour per week

    Winter Wolf

    Winter Wolf is the master of survival in harsh conditions. His domain consists of some of the harshest land in the world, and there he has managed to live as a king. He is very in touch with the Wyld; his animal nature is strong and cunning. He is as fierce as any creature can be, yet knows when a hunt should be left to more foolish creatures

    Traits: He teaches his children how to endure in harsh conditions, granting them a plus one to their Stamina and two points of Survival. He also shows his children the Wyld within them, granting them an extra level of Primal-Urge and Animal Ken. The greatest gift of Winter Wolf, however, is strength of will. He gives his followers access to three extra points of Willpower per story. To gain this extra Willpower, however, the child must grant Winter Wolf the temporary gift of one Gnosis point

    Ban: Winter Wolf asks that during the harsh months, food should be left out for those of his kin who did not find the proper rock under which to dig</li>